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Shoulder Pain (Shoulder)

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Average recovery time: 106 days

Recorded Instances

Gav0 daysdetails
MikeN1 daysKeep my balance, watch out for slippery rocks a little better.details
Teichmann1 daysTraumaplant und ruhigstellen hilft.details
Bridge1 dayslol it was the flu shot I'm an idiotdetails
tinytoes1 daysdetails
dersu2 daysWent away almost as quickly as it came on. Have no idea what caused it.details
Veijo2 daysdetails
gg3 daysdetails
Snow Lizard3 daysdetails
pepa.3 daysDehnung, kein Ski, Selbstmassagedetails
bcvlj4 daysRest, Celebrex and Tylenol.details
Howl_at_the_Moon4 daysSaw the physio today and evidently I have torn the Trapezoid and Conoid ligaments going up to the AC joint. Haven't torn the AC ligament but it sounds as if that is a bit unusual. Severity of injury depends on response to treatment as it is hard to tell how bad the injury without an ultrasound. Might not be too severe however though it is pretty sore. No mtb for 2 weeks and I preferably no swimming or road rides. You mean I have to run???details
jusbet4 daysdetails
Torzi4 daysdetails
BillJarvis5 daysAvoided upper body work and RSI situations, plus an IBU drip and a bit of cold pack. It seems to have subsided mostly.details
Tooms5 daysdetails
ironmom5 daysFeeling better. Hope it holds up for the race. details
LL5 daysdetails
Poogy5 daysdetails
paul.dd5 daysIbuprofen-Lysin 400details
ernst5 daysHeeled to the point where I can function normally. But still minimal range of motion in right arm. Will need some PT. details
sjreeve5 daysdetails
Nadim5 daysRestdetails
KariItkonen5 daysdetails
OJ6 daysUsed it as much as possible and it gradually got better. details
Ronald6 daysTotale rust, Ibuprofen en SRL gelei van spiroflor!!! Die laatste is een wondermiddel!details
veenstar6 daysdetails
Meister Eder6 daysdetails
Mona7 daysIt just kinda went away on its own. One thing is sure: never-ever do a double body pump back to back!details
Hemlock7 daysdetails
runonthefly7 daysRunning may have solved the problem. It freed up and I am almost back to full strength.details
Ari-o7 daysDon't fall on to your shoulder!details
Duncan7 daysStop when stressful.details
jima7 daysMust have been just a sprain - good to go now, other than some minor discomfort if I try to sleep on that side.details
Benham8 daysdetails
kettlebell038 daysWatch technique on lockout of overhead jerks/presses. Don't lock out too far back.details
Miller Time8 daysdetails
troll feet8 daysswitching to another desk in work !!details
rickyp8 daysCaused by sitting awkwardly. Massage helped recovery using a tennis balldetails
Torzi8 daysCleared - keep the physio up! details
MelRhoads9 daysCurls w/ too heavy weight and poor formdetails
Andree9 daysdetails
Doris9 daysStopped doing dips. Still ramping up the dips slowly. Thankful that it seems to be gone. details
tinytoes9 daysdetails
cfpete10 daysSwim was flat -straindetails
TDK10 daysdetails
michalmy10 daysGot slowly better each day. One month later: some weakness persists when my upper arm is in certain angles.details
jotaigna11 daysphysio fixed itdetails
Marc B12 daysSome chiropractic work. I think I was straining when lifting. Form emphasis and a longer building period...details
ahall12 daysseems to have generally cleared up with more paddling..... stretch!details
mkoo12 daysdetails
Black_Knight13 daysNot sure I did anything specific with this one, just stuck with my regular workout routines and ignored this and it just went away?details
Keith Iskiw13 daysdetails
msm15 daysRecovery was just time off with no swimming. I continued to lift weights but was very concious of what might hurt when doing shoulders. Feeling pretty good.details
richf15 daysdetails
billh15 daysgood enough to swim, might try some light weightsdetails
randallxski17 daysA few days of rest each time there's a flare-up. Pain-free weekend at the Canadian ski-o champsdetails
OL17 daysChiro, stretching, rest seemed to work.details
Anna18 daysdetails
LarryC18 daysdetails
Chris18 daysdetails
TDK21 daysdetails
LL24 daysdetails
Yvonne26 daysDoc had no wisdom as to what caused this - possibly due to being female since we are a higher risk category. :) Glad I opted for the shot instead of the 2 year time for the inflammation cycle to complete (freezing -> frozen -> thawing -> thawed).details
Crit-Fagg32 daysdetails
OL32 daysChiro helps, ART helps, need to keep up with stabilization and techniquedetails
duncanarcher32 daysdetails
LeiaTheMixBreed33 daysdetails
tinytoes33 daysContinued stretching exercisesdetails
skyhigh33 daysdetails
