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Ligament tear (Knee)

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Average recovery time: 189 days

Recorded Instances

SimoVT1 daysrecovered in Sep 2000, read to run (street) in Dec, read to do everything in Feb.details
Poogy1 daysdetails
Tingis3 daysdetails
Tingis4 daysdetails
Niamh☀5 daysRest, Physiodetails
emmaS5 daysdetails
Black_Knight6 daysIcing eased symptoms massively, and it cleared up itself after a couple of days.details
Cassie6 daysdetails
qgillet8 daysreposdetails
schnitzer8 daysdetails
Möhkis8 daysdetails
jima9 daysWhatever it was, seems to have healed fairly quickly. Over-enthusiastic twisting on right foot - details
MattH10 daysdetails
Seelie12 dayswill remov this one as it it related to tight hamstring and inflexibility. Have been given the go ahead by the physiotherapist to run and excersises to loosen the hamstrings and strengthen the gluts.details
antoniomariani12 daysdetails
MichaelBish14 daysdetails
Flam15 daysdetails
Old Daniel15 daysNot fixed -will it ever be? but back training -did need week off and lots of anti inflamatories. Will see how we get on with orienteeringdetails
swbkrun16 daysdetails
Nadim19 daysI hadn't been running or doing much so I'm not entirely sure that this has been healed. Time and rest seemed to make it better enought that I haven't felt it for a while. details
tcut21 daysLoads of ice & rest.....(doing nothing)details
EmiliaS21 daysdetails
hunyuk23 daysDon't crash bike...details
div24 daysAlmost recovered. Another couple weeks with knee support would do the trick.details
Strand25 daysdetails
Useless Fool25 daysdetails
bradc28 daysdetails
raynerjames32 daysRestdetails
philm6432 daysrest; strapping for POM; 2-day relapse when home;rest/ice; better. Minor strain / sprain. details
radulan00734 daysdetails
swbkrun35 daysSurgery was the cure all for me, and rehab details
D35 daysdetails
vis36 daysdetails
samwell40 daystime and strengthening exercises. but need to do more strength work.details
Noname42 daysdetails
qgillet43 daysreposdetails
philm6443 daysPain for over a month. Alps trip = no running really, tho it hurt during OMM Alps long (3 hours) run. details
Michael P48 daysplaying sport carelessly and then not realizing severity of injury and therefore possibly causing more damadge.details
jmnipen50 daysdetails
Olly Williams =)52 daysdetails
RA_FELTON54 daysdetails
arcticQn59 daysFinally!! I think I'm nearly recovered. I went on a real run last night, so I'm considering that to mean I'm recovered. I still won't play soccer (maybe never again!) and any activities will be with a bit of caution for a while at least. Man, i thougth I would never get over this.. excellent..!!!details
kurthu59 daysdetails
00761 daysdetails
porcupine63 daysstretching and strenghting helps. It will probably always hurt with hard, direct falls on the knee cap. details
mindsweeper68 daysI don't recall any particular fall or impact, so I think this was a stress injury. I didn't work out while traveling through Africa, so rest seems to have healed it.details
lestarlight69 daysSurgery details
khall70 daysLots of rest in the end. And cross training.details
vosvos71 daysdetails
Harlie80 daysdetails
michalmy86 daysPhysio helpful initially, but needed the medication to reduce the last bit of inflammation.details
jmnipen87 daysdetails
oscarS89 daysdetails
Iain S93 daysdetails
Michael P96 daysbe careful playing sport. dont do anything unrealistic. if you think you have done damage never continue playing. seek a docter asap. dont be as injury prone as me lol.details
HitnHope102 daysSeems OK now, other twinges are worse. Now running fairly normally. details
mkb0909109 daysdetails
Strand109 daysdetails
mmace109 daysdetails
qgillet122 daysdetails
CHand123 daysif can't get back leg in ski, dropdetails
Steve R129 daysCause - tight quads, wear & tear. Recovery - rest, swimming, foam rolling quads, fish oil, msm. details
Coach.dion130 daysdetails
wokitoki137 daysdetails
sfleming142 dayshad surgery in Feb, lots of rehab details
duxma145 daysdetails
christianb149 daysdetails
kensr155 daysMostly back although conditioning has suffered. Need ice after running on pavement or exercise machines.details
Dehydrated159 daysbit of pysio, leg strengthening, and it went awaydetails
mmace163 daysdetails
colquhoun92166 dayswas never diagnosed officially (Physio thought it might be but needs X-ray or US to be sure) but almost certain it was a MCL tear. most likely caused from some decidedly dodgy descending in the snow. bad luck i suppose. at least i know what ligament pain now feels like and will rest earlier and for longer if it happens again (which i hope it wont). must just remember not to be stupid about it and rest properly with 3/4 weeks pain free before returning to slow gentle runs.details
Shaun Mc184 daysAfter extended rest followed by extensive physio and many hours on the bike I finally am strong enough to get back in to running.details
Coach.dion186 daysdetails
cfpete192 daysdetails
gunta193 daysAs this was my second ACL surgery (same knee), I hope I've done everything right and there will be no "third time's a charm".details
DrKeith193 daysOperation and lots of Rehab but cartilage still an issuedetails
mikeminium196 daysdon't really know when I should have said "fully recovered", certainly was several months before I was at 100%. Wondered why it was still showing up as current, then found that "recovered" box to check.details
Nathan200 daysa lot of grinning and bearing itdetails
Mrs.Gally200 daysdetails
Mrs.Gally200 daysdetails
Zimmers209 daysdetails
ajm4fun271 daysdetails
graeme273 daysdetails
brycec284 daysOver flexibility and pushing the boundaries... Ongoing work needed to rebuild hambstring and ITBdetails
Nookie Junkie380 daysRecovered from ACL reconstructive surgery. Used hamstring graft and the knee feels better than ever.details
Friday381 daysHoppa inte ned för branter om du inte vill ha ett år uppehåll från allt som heter springa ;)details
3m423 daysSurgery, year off and Physio exercises... boringdetails
xclaura22465 daysdetails
DrKeith473 daysOperation and lots of rehab! Now ACL not the problem but cartilage is!details
Flying Scotsman617 daysdetails
Reef638 daysdetails
FrankTheTank775 daysRecovereddetails
Stevek1014 daysNo longer tear but knees still ache and creak. |Down to old agedetails
phil1044 daysRest.details
C22147 daysdetails
LR2288 daysIts been 7 years since this happened? Definitely at least 1 year to recover and still feels a bit wobbly.details
ahall153+ daysdetails
pcbrent403+ daysdetails
ultrajen1063+ daysdetails
JamieRennie1873+ daysdetails
Anne Fluke2196+ daysdetails
izzie2568+ daysdetails
aireyb3575+ daysdetails
bjorn134312+ daysdetails
Blairsky4344+ daysdetails
554548+ daysdetails
Bridget4600+ daysdetails
Ajda4756+ daysdetails
ed_long4908+ daysdetails
theleperking5132+ daysdetails
Mr.Spinner5367+ daysdetails
celticjones5809+ daysdetails
jonmoody456102+ daysdetails
Izzy6152+ daysdetails
jane7137+ daysdetails
creamer7326+ daysdetails