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Other (Head/Neck)

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Average recovery time: 16 days

Recorded Instances

marieke0 daysMigraine.details
marieke0 daysMigraine.details
marieke0 daysMigraine.details
marieke0 daysMigraine.details
Trailrat0 daysI popped some Ty. pills and went for a run. I still have a small headache at 7pm but sleep should get rid of it.details
jeffsgrant0 daysstopped running and rested for an hour -- then it went away (just like always) It's usually gone within one hour of stopping. Need to try to shake it on the trail though.details
Munter Hitch0 dayssleep seemed to help. The prior night was restless.details
marieke0 daysMigraine.details
mmace0 daysdetails
MasjaV0 daysniets aan te doen, gewoon wachten tot het overgaatdetails
MasjaV0 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysdetails
Bobby Mac1 daysdetails
mmace1 daysdetails
pcbrent1 daysTime sleepingdetails
mmace1 daysdetails
game.boy1 daysdetails
dariusz1 daysdetails
Howl_at_the_Moon1 days Don't know what brought it on but classic start with holes in vision and sparkly lights. Treated with rest, Ibuprofen & Sumagran. Lasted 48 hours (typical duration)details
Howl_at_the_Moon1 daysDebilitating but fixed with sleep and lots of painkillers. Tried Sumagran late on which made me feel terrible, shaky and tingly, hyper sensitive to touch (painful). Will try early on next time.details
Rosco1 daysdetails
Frankie1 daysdetails
Frankie1 daysdetails
MasjaV1 daysdetails
Flight1 daysdetails
MasjaV1 daysdetails
RichB1 daysTypically lasts a daydetails
Jeff2 daysdetails
Mona2 daysHit it hard w/ zyrtec and sudafed right away. I think I'm well now, but I guess the ultimate test would be to stop taking I dare?details
JennyJ2 daysmigraine? hope not, maybe avoid stressful days at work followed by extreme temperature changes?details
Ralph2 daysdetails
mmace2 daysdetails
JennyJ2 daysMigrainedetails
JennyJ2 daysMigraine changed refresh on comp screen to 75 (from 60)details
JennyJ2 daysMigraine, straight after running in the cold and coming into a warm house, maybe a bit dehydrated too.details
aireyb2 dayssleep. slept 27 hrs between sun night and tues. morningdetails
JennyJ2 daysmigrainedetails
Danolou2 daysdetails
Flight2 daysStorm system moving through details
MeanGene2 daysdizziness lasted only 2 days this time. Just not lowering my head quickly - always slow movements. It will occur again. Maybe lack of sleep and more stress at work.details
vvenetjoki2 daysdetails
kido2 daysdetails
pepa.2 daysKaries, aufgebohrt, Kunststoff rein, 2 Tage anschlie├čend noch schmerzen, scheinbar jut danach.details
JennyJ2 dayshormonesdetails
Swisstoph3 daysHaving my remaining three wisdom teeth pulled today, it's going to be an interesting few days...Ow my head, Own my head!! Almost recovered...One vacant tooth refuses to give up!details
cmorse3 daysall the flesh wounds healing nicely, an odd rubbing sensation in my right hand (tendons rubbing?) but not painful in any way.details
JennyJ3 daysMigrainedetails
Howl_at_the_Moon3 daysSumagran and voltaren nailed the migraine before it really got going but still wrecked me for two days. phD has recommended new treatment of maxalt.details
Zippy3 daysLikely caused by a pump malfunction in the pool coupled with lots of rain run-off: pool was full over the gutters. Need to stay on top of drying out the ears (vinegar/alcohol) and NOT SCRATCHING when they itch. Ear plugs?details
JennyJ3 daysMigraine, again happened on the way home after work. Need to check computer etcdetails
JennyJ3 daysdetails
M.Serguiev3 daysdetails
tcut3 daysdetails
michalmy3 daysWax build up. Drops from pharmacy (3 days) softened the wax. Flushed out by GP with syringe.details
Bruce4 daysStingoes helped a little to sooth the irritations, but it still took about 5 days to forget about them!details
MuddyFox4 daysdetails
AliS4 daysdetails
DWildfogel4 daysExercised a little anyway and it wasn't a problem.details
o-pia5 daysdetails
Craig5 daysdetails
lestarlight5 daysdetails
Adde5 daysdetails
Vman5 daysSome medicine from Jamaica.details
rastridge5 dayslots of icing and painkillers (alternating ibuprofen and acetaminophen), eating soft foods; also had to take amoxicillin as a preventative antibiotic for 5 days (made me nauseous at first, but that just might have been because of sudden huge decrease in food intake because it was so hard to eat)details
Giac6 daysdetails
slouth6 daysIt healed up - trying to not get it wet i.e. not playing polo would have helped. details
Edmund6 daysdetails
Vman6 daysa drop o dat good ol' Jank Spiritdetails
