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Other (Sick)

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Average recovery time: 21 days

Recorded Instances

Mahuan!-10 daysThis was really weird. Maybe two separate issues--1) pseydolymphoma nodules and 2) over a month of fatigue, malaise, poor sleep, lack of appetite. However, given how quickly I felt better after starting antibiotics, I think they're connected. Not sure what I learned from this, If anythingdetails
CathW-5 daysLots of sleep & a slow recoverydetails
LuT-4 daysdetails
Fiola-2 daysdetails
Clone-2 daysdetails
hodgepodge-1 daysjust needed to wait it out. carefully increased eating by increments.details
TimGood0 daysdetails
Lieke0 daysdetails
mmace0 daysdetails
mmace0 daysdetails
mmace0 daysdetails
mmace0 daysdetails
capt'n smythie0 dayspiedetails
Ezy0 daysdetails
rocky0 daysPossibly stress related. Get more sleep. Stop taking on so much.details
Cambas0 daysdetails
CathW0 daysdetails
dlevine0 daysdetails
siaipsau0 daysdetails
Loopy Lou0 daysdetails
TonyShaw0 daysdetails
leper0 daysdetails
Ralph0 daysDon't drink and rundetails
Cookiemonster0 daysTaking Saturday as rest seems to have helped a lotdetails
CathW0 daysdetails
1L0 daysI don't think it's something I could have run though. My body was feeling a little broken before I began. I should have listened to it and stayed home. Rest and food helped a lot. Maybe I needed more fuel before I left.details
Aksu0 daysdetails
Oxoman0 daysdetails
Howl_at_the_Moon0 daysdetails
ninislater0 daysdetails
Fabi0 daysReposdetails
Sarge0 daysRestdetails
spilka0 daysdetails
Cruachan0 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysdetails
A damp otter0 daysdetails
gilles3020 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysdetails
Kas0 daysWait about 10min for my metabolism to do its thing.details
Sarah0 daysTook Zomig, Synape Forte, Vailoid and sleep. Usual start of long weekend / relaxing trigger.details
Sarah0 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysHad bad vision on and off all day. Aura hit properly while out walking with my parents (17h00). Took Maxalt at 17h20 + myprodol + synape forte + stemetil. Seemed like a winning combination. Pain only reached about a 6 and I slept it off. Making progress but another wasted evening...details
Fabi0 daysReposdetails
JonasB0 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysmaxalt 20 min after Aura started + synape forte, myprodol, stemetil. Minerrva going in the dustbin...details
Sarah0 daysMaxalt (~ 15min after start of aura), 2 myprodol, stemetil. Duration: 3.5hrs. details
Sarah0 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysdetails
jrock0 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysMaxalt, myprodol + stemitildetails
Sarah0 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysdetails
Marius0 daysdetails
M.Serguiev0 daysdetails
tkdgolden0 daysdetails
Tooms0 daysGastro bug in town.details
Aljoša0 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysdetails
gret_j0 daysdetails
All-in0 daysdetails
hkleaf0 daysAfter trying to sleep it off, finally took some Panadol in the evening.details
rickyp0 daysdetails
ColmM0 daysdetails
Cakewoman0 daysdetails
Trailrat0 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysdetails
Sarah0 daysdetails
rickyp0 daysdetails
balcius0 daysdetails
rickyp0 daysdetails
cbruski0 daysdetails
VladFG0 daysdetails
Brooner0 daysdetails
amccartney0 daysNever touch a prawn againdetails
Janou0 daysIllnesses happen and I can't do much about it except eat more vegetables.details
CHorley0 days7 hours, green goop.details
Whitesheep0 daysdetails
MAJ1 daysdetails
Ezy1 daysdetails
DragonFly1 daysFresh air and time.details
DragonFly1 daysDidn't sleep to well during the past week. Had a good sleep last night and feel better this morning.details
candyman1 daysTake your own sheets to any Youth Hostel, and don't use commercial hand soap when you are showering.details
Ezy1 daysdetails
LilFlip1 daysdetails
dyee1 daysdetails
ken1 daysdetails
mmace1 daysdetails
dyee1 daysdetails
candyman1 daysStay away from Tom Qdetails
Sergey1 daysdetails
barb1 daysdetails
CathW1 daysdetails
Flying Scotsman1 daysdetails
jjcote1 daysWho knows. I thought it went away, but then decided that it mutated into the following bout of sickness. Still not much appetite the second day, but that gradually came back.details
Jõujõu1 daysdetails
Ezy1 daysdetails
Craig1 daysdetails
Macca1 daysDon't leave assignments to the last week.details
leper1 daysTrip to hospital sorted it out :(details
addison1 daysdetails
Swisscheese1 daysdetails
sofree1 daysdetails
Scotty1 daystime, sleepdetails
gg1 daysdetails
nordmann1 daysBurning the candle at both ends, up late and up early with the dog soldiers.details
Ryan the Lion1 daysdetails
nomiii1 daysdetails
ActiveGEJ1 dayspossibly caused by stress from running race, most likely dehydration and too much sugar in the system - another possible cause could be heat exhaustion from lounging in the hot tub after the race (10 minutes was spent in there) -- cured by rest -- rubbed Vicks on forehead and consumed herbal tea - sleep was in a room with absolutely no light source and no extra heatdetails
fluceluce1 daysdetails
jtruns1 daysdetails
Ptr1 dayssovadetails
Craney1 daysdetails
chrispat1 daysdetails
andzs1 daysFelt better and went to run long one ;) It helped.details
mmace1 daysdetails
Honkie1 daysdetails
Sarah1 daysdetails
Sarah1 daysdetails
Sarah1 daysdetails
ColmM1 daysrested and lounged around today so hopefully helpeddetails
Ali1 daysdetails
jeffsgrant1 daysdetails
AliceCampbell1 daysGenerally run downess - time off running helped and resting up. details
LuT1 daysdetails
gg1 daysdetails
AliceCampbell1 daysDay of school always helps!!details
Joost1 daysdetails
cousteau1 daysdetails
YouRNotHere1 daysAfter some time I just drank a lot of water. Did not eat much. Took Aleve for headache.details
veenstar1 daysdetails
Sarah1 daysdetails
HenrikGj1 daysHodepinen kom fordi jeg var småsyk. Dårlig kledd.details
Oestlin1 daysdetails
ColmM1 daysno school :)details
Fabi1 daysDormir et faire le point sur les choses importantes (évacuation du stress : boulot + examens + divers)details
jeffd1 days24-hr bug, need probiotics earlier?details
McCloy1 daysdetails
Sarah1 daysdetails
0071 daysdetails
bill_l1 daysdetails
Frostbite1 daysJust a bad day I think. I blame the dentist. details
Matikka1 daysdetails
tcut1 daysdetails
JonasB1 daysdetails
Hedis1 daysdetails
RobB1 daysdetails
AngrySeagull1 daysdetails
TaylorP1 daysdetails
Pia W1 daysdetails
Strand1 daysdetails
vyc1 daysRehidronas, smecta, laikas, badas arba vanduo :)details
AB901 daysVarade i ett par timmar, kan berott på maten.details
Akhilleus1 daysThat was pretty awful...details
J Anderson1 daysdetails
StefanJ1 daysTog kanske en liten chansning att träna med halsont, men det hände absolut ingenting. Ingen aning vad som utlöste det dock, kände inget annorlunda när jag somnade på kvällen innan.details
vyc1 daysdetails
O Steve!1 daysdetails
CathW1 daysdetails
Charli1 daysdetails
McCloy1 daysdetails
pfc1 daysdetails
Tooms1 daysdetails
Siggi1 daysdetails
caseygreene1 daysdetails
Adde1 daysdetails
joni1 daysdetails
niamh1 daysdetails
benmalby1 daysdetails
alirobertson1 daysMight be low blood sugars or stress related (been a really tough week). Big feed helped clear it.details
niamh1 daysdetails
nivrac681 dayssleep and rest. I feel better, and today is a rest daydetails
Mr Wonderful1 daysdetails
Adde1 daysdetails
TimM1 daysdetails
H.Becker1 daysdetails
Tooms1 daysdetails
Toblerone1 daysdetails
Tingis1 daysdetails
Shaun Mc1 daysAfter vomiting all night it has appeared to have left my system. Although it has left me very tired.details
Lara1 daysdetails
Markus1 daysdetails
Roger T1 daysdetails
Jonas Detterfelt1 daysdetails
Siggi1 daysdetails
ericpurpus1 daysdetails
Klaas1 daysdetails
Animal-O1 daysdetails
PoJo1 daysdetails
alirobertson1 daysdetails
Crefcoeur1 daysdetails
Hol1 daysdetails
Whitesheep1 daysdetails
Kestrel-O1 daysdetails
szbotond1 daysdetails
Meli1 daysdetails
Useless Fool1 daysdetails
steveny1 daysdetails
A damp otter1 daysdetails
ebuckley1 daysdetails
yakin1 daysdetails
skyhigh1 daysdetails
Mess Engineer1 daysdetails
Garrison1 daysdetails
Väiski1 daysdetails
hodgepodge1 daysdetails
BanjoLasse1 daysdetails
jed1 daysSleep and rest. 24 hour bug.details
cousteau1 daysdetails
davelevine1 daysFeeling much better, rest and avoiding the rancid earth balance seem to have made a big differencedetails
Kimple1 daysdetails
StefanJ1 daysKan berott på dålig näringstillförsel under/efter loppet, eller att jag på söndagskvällen åt en pizza som stått framme länge och sedan återvärmdes.details
Bender1 daysdetails
Strand1 daysdetails
ms treegarden1 daysdetails
davelevine1 daysprobable cause: something I ate, not sure exactly what recovery: started to feel better after I threw up and got some restdetails
Flakey1 daysdetails
RunRinseRepeat1 daysdetails
nana1 daysdetails
Chris1 daysdetails
rickyp1 daysdetails
valerio1 daysdetails
Psuba1 daysJust waited it outdetails
Flakey1 daysdetails
Steffen1 daysdetails
rickyp1 daysdetails
phil1 daysdetails
Scrysion1 daysdetails
valerio1 daysdetails
All-in1 daysdetails
drewi1 daysdetails
ginger1 daysdetails
HA_Training1 daysdetails
salal1 daysdetails
Whitesheep1 daysdetails
BenSquire1 daysDon't overtrain and sleep Lotsdetails
kPa1 daysdetails
Mark31 daysLiterally no idea.details
JennyJ1 daysdetails
fluceluce1 daysdetails
kPa1 daysdetails
Aippa1 daysdetails
Thompass1 daysdetails
Stijn1 daysdetails
Eerola1 days-> sunnunataina oli jo aamusta normaali olodetails
Hugginator1 daysdetails
theo1741 daysdetails
Josse1 daysMatförgiftning eller dyligt.details
tbl1 daysSömndetails
philm641 daysRest. details
Flakey1 daysdetails
CharlieRennie1 daysdetails
MORIenteer1 daysdetails
Hugginator1 daysdetails
Ptr1 daysDäckad typ dagen efter.details
sjreeve1 daysdetails
mayer221 daysCongested Ears/Ear aches Allergies? COVID?details
silje1 daysdetails
olebaath1 daysdetails
EuanT1 daysdetails
Dooby1 daysdetails
