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Ankle Sprain (Foot)

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Average recovery time: 70 days

Recorded Instances

3m-294 daysThere is still some bone soreness and ankle is very weak. Will have to tape ankles forever now while playing touch.details
Bridget-255 daysdetails
JCallender-111 daysdetails
Jules-2 daysdetails
Cakewoman0 daysdetails
richf0 daysdetails
capt'n smythie0 daysdetails
Tooms0 daysRoll the ankle and it gets better. Not good really, amybe there is a floating body in there... I'll assume not until next time.details
mmace0 daysdetails
kensai0 daysFailing to wear my orthotics and using a worn knackered pair of shoes!details
Cliff Hanger0 daysdetails
IFKekan0 daysKan kanske bero på att jag hade de nya skorna på mig. Det är lite smalare och vingligare än löparskorna. Bygger styrka så gott jag kan.details
IFKekan0 daysdetails
IFKekan0 daysBörja tejpa inför terrängpass, innan något går av...details
richf0 daysdetails
Vector0 daysdetails
Colin B0 daysdetails
Yak0 daysdetails
bealaw0 daysThere was so many branches on the terrain today. luckily it wasn't too severe.details
bealaw0 daysLuckily it wasn't that severedetails
bealaw0 daysnothing. and continue trainingdetails
bealaw0 daysi keep moving it. and continue training. not really big deal. luckilydetails
VladFG0 daysdetails
rumiko0 daysdetails
Ollie1 daysUsed compression strap and did non-impact exercise (i.e. downhill biking) for the following day, which thankfully was the rest day. Ankle was fine for the race the day after that.details
Shek1 daysdetails
EricP1 daysdetails
Craney1 daysdetails
Ollie1 daysdetails
Grayam1 daysdetails
roschi1 daysdetails
Marius1 daysdetails
Juuso1 daysdetails
IFKekan1 daysAlldeles för avslappnad löpning på ojämnt underlag = vrickning. Återhämtningen beror helt på att det inte finns så mycket att trasa sönder längre. Förhoppningsvis behöver jag inte börja med tejp ännu, upp på balansplattan igen.details
swat1 daysdetails
Marius1 daysdetails
o-pia1 daysVa flink me kompresjon, is og kinesio i går, kjente ingenting når æ jogga idag. :)details
Welshie1 daysTalk to tedman about orthotics re lacrosse.details
clanchief1 daysdetails
Mr O-memes1 daysdetails
DrKeith1 daysUsound icedetails
daniel_92ro1 daysdetails
yolomolo1 daysParani nopeastidetails
mrs.nosnhoj1 daysdetails
Colin B1 daysdetails
Kaisahap1 daysdetails
bealaw1 daysI had ice therapy right after I got back to event center. Then, I met our team physiotherapist when I got back to dorm. He helped me to do some stretching and did some needle therapy(the chinese traditional one). Then, he used KT tape to protect my ankle, so that more injury can be caused in the following day's race.details
Gooder1 daysIce, rest and kept off foot as much as possible.details
Kukutis1 daysdetails
PVA1 daysdetails
hamlet1 dayseh it's just sore now, like I gotta be careful but weirdly enough my other ankle hurts more so yeah I think it's okaydetails
greta_leonard1 daysdetails
Fat Rat2 daysno ideadetails
Sergey2 daysBe careful how you sit :)details
Ollie2 daysJust fixed itself, as usual. The rest of me is aching all over from the race now!details
Pia W2 daysdetails
Magic2 daysdetails
Swisstoph2 daysNot as bad as last time, but this time I'll take even more steps to making sure it is completely and totally healed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!details
BorisGr2 daysdetails
mmace2 daysdetails
thunderthighs2 daysWent carefully in terrain, no training and wore ankle bandage for support when I had to competedetails
Nick2 daysdetails
Olly2 daysdetails
Morten2 daysdetails
Sanni2 daysdetails
Nadim2 daysThough I didn't quite rest while it healed, I was careful not to aggrivate it. details
Russ Baldwin2 daysseems to have stopped, hopefully will hold up for sundaydetails
Plodder2 daysdetails
oystein2 daysHave to train my ankle. Brush my teeth standing on one foot.details
igor_2 daysdetails
justus2 daysRest- Feeling 100% todaydetails
MCrone2 daysdetails
LH2 daysice was great! details
seelenfliege2 daysdetails
nh2 daysNot sure what caused it but it healed quite quickdetails
Bruce2 daysdetails
o-pia2 daysgikk fort over, men bli nok litt mer instabil i tia fremover: må passe litt på så æ ikkje trør over på nytt... Idag va æ faktisk litt i tvil om korsn fot d va: hadde mer ondt i venstre ankel når æ starta treninga enn den høyre :Pdetails
gogirlgo2 daysdetails
smoke2 daysdetails
marita2 daysdetails
cktrahan2 daysIce, ibuprofen, rest with a day off from running.details
Klaas2 daysdetails
BruceMeier2 daysNot as bad as I feared it was on Sunday night.details
jgreen2 daysseems it was the ill fitting ankle brace, and some stout strapping and a different brace for the rest of the events races did the trick - no lasting impact.details
bazil2 daysIcing. Wasn't a major sprain, likely to have only been tearing of scar tissue from last years sprain.details
Ollie2 daysdetails
Tooms2 daysdetails
thiesd2 daystime and staying off of it for the most partdetails
jlaplant2 daysjust needed to back off for a few days and ice, take advil....out wed and thursday but walking normal and back to running on Fridaydetails
milarepa2 daysdetails
cousteau2 daysdetails
fenry2 daysdetails
fp2 daysdetails
Thoto2 daysSchlafen, viel Obstdetails
Andrew2 daysThe pain and swelling subsided quickly enough. I was able to jog again two days after.details
Erik 2 daysdetails
taylamarche2 daysdetails
Erik 2 daysdetails
Craig Nolan2 daysJust kept running, it wasn't too bad an injury but glad it got better quick.details
tryggwie22 daysIngen känning på passet idag.details
RHF2 daysdetails
annanisi2 daysdetails
All-in2 daysdetails
broccolisa2 daysdetails
broccolisa2 daysdetails
JoeD2 daysdetails
PT-102 daysdetails
Anvil2 daysdetails
andrews2 daysNo real precautions taken, wasn't serious.details
Torzi2 daysFeeling a bit back on track now - just be gentle and loving with all movement. details
hamlet2 daysdetails
Imogenpieters2 daysJust a bad roll, stay on roads for the next few daysdetails
Otto2 daysTejpade foten på för ol när svullnaden lagt sig och det gick bra. details
Boje2 daysdetails
mmace3 daysdetails
ne3 daysIce and rest right away. I still think it is very weak. Need to work on strength and wear brace for billygoat.details
Fat Rat3 daysdetails
El Chucko3 daysinstead of RICE, fight fire with FIRE: Forget about finishing race, Ice/Ibuprofen Immediately, Rest (at least 1 complete day), Ease back into trainingdetails
Fat Rat3 daystake care of it!details
Tooms3 daysHealed quicker than any ankle sprain before... why?? Was a bad sprain but kept running on it for another 60mins. NSAIDs, ice and then taped all within 20mins of taking shoe off, elevated end of bed with pillow under the mattress, still sore next morning but by end of day was good. Now 3 days later is a bit tender but otherwise functional!details
MattH3 daysdetails
roschi3 daysusualdetails
deMon3 daysNo idea!details
Spongey3 dayswas just minor so gave it timedetails
Mal3 daysdetails
yeagerjustin3 daysdetails
NMFC3 daysdetails
macey3 daysrest is good for recoverydetails
Fabi3 daysRésolution du problème de la cheville via l'osthéopathe. Semble aussi avoir traité mes problèmes de dos et de torticolis.details
Rich3 daysdetails
Fabi3 daysCela semble ok... mais cheville toujours fragile... Proprioception à travailler dans les semaines à venir...details
schnitzer3 daysdetails
Pwatts3 daysRestdetails
cissi3 daysdetails
Fabi3 daysJuste repos de la cheville... mais toujours sensible...details
Reini3 daysdetails
igor_3 daysdetails
BW3 daysJust took it easy for those days.details
jonnyq3 daysjust restdetails
Tooms3 daysTaping, not working, NSAIDS.details
igor_3 daysdetails
RJM3 daysRICEdetails
mnickel3 daysI'm just sick of my name showing up red. I just need to do PT.details
IFKekan3 daysStödbandage, även på natten. Fungerade under onsdagspasset, därför anser jag den läkt.details
Ged3 daysdetails
schnitzer3 daysdetails
Maraton863 daysdetails
Tanja3 daysdetails
Brooner3 daysdetails
sberg3 daysNo running for 2 days. 3rd day running on asfalt only.details
Agiofws3 daysjust passed awaydetails
zeizei3 daysdetails
Tooms3 daysdetails
JoS3 daysdetails
LL3 daysdetails
Dooby3 daysRest! And that no real damage was done. Physio has recommended I do some exercises, if ony I wasn't so lazy when it comes to things like that.details
zeizei3 daysdetails
GZs3 daysdetails
Pajėda3 daysdetails
Katherine3 days sore in the morning and very stiff when starting to run but loosened off after 5 mins or so each time, gradually fixed itself so nothing to majordetails
AnimalLover3 daysdetails
Evalin B3 daysIt's good I walked on it right away and kept running the rest of the weekend because that helped it recover.details
Run_Bosco3 daysdetails
yolomolo3 daysdetails
Poogy3 daysleave it alone and bind it lightly details
MattC3 daysRested it for the last couple of days.details
davelevine3 daysTook it easy for a few days (no bicycling, considerably less walking) and the ankle got better; thinking that the problem was that my quads were still so tight from the half marathon that all my weight was falling on my ankles, especially when I was walking downstairsdetails
Markus3 daysdetails
iansmith3 daysdetails
Andersen3 daysdetails
liv3 daysUsed a compression bandage for a day or two, and tried to keep it up and rested. Yesterday I could flex my foot without it hurting so it feels fine to run again, probably just rather weak at the moment still. details
erikalnervik3 daysdetails
PVA3 daysdetails
D3 daysdetails
MrCoose3 daysdetails
Misha3 daysDon't run on sand.details
Doris3 daysNadadetails
annanisi3 daysdetails
Brooner3 daysdetails
schnitzer3 daysdetails
HannesS3 daysdetails
HannesS3 daysdetails
jwolff3 daysdetails
Jay-T3 daysdetails
MCh3 daysdetails
HA_Training3 daysdetails
sofiawigle3 daysdetails
jouni553 daysdetails
Torzi3 daysdetails
luka_s3 daysdetails
Magic3 daysdetails
Kemény Legény3 daysdetails
Sudden4 daysdetails
Blaaz4 daysdetails
Bomb4 daysdetails
tdgood4 daysdetails
roschi4 daysnot much, just rest...details
TimGood4 daysIced, wrapped and stayed off of it. Did not seem that bad when it happened so I expected it to get better fast.details
khadijah_e4 daysIt might have been caused by running but the pain moved to my left hand. Medicine seems to work.details
levitin4 daysTotal rest; stay away from the old shoes.details
Hollowell4 daysdetails
Marius4 daysVakar jau myniau dvirati. Toliau druskos vonios, pratimai. Bandysiu masinese begt.details
uday4 daysdetails
Loopy Lou4 daysdetails
dersu4 daysI think I remember tripping over a root. ice helped alotdetails
schnitzer4 daysdetails
Magic4 daysdetails
roschi4 daysdetails
Honkie4 daysLärdom: Inga långpass utan tejpning eller active ankel och ska det banne mig vara balansövningar minst 5 minuter per dag även om det är trist som fasen.details
