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Other (Hip/Pelvis)

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Average recovery time: 161 days

Recorded Instances

Davidm08111 daysPain and stiffness gone today. Might have just required a bit of a stretch outdetails
Torzi1 daysFine - just noting for patterns. details
Torzi1 daysdetails
Bruce2 daysrestdetails
MikeMc2 daysOveruse from the last week after very little training. Rest and ice for recovery.details
Giuseppe2 daysThink it was just overuse from a hard Hawkshead weekenddetails
hamlet2 daysdetails
ernst2 daysdetails
Miikka3 daysdetails
Rx3 daysdetails
Agiofws3 daysrest for one day .. but still a small sensationdetails
Kalgman3 daysdetails
Torzi3 daysCLEARING <3 details
coach3 daysdetails
Sovijarvi 2.04 daysdetails
karabatov4 daysAvoid alcohol and soft heat at backside.details
JL4 daysIngen aning vad det berodde på. Kanske något form av snedbelastning under sömnen eller liknande.details
Roger T4 daysVery strange. No apparent cause, gradually eased off.details
jsjöberg4 daysSkrev en hel del i beskrivningen men jag vred bak bäckenet så försvann den mesta smärtan.details
antoniomariani4 daysdetails
O-ing4 daysEnigmatic pain in lower right torso area. Brought on by multi-sprint days. Difficult to run for 2-3 days after. details
E-li-sha5 dayslyk woah! it waz 90% beta after resting in da weekend then i went 4 a 5hr run and ran da rest off!details
bill_l5 daysFortunately, it healed quickly.details
Oberg5 daysdetails
fitless5 daysdetails
BigAl5 daysdetails
phatty6 daysdetails
Jonas Detterfelt6 daysdetails
goranwinblad6 daysdetails
Imogenpieters6 daysMixture of travel and hard sessiondetails
bill_l7 daysI noticed that my bike seat was about an inch higher than normal. I think this may have cause the hip problem. Caught it as I was leaving for a ride yesterday morning. Had to take the seat off to get the bike in the car to and from shop last week.details
Klaas7 daysdetails
Kimple7 daysdetails
Kalgman7 daysdetails
cfosp17 daysRoad rash hurts but does not take too long to heal. Still trying to figure out why I lost control. details
Shek8 daysCan walk up and down stairs like normal now, still a bit sore with random motions, but it's time to get back at it.details
MikeMc9 daysdetails
J Anderson9 daysdetails
22210 daysdetails
D10 daysDo s&c and ITB exercises regularly!!,,details
Tooms11 daysNot running, not riding hard seem to assist recovery.details
Pieter12 daysLong distance gelopen. De dag erna wel stijf in met name hamstrings en aanhechtingen rond de heup. De rug geeft gelukkig minder problemen. Ik ga een aantal weken actief herstel nemen zonder hardlopen en met veel rekken om de boel weer even tot rust te laten komen.details
Bender13 daysWith a few sessions of Active Release Therapy (ART) and time off, managed to loosen the muscle again. Need to incorporate stretching regularly!details
smoke13 daysdetails
Freeheelpete13 daysHaemarroids. Cautious recover, no activity for almost 2 weeks.details
silkychrome14 daysi think it was caused by a too-aggressive crescent lunge at yoga. recovered w time. only skipped one run.details
markg14 daysIce, then tennis ball massage, progressing to a deeper massage, progressively stretching.details
xcman8214 daysdetails
mayer2217 daysStart heating sooner. Give it 48 hours and then heat. Try and get in some light low impact workouts before using it for the first time in a race.details
Jacques Booysen19 daysdetails
hutspot19 daysdetails
gas_turbine19 daysTime - & 1 week vacation w/o abs work?details
O-ing20 daysStrange injury this one. Searing pain, but no detrimental effect to training. details
jgreen20 daysR&r fixed it. With deep heat and stretchingdetails
Komy21 daysdetails
beeker22 daysTime takes care of everythingdetails
divadeedee22 daysdetails
Larryj23 daysnot running for a bit, its is gone mostly just feels a tad stiffdetails
Boltboi23 daysdetails
suski24 daysdetails
Niamhunter25 daysMinimalistic exercise helped it to settle downdetails
ernst26 daysDown to level 1. Hope to get over it 100% by doing glute-strengthening stretches, details
NSAR27 daysdetails
acejase27 daysglute strengthening exercises and anti-inflams got me through. details
Roger G27 daysdetails
BanjoLasse28 daysdetails
autark28 daysNot sure it's completely done but quiet enough where it's not my main problem. Flared up when going down that steep, steep firetrail (Burma Road) off Mount Diablo.details
FerencJonas29 daysdetails
L-Jackson30 daysdetails
peterprong30 daysdetails
jed34 daysNo running. details
immy35 daysSI joint sprain, what helped with recovery was wearing a supportive belt for the joint and avoiding running for a few weeks.details
