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Other (Shoulder)

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Average recovery time: 117 days

Recorded Instances

Pieter1 daysUitslag de 28e. Kon de dag erna alweer trainen.details
ebuckley3 daysdetails
rickyp3 daysdetails
Angus Beef5 daysthink it kinda just went away details
Adde5 daysdetails
MattC5 daysdetails
LL6 daysdetails
Nick7 daysnot really recovered , but does not look nice on the log as of apr 29details
ebuckley7 daysdetails
Boje7 daysdetails
astrat8 daysI'm glad I took the time off that I did to prevent prolonging it, although I imagine it will be hard to get started running again...details
ebuckley8 daysdetails
Roberto D.9 daysdetails
Rokm10 daysdetails
DeeR10 dayscaused by : possibly my friend teaching me the howdown throwdown! (i know how gay that is, alright!) migghtta pulled something... recovered by:... resting it? details
dcreekp10 daysrest slowly strengthening with band exercisesdetails
hoboGO12 daysI have been resting my chest so I am not sure it is all better, but for now I will do dumbbells and machines for chest, and flies, which seem to be just fine.details
MikeRoss0413 daysBe careful about going rock climbing!details
C219 daysdetails
Strand26 daysdetails
FluffyPtarmigan27 daysGlad that's mostly over withdetails
Clone30 daysAnti-inflammatory seemed to solve it in under a day. Cataphlam course. details
rdlesko35 daysdetails
Fat Rat36 daysget luckierdetails
MeanGene37 days6/25/13 - Dr Pro says I can bike again - the shoulder can take it. But groin muscle train is the problem now. Recovered enough, still want to be carefuldetails
c.underwood37 daysRest, and exercises. Start exercises with no weight, then start using light weights, go up to 10lbs. details
BorisGr43 daysdetails
MyHammiesHurt45 days2/18/07 - I took almost a month off from weight training to let my shoulder heal. It's about 95% and lifting is still a bit sore, but lifting fairly light.details
Robbs50 daysI hate to jinx it but I'm willing to call the shoulder break 'fixed'. I figure I'm looking at another 8 weeks till it's good as new but we're making good progress. Just hurts when I do something stupid.details
ghvala50 daysdetails
astrat52 daysStill making noises, but not really getting in the way any more. One of my shoulder bones will be permanently sticking out more than it should.details
niallmcalinden54 daysdont break your collar bone. mostly healed now thankfully. should get the all clear from the hospital with my next appointmentdetails
spilka58 daysdetails
iain Embrey58 dayswill take a little while to regain strengthdetails
spowell65 daysdetails
Mess Engineer79 daysDon't ride quad bikes!details
jpeters80 daysPt and exercises more or less recovered range of motiondetails
Wildsky91 daysmuch better now. Only get pain in lower shoulder down the armdetails
ami100 daysdetails
Beacon100 daysdetails
YouRNotHere103 daysFinally the shoulder is 100% better. I had still been feeling pain throughout my upper arm/shoulder area but it seems to be gone now. I had stopped doing certain yoga moves that put a lot of continues strain on my shoulder such as upward bows and bridges. details
pcbrent104 daysdetails
Tane109 daysdetails
smoke118 daysdetails
Focus119 daysIt was a fracture. It didn't need a cast since it was deep inside the shoulder.details
Bethany135 daysHad my last physio appointment and she is happy with strength and range. Just have to keep doing exercises to keep it strong. details
Nathalie149 daysdetails
RichB152 daysRehab and Therapy. End Date is when I got released from PT.details
waltimo175 daysdetails
cfosp1189 daysGoing call this recovered. It's not 100% back to normal but it doesn't bother me much anymore. And I was told that it's never going to back to normal anyway. Doesn't bother me any when poling for Nordic skiing, which is my main activity. Hope to start swimming again, though. details
JustMe193 daysBone spur. Shaved down. 3 months pro PT.details
cfpete195 daysSurgery successful - lifting light weights and no substantial paindetails
Nadim230 daysI did physical therapy and waited it out too. The PT helped but sometimes it was painful, and sometimes it felt like it wasn't worth it. I still have some pain when I sleep on it or when I reach around but it is less. At one point, it seemed it was gone over the early part of the summer. It came back a little. details
Becky251 daysdetails
vyc273 daysas always natural recovery..details
Yak294 daysOp in Sept 2014 on broken shoulder (4 places) and rotator cuff.details
harley295 daysdo the physio forever!details
Crit-Fagg301 daysdetails
Homey366 daysA year with lots of Physio on the shoulder. 100% but very cautious.details
Louise387 daysdry needling plus intense massage. Rest.details
Cat T399 daysdidnt manage to get the operation done, but shoulder not such a problem anymore. last time it came out was when i was vvv drunk and i must have just shoved it back into joint again so it can't be that bad.details
RASPUTIN731 daysdetails
Luca D.67+ daysdetails
sshah398+ daysdetails
tomeck931+ daysdetails
tommyturbo1716+ daysdetails
NinoSilvo1890+ daysdetails
pforma2431+ daysdetails
Michl2592+ daysdetails
Shep2594+ daysdetails
izzie2855+ daysdetails
Lu-po3171+ daysdetails
Ellie:)3332+ daysdetails
borjeson3547+ daysdetails
IRISHDOg3869+ daysdetails
HBC4344+ daysdetails
spie00974769+ daysdetails
andrew1911714887+ daysdetails
Jjumper4922+ daysdetails
Howl_at_the_Moon5089+ daysdetails
Heffer5813+ daysdetails
Heffer6097+ daysdetails