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Other (Arm)

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Average recovery time: 120 days

Recorded Instances

falstaff0 daysKeep Forearm strap loose for 1st boutdetails
Trisportgurl1 daysdetails
Dormir1 daysdetails
TeTe1 daysFeels OK 24 h later.details
Torzi1 daysdetails
jwolff1 daysdetails
Dangerman2 daysDon't falldetails
JaimeVelo2 daysfeels fine now. just a little residual bruise.details
YouRNotHere2 daysAfter two days total rest it's feeling at about 95%. I think this injury may be related to dislocated elbow I got back in 1995. Your arm will never be straight again after that injury.details
Cruachan2 daysNo idea of cause - possibly writing?? and pulled something. Painkillers, freeze gell and alcohol all seemed to work! details
niallm2 daysdetails
Rantahakala2 daysdetails
emmaS2 daysIce and restdetails
Torzi2 daysdetails
ben.mangan2 daysrested for a day - this morning while climbing at the bouldering gym it felt all gooddetails
Grafaz3 daysPraejo netiketai kaip ir atejo :)details
ganderson3 daysdetails
spilka3 daysdetails
milarepa3 daysVilade handleden och böjde den inte. Virade runt den med gasbinda och pulsvärmare.details
Stryder3 daysNo pull ups until pain was gonedetails
drmdb3 daysdetails
ironmom4 daysHand/finger is feeling betterdetails
Julia (old log)4 daysdetails
IFKekan4 daysVilade från träning, smorde på en del smärtlindringssalva.details
Georgia4 daysdetails
Hapardi4 daysdetails
Sarge4 daystime. May have been hyperextending it.details
davelevine4 daysThe pain was definitely a symptom of playing taiko harder than usual. It took a few days but taking it easy was enough for the pain to go away. details
1L4 days5 days of IV antibiotics. 5 days pill antibiotics.details
revy5 daysdetails
sal.5 daysrest it :Pdetails
PeteW5 daysjust needs a little time....details
Eveborn5 daysdetails
Leif_Blake5 daysdetails
Frøisland5 daysHeldigvis bare forstuet. Downhill på hviledagen.details
Doris5 daysWaiteddetails
Charlie5 daysRest, lots of self massage and hydrotherapy, some ice. Seems better enough to take it off the list, although I will continue to be careful with it for a while.details
Elina B5 daysdetails
Torzi5 daysdetails
vlin6 daysdetails
Trailrat6 daysGave it time, brace made it worse so no brace.details
veliceraptor6 daysdetails
inTIMidator6 daysdetails
Keira6 daysdetails
chaffa7 daysThe forearm seems to be better now. I'll push a little harder on it tonight and see how it goes.details
Alex M7 daysdetails
amosmj7 daysSeems healed, hadn't bled at all in days. Gonna keep it New Skinned and covered fir an additional week. Start changing blade migjt before so half asleep, clumsy me isn't doing it in the AM.details
jennybengtsson7 daysdetails
div7 daysProbably was caused by painting walls - different type of movement...details
Duncan7 daysdetails
ernst7 daysSlowly healing. Still not full range of motion. Perhaps a lingering shoulder issue. But I am now able to do gentle skate skiing.details
roschi8 daysdetails
HansE8 daysdetails
kh8 daysdetails
lazydave8 dayshealed itself. No more raking!details
levitin8 daysdetails
Chris8 daysdetails
Useless Fool8 daysdetails
Torzi8 daysdetails
JanetT8 daysdetails
RASPUTIN9 daysdetails
forbesbc9 daysdetails
John O9 daysI think the injury was caused whilst swimming. Rest was the best way to make it better.details
Tobias929 daysdetails
Hapardi9 daysParempi jo.details
skijorTT9 daysdon't fall on hand again. details
Justina9 daysdetails
SSavonne9 daysdetails
abiperk9 daysA week in a brace with regular icing has it almost back to normal.details
ghvala9 daysdetails
dmast10 daysdetails
ab10 daysdetails
silkychrome10 daysbrace really helped early days of recovery. most swelling and bruising gone now. 90% ROM back. minimal impact on running or riding. strength in super-flexed position still 50%. but taking flag off since i don't have to baby it any more.details
meli.g.10 daysdetails
J Anderson11 daysKnitting + skiingdetails
Vaala11 daysIt probably would have paid to have run it under cold water even longer and then iced it up each day for a few more days to stop the blistering. Also would have helped to have bandaged it while exercising. It's still peeling and not 100% but doesn't hurt anymore.details
Markus11 daysdetails
H.Becker11 daysdetails
meli.g.11 daysBitte bitte nie wieder diese mega häßlichen Schmerzen, die mein Finger fabriziert hat!!!!!!!!!details