Strand1 daysdetails
TortoiseTam1 daysdetails
susiethebear1 daysdetails
Boje1 daysdetails
cmorse1 daysShingrix reaction - short liveddetails
Strand1 daysdetails
Hugginator1 daysdetails
Erik 1 daysdetails
Ari-o1 daysdetails
arg2 daysDon't lick food off the floor! details
Jagge2 daysdetails
kelliew2 daysdont have a clue what caused itdetails
Jagge2 daysdetails
lang2 daysdetails
Bruce2 daysDrank water and small amounts of dry food. Better on the second day, and 100% on third.details
thunderthighs2 daysTake note of how I am feeling and rest when feel a bit offdetails
jfredrickson2 daysJust rested and took it easy. Stomach just needed a couple days to clear up.details
CoachingEnduranc2 dayssleep, rest, poop, almost throw updetails
dyee2 daysdetails
Bender2 daysTime and rest; the bug last between 24 and 48hr, but you remain extremely contagious for 3-days post recovery. WASH HANDS constantly!!!details
Nails2 daysthrow up lotsdetails
Craney2 daysA mystery bug that it looks like I spread around pretty successfully (or more like, stopped from spreading unsuccessfully).details
JennyJ2 daysstay away from Craney - luckily that should be easy for 3 and 1/2 months!!!details
Becks2 daysProper rest again. Another full day of rest even when feeling fine, and an easy day to ease back into it. Hopefully sorted now.details
DHemer2 daysdetails
thylacine2 daysdetails
jfromme2 daysTime and rest. details
CathW2 daysdetails
Ollie2 daysBleugh - just took it easy.details
LittleBit2 daysStressing about lack of OMM partner caused it. That and all the other stress on me at the moment. Ice cream not as helpful as you'd think. Sleep made it a bit better.details
Lard2 daysdetails
Rosco2 daysresistance weakened due to excess training/eating/drinking and lack of sleep.details
lackofluke2 daysdetails
bill_l2 daysdetails
Spongey2 dayswent away on its owndetails
Macca2 daysdetails
loefaas2 daysdon't go to mexicodetails
Lieke2 daysdetails
mmace2 daysdetails
leper2 daysday off workdetails
Terkelsen2 daysdetails
mklein2 daysdetails
Ptr2 daysdetails
bill_l2 daysdetails
Keith2 daysDrinking at graduation ensured recoverydetails
Keith2 daysdetails
Shminty2 daysdetails
cortelmcm2 daysdetails
bradc2 daysdetails
eleanor2 daysdetails
Rhesus2 dayssleepdetails
klklo2 daysdetails
kja2 daysdetails
Marius2 daysPadejo liaudies medicinadetails
Jakob2 daysdetails
Andrew2 daysRested lots, and it passed quickly. It's just a rite-of-passage being in Uganda.details
cissi2 daysdetails
Malla2 daysdetails
bill_l2 dayssomething I ate?details
jed2 daysdetails
Jakob2 daysdetails
daedalus2 daysvacuumdetails
kknowles2 daysdetails
ba-ba2 daysdetails
jcreyna2 daysdetails
MTBjen2 daysdetails
gingee2 daysdetails
Swedesport2 daysDon't really know what caused it. rested and got some good caugh mixture.details
forsbergskan2 daysdetails
ahibma2 daysdetails
casser2 daysrelaxation and quite big quantum's of waterdetails
Joost2 daysdetails
buffy12702 daysRecovered after lots of rest and sleep.details
Spongey2 daysdetails
Bruce2 daysImproved after 24 hours, but still some affects 1 week later.details
cortelmcm2 daysdetails
divadeedee2 daysThis is a lifelong thing. When the body says slow down. LISTEN. I also just want the purple box to go away.details
PeterMurphy2 daysdetails
ebone2 daysI didn't take any antibiotics, but I did do 3-4 saline nasal/sinus flushes (neti-pot-style but using a 1 L tonic water bottle). The headachiness and other symptoms went away by themselves. The runny nose (mostly clear mucus) is still present as of Aug. 9.details
zimmi2 daysdetails
Keith2 daysdetails
Reini2 daysdetails
Mess Engineer2 daysStayed in bed with lights out and mask on until it went away.details
Shrek2 daysdetails
Oestlin2 daysdetails
Cruachan2 daysdetails
Mickos2 daysGave up coffee and tea. Will help to save for dentist.details
Stryder2 daysdetails
Lara Croft - CR2 daysRest-details
jgreen2 daysWas a 36 hr bug.details
samwell2 daysbetter today still little cough but over it pretty muchdetails
piero2 daysdetails
coach2 daysAllegedly tick related. Antibioticsdetails
O Steve!2 daysdetails
pauline2 daysdetails
Tingis2 daysÄt inte Polsk sallad sköljd i deras kranvatten.details
JamesRoberts2 daysdetails
Ryan the Lion2 daysdetails
Ernesto202 dayslack of sleepdetails
aireyb2 daysdetails
candyman2 daysdetails
A damp otter2 daysjust carry on like usual :P details
KingTim2 daysdetails
Oestlin2 daysdetails
ales.drahokoupil2 daysdetails
Marius2 daysdetails
Nizkane2 daysdetails
DrJ2 daysdetails
Lara2 daysTime, rice and bananas.details
Pajėda2 daysdetails
mushy_pea2 daysdetails
Channa2 daysGick som tur över men det gjorde fan ont i onstads och torsdagsdetails
justus2 daysFood poison, was good within a day or 2details
ReindeerCounter2 daysdetails
Work4justice2 daysdetails
eoinmcc2 daysdetails
Terkelsen2 daysLepo. Lepo.details
JessLund2 daysDONT SWIM IN DAMSdetails
Lauren Gillis2 daysdetails
PoJo2 daysdetails
OL2 daysRest that night, neo citran and tylenol, slept all the next daydetails
AdamL2 daysdetails
Torzi2 daysdetails
szbotond2 daysdetails
ddurbin2 daysSlept a bunch and getting back to eating normal has me feeling better.details
Lavigaattori2 daysdetails
Scrappy Doo2 daysdetails
OL2 daysdetails
Matej2 daysdetails
errolpit2 daysdetails
BigAl2 daysdetails
Austin F2 daysCaused by food eaten in either Belize or Roatan and resolved by an uncomfortable shot and many pills.details
karmaxwell2 daysdetails
itsmartin2 daysdetails
Ana2 daysdetails
kswarbreck2 daysdetails
TomiKä2 daysdetails
Keith2 daysdetails
DrKeith2 daysRestdetails
Lavigaattori2 daysdetails
descheequentin2 daysdetails
devonbeckman2 daysdetails
Meli2 daysdetails
jed2 daysLots of sleep and rest.details
seanh2 daysdetails
Sisell2 daysdetails
Lavigaattori2 daysdetails
Keira2 daysdetails
kenia2 daysSleep details
Scrappy Doo2 daysdetails
Knutern972 daysHar ikke lenger veldig vondt hals. Ikke 100 % men mye bedredetails
Eerola2 days5. - 6.1. yön välillä kurkkukipu hävis.details
DrKeith2 daysRest and rehydrationdetails
PoJo2 daysdetails
Whitesheep2 daysdetails
coady2 daysdetails
PaulT2 daysdetails
balcius2 daysdetails
jys2 daysFunderar på om det var något som bröt ut efter all stress inför resan, mycket att göra och sen då vi var på väg släpptes allt och då kom sjukdomen. Känslan var att under den 23 när jag kände mig piggare och piggare på em samt på julaftons morgon mådde jag dock lite sämre när något stressande dök upp.details
Flakey2 daysdetails
sjreeve2 daysdetails
Rob12802 daysdetails
Piers Pirow2 daysNo idea why. 2 days off any training and sleep seems to have fixed it.details
sjreeve2 daysdetails
Päkä2 daysNoro?details
Hero2 daysdetails
OJ2 daysdetails
tcut2 daysdetails
P-K2 daysdetails
Whitesheep2 daysdetails
pinyata2 daysdetails
Mark32 daysAte a lot despite not having any appetite. In my experience this always works.details
OMike2 daysdetails
Elvis2 daysPoilsis.details
sjreeve2 daysdetails
Kalgman2 daysdetails
jwolff2 daysdetails
Rachel2 daysdetails
Rosco2 daysdetails
Bomb2 daysdetails
Clara2 daysdetails
kPa2 daysdetails
Mark32 daysFeel fine todaydetails
rtyu6702 daysLots of sleep and drugs!details
annanisi2 daysdetails
KariItkonen2 daysdetails
hamlet2 daysdetails
majaporle2 daysdetails
Dalton2 daysdetails
natanmaj2 daysdetails
Geiler OLer2 daysdetails
Treb2 daysdetails
GRennie2 daysdetails
Geiler OLer2 daysdetails
Kalgman2 daysdetails
susiethebear2 daysdetails
Geiler OLer2 daysdetails
philm642 daysA gig! (?)details
nmulder2 daysStarted taking Doxycycline straight away. details
Josse2 daysdetails
Stijn2 daysdetails
Hugginator2 daysdetails
susiethebear2 daysdetails
Ansgar2 daysdetails
lilicob2 daysdetails
Flakey2 daysdetails
Old Daniel2 daysNegative corona virus testdetails
annanisi2 daysdetails
nmulder2 daysBlood infection or Tick bite. Doxy anti-biotics seemed to cure immediately.details
tbl2 daysSova sova & sovadetails
Charlie2 daysNot sure what was going on. Doc seems to think it was an inner ear problem. Not convinced. details
SteveG2 daysSome s'fed/advil Mostly restdetails
Dalton2 daysdetails
philm642 daysRest . It's temporarydetails
morgrim2 daysdetails
michalmy2 daysTypical post-COVID vax symptoms.details
tomeck2 daysdetails
Useless Fool2 daysdetails
Ptr2 daysdetails
saraabom2 daysdetails
Eerola2 daysmeni pois 1½ päivän levolla.details
Steffen2 daysdetails
DrKeith2 daysdetails
Fabiano2 days1 giorno con la febbre, il secondo con qualche lineadetails
Josse2 daysSegt att vaccinet tar 2-3 dagar av ens liv.details
Mark32 daysMore like a day and a half. details
EuanT2 daysdetails
JamieG2 daysJust went away after 2 days of restdetails
susiethebear2 daysdetails
Eerola2 daysTJ toimen soppari paperi varmaan jäi potemaan alitajuntaan, kun se on vielä saamatta. Joulustressi teki myös varmaan tehtävänsä sillä halusin kivan joulun kun lapset vielä kaikkia jouluna yhdessä. Hommat jäi tekemättä valmiiksi ja kuusikin jäi aaton iltapäivään kun ed. Iltana kävin liian myöhään etsimässä.details
olebaath2 daysdetails
tbl2 daysVila.. dumt att försöka träna tror de sköt på tillfrisknandet.details
Strand2 daysdetails
Rob12802 daysdetails
Henerzz2 daysdetails
DML2 daysdetails
Erik 2 daysdetails
Mark32 daysdetails
FJohnson2 daysDrugsdetails
sjreeve2 daysdetails
Mark32 daysdetails
luka_s2 daysPrevelika utrujenost in pre-malo (spanca) počitka details
urthbuoy3 daysdetails
Nadim3 daysWhatever it was left my system in a variety of ways.details
jmnipen3 daysdetails
Ursa3 daysdetails
bill_l3 daysdetails
olle713 daysdetails
Becks3 daysNot sure what caused it, probably just random germs from the huge amounts of kids I was teaching at the science fair. Terrible timing. Resolved by plenty of rest, vitamins and sunshine.details
Craig3 daysdetails
3m3 daysLemonade icy poles and oranges were the only things i felt like eating. details
DragonFly3 daysJust stayed home to rest / sleep to recover.details
blairtrewin3 daysdetails
Eliot3 daysdetails
Becks3 daysBizarrely, vodka and a small amount of rubbish dancing to poor electro seemed to do the trick! Rested all weekend afterwards at the First Aid Course to make double sure.details