Rosenstiel4 daysdetails
zeizei4 daysAika parantaa.details
LiveWideLoveDeep4 daysRICE - no runningdetails
LiveWideLoveDeep4 daysRest, ICE and one leg stands for 5min to build strength back updetails
beeker4 daysrest, yupsdetails
LuT4 daysdetails
ba-ba4 daysdetails
hillrepeats4 daysdetails
Maxx4 daysdetails
JoS4 daysdetails
Gooder4 daysRested foot for a few days. Good now.details
Tman4 daysDay Zero, Turned it hard, hobbled last km of run. Iced and wrapped, then iced twice more through the day. Day One, walking better, but with a limp, bruising and swelling evident. Day Two, much better, been applying Hypernicum Arnica. Walking without a limp. Running still would be a little hobbled. Continue to ice, stretch and wrap. Day Three, almost ready to run. Could probably get through one, but I'll give it one more day. All other activity is back to normal unless it requires aggr...details
zeizei4 daysdetails
JoS4 daysdetails
schnitzer4 daysdetails
Hämis4 daysdetails
Mal4 daysdetails
matzah ball4 daysdetails
Katherine4 daysshould have RICE'd some more but it wasn't a bad sprain anywaydetails
Boje4 daysIm slowakischen Karst gelände tapen!details
Nizkane4 daysdetails
El Chucko4 daysdetails
northernfeller4 daysdetails
EChild4 daysdetails
DrKeith4 daysRest and usounddetails
JonD4 daysfew days off; sleeping in compression socks; advil; stretching; switching shoes details
Hapardi4 daysdetails
jamesnchlsn4 daysStrapping early on was good. Been walking in my pretty stiff boots and while it's hurt most of the time, now a lot better. Probably would feel it again if I went for a hard run but not doing that pre-JK!details
Kurt4 daysdetails
acejase4 daysweird. very painful when did it but recovered quickly. details
gas_turbine4 daysSlightly more than a minor tweek. But healed quickly.details
Magic4 daysdetails
HammerTime4 daysdetails
Wullie4 daysIced and rested properly.details
Strawanzer4 daysdetails
balcius4 daysdetails
dkonotopetz4 daysdetails
Niko4 daysdetails
lestarlight4 daysdetails
Emil_K4 daysdetails
ScottBailey4 daysdetails
FerencJonas4 daysKötni kell, hideg bokával terepre lépni elképzelhetetlen és minden nemében TILOS, amíg meg nem erősödik a bokam..details
JCallender4 daysdetails
duncanarcher4 daysWas running Inov-8 fell shoes for first time so maybe a bit unused to them? Need to do more ankle strengthening exercises.details
andyhill4 daysIce, Voltaren, Compression. Recovered very quickly.details
Dalton4 daysdetails
Sudden4 daysdetails
annanisi4 daysdetails
Niko4 daysdetails
TadasK4 daysdetails
neda.tamas4 daysErősíteni kéne a bokát, meg kicsit jobban odafigyelni a bekötésére a következő hetekben.details
emmaS4 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog4 daysDedicated rest for ankle. Walking too far one day put it back a day.details
Brooner4 daysdetails
Imogenpieters4 daysMild ankle roll, no pain anymore details
null5 daysdetails
Blaaz5 dayswait, and wait, and wait... (and dring a lot of tea!!! =D)details
Treebug5 daysinclude ankle strength training in my programmedetails
buzz5 daysAs ever ancles so weak that damage tends to be limited and recovery quick - only very slight discomfort todaydetails
Neumannxc5 daysits still swollen from early december. but it no longer bothers me whne i am running.details
Fraser Ross5 daysdetails
Mani5 daysdetails
JamesBradshaw5 daysdetails
torbensfunk5 dayshelped to take it easy and training off a few daysdetails
mat-d5 daysrest and recoup and workdetails
dersu5 daysdetails
bbrooke5 daysdetails
mood5 daysrun more in the forest!details
Robsmith5 daysfeels better, but off to Doc on thursday to get a xray. details
forbesbc5 daysicedetails
H.Shaw5 daysneed to do proper warm up in hockey, even if in goal etc rest straight away , take no chances , build up gradually to normal training againdetails
KDawg RIT XC5 daystook some time off..maybe it will kick up again, no idea. Luckily i didn't screw anything up for outdoor.details
Some15 daysdetails
JennyJ5 daysice, rest, stretching, climbing seems to have been good for it. Back to taping my ankles! details
Honkie5 daysVila och sjukgymnastik fick foten på rätt köl väldigt fortdetails
KPittman5 daysI did very little running this week and rode my bike instead.details
Fabi5 daysMobilisation quotidienne. Cheville toujours faible et début du travail sérieux avec Kiné.details
Trailrat5 daysTime...details
Trav5 daysIf you go over your ankle run it out a bit, but then, if it still hurts, just stop.details
FernWerm5 daysdetails
daffodil5 daysdetails
dabond5 days????details
ami5 daysICE straight away, and then a days rest before some light exercise on the second day. Worked very well :)details
joch555 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog5 daysRest for the week, and post injury ice, compression.details
LiveWideLoveDeep5 daysrestdetails
torbensfunk5 daysdetails
LeeVice5 daysdetails
Tooms5 daysTime heals most wounds.details
Fat Rat5 daysdetails
Ged5 daysdetails
sal.5 daysrestdetails
AngusL5 daysRestdetails
Gooder5 daysRest, physio & Traumeeldetails
Steffen5 daysdetails
jaanaolvet5 daysLollilt tekkinud vigastus, tuleb jääda kindlaks oma otsustele. Kontsaga käia ei tohiks, kui pahkluud oled väänanud. Anda rahu, teha kerget trenni, nt rattasõit.details
Mitch785 daysdetails
bcvlj5 daysPain meeds and muscle relaxants!details
daniel_92ro5 daysRecovered through caution & resting.details
oroby5 daysNagyon jól sikerült kijönnöm belőle, a rádolgozás óvatosan sztem sokat segített. Most már mondhatom, hogy rendben van.details
Jay-T5 daysdetails
Hapardi5 daysdetails
WesslingFitness5 daysdetails
DWildfogel5 daysMonday it was hard to walk but by Tues it looked bad but felt a lot better. I jogged a little both Wed and Thurs without much problem. Today (Fri) I can still feel it if I hold my foot at certain angles, but I'm basically paying it no mind, so I will consider it recovered.details
WandAR5 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog5 daysJust the usual rest, ice compression elevation.details
noken5 daysdetails
rumiko5 daysdetails
Rosco5 daysdetails
Dpritchard5 daysRan 30 mins and did stairclimber for 15 on 3/24. Took 4 days completely off. Wrapped, iced and stretched foot. Will see how it holds up running easy for the next couple days. details
tdgood5 daysI should have skipped work the next day so it didn't swell up so much.details
Eerola5 daysdetails
annanisi5 daysdetails
AG5 daysdetails
andriusj115 daysdetails
axelhalvar5 daysInte mycket att säga, jag är galen i skogen. Enda anledningen till att jag vrickade mig var att jag landade fel när jag hoppade nerför stupet, sen borde jag inte ha gjort det men denna gången var det inte pga mina svaga vrister. details
emmaS5 dayshealed up faster than i expected!details
Julius5 daysdetails
Herbz5 daysRestdetails
Emil_K5 daysdetails
JanetT5 daysdetails
jwolff5 daysdetails
cbruski5 daysdetails
duncanarcher5 daysdetails
ebone6 daysLike many small strains and sprains that I get while ramping up my training, this went away with just a little care (mostly to walk carefully when barefoot and to wear arch supports most of the time).details
Swisstoph6 daysRolled it during an O race... RICE and time and ankle strengthening exercises!details
kala6 daysdetails
DragonFly6 daysJust let time and rest heal this injury. Update: I misjudged my recovery as my ankle was easily re-injured on my second run. I wasn't 100% as I thought I was, more like 50%! I've only sprained my ankle once previously as a teenager, so my experience in this matter was lacking. See new entry for second round.details
o-pia6 daysdetails
chiuihc6 daysdetails
pepa.6 daysdetails
rwill6 daysrest ice, and buying a balance ball to try and get the motion back.details
O-ing6 daysStopped hurting about this date: ice early helpeddetails
LiveWideLoveDeep6 daysRestdetails
Jakob6 daysdetails
jeffd6 daysdetails
dersu6 daysdetails
IFKekan6 daysKunde springa utan skydd. details
O-ing6 daysdetails
LeeVice6 daysdetails
pauline6 daysdetails
LeeVice6 daysdetails
BW6 daysrecovery week,layed off it.details
hmklaff6 daysdetails
jmnipen6 daysdetails
jroach6 daysdetails
Pascal6 daysdetails
Pascal6 daysdetails
mm-ha6 daysdetails
Cruachan6 daysCaused by orienteering (and weaker ankle); recovered via resting, ice n ibuprofen. details
mmace6 daysdetails
WesslingFitness6 daysdetails
Marius6 daysdetails
Markus6 daysKühlgel und Bandagedetails
RunJennyRun6 daysdetails
kokonda6 daysdetails
EJ Teb6 daysdetails
dariusz6 daysTapen und schonen.details
katiepetersen6 daysdetails
Misha6 daysWhen my ankle is weak following an injury, I try to wear ankle supports when I feel that this prevents further injury. However, I avoid wearing the supports when I don't need to, so that the joint gets a chance to stretch and get stronger.details
Kurt6 daysdetails
taylamarche6 daysdetails
acejase6 daysNeural flossing and Cathy helped settle it down. Left with whole neural system on left side jiggled and back related stuff activated. details
oliv6 daysdetails
paul.dd6 daysdetails
axelhalvar6 daysInte ont längre men känner att foten är svag, bara att vara nogrannare med fotstyrkan och bygga upp foten igen, och tills dess, TEJPAR JAG FOTEN. Väldigt mycket träningsvärk i foten dock av vriststyrkan.details
Honza6 daysA combination of anti-inflamatory pills and ointment seems to have done the trickdetails
Taco6 daysDoes not bother to run, still if I touch it hard it hurts and I still have a bulto there but everything alright while runningdetails
duncanarcher6 daysDidn't take long for ankle to heal, but Achilles dragged on for weeks.details
Boje6 daysdetails
$mitty6 daysdetails
ajriley6 daysThis was a weird one, rehab the ankle back to full strength ASAPdetails
Luke Bennett6 daysWent over on ankle at the November Classic, Rocky patch near the path created an uneven landing. Iced the ankle for the first few days but kept it mobile and got some runs in towards the end of the week. Going to tape my ankle from now on to prevent it happening again as this was a repeat of the injury at the S6D in August.details
FerencJonas6 daysDifferent antiinflammatory gels, 5*3*1 Chymoral Resting Elevation Cold Less easier running, more spinning and strength sessionsdetails
IndyBass7 daysI probably should have called this "recovered" a couple of days ago, but I haven't been back to the treadmill to test it. The outside of the foot is still stiff, and the ankle is now generally sore.details
C27 daysdetails
Jonny7 daysdetails
lofties7 daysdetails
Marius7 daysNe visu simtu procentu pagijau bet jau subegau masinese.details
Bert Bennett7 daysdetails
3m7 daysICE and elevate for 48hrs - this saved me! details
RJM7 daysPretty good recovery using ricedetails
Sheridan7 daysdetails
ol87 daysdetails
MikeMc7 daysJust tried not to twist it.details
Gilou7 daysdetails
kungen17 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog7 daysdetails
