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Flu (Sick)

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Average recovery time: 11 days

Recorded Instances

luroednes-118 daysdetails
Pablova-26 daysdetails
AVikingRunner-18 daysThe best thing to do was to rest, and I recovered quite quickly! details
P-3 daysdetails
A.Le Coq0 daysWarm drinking.details
pcbrent0 daysdetails
Sarge0 daysSleeeeeeeep and aguadetails
MDeVoll0 daysrest, Mucinex, cough medicine, and Tylenol.details
E. Oberholtzer0 daysdetails
jcbarask0 daysdetails
bealaw0 daysDrank hot lemon triple time details
Eerola0 daysdetails
Dalton0 daysdetails
gabor1 daysdetails
El Chucko1 daysdetails
cedde1 daysdetails
MattH1 daysdetails
falcon1 daysdetails
Kez1 daysjust short term thing from a late nightdetails
vyc1 daysstomach flu. very nice and short :)details
easy-rider1 daysToo many colleagues at work carrying flu. Need more recovery time/sleep.details
A.Le Coq1 daysdetails
kwruck1 daysdetails
wilsmith1 daysNo idea. Likely a bug from work - it's flu season, after all.details
nosnhoj1 daysdetails
darryn1 daysdetails
Cambas1 daysno training and 12 hours of sleepdetails
Chatty1 daysdetails
game.boy1 daysdetails
ColmM1 daysrest daydetails
olle711 daysdetails
jusbet1 daysdetails
Nadim1 daysRest and then running seemed to help clear it out. details
All-in1 daysdetails
j-man1 daysdetails
xctimo1 daysdetails
Jeeb1 daysGot a bunch of sleep both during the day and at night. That really helped.details
Sarge1 daysTime and water.details
xctimo1 daysdetails
AngrySeagull1 daysdetails
Luca D.1 daysdetails
DaveO1 daysdetails
karenmckirdy1 daysdetails
ironmom1 daysdetails
ShadowCaster1 daysdetails
Flight1 daysdetails
Meli1 daysdetails
jrock1 daysdetails
xctimo1 daysdetails
piero1 daysRest.details
xctimo1 daysdetails
Dalton1 daysdetails
Pieter1 daysdetails
Eerola1 daysdetails
xctimo1 daysdetails
daedalus1 daysdetails
All-in1 daysdetails
phil1 daysdetails
phil1 daysGing so schnell wie's kam. details
Pieter1 daysdetails
Marxine1 daysdetails
Brentman1 daysRESTdetails
niamh1 daysdetails
mood1 daysdetails
Aippa1 daysdetails
Aippa1 daysdetails
Aippa1 daysdetails
Aippa1 daysdetails
Aippa1 daysdetails
Aippa1 daysdetails
JCallender1 daysdetails
kPa1 daysdetails
HA_Training1 daysdetails
Aippa1 daysdetails
MCh1 daysTravelling to Skopje with open windows in the car :( not by my will! Sitting in a room with a climate!details
Niamhunter1 daysdetails
kPa1 daysdetails
Dalton1 daysdetails
jouni551 daysdetails
ShadowCaster1 daysdetails
olebaath1 daysdetails
Fabiano1 daysUn pò di riposo dagli allenamentidetails
PVA1 daysdetails
Nadim2 daysdetails
Sudden2 daysdetails
penungu2 daysdetails
Nadim2 daysRest, sleep.details
IndyBass2 daysFeeling much better today (Tuesday). Will go in to work late today. Still a bit paranoid about eating, but that comes with the territory with this kind of flu. Dropped three pounds.details
easy-rider2 daysNeed more rest after a tough marathon race to restore immune systemdetails
PFO2 daysdetails
rangermike2 daysdetails
Lieke2 daysdetails
olle712 daysdetails
kurthu2 daysdetails
Grafaz2 daysdetails
Mini Turbo2 daysdetails
cmpbllj2 daysdetails
kwruck2 daysdetails
xctimo2 daysSlept all day on the 7th (Well.. maybe 19 of 24hrs..)details
Dalen2 daysdetails
Cory Smith2 daysdetails
Ryan Perovich2 daysdetails
dersu2 daysdetails
Moldy2 daysAm finely feeling better, now can start to train properly. details
TonyShaw2 daysdetails
RobMulder2 daysdetails
All-in2 daysdetails
hagi2 daysdetails
hagi2 daysdetails
ryder2 daysdetails
Shrek2 daysdetails
fp2 daysdetails
All-in2 daysdetails
Desmond2 daysdetails
JesseHagberg2 daysA quite aggressive flu was going around. I lost about 4 lbs. Time took care of this one.details
mmace2 daysdetails
PhilW2 days24 hour bug?details
mmace2 daysdetails
All-in2 daysdetails
andyrq12 daysdetails
Sanni2 daysdetails
Sarge2 daysdetails
quickchick2 daysdetails
All-in2 daysBasic my flu (I hope), no fever and really short. At morning feeling normaldetails
AngrySeagull2 daysdetails
RJM2 daysRestdetails
J Anderson2 daysdetails
Luca D.2 daysdetails
jake2 daysdetails
Sergey2 daysTry to avoid contacts in airports and planes. Wash hands more frequently.details
ClaireThompson2 daysdetails
Skid1852 daysdetails
RosKalle2 daysdetails
yukongiraffe2 daysdetails
Pieter2 daysdetails
schoebi872 daysdetails
mizbiz2 daysdetails
Dalton2 daysdetails
kdlette2 daysPicked up some kind of bug - needed to rest & just let the fever break. Energy is picking back up - appetite somewhat.details
Anvil2 daysdetails
Timopietari2 daysdetails
GrrrBear2 daysCaught it off partner!details
Rantahakala2 daysKova yskä ja ankea flunssainen olo.details
Schweigerjonas2 daysdetails
Meli2 daysdetails
grigork2 daysdetails
Trailrat2 daysTimedetails
Useless Fool2 daysdetails
JuhaM2 daysdetails
FINIsh2 daysdetails
kookoo2 daysdetails
Lavigaattori2 daysdetails
luciaire2 daysdetails
niamh2 daysdetails
ShaunTheSheep2 daysdetails
kookoo2 daysdetails
JuhaM2 daysdetails
All-in2 daysdetails
Ebeitz2 daysI blame Maxi, well really her brother who got her sick in the first place. details
Möhkis2 daysdetails
bealaw2 daysI went to see the doctor and ate a bit of his medicine. I always forgot to eat them on time lol but the main thing was I slept a lot. and I sweat a lot. Must wipe away the sweat. and then I am recovered. this is due to waste excrete from body as sweat. details
ShadowCaster2 days Jukola crud. - travel & two nights with limited sleep. details
Veijo2 daysdetails
lowees2 daysdetails
joni2 daysdetails
Useless Fool2 daysdetails
joni2 daysdetails
Ptr2 daysTyp vilade och tog en extra dag lugnt för att äta upp mig igen.details
scoutsam2 days36 hr stomach flu - no idea how to prevent itdetails
kPa2 daysdetails
Trailrat2 days2 days off--- Timedetails
xcman822 daysdetails
cbruski2 daysVirus.details
jouni552 daysdetails
olgajp2 daysskolsko virusi i re tanko odjevanje-uzrok no sad su (24.9.) jos neki. raz bolesni pa je to normalnodetails
antoniomariani2 daysdetails
tomik2 daysdetails
joni2 daysdetails
andrew_elwood2 daysdetails
jouni552 daysdetails
vvenetjoki2 daysdetails
vvenetjoki2 daysdetails
Möhkis2 daysdetails
guerfondler2 daysdetails
ronaldo2 daysGot plenty of sleep and took a day off training. Maybe it was just accumulated tiredness but I did feel a bit fluey. details
