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Impact wound / trauma (Torso)

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Average recovery time: 38 days

Recorded Instances

jason.nz2 daysdetails
Ryan the Lion3 daysrestdetails
Janus4 daysdetails
Tooms4 daysdetails
Izzy B5 daysdetails
Parkino5 daysremains tender but does not hinder runningdetails
Fly'n6 daysdetails
Charlie8 daystime. A little relief from the hot tub, but just time was what got me through it.details
cousteau9 daysdetails
pfc10 daysAfter 10 days, still aches a little, but no longer affects training/racing.details
Charles.10 daysdetails
pepa.10 daysFeuchtigkeitssupergeldetails
Basa10 daysdetails
redenergy11 daysRibs seem just about recovered.details
Jacques Booysen11 daysWear a helmet when kloofing (canyoning), some trail shoes slip easier than others when wetdetails
randy12 daysstill hurts occasionally on certian movements, but we'll call it over details
bee12 daysThe cuts healed just fine. The ribs were surprisingly obstinate, but it was probably unwise to go running only five days after the fall. It felt OK for about 10 minutes and then the L side started to spasm in an impressively painful fashion. Back to the analgesics.... After about two weeks, the problem started to resolve noticeably. Finally all clear by early May.details
kala13 daysNothing really helped the recovery, it just took time, I suppose :(details
xcman8213 daysdetails
mmace13 daysdetails
db14 daysGotta rest it.details
inTIMidator15 daysdetails
Nadim15 days After 2 weeks I'm able to run again but my rib still hurts. The soft tissue pain inside below the rib is better. details
JamesBradshaw16 daysdetails
mrevrgreen16 daysStill hurts just a little with a big hug or a cough.details
Ursa17 daysdetails
Ezy17 daysdetails
Nick17 dayscracked rib, after a dum fall in the bath tubdetails
c.underwood17 daysRest, I changed the bandage every morning and evening, and took antibiotics. details
fkawam17 daysWaiting it out...details
jcampbell18 daysWent to the chiropractor as I was definitely out of alignment. Bruised ribs. details
Parkino18 daystimedetails
gg19 daysdetails
Steve R19 daysPain eased gradually over 3 weeks. Learnt to sleep on my back.details
cmorse19 daysdetails
Stuart L20 daysdetails
schnitzer20 daysdetails
autark21 daysdetails
phil22 daysZuerst Ruhe und Schmerzmittel (ca. 1 Woche) anschliessend hilft leichte Bewegungdetails
leper22 daystimedetails
dkonotopetz22 daysdetails
Hawkeye23 dayseotdetails
smittyo23 daysdetails
skyhigh23 daysdetails
prez ret24 dayslook where you are goingdetails
Fat Rat26 daysdetails
jdunn10026 daysVery Slight discomfort, nothing to prevent any activitydetails
O-ing27 daysTimedetails
Nathan27 daysdetails
AngusL27 daysRest. Rest. Rest.details
Cruachan28 daysdetails
Sovijarvi 2.028 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog28 daysTime is the only cure.details
RLShadow29 daysCause was a very careless driver, hitting me when I was on a wide shoulder! Lesson (to me) is to pay attention to traffic, even when the shoulder is wide enough that there seems to be no real danger.details
TeTe29 daysNot visible anymoredetails
TheInvisibleLog29 daysThe first two weeks were hard but after that it receded into background. details
jwolff29 daysdetails
nmulder29 daysTorn diaphragm from bike crashdetails
Bags29 daysStill some stiffness and not able to do all drills yet but running and 85% of drills. Able to get up off bed and out of chair or off the floor with only the normal 'geezer' difficulty but no stabs of pain. Sneezes not causing me to nearly pass out. Even blowing my nose hurt my ribs at first. details
O-ing30 daysTime. Right ribcage bruising after clash with fence. Just sore, no issue with training. details
Tschaekob30 daysdetails
O-ing31 daysFell over railing - couldn't see because of contact lens injury. details
rpwhite31 daysdetails
Sovijarvi 2.033 daysdetails
