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Bunions (Foot)

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Average recovery time: 379 days

Recorded Instances

ShadowCaster42 daysdetails
guitarbiker52 dayscalcification of both middle toesdetails
Markus100 daysdetails
levitin111 daysIt's a combination of a corn plus a bunion. When I use a piece of pumice to remove the thickening skin, I don't have problems.details
mmace145 daysdetails
lost in space168 daysI dont believe i will ever really get full mobility back but I am satisfied that i have made very significant progress.details
BpACKer318 daysNo resolution possible, just management. Switched to flat pedals with "natural foot shape" shoes.details
jmnipen896 daysSwitched to shoes that has large amount of toe space (Altra, Vivobarefoot etc), and gone up a few sizes. Used toe-spacers during activity and at rest. Right foot is pain free, a bit straighter and a lot more mobile.Left foot still some ways to go.details
Phat996 daysdetails
jmnipen1902 daysBigger shoes, wider toe box, toe spacers, foot arch strengthening,details
Len1109+ daysdetails
Phat1530+ daysdetails
Franchitastic3320+ daysdetails
adventuremike3690+ daysdetails