Chasem7 daysdetails
Ged7 daysdetails
Nick Mead7 daysankle seems all good now, will strap it for next orienteering event just in case thoughdetails
Johnny M7 daysNeed to stay away from bulky shoes. Low profile is the way to go. Also, as this is a recurring injury, need to stick with a strength and balance routine. details
jmnipen7 daysdetails
nomad7 daysdetails
OL7 daysSeemed to have got better with no running. details
Brooner7 daysdetails
smoke7 daysdetails
joch557 daysdetails
candyman7 daysdetails
dcady7 daysJust waited it out.details
Danimal7 daysdetails
tomik7 daysdetails
Doyley7 daysdetails
Andersen7 daysJag försökte lyfta pennor med tårna/fötterna, verkade hjälpa.details
pegone7 daysdetails
Hämis7 daysdetails
franz8257 daysdetails
Julius7 daysdetails
Doris7 daysNo wisdom.details
Stijn7 daysdetails
majaporle7 daysdetails
Imogenpieters7 daysdetails
jwolff7 daysdetails
Boje7 daysdetails
chiuihc8 daysdetails
TimGood8 daysdetails
C28 daysdetails
chickey8 daysalthough I'm still careful, feels much better.details
roschi8 daysdetails
_kev8 daysRest. Ice. Elevation.details
lcut8 daysNB: dont wear heels. EVERdetails
Jagge8 daysdetails
murraystraining8 daysdetails
0078 daysRunning after 5 days off. Still a bit stiff- must strengthen and keep mobile.details
Mitch788 daysdetails
ShotRat8 daysdetails
JoS8 daysdetails
Whitesheep8 daysdetails
OL_Tony8 daysHoge schoenen + steunzolen. Niet meer doen.details
mm-ha8 daysRest, but no immobilazition. Gentle movements whenever possible. Not completely recovered yet, but were able to compete without pain or problems this weekend.details
Becks8 daysdetails
Desmond8 daysdetails
Turskis8 daysdetails
ol.micke8 daysKände kanske lite när jag sprang men i princip inget så den får vara avklarad..details
IndyBass8 daysJust laid off jogging in terrain for a few days. Did one good treadmill run and some street walking in the interim.details
austrianmike8 daysStrengthen it!details
andyhill8 daysdetails
michalmy8 daysIce, elevation, Voltarin gel, keep exercising.details
jemmerson8 daysdetails
Rhesus8 daysdetails
Stout8 daysStopped wrapping my foot yesterday before work and i learned that i should be a little more careful going down hills especially for a race the the extreme o that is just for fun. details
JuraMac8 daysdetails
immy8 daysI definitely think this was the result of being stressed and tired, and trying to push through it. Sometimes need to slow down and listen to my body.details
Chris8 daysdetails
Dalton8 daysdetails
kirillapeti8 daysdetails
Hapardi8 daysdetails
annanisi8 daysdetails
vyc8 daysdetails
FRBlackSheep8 daysRested for a week still a bit sore but okdetails
Klaas8 daysdetails
Thoto8 daysdetails
dcady8 daysGot better pretty quickly. Maybe visiting the Ortho Lady was all it needed. ;-) details
duncanarcher8 daysDo more strengthening / balancedetails
sofiawigle8 daysdetails
Liam Dufty8 daysFine after a week of rest/low exercisedetails
fp8 daysOnly very slightdetails
nmulder9 daysShould have taped immediately for next training event.details
toddneve9 daysdid a minor spraint warming up for the run i think and during that race it got really bad.details
null9 daysrest, tape. will continue to tape for the next week or so. details
null9 daysstay off it as long as possible. what ever you do don't run on it.details
Olly9 daysdetails
Hanabanana9 daysdetails
Macca9 daysdetails
dersu9 daysice helpeddetails
cbd9 daysShould've iced moredetails
LiveWideLoveDeep9 daysBacked off and time needed for recoverydetails
Marius9 daysKaip visada ledas, Fastumas ir karšto vandens su druska vonios.details
T.Fong9 daysI was on crutches, and so i let the foot heal faster, by not using it in my everyday life.details
JL9 daysDags att stärka upp musklerna runt omkring!details
Lydia9 daysPretty much all good, but still weakdetails
yolomolo9 daysOli aika kauan ja pahasti turvoksissadetails
dariusz9 daysKeine physische Behinderung mehr.details
Andersen9 daysKör träningsschemat från!details
Misha9 daysGreg Balter was very nice to help me with taping my ankles before the race on the day after I sprained the left one. This prevented me from re-injuring the ankle in its weakened state, which ensured that the joint recovered in about a week.details
Duncan9 daysdetails
kirillapeti9 daysdetails
northernfeller9 daysdetails
Sarah9 daysdetails
Giuseppe9 daysdetails
amelie9 daysKeine Ahnung war einfach plötzlich nach einem Training wegdetails
Jac9 daysdetails
zac h9 days2 Weeks of 0 Running has sorted it. Was planning on taking a break just not as extreme as this. Getting back into it nowdetails
Taco9 daysdetails
duncanarcher9 daysDo more strengthening / balancedetails
andrews9 daysRan fell race and orienteering races after with ankle brace, but then ditched it quicklydetails
Brooner9 daysdetails
sofiawigle9 daysdetails
R-B9 daysFeels okay road running, not ready for trails but happy to run again! Good RICE early. Didn't ever really bother me biking.details
$mitty9 daysdetails
AliC9 daysdetails
Ben Perry9 daysdetails
HammerTime9 daysCalling it today. Even after run yesterday ankle is not swollen and does not hurt. Back to normaldetails
Kemény Legény9 daysdetails
Ezy10 daysdetails
Daniele10 daysTotale Ruhe scheint sich ausbezahlt zu haben. Verletzung war wahrscheinlich nicht ganz so schlimm, wie ich damals angenommen habe. Werde jetzt nochmals 4 Tage nix machen und dann in Finnland mit dem MalleoLoc laufen.details
Mona10 daysLeft seems juts fine, but now the right one is a bit tender...nothing major. A liitle rest probably helped.details
dyee10 daysRested the ankle for about a week. Did some short sprints, runs on Sat (week past original injury) and felt pretty good. Did race on Sunday, felt fine. Ran into work on Monday, felt fine. My ankle is still a bit tender, but doesn't seem to complaining about running on it. I'm gonna call it recovered.details
telepanda10 daysFoot still a little touchy but we'll call it recovered for the moment.details
o-pia10 daysAlmost recovered... Running at the o-practis in Bjerkvik, and didn't feel the sprain most of the session... :Ddetails
dawob10 daysdetails
00710 daysiced, bandaged, stopped running for a few days. I was lucky I think 'cos it was taped when I did it. Keep strengthening with balance and resistance exercises and always tape in rough terrain.details
slow-twitch10 daysQuick recovery a combination of it not being as bad as I first thought, and finding barbie's ankle rehab article (and actually DOING what she says rather than just reading it)details
runnikirun10 daysI am still carefull on my foot and not able to move it normal w/ out pain. But I am running just fine so I am saying I'm healed! Wisdom: don't trip while walking up the stairs :-)details
Culbin10 daysdetails
Scrappy Doo10 daysdetails
iansmith10 daysRest and ice; the injury was almost certainly a ligament. details
5510 daysPretty sure this is what caused my torn calf details
3m10 daysdetails
bendover10 daysdetails
Flight10 daysdetails
Runner9910 daysDo not run downstairs taking 4 stairs at a time when wearing dress shoes. Icing, pushing the swelling out, keeping the leg elevated and moving it helped to speed up the recovery.details
andyhill10 daysNothingdetails
Brooner10 daysdetails
Mcatt10 daysAvoid heavy hits of road when not running a lot.details
WandAR10 daysPhysio w/ laser the following day. Physio 2x the following week with laser & acupuncture. Foot in bucket of ice cold water 2-3 x a day. Rub w/ voltaran after. No aerobic exercise during that time, 9 days.details
Colin B10 daysdetails
Useless Fool10 daysOnneksi ei mennyt pahasti! details
riley10 daysdetails
Julius10 daysdetails
gas_turbine10 daysPT tape was useful. Otherwise, time.details
Hobitas10 daysdetails
Micke10 daysdetails
Chris10 daysdetails
KathrynB10 daysdetails
JoeD10 daysdetails
emmaS10 daysdetails
cedrik10 daysdetails
maritttt10 daysdetails
Bee_G10 dayscaused by very tight feet, lots of rolling and stretching as well as Tara popping me back into placedetails
Richi Ross10 daysdetails
Brooner10 daysdetails
Dooby10 daysdetails
EuanT10 daysdetails
theshadow11 daysgoing to hve to keep taping it. but most of the swelling has gone down and I am running on it pain freedetails
D4311 daystook about 10 days off training, lots of ice buckets. Its pretty good now. I shall end this injury. details
jimyqcc11 daysdetails
ken11 daysdetails
div11 daysdon't chat while running...details
andrius11 daysgrybo medical center did help recovery... NOT :) and no wisdom gained :(details
C211 daysdetails
Homey11 daysGood old time is a great healer...details
drewi11 daysdetails
Lard11 daysdetails
torbensfunk11 daysdetails
Mick11 daysdetails
LiveWideLoveDeep11 daysRICE and timedetails
LiveWideLoveDeep11 daysRICE & timedetails
gg11 daysdetails
John O11 dayscause: unknown, shoes? recovery: swimming, ice pack, new shoes?details
Mal11 daysdetails
Agiofws11 daysdetails
MikeMc11 daysdetails
phatty11 daysdetails
daniel_92ro11 daysPut ice on it, and run with more care!details
wildwood11 daysdetails
JanO11 daysdetails
Lauren Gillis11 daysdetails
Animal-O11 daysdetails
Lavigaattori11 daysdetails
RimvydasA11 daysdetails
bethh11 daysdetails
Erik 11 daysdetails
Chris11 daysdetails
Sudden11 daysdetails
sjreeve11 daysdetails
iansmith11 daysRest, ice. details
kido11 daysdetails
Boje11 daysdetails
kensr11 daysWhile PA said it was grade 3, likely was a 2 or 1-1/2. Seems ok for running and reasonable exercise after 10 days. details
emmaS11 daysdetails
aleksirytkonen11 daysdetails
Brooner11 daysdetails
Heather O11 daysRest and patience. details
tomasbal11 daysKOją nukstelėjau, bet manau prisideda ir svoris ir tai, kad atskirai raumenų netreniruoju. details
emmaS11 daysdetails
jwolff11 daysdetails
j-man12 daysdetails
roschi12 daystimedetails
Ezy12 daysdetails
mood12 daysdetails
Spottage12 daysdetails
MrCanoehead12 daysdetails
Adrian Hamouda12 daysdetails
lu34yuan12 daysIce compressdetails
haaribo x12 daysdetails
simmo12 daysStill occasional twinge on a sudden movement, but no discomfort while running.details
weegie12 daysdetails
PaulT12 days5th Feb: can run in woods without thinking about ankle, although there is still slight swelling. WIll keep on with balancing for 1 month.details
feike12 daysdetails
MikeMc12 daysdetails
terra12 daysdetails
o'man12 daysAnkle is near enough to tick this off as fixed although I'm not too sure about going O'ing on Sunday...details
Orig4mi12 daysDeclared fit after test run on Thursday 29 November. Conservative approach to activities (i.e. not doing much that involving weight bearing on feet) seems to have helped. NB. Wisdom of O on Sat 24 Nov is debatable, but probably beneficial for sanity!details
MikeMc12 daysdetails
Markus12 daysdetails
jimcdono12 daysdetails
Clara12 daysLots of physio and ultrasound treatment. Able to run after 2 weeks (in NZ) with it well strapped but not confident on it.details