palkarakai2 daysdetails
Luca D.2 daysFebbre andata via dopo 24 oredetails
Ari-o2 daysNoro sucks, but at least short term. Back to eating food. Managed not to get too dehydrated.details
Terkelsen2 daysSe menikin nopsaan ohi.details
antoniomariani2 daysdetails
ihelgesen3 daysdetails
kylamonkey3 daysUmmm... I think I was just sea-sick from using the rowing machine and staring at the TV at the gym, located right overtop the machine. It makes me feel really nauseous.details
Lieke3 daysdetails
arg3 daysdetails
Runodk3 daysdetails
Niels-Peter3 daysdetails
inuksuk3 daysdetails
Lieke3 daysdetails
rdlesko3 days3 hard days in 5 may have lowered immunity. Must be very careful with hand washing and exposing myself to infection when training hard.details
Kez3 daysdetails
Lieke3 daysdetails
dersu3 daysdetails
Siiri3 daysdetails
kwruck3 daysdetails
revy3 daysdetails
Runodk3 daysdetails
Morg-TO3 daysdetails
dkonotopetz3 daysdetails
AngrySeagull3 daysFeeling a lot better today. Back to training tomorrow! details
me!3 daysdetails
Old_Fox3 daysOn thursday spent the day in bed and Friday was (in the morning) quite relaxed.details
acejase3 daysno wisdom - just waited and sweated it out.details
xctimo3 daysdetails
HansE3 daysdetails
neillbarton3 daysdetails
Terkelsen3 daysdetails
Shaya3 daysdetails
CleverSky3 daysdetails
Nev-Monster3 daysdetails
Hämis3 daysdetails
Miikka3 daysdetails
JaxonRickel3 daysidkdetails
salal3 daysdetails
samppa3 daysdetails
gogirlgo3 days1 week prior of of bad nutrition and crappy <5 hr sleeps .details
RockHEART3 daysdetails
jusbet3 daysdetails
PKK3 daysdetails
mmace3 daysdetails
hkleaf3 daysGlad to have caught it early on and treated it with proper drugs and rest. details
Veijo3 daysdetails
Mr O-memes3 daysdetails
Miikka3 daysdetails
AngrySeagull3 daysdetails
TerhiSR3 daysdetails
piero3 daysRest.details
Timopietari3 daysdetails
peksi3 daysIf you rave 3 days in a row, don't try to do training like on a normal week.details
tommi3 daysdetails
jusbet3 daysdetails
kookoo3 daysdetails
Rainbow Unicorn3 daysRest!details
Veli Pulsa3 daysdetails
landiegreyling3 daysdetails
forsbergskan3 daysdetails
Geoman3 daysdetails
aireyb3 daysrest and fluidsdetails
yolomolo3 daysdetails
Pieter3 daysdetails
Veijo3 daysdetails
Luca D.3 daysraffreddore e tosse in miglioramento, sintomi febbrili esauritidetails
Torio3 daysdetails
MasjaV3 daysdetails
Sarge3 daysdetails
fabiomars3 daysdetails
Lavigaattori3 daysdetails
Steve R3 daysdetails
Pellervo3 daysdetails
MatthewParton3 daysdetails
Timopietari3 daysdetails
Sergey3 daysdetails
OJ3 daysdetails
johannesh3 daysdetails
0073 dayswhilst aching and feverish there is nothing to do except REST! details
mrs.nosnhoj3 daysdetails
Rainbow Unicorn3 daysRan its course. details
B&B3 daysdetails
Hero3 daysdetails
fp3 daysdetails
Trailrat3 daysLots of restdetails
hughmac43 days90% better, enough.details
JuhaM3 daysdetails
Nddtkle3 daysdetails
Veijo3 daysdetails
Möhkis3 daysdetails
sajmoen3 daysSova mycket. Hålla sig vilande även i vaken tid. details
Jagge3 daysdetails
bendover3 daysdetails
HansE3 daysdetails
firbanator3 daysdetails
Clone3 daysdetails
Malla3 daysdetails
LL3 daysdetails
Hero3 daysdetails
trevorb3 daysdetails
Eerola3 daysdetails
pi3 daysdetails
Veijo3 daysdetails
LL3 daysdetails
phil3 days48h Grippe.details
HA_Training3 daysdetails
Veijo3 daysdetails
lowees3 daysdetails
Charlie3 daysSome kind of virus, I guess. Just had to wait it out. Extremely tired, upset stomach, headache, stuffed up. But it more or less went away.details
Veijo3 daysdetails
Veijo3 daysdetails
Väiski3 daysdetails
piero3 daysdetails
JCallender3 daysdetails
piero3 daysdetails
sajmoen3 daysVila, vätska och alla medicinerdetails
HA_Training3 daysdetails
jouni553 daysdetails
HA_Training3 daysdetails
jouni553 daysdetails
susiethebear3 daysdetails
Trailrat3 daysdetails
Eoghan3 daysdetails
kookoo3 daysdetails
Flakey3 daysdetails
Desmond3 daysdetails
Eerola3 daysmeni itsekseen pois ja sunnuntaina alkoi olemaan parempi olo ja maanantain pystyi jo liikkumaan.details
Eki3 daysdetails
hughmac43 daysI / A every two hours and massive salty/sugary hydration for the win! details
Mark33 daysdetails
aleksirytkonen3 daysdetails
kPa3 daysdetails
TommyH3 daysdetails
pi3 daysdetails
tomik3 daysdetails
jima3 daysdetails
Richi Ross3 daysdetails
Richi Ross3 daysdetails
noor.s3 daysdetails
jima3 days~ 24 hours of sore all over - hard to sleep at night. Long naps during the day helped. Alternating aspirin and tylenol every 2-3 hours helped. details
annanisi3 daysdetails
aleksirytkonen3 daysdetails
jwolff4 daysdetails
Nev-Monster4 daysLots of rest and sleep.details
Nev-Monster4 daysdetails
Nev-Monster4 daysdetails
icebear4 daysdetails
jima4 daysRest. Would have helped to take a few days off from work.details
Sca1ey4 daysdetails
zoolander4 daysdetails
slauenstein4 daysdetails
HansE4 daysHar hatt virus på rundtur i kroppen....details
V.B.4 daysdetails
BanjoLasse4 daysdetails
Sanni4 daysdetails
xctimo4 daysdetails
justwah4 daysdetails
bishop224 daysdetails
jrock4 daysdetails
Andrew4 daysDance course Monday night followed by two glasses of wine and a beer over the course of 4hrs, plus bad sleep, plus a couple of hectic training sessions on Tuesday. Wednesday woke up feeling sniffley. Took it easy during the day - skipped training and such, but it did it stop me from going to the Ambassador's for dinner? More wine and lack of sleep. Still sniffley following day. Feeling better Friday, and couldn't resist going out with the nice company. Woke up Saturday morning with a fever, a...details
El Lukeo4 daysdetails
Desmond4 daysIt was probably not a flu. I had fever because of an inflammation at my teeth. 1.5 years ago i had the same problem and i needed antibioticum to solve the problem. I hope i'm recovered at the moment, but i'm not sure about it.details
grroes4 daysdetails
forsbergskan4 daysterrible! Alot of rest, and a calm start this time! Think it can be good.details
daedalus4 days???details
Mahuan!4 daysdetails
Miikka4 daysdetails
Jess4 daysdetails
Matikka4 daysdetails
Meli4 daysdetails
Dang4 daysdetails
labrat4 daysdetails
loudmansam4 daysGoing to say im more or less recovered. Just a little cough now. Wisdom for this one . . . dont live on res?????details
