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Average recovery time: 44 days

Recorded Instances

austrianmike-24 daysPills and restdetails
franklinwood0 daysTired from week of hard training, lack of recovery sleep and working on DC Diet, construction site and in the heat.details
gabor0 daysdetails
ink_210 daysdetails
MTBjen0 daysdetails
Pavementsucks0 daysBicycle LT =155details
Pavementsucks0 daysRun LT =160details
Pavementsucks0 daysAerobic Endurance Zone (AEZ) Bike=135-140BPMdetails
Pavementsucks0 daysAEZ running = 140-144 BPMdetails
jendmurphy0 daysdetails
Pavementsucks0 daysMile repeats on the shore with 3 min rest between 6:04, 6:07, 6:10, 6:23, 6:39, 6:12details
jendmurphy0 daysdetails
Aksu0 daysdetails
Pavementsucks0 days500M test swim 8:20 4:07 at the half =100sec per 100mdetails
rstagner10 daysdetails
palex0 daysrest, need to stress downdetails
spilka0 daysdetails
Pavementsucks0 daysBike Lt test ride = 153 BPMdetails
White Kenyan0 daysdetails
JonasB0 daysdetails
tkdgolden0 daysdetails
nealont10 daysdetails
Trailrat0 daysFlu shot, just recording itdetails
Pavementsucks0 daysCTS test set = 2 x 8 mins ITT Avg HR for each test set = 152 and 151details
Pavementsucks0 daysCTS/LT test 152-152 on bikedetails
Pavementsucks0 daysLT test set 20 mins Avg HR 156 Run up Lester River Rddetails
mmace1 daysdetails
HansE1 daysdetails
mat-d1 daysdetails
Englishrob1 daysdetails
gg1 daysOne day sickness, little bit of cramp next day, but okdetails
Georgia1 daysNorovirus. Don't catch this one, ever!details
Justina1 daysdetails
xcsnowskier141 daysnot sure if it affected my races or notdetails
mmace1 daysdetails
loefaas1 daysDon't eat at Konditori Fågelsångendetails
marisolkate1 daysmight have caught it from someone else. rest helped + recovery time. details
Cruachan1 daysdetails
mrs.nosnhoj1 daysdetails
spilka1 daysdetails
Hendricks1 daysdetails
Ivano1 daysBoh?details
Saz1 daysdetails
Hol1 daysdetails
Miikka1 daysdetails
Hämis1 daysdetails
chelsealuttrall1 daysdetails
MCh1 daysdetails
Belurd1 daysdetails
Gytė1 daysdetails
Giuseppe1 daysRestdetails
camd1 daysChanging diet back to pre feeling crapdetails
PVA1 daysdetails
justus1 daysJust went awaydetails
LL1 daysdetails
Taco1 daysdetails
DoogerDoo1 daysMight have been dropped on my head as a child, who knows. Not known what causes them, perhaps lack of sleep, however that seems unlikely.details
Dalton1 daysdetails
tomik1 daysdetails
Josse1 daysdetails
noor.s1 daysdetails
ba-ba2 daysRestdetails
furlong472 daysdetails
forbesbc2 daysbeing careful with using back musclesdetails
Kseniya2 daysdetails
Focus2 daysI think it's ok today, i didn't feel it at all on my run. Don't think it was an injury or strain. Just a niggle from stretching but i don't think it ever would have stopped me from running.details
nh2 daysOrthodontic braces tightened Slightly sore when running - impactdetails
Loopy Lou2 daysdetails
JamesRoberts2 daysdetails
AngrySeagull2 daysdetails
Thoto2 daysdetails
Anvil2 daysdetails
Nizkane2 daysdetails
KingTim2 daysAfter a lot of sleep felt a lot better.details
Sanni2 daysdetails
daniel_92ro2 daysdetails
pepa.2 daysdetails
purplepower2 daysdetails
alimpkon2 daysdetails
klaruska2 daysdetails
tomik2 daysdetails
tomik2 daysdetails
Dalton2 daysdetails
mary2 daysdetails
alimpkon2 daysdetails
jwolff2 daysdetails
JennyJ2 daysHormonesdetails
mayer222 daysdetails
10T2 daysBruised toe prevention: don't be an idiot and drop things on toes/feet Recovery aid: a mix of rest, stretching (curling) toes, and walking to exercise it.details
dcady3 daysBy Tuesday felt fine again but only walked that AM to be on the safe side. Saw Doc on Wednesday. He didn't think it was a cardiac event. Just overworked chest muscles from the hills and the effort. The pain, i.e. soreness, didn't occur at the time of the exercise like angina would have, but later. He thought the "feeling unwell" might have been due to lactic acid buildup. Also, I was probably dehydrated, although I don't know what the symptoms of that would have been.details