Fiona Newby12 daysdetails
annawallin12 daysdetails
RosieWatson12 daysdetails
Rosco12 daysdetails
Work4justice12 daysCompression, elevation helped a lot. Iced for a few days. Need to keep my brace on for weeks after something like this.details
Steve R12 daysdetails
Useless Fool12 daysdetails
Niko12 daysdetails
Basa12 daysdetails
Vector12 daysRICE, Ibuprofendetails
dcady12 daysRecovered on its own with rest. Took longer than the last time. Next time this happens will check in with orthopedist.details
jwolff12 daysdetails
ben.mangan12 daysdetails
Tuvasirvio12 daysdetails
emmaS12 daysdetails
Henerzz12 daysdetails
emmaS12 daysdetails
C213 daysdetails
nlewiswalls13 daysNO ANKLE BRACES and exercisingdetails
flyfinn13 daysneed to tape it more. ankles are very weak at the momentdetails
K'lea13 daysdetails
iansmith13 daysI regularly RICE'd my injury, but the general solution was rest and minimizing training. In the span of the two weeks after the injury, I went on two easy runs (where I completed my analysis of the injury), a low intensity orienteering training session, and a street-O. I severely curtailed my training, but after 14 days, my ankle feels very good. I surmise a general flaw with my training regimen is inadequate strength training - my stabilizer muscles, which are not significantly stress...details
m.jada13 daysdetails
Jacques Booysen13 daysdetails
RimvydasA13 daysdetails
Welshie13 daysdetails
karen13 daysdetails
Georgia13 daysdetails
HansE13 daysRegner med ei tid med støttende teiping ved turer i skogen.details
SwissMiss13 daysRICE, RICE, RICE - cycling, swimmingdetails
Bashman13 daysdetails
Pajėda13 daysdetails
MJM13 daysdetails
BeckyR13 daysdetails
Hedis13 daysdetails
M.Serguiev13 daysdetails
oroby13 daysA kinezio tape nagyon sokat segítettdetails
Sudden13 daysdetails
emmaS13 daysdetails
Katashunis13 daysdetails
emmaS13 daysdetails
aby_lam13 daysdetails
emmaS13 daysdetails
10T13 daysR&R. Still feel weak, but can train on them so a bit more recovery before English Champs FR in September and I'll be gooddetails
Treadlie13 daysdetails
pcbrent14 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog14 daysRested from running eventually when I realised it wasn't going to recover if I kept running. MTB substituted, but now I have to get back into running because the MTB has given me a back relapse warning. Life is about balancing risks, so I am running again.details
kbreseman14 daysStill hurts a little- will try not to turn my ankle too much...details
Marius14 daysPadejo manau druskos vonios ir Dolobene tepalas. Reikai daugiau demesio skirti prevencijai. details
Spongey14 daysJust gave it some timedetails
Georgia14 daysdetails
GRennie14 daysdetails
Rhi14 daysback to netball this weekend. exercise throughout week proven im nearlly back to normal.details
iansmith14 daysRest, ice. I avoided running on it for about a week. details
Loopy Lou14 daysdetails
RimvydasA14 daysdetails
RimvydasA14 daysdetails
mindsweeper14 daysdetails
mparson14 daysdetails
aplatakis14 daysdetails
Ronald14 daysdetails
krmayborn14 daysdetails
JessLund14 daysWent to Megan for physio 2, was supposed to visit her again, difficult when in PTA. Permanent bluge stil, maybe scar tissue?details
Craney14 daysdetails
awilkinson14 daysdetails
cramptonite14 daysAfter 1 wk with no running sprain is gone. Sprints a few days ago flaring up PF a bit but today's 5k mild run felt great.details
Brooner14 daysdetails
c14 daysdetails
Carbons Offset14 daysEven though this looked horrible after the race and I ran about 120 km on it after spraining it, this didn't seem to make the injury last longer. It still healed in a few weeks. details
levitin14 daysdetails
White Kenyan14 daysdetails
wadako14 daysdetails
taiki14 daysテーピングをしていなかったから怪我をした。体重が重いから関節に強い負荷がかかる。details
Cardiffajax14 daysdetails
BruceMeier14 daysdetails
kido14 daysdetails
Boje14 daysdetails
philm6414 daysTape it at forest events now.details
Work4justice14 daysdetails
10T14 daysSee L Ankle (R&R, patience) details
emmaS14 daysdetails
theo17414 daysover running on weak ankles. focus on strength and conditioning moredetails
fn14 daysdetails
duncanarcher14 daysDon't try orienteering after a 3 hour fell run?details
P-K14 daysdetails
Brooner14 daysdetails
pompemarek14 daysdetails
Steffen14 daysdetails
bradc15 daysNot recovered, but the injury is manageable.details
mluehrmann15 daysdetails
datbornemann15 daysdetails
rockman15 daysdetails
noalittle15 daysdetails
Thoto15 daysdetails
eileen15 daysdetails
razza15 daysdetails
Ursa15 daysdetails
GZs15 daysdetails
Ethan15 daysdetails
bazil15 daysdetails
mikee15 daysdetails
elavallee15 daysdetails
Bonhamp15 daysFinally no pain on a run, feels good. No more running without looking at where I'm putting my feet.details
Jammu15 daysdetails
paul.dd15 daysist langsam zurückgegangen, am 24. nochmal umgeknickt, aber es geht so einigermaßen. details
barb15 daysdetails
jwolff15 daysdetails
kofols16 daysI need 2 weeks of brake to fully recover my injury. It was good to spend a day or two more. details
Spongey16 daysdetails
3m16 daysIce straight away... dont play touch 3 days later!details
Sid16 daysWith more road work my left ankle seemed okay.details
bradc16 daysdetails
nmulder16 daysdetails
BradLund16 daysdetails
kisreka16 daysdetails
kwilliams16 daysStill wrapping when running on uneven, but otherwise it seems okay. Need to do balance board work and strength training in general. details
Pyroxpert16 daysdetails
3m16 daysdetails
TommyH16 daysWhat seems to help recovery is lots of rest and swimmming!details
aoifee16 daysdetails
immy16 daysIt healed itself pretty fast - just have to be careful when orienteering now and not re-injure it.details
Brad T 12316 daysdetails
Trailrat16 daysLots of ice and PT movements.details
ms treegarden16 daysdetails
ms treegarden16 daysdetails
suma2416 daysdetails
AliC16 daysdetails
TrailRunnerVT16 daysdetails
aby_lam16 daysdetails
Miikka16 daysdetails
Hol16 daysdetails
Dehydrated17 daysdetails
L-Jackson17 daysrest. Was able to be active on it after about a week and a half. Was back to 100% after about 3 weeks (but concerned it is still weak)details
SimonB17 dayskept of it for couple of weeks, wore compression bandage during the day for two weeks. pretty much fixed completelydetails
Stu Hoo17 daysHad over 2weeks rest and tested it at a long-o last weekend in preperation for todays Peter Palmers and it held up fine its stil noticable and i'm a bit tentativedetails
blegg17 daysdetails
mushy_pea17 daysdetails
mattrooke17 daysTaped it for the JK which helped a lot. Defo do that in future after an ankle injury. Nice long rest with being in Germany.details
mreynolds17 daysdetails
torbensfunk17 daysdetails
Marius17 daysKraujosruvoms išsivaikščioti padėjo KARBASEPTASdetails
flyfinn17 daysdetails
K'lea17 daysWill prob need to strap it for the next few months any time I go off road but it held up well and gotten a lot better than I thought it woulddetails
joch5517 daysI have a new ankle brace (Royce Exoform). Let's see if it solves the issue.details
Brooner17 daysdetails
Agiofws17 daystime and precautiondetails
Martinsson17 daysdetails
Pajėda17 daysdetails
bendover17 daysran it off. wasn't as bad as i thought it was. details
TommyH17 daysLots of rest and ice and using this big elastic band thing for doing ankle exercises. details
samwell17 daysIt is ok but gets sore in some positions. will strap it for game day til betterdetails
Fat Rat17 daysdetails
Desmond17 daysdetails
dcady17 daysRest; ie, not running, was probably the best thing for it.details
helehan17 daysdetails
Camma17 daysdetails
MooseMorris17 daysdetails
linastrand17 daysdetails
schnitzer17 daysdetails
Lulu17 daysdetails
blegg18 daysNot perfect, but pretty serviceable. With proper taping, I was able to run at full intensity at Anza Borrega.details
C218 daysdetails
smoke18 daysdetails
Desmond18 daysIce, compression, elevation and rest.details
nolimit18 daysdetails
OLLE18 daysgave it some rest for a week then did occasional stuff and mtb. but now all good!!!! a little sore at timesdetails
IanW18 daysdetails
bill_l18 daysdetails
MCrone18 daysdetails
Ali18 daysdetails
CleverSky18 daysAfter 2.5 weeks, I'm not sure it was completely healed up, but I went for a run wearing an Active Ankle with no pain, so I cen at least go out without concern, and the injury is therefore managed.details
Oleg18 daysdetails
evancuster18 daysdetails
Marius18 daysdetails
O Joy18 daysdetails
Poogy18 daysdetails
heggo18 daysdetails
jwolff18 daysdetails
TommyH18 daysdetails
Hapardi18 daysdetails
Niamh☀18 daysdetails
emmaS18 daysdetails
Terkelsen18 daysdetails
mnomi118 daysStill a bit achy and need to be careful but good mobility. Using the wobble board for the next while to strengthen. details
BConley18 daysnever will I ever do an on-trial 400 if it is technical. also will probably be looking into ankle support for future orienteering races.details
Bee_G18 daysWeek off of running plus motion is lotion (lots of easy walking as tolerated)details
boyle19 daysDon't map read while running.details
ccsleggs19 daysdetails
angleman19 daysdetails
Georgia19 daysdetails
marathon8619 daysdetails
Inprin19 daysGood enough to call healed. No more tape but still wrapped.details
Alvis19 daysBeigu datums norādīts aptuveni. LČ 4.-5.06.11 praktiski nejutu, tikai staipot jūt, ka nav tik staipīga kā 2. pēda. Pavisam maz pampums redzams vēl augustādetails
joch5519 daysdetails
Mal19 daysdetails
markg19 daysdetails
dariusz19 daysNach drei Wochen das erste Jogging. 1,8 km. Vorsichtig und mit Cyborg-Knöchel. Keine Schmerzen mehr. Ich darf einfach nicht mehr knicken.details
Awdriuxas19 daysdetails
Kurt19 daysdetails
duncanarcher19 daysI guess I didn't do enough of my strength exercises / rehab. However managed to get through Bubo Cup week after and didn't take too long to go away.details
Brooner19 daysdetails
Brooner19 daysdetails
emmaS19 daysdetails
Hugginator19 daysIngen svullnad eller ömhet längre. Behöver nog dock springa ett tag med tejpning för säkerhets skulldetails
Fat Rat20 daystaping for a while. work on ankle strength/proprioception. and stretch more and warm-up specificallydetails
kissy20 daysdetails
capt'n smythie20 daysdetails
iansmith20 daysI'm still not entirely sure what the nature of the injury was; I know too little about anatomy. The injury was caused by trauma (my mass landing on my ankle), I could still move and rotate my foot relatively freely, but applying weight caused me pain. I noted that my ankle hurt the most when the angle formed by my knee, ankle and toes was less than 90 degrees - e.g. at the end of a step. I sprained my other (left) ankle running, and the injuries were very different - my left ankle didn't h...details
Tap20 daysdetails
kwilliams20 daysdetails