harley34 daysdetails
MSoutham34 daysPain is very minimal after 5 weeks. No more snow boarding.details
LiveWideLoveDeep35 daysRest, Active recovery, soft tissue work (Rolfing & ART), strength training and time. details
ebone36 daysThis injury lingered for quite a while. The April 1 end date is a guess, because it seemed to get better for a day or two then flare up again several times, and I don't remember the last time it hurt. I think the recovery simply took time and wasn't catalyzed by any particular action or rest, but I'm not sure.details
revy36 daysRecovery just took time.details
LJ36 daysdetails
Parkino37 daysDon't fall down.details
Sovijarvi 2.037 daysdetails
LarryC37 daysdetails
HubNukin'40 daysFinally healed this thing! I don't think I broke anything. I think I must have hit right on the sternum/manubrium joint which is why I managed to pull, strain or irritate just about everything in my upper body. In the end, rest and Outie's ART were the big healers in this one. Thank goodness that one's over!details
abort41 daysJust spent time healing, still hurts sitting from time to time, but getting better.details
Homey43 daysPretty much recovered. Still feel it but not impacting training anymore. Took a while b/c I'm not young anymore!details
graeme43 daysdetails
TortoiseTam43 daysdetails
Shingo43 daysdetails
Trailrat45 daysTime, time, and more time. Everytime I tried to push back to hard running I set myself back.details
blairtrewin46 daysAble to run essentially OK (apart from other injuries!) after about 2 1/2 weeks.details
Spur46 daysdetails
GRennie46 daysRibs back in the right places, still hurts when lying down sometimes but no longer impeding any sportsdetails
Toivo!47 daysdetails
Tane47 daysdetails
vad197349 daysdetails
Stuart L50 daysdetails
justus50 daysdetails
Cruachan50 daysDont be an arse! details
Piers Pirow50 daysDont fall forward while snow boardingdetails
Remco50 daysRoeien, handfietsen, geen fysiek contact en fysio adviezendetails
freddie53 daysresting and waiting... not coughing or laughing :-)details
cousteau53 daysNever, EVER, orienteer at that place where day 5 of the Scottish was held! details
annawallin56 daysdetails
Brooner61 daysdetails
Flam63 daysdetails
JonD65 daysworking out during this was OK for me. I think based on the pain that I had at least fractured a rib - possbly separated one. Ultimately it was unnecessary to stop working out - including doing chest presses or swimming. Although for some reason tricep curls were impossible.details
JonD66 daysstill some residual side discomfort after weight liftingdetails
Nathan67 daysdetails
Duncan71 daysdetails
purplepower72 daysdetails
Flatland81 daysdetails
hilarity84 daysPossibly someone might have cut me open!! Cured by time and a solid effort at building bone.details
hilarity85 daysdetails
Saz93 daysdetails
richf97 daysdetails
Tooms148 daysDon't travel 5m through the air and land on the front wheel with the bike near-vertical!details
philm64183 days6 months later i guess i'm recovered? tho from a sporting POV, they say 9 months i have a hole in my stomach where they went in. details
Ansgar186 daysdetails
TommyH224 daysdetails
cricketk342 daysFind a physio you trust and like. Mine completely failed to notice that I had broken a rib and was working with the theory that my AC joint was subluxating. The sticking and popping was most likely the broken rib moving around. Training wise - Block only as quickly as the kick comes towards you. Remember to dodge. Remind over-excited colour-belts that you are out of practice and to take it easy. Beating me up isn't buddies. Adrenaline is not necessarily my friend. This is the thir...details
LL347 daysdetails
Tane37+ daysdetails
FE41+ daysdetails
ViJi1328+ daysdetails
Vettori Walter2098+ daysdetails
Freeheelpete2494+ daysdetails
rapidchaser3519+ daysdetails
Jeeproxx4111+ daysdetails
mattspencer5138+ daysdetails
Henny6437+ daysdetails