Sarafina1236 daysSee Posterior tibalis tendonitisdetails
JL36 daysIngen aning, får ta det lugnt så att jag inte snedbelastar eller överbelastar höften i framtiden.details
mayer2236 daysdetails
Garrison36 days5/30 - long training weekend seems to have resolved the worst of the irritation for whatever reason. Now able to stretch the quad fully. 6/5 - Deep stretching on the hip still aggravates it. Going to have to take it easy for a bit longer.details
cissi37 daysdetails
katieinnit38 daysdetails
guerfondler38 daysChiro gave me new exercises to strengthen core and teach my body how to run better, which I do daily. And I still do the 10 minute hamstring stretch, too.details
TyrTom39 daysdetails
gas_turbine39 daysDon't be dumb. Need to stretch more. Yoga.details
graeme39 daysHealed of its own accord after six Weeks. details
Erik 40 daysExercises were probably the treatment and the reason why it become better again.details
Hugginator41 daysdetails
Mark342 daysPhysio said I have very short hip flexors and advised daily stretching. Also single leg squats using a pole of some kind to balance. And a single leg glute bridge. I've also been combining my achilles tendon heel drop exercises with one for my hip where I just stick the other leg out in front while I do them. This is supposed to be good for hips although that one wasn't from the physio, so who knows? The combination of everything seems to be working, though!details
Daniele42 daysdetails
M.Serguiev44 daysdetails
Tom49 daysdetails
Alibongo49 daysIt just went away itself but a bit of stretching helped.details
huon49 daysdetails
graeme49 daysFretted and went for physio, but it was just the generic six week straindetails
Ebbot50 daysUpdate January 15: Problem disappeared... Update January 20: Problem came back again. Need to find out what it is... Its position seems to indicate that it is not the piriformis, but instead some other butt muscle. Update Feb 18: Feels like that the problem is now definetely gone. details
tinytoes50 daysstretching, management and maybe time and good luck. Not totally sure all gone but no problems in past week.details
georgiaorr52 daysAnti inflam seemed to take away pain, And month rest :) details
heinrich23253 daysdetails
CoachingEnduranc54 daysrest fixed it.. of coursedetails
guerfondler54 daysSeems I get this every winter, probably from running on uneven compacted snow. Jenna fixed it. The deep tissue stuff made me feel better, but it was the pelvic adjustment that seemed to fix it. Consider skiiing instead next winter.details
Snow Lizard55 daysTime, and staying away from squatting... Still nervous about trying again. I hate hip flexor injuries- they are severely limiting yet there is nothing to do but wait them out.details
mkoo59 daysdetails
Bruce61 daysNo runs over 45 minutes for a couple of weeks. Physio worked on painful areas and rests for a few days after these to settle them down. The worst pain seemed to come on after long runs, so I cut them out as much as possible for a while.details
TessaL67 daysdetails
calum73 daysLots of core work to even out my lower back sorted the problem.details
AliC76 daysA long time finally helped. Squats and medial glute exercises for PT.details
Erik 76 daysRuhe hat nur am Anfang geholfen. Wichtig war es dann täglich Kraftübungen zu machen, auch wenn man einfach Geduld brauchte und nicht zu viel machen durfte. Aber ein bisschen Herausforderung war nach ein paar Wochen auch gut.details
chelsealuttrall77 daysSeems better. Need to stretch ALOT....ALL THE keep it from happening again. Also need to increase Glut med & minimus strength to increase support and prevent compensatory issues.details
silje81 daysdetails
ernst98 daysI feel somewhat recovered (7/27) since I was able to do back to back mountain runs. But I still have lingering issues that require extra care with warmup, cool down, massaging etc. Also my running remains cautious at this point. details
chinghua99 daysSleep on side; avoid long plane rides.details
Daneo107 daysdetails
Hedis110 daysdetails
Bruce111 daysdetails
Sovijarvi 2.0121 daysVitut, se on mitä on.details
Heather O123 daysFelt good after two consecutive runs this weekend. Total 36 km and decent pace. Let that be a lesson about adequate rest and repair after a season of guiding! details
AratusGitan125 daysdetails
Badger129 daysdetails
su--130 daysLuultavasti iliopsoas bursa, muttei varmaa diagnoosia. Todella kipeä ekat 2kk, ei ajatustakaan juoksemisesta, saati venyttelystä. Alkoi sietää juoksemista 3-4kk jälkeen ja vasta elokuussa pystyi juoksemaan ilman tuntumaa tai kipua täysin normaalisti. Eniten auttoi tauko juoksemisesta ja nopeista liikkeistä pariksi kuukaudeksi, lonkan seutua tukevien lihasten (erit. pakara + vatsa) jumppa fyssarin ohjeiden mukaan ja lopussa ehkä alueen sähköimpulssi/ultrastimulaatio.details