A Forseille4 daysdetails
hagi4 daysdetails
kwruck4 daysdetails
Nev-Monster4 daysdetails
acejase4 dayslots of rhinocortdetails
Hapardi4 daysdetails
NSAR4 daysdetails
Desmond4 daysdetails
Myyrä4 daysKoko perhe sairasti enemmän tai vähemmän että ei kai sille mitään ollu tehtävissä. Tiistai ja keskiviikko oli ikävimmät, mutta olin silti töissä eikä haitannu tautin nujertamista.details
Thoto4 daysdetails
Pellervo4 daysdetails
Sergey4 daysWith flu - just take it easy and wait through it.details
JuhaM4 daysdetails
tjansson4 daysdetails
gaffelman4 daysdetails
Veijo4 daysdetails
benmalby4 daysOver training!! take days off to recover..details
Sanni4 daysdetails
Juuso4 daysdetails
Timopietari4 daysdetails
Lieke4 daysdetails
Mitch784 daysdetails
Juuso4 daysdetails
Georgiou4 daysdetails
tomik4 daysdetails
kookoo4 daysdetails
hughmac44 daysdetails
EJ Teb4 daysdetails
jussip4 daysdetails
Ivano4 daysdetails
AliS4 daysdetails
Hämis4 daysdetails
Ptr4 daysdetails
kookoo4 daysLepodetails
Lavigaattori4 daysdetails
White Kenyan4 daysdetails
jleh4 daysdetails
Mal4 daysDr's, hospital and IV antibiotics!details
igor_4 daysdetails
ShadowCaster4 daysRest. Probably stayed out too late (too many beers), then got run-down with long snowshoe on Sunday.details
Jokuvaan4 daysdetails
Hämis4 daysdetails
Veijo4 daysdetails
walden4 daysI have not been dressing properly for the winter when I've gone out for runs / walked to work and i got the flu.. for winter 2015 I need gloves, scarf, hat and boots!details
kookoo4 daysdetails
Snoball4 daysdetails
JuhaM4 daysdetails
kirillapeti4 daysdetails
Hero4 daysdetails
Veijo4 daysdetails
trevorb4 daysdetails
Gooder4 daysdetails
Ellie_Evans4 daysdetails
kookoo4 daysdetails
SoRi4 daysIch habe definitiv reichlich geschlafen, was bei mir sonst normalerweise der Grund für Erkältungen oder ähnliches ist. Zuletzt war ich ohnehin lange nicht krank, da ich immer ordentlich geschlafen habe. Möglicherweise hat es mich aufgrund der gesteigerten Trainingsintensität erwischt, aber einen wirklichen Grund habe ich nicht gefunden.details
AliC4 daysdetails
Gytė4 daysdetails
Dalton4 daysdetails
JPN714 daysdetails
HiipiväHirvi4 daysdetails
@Paddy4 daysdetails
mmace4 daysdetails
DrKeith4 daysTime and paracetamol+Restdetails
Harrastelija4 daysdetails
LL4 daysdetails
Hero4 daysdetails
torbensfunk4 daysdetails
Desmond4 daysdetails
@nj@4 daysdetails
abiperk4 daysdetails
Hero4 daysdetails
HA_Training4 daysdetails
tomik4 daysdetails
firbanator4 daysdetails
Eerola4 daysdetails
Spongey4 daysdetails
redrider4 daysdetails
tompza4 daysdetails
tomik4 daysdetails
Mark34 daysI think this was a virus overlapping with a normal cold, cold probably weakened immune system or some such which meant I picked up a nasty virus that I wouldn't normally get. Luckily it didn't last too long.details
HiipiväHirvi4 daysdetails
ScottBailey4 daysdetails
ChristianeT4 daysdetails
Erik 4 daysdetails
Shingo4 daysdetails
jouni554 daysdetails
Eoghan4 daysdetails
JCallender4 daysdetails
Ellen19894 daysdetails
Hobitas4 daysdetails
schnitzer4 daysdetails
Erik 4 daysdetails
AdrianV4 daysdetails
Useless Fool4 daysdetails
Nev-Monster4 daysBody has recovered. details
Oskari Rannila4 daysdetails
tbl4 daysSovadetails
sofiawigle4 daysdetails
mikeeyer4 daysdetails
nmulder4 daysStomach flu of some type with vomiting, nausea, short mild fever, long-lasting headache and a hypoglycemic feel in the brain for the last few days. details
RimvydasA4 daysdetails
nmulder4 daysFlu like symptoms after a flu vaccination...details
merileija4 daysdetails
Sergey5 daysdetails
Atropos5 daysdetails
Bruce5 daysRest, little training, panadol.details
michelle5 daysdetails
gabor5 daysdetails
Nadim5 daysRest, sleep, sweat and Tamiflu (anti-flu medicine).details
cookjn5 daysRest helped recovery, going to crazy on the weekend prior must have made me prone to sicknessdetails
kezza5 daysdetails
acejase5 daystake it easy when getting sickdetails
Niels-Peter5 daysdetails
Eliot5 daysWhat caused it? Everyone else at work had it pretty hard not to get it. Recovery? Rested well this time im happy to spend 5 or six days not training. Previously I would have tried to push a few training sessions in. Maybe im getting wise.details
msm5 daysStill feel weak but at least I feel like I can train again. Throat is a little sore but managable. No more fever.details
olle715 daysdetails
mcourtin5 daysdetails
Mal5 daysdetails
A.Le Coq5 daysdetails
Lieke5 daysdetails
mlakelly5 daysdetails
Macca5 daysdetails
El Lukeo5 daysnot sickdetails
ev5 daysdetails
rune5 daysdetails
schnitzer5 daysdetails
tree5 daysAvoid Freshersdetails
Malla5 daysdetails
Sanni5 daysdetails
laurenstoot5 daysSleep, fluids, just rest. Was busy and not sleeping and therefore was more open to viruses.details
Nadim5 daysI stopped working out but was very busy at work. I didn't get as much sleep. Though I declare the flu over as of the 10th, I remained nasal drippy for many more days.details
mattrooke5 daysRested for a week and just let my body deal with it. Didn't run too well the weekend after though!details
ales.drahokoupil5 daysdetails
Nadim5 daysIt's not completely gone but I feel better for now. details
easy-rider5 daysdetails
bedders5 daysdetails
jackomedic5 daysdetails
marisolkate5 daysdetails
Malla5 daysdetails
Ptr5 daysdetails
Hämis5 daysdetails
salal5 daysdetails
dricks5 daysdetails
joch555 daysdetails
bdunn5 daysdetails
Terkelsen5 daysLepo. Ibusal. Sarvikuono nenän tukkoisuuden avaamiseen.details
Hämis5 daysdetails
vyc5 daysdetails
iansmith5 daysFluids and rest. The diagnosis was that the source of my aggravation was likely a gastrointestinal virus, but after two days of discomfort, the symptoms rapidly diminished in intensity. details
jpeters5 daysRest, elderberry juice, immune support, tea, nyquil, tylenol pm all seemed to helpdetails
nh5 daysdetails
slowphil5 daysAmoxycilin (10 days)details
Malla5 daysdetails
jgreen5 daysantibiotics worked - but slowly - still feeling unwell after a week. need to follow hard easy principle - no matter how god i feel!details
angleman5 daysdetails
Dr. Smith5 daysdetails
Try Athlete5 daysResolution:rest.details
Thoto5 daysdetails
Malla5 daysdetails
BIGpete5 days1 week off work for restdetails
joni5 daysdetails