Swisscheese3 daysdetails
KDawg RIT XC3 daysdetails
candyman3 daysdetails
Ralph3 daysdetails
JoS3 daysdetails
A.Le Coq3 daysdetails
JMorris3 daysdetails
mkb09093 daysdetails
nomiii3 dayskdetails
cortelmcm3 daysNeed to incorporate yoga into workout routine. details
zimmi3 daysdetails
Rich3 daysdetails
kokos3 daysdetails
Seamus3 daysStarting to eat again properly. Need to get on a balanced food earlier not just dried toast. And defo aviod spiced foods.details
mm-ha3 daysdetails
RichardLund3 daysFelt a bit stiff when running on Wednesday. details
Sarah3 daysdetails
Keith3 daysdetails
bryh3 daysdetails
Reini3 daysdetails
olle713 daysdetails
pepa.3 daysdetails
primik3 daysslaba prehranadetails
o-pia3 daysdetails
JMorris3 daysDay off work with 16 hours sleepdetails
Boltboi3 daysdetails
PhilW3 daysdetails
Loopy Lou3 daysdetails
lcut3 daysantibiotics ahoydetails
Mahuan!3 daysTaking a break from the sauce.details
vyc3 daysdetails
wants3 daysLots of lots of sleeping.details
Uular3 daysdetails
Ptr3 daysMycket sova!details
mattrooke3 daysJust rest and sleep. Felt better every daydetails
ccsteve3 daysdetails
tcut3 daysSelect a bed close to a bathroom !!details
Keith3 daysdetails
ken3 daysdetails
Gilou3 daysdetails
Jagge3 daysdetails
JMorris3 daysSleep?details
Ally3 daysdetails
standre3 daysdetails
Ptr3 daysdetails
mehosford3 daysBeing a women is a risk factor for these nasty things. Antibiotics are clutch, as is pyridium.details
Andrew3 daysdetails
theshadow3 daysrestdetails
Keith3 daysdetails
Ryan the Lion3 daysdetails
David Smyth3 daysdetails
J-BANGZ3 daysI realized I felt bad beofre running the 14 miler on monday. I should have realized this and not gone beyond my current fitness level, I feel the run compounded with sickness killed me for a couple of days.details
hagi3 daysdetails
P3 daystired from the rogaine. sleep/rest reqdetails
LuT3 daysdetails
LuT3 daysdetails
thegingerninja3 daysRestdetails
mattrooke3 daysDon't eatdetails
Becks3 daysdetails
Honkie3 daysViladetails
Alvis3 daysdetails
tomtom3 daysRest - no training Sanderson's specific, tyrozet tabletsdetails
Hirppa3 daysdetails
JMorris3 daysNot much.details
ReindeerCounter3 daysdetails
K'lea3 daysdetails
jgreen3 daystime heals all thingsdetails
trevorb3 daysdetails
Pellervo3 daysdetails
Lara3 daysdetails
kookoo3 daysdetails
Ironfrog3 daysdetails
Friday3 daysdetails
Ironfrog3 daysVirus. Rest, hydration and careful eating. Always takes a couple of days extra to reestablish normal gut motility and absorption...details
Katherine3 daysVery minor, few days rest and it was all sorted details
jusbet3 daysdetails
Andrew3 daysNo idea what caused the reaction. most likely some allergy, but it has been a good while since I've had such a serious reaction. Decided to take it easy with training for a few days and when it was at its worst so as not to draw any mucous further down and into the lungs.details
mushy_pea3 daysLots of sleep helped.details
Klaas3 daysdetails
Mr O-memes3 daysdetails
Marius3 daysdetails
0073 daysdetails
acejase3 daysdrink water when sick.details
NormalAndrew3 daysdetails
ms treegarden3 daysNach 3d selbsverordneter Antibiotikatherapie nun wieder okdetails
zimmi3 daysganz leichtes Training bald wieder möglich, aber noch eine Woche lang etwas angeschlagen und schlapp gefühlt! langsam wieder etwas Bewegung!details
Boje3 daysVermutlich etwas falsches gegessen. (Kebabpizza)details
ShotRat3 daysAntibioticsdetails
duxma3 daysdetails
D3 daysdetails
szbotond3 daysdetails
DrKeith3 daysRest and paracetamol for symptomsdetails
LL3 daysdetails
Ant W3 daysdetails
errolpit3 daysdetails
Work4justice3 daysdetails
Hunsie3 daysdetails
szbotond3 daysdetails
Steve R3 daysdetails
Ivano3 daysdetails
Torzi3 daysfelt better after being sick details
kenia3 daysdetails
ShadowCaster3 daysDon't drink.details
chelsea_april3 dayshaha i dont know i drank red cordial???details
KingTim3 daysdetails
Rebelo3 daysdetails
Ptr3 daysTyp matförgiftning, stannade hemma och försökte äta och dricka.details
urthbuoy3 daysdetails
jys3 daysdetails
leper3 daysdetails
TomiKä3 daysdetails
addej80@hotmail3 daysdetails
siaipsau3 daysdetails
chelsealuttrall3 daysFinally stopped puking and finally able to eat and start feeling better.details
Shep3 daysdetails
TomiKä3 daysdetails
jys3 daysdetails
TomiKä3 daysdetails
Andrew3 daysdetails
P.Stromme3 daysdetails
bill_l3 daysTuna, Mango, Cucumber salad from WF? It's the only thing I ate that nobody else in the family did.details
Nizkane3 daysdetails
Brentman3 daysdetails
Zimmers3 daysdetails
JuhaM3 daysdetails
alirobertson3 daysdetails
niamh3 daysdetails
lowees3 daysdetails
Hedis3 daysdetails
lowees3 daysdetails
AnastasiaD3 daysdetails
Rich3 daysdetails
ken3 daysdetails
Jonas Detterfelt3 daysdetails
Renntier3 dayszuviel Training. Kalte Niere beim LLdetails
Ansgar3 daysdetails
Liam Dufty3 daysdetails
keselyüstök3 daysyou need to sleep and eat enough if you want to train harddetails
Josse3 daysdetails
MCrone3 daysdetails
Geiler OLer3 daysdetails
Steffen3 daysdetails
tomik3 daysdetails
Geiler OLer3 daysdetails
andrew_elwood3 daysdetails
Jagge3 daysdetails
susiethebear3 daysdetails
schnitzer3 daysdetails
Dooby3 daysRestdetails
ajriley3 daysdetails
Steffen3 daysdetails
Torzi3 daysSleep, hydration + CHILL! details
JoshuaDudley3 daysdetails
Will.Tucker3 daysGatorade helps.details
liv3 daysdetails
Ralph3 daysdetails
olgajp3 daysdetails
Geiler OLer3 daysdetails
CasperS3 daysdetails
autark3 daysDon't eat at Los Compadres again :-(details
Geiler OLer3 daysdetails
cbruski3 daysdetails
jima3 daysAte something bad??details
SteveG3 daystime, s'fed and restdetails
Geiler OLer3 daysdetails
philm643 daysTimedetails
Geiler OLer3 daysdetails
piero3 daysdetails
Shingo3 daysdetails
Jay-T3 daysdetails
RHF3 daysdetails
susiethebear3 dayssvårt att springa natt-SM post magsjukadetails
nosnhoj3 daysdetails
Mark33 daysTime. details
Erik 3 daysdetails
Boje3 daysdetails
Ptr3 daysVila ut magsjukan details
bill_l3 daysdetails
susiethebear3 daysdetails
Ptr3 daysKom snabbt, gick snabbt över, som en magsjuka helt enkelt.details
TadasK3 daysdetails
tinytoes3 daysdetails
BConley3 daysdetails
cracktroop754 daysdetails
nmulder4 daysStopped all training apart from the sprint orienteering race. The race didn't seem to make it worse. Didn't restart training until fully cleared.details
Becks4 daysRest, probably caused by overdoing in the running and long run in the cold and wet the day before.details
acejase4 daysdidnt drink much while sick and should have. had stomach ache afterwards.details
Ursa4 daysdetails
O-ing4 daysunclean utensils. Didn't take anything for it.details
Nev-Monster4 daysProbably need to drink more water at work, although I don't drink as much coffee as some there.details
Vector4 daysdetails
3m4 daysDont get drink bottles mixed up at work!! details
drwill44 daysTime & restdetails
Ptr4 daysdetails
rdlesko4 daysdetails
ba-ba4 daysjudt don't live in a mucky house/ever come into contact with people...details
jlf4 daysThink I was really tired and sleep seems to have helped.details
Ptr4 daysdetails
cmorse4 days{Lyme Disease} Basically stayed in bed and drank lots. 11 JULY - diagnosed with lyme diseasedetails
Lard4 daysdetails
zimmi4 daysdetails
Alibongo4 daysRest.details
m.doncel4 daysout of date milk in a restaurant-lots of rest helped itdetails
jotaigna4 daysdetails
K'lea4 daysdetails
Marius4 daysArbatu litrai visada padeda :)details
TereseO4 daysStart eating your allergymeds. by the begining of march, even if there's still snow.details
kbomb4 daysSelf sleep and too much alcohol for 5 days straight....sleep and rest after that benderdetails
Hall4 daysdetails
Becks4 daysdetails
cmac4 daysdetails
dwiz034 daysjust went through itdetails
nmj4 daysdetails
Durendal4 daysTraining when having stress sympthomes. Thought light training would cure stress, but I got infection instead. Too litle sleep.details
Desmond4 days3 days antibioticumdetails
RobP4 daysdetails
tomtom4 daysdetails
O-runner4 daysdetails
Mr O-memes4 daysdetails
mikee4 daysdetails
fluceluce4 daysdetails
mikee4 daysdetails
tcut4 daysdetails
JMorris4 daysdetails
Albina4 daysMedicine: Para-Tabs 1gdetails
Månsen4 daysVILA, te och lite hostmedicin!details
iansmith4 daysAntibiotics, ice, rest. details
Friday4 daysdetails
sjreeve4 daysdetails
Katrin H4 daysdetails
mm-ha4 daysdetails
NSW Stinger4 daysdetails
Ernie_wise4 daysdetails
Keith4 daysdetails
Thumper4 daysThink it was a bug caught at the camp- resolved with no aching etc. but satill mild tummy trouble- poos now solid- but a very strange colour Treated with anti parasitics-will get check up at doctors when I get back-3 days total rest and 1 easy day back seemed to have done the trickdetails
phil4 daysEtwas Zeit und schleimlösendes Medi. Unproblematisch.details
Friday4 daysdetails
workouttexas4 daysdetails
ap4 daysdetails
pakuo4 daysdetails
andzs4 daysVitamin C, lots of herbal tea with honey.details
JonasB4 daysdetails
caseygreene4 daysdetails
elavallee4 daysdetails
Mess Engineer4 daysWouldn't wish this on my worst enemydetails
Pajėda4 daysdetails
K'lea4 daysdetails
Katherine4 daysschool autumn bug, lots of restdetails
Jamie Stevenson4 daysEat better in mornings before gym ect as you wont have the opportunity to eat again for 7-8 hours so needs to be substantial and bring something with you better than a bannanadetails
ol.micke4 daysVila..details
helehan4 daysdetails
ol.micke4 daysdetails
Adde4 daysdetails
MattC4 daysdetails
ccsteve4 daysPepto and gatorade seemed to be the best...details
McCloy4 daysdetails
JuhaM4 daysdetails
Jay-T4 daysdetails
1L4 daysStill a little sore but mostly better. I'm half way through the antibiotics prescribed. It's likely my jaw was being affected by a chronic sinus infection I've been fighting for a few months. Antibiotics will also help with my infected cut and bite (leech) on my leg.details
saulo114 daysdetails
gerardhiggins4 daysdetails
thenjdk4 daysdetails
vyc4 daysdetails
OJ4 daysdetails
descheequentin4 daysdetails
JuraMac4 daysdetails
El Chucko4 have to go hard at a stag party in Vegasdetails
LL4 daysdetails
