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Other (Upper Leg)

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Average recovery time: 46 days

Recorded Instances

JoeHudd0 daysdetails
petymeg0 daysPihentetés meg masszirozás.details
Luca D.1 daysdetails
Tobby1 daysdetails
MichelleVR1 daysdetails
joni1 daysdetails
Parkino1 daysrest, but massage requireddetails
YouRNotHere2 daysIf I kept moving it was not as bad. I think sitting in the office is what caused it to tighten up and make it difficult to walk. Rested for two days with no running or biking.details
Ruhis2 daysBetter safe than sorry. This time I rested when I felt like I should rest.details
kwruck2 daysdetails
Philipp2 daysdetails
nmulder2 daysdetails
IFKekan2 daysOrsaken är troligtvis de hårda passen före, med minimal tänjning efteråt.details
slowphil2 daysWent as quickly and unexpectedly as it arrived. I hope.details
Nizkane2 daysdetails
Adde2 daysdetails
Adde2 daysdetails
Thoto2 daysKühlen + warten.details
Shingo2 daysdetails
verticalwanderer2 daysimproper warm up before I tried to sprint....should have done another slow warm up rundetails
@nj@2 daysdetails
irt3 daysdetails
JMorris3 daysRestdetails
benjw3 daysI think it was sudden increase in exercise (particularly doing more long orienteering courses every weekend) that caused it. It's when I lift my leg up sharply as you do when running up hills or lifting your knees to get your feet over bracken. Doing stretching and strengthening exercises help. I don't think it's fully recovered yet though, so won't do anything too violent with it.details
jtruns3 daysice, massage and stretchingdetails
blairtrewin3 daysdetails
dkonotopetz3 daysdetails
Phat3 daysdetails
FernWerm3 daysRest was the best remedy.details
cmorse3 daystime off, seems good...details
emilions3 daysdetails
Luca D.3 daysDopo due giorni di riposo il dolore si è affievolitodetails
TheFlan3 days.. rest and physical therapydetails
Chris3 daysdetails
MichelleVR3 daysRestdetails
dkonotopetz3 daysdetails
Charlie4 daystime was the great healer here. Pretty tender for a few days, but just got better.details
khall4 daysRest, no speedwork.details
pjw214 dayshas come good with restdetails
Honkie4 daysdetails
seelenfliege4 days3 Tage Ruhe, dann war wieder gut.details
Dooby4 daysPhysio worked the quad and hip abductors. Need to increase my stretching even more.details
BigWillyStyle4 daysDon't get poison oak.details
Fondeur4 daysAction Ibuprofen ?details
Eerola4 daysParani itsekseendetails
Dog Runner5 daysdetails
justwah5 daysnaturedetails
Michael P5 daysAll it needs is rest.details
Tooms5 daysdetails
CathW5 daysAppointment booked to see Nicky - pretty much settled by the time I got there, but still glad I went.details
John O5 daysCause: Unknown Recovery: Ice pack. DIY Ice pack bag = 10/10! Stretch +Restdetails
Fraser P5 daysdetails
cschneiderclimb5 daysNot long lasting but there sure was something obviously going on. Completely gone for awhile now.details
TheFlan5 daysGot it from hard run downhill on fireroad in Combaun Wood to Temple hill. Need to work more on core strengthdetails
Cruachan5 daysSeemed to be caused by over-exertion in work shoes on stiff legs; taking it easy sorted it after 4 days. details
mattc295 daysLet it bruise up, no longer painful.details
nana5 daysdetails
DWildfogel5 daysStill an occasional twinge, but hopefully nothing worse.details
Ari-o5 daysRest! Rest is good. Only took a couple of days.details
div5 daysStill little paindetails
bealaw5 daysFirst, I had cold therapy. Then, I used k-tape to reduce my pain during my race and training. I caught a flu and seem the pain on my leg was gone after I recovered.details
Craig Nolan5 daysjust got betterdetails
GZs5 daysdetails
Eerola5 dayskipu hävisi, kun mustelma alkoi vähenemäändetails
LMolloy5 daysdetails
Torzi5 daysdetails
eliskasie5 daysdont lift 140 kgsdetails
POSTee6 dayspretty much all healed up. Had a few days rest over christmas and just a big graze left now. Iknew the christmas treats would help it heal well! hehedetails
yakin6 daysrestdetails
gclover6 daysL IT chronic - needs rollingdetails
troll feet6 daysMore rest days. Any running not involving hillsdetails
shabar6 daysQuad still feels a bit weird a month on but basically ok.details
Brooner6 daysdetails
Steffen6 daysdetails
Lauren Gillis7 daysdetails
Miikka7 daysdetails
Hanabanana7 daysdetails