Rhesus137 daysdetails
Khampton34141 daysdetails
Torzi Robinson159 daysBisphosphonate injectiondetails
Ezy160 daysdetails
Cruachan165 daysIt seems to have just eased up... will see how it reacts to circuits later this year. details
jules67171 daysdetails
hodgepodge179 daysdetails
bill_l186 daysI think it's healed up now. Don't jump into speedwork so quickly next time. 2 rounds of prp. one round of prolo to try to shut down the residual pain.details
1L234 daysI'm calling this recovered because it hasn't been bothering me at all lately. Solution: physio in part but mostly I think it's getting up from my chair more often and the lunch time running.details
vosvos257 daysdetails
Torino269 daysdetails
Hugginator289 daysdetails
Roger G293 daysdetails
CMW294 daysHaven't had any trouble with it since I got pregnant in April as I haven't been exercising! Hopefully it's gone for good after a few months rest...details
justinreneau312 daysdetails
Lori323 daysdetails
RASPUTIN341 daysdetails
Ezy355 daysdetails
kgeisen395 daysI have no idea when this actually resolved itself, sometime last year. I think the biggest thing that helped was building mileage more gradually instead of running double digits out of the blue with friends just because I could. On the bike it definitely helps when I focus on stretching out my left leg instead of coasting with my R leg down all the time.details
1L425 daysNo real resolution. Still working with a doctor on a few things to reduce cramping, stabilize hormones and avoid surgery but not having the same issues I used to. Running and activities affected from time to time but not the same extent and more from fatigue then actual pelvic imbalances. I'm calling this resolved because, frankly, I'm not interested in paying it any more attention beyond what I have to.details
markg449 daysFlexibility seems key to avoiding this one: quads, glutes, hip and groin. Once properly sore stretching can be a problem though and only deep massage helps to resolve it.details
Caoimhe502 daysPhysio and strenghening exercises.details
TheSkull625 daysdetails
J Anderson664 daysdetails
Swisstoph725 daysLower back muscles weren't strong enough to keep my hip aligned properly. Must keep in mind still while running, sitting, standing or walking, even sleeping!details
MeanGene726 daysStill cautious, but been running for 3 months in shorted races without groin pains. Time - the remedy is to give it time - a long time - two years.details
andfall730 daysdetails
Vector1014 daysArthroscopic surgery, a lot of physical therapy, stretching, strength training, balancing muscles, and even more patience and long suffering. Know it will be a roller coaster with a lot of times you think it was all a scam, only to realize in hindsight many moons later that you actually have been progressing and getting more active over the long term. Although I will never be completely normal, it's good enough to call this injury "recovered" for now.details
CoachingEnduranc1141 daysjust tired of looking at it... it's still there though.details
Stodge1189 daysdetails
kgluskie1369 daysdetails
Billenicus2167 daysdetails
TheSkull56+ daysdetails
kPa737+ daysdetails
Utoirra878+ daysdetails
carolineheloise977+ daysdetails
carolineheloise1328+ daysdetails
Scrappy Doo1382+ daysdetails
TommyH1441+ daysdetails
davec1620+ daysdetails
torzibethrobbo1979+ daysdetails
TommyH2156+ daysdetails
Misha2179+ daysdetails
Torzi Robinson2353+ daysdetails
Torz B R2491+ daysdetails
TorziRobinson2582+ daysdetails
ANewTorzi 2736+ daysdetails
ulrik.hellen2767+ daysdetails
skyhigh2806+ daysdetails
NewTorzi2857+ daysdetails
makalu3455+ daysdetails
gclover3494+ daysdetails
johannesh3679+ daysdetails
JeremyN3723+ daysdetails
Suzanapoljanec3862+ daysdetails
lillFigge3902+ daysFick avstå träning ett par dagar, då det inte kändes aktuellt att träna när det gjorde ordentligt ont att gå. Ömheten försvann gradvis och de sista dagarna var området endast stelt.details
Crabmasta3957+ daysdetails
Chris Cornell4139+ daysdetails
ROUShunter4304+ daysdetails
be4387+ daysdetails
ed_long4487+ daysdetails
Russp174508+ daysdetails
broncobilly4564+ daysdetails
herve4730+ daysdetails
Olly4776+ daysdetails
sgreen13314827+ daysdetails
cc4me4892+ daysdetails
ingo4941+ daysdetails
guambrocha4999+ daysdetails
hazdog5037+ daysdetails
msmum5152+ daysdetails
gillianw5163+ daysdetails
ldebiaseCo5321+ daysdetails
benjw5357+ daysdetails
marcus_horton5378+ daysdetails
550Phil5473+ daysdetails
ckoombs5646+ daysdetails
RoCou5688+ daysdetails
brucebikson6104+ daysdetails
kateR6318+ daysdetails