elgar4 daysdetails
Knutern974 daysdetails
Zimmers4 daysDont know what caused it, took a day off and ran inside the next day, vitamin C and echinacea seemed to helpdetails
JuhaM4 daysdetails
Boje4 daysdetails
LL4 daysdetails
AliC4 daysRested for 4 straight days! Lots of tea and throat drops.details
szbotond4 daysdetails
shabar4 daysDon't think I'd fully got over a cold, too much booze/latenights/lack of sleep. Thought best to rest at the time, but in retrospect running seemed to kick start my body out of it.details
Marxine4 daysdetails
chelsealuttrall4 daysdetails
troll feet4 daysImodium Instantsdetails
skyhigh4 daysdetails
Tanja4 daysdetails
El Fabios4 daysdetails
Jules4 daysdetails
ColmM4 daysdetails
OL4 daysdetails
BanjoLasse4 daysdetails
Rich4 daysR&Rdetails
Spongey4 daysdetails
niamh4 daysdetails
acejase4 daysdetails
ljbean4 daysdetails
GRennie4 daysTimedetails
mjd4 daysdetails
JustinMartin4 daysNot eating or drinking much - no appetite. Tired.details
Thibaut4 daysdetails
Warti4 daysdetails
schnitzer4 daysdetails
Will.Tucker4 daysdetails
P-K4 daysdetails
Whitesheep4 daysdetails
kswarbreck4 daysdetails
arvidaron4 daysdetails
acejase4 daysdetails
jys4 daysVila. Sova massor! Äta försiktigt när man kommer igång. Fick denna gång backa och inte äta alls och då gick det över.details
Brooner4 daysdetails
Beacon4 daysdetails
vvenetjoki4 daysdetails
Geiler OLer4 daysdetails
Geiler OLer4 daysdetails
Stijn4 daysdetails
kathi4 daysdetails
markg4 daysdetails
Richi Ross4 daysdetails
jouni554 daysdetails
Mark34 daysFelt like death for ages.details
philm644 daysRest. Hmm. details
philm644 daysIt passed in 4 days. details
RosieWatson4 daysWeird. Lungs felt bad/closed up, and had a really metallic taste in my mouth every day (since a few days before). Covid?!!! details
Flakey4 daysdetails
silje4 daysdetails
Stijn4 daysdetails
Raz4 daysdetails
ljbean4 daysdetails
schnitzer4 daysdetails
Geiler OLer4 daysdetails
Hugginator4 daysdetails
SteveG4 daysWork out on Day 4 really helped - even though I didn't feel like it before the run. Felt much better afterwards. details
AntonSi4 daysdetails
AliC4 daysdetails
yougogirl4 daysKändes lite så körde lätt styrka, sprang sprint prio tisdag som gick jättebra börja hosta väldigt mycket. Börja käka hostmedicin o halstablett o vilade på onsdagen. Joggade på torsdagen vilade på fredagen. Försökte hosta upp allt slem o sen så gick d Vera attt springa sprint SM.details
Erik 4 daysdetails
mayer224 daysdetails
Stijn4 daysdetails
TessaL4 daysdetails
Blaaz5 daysdetails
Blaaz5 daysdetails
Ollie5 daysStress. Didn't affect me for so long this time, as I was more aware/in control of what was happening.details
Ollie5 daysPicked up some bug with my food, I guess - or maybe the altitude finally got to me.details
Chase5 daysdetails
Slice5 daysdetails
justwah5 daysautofixdetails
Fly'n5 daysdetails
olle715 daysdetails
Runodk5 daysdetails
acejase5 daystake drugs, vaccuum cat hair, avoid grasslandsdetails
PhilW5 daysRest.details
JMorris5 daysRest and decquacainedetails
3m5 daysOranges and Lemonade icy poles still worked a treat. Couldnt stomach anything for about two days. Wash hands more! details
Keith5 daysdetails
Philipp5 daysdetails
kbomb5 dayssleep sleep sleep and lots of gingeraledetails
ba-ba5 daysdetails
Keith5 daysdodgy northern disease from JKdetails
GRennie5 daysdetails
ycartwhelen5 daysdetails
cissi5 daysdetails
cissi5 daysdetails
bill_l5 daysHelped: Sleep, rest, antibiotics.details
cousteau5 daysdetails
the Joker5 daysdetails
Ryan the Lion5 daysdetails
Dooby5 daysdetails
smoke5 daysdetails
Ezy5 daysdetails
Dooby5 daysProbably got a bit run-down after Portugal since sleep was poor. Fixed by rest, panadol, inhalers and vitamin c. At least I didn't need the antibiotics, and rest should surely do my niggles good.details
ReindeerCounter5 daysdetails
Dooby5 daysdetails
phil5 daysdetails
JL5 daysKanske en följd av långpasset söndagen innan.details
Marius5 daysdetails
O-ing5 daysGiardia - Strong (1 tablet) antibioticdetails
phatty5 daysdetails
phatty5 daysdetails
balage5 daysdetails
Charli5 daysdetails
KingTim5 daysdetails
lynx5 daysdetails
Friday5 daysdetails
nickm5 daysdetails
KingTim5 daysdetails
lostrunner5 daysdetails
Kims5 daysdetails
leper5 daysdetails
noRa5 daysdetails
fitless5 daysdetails
tomtom5 daysdetails
Chase Thatcher5 daysdetails
ms treegarden5 daysdetails
Mal5 daysdetails
brycec5 daysHydration worked - just needed to be more aggressive with it - also should have pushed for more sleep!details
andzs5 daysdetails
Rinni5 daysdetails
Sergey5 daysAntibiotics 5 days.details
mrsb5 daysdetails
phil5 daysLange gedauert.details
errolpit5 daysdetails
Matej5 daysdetails
O-ing5 daysTinazodol.details
johannesh5 daysdetails
Manu R.5 daysdetails
ljbean5 daysFelt better once I got a few good nights sleep.details
liv5 daysdetails
nmulder5 daysdetails
Saz5 daysdetails
Andrew5 daysdetails
kirillapeti5 daysdetails
Dillon5 daysSLEEEEEEP Just needed to get over itdetails
niamh5 daysdetails
ondrejpavlu5 daysChinese medicine (herbs) combined with lots of garlic and ginger as usualdetails
All-in5 daysdetails
meli.g.5 daysHoffentlich wieder gesund...fühl mich immer noch etwas schwachdetails
Rich5 daysdetails
Flakey5 daysdetails
Flakey5 daysdetails
Leif_Blake5 daysdetails
Chris5 daysdetails
O Steve!5 dayswaited it out....fluids....details
Renntier5 daysdetails
Craig Nolan5 daysRest and antihistamine are the way forwarddetails
Saz5 daysdetails
abiperk5 daysdetails
annawallin5 daysdetails
0075 daysdetails
tinytoes5 daysViral spewdetails
mmace5 daysdetails
ajriley5 daysdetails
coach5 daysSleepdetails
abiperk5 daysdetails
Geiler OLer5 daysdetails
fluceluce5 daysdetails
Beacon5 daysdetails
Rosco5 daysDon’t have kids!details
StrongMachine5 daysdetails
Geiler OLer5 daysdetails
tbl5 daysGick bort av sig själv.details
Mark35 daysBought some water purification tablets! Since it's happened 3-4 times now.details
annawallin5 daysdetails
kathi5 daysdetails
JoeHudd5 daysdetails
mrsb5 daysdetails
loefaas5 daysdetails
ljd95 daysdetails
olebaath5 daysdetails
nmulder5 daysTick bite fever - Doxycycline as usual.details
axelhalvar5 daysdetails
Whitesheep5 daysdetails
hamlet5 daysdetails
Mal5 daysdetails
RosieWatson5 daysdetails
mmrj5 daysdetails
Abarrie5 daysneed to be more careful in futuredetails
luka_s5 daysdetails
Steffen5 daysdetails
Hobitas6 daysdetails
ericrox6 dayslooks like it's pretty much over. I still have a bit of a cough at night but not keeping me up anymore. Just gonna try and keep my neck wrapped when running outside and hope that it clears up completly.details
Bender6 daysRecovered by accepting it and giving it the time required to go away on its own.details
MikeS6 daysdetails
fredder6 daysAfter a week of feeling like I just got off the merry-go-round, I think I can start training again. Pretty sure it was/is an ear infection, but apparently one's brain learns to accommodate the changes in signals that cause the vertigo, so the spells just get weaker on their own over time. In fact, it's best to 'tease' them (moving the head around to cause dizziness) to force the adaptation to occur. Go figure. details
pcbrent6 daysdetails
Swisscheese6 daysdetails
Marius6 daysKeista bet temperaturos kaip ir nebuvo visa laika. Toliau geriu homeopatinius. Geriau arbatu daug, skalavau gerkle su druska ir medetku ekstraktu. Jodo pagrindo purskala naudojau. Buvo ir kosulys pagavers sioks toks. Bet issikosejau. Laukiu kada galesiu prasibegt :)details
Runodk6 daysdetails
Tooms6 daysdetails
Rx6 daysdetails
Ptr6 daysInget specielltdetails
nomiii6 daysummm caused by stress + not enough sleep etc. plus some bacteria and such. recovered by sleep, lack of training and nurofen :)details
Sian6 daysI think I must have been a bit run down and was vunerable to bugs ~ maybe got it from the pool?details
Craig6 daysdetails
VO2 Orienteering6 daysNot enough iron in the blood! :( Taking extra :)details
grilla6 daysMay have picked up a stomach bug from the water & may have been suffering mildly earlier but competing exacerbated the situation. It certainly made things noticably worse on Monday & Tuesday evening/afternoons, as did over-hydrating to try and get drug testing on Monday after the race over in done with in time to get Aoife home for bed :(. No-one else got anything so unlikely to be food related. Still not eating Friday lunch, but perfectly fine by dinner :).details
ken6 daysdetails
elatosuo6 dayscourse of cipro, lots of fluids. Stress and lack of sleep partly to blame.details
JonD6 daysdetails
qgillet6 daysreposdetails
medag6 daysexhausting, sleeping, dizzy, depressed. I think my initial back pain changed at the and in the back pain from just lying on the bed. details
Jack B6 daysdetails
JMorris6 daysdetails
LL6 daysdetails
Stryder6 daysI have paid my no-running sentence and feel somewhat better today and am ready to begin training again.details
cmorse6 daysdetails
weegie6 daysdetails
JesseHagberg6 daysTime.details
Keith6 daysdetails
bdunn6 daysthinking this is a lymphatic response to overtrainingdetails
nh6 daysSame sore stomach againdetails
Ryan the Lion6 daysdetails
nomad6 daysdetails
loefaas6 daysdetails
WandAR6 daysdetails
Pia W6 daysdetails
Grandpa Lefty6 daysdetails
Mr Wonderful6 daysannoying, but not hugely impactful to exercise activitydetails
Shingo6 daysdetails
Rich6 daysdetails
PaulT6 daysdetails
Hol6 daysdetails
blairtrewin6 daysdetails
Boltboi6 daysdetails
chinghua6 daysrest, no coffee, no grease.details
gg6 daysdetails
phatty6 daysdetails
Rich6 daysdetails
Marius6 daysdetails
Dooby6 daysdetails
Dooby6 daysDrugs!details
JoS6 daysdetails
Desmond6 days7 dagen antibioticadetails
RunDivaKB6 daysdetails
Swisscheese6 daysdetails
JL6 daysKyckling jag åt i lördags efter tävlingen.details
balage6 daysdetails
Andrew6 daysdetails
thenjdk6 daysdetails
ddurbin6 daysAll the rest helped. Still coughing but as of Sunday have been able to do routine tasks and even went for a run tonight (Tues.)details
niamh6 daysdetails
Tane6 daysdetails
szbotond6 daysdetails
Lulu6 daysdetails
Keira6 daysdetails
Dooby6 daysdetails