Ecmo7 daysdetails
jtruns7 daysice, massage and stretchingdetails
tornado_grl7 daysExpected recovery with restdetails
Stuck7 daysdetails
Morten7 daysdetails
Shingo7 daysdetails
nmulder7 daysdetails
valerio7 daysdetails
HA_Training7 daysTight muscles due to training hours, better warm-up?details
firbanator7 daysdetails
Eoghan7 daysdetails
gas_turbine7 daysdetails
veliceraptor7 daysdetails
Pablova7 daysdetails
Rhesus8 daysdetails
SusC8 daysDon't do things that hurt it and wait for a while to see if it gets better!details
Nadim8 daysRest helped the recovery. It may have been caused by the strain of more activity and the rising heat in the week preceding gettting hurt. details
Adde8 daysdetails
porcupine8 daysRest leg- no excerises for a week. details
balage8 daysdetails
Hobitas8 daysdetails
andrews8 daysMay have caused additional problems by running on itdetails
Steffen8 daysdetails
RimvydasA8 daysdetails
Malla9 daysdetails
O9Man9 daysdetails
JonasB9 daysdetails
M109 daysWent to see chiropractor and he said it's good nowdetails
Kristaps9 daysDie letzten Tage verteilte der Schmerz sich auf das ganze Bein, mit einem Fokus aufs Knie. Aber einfach ruhen lassen scheint geholfen zu haben.details
ink_2110 daysi just think i didnt warmup up the right muscles enough for recovery just stretch stretch stretch and ice it! i didnt sprint much until it felt normaldetails
klklo10 daysdetails
beeker10 daysRest and all that.details
Reiver10 daysNeed to train downhill prior to subsequent hill races.details
nana10 daysmassage with contracted muscle, sauna, a lot of dulex etc. NO stretching, made it worse actually. And then also good warm-up before doing fast stuff!details
Jac10 daysdetails
BillS10 daysRest & easy gym exercisesdetails
Valtzu10 daysdetails
Lieke11 daysdetails
will11 daysdetails
Charli11 daysdetails
Eric Johansson11 daysTrist en vecka innan sprint sm men tur att det bara var en lårkaka. Haft väldigt ont och har tagut det lungt med löpningen för tror spirnga med smärta för mycket hade gjort att jag fått konstigt löpsteg och fåt ont så viss å andra ställen. Det märkets på spritnt inzen för när jag sprang fort hade jag bra löpsteg och då gjorde de inte så ont men jogga gjorde vädigt mycket mer ontdetails
coach11 daysdetails
Ant W12 daysdetails
noRa12 daysSlipped while orienteering. Massage and stretchingdetails
Torzi12 daysi think over working without stretching hurt it! details
Markus12 daysPhysio und 3 Tage lang Ibuflam 600details
Boje12 daysdetails
michalmy12 daysAggravated it again a week later on a gentle trail run. Took a four day break from cycling and a break from all running for another two weeks.details
Torzi12 daysdetails
MichaelBish12 daysdetails
TyrTom13 daysdetails
McCloy13 daysRested it a bit and it's grand. A wee bit funny, but grand!details
mayer2213 daysTry and rehabilitate the muscle after a short rest period. Use excersises that don't push the limits (cause pain) but still utilize the muscles. Again stretching and heat are the biggest aids.details
Fabiano13 daysLaser terapia, Tecar ed esercizi funzionalidetails
helehan14 daysdetails
StefanJ14 days120227: Kunde kanske provat att springa några dagar tidigare, men lite alternativträning kändes ändå bra för att få lite omväxling i träningen. Bättre en dag för mycket än en för lite!details
fritzof14 daysdetails
Terkelsen14 daysLepo. kylmä. Geeli/voide jonka nimeä juuri nyt en muista.details
jsjöberg15 daysVet inte när det tog slut. gick på voltaren och hade vila pga sjukdom.details
Bridge15 daysit helps to not run for a weekdetails
Philipp16 daysdetails
JanetT16 daysRest, icing, keep gentle stretching. Calling this resolved since two days of orienteering and a long hike were okay; I barely even noticed my leg this last day. I will keep up with the stretching to make sure it doesn't recur.details
McCloy16 daysdetails
gaffelman16 daysMycket oklart när problemet försvann, det var ganska gradvis.details
undy16 daysTime seemed to help. Slow but steady recovery.details
marcitailor16 daysFanni-nyújtás (öntekergetés). Ha bármikor elkezdem érezni, nagyon hamar ki kell nyújtani, mert ilyen hosszúra nyúlhat.details
Bridge16 daysDammit, do your clamshellsdetails
tomeck16 daysdetails
Miikka17 daysLong rest helped, next time if this comes back need doc's helpdetails
andypat17 daysStill a bit stiff to stretch - bloody footballdetails