mmace5 daysdetails
JonD5 daysjust rest, fluids, nasal decon, advil; since i am also injured there was no question of training through thisdetails
Hapardi5 daysdetails
Mess Engineer5 daysdetails
Ivano5 daysdetails
erikalnervik5 daysdetails
Nizkane5 daysdetails
Warti5 daysdetails
Pellervo5 daysdetails
easy-rider5 dayssleep, eat, wait...details
Veijo5 daysdetails
on-the-wave5 daysdetails
BIGpete5 daysRestdetails
kswinton5 daysdetails
Jagge5 daysdetails
kbreseman5 daysdetails
JonD5 daysRest; water intake; no running 3 days; vitamin c details
Hellomarci5 daysdetails
Pellervo5 daysdetails
iansmith5 daysLots of vomiting, tons of rest, plenty of fluids. I seemed to require an absurd amount of sleep - 18 hours on the first day, then as much as twelve for the next two or three - to recover. details
zeizei5 daysdetails
Rantahakala5 daysdetails
Jokuvaan5 daysdetails
Jammu5 daysdetails
loefaas5 daysdetails
afsheen5 daysdetails
Meli5 daysdetails
Ryan5 daysdetails
tomik5 daysdetails
mkoo5 daysdetails
nana5 daysdetails
Dehydrated5 daystook it easy - no choice. didn't race on sunday - too earlydetails
Lavigaattori5 daysdetails
JuhaM5 daysdetails
Hero5 daysdetails
Giuseppe5 daysdetails
ondrejpavlu5 daysdetails
PVA5 daysdetails
Veijo5 daysdetails
firbanator5 daysdetails
Chris985 daysFreshers Flu :(details
AliS5 daysdetails
Veijo5 daysdetails
Renntier5 daysdetails
niamh5 daysdetails
Terkelsen5 daysAntibioottikuuri ja lepo.details
Torzi Robinson5 daysdetails
pi5 daysdetails
sämi_k5 daysdetails
colesnotes5 daysdetails
sagybp5 daysdetails
Hero5 daysdetails
RosieWatson5 daysdetails
Flakey5 daysdetails
jouni555 daysdetails
Ptr5 daysInget speciellt.details
jolie5 daysdetails
duncanarcher5 daysdetails
Flakey5 daysdetails
simmo5 daysdetails
johannes roto5 daysdetails
koalakeeya5 daysdetails
DrKeith5 daysdetails
Veijo5 daysdetails
Oskari Rannila5 daysdetails
Nadim5 daysTime and rest seemed to fix this. I also went orienteering and that may have helped burn it out. details
antoniomariani5 daysdetails
Erik 5 daysdetails
antoniomariani5 daysdetails
johannes roto5 daysdetails
TortoiseTam5 daysdetails
AngusL5 daysdetails
tomik5 daysdetails
aleksirytkonen5 daysdetails
Ari-o5 daysMostly resolved by Thursday, but took until Saturday that I figured out that I kept having low level acid reflux and that was suppressing my appetite and energy level. Got some store-brand Tums candy, which helped immensely. details
tomik5 daysdetails
Runodk6 daysdetails
blegg6 daysdetails
eddys6 daysdetails
LilFlip6 daysLots of hydration, rest, and Vitamin C!details
DHemer6 daysdetails
DHemer6 daysdetails
Blaaz6 daysdetails
theshadow6 daysCause - tired from the heavy training week and busy work and there is lots of that going around. resolution- just gotta take the time. I hope I have given myself enough. details
bill_l6 daysgot it from William....details
Bambi on ice6 daysdetails
Vox6 daysDrugs, sleep, hydration.details
BradLund6 daysdetails
Miikka6 daysRestdetails
Ryan the Lion6 daysdetails
o-pia6 daysdetails
kmor6 daysdetails
jpeters6 daysWas fighting it off and then went for ride - seemed to put me over the edge.details
jamacki6 daysdetails
hkleaf6 daysDayQuil & NyQuil didn't do the trick other than making me drowsy. Luckily, a steady dose of Panadol worked.details
Tooms6 daysNo wisdom, stayed hydrated, waited it out. No attempt or inclination to exercise. Always a good sign it's serious!details
AngrySeagull6 daysConsidering getting the flu shot next year...details
giega6 daysdetails
andzs6 daysdetails
VO2 Orienteering6 daysdetails
Thoto6 daysdetails
Old_Fox6 daysdetails
Akhilleus6 daysdetails
warrior15156 daysdetails
Sergey6 daysTake it easy and fully recover. Especially with virus type and flu.details
Totem6 daysdetails
zeizei6 daysdetails
joshblatch6 daysdetails
joshblatch6 daysdetails
JMorris6 daysRestdetails
jgreen6 dayslots of vitamins and taking it easy - details
gogirlgo6 daysdetails
dricks6 daysdetails
mags296 daysdetails
Hämis6 daysdetails
Snoball6 daysdetails
Agiofws6 daysstoped traning for about 4-5 days ... rest in bed ... details
Turskis6 daysdetails
Lotta6 daysLiian vähän unta treenimäärään ja muuhun ohjelmaan verrattunadetails
Miikka6 daysNot nice to be in flu during Christmasdetails
Juuso6 daysdetails
jusbet6 daysdetails
Tapsa6 daysdetails
kwilliams6 daysdetails
HansE6 daysdetails
tomtom6 daysRest rest restdetails
acejase6 daystake the time to rest tiger.details
Pellervo6 daysdetails
MasjaV6 daysdetails
tomik6 daysdetails
GoSalamander6 daysElectrolyte, sleep, and waiting...details
LarryC6 daysdetails
jgreen6 daysit eventually went away - time heals.details
GoSalamander6 daysspent all of Monday on the couch resting. Drank plenty of fluid, hot soup, and tea.details
Möhkis6 daysdetails
Hämis6 daysdetails
JuhaM6 daysdetails
jusbet6 daysdetails
Hämis6 daysdetails
Veijo6 daysdetails
nmulder6 daysdetails
forsbergskan6 daysdetails
JesseHagberg6 daysBurned it off with feverdetails
errolpit6 daysdetails
leper6 daysdetails
Rachel6 daysdetails
LL6 daysdetails
fitless6 daysdetails
Veijo6 daysdetails
Veijo6 daysdetails
JuhaM6 daysdetails
Monkeys Fist6 daysdetails
addej80@hotmail6 daysdetails
torbensfunk6 daysdetails
Veijo6 daysdetails
pi6 daysdetails
Lavigaattori6 daysdetails
Marxine6 daysdetails
Nopsukka6 daysParaneminen alkanut vihdoin. En ihan oireeton ole, mutta melkein kunnossa. details
Terkelsen6 daysLepo. Särkylääkkeet ja Tami Flu lääke.details
freddie6 daysdetails
Hämis6 daysdetails
RichardNZ6 daysdetails
Pyyr6 daysdetails
Eerola6 daysdetails
Veijo6 daysdetails
annawallin6 daysdetails
All-in6 daysdetails
mikeeyer6 daysdetails
Hadron Collider 6 daysdetails
JuhaM6 daysdetails
ebuckley6 daysdetails
JuhaM6 daysdetails
hughmac46 daysdetails
Abrando6 daysdetails
oscar.stenbacka6 daysdetails
jouni556 daysdetails
briangardner6 daysdetails
su--6 daysdetails
jys6 daysVila, sova, nässköljningdetails
Trixi6 daysdetails
dcady6 daysThe Tamiflu worked well. Still some residual runny nose at end.details
KariItkonen6 daysdetails
olgajp6 daysprosle godine bolesna u isto vrijeme...details
Useless Fool6 daysdetails
schnitzer6 daysdetails
jouni556 daysdetails
jouni556 daysdetails
filippabraun6 daysdetails
tomik6 daysdetails
Mark36 daysSocialising probably, must stop. Time. details
Richi Ross6 daysdetails