Veijo6 daysdetails
MariusG6 daysdetails
silje6 daysdetails
Flight6 daysdetails
hkleaf6 daysdetails
gwilliams6 daysdetails
Geoman6 daysdetails
gret_j6 daysSlept in instead of waking up to train, took it really easy with the transition to college stuffdetails
Ansgar6 daysdetails
AliS6 daysPossibly fighting the probable bronchitis that Pascal has. Possibly just that the last few weeks have been pretty busy and I'm just worn down. details
PoJo6 daysdetails
Kurt6 daysdetails
jonny crickmore6 daysdetails
Niko6 daysdetails
TomN6 daysdetails
GRennie6 daysdetails
silje6 daysdetails
Dooby6 daysdetails
Tane6 daysdetails
Flakey6 daysdetails
ba-ba6 daysdetails
Taco6 daysdetails
susiethebear6 daysdetails
Stijn6 daysdetails
yougogirl6 daysdetails
Dooby6 daysdetails
Whitesheep6 daysdetails
Raz6 daysdetails
Geiler OLer6 daysdetails
susan6 daysSudden onset vomiting after work, segueing into impressive lethargy for several days. Think okay now though. Davy had it too, much to his disappointment details
CHorley6 daysIt deteoriated.details
Hoddy7 daysDon't live with a sick flatmate.details
div7 daysFreaking cold continued in sinus.details
mindsweeper7 daysBuggers.details
naomi7 daysdetails
mmace7 daysdetails
Keith7 daysdetails
Marius7 daysPo faringito jautri gerkle pasidare.details
Marius7 daysDakatare sake kad gerai pagijau ir kad begiot galesiu drasiai :) Tikekimes taip ir bus.details
Reini7 daysdetails
ken7 daysdetails
cmorse7 days{Lyme Disease} still feeling 'under the weather', but the nastiest has passed, hopefully find out from the doctor about the tests. 11 JULY - diagnosis - Lyme Disease, not shinglesdetails
Teeed7 daysWent to see the doctor and it seems everything is allright. So wanna go for a run, but can't untill Monday. You know that feeling, eh?details
Keith7 daysGremlin eventually destroyeddetails
3m7 daysLingered for awhile, didnt develop into a cold which was good, just a sore throat and swollen glandsdetails
Loopy Lou7 daysdetails
Stodge7 daysAntibiotocsdetails
SteveT7 daysdetails
JMorris7 daysrest - no running!details
MuddyFox7 daysdetails
Mahuan!7 daysNeti with lots of salt water, airborne and incr core temp in the hot tub works magic. Along with a little garlic, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and honey with hot water.details
Looch7 daysTook no meds, just rest.details
Rich7 daysdetails
Sony7 daysdetails
jonny crickmore7 daysdetails
Keith7 daysreally annoyingdetails
nh7 daysReal sore stomach, no idea what its from. Was sorest on 9/10 of July and slowly decreased from thendetails
marieidnes7 daysdetails
joshblatch7 daysdetails
Rosco7 daysdetails
Friday7 daysdetails
Rich7 daysdetails
Dean M7 daysCould not really avoid it - was unlucky. Drinking more water and more sleep would be the only things I could have done more of not that I didn't do these a lot. However, I did feel rather dehydrated on Saturday.details
EricNorris7 daysdetails
Dooby7 daysToo much training so soon after the virus caused it I reckon. Need to learn when to take it easy, that is after I learn to take it hard.details
Andrew7 daysThink it has passed now... and that was Monday. I was still feeling a bit off until Thursday.details
Dooby7 daysdetails
Adde7 daysdetails
kate7 daysdetails
Keith Iskiw7 daysdetails
Friday7 daysdetails
CHARLIE-B7 daysDirty bathroom surfaces.details
A damp otter7 daysdetails
Dooby7 daysCoughing started when drugs were finished, think it was secondary, plenty of crap coughed up!details
CarlEdmo7 daysdetails
KingTim7 daysdetails
Hirppa7 daysdetails
jys7 daysdetails
Marius7 daysdetails
Dooby7 daysdetails
Zimmers7 daysToday monday off and no pool workout Tues. Also stayed home all day to sleep and did and very easy run tuesday. Recovered nicely. details
Murray Crichton7 daysdetails
StrathyCallum7 daysdetails
steph_lawrie7 daysFluids fluids fluidsdetails
Anton.7 daysNe Woche Ruhe war leider doch nötig. Zwar nicht die beste Vorbereitung auf die Transjurassienne aber heute hat sich Ski fahren wieder gut angefühlt.details
runninghils7 days7 full days off for rest!details
Slowe7 daysdetails
Hedis7 daysdetails
JessLund7 daysantibiotics, ?? cant go out to any club. asthma=booey lungsdetails
JuhaM7 daysdetails
Santinia7 daysdetails
amelien20017 daysdetails
Dooby7 daysDidn't need anti-biotics but took a few days to recover.details
Parkino7 daysrestdetails
tbl7 daysdetails
GRennie7 daysContraband Antibiotics details
lowees7 daysdetails
Trav7 daysanti-biotics and a puffer.details
lchavasse7 daysdetails
Flight7 daysdetails
Ansgar7 daysdetails
All-in7 daysdetails
fn7 daysdetails
TommyH7 daysdetails
vvenetjoki7 daysdetails
Erik 7 daysdetails
Whitesheep7 daysdetails
SteveG7 days1 s'fed and 1advil tab every 4 hoursdetails
Bridge7 daysAllergies + ultramarathons = gateway to getting sickdetails
Josse7 daysdetails
RosieWatson7 daysdetails
kido7 daysdetails
Terkelsen7 daysLepodetails
CleverSky7 daysDoc prescribed Paxlovid, maybe that helped. Maybe getting the COVID booster and the shingles vaccine both just as this was coming on didn't help, who knows? Trailing off into the typical Cote lingering cough thing.details
ColmM7 daysdetails
Rob12807 daysdetails
Craig7 daysdetails
SteveG7 daysS'fed and advil details
Heather O7 daysCOVID-19. Mild symptoms only lasted a few days.details
Josse7 days4 dagar - brinnande/molande känsla i halsen. 3 dagar - hosta. 7 dagar med lite krabb var ändå längre än jag hade räknat med.details
jmnipen8 daysdetails
cmorse8 daysdetails
luz8 daysdetails
Black_Knight8 daysSomething that has been going round. After my stomach was compleely empty the symptoms settled down, and I was left with a week of recovery. Once I could keep water down then I added full fat coke ( de gassed), gatorade, and then some dry crackers, and plenty of rest. Monday & Tuesday home sick, back to work Wed, but no workouts till Saturday.details
AndyB8 dayseventually cleared of its owndetails
dkonotopetz8 daysdetails
beeker8 daysdetails
Keith8 daysdetails
Hoddy8 daysdetails
Philipp8 daysdetails
Hollowell8 daysdetails
Jess8 daysdetails
kmor8 daysdetails
jcampbell8 daysdetails
Keith8 daysdetails
C-man8 daysI'm still stuffed up and the throat is still sore, but I think I can call it by now, since the headaches/blacking out stopped. (By the way, blood test showed neg. for mono, but I have a high white blood cell count)details
Tadziu321678 daysdetails
Ptr8 daysdetails
Marius8 daysdetails
Rhesus8 daysdetails
RosieWatson8 daysdetails
vandy66168 daysdetails
Friday8 daysdetails
Lene8 daysdetails
mikee8 daysdetails
MuddyFox8 daysdetails
Siggi8 daysdetails
Thoto8 daysdetails
Dooby8 daysdetails
Georgiou8 daysdetails
Nizkane8 daysdetails
Dooby8 daysdetails
eoinmcc8 daysdetails
c.underwood8 daysRest, took some advil, but thats it details
Marius8 daysVaistai details
Brooner8 daysdetails
niallmcalinden8 daysProbably had done too much in May but hey ho better nowdetails
Animal-O8 days? not too sure what this was about, taking iron supplements nowdetails
Purko8 daysdetails
afsheen8 daysdetails
menostig8 daysdetails
niamh8 daysdetails
Dooby8 daysdetails
MCh8 daysdetails
undy8 daysRemember to use bottled water to clean teeth and avoid dodgy pizza (when in Jakarta)details
Frozen Fries8 daysdetails
StephHurry8 daysMy body hates me. Hope that we have now reconciled our differences.details
bill_l8 daysdetails
Useless Fool8 daysdetails
Flight8 daysdetails
pinyata8 daysdetails
pi8 daysdetails
Nadim8 daysdetails
HA_Training8 daysdetails
bill_l8 daysdetails
caitlinirving8 daysantibiotics - 2 tablets 4 times a day for 10 days details
Dooby8 daysanti-bioticsdetails
annawallin8 daysdetails
jennyr8 daysdetails
Dooby8 daysdetails
Torzi8 daysLots of ibuprofen, water and rest. details
kaplis8 daysdetails
Bridge8 daysJust chill and eat bland fooddetails
Geiler OLer8 daysdetails
DrKeith8 daysFelt better after rest details
MCrone8 daysdetails
Geiler OLer8 daysdetails
Nadim9 daysThe sickness may have been viral. I started hearing about others who had similar and somtimes worse experinces. Time healed it. details
Nadim9 daysSleep and rest. details
Sony9 daysdetails
Shep9 daysantibioticsdetails
Lieke9 daysdetails
Alibongo9 daysdetails
Ralph9 daysdetails
orienteeringTim9 daysdetails
ironmom9 daysdetails
Harrison9 daysdetails
Desmond9 daysdetails
Alex M9 daysdetails
AndyB9 daysdetails
K'lea9 daysdetails
Mess Engineer9 daysWho knows ?details
Pete9 daysdetails
cissi9 daysdetails
errolpit9 daysdetails
Keith9 daysdetails
Akhilleus9 daysdetails
MollyMo9 daysRest is important when I'm sick. details
samppa9 daysdetails
buffy12709 daysdetails
Friday9 daysdetails
skoeld9 daysdetails
Flight9 daysdetails
Dooby9 daysdetails
nmulder9 daysAnti-biotics worked very well.details
Geoman9 daysdetails
on-the-wave9 daysTooth extraction infection. 2nd round anitbiotics finally workeddetails
katieinnit9 daysdetails
mjulius9 daysdetails
niamh9 daysdetails
fn9 daysVila...details
Torzi9 daysfinished taking medication, feeling better details
Jac9 daysdetails
Boje9 daysZu viel Reise und Stress vermute ichdetails
Whitesheep9 daysNever sell a housedetails
JarJarBinks9 daysdetails
Hoog949 daysdetails
O Steve!9 daysdetails
Rich9 daysdetails
Geoman9 daysdetails
Tooms9 daysdetails
Thibaut9 daysdetails
TIM0N9 daysdetails
Dooby9 daysdetails
Geiler OLer9 daysdetails
nmulder9 daysLots of tests done later. Possible cause of all my race issues could be high stomach acid. After many RRRR later, the prescription said Gavascon....details
Charlie9 daysMeds - prednisone, triamcinolone cream. details
riley mcfarlane 9 daysJust a stomach bug. Magnesium and water and Gatorade and lemon and honey tea fixed me up.details
emmaS9 daysStill (1/28) have quite low energy especially when exercising, but rest of the symptoms went away. Blood test showed everything is fine except high lymphocytes so just a flu like thing I guess?? weirddetails
nic.9 daysdetails
Charlie9 daysdetails
SteveG9 dayssfed and restart flonase - end date was my 5th day of f'nase. Haven't use flonase in many weeks and this is a re-startdetails
Torzi9 daysdetails
