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Impact wound / trauma (Lower Leg)

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Average recovery time: 24 days

Recorded Instances

orienteeringTim1 daysdetails
CathW2 daysdetails
veenstar2 daysdetails
dariusz2 daysDank schneller Kühlung und Kompressionsocke schnell wieder gut.details
frequency2 daysdetails
Ruhis3 daysdetails
Fly'n3 daysIce, ice babydetails
mm-ha3 daysdetails
Sarge3 daysTime and polysporin. All good nowdetails
Maluks3 daysdetails
Hapardi3 daysdetails
Sam_1253 daysdetails
CHorley3 daysDisappeared eventually.details
Bruce4 daysbruising healed on its owndetails
nh4 daysImpact wound. Haha that sounds pretty serious, i suppose it is though. Not so much trauma haha. Just rest pretty muchdetails
TadasK4 daysdetails
Ptr5 daysViladetails
forbesbc5 daysman-updetails
Aksu5 daysdetails
Cruachan5 daysdetails
lorrieq5 daysdetails
fn5 daysViladetails
putte5 daysdetails
Bob-F5 daysdetails
Max M5 daysMade sure it was kept clean and plastered it while runnningdetails
slowphil6 daysdetails
JonasB6 daysdetails
Grafaz6 daysPraėjo mažiau begiojantdetails
Dangerman7 daysDon't fall of your bikedetails
giovanni7 daysdetails
jeffsgrant7 daysfinally healed!details
ADTongue8 daysdetails
Daniele8 daysWettkampf 6 Tage nach dem Unfall ging problemlos.details
Charles.8 daysdetails
PhilW9 daysStill Scabbed up, and still tender to the touch, but I declare this bad boy finished.details
Oxoman9 daysdetails
Useless Fool9 daysdetails
KingTim10 daysLaura took the stitches out after 10 days. Still sore and a little swollen, but the wound is well on the mend.details
Chas10 daysdetails
Malla10 daysdetails
Steve R10 days7 days rest from running and squash did the trick.details
dkonotopetz10 daysdetails
seahawke11 daysdetails
gg11 daysdetails
O9Man11 daysI guess I'm recovered now? It stopped bleeding and I don't think it's infected.details
undy11 daysNo longer any discomfort when walking or running.details
JuhaM11 daysdetails
Friday12 daysdetails
mm-ha12 daysdetails
ba-ba12 daysdetails
michalmy12 daysSpray Aerogard on my shoes/socks as well as exposed legs.details
levitin13 daysFrequent application of topical antibiotic .details
BigWillyStyle13 daysdetails
Mal14 daysdetails
Tane15 daysdetails
Veijo15 daysdetails
Lizzie15 daysget antibiotics straight away...infections suck.details
acejase15 dayswas both damage to joint below knee and scare-illiac joint. Physic said pelvis tilted which fixed. Things that helped included anti inflame, butt exercises, baths, heat pack, more exercises. also flared up problems with sitting. details
veenstar15 daysgot infected, treated w/ PO, resolving slowlydetails
Reiver15 daysdetails
TortoiseTam15 daysdetails
ernst15 daysJust needed time to heal. Going biking on day 4 was a mistake - although it did not hurt, the calf was too swollen for doing any exercise - it was a setback!details
jennycas17 daysdetails
Ralph17 daysdetails
levitin17 daysantibiotics, hydrogen peroxidedetails
O-ing17 daysSmashed a stick into my R calf . Luckily had surgery on the Tuesday so OK by the following weekend.details
samwell18 daysgood to go hopefully won't scar too much.details
hansolo18 daysBasically, physical therapy is over. Now it's time to reactivate and rebuild the muscle and endurance in my leg day by day!details
Lizzie19 daysWound is all but healed. Muscle requires restrengthening. Also ankle requires recovery as I busted it by not being careful enough with the weak muscles.details
hkleaf20 daysdetails
orienteeringTim21 daysdetails
hkleaf22 daysIce. Chinese Zheng Gu Shui (Ulna Liquid) - yeah, a funny yet weird translation on their part.details
mayer2222 daysGo to the orthopaedic immediately in case we want to remove the hematoma. The longer you wait the harder it gets to pull the blood out.details
vlin23 daysNot sore anymoredetails
DrKeith25 daysdetails
Linas27 daysdetails
Brucewithamap27 daysInfection caused by injuries. Antibiotics fixed itdetails
mikee28 daysdetails
vlin28 daysdetails
kgeisen28 days11/1 Not entirely healed but not giving me any issues.details
CHARLIE-B28 daysdetails
Tane30 daysdetails
orienteeringTim31 daysdetails
dipsacales32 daysdetails
Milo32 daysdetails
DrKeith32 daysPopped it back in trackside immediately and big clunk-!!!!!!! Readjusted clear setting and ice. Reassuringly all OK and flexibility ok. iCE!details
Tane35 daysInfection probably caused by deep thistle splinter.details
mps35 daysTime was the greatest healer for this one. details
Brooner36 daysdetails
j-man37 daysdetails
Mitch7839 daysdetails
Craig40 daysdetails
Nathan40 daysdetails
Tane41 daysdetails
kh43 daysbroke down scar tissue, ultra sound and manual. xray was clear. just waitingdetails
Ralph44 daysdetails
Malla47 daysdetails
ebuckley47 daysdetails
hkleaf50 daysThere's still a bump around the impact area, but it's no longer painful, so I'm calling it healed for now.details
Swisstoph50 days I was doing box jumps as part of the workout and missed! I came down directly on my right shin and split it wide open! To. The. Bone! I went to Urgent Care and they fixed it up with 10 stitches! It throbs and stings a bit but the bone is intact, the muscle on the front of the shin is fine and as long as it doesn't get infected I'll be alright. The scab finally fell off and now it's just doing it's final healing. I'm going to have a wicked boomerang shaped scar though!details
Tane53 daysFinally closed up and healed up. Godzone was not very kind to it!details
Grafaz58 daysdetails
gary-qld67 daysdetails
Mal67 daysdetails
Dehydrated71 daysbit of rest. certianly aggravatzed it by re starting too quickdetails
JennyJ71 daysPhysio visit to Sally really helped as did foam roller, taking it easy. Still sore at certain times of the month for a few months...details
Grafaz87 daysdetails
manne94 daysAt least I think I solved it now. Rested quite some time from running and slowly worked my way back from just doing alternative training, to be able to run long distance orienteering.details
zootrio94 daysdetails
mishortkut110 daysdetails
Linas120 daysdetails
johannes roto155 daysPohjallinen auttaa, sen kanssa pystynyt juoksemaan lyhyitä lenkkejä nyt 2kk ilman suurempia kipupiikkejä.details
TommyH224 daysdetails
Len244+ daysdetails
MaximO1597+ daysdetails
s@keills1688+ daysdetails
Henny6516+ daysdetails