Hoog9420 daysdetails
ken20 daysdetails
JoeD20 daysdetails
axelhalvar20 daysKänns som att det har släppt, måste dock nu verkligen ta tag i fotledsstyrkan. details
TIM0N20 daysdetails
Tim C20 daysdetails
Terkelsen20 daysKylmää, kohoa ja kompressiota. Voltaren hoitoa muovikelmun alla. Sähköhoitoa.details
g.foz.foster20 daysShoe tightness / incorrect fit given conditions / terraindetails
Torzi20 daysdetails
kido20 daysdetails
RosieWatson20 daysdetails
kezza21 daystook some time off heavy sessions for a few days. felt a few twinges over a few weeks but seems to be fine nowdetails
mat-d21 daysdon't jump !!details
FE21 daysLigaments had been stretched a couple times in previous week. RICE, massage, stretch & ice, cross-training.details
Useless Fool21 daysDo NOT go to city, stay in the sea, forest, mountains - do not go to city, they are dangerous.details
Georgiou21 daysdetails
PVA21 daysdetails
AidanR21 daysAlways rest ankle injuries no matter how bad it feels not to train it helps in the long run! details
laurenbaade21 daysdetails
Clone21 daysLargely recovered after 3 weeks but still reduced mobility and some pain. Hopefully will go away completely without ultrasound or whatever the physio did previously.details
Clone21 daysdetails
Brooner21 daysdetails
riley21 daysdetails
troll feet21 daysJust let it run its course. Still aware of it when I get up each morning. Not 100% but being careful and aware of it it's manageable details
BeckyR21 daysdetails
KathrynB21 daysdetails
Lara Croft21 daysNot feeling ankle pain/strain any more. I think i'm recovered and now just have to not get complacent with it when i'm tired. details
jonny crickmore21 daysdetails
HammerTime21 daysdetails
aby_lam21 daysdetails
GRennie21 daysMostly was better by SHI...details
rumiko21 daysdetails
Tundra/Desert22 daysdetails
YouRNotHere22 daysNo running at all since the injury. I was able to ride my bike after a few days which I think helped recovery. It's feeling really good now even after a short run today.details
furlong4722 daysdetails
DanW22 daysdetails
kwilliams22 daysdetails
justus22 daysdetails
nmulder22 daysdetails
Brooner22 daysdetails
Useless Fool22 daysdetails
Craney22 daysdetails
MVB22 daysdetails
Flatland22 daysdetails
Abrando22 daysdetails
Trailrat22 daysTime, time and more time!details
TomN22 daysdetails
VeganKeegan22 daysishdetails
ajriley22 daysdetails
jwolff22 daysdetails
DragonFly23 daysI did several things to heal that I didn't do during the first round! Primarily I was more patient to allow gradual healing. Home stretching, strengthening, and balancing exercises. Purchased the Active Ankle T2 and used it for walking then running. My assessment is that I'm at 90% recovered, and that the last 10% will be even more gradual, but I can carefully train again.details
LittleBit23 daysdetails
Nivut23 daysdetails
Desmond23 daysice, elevation and compressiondetails
YouRNotHere23 daysThis was really bad ankle sprain. The pain was above and below the outside ankle. It still feels a little sore. I probably rested it too much. Maybe could have had quicker recovery if I would of started cycling more quickly.details
Tobiasp23 daysdetails
yty23 daysdetails
zoolander23 daysAnkle still flares up, especially after road runs. Trail is better. Physio unlocks it and keeps me going for a few days afterwards without any discomfort. details
Culbin23 daysSeems to be ok.details
jaanaolvet23 daysdetails
Aiden Sullivan23 daysTime and tapingdetails
Carbons Offset23 daysRecovery time is a guesstimatedetails
00723 daysdetails
Scrappy Doo23 daysdetails
Jagge23 daysdetails
Arelena23 daysdetails
Taco23 daysDoing some strength and stretch as it looks a bit swollen still, but can run again:)details
LL23 daysdetails
andrew_elwood23 daysRest, mobility exercises.details
chill24 daysCause: JKdetails
3m24 daysSwelling has nearly completely gone. Is still really weak and will need to see physio soon to avoidspraining it for a third time! details
Tullster24 daysdetails
Slice24 daysdetails
O-ing24 daysHaven't run since; hasn't affected my riding. Swelling has now gone down enough for it to be "fixed". Voltaren, Ice, Warm water was the treatment.details
JodiR24 daysRICE helped a lotdetails
Rosenstiel24 daysdetails
AdamWoods24 daysAnkle still bit sore when in some positions went forest orienteering at full speed this weekend and didn't have to worry about it at alldetails
NSAR24 dayscold laser therapy!!details
Bruce24 daysdetails
Knutern9724 daysdetails
RichardNZ24 daysSeveral weeks without running on it, physio visit did rotation/massage and advised to do strengthening exercises and OK to start running again.details
emmaS24 daysum it's still a bit swollen but not painful or bruised at all any more. The bruising was ridiculousdetails
JoeHudd24 daysdetails
Duncan24 daysdetails
silkychrome24 daysdetails
Schwepps25 daysStill a bit sore and will need taping when running for a while to comedetails
mat-d25 dayskinda recovered... or should we say strengthened!details
prez ret25 daysdetails
T.Fong25 daysdetails
Rosco25 daysdetails
zimkev25 daysRest and physiodetails
kwilliams25 daysThis was a bad sprain. Helped to have it under compression almost continuously. Swimming was okay, though also made the ankle sore. Need to do more strengthening work.details
AdamL25 daysTime, elevation and ibuprofen gel fixed it.details
Matej25 daysdetails
Dalton25 daysdetails
katrinam25 daysRecovered to an extent but still hurts when I stretch it a certain way probably need to tape up whenever I go orienteering.details
emmaS25 daysrecovered by JWOC! yay Physio twice helped a ton. exercizes, ising, and whatever manipulation the physios did. plus lots of taping/bracing while orienteeringdetails
Sjkirwin25 daysThe effects of this injury are that I now have a weaker right ankle. I will have to strengthen it, and my other ankle if I want to prevent this again. I plan to stand on one foot each time I brush my teeth to strengthen it.details
pfc26 daysdetails
Disco26 daysdetails
Ghost26 daysWIsdom, don't fall off your bike! Fully recovered increasing flexability. Left ankle has been damaged many time with history of two breaks last break in 1997 this was a level 4. this ankle also has not had as much range of motion as the right post 1997 break. But gettin betterdetails
daveabrams26 daysdetails
BillJarvis26 daysThe ankle got progressively better and was manageable with a good tape job. Guess I dodged surgery once again.details
mood26 daysFoot feels ok now.details
Gibbo26 daysjust gotta be more carfeful were i stepdetails
O9Man26 daysIt seems better, but still week. The other side seems just as week lately too... may have something to do with the fallen arches I seem to be experiencing.details
JohnW26 daysSwelling is down almost completely. Walking normal now. Will start running soon.details
MikeMc26 daysdetails
Desmond26 daysdetails
andreas26 daysPozeraj sa pod nohy!details
Run_Bosco26 daysExperimented with lace-up brace and with hinge brace. Didn't like either. Hm. Well, I recovered anyway!details
bcerin26 daysNext time I have to have better shoesdetails
JonasP26 daysdetails
Arlaharen26 daysVilade bort skadan iom min 3 veckors förkylning...details
Galloway26 daysdetails
richf26 daysdetails
Useless Fool26 daysdetails
Bruce26 daysdetails
hkleaf27 daysThe basic R.I.C.E. along with NSAID did the trick. Staying off longer and taping/bracing during run really helped out as well. Shouldn't have raced in the Kicks for Kids 5k. Now I'm dealing with an inflamed tibial plateau.details
mikee27 daysTime....details
JonasB27 daysdetails
ToRunLong27 daysFeels pretty good. Will continue to watch it on the trails. Still loose. details
olle7127 daysdetails
Keith Iskiw27 daysdetails
sdoncas27 daysdetails
jed27 daysdetails
A.Child27 daystime.details
Georgia27 daysdetails
Aiden Sullivan27 daysRest and some stretching to get back to strengthdetails
dariusz27 daysdetails
jillmcg27 daysHad 9 days off due to hip issue which seemed to resolve the ankle as well for the most part. I think it was a change in arch support that caused the problem in the first place. Doing lace lock on shoes to tighten up the instep support also helped.details
vyc27 daysdetails
Julius27 daysMan sollte wohl immer regelmäßig Fußstabi-Übungen machen details
CML27 daysdetails
TrailRunnerVT27 daysdetails
veliceraptor27 daysdetails
Batrider28 daysdetails
hkleaf28 daysJust the usual - R.I.C.E. along with NSAID. I'm calling it recovered because the swelling and soreness are gone now. However, the ankle tendons are still weaker than normal, when a sudden turn will trigger momentary pain. Will need to do some strengthening exercises to rehab it to full strength.details
helehan28 daysdetails
drewi28 daysdetails
Tzukes28 daysDon't do it again.details
bradc28 daysGetting better. Now servicable.details
Loopy Lou28 daysdetails
joch5528 daysRace went fine today (Oct. 9), I think this one can be closed (until next time). I was quite careful when running, especially going down hill.details
Agiofws28 daysdetails
itsmartin28 daysdetails
Matej28 daysdetails
emmaS28 daysdetails
garymm28 daysSeem all better. Now its the right wrist again.details
mjd28 daysPersistent pain walking around for 3+ weeks. But still went for short walks, 20-65 minutes.details
haydensmith28 daysAfter track season ended, took a couple weeks off and went to physio. Still had a couple of training sessions which prohibited progress, but overall well rested it.details
gruver29 daysdetails
m.jada29 daysdetails
Roger G29 daysdetails
Mahuan!29 daysFinally seems better after a month--still a little achy after workouts, but mostly resolved. Hope it stays that way. Arch support really helped with this (thanks to my PT pal for good advice).details
Mr Wonderful29 dayscalling it over, but likely to wear a brace when i think of itdetails
preka29 daysMindig ragaszd be a bokád, akkor is ha kikésed a rajtod.details
Thompass29 daysdetails
JonD29 daysdetails
duncanarcher29 daysNot sure what caused it, tiredness and going for it in a race, and not enough time in the forest / weak ankles. Pain / tenderness was very much on the outside above the ankle bone. Didn't take as long to recover as some ankle strains have.details
00729 daysdetails
rkinsley30 daysI haven't really felt the ankle lately. Seems to be healing.details
olle7130 daysdetails
nlewiswalls30 dayssame as last time...although this time I will wear ankle braces for a short term, until I feel that the strength has returneddetails
22230 daysdetails
seelenfliege30 daysvorsichtige langsame läufe auf strasse haben geholfen. ansonsten eis und schonung.details
jet30 daysdetails
JohnT30 daysRest, Iced for first three days, some elevation (in an active life - work!). Tight sock. Some use of a wobble board, and a strengthening rubber band. But mainly rest, meaning no running on it. First run was off road on the 21st of Feb, and although it ached it was not acute pain. MB yesterday (including pushing up hill) no pain or bother at all. Fingers crossed.details
