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Blisters (Foot)

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Average recovery time: 27 days

Recorded Instances

randy1 daysdetails
IMHungry1 daysfeet were wet and not used to big miles yet.details
ryder1 daysdetails
dizaster1 daysdetails
gaffelman1 daysdetails
Nev-Monster2 daysdetails
telepanda2 daysdetails
nicoleo2 daysdetails
Marius2 daysItvaras nutrynedetails
Ollie2 daysdetails
C22 daysdetails
gaffelman2 daysTog bort varbildning på vårdcentralen och gick med kompresser ganska länge.details
Spur2 daysdetails
jfredrickson3 daysI couldn't figure out what it was from since I have never had blisters there before, but looking back on my training log, I first noticed them the day after playing basketball in my running shoes, so that is probably how I got them. They got to the point where running was quite painful until I got some nice blister bandages. I was able to run fine with the bandages. I ran one day with the bandages, and then took a day off, and the following day the blisters didn't bother me at all.details
chrizz3 daysdetails
andrew_m3 daysNeed to sort out orienteering shoes and perhaps move back into a pair of traditional o shoes. Dont know if inov8s are best for my feet as low cut at back.. hmmmdetails
Lp_Garza3 daysdetails
fatfighter3 daysdetails
arameder3 daysBlisters were caused by my new o-shoes I used at the 1. AOC. Compeed helps afterwards.details
TimGood3 daysdetails
JMorris3 daysCompeed, what a great invention, 3 days on and no more pain.details
uge3 daysI may have to take my inners back to the Podiatrist to shave off a little bump irritating the foot on that particular spot. I notice the previous pair were much thinner int his area, which I think he did in order to make it a bit more flexible so that there is support but also movement to avoid the blistering. I'll prbably run longer events in my old Orthotics and where the new ones daily to hoepfully correct my geometry in time.details
Mal3 daysdetails
kswinton3 daysdetails
Malinga3 daysJust from the amount of time on my feet at camp, not baddetails
Marius3 daysdetails
trailchampion3 daysdetails
Jeeb3 daysdetails
Markus3 daysPflasterdetails
posttrip3 daysLooks like I need to slow down and do less distance on cold days (less than 5c) - from comments received on the Barefoot Runner's Society forums. details
KirstenM3 daysI've just been running with layers of blisters over the bare patch and it's mostly healed and runable againdetails
pepa.3 daysdetails
telepanda4 daysdetails
IndyBass4 daysI like the "advanced blister" bandages that Band-Aid has out now. They're very skin-like, and last for two or three days at a time. Great for protection and healing.details
Nico4 daysdetails
C24 daysdetails
mm-ha4 daysdetails
ycartwhelen4 daysdetails
Novelja4 daysdetails
Ethan4 daysI just ran through it...details
ken4 daysshoes not tied tightly enough for long racedetails
cfosp14 days4-5 days of extreme discomfort. When using Inov-8s, do a few slow runs to get those heels used to them again and pick the right socks ...details
coady4 daysdetails
MichaelBish4 daysdetails
ebuckley5 daysdetails
Nixon's Plan5 dayshydrocollide, compeed and some lovedetails
chrizz5 daysdetails
noken5 daysdetails
TimGood5 daysdetails
j-man5 daysDaily application of topical antibiotic and covering it, cleared this up finally.details
Dangerman5 dayspuncture with needle, drain and cover with bandaid, bandage/ wound dressingdetails
retrac5 daysdetails
ycartwhelen5 daysSolution: go skating more! and then maybe I wouldn't be so inclined to push it for longer than I should, to the point of blistering.details
ameko5 daysdetails
Scrappy Doo5 daysdetails
Tooms5 daysdetails
MrRogaine5 daysdetails
Kas5 daysTimedetails
gaffelman5 daysdetails
mnomi15 daysdetails
atsip5 daysdetails
TheSkull5 daysPenicillinkur. Läkte ganska fort. Plåstra om pågående skavsårdetails
Faceplant5 daysBlister bandaids and polysporin. details
ericrox6 daysThe one that didn't break healed much faster. nothing special.details
MikeW6 daysdetails
lonerunner6 daysdon't play frisbee barefootdetails
Macca6 daysThose new in-soles don't seem to be doing what they should be!details
MuddyFox6 daysPut lots of tape over them - 'Micropore' or similar, though masking tape works as a last resort ;)details
AlistairR6 daysdetails
Marius6 daysPliusas URGO už specialius pleistrus :)details
kettlebell036 daysI had no real trouble after I put back on the Saucony's. I hope that I can ease myself back into the Vibrams, because I really want them to work.details
Marius6 daysdetails
ThomasT6 daysgewartet :) sind jetzt alle staubtrocken und unentzündet.details
jomitch7 daysDon't borrow shoes.details
Macca7 daysdetails
Ruhis7 daysIt was stupid to wear the old shoes and even more stupid to keep going when I felt that something was wrong. I don't know if using a compeed was the best way to heal it, but I guess it was ok... details
Joel7 daysIt was just the new orthotics - I've had them changed now.details
capt'n smythie7 daysdetails
