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Impact wound / trauma (Upper Leg)

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Average recovery time: 27 days

Recorded Instances

bryant0 daysdetails
bryant0 daysdetails
jwolff2 daysdetails
DragonFly2 daysJust let it heal naturally. Didn't do anything to stress it for a couple of days. Will need better gripping footwear to avoid such injuries.details
forbesbc2 daysdetails
Honkie2 daysSläppte som väntat efter två dar men varma bad var en hit och strech hjälpte även om det var en mer smärtsam bot.details
Andrew2 daysWhatever. Mustn't have been so bad.details
EmmaC2 daysdetails
erikalnervik2 daysdetails
elgar2 daysdetails
Tingis2 daysSpring försiktigt på isdetails
Fabiano2 daysGuarigione naturaledetails
jfredrickson3 daysA couple days off it did wonders. It also helped it to do as much walking as I could on it. The better it got, the more I was able to walk, and it really seemed to help keep it from stiffening up too bad which I imagine would have elongated the recovery period.details
bryant3 daysit was mostly bruising and I can pretty much run on it again now, yay!details
Dr. Smith3 daysdetails
Hobitas3 daysdetails
Rhesus3 daysMan updetails
O-ing3 daysJust a cork, went away by Wednesday. details
daniel_92ro3 daysUsed ice, some creams for muscle pains, and made long warm-ups before intense activity.details
roarkis3 daysdetails
Giuseppe3 daysdetails
Ptr3 daysBlev aldrig så farligt, tog det lugnt dagen efter och kunde efter det springa även om det kändes.details
jwolff3 daysdetails
Möhkis3 daysdetails
HiipiväHirvi3 daysdetails
angelica4 daysReally degraded that evening, but hit it with lots of ice and it seemed to recover.details
Anvil4 daysdetails
Ryan the Lion4 daysdetails
schnitzer4 daysdetails
Whitesheep4 daysdetails
Mowbs4 daysRest and recuperation sorted it. Not tried any decent paced running on it, but held up on bike.details
blairtrewin4 daysdetails
Brooner4 daysIce baths and regular icingdetails
Brooner4 daysdetails
susiethebear4 dayssnabb lindningdetails
ChristianeT4 daysdetails
bedders5 daysdetails
naomi5 daysdetails
Slice5 dayslots of ice, compression, and some ultrasound to break up the hematomadetails
forbesbc5 daystake it like a mandetails
MikeMc5 daysJust needed a couple of days to rest it.details
gg5 daysdetails
Wally805 daysdetails
tjansson5 daysdetails
justus5 daysHealed up by itself details
Cruachan5 daysdetails
havarti5 daysdetails
Thompass5 daysIcedetails
axelhalvar5 daysBara en smäll, har gått över, skönt.details
Fabiano5 daysGuarigione naturaledetails
mortenneve6 daysdont be so soft and use shit like this as an excusedetails
Ant Squire6 daysdetails
Craig6 daysdetails
O-ing6 daysTook about 2-3 days to allow running again (if I wasn't sick). Quad still a bit tender till Day 6.details
51226 daysBit of massage and keeping blood flow high despite it being painful.details
Hirppa6 daysMost likely Hirudoid Forte helped in the recovery. At least mentally.details
Dangerman6 daysdetails
OL_Tony6 daysEen stukje ijzerdraad in je been, valt weinig aan te behandelen. Zal wel beter op wondjes letten. Heb een kleine EHBO set toegevoegd bij mijn OL uitrusting. (door deze ellende een week niet kunnen trainnen).details
BigWillyStyle6 daysdetails
Matej6 daysdetails
Veijo6 daysdetails
Shingo6 daysdetails
Garry6 daysdetails
michalmy6 daysBandages uncomfortable. Seemed to heal more quickly not covered up.details
pfc7 daysDeep bruise on the dead center of my L quad. Nothing to do but rest and ibuprofen. Recovery was pretty quick.details
robw7 daysLike Grant said it was good to run a bit on it even when it was sore since this seemed to help it get better. After the first day it was ok to run slowly but prob wouldnt have been good to run intervals. Wasnt much pain on the stair machine so prob could have run intervals on that if i hadnt been in London.details
Milo7 daysdetails
Katrin H7 daysdetails
veinbuster7 daysdetails
Anna7 daysMarking myself as recovered bc I successfully went for a run without the swelling bouncing around, but would hurt worse than original fall if I fell on it again (so not fully recovered to go to roller derby practice). Resolution is time, and will be wearing padded shorts and doing things at low speeds until it's fully recovered to fall on again!details
Henerzz7 daysIt healed very quick, I think because of the active recoverydetails
ADTongue8 daysdetails
2228 daysdetails
iansmith8 daysRest, ice. details
Brodie Nank8 daysdetails
jason.nz8 daysSudden changes of direction and indecision led me to take an unwise short-cut. In future try to be more decisive and stick with decision.details
All-in8 daysdetails
TorziRobinson8 daysLots of ice, heat and mindfulness. details
Inprin9 daysdetails
gg9 daysdetails
Andree9 daysdetails
Brooner9 daysNot pretty.details
jmnipen9 daysdetails
cousteau9 daysAvoid dogs in The Byes! details
Meknowy10 daysBruise healed naturally. Most discoloration gone. Can no longer feel it when running or squatting.details
KariItkonen10 daysdetails
tdgood11 daysOrienteering on it made it worse (even just walking). I had to wait it out.details
Mixe11 daysBehandlung mit Arnica-Massageöl + Arnica-Kügelchen zu Beginn.details