Tommy H9 daysHad Covid i think I’ve just about recovered, still got a cough and I get knackered at the smallest amount of effort details
Nathan9 daysdetails
kokonda9 daysdetails
Dooby9 daysdetails
Ollie10 daysNeed to act sooner on the signs of stress.details
Vaala10 daysDrinking lots of water. Eating really bland foods like white bread and bananas. I should have also had more sleep.details
candyman10 daysslow recovery, watch out for childrendetails
Linas10 daysdetails
pepa.10 daysdetails
PhilW10 daysRestdetails
Ptr10 daysBestämde mig för att vara frisk och sprang tjoget.details
nmulder10 daysFive day course of antibiotics seems to have worked wonders.details
Zan10 daysdetails
Camster10 daysJust watch your self and dont wack the scabs off.details
lcut10 daysdetails
daveabrams10 daysdetails
acejase10 daysdetails
Rich10 daysdetails
mikee10 daysjust wait until your antibodies kick in....details
Shep10 daysdetails
eleanor10 daysdetails
angela10 daysdetails
David Smyth10 daysdetails
hagi10 daysdetails
jwolff10 daysdetails
Dooby10 daysNot sure, unlucky I guess.details
MCrone10 daysdetails
jemmerson10 daysdetails
Oestlin10 daysdetails
JonD10 daysFinished antibioticsdetails
JesseHagberg10 days Decided not to get it checked out as I found it to be subsiding (draining?). on 12/8/2013, it is almost gone.details
kysulis10 daysAntibiotikai 8 dienos details
eoinmcc10 daysdetails
tcut10 daysdetails
asha10 daysdetails
annawallin10 daysdetails
firbanator10 daysdetails
GRennie10 daysAntibiotics.details
jennyr10 daysdetails
Dooby10 daysdetails
Dooby10 daysdetails
lxna10 daysdetails
philm6410 daysTakes 7-10 days rest so that was it. Just in time for OO Cup! details
hughmac410 daysdetails
Josse10 daysdetails
RosieWatson10 daysdetails
Eric Johansson10 daysDenna skit över. Krävdes pencelin, en vecka sängligades och några tröttsamma dagar efterråt. Men det som inte dödar härdar.details
mrsb10 daysSeemed to also trigger flare up of arthritis in big toe on right foot.details
Fat Rat11 daysdont get so stressed. mske sure workload, stress and training load arent all high at the same time.details
jjcote11 daysCongestion lingers on...details
vyc11 daystried all possible methods without drugs, no luck.. at last took some medicine and looks like it's ok now :)details
Ptr11 daysProvade det vanliga med mycket sömn, vätska och mat. Verkade dock inte spela någon större roll.details
ba-ba11 daysExams - phw!details
gary-qld11 daysdetails
C211 daysrest drink more waterdetails
PhilW11 daysMedication/restdetails
jonny crickmore11 daysdetails
Akhilleus11 daysdetails
J:Dahn11 daysdetails
tomtom11 daysParacetamol, Ibuprofen, hot drinks, suck hard sweets. Proscribed throat spray. details
primik11 daysdetails
vangell11 daysBlir varken bättre eller sämre så bara o köra på o hoppas på de bästa.details
sal.11 daysdetails
FoxShadow11 daysdetails
Boltboi11 daysdetails
Andrew11 daysGuess it's just that time of year. There was no evidence of any sickness until Sunday night when something like a cold made an attempt to gain control, but failed, I think. Eventually the symptoms did break out. Frustrated that this is the 6th cold this year. Decided to rest it through fully. details
fritzof11 daysdetails
tomik11 daysdetails
Tooms11 daysdetails
lcut11 daysNo solids for 7 days. details
errolpit11 daysdetails
Hobitas11 daysdetails
Matej11 daysdetails
skyhigh11 daysdetails
acejase11 daysvirus and took a long while to reach final recovery.details
Hoog9411 daysdetails
riccardo11 daysdetails
Dooby11 daysdetails
Katnap11 daysdetails
liv11 daysdetails
Erik 11 daysdetails
Torzi11 daysdetails
philm6411 daysRest & activity management. & avoid the root cause...... details
annawallin11 daysdetails
Boje11 daysdetails
Nick11 daysdetails
olebaath11 daysdetails
Danny Riley11 daysGot a million negative COVID tests, but both my roommates were sick with COVID...details
silje11 daysdetails
susan11 daysFINE I'll record this then. Backdating to the start of intermittent cough ("sitting on my chest") which morphed into deep voice yesterday & almost complete loss today (6th July). Rang GP - well Davy did - "probably viral", rest it, honey (consume honey, she didn't call him honey) and ring back if not resolved in 3 weeks. Rightio. After 2 days of complete voice loss, it gradually came back, via a very low octave for several daysdetails
DominicGreen11 daysdetails
Elvis11 daysdetails
mmace12 daysdetails
kezza12 days500mg of amoxycillin 3 times a day for a week. i think that damn infection in my lungs is dead. still gotta get rid of all the shit left behinddetails
CoachingEnduranc12 daysjust rest and nyquil'd it to death.details
vyc12 daysparacetamol for couple days, no sauna/pool, natural recovery. p.s. didn't stop training nor racing..details
CathW12 daysdetails
capt'n smythie12 daysdetails
Basa12 daysI finished my antibiotics experience and feel much better, but I will see after hard trainning work details
Sian12 daysTook a long time to get over........lots of rest needed, but still feel it lingering ever so slightly!details
arg12 daysStill coughing with exertion, but I'm feeling a lot better. details
capt'n smythie12 daysdetails
Ptr12 daysdetails
Julia (old log)12 daysdetails
SteveT12 daysdetails
bcvlj12 daysZpak cured me.details
O-runner12 daysdetails
Ptr12 daysdetails
Friday12 daysdetails
Katherine12 daysgetting the right antibio's first time round would have helped, also completely resting rather than going to school still no idea what caused it, just bad luck i guessdetails
MikeMc12 daysdetails
jgreen12 daysfinally got over it only to strain a calf. that what you get for not exercising for 2 weeks and then racing without a proper warmupdetails
mrsb12 daysdetails
RichB12 daysdetails
eoinmcc12 daysdetails
katieinnit12 daysdetails
steph_lawrie12 daysNo idea what was wrong but I felt better with time and a few extra rest days.details
jys12 daysdetails
Garrison12 daysdetails
K8RUNS12 daysdetails
kgluskie12 daysdetails
Jonas Detterfelt12 daysdetails
Rowan12 daysdetails
yakin12 daysdetails
Anna12 daysLearned how to nap/stay in bed when I'm tired! Apparently I'm spoiled by never getting sick, and it's a normal thing to get sick where you have to rest to get better.details
Tane12 daysdetails
Dooby12 daystime & restdetails
Fabiano12 days1 settimana riposo forzatodetails
tomik12 daysdetails
susan12 daysLaryngitis......details
o-pia13 daysdetails
PhilW13 daysMeds, steam inhalation,rest seemed to help, though it is still there a little bit.details
Morten13 daysdetails
K'lea13 daysdetails
nomiii13 daysrest rest restdetails
KPittman13 daysI went on a 10 day antibiotic and finally got rid of it after 10 days.details
eleanor13 daysdetails
Sian13 daysHeavy doses of penicillin and rest!!details
zippyturtle13 daysEvil Samosa in Delhi. details
jonnyq13 daysdetails
A.Child13 daysdetails
smoke13 daysdetails
leadweight13 daysnext time, don't get sick.details
Ernie_wise13 daysdetails
jgreen13 daysJust life.details
Charles.13 daysdetails
nmulder13 daysTurned out to be Leptospirosisdetails
balage13 daysdetails
Keith Iskiw13 daysdetails
Linear Ice13 daysdetails
lillFigge13 daysdetails
kwilliams13 daysdetails
windy12313 daysdetails
alirobertson13 daysdetails
Luca D.13 daysCon antibioticidetails
MCh13 daysdetails
susan13 daysdetails
chelsealuttrall13 daysI forgot to close this case. It eventually just slowly went away.details
NM13 daysdetails
chelsealuttrall13 daysI'm better! Was at 460 Airflow today and ran on the treadmill without a bunch of problems! I'm going to say I'm officially better and the lungs are pretty much healed!details
Rich13 daysdetails
Mark313 daysStopped training for a bit.details
vosvos13 daysdetails
Flakey13 daysdetails
mayer2213 daysAllergies?details
Bruce13 daysdetails
Dooby13 daysdetails
mjd13 daysdetails
RosieWatson13 daysdetails
Bags13 daysMostly over covid.details
Dooby13 daysdetails
TortoiseTam13 daysdetails
randy14 daysdoxycycline 200mg day 14 days, all rashes gone by day 10 details
barb14 daysdetails
Keith14 daysdetails
bcvlj14 daysTime healed these wounds. Need to check and see if any supplements can cause kidney stones.details
smoke14 daysdetails
lorrieq14 daysdetails
Marius14 daysMityba sutvarkius pagerejodetails
PhilW14 daysdetails
undy14 daysdetails
Dooby14 daysChest x-ray turned up nothing. So no idea what caused the thing. Can't blame dust as i've been exposed to that a lot in last few days when moving.details
chelsealuttrall14 daysI'm done with the migraines, but still having daily headaches. We'll say I'm recovered since migraines are done. getting bloodwork this week to see what's going on.details
posttrip14 daysStarted covering up month when going outside and drink more water/tea to keep self hydrated. details
arcticQn14 daysdetails
bill_l14 dayssome lingering tiredness, but feeling mostly better. much better than last week anyway.details
susan14 daysScratchy sore throat but happily never became a full-on cold. Work colleague caused it! Clearly hot whiskies cured it :) Rest VIP.details
blairtrewin14 daysdetails
BanjoLasse14 daysdetails
Renntier14 daysdetails
RHF14 daysdetails
Raz14 daysdetails
dkonotopetz14 daysdetails
Hanny14 daysdetails
andrew_elwood14 daysdetails
Möhkis14 daysdetails
Heather O14 daysCOVID-19. Took it easy but also had some family stress during the same fortnight which probably didn't help. details
Charlie14 daysFinally just dwindled away. Sore throat and mucus hung on a long time.details
Danny Riley14 daysdetails
Fatjeff15 daysNot sure what caused it, maybe flying to Scoland then Lake District then CST. Rest alone seemed to help recovery. Must remember to take things easy now for a bit.details
errolpit15 daysdetails
hazdog15 daysdetails
ganderson15 daysdetails
JonD15 dayssymptoms seem to have gone away for nowdetails
Dooby15 daysdetails
Durendal15 daysBorrelia. Penicillin and rest. Remove tick faster and better.details
Nadim15 daysWaiting it out, getting better food, and getting rest. details
RockHEART15 daysdetails
A damp otter15 daysdetails
Hanabanana15 daysdetails
jeram.osebno15 daysdetails
Spongey15 daysjust took time to get out of my chestdetails