Salinda6 daysdetails
aleksirytkonen6 daysdetails
piero6 daysStill problems on my lungsdetails
skio7 daysdetails
kelliew7 daysdetails
Arlaharen7 daysdetails
Bomb7 daysdetails
easy-rider7 daysdetails
0077 daysdetails
furlong477 daysdetails
walkure7 daysdetails
chiuihc7 daysdetails
kungen17 daysdetails
brandenh7 daysdetails
M_L7 daysdetails
xctimo7 daysdetails
VO2 Orienteering7 dayscause: it was not as hot as in summer, I should wearn a my winter jacket! plus it was really cold in the class too!details
BW7 daysTook it easy. Cut back on the training big time, then eased back into it.details
vandy66167 daysI think I'm finally over this. details
ryder7 dayspigsdetails
Totem7 daysdetails
Rosenstiel7 daysdetails
Elvis7 daysdetails
dkonotopetz7 daysdetails
Thoto7 daysdetails
pepa.7 daysdetails
Skid1857 daysdetails
FRBlackSheep7 daysStill not right - think it was overtraining? as in moving faster than I ahve been recently but feeling completely aids while doing it.....details
hagi7 daysdetails
Rosenstiel7 daysdetails
trwycc7 daysdetails
Mal7 daysdetails
0077 daysantibiotics seem to work ;)details
xctimo7 daysdetails
ashleyw7 daysdetails
jankoc7 daysdetails
helehan7 daysdetails
Malla7 daysdetails
peksi7 daysdetails
Nizkane7 daysdetails
Miikka7 daysdetails
mjd7 daysdetails
LL7 daysdetails
iansmith7 daysdetails
jusbet7 daysdetails
J.millar27 daysdetails
Gytė7 daysdetails
do.ke7 daysdetails
Swisscheese7 daysdetails
devonbeckman7 daysdetails
Hämis7 daysdetails
Hämis7 daysdetails
Dalton7 daysdetails
Stout7 daysSchool and short sleep does not help a bad immune systemdetails
zimkev7 daysdetails
Torio7 daysdetails
Jammu7 daysdetails
Swisscheese7 daysdetails
HiipiväHirvi7 daysdetails
Lavigaattori7 daysdetails
Keira7 daysdetails
nmulder7 daysdetails
RHF7 daysdetails
ReindeerCounter7 daysdetails
joni7 daysdetails
coach7 daysNo running, easy return.details
Lavigaattori7 daysdetails
Milia7 daysArbejta 6 da i raden å somna int på kvälldan fast ja borda ha viri tröjtto. details
All-in7 daysdetails
veenstar7 daysdetails
PVA7 daysdetails
fluceluce7 daysdetails
tomik7 daysdetails
troll feet7 daysdetails
kirillapeti7 daysdetails
Veijo7 daysdetails
MCrone7 daysdetails
veenstar7 daysdetails
schnitzer7 daysdetails
MHorta7 daysdetails
errolpit7 daysdetails
Eerola7 daysdetails
mikeeyer7 daysdetails
Sarah7 daysdetails
kaplis7 daysdetails
ShadowCaster7 dayssleep day/day off + rest + mega dose vitamin-C x2 daydetails
jys7 daysdetails
bill_l7 daysdetails
torbensfunk7 daysdetails
AnMa7 daysdetails
Terkelsen7 daysLepo details
axelhalvar7 daysdetails
pi7 daysdetails
juhatus7 daysdetails
LL7 daysdetails
tompza7 daysdetails
tomik7 daysdetails
KariItkonen7 daysdetails
jouni557 daysdetails
tomik7 daysdetails
JPN717 daysdetails
pepa.7 daysdetails
O-ing7 daysMay not have been flu? Severe anywaydetails
Bridge7 daysdetails
DrKeith7 daysdetails
kPa7 daysdetails
tomik7 daysdetails
Danny Riley7 daysIdk it got me my best race results to date sodetails
torbensfunk7 daysdetails
boyle7 daysdetails
Ptr7 daysÅterhämtad från magsjukan.details
tomik7 daysdetails
TortoiseTam7 daysdetails
aleksirytkonen7 daysdetails
Purple Crocs 7 daysdetails
Shingo7 daysdetails
Aksu7 daysdetails
Niels-Peter8 daysdetails
vosvos8 daysdetails
tdgood8 daysdetails
Robsmith8 daysdetails
yeagerjustin8 daysdetails
Fly'n8 daysdetails
davtheflav8 daysdetails
Mahuan!8 daysdetails
mm-ha8 daysdetails
kate8 daysdetails
Seanmcc8 daysdetails
Bomb8 daysdetails
jleh8 daysdetails
Meli8 daysdetails
loefaas8 daysdetails
easy-rider8 daysdetails
Akhilleus8 daysdetails
ninislater8 daysdetails
mkb09098 daysdetails
me!8 daysdetails
ninislater8 daysdetails
jet8 daysdetails
igor_8 daysdetails
j-man8 daysFelt significantly better on Wednesday. Most of chest congestion gone after 1 week. Still some nasal congestion until 2 weeks.details
Malla8 daysdetails
Vox8 daysdetails
Keith8 daysdetails
joni8 daysdetails
Sore Thumb8 daysdetails
JonD8 daysrest, fluids, and working outdoors sawing wood brought down in the last storm during the worst of it, while avoiding running, swimming and the gym.details
Pellervo8 daysdetails
jusbet8 daysdetails
boyle8 daysdetails
Pellervo8 daysdetails
jusbet8 daysdetails
Matikka8 daysdetails
Matikka8 daysdetails
NSW Stinger8 daysdetails
RosKalle8 daysdetails
jgreen8 daysskip late nights on the computer, especially when it is for work.details
AliS8 daysdetails
jussip8 daysdetails
Pellervo8 daysEnsin oli kurkku ja raka nenassa. sitten vaiva muutti alemmas ja nosti kuumetta.details
Mitch788 daysdetails
RosKalle8 daysdetails
Ivano8 daysdetails
Andrew8 daysdetails
torbensfunk8 daysdetails
tomik8 daysdetails
xctimo8 daysdetails
Jokuvaan8 daysdetails
jussip8 daysdetails
Lavigaattori8 daysdetails
mikee8 daysdetails
nmulder8 daysdetails
Jules8 daysRide it out. Don't train 2 hours swimming after a long flight! details
torbensfunk8 daysdetails
Psuba8 daysdetails
@nj@8 daysdetails
Mal8 daysdetails
kaplis8 daysdetails
jwolff8 daysdetails
MHorta8 daysdetails
Veijo8 daysdetails
Thoto8 daysdetails
jouni558 daysdetails
loefaas8 daysdetails
Veijo8 daysdetails
byckel8 daysdetails
GZs8 daysdetails
KariItkonen8 daysdetails
Elvis8 daysdetails
ericpurpus8 daysdetails
koalakeeya8 daysdetails
Grandpa Lefty8 daysdetails
rickyp8 daysdetails
torbensfunk8 daysdetails
annanisi8 daysdetails
tomik8 daysdetails
pi8 daysdetails
Sarah8 daysdetails
Jay-T8 daysdetails
boyle8 daysdetails
Niko8 daysdetails
johannes roto8 daysdetails
johannes roto8 daysdetails
noor.s8 daysdetails
iansmith8 daysRest, pseudoephedrine, lots of blowing nose, cough drops to deal with post-nasal drip. Perhaps spicy food might have helped clear my sinuses. details
Bruce9 dayslots of rest, no running for 7 days, plenty of sleep. Mum helped out by looking after the kids while Anne and I were both sick.details
jotaigna9 daysi feel much better after that o-session last night, maybe i was recovered already, i guess as long as I take it easy it'll be alright. looking forward to training now.details
Ollie9 daysFelt pretty rough for four days, respiratory pain, then felt a bit more "normal", just a bit weak and bunged up. Went for a race on Day 8, definitely weak and less stamina, but otherwise OK.details
thunderthighs9 daysslept mostly and drank loads of water. Tried to eat lots but didn't feel like itdetails