EmmaC12 daysdetails
BanjoLasse12 daysSome ice would probably have helped.details
Giuseppe12 daysdetails
O-ing13 daysNo real adverse effects, bar pain and discolourationdetails
cedarcreek13 daysWhat caused it? Primary cause was probably pure chance, although (1) I was in a hurry. And (2) I worry that I am getting sloppy or less careful or something. I don't think (2) is a certainty, but it does worry me. I think I should have done specific, daily mini-workouts to it. I meant to, but it was too easy to just come home and not plan a workout. The few things I did were either too minor or *way* too intense.details
bendover13 dayskept the wounds clean and changed dressings daily. details
lowees13 daysBeen to physio and got some electrical treatment and massage. Really made a difference! Not at all as tight and soredetails
Anna13 daysTaped padded shorts to minimize gap between pads, more strict about taking rest when tired (bc have worse form/fall more when tired). If I have a hard fall, sit out of contact drills for at least a bit, sometimes for the rest of practice.details
_kev14 daysRest. Ice. Elevation.details
Robbs14 daysDon't get hit by cars... Failing that, give it time, take a break and let it heal properly.details
kurthu15 daysdetails
tornado_grl15 daysbruise healed enough I could use the Stick on my quaddetails
kurthu15 daysdetails
FerencJonas15 daysI have done everything to cure it asap, which would help more, to rest and not keep running those easy sessions neither:/ details
eevi15 daysdetails
Nick Mead16 daysdetails
Anna16 daysTime details
Purko16 daysdetails
Ptr18 daysVila och sedan upptrappning. I början gick det att jogga, sen gick det att springa fortare och fortare.details
undy19 daysdetails
Mitch7821 daysdetails
delk4msm22 daysDon't read map and compass while running downhill. RICE.details
glenn23 daysdetails
Nadim23 daysTime off, and some working out too. details
JanetT23 daysSome remaining discoloration but puffiness is much reduced and virtually no pain.details
Rich24 daysdetails
SwissMiss24 daysdetails
tomik27 daysdetails
Schwepps28 daysKept off it for five days while I had exams and let it recover.details
o'man28 daysNot 100% just yet but getting into things again, so close enough to fixed :-) Wisdom to impart? Yeah, don't fall over on rocks... details
xcsnowskier1428 daysFull range of motion again. Still have a bump that I need to get rid of...details
Cambas28 daysdetails
McGonagall30 daysHip flexor tendinitis: I did some strength exercises and ran at the park more which helped. It was nothing unbearable but it did hinder me on longer runs.details
zimmi31 daysdetails
cmorse32 daysjust a deep bruise, deeper part of muscle probably because I fell on some snow covered rocks on the side. Vitamin I for the first week or so (only in AM when stiff). After that just avoided squatting down.details
Nathan32 daysdetails
vyc32 daysdetails
hkleaf33 daysNothing special for recovery, just plain old time.details
paul c35 daysdetails
Maxx36 daysdetails
jtorranc39 daysI should have iced, etc. much more in the immediate aftermath of the injury. I really shouldn't have gone to Florida and, having gone, I should probably not have run the long distance day. Physiotherapy, once I got it, produced a magical improvement. Did quite a lot of deep water running during the slightly over one month of not being able to train normally - clearly it's at least moderately effective at maintaining fitness.details
jonny crickmore39 daysdetails
Fondeur44 daysPlusieurs semaines de repos. Kiné,electrostimulation et reprise progressivedetails
Nieuwy45 daysdetails
NM46 daysHad massages and compression etc - all bruising was gone after a couple of weeks probably, but lump (possible scar tissue) remained - so thats what I've been massaging. Its not completely gone but is much smaller and no pain now so I should say 'resolved' I guess.details
Danny Riley47 daysStill some tiny solid something behind it but doesn't hurt or affect stride anymoredetails
Dehydrated48 daysdetails
Nathan50 daysdetails
zoolander52 daysbasically 3 weeks until I could run again. Bad injury. Swelling lingered for over 6 weeks as did bruising which only appeared 3 weeks into it. Still have some soreness in upper quad but able to perform above 90% so we're back in business. No evidence of remnant lumps.details
codymonster53 daysWhen muscle movement causes pain, wear spandex to damp the jiggling!details
kensr59 daysBruise turned into bone as calcium built up in the wrong spot. However, PT with repeated ultrasound caused the calcium to be reabsorbed and issue is satisfactorily resolved.details
McGonagall70 daysRestdetails
Jõujõu86 daysWont fall down any hills again. Will insist on doctors being thorough cleaning other wounds. If a bump appears, I'll go to a doctor right away.details
orienteeringTim116 daysdetails
McGonagall144 daysBone marrow edema in both femurs: Rest, compressiondetails
Geoman205 daysdetails
M.Serguiev291 daysdetails
NM313 daysdetails
Jar321 daysdetails
Renntier381 daysdetails
FE534+ daysdetails
MR775+ daysdetails
Career Move1167+ daysdetails
incrediblehulk2964+ daysdetails
D-MAN3111+ daysdetails
terese914363+ daysdetails
ClaireThompson5148+ daysdetails