TommyH15 daysdetails
bealaw15 daysThere wasn't anyway to heal my voice, patience is needed. drink more water might help? For bronchitis, rest is a must. details
camd15 daysdetails
Nathan15 daysdetails
Trailrat15 daysTime- still energy swings going on for a while but closing this out now.details
rozsdi15 daysdetails
Kas16 daysdetails
Oxoman16 daysdetails
Nadim16 days14 days of antibiotics twice a day knocked out the lack of energy though as of July 15, I still have some occasional phlegm. I'm feeling good enough so I'll call it cured. details
noRa16 daysdetails
Katherine16 daysrest details
CathW16 daysdetails
skyhigh16 daysdetails
undy16 daysTook it easy and away it wentdetails
steveny16 daysdetails
abiperk16 daysdetails
abiperk16 daysdetails
O-ing16 daysLost voice 16-18 Dec. 2 negative RATS.details
mat-d17 dayssemi recovered - got a bit of a cough still but its ok.details
Fran-man17 daysdetails
bcvlj17 daysHad n/d/f/c and HA but all resolved today. Only PND from allergies with mild cough.details
Keith17 daysDonät move to sweden. Antibiotics, and a long period of rest.details
Loopy Lou17 daysdetails
Becks17 daysdetails
o'man17 daystime...details
MuddyFox17 daysdetails
BP17 daysdetails
alirobertson17 daysdetails
chelsealuttrall17 days Done with the antibiotics and endured the resultant diarrhea, and now I don't have a sinus infection...and now I see the noticeable difference between no vs. sinus infection.details
O Steve!17 dayswaited it was mild....details
mmace17 daysdetails
ChristieCo17 daysdetails
Fabiano17 days2 settimane riposo forzatodetails
philm6417 daysTime, rest, patience, resignation. What else? details
haydensmith17 daysAfter a visit to the ER I got some medications which helped over the next couple days. A couple days off the medications I went through a bit of a relapse, but after that all was good. I think this was especially bad, as it was third in a strong of illness over the winter and I didn't get the chance to fully recover.details
Craig18 daysdetails
vandy661618 daysTime of the year with the kids going back to school. Need more rest. details
SteveT18 daysdetails
ba-ba18 daysdetails
daveabrams18 daysdetails
Zan18 daysdetails
mm-ha18 daysdetails
Andrew18 daysdetails
Rhesus18 daysdetails
Malla18 daysdetails
CarlEdmo18 daysMy body finally kicked it out hahadetails
kmor18 daysdetails
Tullster18 daysdetails
db18 daysPicked this up at the Ras, took lots of rest, think I just had to wait it out...details
zach18 daysdetails
Alistair W18 daysdetails
Thibaut18 daysdetails
katieinnit18 daysdetails
Garry18 daysdetails
ba-ba18 daysdetails
torbensfunk18 daysdetails
bishop2218 days2 weeks of antibiotics, but still some lingering back/hip pain on the right side which is unusual.details
Eerola18 daysdetails
Ezy19 daysdetails
errolpit19 daysdetails
vito19 daysdetails
Basa19 daysNot suredetails
T - runner19 daysdetails
smoke19 daysdetails
LeeVice19 daysdetails
Ralph19 daysdetails
Torzi19 daysdetails
LuT19 daysdetails
jys19 daysVila, nässkölj, kortisonnässpray, tryckutjämningdetails
Dooby19 daysdetails
Geiler OLer19 daysdetails
Fabiano19 days2 settimane di riposo forzato + 1 settimana convalescenzadetails
Becks20 daysSpent a week doing lots of walking and lots of sleeping and finally feel much better, record of one six hour sleep during the day and still one full night sleep! Ran on the 1st August and legs felt stiff but don't feel unwell afterwards. Guess I was just totally whacked and stressed.details
Sid20 daysOne rest day with extra sleep did the trick. HR back to 48 so likely okay.details
pcbrent20 daysdetails
daedalus20 daysdetails
lillFigge20 daysdetails
kate20 daysdetails
Stijn20 daysdetails
rowdyresa20 daysdetails
ken20 daysdetails
pi20 daysdetails
jemmerson20 daysdetails
klaruska20 daysProbably because of the end of exams and return home. details
jaxe20 daysdetails
mayer2220 daysdetails
Ollie21 daysViral/stress related. Having recovered from symptoms after 10 days, continued to feel weak for 3 weeks after so did no training. Pleasantly suprised to find my fitness level had not declined much. Also delighted that I'll be able to finish off the season OK, having missed 3 weekends of races, including the British Championships and CompassSport Cup qualifiers. 7 days off work, 4 races missed.details
DragonFly21 daysWent to see the doctor after several weeks, but it was just a bad dry cough that needed to run it's course.details
nlewiswalls21 daysI think it just needed time to work itself out of my system...I feel much better now, although now I feel pretty weak from about 3 weeks of limited activity, and I've lost about ten pounds.details
weegie21 daysdetails
Spongey21 daysdetails
easy-rider21 daysSurgery & time to heal.details
LarryC21 daysdetails
NSAR21 daysdetails
bishop2221 daysAntibiotics for three weeksdetails
phatty21 daysdetails
Flight21 daysdetails
inTIMidator21 daysdetails
sjreeve21 daysNo idea! The ROTG didn't help, but initial pains and aches had eased. Interrupted sleep really didn't help, some days I felt mentally but not physically exhausted. Actually don't think I had a full chest infection. Prognosis wasn't helped by a locum doctor who thought I'd brought something back from Nepal and India.details
jcolleran21 daysdetails
GRennie21 daysdetails
silje21 daysdetails
Flatfoot22 daysantibiotics (heavy duty ones). details
Hedis22 daysdetails
RachL22 dayschildren and forcing myself into work when they are still germy.... not ideal. would have recovered quicker if my job didnt require me to talk so muchdetails
theshadow23 daysHave no idea what it could have been...details
lorrieq23 daysdetails
Coach P23 daysdetails
CarlEdmo23 daysdetails
inTIMidator23 daysdetails
Hoog9423 daysdetails
pi23 daysdetails
Whitesheep23 daysdetails
Marc B24 daysNeti pot every day might prevent. Dehydration a factor in cause. Sleep deficiency. Happy to have recovered without antibiotics.details
Munter Hitch24 daysdoc helped should have seen him earlier to get helpdetails
Rich24 daysA long hard race.details
CarlEdmo24 daysdetails
Elvis24 daysdetails
troll feet24 dayswaiting - the odd rasp but relatively ok. Lets see what the working week brings in the officedetails
ernst24 daysDoxycycline for 3 weeks. Took many "rest" days. details
EricNorris25 daysdetails
TrailNRG25 daysDrugs & rest.details
AliS25 daysdetails
skyhigh25 daysdetails
skarabrae25 daysdetails
Colin B25 daysGO TO THE DOCTORdetails
tomik25 daysdetails
HiipiväHirvi25 daysdetails
mayer2225 daysdetails
PhilW26 daysdetails
flyfinn26 daysdetails
mikee26 daysAfter finishing with antibiotics it took another couple week until I felt good again.details
Ernie_wise26 daysdetails
Shrek26 daysPari lähes oireetonta päivää takana, joten uskallan julistaa toivutuksi. Maitohappobakteerien suosituksiin nähden kolminkertainen määrä saattoi auttaa? Ensi kerralla vedenpuhdistustabletit on must. Tai Katadynin filtteri, mutta ei taida kukkaro kestää...details
iansmith26 daysLots of rest. A visit to the doctor concluded that the ailment was likely viral (and distinctly not streptococcus), but only rest and copious fluids seemed to help. Drugs were almost useless. The illness did take a long time to remit and abate.details
iansmith26 daysCompleted a 21 day course of doxycycline; symptoms disappeared after the first five days. The doxycycline aggravated my stomach, particularly later in the course, but I persevered. Going to the doctor early was very helpful, as I don't think the symptoms would have abated without antibiotics. OTC drugs were helpful when I was trying to sleep. details
Purko26 daysdetails
Fabiano26 days2 settimane riposo non totale, durato più a lungo del solito forse per questo motivodetails
tdgood27 daysanti biotics. Doxycicline or something like that.details
jjcote27 daysGradually faded away, with some residual stomach pain, especially after sitting too long, but the rest of the GI symptoms seem to be gone.details
tomik27 daysdetails
undy27 daysThink it was the same bug that the Stix-Marshes had. details
Hobitas27 daysdetails
nickm27 daysdetails
seanh27 daysdetails
TommyH27 daysdetails
Reiver27 daysTreated with antibioticsdetails
RosieWatson27 daysdetails
kokonda27 daysdetails
Beacon28 daysdetails
mmace28 daysdetails
TonyShaw28 daysdetails
arg28 daysStill having some lung issues with exertion. Will attempt light spinning tonight/tomorrow. details
gwilliams28 daysdetails
Torzi28 daysI think I have finally kicked it... But going to keep it away by not ever drinking much this term, VNFWL and sleeeeep.details
cbruski28 daysTypical flu bug. Got tested for COVID on Oct 10 to make sure, but it was negative :)details
DragonFly29 daysJust taking meds and waiting it out.details
Daneo29 daysDrink lots of fluids, take a lot of pills and definitely rest.details
salal29 daysdetails
helehan29 daysdetails
MVB29 daysdetails
KingTim30 daysAfter a week went to Dr, gave me 250mg Penicillin for 7 days. No effect. Back to Dr, gave me 500mg Penicillin. No change until the very last day when the pain went, but tonsils still red, swollen and covered in white spots. 4-5 days later pain came back. Phoned Dr, told me it's viral not bacterial and I should just sit it out. Eventually after just over a month I think I can safely say it's gone. details
KingTim30 daysdetails
liv30 daysless stressdetails
connorc43230 daysAdvil, sleep and netflix.details
Eerola30 daysdetails
Salinda30 daysdetails
MMaxwell31 daysdetails
Julia (old log)31 daysdetails
cmorse31 daysnot really recovered - but new antibiotics kicking in that theres a noticeable improvement quality of life.details
Jess31 daysdetails
CleverSky31 daysNewer figured out the root cause of this. I took a course of antibiotics (doxycycline), though I never tested positive for anything that would have helped with. Everybody has a theory, but none quite fit the observations.details
Fondeur31 daysdetails
connyletta32 dayskine 3details
K'lea32 daysOverall run down and very tired if the amount of sleeping is anything to go by. Bring on the summer holsdetails