samwell17 daysmore or less recovered. Can stretch my quad fully now so that's the indication I'm going to usedetails
Torzi17 daysrest and now starting proper strength and training tomorrowdetails
fellmonkey7817 days27/02/14 Seem, tentatively, to have shaken this injury off.details
BP17 daysButt exercises and stretching.details
heggo18 daysdetails
heggo18 daysdetails
andypat18 daysGradually resolve - was OK to run through it but slowlydetails
Bruce18 daysTennis ball massage in sore spots in glutes, groin and hip areas.details
PatrickGarcia18 daysinitial tweak in soccer, need long warm up. time/weed cream helped.details
LOST_Richard19 daysdetails
Fraser P19 daysdetails
errolpit20 daysdetails
beeker20 daysdetails
Backstreet Boy20 daysTime healed this one... getting the swelling down. Massaging helped release the muscle tension before activity.details
markg21 daysdetails
andrew_elwood22 daysPretzel Stretch and foam rolling every day for 10-15mins details
CharlieRennie22 daysdetails
tomeck22 daysdetails
Abarrie22 daysHad to invest in two physio visits, and then a few weeks of stretching and hot-stoning. The cause would certainly be just doing too much, would've been ok for one week, but doing too much for three weeks in a row just tipped it over the edge. In future when I know that I'm pushing too hard, I need to just admit that I'm going to have to rest - better than being injured for three weeks.details
Mr Kev23 daysI stopped all short sprinting and interval sessions and sticked to doing long runs. This helped the muscle recover and it also allowed me to keep training at high a moderate to high intensity.details
NanC23 daysdetails
HWW23 daysI think / hope... possibly more a case of one injury masked by a new, more painful onedetails
Anton.23 daysDr. Großlaub + dehnen!!!, Blackrolldetails
beeker24 daysNo training relieves symptoms of being unable to train.details
tomeck24 daysdetails
Reiver25 daysCaused by saving left leg during 6 days. Complete rest due to heavy cold helped recovery.details
jgreen25 daysKeep the full tilt sprinting for the run in.details
simmo25 daysdetails
TimM26 daysdetails
MatthewParton26 daysSo after a bit of a run the other day I think I am over this one. Remember to warm up kids or you get very fat over xmas!details
AntonSi26 daysdetails
darryn28 daysdetails
Bridge28 daysdetails
MikeMc29 dayspushed a bit too hard towards the end of a coldish intervals session, felt a bit of soreness in the evening, hurt quite a bit when i tried to run again. just rested it to recoverdetails
DWildfogel29 daysRest, hot tubs, and lots of rolling out with a foam roller. Now I need to work on the strengthening exercises with a Thera-ring. BTW, not fully healed, e.g., still can't get my left leg into the position I do for the bent leg stretch on the stairs.details
jgreen30 daysdetails
Mitch7831 daysdetails
peppa31 daysdetails
gaffelman33 daysJag har dragit ner på löpningen, tränat alternativt (t.ex. cykling) och stretchat baklåren mycket.details
wildwood33 daysdetails
firbanator33 daysHave a good physio.details
drewi33 daysdetails
Lulu33 daysdetails
Fabiano33 daysScarico dal fisio, tecar, riposodetails
GSalt34 daysLost of stretching neededdetails
Terkelsen34 daysLepo. Venytellä olis pitänyt enemmän. Lihaskipurasvauskuurin otin myös. Saattoin edesauttaa.details
Katnap34 daysdetails
Kurt36 daysdetails
codymonster36 daysGet a massage!details
Toivo!37 daysdetails
Jon X38 daysdetails
nikospetros38 daysdetails
pepa.38 dayscekani...doufam ze problemy skoncili..details
Mitch7840 daysdetails
andyhill41 daysdetails
marathon8641 daysdetails
OL_Tony42 daysNa zware trainingen meer rust pakken. Ook op langer termijn. om de 3 weken rust week.details
su--43 daysJotain lihasperäistä ärsytystä. Jokin tärähdys metsässä varmaan laukaissut tulehdusmaisen kipuilun, ja varmaan hieronta loppujen lopuksi auttoi.details
pepa.43 daysdetails
DWildfogel44 daysThis quad soreness has been frequent but sporadic. Rested a good deal this past week and felt no soreness today (July 6) on a long hill run. In the evening, I still don't feel bad, so hopefully the overly sore quads are behind me.details
LittleBit45 daysLots and lots of stretching and massage.details
jgreen45 dayssoon enoughdetails
jgreen47 daysstop when it is sore!details
JuraMac48 daysdetails