robplow3 daysdetails
roschi3 daystimedetails
bcvlj3 daysStill trying to find the trigger. Will carry inhaler from now on.details
El Lukeo3 dayshealing well SOLUGELL/SOLUSITE is the magical solution to all things cuts and abrasionsdetails
CathW3 daysdetails
Rinni3 daysdetails
divadeedee3 daysLots of pollen out there right now. Had to increase the inhaled steroid. details
ami3 daysdetails
Siggi3 daysdetails
Tompson3 daysSykkeet vähän koholla ja vetämätön olo . details
TomiKä3 daysdetails
RichB3 daysIt got betterdetails
hkleaf3 daysdetails
K'lea3 daysdetails
emily20123 daysdetails
Hedis3 daysdetails
pepa.3 daysstare prasky?details
Josse3 daysdetails
SteveG3 daysS'fed + Asprin plus some restdetails
tomik3 daysdetails
SteveG3 daysrest and s'feddetails
Fondeur3 daysProblème « parti » mi-août. ORL négatif. details
Clara3 daysdetails
Sergey4 daysPain subsidesed. Decreased workload seemed to help.details
Justina4 daysdetails
Alibongo4 daysdetails
Andrew4 daysStupidly only put suncream on twice during the rafting, and only on my upper body... should have plastered it on all over all the time. details
Fabi4 daysRepos...details
jmnipen4 daysdetails
Sergey4 daysWait through it.details
kpoire4 daysdetails
mmace4 daysdetails
Nizkane4 daysdetails
jkudlicka4 daysdetails
@nj@4 daysdetails
errolpit4 daysdetails
SteveG4 dayssFed & restdetails
pepa.4 daysRuhe. Ruhe. Stärkung der Füße/Gewölbe. Fußpflege, Massage. Schlaf. Vitamine. Schlaf. Zinksalbe auf harte Entzündungen. details
BigWillyStyle4 daysdetails
tdgood5 daysStill not recovered but it isn't slowing me down either.details
bonkhard5 daysdetails
forbesbc5 daysice as quickly as possible... that's the best anyone can dodetails
balcius5 daysdetails
Maluks5 daysDar truputį kosėju, bet jau pasiruošęs kilt į kovą :Ddetails
Danolou5 daysdetails
hoboGO5 daysPoison Oak; It was at it peaks when I noticed it and I didn't go anything at that time.details
db5 daysCause: cardetails
jwolff5 daysdetails
andzs5 daysHoney, lots of herbal tea drinking saves the daydetails
J Anderson5 daysdetails
JuhaM5 daysdetails
StrathyCallum5 daysdetails
kungen15 daysdetails
MHorta5 daysdetails
magma5 daysdetails
Freeheelpete5 daysBe very conservative with pooing anxiety effort.details
Francesca T5 daysdetails
K'lea6 daysAntibiotics did the trick.details
Vox6 daysrestdetails
orienteeringTim6 daysdetails
JonasB6 daysdetails
TomiKä6 daysdetails
pepa.6 daysdetails
Lu-po6 daysdetails
Richi Ross6 daysdetails
Boje6 daysdetails
Henerzz6 daysNothing much. Went to back to normal in about a week. details
A Speedskata7 daysdetails
TimGood7 daysTecnu on the ankles seems to have stopped it from spreading to much. Still itchy a week later but bearable.details
will7 daysa week of rest and NO activity did the trick. although it was quite painful to sit around for that long.details
A Forseille7 daysdetails
Rosenstiel7 daysDon't think it was broken, swelling seems to have gone down, so maybe it was just badly bruised.details
ryder7 daysdetails
AndyB7 daysEased back enough to remove flagdetails
Oestlin7 daysdetails
AngrySeagull7 daysdetails
Agiofws7 daysI bought Muscles and eat them... details
Dawnie7 daysdetails
Dalton7 daysdetails
jys7 daysXylocain mot klåda funkar!details
Tobby7 daysdetails
chinghua7 daysStop bouldering. But top roping with care is OK.details
piero7 daysdetails
Malla7 daysdetails
Charlie7 daysGradual improvement. Seems ok now. details
RimvydasA7 daysdetails
bill_l8 daysPRP Injectiondetails
orienteeringTim8 daysdetails
ebuckley8 daysdetails
Sian8 dayssleep!!details
hagi8 daysdetails
esand178 daysdetails
Kristaps8 daysdetails
Ezy9 daysdetails
Eliot9 daysdetails
ameko9 daysdetails
phil9 daysdetails
Alistair W9 daysdetails
Leves9 daysdetails
pepa.9 dayswarten. Vitamin D, B12, Ingwer,...details
RimvydasA9 daysdetails
adventuretom9 daysdetails
null10 daysbronkaid tabletsdetails
Shep10 daysrest!details
grilla10 daysdetails
piero10 daysRest and medication.details
JL10 daysInte känt mig nere på något sätt.details