cmorse32 daysstill on A/B's, but symptoms mostly resolved, except both knees still quite achy, though no longer visibly swollen.details
DWildfogel32 daysThe antiviral really kept the shingles from getting bad. Was mostly just annoying.details
Black_Knight33 daysZinc Lozenges, Steam with Eucalyptus oil, LOTS of vitamin C, and plenty of rest.details
CathW33 daysGradually got better by itself. IV cyclizine stopped the worst of the symptoms initially (worth the palpitations) in hospital, but oral made no difference.details
Vaala33 daysdetails
daveabrams33 daysdetails
KingTim33 daysdetails
zazibrennan33 daysdetails
Ernie_wise33 daysdetails
kido33 daysdetails
sal.34 daysdetails
acejase34 daysdebacle. no idea what caused it. maybe running too quickly when virus ending contributed to bronchitis/sinusitisdetails
Becks34 daysdetails
00734 daysdetails
GRennie34 daysdetails
SteveT35 daysdetails
Becky35 daysdetails
Dooby35 daysThis thing went on a while. Ended up getting pulmonary function tests done for a consultant and a second chest x-ray. Pulmonary function of 127%. Consulant gave me a nasal spray to help me breath more though my nose. A course of anti-biotics for a month was mentioned, not happening, and also mention of a scope going down to have a look for mucus. He also suggested I might be anxious after all the year i've had so far, maybe he's right!details
db35 daysNo apparent reason, was winding down for end of season, maybe bad luck.details
schnitzer35 daysdetails
susan35 daysLaryngitis AGAINdetails
LittleBit36 daysdetails
jsjöberg36 daysHelt plötsligt försvann allting över en dag. Intressant.details
pi37 daysdetails
Marius37 daysdetails
furlong4737 daysdetails
Treb37 daysdetails
noken37 daysdetails
smoke38 dayslungs at about 80%details
null39 daysallergy season is just about over. still a bit of asthmadetails
McCloy39 daysI'm off the tablets, so I have to take another visit to the doc.details
Frostbite40 daysI don't seem to be getting any problems now. Maybe because I stopped eating crisps, maybe because I started taking Taurine supplements, and maybe it would have gone away by itself like it has done before. No doubt it will come back again before long.details
joch5541 daysdetails
matti.41 daysdetails
swbkrun42 daysdetails
SteveT42 daysdetails
Knutern9742 daysJeg er ikke helt ferdig med det her, men skal nok kunne begynne å trene igjendetails
philm6442 daysAfter being in denial for first week, had to rest, but got worse, was off work for an entire week (week 3); huge resting & pacing meant back to work gently. Mallorcan trip wasn't easy, but on return, I seemed fine & have remained so. 6 weeks sick A really close call & a really lucky escape. details
Arlaharen43 daysdetails
prez ret44 daysdetails
Linas44 daysdetails
xctimo45 daysstill feel like garbage but don't need to advertise that anymore..details
Useless Fool45 daysdetails
RosieWatson46 daysSleep!details
Rhesus46 daysdetails
AliC47 daysdetails
O Steve!47 daysdetails
niamh47 daysdetails
Flakey48 daysdetails
mariaamaya50 daysdetails
TommyH50 daysDon’t know - over trained??? details
Bomb51 daysdetails
skyhigh53 daysdetails
Bruce54 daysChest x-ray, followed by 2 courses of antibiotics which gradually took effect.details
SimonB54 daysdetails
Work4justice54 daysdetails
Freeheelpete54 daysSeems to have lasted the requisite 6 weeks for a virus.details
ken55 daysStill don’t know what this was. Germs? Stress? Gut dysbiosis?details
Ezy56 daysdetails
cmorse57 daysdefinitive Lyme symptoms diminished, remaining ones could just be lack of training or other side effects. Going on A/B holiday as of 15 Aug & will see how I fare. Also doing a restart on regular training. If symptoms return I will restart A/Bs (have plenty)details
TIM0N58 daysdetails
philm6458 daysTime & pacing & pulling back when brain fog started - hard and trying but I got there .details
Jacko59 daysdetails
Katrin H59 daysdetails
freddie59 daysrusten rusten rusten en zoals het cliché zegt: naar je lichaam luisteren..details
GRennie60 daysdetails
Stevek61 daysdetails
britty32761 daysdetails
cmorse61 daysLong term aches, fatigue and weakness persisted until May 2019. Acute symptoms abated by Aug 2018 although arthritic symptoms noted at Anchor Down 24 hour in August. LT PLDS... IV Cefuroxamine for 4 weeks in April/May 2019. Also looking into stating induced muscle pain, UCONN study Fall 2019details
Ollie64 daysTake stress a lot more seriously, it can be extremely debilitating if not careful.details
FernWerm64 daysdetails
Whitesheep68 dayscame from launching into some hard work during & too soon after a head cold.details
ShadowCaster68 daysdetails
boyle68 daysdetails
Ralph68 daysdetails
A.Le Coq69 daysdetails
Tane72 daysdetails
Daneo73 daysdetails
undy73 daysTake the recovery easy - should have been about 5/6 weeks, but turned into 10 weeks.details
rcro73 daysdetails
Anna73 daysIron supplements, also following up with doctors/changing doctors when they didn't want to give/interpret ferritin tests without low hemoglobin. (I might've also had some post-viral stuff at some point too--not sure.) Also made an effort to rest and gave extra attention to sleep habits and hydration.details
annanisi77 daysI was really careful concerning Covid and anyway I got infected. Bad luck and not much you can do about it apart from being patient...details
3m79 daysSurgery details
A.Le Coq79 daysdetails
Eerola79 daysdetails
fitless82 daysdetails
levitin82 daysThird course of antibiotics (zithromycin) plus cough suppressant was effective.details
Freeheelpete82 daysdetails
ken82 daysdetails
bill_l83 daysFinished antibiotics. Okd to start training again. Still really tired by end of day.details
AliC83 daysdetails
LuT88 daysdetails
Flakey88 daysdetails
justus89 daysdetails
ahiahikunn90 daysdetails
Gilou91 daysdetails
steveny92 daysdetails
Ralph95 daysdetails
Fat Rat97 daysdetails
vosvos100 daysdetails
jouni55101 daysdetails
bdunn103 daysThird blood test is in and numbers are back in line. Still unsure of the cause.details
koalakeeya103 daysdetails
Katherine107 daysticked recovered but still comes back sometimes, much much better than it used to be though, nobody knows what it was possibly some stress related thing but had tests for lymes (negative) , could also be something else that started from my tonsilitis like post viral ? nobody knows reallydetails
Erik 110 daysdetails
Cath116 daysdetails
Tommy H118 daysdetails
Becks125 daysI don't think it was the marathon itself, it was my whole lifestyle, but the adrenaline of the marathon kept me going. Once that was done and I relaxed...bang. Not enough sleep, too much running around Edinburgh in the evenings and eating at weird times. Needed to focus on me more, be more selfish about my training. I think it has worked!details
Julia (old log)126 daysdetails
Bomb142 daysbad reaction to some medication. took 6 months for the docs to figure it out. details
A.Le Coq146 daysdetails
Phil_bj149 daysdetails
philm64152 daysTime, rest, giving up, pacing, rest, ivabradine, resting, pacing, giving up, deciding that your can't fight so you should quit. No one fights CFS and beats it. You give up for your best chance. See my compasssport article. And this.
LuisNogueira156 daysdetails
loefaas162 daysdetails
cmorse162 daysAs of mid December, after a laundry list of medications which I'm still on, itching and associated symptoms have steadily declined to the point where what itching I do have is more of a periodic nuisance. So calling is resolved at this point although I suspect I'll continue on meds for a while - don't see the doctor again until January to reassess.details
Eliot164 daysOver training, too many endurance races in one year, not eating properly. Recovery - be a bum.details
JonasB166 daysdetails
CathW169 daysA consistent course of treatment that continues well after symptoms resolve seems to prevent reoccurrence. Fingers crossed!details
Rich171 daysDoxycyclinedetails
michalmy176 daysChemotherapy (3+3+3+6 days), Mabthera (3 sessions), stem cell harvest/retransplant, hospital (3 weeks), rest (6 months off work). Lost 12kg (17%) in weight.details
Adrian Hamouda181 daysdetails
ah188 daysdetails
Hoog94188 daysI have been on steroids, anti-spasmodics and anti-nausea tablets and am now off all except the latter two if my symptoms get severe. I have also started an elimination diet whereby I test all foods individually to see if they cause sensitivities. I am staying gluten free as that seems to have caused major issues and am still unsure about dairy....elimination diet continues...details
philm64190 daysGave up and rested, gave up eveyrthing. Took 3-4 months, then 2 months slowly getting back into stuff with a few setbacks along the way. postviral illness is devastating. the end. details
cmorse197 days{Lyme Disease} probably not recovered, but most symptoms in remission on current antibiotics, fatigue not as persistent. Calling it recovered for now, but may reactivate if symptoms relapsedetails
Rich205 daysdetails
MVB205 daysdetails
Tailend Tim210 daysMostly better. Still a bit slow across the board - maybe from lack of training more than anything. Just a bit weak feeling but not stopping me doing anything anymore.details
philm64252 days6 months rest from enduro sport? I had given up. Now what...... details
Boje270 daysdetails
Geoman274 daysdetails
@nj@277 daysdetails
Rosenstiel278 daysEventually diagnosed as chronic sinusitis and put on anithistamine for a month. Drank 3 litres water a day, did no exercise, drank no alcohol for a month. Seems to have done the trick!details
tomtom285 daysdetails
Hanzie287 daysdetails
Geoman301 daysdetails
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ColmM372 daysRunning streak. achilles put an end to it + the fact that I had done the full 2017.details
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Loopy Lou536 daysdetails
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CHARLIE-B1137 daysSeems to have completely receded, but wonder if it was the precursor to another condition.details
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