Gazman9 daysdetails
Rosco9 daysWasn't really the flu.... but did feel bad.details
Anvil9 daysdetails
daedalus9 daysdetails
Lard9 daysdetails
A39 daysdetails
PhilW9 daysdetails
tunapeter9 daysIpren + Voltaren + naturmedel hjälpte till slutdetails
Tuxi9 daysdetails
Tuxi9 daysdetails
Miikka9 daysdetails
loudmansam9 daysDont live on res. Wash hands religiously details
mreynolds9 daysdetails
Trailrat9 daysTook a week off.details
marisolkate9 daysdetails
Fly'n9 daysdetails
Keith Iskiw9 daysdetails
Hol9 daysdetails
ami9 daysdetails
ap9 daysdetails
Axe9 daysdetails
fletch9 daysdetails
Maluks9 daysdetails
tommi9 daysOli tiukassa. Ehkä 17h hiihtokoulua ei auttanut asiaa...details
Lydia9 daysdetails
Miikka9 daysdetails
bram9 daysdetails
bram9 daysdetails
Hobitas9 daysdetails
Myyrä9 daysEi missään vaiheessa kovin paha mutta kurkku oli kipeä jatkuvasti. Joku rakkula kuulemma kurkussa. Ei lääkäriin. Levolla meni.details
Tapsa9 daysdetails
jwolff9 daysdetails
GPiret9 daysOscillo coccinumdetails
kenia9 daysdetails
Matej9 days details
HansE9 daysdetails
Hirppa9 daysdetails
undy9 daysTake it very easy when I was definitely sick.details
ultrajen9 daysdetails
ShaunTheSheep9 daysdetails
0079 dayscan't do anything but rest with a virus. monitor heart rate before considering running, dont run till recovered!details
JuhaM9 daysdetails
Thoto9 daysdetails
JuhaM9 daysdetails
Casman19619 daysdetails
Flatland9 daysdetails
Malla9 daysdetails
Miikka9 daysdetails
Malla9 daysdetails
HA_Training9 daysdetails
Malla9 daysdetails
kate9 daysdetails
tomik9 daysdetails
tomik9 daysdetails
Beep9 daysdetails
grigork9 daysdetails
Boje9 days10 Tage Antibiotikadetails
tompza9 daysdetails
loefaas9 daysdetails
HA_Training9 daysdetails
schnitzer9 daysdetails
loefaas9 daysdetails
Mal9 daysdetails
cfosp19 daysSpent Saturday in bed, 39.2 °C. Started moderate cold weather exercise again on Monday, felt close to fully recovered on Thursday. details
g.foz.foster9 daysdetails
Lulu9 daysCOVID.details
Danny Riley9 daysdetails
eliskasie9 daysdetails
acejase10 daysprobably didnt need to run when virus was starting.details
Morten10 daysdetails
orienteeringTim10 daysdetails
RobB10 daysdetails
capt'n smythie10 daysdetails
ba-ba10 daysdetails
Mal10 daysdetails
Gazman10 daysdetails
daveabrams10 daysdetails
A.Child10 daysdetails
Cruachan10 daysdetails
jusbet10 daysdetails
Mahuan!10 daysCan I say I'm really recovered? Still coughing a bit...and quite tired. Interesting thing is, there are viruses out there that are like mono lite that cause fatigue and take a long time to get better. In this case, not helped by blooming trees which set off my allergies for several weeks starting early March. Was very good about really taking time off and resting...though it was hard. Training down to a meager few hours for the last couple weeks. Hopefully will hang in this weekend, TT an...details
Ralph10 daysdetails
Thoto10 daysdetails
Matikka10 daysdetails
Jerkface10 daysdetails
EricNorris10 daysdetails
tcut10 daysdetails
David Smyth10 daysdetails
radulan00710 daysdetails
Myyrä10 daysdetails
Skid18510 daysdetails
nmulder10 daysdetails
mrsb10 daysdetails
Reini10 daysdetails
Markus10 daysdetails
angleman10 daysdetails
jusbet10 daysdetails
torbensfunk10 daysdetails
runforest10 daysdetails
xctimo10 daysdetails
Anton.10 daysAspecton hilft gegen Hustendetails
Keith10 daysdetails
Eerola10 daysdetails
Meli10 daysdetails
CrzBoarder10 days4 days off of work, all spent in bed. No training for the next 6 days, just tried to rest as much as I could and still get in to work.details
Beacon10 daysdetails
TGIF10 daysdetails
Eerola10 daysdetails
igor_10 daysdetails
Herbz10 daysPossibly hay fever just hope it doesn’t come back details
Feli10 daysdetails
Miikka10 daysdetails
tomik10 daysdetails
schnitzer10 daysdetails
Nadim10 daysI didn't slow down a lot. I was busy with work and a timeline for setting courses. Eventually it mostly went away, probably after a good weekend sleep.details
PVA10 daysdetails
Whitty11 daysHad heaps of flu tablets helpeddetails
Amber11 daysFeeling better now....pretty much just a coughdetails
orienteeringTim11 daysdetails
Eero11 daysdetails
arg11 daysdetails
Ant W11 daysdetails
kwilliams11 daysdetails
daveabrams11 daysdetails
A.Le Coq11 daysdetails
m.doncel11 daysthank god its overdetails
paulg11 daysdetails
Roger G11 daysdetails
Ruhis11 daysdetails
guerfondler11 daysdetails
Ruhis11 daysdetails
Letarte11 daysdetails
Sarge11 daysTimedetails
TyrTom11 daysdetails
tommi11 daysdetails
forsbergskan11 daysvilade ut ordentligt denna gång, och ingen träning förens 100 % frisk!details
jusbet11 daysdetails
PKK11 daysdetails
Lotta11 daysUudenvuoden jälkeen vihdoinkin parempi tunne edes vähän. Ei tietoa miksi näin, mutta miksi turhaan kysenalaistamaan.details
PatrickGarcia11 daysdetails
Fatty_Goffe11 daysdetails
BIGpete11 daysRestdetails
jgreen11 daysended with antibiotics to get rid of it - they almost didnt work... details
julien BAARC11 daysdetails
Oleg11 daysdetails
Fabi11 daysRepos et sirop pour la toux.details
Richi Ross11 daysdetails
kswarbreck11 daysRest!details
SarahG11 daysNo idea what caused that… I rarely get sick.details
Päkä11 daysJukolan urakointi taisi aiheuttaa vastustuskyvyn laskun ja flunssan. Mykoplasma myös labratulosten mukaan sairastettu jossain vaiheessa, joten mahdollisesti tämä liittyy siihenkin.details
zeizei11 daysdetails
trevorb11 daysdetails
Hedis11 daysdetails
@nj@11 daysdetails
Miikka11 daysdetails
rachelallen11 daysdetails
kgluskie11 daysdetails
@nj@11 daysdetails
tomik11 daysdetails
Eerola11 daysseuraavalla viikolla oli voimattomuutta ja MuddyXn jälkeen keuhkoja särki kun lopun 45 minsaa tulin nopeampaan maaliin kuin suunnittelindetails
Malla11 daysdetails
10T11 daysdetails
Miikka11 daysdetails
Möhkis11 daysdetails
jouni5511 daysdetails
ginger11 daysdetails
torbensfunk11 daysdetails
Strand11 daysdetails
jcolleran11 daysdetails
MeanGene12 daysdetails
jwolff12 daysdetails
Nadim12 daysThe doctor diagnosed it as a virus but seemed unsure enough to give me an antibiotic. The medicine, vitamins and rest finally dried out my sinus to close to normal level. details
sevyrun12 daysdetails
matt_parton12 daysdetails
PhilW12 daysdetails
MTBjen12 daysdetails
Matikka12 daysdetails
Saz12 daysdetails