RimvydasA10 daysdetails
duncanarcher10 daysEar infection. Needed antibiotics for a week, still not fully better so got some spray and that did the trick. No idea what caused it.details
LarryC10 daysdetails
loobey10 daysdetails
10T10 daysdetails
RimvydasA10 daysdetails
Jack Barkley10 daysdetails
dcady10 daysRandom event. Following doctor's orders was key to recovery.details
kokonda10 daysdetails
xcsnowskier1411 daysDon't know what it was but my legs are feeling a little betterdetails
zerfas11 daysstretching and massage. Not sure what brough it on in the first place. Maybe all the downhill running and now my body is adjusting/recovering from these types of runs.details
emily11 daysdetails
dariusz11 daysEine Woche nicht kapiert, was läuft bis es gross ausbrach. Mehrmals täglich mit Seife waschen hätte gereicht, aber so musste ich dann mit Antibiotika ran. Die Kur, zusammen mit dem Waschen haben dann nach einer Woche stagnieren eine eindeutig finale Tendenz gezeitigt.details
Munter Hitch11 daysThe stuff that helped is miserble to take.details
TereseO11 daysice and horseliniment.details
ShadowCaster11 daysdetails
fitless11 daysdetails
BruceMeier11 daysThe worst effects lasted only about 2 weeks.details
Philipp12 daysdetails
Reini12 daysdetails
Marius12 daysPadėjo vaistaidetails
ms treegarden12 daysdetails
jamesnchlsn12 daysdetails
Chari12 daysdetails
elgar13 daysalles gut gegangendetails
bill_l13 daysdetails
jys13 daysdetails
Josse13 days7d antibiotikakur.details
tdgood14 daysTook a bunch of muscle relaxing drugs for 5 days. Now it is just a little tight but I can breath/cough/sneeze normal again.details
ToRunLong14 daysCleared to resume activitydetails
JennyDuBois14 daysdetails
hodgepodge14 daysdetails
boyle14 daysdetails
Elvis14 daysdetails
Piers Pirow14 daysNo abnormalites for arteries. Need to keep HR< 169. Less speed and more distance. Stop on discomfort / angina. Breath through nose if possible.details
Tooms14 daysShingles!details
dcady14 daysThis one worked out much better than the other one. details
boyle15 daysDon't fall down.details
forbesbc15 dayscortisone 1% applieddetails
bl15 daysdon't get old!details
J Anderson15 daysdetails
Sid16 daysWear Ivy Block on shins and wrists during A/R's, etc.details
PhilW16 daysMeds finally kicked in, but did some damage running on it....which still isn't fully resolved.details
chris_b16 daysdetails
boyle16 daysdetails
Pavementsucks16 daysNew battery and tooldetails
Richi Ross16 daysdetails
mvuk17 daysdetails
seanverret17 daysAnti-inflammatory cream and lots of itdetails
L0u!$18 daysdetails
Mahuan!18 daysAdjustments to my bike helped. I slightly lowered my saddle height, which I think was the main thing. Plus rest off the bike for a few days, and making sure to stand plenty while on the bike.details
alfie18 daysNu känner halsen bra och kan komma igång igen!details
Meister Eder18 daysdetails
Sergey19 daysUff, took longer than expected but we proclaim it as the start of the training season.details
CathW19 daysdetails
Bambi on ice19 daysCompleted the antibiotics and incisions looks good.details
menostig19 daysbrown puffer 2x a day for 1 weekdetails
LuT19 daysdetails
ChristianeT19 daysDon't buy food with stones in it.details
CathW20 daysdetails
capt'n smythie20 daysdetails
Bambi on ice20 daysAppendix removed. 10 day rest period and slowly started back into activities.details
TonyShaw20 daysdetails
cfosp120 daysStretching did the job. details
Flam20 daysdetails
ajriley20 daysdetails
vyc20 daysAntibiotics 3 weeksdetails
RimvydasA20 daysdetails
tinytoes20 daysdetails
Sanna7920 daysdetails
krickle21 daysdetails
CathW21 daysHospital, rest, timedetails
jmnipen21 daysdetails
Schweigerjonas21 daysdetails
O-ing21 daysLeft hand just became sore. Pain concentrated at wrist/back of hand. Woke me up at night a few times. No obvious reason for start or finish. Treated with anti-inflamm after a week. details
hkleaf21 daysSaw Dr. and received some medication and ointment for treatment. Itchiness and irritation persisted for a while and now left with some scars.details
