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Impact wound / trauma (Shoulder)

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Average recovery time: 75 days

Recorded Instances

falcon1 daysI'm a big fan of aggressive icing in the first 48hrs.details
ActiveGEJ2 daysUltrasound conducted... nothing found. Chances are that it was a delayed reaction to the vaccine.details
1L2 daysGlad I took a rest day rather than racing the ski-o the next day. Poling would have definintely aggrivated the bruise. As it was RICE did the trick and now it's just a bruise.details
dersu3 dayspulled muscle; anterior deltoiddetails
Vox3 daystimedetails
C-tec3 daysRest and NSAID. TOTAL rest prevented a niggling ache/pain persisting for weeks. 3days off.details
rd_james3 daysScabbed over, but not that painful anymoredetails
Tooms4 daysTimedetails
antoniomariani4 daysdetails
51225 daysresolution (wisdom/post-mortem, e.g. what you think caused it, what seemed to help recovery, etc.) Errr, Crashed & waited for it to heal!details
Tommy H5 daysJust took it easy+ice and it’s healed really nicely, still a little bit of bruising but nothing serious details
Jakob6 daysdetails
rcro7 daysdetails
KariItkonen7 daysdetails
Boltboi9 daysdetails
blairtrewin9 daysdetails
NeilMcEoigheann10 daysdetails
akonring10 daysWent faster than I feared and almost completely recovered nowdetails
Eliot11 daysdetails
Tane11 daysdetails
C-tec12 daysREST. Avoid aggravating activities (ie. full day of white water paddling) and regular Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatories. Diclofenac 50mg twice daily. REST. two whole weeks off the bike and after a week of denial, a week of total rest has helped. Remedial massage too. details
cmorse12 daysRest and running immobilized. 3 O runs with no issues so calling it resolved. And a regular run (full arm swing) on Feb 1st with no issues..details
TDK14 daysdetails
levitin14 daysdetails
divadeedee16 daysStill stiff and sore at times with the arm outstretched. Able to start push ups. Gotta work that upper body. possibly lose a few pounds. details
piero18 daysdetails
Qbranch20 daysWell, it was certainly the puck that caused it. It kinda got better over time, but exercising with it, especially riding on the aerobars really didn't help it. Kept my shoulder strap off it for a couple weeks.details
forbesbc20 daysdetails
oscarS20 daysdetails
antoniomariani20 daysdetails
Homey21 daysPretty much gone... Don't heal as fast as my highschool football days. :)details
Hoddy21 daysdetails
GPiret30 daysdetails
michalmy35 daysA couple of weeks rest then back on the bike.details
Useless Fool37 daysdetails
Hawkeye39 dayseotdetails
lostrunner2443 daysdetails
dcreekp47 daysrest and restrengthen diagnosis: bicep tendon trauma plus surrounding area damage. healed from rest, 3 physio visits, and not climbing for about a month. details
tomslocombe49 daysdetails
O9Man50 daysFell on the outstretched arm the other day without incident... figure that means I'm better.details
garymm53 daysAll better now. Just needed timedetails
jima59 daysGoing to call it back (close) to normal at 3 months. Assuming just a strain/sprain (is there a difference?) details
5560 daysCortisone injection.details
Larry 71 daysonly thing thats left is a nervous twinge.details
kurthu72 daysdetails
matzah ball77 daysstill sore in certain situations, but not impeding functioning...long haul this time.details
Richi Ross81 daysdetails
grilla88 daysdetails
marekpetrik96 daysCause: my genesdetails
ndcoop105 daysdetails
errolpit106 daysdetails
aireyb107 dayshave full clearance from the docs...will take another 6 weeks or so for the bone to be fully calloused, but i can do anything i want and haven't felt pain in 6 weeksdetails
Roberto D.109 daysdetails
austrianmike120 daysTimedetails
jima122 daysAdvil 3x3 per day. Don't do stupid stuff.details
kensr123 daysSince I just ran the world champs rogaine down in Australia and seemed to do ok for 24 hours, guess this means I'm off the disabled list. Still some twinges, but full range of motion has returned. details
BpACKer157 daysDon't ever go sky diving real or simulated!details
prez ret210 daysThis was a torn rotator cuff injury that I probably should have had treated by physiodetails
Carbons Offset216 daysdetails
RASPUTIN271 daysrest, then rehab with ortho doc and jeremy rodgers chiro/sports med, then strength then crossfit.details
LOST_Richard351 daysdetails
Nadim381 daysThis has never completely healed. I have loss of some motion but mostly it doesn't bother me after over a year of it. I think time to heal, continued attempts at trying to keep stretch it have been what's gotten me to this "recovery" point. details
pwentz3l423 daysThis is just going to be one of those things I live with....details
PixieJ1092+ daysdetails
mags1991+ daysdetails
T.Fong2226+ daysdetails
Tania2809+ daysdetails
ofrory3934+ daysdetails
ccm4835+ daysdetails
torsparkles5376+ daysdetails
JWebb5588+ daysdetails
resonant_evil5701+ daysdetails
CheriMo6387+ daysdetails
trek.a.basin6393+ daysdetails