Strand12 daysdetails
samppa12 daysdetails
schnitzer12 daysdetails
cfpete12 daysRan its course - still coughing a bit but generally better. Looking for an alternative 140.6details
phil12 daysSehr viel Zeit gebraucht, üble Erkältung.details
jussip12 daysdetails
mikeeyer12 daysdetails
zimkev12 daysEchinaforcedetails
kurthu12 daysdetails
pi12 daysdetails
Nadim12 daysRest, Tamiflu, and some Motrin. I had a complication manifest on May 2 when the lining of my lung was inflammed and I went to the hospital with chest pains. The Motrin and Tamiflu were prescribed then. details
Craig12 daysdetails
zeizei12 daysdetails
JuhaM12 daysdetails
Tane12 daysdetails
riley12 daysdetails
Colin B12 daysdetails
White Kenyan12 daysdetails
Pyyr12 daysdetails
Malla12 daysdetails
Miikka12 daysdetails
Eoghan12 daysdetails
nmulder12 daysdetails
morgrim12 daysTakes longer than you think to recover from the plague, but I think running through it helped a lot for some reason. details
Luca D.12 daysdetails
johannes roto12 daysdetails
jima12 daysdetails
nmulder12 daysSwine flu. After an early misdiagnosis with a first GP and a course of anti-biotics, Daniel's paediatrician diagnosed Swine flu for both of us and prescribed Tamiflu. Had an immediate recovery.details
susiethebear12 daysdetails
thylacine13 daysdetails
grilla13 daysdetails
cmorse13 daysstill some minor congestion, but the worst of its past...details
James13 daysdetails
00713 daysdetails
jwolff13 daysdetails
Tane13 daysdetails
going for gold13 daysdetails
Post13 daysdetails
Nadim13 daysRest was all that I did. I seemed to recover the most when I got longer sleeps. details
bendover13 daysthis was a bad illness that i can't help feeling has knocked my chances of a peak performance at the british champs; i really should have taken it more easy at the start of the illness - it was unwise to go out on a long walk, and also to go back to work after only one day off; this only made me way more sick and prolonged the symptoms. details
radulan00713 daysdetails
runforest13 daysstop running at the onset of a flu. gradual return to regular trainingdetails
joni13 daysdetails
ShotRat13 daysdetails
radulan00713 daysdetails
tjansson13 daysdetails
JuhaM13 daysdetails
Kimple13 daysdetails
Jonas Detterfelt13 daysdetails
MatthewParton13 daysdetails
Mess Engineer13 daysdetails
fitless13 daysdetails
HiipiväHirvi13 daysdetails
Lavigaattori13 daysdetails
Mal13 daysdetails
Miikka13 daysdetails
StrathyCallum13 daysdetails
kurthu13 daysdetails
Steve R13 daysdetails
kswarbreck13 daysdetails
olle_lb13 daysdetails
Stryder13 daysStill have a cough, but started feeling like beginning to traindetails
RimvydasA13 daysdetails
Steve R13 daysdetails
Tom Wood13 daysDefinitely need to get antiviral medicine next time rather than just paracetamol and making the symptoms less bad. More water + better 4h cycle tracking needed details
Möhkis13 daysdetails
Torino13 daysdetails
tdgood13 daysdetails
DrKeith13 daysdetails
Meister Eder13 daysdetails
johannes roto13 daysdetails
eevi13 daysdetails
jwolff14 daysdetails
mmace14 daysTook antibiotics!!details
Blaaz14 daysdetails
eadams14 daysdetails
Vaala14 daysI should have rested a whole lot more. Ice skating was not the most brilliant idea and neither was orienteering in the rain!details
prez ret14 daysdetails
Nadim14 daysI probably got sick from Max again though it didn't affect him as badly. I didn't start getting better until I had started taking anti-biotics. They seemed to clear it up. details
Fly'n14 daysdetails
Lauren Gillis14 daysdetails
00714 daysdetails
RichardLund14 daysdetails
Georgia14 daysdetails
jwolff14 daysDon't go running - not even a relay - when feeling sick!details
Sarah14 daysdetails
rcro14 daysdetails
Ralph14 daysdetails
RockHEART14 daysdetails
JuhaM14 daysdetails
hkleaf14 daysdetails
Sarge14 daysTime, water, sleepdetails
gg14 daysdetails
JoeReis14 daysdetails
Hirppa14 daysdetails
RosKalle14 daysdetails
hkleaf14 daysdetails
Pellervo14 daysdetails
JuhaM14 daysdetails
Meli14 daysdetails
JuhaM14 daysdetails
Sisell14 daysdetails
Steve R14 daysdetails
Miikka14 daysdetails
Beacon14 daysdetails
Malla14 daysdetails
fluceluce14 daysdetails
Malla14 daysdetails
liv14 daysdetails
DominicGreen14 daysdetails
Nadim15 daysI either got sick from Max or someone else on the plane. I didn't sleep on the return flights and had to struggle with Max much of the way when he wasn't sleeping, kicking the chair of the person in front or wanting to grab other things he couldn't touch. The sickness really kocked me flat on Monday the 6th. Temperatures of 102.5-101 F. My head was in a fog unlike any I could remember before. For previous fevers of equal temperatures I felt tired but remember acually being able to go...details
kezza15 daysdetails
capt'n smythie15 daysdetails
LittleBit15 daysstill clinging on a little bit now but it's so cold i can't breathe anyway!details
torbensfunk15 dayshopefully recovered. took long enoughdetails
loudmansam15 daysPools are bad??? details
Hämis15 daysdetails
ShaunTheSheep15 daysdetails
ami15 daysEnded up taking 1 week sick leave from work to take it easy.details
devonbeckman15 daysRestdetails
Flight15 daysdetails
tomik15 daysdetails
o-darn15 daysNagging cough even into Junedetails
bchubb15 daysdetails
AnMa15 daysdetails
Mal15 daysdetails
tompza15 daysdetails
andrew_elwood15 daysdetails
ColmM15 daysRest, and I suppose a paracetamol addiction. Some lemsips, and some hot toddys.details
nmulder15 daysSteph didn't catch this and she got a flu jab at the end of March, so it was probably the flu. details
PhilW16 daysTime-flu turned into a standard cold.details
Ezy16 daysdetails
graysara16 daysdetails
boyle16 daysdetails
zeizei16 daysdetails
Hirppa16 daysdetails
Useless Fool16 daysdetails
Malla16 daysdetails
CrzBoarder16 daysdetails
BigAl16 daysdetails
balage16 daysdetails
Malla16 daysdetails
Veijo16 daysAntibiootit.details
Nathan16 daysdetails
Tooms16 daysdetails
Lori16 daysdetails
Malla16 daysdetails
kswarbreck16 daysTook antibiotics (azithro 2g stat) and rested early (two days off work), back for a day and then had annual leave. Still not fully recovered and it's 3 weeks... Missed Hillcrest marathon so will run Maritzburg instead and see how the cards falldetails
Thompass16 daysdetails