Gigi G.21 daysdetails
magma21 daysdetails
PhilW23 daysTime and restdetails
ah23 daysdetails
Gytė23 daysdetails
drwill424 daysLaid off all pull ups and any other move that hurt. It's been almost a month now and there is no pain. I'm going to give it all of Feb before I try any more pull ups.details
orienteeringTim25 daysdetails
GoSalamander25 daysTwo weeks later I periodically used an earwax remover to help clear the ear and it worked a little bit. Ear is not 100% normal, but it is clear enough to hear well at this point.details
Team Disoriented25 daysdetails
urthbuoy27 daysTaking this off the injured list as it only seems to effect me when I lift with a barbell (not ergonomic). Otherwise, just seems a little stiff when in that direction.details
Valencia27 daysSaw the doctor. Dr. put me on a couple of new meds. Said this year's grass and pollen counts in the spring were off the charts. Feeling lots better!details
aplatakis27 daysdetails
Siggi27 daysmehr Kraft- und Balancetraining!details
Heather O27 daysI think it was a case of low blood pressure, warm bedroom, slightly dehydrated (after long run) and just got out of bed too quickly. GP tests all normal except for iron, which was borderline low (as expected). Saw physio after 13 days for persistent tight hamstrings/sacroilliac joint. Good progress by second physio visit (having stretched twice a day) and then another week before I felt normal.details
bill_l28 daysPRP Injection. PF is still a bit sore, but doesn't bother me when I run. At this point, it's about back to where I was before the injection. I'm calling this one resolved. Jury is still out on whether the injection was helpful.details
thrillseker28 daysdetails
Frenchy28 daysdetails
orienteeringTim28 daysshould be curedetails
tcut28 daysdetails
Mess Engineer28 daysDon't overdo it. Gym training means I had the leg and arm strength but didn't extend to hands. Still getting some tingling but nowhere near as bad as at start.details
boyle28 daysDon't touch poison ivy while out of town.details
kido28 daysAntibiotics are both great and rubbishdetails
Sergey29 daysDo not run in woods in CAdetails
oystein29 daysdetails
darryn29 daysdetails
Becks31 daysdetails
MarkOus31 daysJust kind of went away, although every once in a while it will feel weirddetails
jlf32 daysshould have stopped weeks before I did. Rested well, only cycling and swimming etc and varmeskydd and tens machine and heel raises were brilliant, along with cutting backs of shoes.details
fritzof32 daysTWAR (chlamydia pneumonie) Sov 18 h per dygn är jobbigt. details
bill_l32 daysdetails
willisnot33 daysdetails
vyc34 daysoperacijadetails
Colin B36 daysdetails
dcady38 daysOne month and eight days later Doc says I can return to full activity. The bubble is still there, but smaller. It would go away a week later. Caused by heredity, near sightedness, age.details
switchbladenz39 daysWell its still stiff, and it hurts if it gets pumped and sometimes it clicks which is odd. . . But i can use it as a finger again now, and don't need to buddy strap it all the time.details
Jimmy Larsson39 daysdetails
liltapp39 daysdetails
Stijn39 daysdetails
skoeld41 daysIngen uppenbar orsak. En hel del vila till en början. Sedan massage, rullskidor och mycket lätt träning. Efter ett tag blev det inte värre av träning så jag körde på trots smärta. Sedan avtog det sakta till det försvann.details
Timopietari42 daysPikkusormi lyheni noin sentin.details
ricsch42 daysdetails
Siggi45 daysit was an accident just falling on it, I knew nothing was broken but it is important to let it check immediately due to injury to the tendons and muscles, good to see a physiotherapist as well - got a simple exercise to strengthen it (IMPORTANT use the thumb while it is healing, move it!)details
glenn46 daysDont lift heavy things at work. Bike riding makes back injuries worse.details
Nivut46 daysdetails
Stijn46 daysdetails