Torzi11 daysTaping, ice, heat, painkillers and avoiding certain exercises. Going to continue exercises till next Appt. With Neil as might as well :) details
the kempster12 daysStill sore with some movements, but overall it's much better. definitely ice on it as soon as possible helped with the swelling, and um, don't go to emerg on a sunday night.details
arg12 daysStill have some swelling in the bursa, but the elbow is looking 'normal.' details
cobbige12 daysstill cant click my fingers but allright to run with now:)details
749212 daysGym today and for the first time it didn't hurt, I think it just needed time.details
TeTe13 daysdetails
orienteeringTim13 daysdetails
Luke W13 daysrest and avoiding pressure on the bars seemed to work. i think just making a conscious effort not to death grip the bars helped quite a bit.details
TeTe13 daysdetails
IFKekan13 daysJag har egentligen inte haft så stora besvär den senaste tiden, men jag hoppade över ett tennispass för att inte riskera något. Tennisen med Josef gick utan problem, så därför är den läkt.details
KariItkonen13 daysdetails
ink_2114 daysdetails
Dangerman14 daysPushed too hard back from layoff. Ease into it.details
JennaAH14 daysCame back to class two weeks later. More or less recovered, though caution should be exercised when doing pins especially sankyo and nikkyo, as well as jujinage, because there is still lingering pain.details
Jonas Detterfelt14 daysdetails
Bridge14 daysdetails
roschi15 daystimedetails
ahall15 daysseems to have cleared up with the use of some Ibuprofen. Don't carry sheets of 3/4 ply and try to move quickly with them is the wisdom.....details
LarryC15 daysdetails
hughmac416 daysSlow steady use, 3 weeks.details
TeTe17 daysdetails
Herbz17 daysBroke it hurt like hell and it was agood idea to go to AandE to get it checked out and put in a splint... Doctor prodded it and proclaimed it fine but to avoid using it intensely for a few days. So i am going mountain biking . note over a year on my right wrist is permanently fucked :) details
Useless Fool17 daysdetails
JesseAH18 daysYeah, swelling etc went down fast. Stayed off it for a while by dr request, but seem to be otherwise fine. Yay.details
Bender18 days...timedetails
texas_reckless18 daysdetails
Olly19 daysdetails
orienteeringTim19 daysseems recovereddetails
KanuGirl19 daysIbuprofen helped. The warmth of Florida (Tampa Bay April 8th - 12th, 2011) seemed to losen it up. Paddle on April 8th - focus on arm/wrist straight did not aggrevate it. Following day injury felt better and got progressively better over the course of the tripdetails
samwell19 daysjust had to wait it out and tape it when I was playingdetails
easy-rider20 daysAvoid impact and time, time, time...details
HubNukin'21 daysdetails
shanel21 daysCan't remember exactly when it felt OK. Still haven't paddled.details
mmcleod22 daysdetails
preka22 daysdetails
hkleaf23 daysNothing special. Mostly just ice in the first week, then let time do the healing.details
Grandpa Lefty23 daysHealed from weeks of rest and a splint.details
Salinda23 daysdetails
rockman24 daysdon't land on your thumb when you fall over on rockdetails
noalittle24 daysFinger healed. x rays confirmdetails
gret_j24 dayscover and keep from drying outdetails
Georgia24 daysI think I can probably call this recovered. Improved with approximately 1 week of rest after 24hr race. Focus on releasing right hand grip on paddle seemed to help and improve paddling techniquedetails
BIGpete25 daysHave taken it pretty easy over the last few weeks. Hand occasionally is sore, but nothing that is going to stop me from continuing trainingdetails
o'man25 dayspretty much OK now, haven't had a pain for a little while - mind you I haven't really done anything with it since the weekend...details
jed25 daysdetails
Sheridan26 daysdetails
Misha27 daysdon't fall.details
undy27 daysDon't get bits of wood stuck in your hand.details
JennyG30 daysdetails
Trailrat30 daysLots of time babying it.details
ShadowCaster32 daysJust seemed to slowly get betterdetails
Shiznack33 daysdetails
gret_j34 daysOn snowdetails
Linas35 daysdetails
HubNukin'37 daysdetails
mhallett100137 daysdetails
Chris37 daysdetails
drwill438 daysTimedetails
LRunner40 daysdetails
texas42 daysgot a brace, left it alone and just tried not to use itdetails
Dangerman42 daysCaused by big increase in volume (King of the Cape) and kept going by poor paddling technique. Luckily, fixed technique and wrist seems all good now.details
smoke43 daysstill hurts if i put any weight directly on elbow, otherwise - finedetails
Hugginator46 daysdetails