Miikka17 daysdetails
Ghost17 daysRecovereddetails
slauenstein17 daysdetails
dlevine17 daysdetails
nmulder17 daysdetails
Mal17 daysdetails
Shingo17 daysdetails
Hämis17 daysdetails
Oestlin17 daysdetails
GM17 daysdetails
evancuster17 daysdetails
Nathan17 daysdetails
Terkelsen17 daysAntibioticsdetails
nmulder17 daysdetails
jennapaj17 daysdetails
Nopsukka17 daysdetails
Eerola17 daysdetails
Malla17 daysdetails
katieinnit17 daysdetails
Malla17 daysdetails
Steve R17 daysdetails
Old Daniel17 daysI think most of immediate effects now retreating but two weeks of nothing has knocked general health. Was in Covid-19? test said no but left a bit in doubtdetails
schnitzer17 daysdetails
Honza17 daysdetails
jima17 daysdetails
daveabrams18 daysdetails
Mal18 daysdetails
andreas18 daysdetails
2 Dots18 daysdetails
El Niño18 daysdetails
Hunsie18 daysdetails
Oleg18 daysdetails
JuhaM18 daysdetails
Anvil18 daysdetails
Thoto18 daysdetails
Malla18 daysdetails
Useless Fool18 daysSleep more, work less.details
jwolff19 daysdetails
kelliew19 dayspretty much gone now I think taking the time off helped it not get as bad a last time. waste of fucking training effort and time thoughdetails
simon19 daysdetails
Tuxi19 daysdetails
Fabi19 daysRepos et ... repos... details
Tooms19 daysdetails
richf19 daysdetails
runforest19 daysdetails
Thibaut19 daysdetails
mikee19 daysdetails
Fabiano19 days7gg di antibiotici dal 15 al 22 giugnodetails
mmace20 daysdetails
Fly'n20 daysdetails
Ali20 daysdetails
SimonB20 daysstill a little clogged up but better now! only one lugey a daydetails
Jerkface20 daysdetails
O Steve!20 daysdetails
kate20 daysdetails
kpoire20 daysdetails
Useless Fool20 daysdetails
Päkä20 daysEpäilen keuhkoputken tulehdusta. Liian nopeasti tuli varmaan lähdettyä urheilemaan, FinnSpring-viesti ois ainakin kannattanut jättää väliin. Kevyemmän liikunnan en usko hidastaneen paranemista.details
V-a-n-d-a20 daysdetails
Eki20 daysdetails
Malla20 daysdetails
Danny Riley20 daysPermethrindetails
daveabrams21 daysdetails
cortelmcm21 daysStill not sure what happened, but it lasted a whiledetails
Matikka21 daysdetails
jsjöberg21 daysdetails
BradLund21 daysdetails
Flakey21 daysdetails
Useless Fool21 daysdetails
torbensfunk21 daysdetails
noken21 daysdetails
joni22 daysdetails
vosvos22 daysdetails
runforest22 daysdetails
HiipiväHirvi22 daysdetails
Rich23 daysJust about better now. Still producing extra phlegm than normal but much better.details
Mal24 daysdetails
marcOL24 daysdetails
tcut24 daysDown to travelling again I think....details
Useless Fool24 daysdetails
biddy24 daysdetails
kswarbreck24 daysdetails
mayer2224 daysdetails
thunderthighs25 daysRest, keeping warm. probably picked up illness due to being low from illness week before and going back to exercise too soondetails
easy-rider25 daysTime and hot tea with honeydetails
jusbet25 daysdetails
Markus25 daysdetails
Useless Fool25 daysdetails
tcut25 daysdetails
Roger G25 daysdetails
Katnap25 daysdetails
JBirdRose25 daysdetails
iansmith25 daysRest, sleep, fluids.details
justus25 daysdetails
Seamus26 daysBit gutting as I was starting out on my new years resolution. Saying that I nearly another one of being under 11 stone, all be it I have rediscovered my appietite with a vengence! So best get running moredetails
Dean M26 daysSlower running required when coming back from illness. Need to rest more and stress less. Listen to the body.details
crusher26 daysDon't know how I got it. Nothing alleviated the misery. Just had to run its course. On the couch, totally out of commission for two weeks, followed by two weeks of light activity.details
White Kenyan26 daysthe most horribel cold/virus ever which has wrecked my JK and meant i have not been able to perform in the selections races and not being picked for JWOC. next year and EYOC/JEC later this year!details
Rantahakala26 daysPaheni Tuusulan rogainingin jälkeen. Ei meinannut parantua millään. Sen verran voimakas tauti ettei oikeastaan mikään treeni ollut järkevää. Söi mielialaa. Nyt aloitetaan maltilla alusta...details
@Paddy26 daysdetails
Malla26 daysdetails
Neil K27 daystime. Patients.details
David Smyth27 daysdetails
O9Man27 daysFuck it... I'm better I guess.details
Useless Fool28 daysRiittämätön uni ja liika työkuorma yhdistettynä palautumiseen selän ongelmien myötä johti vastustuskyvyn laskuun. details
krickle29 daysdetails
karen29 daysdetails
HighVelocity30 daysFinally recovered through this flu, lungs still sore.details
CarlEdmo30 daysdetails
Fabiano30 daysTonsille gonfie per 20gg, guarite da soledetails
RimvydasA31 daysdetails
HiipiväHirvi31 daysdetails
Jac32 daysPenicilin bet mot bihålleaddonet. Mot influensan bet ingenting.details
Matikka32 daysdetails
sjreeve32 daysdetails
Honkie33 daysdetails
redenergy33 daysdetails
johnnnny_m33 daysGluten free diet!details
NM33 daysFeel I can say I've recovered now. Cough lingers a little after a hard run or cold air but mostly a-okaydetails
pi33 daysdetails
Useless Fool33 daysdetails
Useless Fool33 daysKuten joka vuosi, ei mahdollisuutta palautua töistä riittävästä, liian vähän unta ja kun lomakausi loppuu, kaikki taudit lähtee liikkeelle ja vastustuskyky laskee liiaksi.details
flyfinn34 daysdetails
kwilliams34 daysdetails
V-a-n-d-a34 daysdetails
me!35 daysdetails
pixie knickers36 daysdetails
jussip36 daysdetails
radulan00737 daysdetails
Useless Fool39 daysEiköhän tääkin ala olla taputeltu..details
MCh39 daysdetails
Eerola41 daysdetails
rockman44 daysdetails
Len45 daysMostly recovered by 4/12 but still occasional cough and sense of some minor restrictiveness in chestdetails
nmulder46 daysCleared just in time for WRC, but left with no fitness level of note.details
Tane48 daysdetails
Tane52 daysdetails
atsip52 daysdetails
lonerunner62 daysI think I got sick because I ran myself down with stress. I am going to just sleep alot and take it easy for the next couple of months until I start waking up feeling 100%details
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gary-qld94 daysGot sick due to running down my body. Was caused from stress from school and more recently from work. Is manageable now.details
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JessLund667 daysDONT DRINK details
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