GoSalamander46 daysCleaned out wound with bedadine and fresh water. Applied neosporin continuously while wound was open. Allowed to soak is salt water several times. Allowed to air out at night at times.details
Päkä46 daysKilpirauhaslääkitys aiheutti.details
divadeedee48 daysTaking it one run at a time, getting stronger. Surgical pain is now gone and there is no more abdominal pain other than numbness at the incision line. Physiotherapy has helped for strengthening the marshmallow core and the fitness is coming back. I have run 17 km continuously as my longest run and will be adding speed and strength as of... tommorow!!! Can't wait to see my buddies. details
riley51 daysA2 pulley tear, gotta warm up more effectively in the future (prevention), and for now ease back into it with some steady mileage (recovery). I should really just climb .11- for a few months, but we'll see how that goes...details
CoachingEnduranc54 daysdec 3rd and i don't feel the pain anymore. did yoga this morning and it was not and issue. rest cured it.details
drwill458 daysTIME. I've lost a lot of strength since this began but at least I can do pullups and dips now without it hurting. Just ned to remember not to ush it too hard.details
rockman58 daysplanned surgery, went entirely to plan - no problems, changed dressing every 1-2 days.details
Gooder58 dayseasing off MTB helped heal thisdetails
HiipiväHirvi58 daysdetails
jys60 daysdetails
rcro62 daysDon't consume any of: raw tomato, raw pepper, coffee - mistake was eating all three by mistake at around the same time.details
O-ing63 daysTime. After two months, still can't twist off bottle caps very well, but no pain on handlebars so lets call it over.details
FerencJonas63 daysMostanra már szinte semmilyen futo jellegű mozgás/edzes kozben nem érzem a hasam, nem faj, ne zavar, nem korlátoz...details
bubo64 daysdetails
1L65 daysForgot to log when it was over but I recall it lasting several months. Wisdom - be sure to change hand position throughout ride as much as possible. When numbness comes on PAY ATTENTION. Recovery required lots of hand rest - including not paddling for June.details
ljbean65 daysdetails
noken69 daysdetails
tonyf74 daysNov 15 successful cardioversion - I'm back to normal rhythm! Hopefully it will last for years. I think it was caused by an intensive interval session, though cardiologist thinks not. Anyway I'll be trying not to go anaerobic for the rest of my life! details
dp74 days3 days post surgery required 2 vicodin every 4 hours. Then 4 more days of 1 Vitamin V every 4 hours. OMG, that stuff is strong, it was like i was on Crack for the 1st 3 days post surgery. July 21 feeling fine, most of my lost fitness is back. the remaining bit will take some more time.details
eevi76 daysdetails
Marius81 daysdetails
v84 daysdetails
Whitesheep84 daysdetails
Snow Lizard86 daystime, taking a season off.details
Malla87 daysdetails
dp88 daysJune 14th given the all clear to train again ("start Easy") from the doctor. Spent 4 weeks training and was ready for Untamed New England 3-day race. Funny how i went back and forth worried i wouldn't be able to be "fit" for the UNE race.details
FrankTheTank88 daysdetails
Malla89 daysdetails
Stijn90 daysdetails
Hanzie90 dayss'ok nowdetails
LL93 daysdetails
forsbergskan95 daysdetails
BanjoLasse96 daysdetails
benjo96 daysMedicationdetails
Saz99 daysIron now F: 73 and Hbg: 132 :)details
ljbean99 days*follow up July 1 - fluid is almost gone, no follow ups scheduled - I'm calling this close enough to 'recovered'details
bcvlj101 daysCleared by Cardio to exercise as normal. TAA is most likely incidental. Will recheck in 3 months.details
HiipiväHirvi106 daysdetails
tommig109 daysFalling on roller-skis caused it, time healed it.details
jpeters122 daysTried acupuncture, deep tissue massage, yoga which helped to some extent. Finally tried cupping therapy, which broke up adhesions and released tension.details
rcro124 daysdetails
-131 daysdetails
Zan146 daysdetails