jet30 daysdetails
coady30 daysran without brace today, felt fine...details
EJ Teb30 daysdetails
elena30 daysRehab exercises. Was as diligent with them as I've ever been and I'm glad for it. The point was to improve balance and strength to *prevent* another injury. Also TAPE TAPE TAPE! Mechanical stop so crappy tendons don't overstretch in case of stumble. Totally works. In the 2x 24-hour events since it's been perfect. Potentially could get a reconstruction if it ever give me too much trouble as there are chips of bone floating around in the joint, but really it's great so long as it's...details
Ezy30 daysdetails
ViktoriaE30 daysdetails
monika9830 daysdetails
KathrynB30 daysdetails
Spur30 daysdetails
Torzi Robbo 30 daysTendon damadge via going over my ankle in chunky shoes! Heal with ankle/leg strengthening exercises, lots of ice, heat and strapping for support. details
pfc31 daysImmediate compression, and lots of ibuprofen. Kept a tight compression bandage on for 4-6 days, with only occassional unwrapping to let it breathe and to shower. Also started with 800 mg ibuprofen and took 400mg every 6 hours for 72 hours. After 2 weeks, able to walk at normal pace and gait. The goal was to fight swelling both internally and externally. Recovered in time to have a good run at the Possum Trot, but I'm consistently using an Active Ankle now. Recovery is a known variable, what I...details
bishop2231 daysIce and Vitamin I did the trick. It did not seem that avioding running sped recovery, but I should not have gotten back on skates after the injury, until it was 100%. Also, treadmill running seemed to be much less irritating than road or terrain, and I probably should have done more of that throughout the recovery period.details
phil31 daysdetails
DARTvg31 daysdetails
deMon31 days It was tendonitis. Cured by Jeanette(physio) and rest. No more bog running for me!!!! Or doing big Rogaines on no training.details
fredder31 daysAfter a month, the pain seems to be finally gone, with just some tightness left. Strange swelling remains in the direct front of the ankle joint--perhaps something weird going on in the actual joint. "Functional" treatment seemed to work pretty well (i.e., no rest...), but it was a strange ankle sprain to begin with.details
Siobhan31 daysdetails
Siobhan31 daysdetails
Ged31 daysdetails
joshboc31 daysNeed to tape whenever running and also need to soak in the sea and do strength and balance exercisesdetails
Ethan31 daysdetails
Scrappy Doo31 daysdetails
forsbergskan31 daysdetails
markg31 daysdetails
bealaw31 daysI saw the doctor on the 2nd day, he gave me some anti-inflammatory medicine which actually help reducing my pain. I can start to walk super slow at that night. I had an x-ray to make sure I didn't have any fracture. Then, I had 7times of physiotherapy in 3weeks. the first 3 times, I had ultrasound, accupuncture, and radio. the other 4times, I had shock wave therapy. I also did some rehab exercises. I managed to run after 20days details
andyhill31 daysdetails
emmaS31 daysdetails
duncanarcher31 daysdetails
Treadlie31 daysdetails
Rosco32 daysdetails
Jules32 daysRested for 2 days straight after it with leg up helped alot. Then got back into cycling and circulation helped alot. But bruising in the ankle has taken along time to get better. Also still slowly recovering even now in front of ankle. details
Tajda32 daysdetails
Markus32 days3 Tage Zinksalbeverband und danach Bandagedetails
Hedis32 daysdetails
Ecmo32 daysdetails
go9732 daysdetails
Useless Fool32 daysdetails
Tane32 daysdetails
Miikka32 daysdetails
yougogirl32 daysdetails
apocolypto33 daysdon't do it again. details
LiveWideLoveDeep33 daysRest - Staying off feet, reducing volume and as a caution started taking the following Astafactor and Tissue Rejuvenator, Fish Oil pills I could have a chronic issues w/ my anlkes and I got some exercise to help stabilize and build back up some muscle/nerve feelings in my ankles to work on. details
cmcpeake33 daysankle finally normal. Will get some physo in Jan to help strengthen itdetails
Hannah Bradley33 daysseems to be less sever twists as time goes on doing ankle strengthening exercises and going on the wobble boarddetails
martin_ol_gb33 daysdetails
genebeveridge33 daysOnce it got smashed once it became more susceptible to rolling more often. There was a stage when it stopped rolling it steadily got better.details
bazil33 daysdetails
ChrisH33 daysResovled with traditional trainers and insoles and rest.details
lazydave33 daysdetails
Fabi33 daysRepos, ostéo, mobilisationdetails
asha33 daysdetails
heggo33 daysdetails
bbrooke33 daysStill slightly swollen as of 9/6/2019, but not hurting anymore.details
A.Child34 daysKept running, but wore a brace. Not the best idea, but if u gotta train, you gotta train. details
karenmckirdy34 daysfallen arch( I think) did excersisesto healdetails
Franchitastic34 daysThough the ankle is still a bit achy, I think it's a side effect of my new morton's neuroma..... argh!details
ginger34 daysdetails
LL34 daysdetails
Ezy35 daysdetails
Lori35 daysdetails
Hoddy35 daysmy first turn in years, probably the about the third ever. Took ages to recover...details
HungryTriathlete35 daysFoot no longer hurts to run.. I still can't kick with fins, but who knows if that is good for it anyways. Ligamentous support on R ankle is now loose and unstable. Need to be very cautious with this ankle and provide additional stability when doing long runs on trail to prevent another injury.details
baz35 daysInjuries more than likely caused by running over tough terrain (sand dunes). Having visited physio, the diagnosis was sprained ankles & recovery only through time/RICE/strengthening exercises.details
arg35 daysStill have minor aches and pains with activity. ROM is decreased. details
ink_2135 daysdetails
BpACKer35 daysI think it must have been the balancing exercise which I hadn't done in a long time. I remember losing my balance and straining to stay upright. Rest was my recovery.details
Cat T35 daysDoesn't need strapping any more, still can feel the tendons a bit when i start running but keeping doing strength exercises with it, will keep an eye on it and try to make sure it doesn't affect my running gait :-)details
mishortkut35 daysdetails
sal.35 daysdetails
TommyH35 daysdetails
McCloy35 daysManaged to get round the MMM without a twist, guessing it's ok.details
annawallin35 daysdetails
will_benedikz35 daysRest.details
AG35 daysdetails
Ursa36 daysdetails
bill_l36 daysrecovered enough I guess. Toe #4 is still a problem: very swollen and somewhat painful.details
seelenfliege36 days2 Wochen Ruhe, Kühlen, langsam mit wenig Belastung wieder anfgefangen mit Laufen. viel Bewegen!details
Malinga36 daysRICE'd it then strapped it up for the rest of the week, slowed down in other activities, 'yogging'details
cissi36 daysdetails
Cruachan36 daysWill have to use ankle strapping in future O events in terrain... details
Niamh☀36 daysdetails
niallmcalinden36 daysWas actually fine, little bit of rest and not racing for a few weeks fixed it updetails
Misha36 daysIt needed rest.details
nightfox37 daysJumped on one foot down to a river. Cooled the foot down some degrees. Jumped 2 km on one foot to help. Tight it up there very hard and went to hospital, but so long waiting-time for X-ray, so I skiped that. It felt okay, but the size of the foot was big over the injury. Took six week to go away totaly. Thanks to Mia Jodal, that said to me: Run flat if possibleas fast as possible. Do strength and balance training every day. Maybe I did it some days, but it got better fast and didn't hurt to r...details
zootrio37 daysdetails
torbensfunk37 daysdetails
Spongey37 daysMore streching massage and strengethingdetails
WandAR37 daysI guess. Still a little swollen & hurt a little during Zumba. But let's be optimistic & say it's recovered.details
ReindeerCounter37 daysdetails
LiveWideLoveDeep37 daysdetails
duncanarcher37 daysMy right foot twisted under and inwards, but after initial pain / swelling went down (1 week) the main issue was posterior tibial tendon that goes around under inside of the ankle bone, which maybe got pinched when I sprained. Recovery: -- 1 week: road biking and swimming -- 2 weeks: control hanging at Mulgrave, slightly ill advised, and some pain, but not much choice -- 3 weeks: first sensible 10 min jog on road round the block, then building it up -- 5 weeks: 90 min orienteering at Af...details
Julius37 daysdetails
MR37 daysdetails
Trailrat37 daysTime, time and more time!details
Hol37 daysdetails
Special-K38 daysdetails
jolson38 daysMay 15 - essentially gone. Orthotics, new shoes, moderate training all contributors. Never hurt during runs, just after a hard run or a few back-to-back days. Lesson - don't run without orthotics!details
CarlEdmo38 daysdetails
fenry38 daysdetails
RichardNZ38 daysCleared for running but physio thinks still another 2-3 months for full recovery. Build ankle strengthening into normal exercise routine from now on.details
Bee_G38 daysdetails
Ezy39 daysdetails
zootrio39 daysdetails
Akhilleus39 daysRest, rest, rest...don't jump around at SPOOK weekend.details
dgrove39 daysdetails
elavallee39 daysPlenty of rest and ice at first helped, and then taping was good too later on.details
Lizzie39 daysdetails
jet39 daysdetails
Hirppa39 daysdetails
Mitch7839 daysdetails
Duncan39 daysdetails
inuksuk40 daysReally isn't fully recovered, but its now usable and somewhat overshadoewd by the large lumps of tissue along my plantar and the hole in my foot....details
MVB40 daysdetails
niamh40 daysdetails
Stijn40 daysdetails
Danny Riley40 daysIt's supporting two ankles right now :/details
Snow Lizard41 daysdetails
GZs41 daysdetails
Whitesheep41 daysCouple of things: 1. This took at least twice as long to fix itself as I thought it would. I got a similar (probably not q as bad) injury on a Norway tour once and was up and running again in a couple of days. Which basically just goes to show I'm not a teenager any more. The more I can prevent stuff like this through S&C/balance training, the better. 2. If anything, I should have taken the recovery more seriously. If it happened again I'd be tempted to take myself home and put my feet up -...details
M.Serguiev41 daysdetails
Chief Clukey41 daysdetails
Nathan_C41 daysdetails
ondrejpavlu41 daysActive recovery proven successful againdetails
CoachingEnduranc42 daysrest made this injury go away. i think overuse caused it and maybe a bit of a twist on the trail at c4p.details
feike42 daysRecovery : RICE Prevention : don't train so much downhills on full speed.details
Stryder42 daystime...for nowdetails