DWildfogel6 daysIbuprofen muted the pulsating for a couple of hours, though it seemed to take an hour for it to take affect. It finally went away on its own after about 5 days.details
Tschaekob6 daysdetails
DragonFly7 daysI don't know what caused my BPPV, and it came on quite quickly. During the first few days I instinctively limited my movements, but as I understood more about about BPPV, I learnt that exercising the range of motion was necessary to aid recovery. I started doing the recommended exercises and soon after all the symptoms disappeared. I'm not sure if the exercises helped the recovery, or if the vertigo would have cleared up on it's own, but the exercises did provide a good measurement tool on my...details
curlytop7 daysdetails
Slimes7 daysdetails
tinytoes7 daysdetails
StefanJ8 daysdetails
Nopsukka8 daysdetails
Tschaekob8 daysdetails
cfosp19 daysReally a non-issue. Only took one pain killer the night of the procedure mostly because I was worried I could not sleep. Made me nauseous but I slept. After that wore off, practically no pain. Did not care for eating the first three days but that wore off quickly, too. I am declaring myself fully recovered.details
Vman9 daysnichts hilft. nur wenn man sich I'm blut ungeborener kinder badet. das hat mir geholfen.details
Katnap9 daysdetails
Malla10 daysdetails
PM10 daysdetails
DWildfogel10 daysWisdom: don't let the pain get bad; stay ahead of it with ibuprophen and Tylenol.details
antoniomariani10 daysdetails
mary11 daysantibiotics sorted it - now just waiting for the stitches to fall outdetails
rastridge11 daysdetails
bcboy12 daysdetails
NeilMcEoigheann12 daysi'm not concused anymore.details
M.Serguiev12 daysFinally I'm back to eating normal foods!! :Ddetails
chino12 daysKeep doing the back stretches! Massage might be best treatment once the spasm flare up recedes.details
MeanGene13 daysdetails
balage14 daysdetails
Solo15 daysMye hvile, kun innend├Şrstrening i en periode + akupunktur :-)details
Useless Fool15 daysCaused by crash while skiing, osteopathy helped.details
Sandbo15 daysdetails
Homey16 daysIt's been over two weeks now... massage helped a bit but, it's just taken time. Just barely noticeable now...details
tornado_grl16 daysdetails
rangermike17 daysdetails
Stevek18 daysNow just ear wax will be syringed next Wednesdaydetails
forbesbc19 daysdetails
Mona20 daysNo real clue: zyrtek, sudafed. Also the weekend (not being at work) helped.details
DWildfogel21 daysNot sure when this episode cleared up, but it seemed better by around Dec 23, though I didn't test it until the 27th.details
tinytoes21 daysdetails
Boltboi22 daysdetails
simmo24 daysSaw ENT specialist again 2 days ago. She stuck a mini camera in a tube up my nose, and declared all ok. So far, so gooddetails
simmo26 daysStitches out, using silicone dressing daily for scarring, but still a big lump under the eye.details
Tundra/Desert28 daysNo honkin clue.details
TeTe28 daysdetails
dcady28 daysSlowly got better. Eased off on ibuprofen.details
fell32 daysdone.details
flojo34 daysno further complicationsdetails
DWildfogel40 daysDiagnosed as Benign Positional Vertigo. Given some exercises that basically amounted to enduring the vertigo half a minute at a time, but the first one was ineffective and never tried the second one. But noticed the other day that I laid on my back without a problem. Today did it intentionally, cautiously at first, but eventually with my pilates mat exercises and was 99% OK.details
divadeedee53 daysLife long lesson in patience. details
beeker54 daysThank's Viv. And time.details
TeTe68 daysdetails
DWildfogel148 daysThis lingered for a really long time, and mostly I just avoided the position. But at Kirby's a few days ago, I noticed I didn't get dizzy when she had me lean back to wash my hair, so I tried lying down on my foam roller a couple of days ago, it was fine.details
bill_l257 daysdetails
DWildfogel293 daysIn November, started feeling that the dizziness was gone, but was afraid to really test it. Finally did so in early Dec, and it does indeed seem to be gone.details
levitin306 daysTime. Although I half-consider the imminent visit to the physical therapist to be curative. Now, if I could only get the appointment scheduled closer to the injury, it would heal faster, right? In the end, it looks like deep tissue massage was the most helpful modality of treatment. Acupuncture, no; chiro, no; PT, not by itself, R+I, no.details
Eki1958+ daysdetails
makalu3562+ daysdetails
emmanuelledudon3888+ daysdetails
Katherine4098+ daysdetails
polly4159+ daysdetails
polly4160+ daysdetails
cricketk4491+ daysdetails
Reloaded4527+ daysdetails
RIBS4886+ daysdetails
GOUGER6227+ daysdetails
Jagermeister12766+ daysdetails