furlong4747 daysdetails
michalmy47 daysRancef 1500mg/d (Keflex) from day 8-21.details
Dooby51 daysStill not 100% on June 24th, sometimes can feel it, and strength in my fingers is probably not back to normal if for example I needed to open a tight lid.details
Mounty52 dayswrist brace big helpdetails
1L52 daysTime. Left thumb still an issue though...details
Hoddy55 daysdetails
amosmj57 daysKold dog leash with entire hand Forearm serms healed, some occassional residual discomfort but not enough to impact activities.details
ericrox58 daysI'm not really noticing this much anymore.. gave up squash for a bit. Doing some wrist exercises hopefully thats the end of it.details
Slice58 daysdetails
Tooms58 daysdetails
MiloRunner61 daysdetails
P-K61 daysdetails
michalmy61 daysBouncing luggage down stairs. Rest.details
DerLolek63 daysdetails
dcady64 daysI just didn't care about it anymore.details
Snow Lizard64 daysdetails
duncanarcher64 daysTook many weeks to recover - think it was worse than I thought, even though it wasn't massively painful it dragged on. But once started climbing it never got worse after, so maybe just needed to get it moving.details
Munter Hitch65 daysjust tendon ripped, not all the way, repaired itself.details
T - runner67 daysdetails
ccsteve76 daysdetails
khaleesi76 daysdetails
vlin77 daysProbably tendonitis. Was not affected by 18-hour solo MTB race a month ago. Went away by itself.details
simmo80 daysdetails
MDeVoll83 daysCaused by over exerting and high repetition weightlifting.details
Climber187 dayshad to stop all lifts that put pressure on elbow (high lifts and pulls). Drank lots of water. Used IBU sparingly.details
fluceluce87 daysdetails
skuxxdeluxe89 daysPlaying goalkeeper and not taking a match seriously enough. Should of worked more on recovery afterwards (exercises etc).details
Luca D.91 daysdopo un mese recupero progressivo (forse con il caldo) adesso quasi assentedetails
riley91 daysSeems to have gone away with rest from climbing.details
mikebitton92 daysTurns out the pain was from having to push so hard on my shifter! I rewired the front and rear derailers and now they're as smooth as butter! No more pain!details
FE95 daysBike crash, broke thumb and injured wrist before I fell off bike!!Took 5-7 weeks to discover the thumb was broken and that a long standing injury to wrist had been damaged again. Thumb should have been splinted for 4-6 weeks, but wasn't, this may even have speeded up recovery and fortunately the unstable bone fragments did not move significantly. Rest, ROM, exercises with physio putty and cycling! - as advised by specialist to really work the thumb after 6 weeks. Getting less painful to write...details
annanisi101 daysEllbogenluxation #3:  Ellenbogen ca 25 min nach Unfall eingerenkt (Böhler) Gips für eine Woche, Ortes für weitere 4 Wochen Untersuchungen: Röntgen, MRT Erster Laufversuch: 15 Tage nach Unfall Physio: 4 Wochen nach Unfall (2 mal Wöchentlich), ca 11 mal. details
jmnipen105 daysdetails
cramptonite108 daysAfter another 2 weeks of splinting still 5 degree off. About as good as it's going to get now.details
austrianmike108 daysRest (still a little bigger than usual)details
axelhalvar109 daysTroligen bara en stukning gör inte ont längre. Ska tillbaka till sjukhuset om nån vecka. Då får vi se hur det står till. Nejnej Halvarsson det har påverkat dig mer än du trodde då. This changed it all. Kan springa i skogen med tummen, den är dock inte helt bra. Den ska klara smällar men ilar ibland och är inte helt rörlig ännu. details
Siobhan109 daysJust time. Trying not to pull to hard on squats now. Super easy to get back to movement when I just reduced weight to almost pain-free and built back up slowlydetails
mrevrgreen115 daysInjection made all the differencedetails
chris_b115 daysdetails
spilka116 daysdetails
Boltboi124 daysdetails
dcady129 daysAfter the problem with my knee and with my back this problem faded into the background and I pretty much forgot about it. For me, that's a cure. Still seems a little sore from time to time but I don't find myself compensating at all.details
dcady132 daysNot really recovered but tired of the injury. Have adapted in many ways and maybe it is even getting better slowly. At any rate not really an issue any more.details
RASPUTIN141 daysit will never be the same.details
OL143 daysRest, and backing off strength training a bit. Wearing a forearm band helped too when liftingdetails