radulan00742 daysIt`s not 100% recovered (my ligaments need some time to be 100%) but I can run normal.details
tommyturbo42 daysLong recovery for what initially didn't seem like a severe sprain.details
Qlotus42 days90 % healed now, no pain while running. Running more roads and TM helped keep strain off.details
kwilliams42 daysdetails
HWW42 daysdetails
JL42 daysHar inte haft vidare ont under O-ringen och då får det ses som okej. Tejpar ändå fortsättningsvis.details
Zapper42 daysdetails
Jac42 daysdetails
HammerTime42 daysdetails
RJM43 daysPT was only doing a little, (by early-mid sept) but when I pointed this out to them, they did a couple of days of heavy rubbing/massage on where they said that the healing had built up scar tissue, and it made a world of difference. details
capt'n smythie43 daysdetails
Munter Hitch43 daysdetails
Katrin H43 daysdetails
Bob-F43 daysdetails
Sian43 daysdetails
Dmitry_oz43 daysdetails
Whitesheep43 daysdetails
Geoman43 daysdetails
D.Keyser44 daysLost concentration on a course and twisted it. Should have seen a doctor, still feel like there might be a bone chip.details
hkleaf44 daysThe typical R.I.C.E. treatment, and staying on pavement for the most part.details
bendover44 daysbegan cycling in early november, and started running again on the 25th november. fairly standard recovery to be honest, plenty of rest. i definitely ate too much food and have put some weight on (doh!) so will need to focus now on trimming down and getting back into the rhythm of running again.details
cricketk44 daysStop running when you hear the popping noises of ligaments getting damaged!details
A.Child44 daysDon't stop running. Ran 2 hours the next day in harriman with a brace. Complete recovery may have taken longer than RICE, but at least I was able to move around this time. details
Flam44 daysdetails
PieterV44 daysdetails
SarahG44 daysTook it easy by staying off technical trails. Beginning strengthening again.details
jennyjones44 daysdetails
tree45 daysmore careful strapping required, care kicking footballs.details
CathW45 daysRest, ICE, massage, Ivor, rest some more.details
weegie45 daysdetails
tcut45 daysRest !!!!details
heggo45 daysdetails
sal.46 daysrest and no activity for a while :p wear ankle guards when orienteering (:details
Oyvind46 daysdetails
zoolander46 daysAnkle is much better, don't feel it on trails. Knee is 80% most days.details
jet46 daysdetails
ms treegarden46 daysdetails
MCrone46 daysdetails
Sirupful46 daysdetails
rcro46 daysdetails
fremil46 daysIn Zukunft vorsichtiger im Wettkampf und erstmal mit Tape. details
justinreneau47 daystape ankle for workouts. Ended up being another bursa sac injury and not an ankle sprain.details
ginger47 daysStill some residual tightness in the anterior lateral ankle ligaments, but they seem to loosen up with running. Ankle is still a little tender, but taping and careful stretching before and after running helps.details
Shaya47 daysdetails
mhallett100147 daysdetails
kwilliams47 daysNever go running on a recovering ankle without some kind of support/protection, particular rooted trails. details
katherinelucas47 daysno fractures or misalignment, just have to work a lot on strengthdetails
lorrieq48 daysRICE-Rest Ice Compress Elevatedetails
Desmond48 daysdetails
Fabi48 daysTravail de proprioception.details
JenMac48 daysI am going to be wearing my ankle brace for a while, expectedly when I am not feeling stabledetails
Clara49 daysRested and avoided cross country running when I started againdetails
KingTim49 daysStill not 100%; still can't bend it totally in the direction I went over on it. But got through the whole JK with nothing worse than a few rolls on it so I think it's time to declare it better.details
HungryTriathlete49 daysstill a little sore but I can run fully on itdetails
slangjudoka49 daysLots of RICEdetails
cktrahan49 daysStill hurts and is sore when it moves the wrong way but just for general running, it's fine. details
Duncan49 daysdetails
Niamh☀49 daysdetails
BruceMeier49 daysOk it still gives a bit of trouble but I now have the Ossur ankle brace and let's see how that goes.details
rcro49 daysdetails
Trixi49 daysdetails
Ezy50 daysdetails
MJChilds50 daysNeeded rest and then strengthening. Using ankle brace for day 2 of 2-day events when it's fatigued, but letting it do some work on day one. Doing strengthening exercises on steps, (flexion/extension) and using wobble board to work accessory muscles. Still not 100%, but not too bad any more.details
Animal-O50 daysi think the cleats on turf was a cause, ... the ankle pain is still hanging slightly but ... slowly ... slowly returning to normal, movement is still restricted a littledetails
atsip50 daysdetails
kwilliams50 daysEssentially fine now, but need to be doing balance bord and more uneven ground training to strengthen.details
riley50 daysdetails
Voimis50 daysdetails
Malla51 daysdetails
McCloy51 daysdetails
Bob-F51 daysdetails
the kempster52 daysThe holy ankle brace!!!details
jonny crickmore52 daysdetails
Useless Fool52 daysdetails
Ezy53 daysdetails
kbreseman53 daysdetails
GoSalamander53 daysMix of rest and continuing to do shorter distance running.details
pepa.53 daysdetails
Geiler OLer53 daysdetails
Nookie Junkie54 daysdetails
J:Dahn54 daysdetails
stampy54 daysdetails
AdventureGirl!54 daysTape, or use brace on ankle when running on any uneven terrain. Make sure not to tape too tight and hurt the calf. details
LeeVice55 daysdetails
Katrin H55 daysdetails
zafirisSOLOBARS55 daysdetails
axelhalvar55 daysKänner inte av det längre, tror att det är lugnt att köra på. Måste börja med styrka för mina vrister. Tror dock jag inte behöver tejpa foten. Nu ska jag fan börja köra styrkepasset jag fick från Jon.details
Rich56 daysI think I can now confirm my ankle is pretty much better. No swelling or discomfort after yesterdays long run. All the strengthening exercises certainly helped tremendously and my ankles are probably now stronger than ever.details
redenergy56 daysJust over did it with all the guiding this past Spring. Probably just getting old ;-)details
Ant W56 daysRested it for 6 weeks. Also had a couple of colds which didn't help.details
mareixn56 daysdetails
Boltboi56 daysdetails
Maverick57 daysdetails
pi57 daysdetails
JenMac57 daysdetails
paul c57 daysdetails
Camma57 daysFinally seems to be coming better. Spent a lot less time running, with most of it being going gently over varying terrain. Spent more time on the bike to allow time to heal and it worked wonders.details
loobey57 daysdetails
ShojiNext57 daysdetails
rcro57 daysdetails
nana58 daysdetails
Procrastin8or8958 daysRested, evavation whilst watching the football, used the ice pack as well when I could. About 6 weeks in and the swelling started to go down I could do some cycling The following week I could use the cross trainer at the gym The following week I did 4x 20 min runs on flat Following week I started urban orienteeringdetails
BConley58 daysI must use tape if I go offtrail, if no tape, then I stay on the trail.details
Russ Baldwin59 daysheals with time, havnt had any reocurances yetdetails
LittleBit59 daysdetails
Grafaz59 daysdetails
mareixn59 daysdetails
jemmerson59 daysdetails
Honza59 daysdetails
ahall60 daysdetails
Josefov60 daysdetails
BW60 daysdetails
PaulT60 daysdetails
Dawnie60 daysI need to be sensible. Wear the right shoes, and do ankle strengthening exercises. details
Geoman60 daysdetails
atsip60 daysdetails
Slowe60 daysdetails
tam.61 daysdetails
vyc61 daysperskindol and rest for first month, later some training.details
McCloy61 daysdetails
zoolander61 daysdetails
fluceluce61 daysdetails
BradLund61 daysdetails
riley61 daysdetails
Nadim61 daysThough things felt like a sprain or tear, the medical diagnosis was Lumbar Radiculopathy. It slowly got better. Making this resolution entry after the fact, I guess my body re-routed the nerves after my disc herniation and a piece of the disc breaking off between L4/L5 and pushing against my spinal column. details
LeeVice62 daysdetails
GoSalamander62 daysdetails
benmalby62 daysdetails
SarahG62 daysTold during whole ski season just ankle sprain, till I found out in the summer it was actually a fracture as well. Felt pretty badass for racing a whole season on a fractured ankle.details
kbreseman62 daysdetails
mareixn62 daysdetails
liv62 daysdetails
Vector63 daysRICE and slow re-entry to activity worked. Trained with an ankle brace at first also. details
Jon X63 daysdetails
eileen63 daysdetails
Nikolay63 daysAlmost recovered for general trail running and running exercises. Not 100% for forest orienteering and speed work. details
Ezy63 daysdetails
BradLund63 daysdetails
sambHCF63 daysdetails
BenSquire63 daysdetails
hkleaf64 daysR.I.C.E. Plus 8 sessions of physical therapy with Elton. Learned a new taping method to have better support for the arch.details
Misha64 daysI have to make sure to strengthen my ankles by doing trail running on challenging footing without being distracted by a map before I try running an orienteering race on footing as challenging as that at West Point.details
Garry64 daysOver training. All runs being fast and on flat shoes. Possibly over exaggerated the fore foot running. details
Vaala64 daysdetails
Runningpaul64 daysIst mit der Zeit einfach weggegangen. details
tstreet65 daysdetails
slow-twitch65 daysdetails
Keith Iskiw65 daysdetails
mareixn65 daysdetails
RobL66 daysTwo 1 hour sessions of massage on it.details
mmace66 daysdetails
mindsweeper66 daysdetails
undy66 daysdetails
A.Child67 daysAnkle brace if running/racing through rough terrain.details
j.freshman67 daysdetails
JPDB67 daysdetails
Welshie67 daysdetails
Trixi67 daysdetails
Torzi67 daysdetails
Swisscheese68 daysdetails
Hilary68 daysHave to say it taken ages to heal but cant really say its still injured as i can run without discomfort only hurts if i put it in certain positions now and this is improvingdetails
JoS68 daysdetails
Nadim68 daysThere's gradually been less strain so time helped me heal. I think recent cycling also helped there to be more blood flow to the injury and that improved it too. details
JenMac69 daysGo to the physio right away and put it off and start running on it right away.details
axelhalvar69 daysdetails
IanW70 daysStill doing ankle exercises (wobble board) and stretching/strengthening, and taping when running. Occasionally stiffens up a bit but no real need to loosen it up before running any more - it feels fine straight away. Has just made me a bit hesitant whenever the terrain gets a bit uneven...details
fluceluce70 daysdetails
prez ret70 daysdetails
JenMac70 daysdetails
Orunner70 daystaped, wrapped, and ran. It hurt like the Dickens, but I was able to compete and train all the way through. However, I wonder if it would have healed more thoroughly, completely, and quicker by laying off and resting. details
