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Impact wound / trauma (Arm)

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Average recovery time: 39 days

Recorded Instances

Russ Baldwin0 daysgave it a wash to get rid of the dust and bitsdetails
LittleBit0 daysStop when dozy girls are cycling towards you! Even if you've happily gone past the rest of the family.details
Jacques Booysen1 daysshowchains on my MTB tires.details
dkonotopetz1 daysdetails
DrKeith1 daysdetails
mcqueen2 daysdetails
davelevine2 daysSkin still needs to heal up and the elbow isn't 100% but it is feeling much better, probably 80-85%. I'm feeling much better. Even though it was my elbow that hurt the most I decided not to bicycle on Thursday. This decision was also made based on the fact that it was still very windy. I resumed bicycling on Friday and am feeling much better now 48 hours after my fall. details
michalmy2 daysSwelling went down after a day. Not serious.details
Bruce3 daysdetails
leper3 daysdetails
antoniomariani3 daysdetails
andriusj113 daysdetails
orienteeringTim4 daysdetails
AdamWoods4 daystook stitches out. Might not be doing lots of pushups anytime soon but otherwise my hand feels fine. details
Veijo4 daysdetails
forbesbc5 dayssince this bruise just swelled and was not on a joint, it never really bothered medetails
michalmy5 daysPhenergan 10mg antihistamines. Started with 2 tabs 3x/day. Made me pretty sleepy but the improvement over the first 24 hours was amazing.details
prez ret6 daysdetails
dabond6 daysdetails
Tschaekob6 daysdetails
easy-rider7 daysdetails
orienteeringTim7 daysdetails
orienteeringTim7 daysdetails
Bethany7 daysStitches out in a few days. Am able to ride and run without too much pain. Got my bike back today in better working condition than before the guy hit in. Maybe that is a positive spin on it all. details
Cruachan7 daysTake more care! details
Thoto7 daysdetails
michalmy7 daysSwelling seemed to reduce on its own accord.details
slauenstein8 daysdetails
zeizei8 daysStitches off 4.6., wound still infected and full of shit, wich results in tiredness and being unable to exercise, need more rest.details
Psuba8 daysdetails
forbesbc9 daysband-aiddetails
camel9 daysDidn't fall on it again.details
PM9 daysdetails
bishop229 daysNeed to be a little more careful when reading the map, as my feet don't have much ground clearance, making it easy to stumble on stuff.details
hansolo9 daysBasically, I can run, do leg stuff, abs, and some upperbody. Rock climbing is easier than grappling. But at least it gets easier from heredetails
Tooms10 daysTook last 4 stitches out this evening.details
ken10 daysdetails
rcro10 daysdetails
cdenisclimb10 daysdetails
orienteeringTim11 daysdetails
Bruce11 daysdetails
DrKeith11 daysdetails
furlong4712 daysdetails
undy12 dayshealed fine.details
blairtrewin12 daysdetails
piero12 daysdetails
Ollie13 daysJust gradually got better...details
NMFC13 daysdetails
Jagge13 daysdetails
thegingerninja13 daysJust not bashing my hands as much.details
k8pants13 daysNo more vollwyball for me .. jkdetails
Steffen13 daysdetails
michalmy13 daysTime.details
randy14 daysstill some involvement, but mostly better. ok to do weights, but not mop the floor :-) aggressive ibu treatment, even if it didn't seem to make a difference; woke up one day with dramatic improvement details
dkonotopetz14 daysdetails
dkonotopetz14 daysdetails
Ollie15 days3 stitches for a week, then steristrips, then removed 2 further fragments of stitches today. Just looks like a graze now.details
furlong4715 daysdetails
cobbige15 daysdetails
JL15 daysTycker att det har läkt fint.details
Kurt15 daysdetails
Sovijarvi 2.015 daysdetails
acejase16 daysslow recovery.details
Tane16 daysdetails
levitin17 daysThere is still a tiny bit of swelling, but very little tenderness. The bruise under the nail will resolve over the next 6 months.details
susiethebear18 daysdetails
balcius19 daysdetails
hamlet19 daysStill a bit sore sometimes, especially in certain angles, but I can use it normally so all good. details
slow-twitch20 daysdetails
j-man21 daysdetails
prez ret21 daysdon't chase Bruce in the darkdetails
orienteeringTim21 daysdetails
hkleaf21 daysdetails
ksumner1122 days12/31/08 - Finally got an x-ray of the thumb. Not broken but probably tore something. It still swells up if I hit it on stuff. I'm thinking of wrapping it. Doctor says I'm fine to ride and stuff. details
NeilMcEoigheann22 daysdetails
undy22 daysTimedetails
LL22 daysdetails
Boltboi24 daysdetails
hamish rogers24 daysdetails
Tane24 daysdetails
helehan26 daysFine doing start at SW intercounties.details
michalmy27 daysTime.details
Ezy29 daysdetails
bealaw30 daysdetails
andriusj1131 daysdetails
darryn31 daysI think I'm healed now. Only problem I've had in the last couple weeks was doing bear crawls at boot camp. I suspect it will be alright next time I have to do something like that. details
Tane34 daysdetails
mayer2236 daysOrthopaedic took some of the fluid out (6/4) and gace me a cortisone shot. This made it much more manageable to bend my elbow. I had to rest for a week or so after the procedure and make sure not to bump it but that is a small price to pay. Next time consider draining it earlier if possible.details
Dangerman38 daysdetails
Spur41 daysdetails
kpoire44 daysdetails
hkleaf47 daysdetails
Tane47 daysdetails
Brooner48 days25+ stitchesdetails
Sovijarvi 2.048 daysdetails
jgreen50 dayswill never really be the same - writing will now always be sore.details
mishortkut51 daysdetails
Siobhan56 daysI am pretty certain this is fully resolved. A much easier recover simply because I don't have to walk on my arms all day every day. Think Christmas break will be good for knees to recover toodetails
lestarlight58 daysdetails
JennyJ60 daysrest (ie not bashing/leaning on it) and compressiondetails
blairtrewin69 daysVery slow recovery, but didn't cause me any real problems after end of January. details
tautvix76 daysLabai ilgai skaudėjo ir tik po truputį buvo lengviau.details
JuhaM77 daysdetails
JesseHagberg81 daysDon't notice soreness any more.details
phil87 daysNach 3 Monaten wieder voll belastbar.details
dimario103 daysdetails
andyhill114 daysSurgery, weekly physio for 12 weeksdetails
lost in space127 daysdetails
Geoman147 daysdetails
55187 daysTime. My elbow and wrist still hurt like they're bruised, but it's nearly better.details
Tatty234 daysdetails
LL243 daysdetails
RASPUTIN422 daysMight not ever be the same. will keep working on ROM, mobility etc. in wrist.details
Eug592 daysdetails
richf731 daysFYI-conduction study study sounds benign but = driving pins in the skin at multiple points, running current through, and looking at signal strength to isolate any break in path. For peripheral nerve damage there isn't much they can do. Wait it out; see what happens. Generally whatever recovery you get at 2 years is it. In this case there was some permanent loss of right grip strength, maybe 20%. Also if exercising through a dehydration state the first cramping now occurs in the right han...details
undy14+ daysdetails
Tane36+ daysdetails
ViJi1280+ daysdetails
TeTe2413+ daysdetails
Freeheelpete2493+ daysdetails
Freeheelpete2519+ daysdetails
Freeheelpete2519+ daysdetails
ks4368+ daysdetails
ClaireThompson4757+ daysdetails
mg7830234934+ daysdetails
gill35784+ daysdetails
psheitanov5935+ daysdetails