j.freshman7 daysjust covered them, used anti-bacterial stuff, and kept running. now steeplechase doesn't blister my feet anymore.details
Marius7 daysUrgo :)details
McCloy7 daysdetails
coady7 daysfelt ok with new blister paddetails
troll feet7 daysdetails
Hobitas7 daysdetails
Nico8 daysdetails
kswinton8 daysdetails
Joel8 daysYep, I just had to change my orthotic : )details
olle718 daysdetails
Tailend Tim8 dayslots of gurney goo and a bit of paddling in the roller blade seems to have cleared this up.details
Hobitas8 daysdetails
TheFlan8 daysdetails
Rich8 daysdetails
ReindeerCounter8 daysdetails
GoSalamander9 daysStill some dry skin, but it's pretty much healeddetails
C29 daysdetails
Marius9 daysUrgo pusliu pleistrai jega :)details
MuddyFox9 daysdetails
Julia (old log)9 daysdetails
Marius9 daysdetails
CarlEdmo9 daysTime :) healed now the JK seemed to sort them out a little and now they are gone.details
JL9 daysdetails
Marius9 daysdetails
AngusL9 daysdetails
m.jada10 daysdetails
PhilW10 daysdetails
Trailrat10 daysHad to hot pack and disinfect many times per day to draw the infection to the surface. This one sucked.details
drewi10 dayskeep them covered with skin if possible.details
olle7110 daysdetails
benmalby10 daysdetails
davelevine10 daysSustained blisters on the inner side of both feet near the heel; probable cause is the boots I was wearing which were a little too narrow for me; I kept walking for several hours after the pain began 8/30 blisters but there is little to no pain anymore 9/5 blisters finally collapsed while I slept; taking the weekend off and not walking probably helped as did taking it easier and not pushing myself to walk quite so fastdetails
itsmartin10 daysdetails
riley mcfarlane 10 daysRode my bike for cardio with minimal pressure on the toe (Core is suffering from it though) for two weeks. Ordering new shoes, pissing on my feet and moisturising every day now since I won't feel slimy in the winter.details
Geiler OLer10 daysdetails
pepa.11 daysdetails
eleanor11 daysdetails
furlong4711 daysdetails
j.freshman11 daysdetails
nh11 daysHumongous blood blister after tramping. Never done that sort of mileage in those boots before (21km, 25km)details
jmnipen11 daysChlorid Hexidin and compeed bandaids.details
Geiler OLer11 daysdetails
Marius12 daysPagijo kojytes :] Gerai kad suzinojau apie ta specialu urgo pleistra tai greiciau viskas gijo. details
Velox12 daysdetails
John.Goodwin12 daysdetails
BanjoLasse12 daysdetails
Evan Kraus12 daysdetails
Rich12 daysdetails
CrunchieMunchie12 daysTime. Lots of time.details
Julia (old log)13 daysdetails
mg78302313 daystimedetails
flowc13 daysdetails
JL13 daysNya skordetails
Brooner13 daysdetails
HA_Training13 daysdetails
Danny Riley13 daysdetails
astrat14 daysMoleskin alone was not enough to keep the wound from reopening. Wrapping that, or a bandage, with lots of athletic tape worked well though.details
milarepa14 daysCompeed plåster funkar bra.details
troll feet14 daysCompeed always seems to help. Magnesium Sulphate paste toodetails
kysulis14 daysCompeed pleistras is da bestdetails
Brooner14 daysdetails
mnickel15 daysmy toe is still screwed, but its not a blister and it doesnt hurt.details
Mitch7815 daysdetails
nh16 daysBlister plasters, strapping tape and Vaseline = perfectdetails
Inge16 daysdetails
Larrycette16 daysdetails
ba-ba16 daysdetails
kbreseman17 daysdetails
blairtrewin17 daysTook a very long time to recover, probably because of awkward location.details
brokenanklekit17 daysdetails
Mark317 daysCompeed no good if they're still oozing.details
GoSalamander18 daysJust took time to heal such a deep blister completely. Wearing rock climbing shoes didn't help the process. Today it's dried up, and essentially healed.details
Chris18 daysSocks had worn way too thin on the heel, so rubbed really badly and took most of the skin offdetails
Danny Riley18 daysNew shoes.details
BigWillyStyle19 daysdetails
mmace20 daysdetails
Brooner20 daysdetails
Mal20 daysAntibioticsdetails
JonD21 daysLeft the skin on it for a week Should have lanced itdetails
Martinsson22 daysdetails
Julia (old log)23 daysdetails
baz23 daysWear proper running socks!!!details
El Niño23 daysdetails
91144424 daysDifferent shoes. Reduced mileage till they cleared. details
Uroš Burič24 daysdetails
Brooner24 daysdetails
RunDivaKB25 daysdetails
Maxx27 dayslast until 5 days of dolomites...was severely hurteddetails
ks29 daysop tijd nieuwe schoenen kopendetails
Geiler OLer29 daysdetails
A Forseille30 daysdetails
Spur31 daysdetails
Mal32 daysdetails
Munter Hitch33 daysdetails
cporter43 daysdetails
C255 daysdetails
Colin B64 daysdetails
justus93 daysFeet finally feel healed from LH. details
Orienteer878 daysGet a new pair of shoes and tape yourself up before each run..details
flannelmc2203 daysdetails
ie581+ daysdetails
Adam Taylor2764+ daysdetails
Adam Taylor2771+ daysdetails
Goat3895+ daysdetails
Goat3895+ daysdetails
emme5162+ daysdetails
emme5162+ daysdetails
emme5162+ daysdetails
patman5367+ daysdetails
Tishka16073+ daysdetails