JohnB48 daysRest and then light stretching after the primary swelling subsided ~4 weeks. Initial activity was recumbent indoor cycling at PT/gym, then walking, Nordic Track XC trainer, and stationary bike. Progressed to chair squats, deeper stretches, then wall squats. First extended strenuous exercise on 16 Jun at QOC Patuxent River details
Philipp49 daysdetails
SShaheen49 daysTook a while to heal, but I was stupid about managing it. Rollerskiing and pool were the keydetails
Fraser P52 daysdetails
Boje52 daysHier hilft nichts anderes als ruhig im Bett liegen und so wenig wie möglich bewegen. Alles andere ist sowieso vor allem am Anfang sehr schmerzhaft. Druckverband und Krücken sind notwendig.details
menostig52 daysfoam rolling didn't quite hit the spot, wasn't finding the knot as in too deep, tennis ball rolling 'not for the faint-hearted' found it and it bloody hurt, 45s was intense, but after only 2 days the pain in the saddle was almost nothing.details
JP Web X-C53 daysstretch a tondetails
jonny crickmore54 daysdetails
GZs56 daysdetails
paul c56 daysI only have 3 working quad muscles.details
simmo59 daysRest, physio, gradually introducing exercise for the muscle while trying to strengthen everything else.details
chino71 daysPsoas release -lay on LAX ball under strap over yoga block- has been key to gradual recovery. Able to avoid ibu easily- doesn't make much difference. Sitting is what aggravates it the most. Saw progress day of beginning psoas release. Actual duration of disruptive pain was about 5-6 weeks.details
greg72 daysBe careful with speed workdetails
Zan73 daysdetails
Sandbo73 daysdetails
spilka74 daysdetails
stevewhittxc75 daysdetails
Adrian Hamouda76 daysStretch and pay attention to body more details
Grandpa Jameson76 daysRESTdetails
Klaas76 daysdetails
angleman77 daysdetails
johnd78 daysOm Shanti healed by yoga.My guru says rest didnt help this type of injury .I will agree.details
firbanator80 daysdetails
Ralph81 daysdetails
Kseniya84 daysdetails
Cobie Blue Shoe84 daysdetails
m.jada87 daysdetails
su--90 daysLuultavasti rasitusosteopatiaa reisiluun varressadetails
Anna91 daysdetails
kensr92 daysBrace and crutches, therapy yielded excellent recovery.details
Toivo!92 daysHamstring reconnection surgery July 1st. Not supposed to be running or even walking yet, but it feels okay.details
OLotte93 daysdetails
annawallin99 daysVet inte när det helt blev bra, kommer ibland lite men håller det i schack.details
andypat101 daysdetails
duncanarcher112 daysdetails
schnitzer121 daysdetails
Charlie134 daysMore or less better, but not 100% out of the woods, and not convinced I won't re injure it again the next time I try to "sprint". Doing a lot of stretching and strengthening. details
MARS1135 daysI went too fast with speed work and I don't believe I had enough warm up time it took roughly 3 months to heal, and diminished my ability to work out at all for two months, and impaired workout up and util the start of January 2013 details
AliS170 daysdetails
Geoman239 daysdetails
JHen261 daysdetails
harley264 daysexercisesdetails
Lizzie287 daysdetails
bubo313 daysMRI in July showed "spinal stenosis" and surgery eventually booked for December 6.details
beeker368 daysdetails
marathon86440 daysprzeciążeniowe naderwanie (po biegu na 100 km). Zabiegi: prądy interferencyjne, sollux, terapuls, ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) - fala uderzeniowadetails
Eerola622 daysdetails
Cat T647 daysWhen I had these problems I was a bit on the thin side, I had hardly any muscle or strength in my legs! Had no problems with this for ages now, am much stronger. Won't let it happen again.details
bl735 daysdetails
CharlieRennie238+ daysdetails
sydsational433+ daysdetails
Duncan449+ daysdetails
StuartE1149+ daysdetails
Career Move1488+ daysdetails
Career Move1781+ daysdetails
jcampbell1824+ daysdetails
Torzi-Robinson 2385+ daysdetails
Gigi G.2692+ daysdetails
C22794+ daysdetails
Arttu3073+ daysdetails
MovesLikeJagger3215+ daysdetails
mklimek3405+ daysdetails
gclover3427+ daysdetails
KadeHensley3538+ daysdetails
matic blaz3539+ daysdetails
Fraser P3991+ daysdetails
IRISHDOg4017+ daysdetails
Chenderson4207+ daysdetails
Miss Green4464+ daysdetails
Ironwealth4702+ daysdetails
Fraser P4710+ daysdetails
ol84867+ daysdetails
andrea balakova4881+ daysdetails
Hilde5287+ daysdetails
Emory5299+ daysdetails
JaysonR5984+ daysdetails
izoomboy6322+ daysdetails
robmaso6380+ daysdetails
staminasports6463+ daysdetails
bogaard6650+ daysdetails