Tane148 daysRunning on empty bladder was possible cause. Bladder wall can 'slap' against themselves causing bruising. Also could have been from dehydration.details
Malla149 daysdetails
Hedis151 daysdetails
mcqueen151 daysBrukte første 1% "vestlig" Clotrimazole i Hong Kong 3 ganger om dagen i ca. 3 uker uten nevneverdig effekt. 3% Clotrimazole ble kjøpt i Kina og gjorde at eksemet nesten forsvant iløpet av noen dager (brukte det da 2 ganger pr. dag). Deretter brukte jeg det (litt uregelmessig) utover sommeren, eksemet kom og gikk litt. details
bendover169 daysdetails
Veeti177 daysdetails
simmo187 daysdetails
kate194 daysdetails
ken198 daysdetails
GoSalamander200 daysCause - Combination of riding too fast on a gravel road and using tires made for rock/mud Resolution - changed the tires Rehab - thumb stretches and movement and regular weightliftingdetails
CathW211 daysProbably due to anxiety induced by vertigo. Always thought I was pretty chilled! Recovery helped by anti-depressants/anxiolytics.details
Vaala217 daysIt hasn't totally gone away - still have a deep bruise on my leg and scaring on my hip - but it's mostly okay now. Took forever...should have iced it more I think.details
Ralph221 daysdetails
Anna225 daysdetails
Alistair W225 daysdetails
LuisNogueira244 daysdetails
dolph247 daysdetails
Linas249 daysdetails
Old_Fox252 daysFirst operation on 25.05.07 for the left side of my jaw, then 22.11.07 for the right side. Since then I have been recovering, now it's time to see how I've improved. I'm removing the injury tag, and end Jan I will have a re-evaluation with Dr. Ledl!details
emmeri258 daysKondom. Förlossning.details
Frostbite262 daysdetails
radulan007284 daysSurgery..details
mushy_pea334 daysdetails
Heather O334 daysJust noticed that I left this injury open but after four weeks of sport climbing it has given me no problems so I will be bold and close it. I think being on a long trip and taking the time to increase my grades slowly has been really good for my whole body including fingers.details
StephHurry382 daysdetails
Anna B394 daysdetails
Sid411 daysStay away from poison ivy. Use Ivy block and ivy soap where possible. details
phil431 days6.5 Mt Laufpause haben auch dieses Problem gelöst.details
loudmansam509 daysStick with recovery plan, i.e. follow instructions for set amount of time. Maybe had something to do with sand. DZ Nuts is goooood.details
Stevek509 daysStill on warfarin and occasionally get out of breath but not like before. details
Whitty684 daysGot off my arse!details
bl888 daysThis ended sometime in the past. It was not clear when. F/u cardiac echo shows trace regurg yet my breathing seems different and more quickly to SOB than I'd expect. details
Nick2369 dayscannot train anymore like in the 30's.. or early forties :)details
Warti152+ daysdetails
JonD184+ daysdetails
o-darn367+ daysdetails
DrKeith767+ daysdetails
cbruski1055+ daysdetails
possum1149+ daysdetails
EmiliaS1345+ daysdetails
HåkonRB1800+ daysdetails
FralezOLer1872+ daysdetails
graeme1873+ daysdetails
OPunk2343+ daysdetails
Freeheelpete2360+ daysdetails
FlavieD2459+ daysdetails
Nova3126+ daysdetails
stephan3217+ daysdetails
Kimple3407+ daysdetails
Popper3456+ daysdetails
Ezy3534+ daysdetails
Checker223672+ daysdetails
Tanura3706+ daysdetails
bm3751+ daysdetails
szundesz3988+ daysdetails
TimGood4039+ daysdetails
Loopy Lou4078+ daysdetails
jdbadger4209+ daysdetails
gregorysorensen4406+ daysdetails
Cake4418+ daysdetails
Geoman4485+ daysdetails
Lotte4521+ daysdetails
padraigkelly4571+ daysdetails
CarlEdmo4579+ daysdetails
Geoman4588+ daysdetails
cdenisclimb4621+ daysdetails
coach ld4684+ daysdetails
coach ld4684+ daysdetails
Ben H4779+ daysdetails
armada4928+ daysdetails
rockman5050+ daysdetails
Liana5059+ daysdetails
Euan5115+ daysdetails
graeme5142+ daysdetails
NiNjaPree5159+ daysdetails
coach22015160+ daysdetails
palex5243+ daysdetails
Ethan5451+ daysdetails
nightfox5584+ daysdetails
Thanatomimesis5645+ daysdetails
h16034+ daysdetails
Miffy6150+ daysdetails
Henny6625+ daysdetails
Rockguy8200+ daysdetails