MeanGene33 daysToo many of my friends died from a bike accident at my age, so I'll try to stay alert on the road and try to keep from falling again.details
OL34 daysRest, Chiro, Range of motion exercisesdetails
Hobitas38 daysdetails
OL38 daysRest, stretching, rolling, ART and chiropractor. Lay off the heavy weighted activities. Need to focus on technique for pull ups and Olympic lifts.details
Tane39 daysdetails
LL41 daysdetails
LL41 daysdetails
O Steve!44 daysdont use a kayak paddle with a canoe first thing out of the gate in an adventure race...didnt do much but icing helped...and time..worked around it....its now down to a very slight pain.....details
Black_Knight45 daysSeems to have drifted away. No longer a lot of pain, but still some tightness in the area. details
bedders46 daysSeems to have gone away with rest. Will no doubt flame up again once I start wih the racket sports.details
LarryC46 daysdetails
richf48 daysdetails
TDK51 daysdetails
sfry52 daysTime cures all. details
LL58 daysdetails
Snow Lizard62 daysRemedy: Time away + work on posture/combating over lengthening of back with stretching of chest.details
zerfas67 daysCortisone injection fast and slow acting.details
jima70 daysStill can feel it most mornings and with random movements, but not much of an issue any more. No issues with poling, so I'm not going to worry about it.details
Hobitas70 daysdetails
noalittle72 daysShould pain resolved itself with prolonged rest. It really just faded awaydetails
thunderthighs86 daysdetails
Stijn92 daysdetails
Tooms100 daysStopping scapula elevation and rolling forward rapidly resolved the niggle.details
frankj101 dayswasn't dips. might have been impingement. didn't lift weights for 2 weeks and was better right away. only improved every day. Today, i can move my R arm with only a hint of pain. details
cfpete104 daysNo real pain at this point - mostly rest Follow-up - flared back up after swimming in June, Cortisone shots on 6/14details
richf118 daysdetails
DWildfogel119 daysThe pain seems almost all gone, but not quite all gone. That has been true for several weeks now. Plan is to ramp up on strength exercises, so I'll be pushing my shoulder again, so we'll see how it holds up.details
ahall140 daysdetails
carlw141 daysForm is everything, rest is the only cure.details
Trailrat155 daysTime and babying the shit out of itdetails
dcady179 daysUnsure of cause. PT helped immensely. 3/29 was last PT appointment but I am to continue stretching.details
iansmith181 daysRest. I have no insights; shoulders seem nearly as complicated as knees. details
Trav184 daysa dozen sessions with Donny and much shoulder exercise. details
JesseAH200 daysseems to have stoppeddetails
ken212 daysdetails
katiepetersen226 daysdetails
JPDB230 daysdetails
Trailrat238 daysTimedetails
simmo240 daysdetails
Mona246 daysStopped doing this exercise called "pure barre" a couple month s ago. Everything feel fine now. Wisdom: it it hurrts, stop doing that! :)details
Trav260 daysAfter 7 or 8 session with Donny, my own Thumbs of Death guy, at Elite physio I am pretty much our of the woods. Frozen shoulder has dissipated. Weird syndrome. It afflicts men and women (more women than men) over 45. No one knows what it comes from. It's idiopathic. The process takes a year to fully go from freezing to frozen to thawing or sometimes much longer. Donny got me out of jail early.details
JanetT283 days8-9 months later, no longer noticeable. Physical therapy from September to early February when I stopped due to new grandchild's arrival. Lifting him is good therapy too! details
LL286 daysdetails
grilla338 daysdetails
furlong47340 daysSeemed to resolve over time with restdetails
Heather O361 daysGot through Dragon's Back without redoing the same injury (less heavy lifting) and it isn't bothering me climbing anymore.details
BpACKer370 daysIdiopathic adhesive capsulitis: just needed to run its coursedetails
ken396 daysthis basically just took a long time, PT helped get ROM back after it stopped hurtingdetails
Trailrat505 daysSurgery in Oct 2019details
LarryC606 daysStill some pain on use, and a little sleeping on right side, but no longer affecting activity.details
ahall762 daysdetails
rockman809 dayssome stretching, not consistently - time passesdetails
DrKeith990 daysdetails
sjreeve189+ daysdetails
TorziBeth1037+ daysdetails
ahall1198+ daysdetails
koalakeeya1556+ daysdetails
Mess Engineer1962+ daysdetails
vulcanmobile3248+ daysdetails
bryandavis013793+ daysdetails
John H4096+ daysdetails
lilypad4729+ daysdetails
wroeca4774+ daysdetails
Sael4917+ daysdetails
hazza015146+ daysdetails
uday5294+ daysdetails
peaemc5518+ daysdetails
jimyqcc5872+ daysdetails
robmaso6207+ daysdetails
Julia B6618+ daysdetails
Julia (old log)6618+ daysdetails