Heather O143 daysGradual improvement since June. Still not perfect (need to be careful at the wall and training) but I just climbed E2 at Gogarth so it can't be too bad. details
bun144 daysdetails
simmo149 daysStill has scarring and stiffness, exacerbated by hand injury at Easter, but basically recovered.details
SSavonne151 daysdetails
P-K154 daysdetails
kensr163 daysReduced stress on tricep and with PT it resolved after 3 months.details
Runodk164 daysdetails
Andrew Feucht168 daysHave not climbed since the injury. There is occasional twinges that remind me of the injury. Not sure it will be back to normal ever. Will have to try climbing again some day...details
spie0097178 daysI still do not have the full range of motion I once had, but it no longer bothers me in day to day activities. I have continued to push it beyond its current range of motion with hopes that I will someday push the bone fragment out of the joint and recover my full range of motion.details
simmo187 daysdetails
annanisi196 daysEllbogenluxation #2: Ellbogen musste vom Arzt )Klagenfurt) eingerenkt werden. (40min nach Unfall) Behandlung: 11 Tage in gespalteten Oberarmgips + 8 Tage in Kunststoffgips. Tag 21 nach Unfall beginn mit Physiotherapie, Volle Beweglichkeit (strecken, beugen) erst nach 6-7 Monaten möglich.  Untersuchungen: Röntgen, MRT Erster Laufversuch: 10 Tage nach Unfall (mit Sportgips) Erster Wetttkampf: 4 Wochen nach Unfalldetails
kensr196 daysPinky forever kinked. details
tinytoes200 daysUnknown cause; continual physio/exercise aided recovery.details
simmo218 daysSeems to have settled, but still some swelling visible.details
tornado_grl219 daysI am calling this done...still nagging but tolerable. I was told 6 - 8 weeks, we are at 6 weeks now. I can do limited plank pose pain free, so I guess we are on the mend.details
cschneiderclimb236 daysCalling this one closed too. Wrist never bothers me on rides any longer but still can't really do pushups easily unless on closed fists to keep wrist from flexing.details
bcvlj250 daysWrist is much better now. better than before surgery and about 85-90% overall.details
jgreen258 daysslower on the narley down bits - especially in a team where you will just have to wait for them at the bottom...details
Vaala275 daysIt's still not 100% but I suspect it's never going to be.details
Tane282 daysSeems to be better now, still plays up a bit here and theredetails
tinytoes284 daysdetails
Milo324 daysdetails
1L337 daysForgot to record when this stopped. I peg it around late August though. Just had to let it rest as much as possible. Comes back from time to time with renovation work. Lots of gripping heavy things tightly is a problem.details
wiQ364 daysdetails
Le Manchot365 daysis probably a rotator cuff tear.... went therapeutic route rather than surgery... took a full 11-12 months for full recovery... now doing weight vested pull ups at 140% of body weight and other arm-intensive strength work without any discomfort of side effectsdetails
Tane393 daysdetails
michalmy403 daysX-ray on day 214. Rest and a some Voltaren gel from time to time.details
Ron431 daysChiropractor details
Tane535 daysAppears to have come right. Now have about 80-85% of the range of movement backdetails
ken560 daysthis improved gradually after a long time.details
ahall563 daysdetails
Mona571 daysrest, no idea. still got to be careful w/ curlsdetails
TC588 daysstill sore when ten pin bowlingdetails
Tooms739 daysUnguided cortisone at the insertion fixed it temporarily - but back it came and seemed to resolve mainly with (1) severe trigger pointing and massage; (2) time.details
Georgia787 daysdetails
PhilW1575 daysTurns out it's gout...I never thought of that possibility. At least It'll get better in a few more days I imagine.details
PhilW1597 daysdetails
Tane6597 daysSurgery 1/4/2016details
schnitzer777+ daysdetails
Torzi994+ daysdetails
theo1741005+ daysdetails
Astinker692966+ daysdetails
incrediblehulk3120+ daysdetails
Len3533+ daysdetails
hodgepodge3702+ daysdetails
Bonhamp3962+ daysdetails
IRISHDOg3968+ daysdetails
fritzof4098+ daysSmärta från en nerv gör ont. details
simonr4210+ daysdetails
Len4214+ daysdetails
Ben H4521+ daysdetails
Seymour Butts4656+ daysdetails
ColoradoAR4751+ daysdetails
2224919+ daysdetails
Ingalls4994+ daysdetails
Wally804999+ daysdetails
ClimbAK5129+ daysdetails
eccosse175247+ daysdetails
elatosuo5447+ daysdetails
KCB5520+ daysdetails
ActiveGEJ5596+ daysdetails
ColinS5712+ daysdetails
guitarbiker5888+ daysdetails
GirtonD5909+ daysdetails
PhatBob426189+ daysdetails