Tooms70 daysEverting foot and applying a lot of pressure on my medial instep eases the tendon insertion pain, rapidly settled after an evening hurting myself doing it! A swim session seemed to make a marked difference in week 4.details
dariusz70 daysDas Problem bleibt latent da. Z.z. habe ich quasi kein Quertraining.details
JonD70 daysstill a weak spot in the chain, but I use the ankle brace when not running on smooth roadsdetails
spie009771 daysMy ankle is still weak, but it does not slow me in day to day activities. I hope that by getting back into a regular workout routine that I can strengthen my ankle back to where it once was.details
BConley71 daysdetails
mushy_pea72 daysdetails
phatty72 daysdetails
hughmac472 days70% after a week. 80% after 2 weeks. 100% after 2 months. Oof.details
primik73 daysrazmigaj pred tekmodetails
mmace73 daysdetails
drewi74 daysdetails
Elina B74 daysIce and restdetails
seelenfliege75 days6 Wochen Pause, dann laaangsam wieder mit Laufen angefangen. In Zukunft mehr Stabi-Übungen und mehr querlaufen.details
AliS75 daysdetails
HubNukin'76 daysIt was just the fall I think. It slowly started to feel better just by resting it until I reinjured it at Angry Seagull. Again, felt better on its own. Felt okay for Storm the 10 but it just felt tired as the day went on. Eventually Geoff worked on it and it felt okay in Portugal.details
Nina76 daysdetails
Davy76 daysdetails
michalmy76 daysAggravated running on uneven terrain in a couple of O races. Rested until the stability returned.details
RichardNZ77 daysGood regular physio, doing the exercises and easing back into running. Still not 100% but ran OK over Oceania with it fully strapped.details
Ralph78 daysdetails
stevieb79 daysIcing, rest, theraband exercisesdetails
jmnipen79 daysAnkle Brace + more road and trails, less forest stuff.details
Robsmith80 daysdetails
mishortkut80 daysWill never recover from weak ankles!! It will be a matter of how long since the last twistdetails
jsnyder80 daysPT really seemed to help. Still a bit sore but no more pain. Keeping up the strengthening exercises.details
IKRP80 daysdetails
Rinni80 daysdetails
razza80 daysdetails
DARTvg81 daysretired from Basketball...effective immediately. details
triple-double81 daysdetails
axelhalvar81 daysMåste verkligen lägga ner tid på rehab denna vintern. details
AdventureGirl!81 daysdetails
BConley82 daysactually, kind of went away a while ago, but it hasn't bothered me in so long that I think it's mostly healed. although it is still a bit larger than my other ankle.details
LuisNogueira82 daysdetails
camel83 daysdetails
Ambergraham83 daysCause- Over training after a period of rest. Recovery- resting, physio and cycling. Ultra sounds every second week to help break down scar tissue. details
cporter84 daysdetails
vijurks84 daysdetails
Ezy85 daysdetails
rozsdi85 daysdetails
AliC85 daysdetails
cmpbllj86 daysI did a poor job of rehab on this, although I did a good job of not jumping back into races when it was still partially healed.details
razza86 daysdetails
Nopsukka86 daysdetails
emilyr86 daysdetails
andyhill86 daysdetails
GRennie87 daysdetails
5587 daysCortisone injection after 2 months. Responded straight away, with swelling completely gone after 10 days. Didn't run for 2 weeks after the injection (so all up, no running for nearly 3 months!). Eased back into running via walk/jog combo for a week, then slow, short jogs for a week. Resumed full running (which isn't much bc I'm aerobically unfit now) 3 weeks after injection.details
phil87 daysBrauchte 3 Monate bis zur kompletten Heilung. Am 26. Mai wieder erster OL. details
ab87 daysdetails
Twix87 daysdetails
yougogirl87 dayskunna för första gången springa ol utan stora problem. Vila, konsekekvent fotledsstyrkadetails
Hanabanana88 daysdetails
silje88 daysdetails
DominicGreen88 daysdetails
rainyruns89 daysdetails
mayer2289 daysdetails
Career Move89 daysdetails
cbd90 daysdetails
Lone Goat90 daysdetails
coach91 daysdetails
rcro91 daysdetails
Useless Fool91 daysdetails
bbrooke92 daysdetails
dersu92 daystimedetails
runninghils92 daysVery slow recovery - mostly cycling and cross fit after the first few weeks.details
slauenstein92 daysdetails
Lizzie92 daysdetails
Useless Fool92 daysdetails
ba-ba92 daysdetails
Jagge93 daysdetails
hkleaf93 daysNot playing soccer seems to help quicken the recovery. The diagnosis is still unclear. The pain feels similar to a sprain ankle, but symptoms are slightly different.details
Rowan93 daysThe physio exercises and patience lead to recovery. Must be more careful noting where pads are when bouldering. details
C294 daysrested 2 weeks, no improvement. then physiotherapy with piezowave, 6 times over 2 monthsdetails
AliC94 daysdetails
Ralph95 daysdetails
Rx95 daysdetails
GPS95 daysdetails
ken95 daysrest, ankle brace for orienteering, some exercises.details
Harlie95 daysneed to continue with ankle exercises on foam pad as my ankle stability is terrible.details
mdryak95 daysdetails
another_mile96 daysdetails
ebone97 daysThis injury bothered me for a long time, then around December, it stopped hurting very often. As of March 2009, it still hurts when I jam my heel down, forcing my toe to point, but otherwise it seems fine.details
HammerTime97 daysAnkle is not affecting me any more. I can do what I want to do again. shame it took nearly a third of a yeardetails
mrsb98 daysTaping to survive O courses, taking a long time to gain the confidence back through terrain and even on stoney tracks. Ankle mended, but need to build up confidence much more through summer/autumn to race properly again.details
IndyBass98 daysAs of 2/12/13, PSB brace is working well. No additional injuries. I'm continuing some balance exercises at home a couple of times per week, and the brace has become permanent equipment as a mitigation.details
vijurks98 daysdetails
Tyrannosaurus98 daysStill sometimes feels weird/twinges, but after several days of orienteering without an ankle brace, I think I'm good enough to call this recovered. details
andrews98 daysdetails
ColmM99 daysdetails
andronkuls100 daysdetails
nicki100 daysdetails
jfredrickson101 days2 weeks on crutches and a total of 6 weeks with no running. Still stiff but seems OK while running and is alright in the woods as long as it's taped well.details
riley101 daysdetails
simon87102 daysdetails
MikeMc102 daysdetails
Pellervo102 daysJuoksemattomuus hävitti oireet.details
axelhalvar103 daysDet hjälpte att vila i en månad!details
Gibbo104 daysim going to end it on the rating thing its probs a 1 atm i can run full pace after about 10min of running warmup no probs walking only running above 5min/km'sdetails
ColmM104 daysunreal amount of exercises.. its the only way!! i'm not really sure its fully better but if i dont say its better now i might never convince myself its betterdetails
j-man105 days** Closing this out ex post on 12/7. It is not completely healed, but it is good enough for now.details
Brooner105 daysdetails
axelhalvar105 daysBörja köra fotledsstyrka för helvetedetails
tinytoes105 dayspodiatrist Kurt rectified with intensive adjustment, then prescribed ongoing physio (ankle/knee thrusts with ankle band). Reduced inflammation almost immediately.details
cpn106 daysunsure whether there is still swelling or if my right ankle is just different to the left! (I never paid much attention to it pre-injury!)details
ljbean106 daysdetails
ken108 daysdetails
mary108 daysdetails
RockHEART109 daysdetails
Chief109 daysdetails
Ezy110 daysdetails
Tane111 daysdetails
Lulu111 daysdetails
sfleming112 daysStill stiff at times, but running on it is fine...need to keep up with ankle strength exercisesdetails
blawel112 daysDon't be a dumbass and listen to your md girlfriend. Or not pay attention trail running.details
slauenstein113 daysLots of feet and ankle exercises!! Tape!!details
Trailrat113 daysShit ton of time.details
inuksuk114 daysdetails
Honkie114 daysdetails
vyc114 daysdetails
koalakeeya114 daysdetails
Spur114 daysdetails
Ptr115 daysGör fortfarande ont när jag springer obanat, men det blir inte värre. Så det är snarare en krämpa än en skada.details
Danny Riley117 daysIt's still a little rounder and wider than the left ankle, but I'm starting to just accept that it's visual and shouldn't be a sign of worry anymore. Strengthening and stability workouts were key to building confidence and reconstituting the ankle. I should've rest it much more at the beginning, probably put it in a boot or something and definitely not walked on it. Compression and ice helped but I should've been much more proactive at the beginning of it all. These things are no joke.details
Mitch78118 daysdetails
TereseO119 daysI think I can say that my foot has recovered now.details
Swisstoph120 daysStupid invisible ice...! I'm still feeling it when I warm up...(11 April) Hardly feeling it at all when warming up now.details
Stellaholmboe120 daysdetails
Boje121 daysdetails
nicki122 daysdetails
Vaala123 daysStill a bit weak but getting there.details
rozsdi123 daysdetails
ViktoriaE123 daysdetails
TommyH123 daysdetails
enilaf124 daysdetails
seelenfliege124 dayskein intensiver Kram und laaangsam ists besser geworden.details
BruceMeier124 daysdetails
DickO127 daysdetails
vijurks128 daysdetails
noRa128 daysdetails
AlexM129 daysdetails
marmelad132 daysBara kämpa på med styrka och härda utdetails
JPDB133 daysdetails
Thumper133 daysdetails
JuhaM133 daysdetails
Lizzie133 daysstill not 100% MRI showed not much, but impingement continues and tendons get grumpy at the back. Seeing out the season before restingdetails
fluceluce134 daysLoosening of the joint capsules by a physio and some stretching of the calf and hamstringsdetails
Izzy B135 daysdetails
pepa.136 daysdetails
AI-aka-nerimka137 daysBuvau dar kart patempes per Lietuvos cempa, bet nestipriai. Pratimus reikia daryt.details
joch55137 daysTime and Physiotherapy. And the fact that another injury prevented running for a few months.details
RobWilliams137 daysdetails
itsmartin139 daysTaking the time to let it heal properly and then doing rehab was key. As of 21 June I'm calling it healed as I just ran 24 miles with some fast and rocky descents but I did get a bit sore a few hours after the run. But no pain!details
dolph141 daysdetails
Davy142 daysdetails
OLLE145 daysdetails
christianb146 daysdetails
Craig147 daysdetails
Duncan147 daysdetails
Ronald148 daysRust en fysio 1x per week. details
MikeMc151 daysdetails
sojder151 daysdetails
Danny Riley151 daysFinally got an MRI after a year of on-and-off problems, and evidence of a partially-healed tear which isn't going to heal any more. Nothing to worry about unless it starts feeling worse again in the future, which it may.details
Boltboi154 daysdetails
laurabrown154 daysdetails
drewi155 daysdetails
mattspencer156 daysdetails
Mani156 daysdetails
MikeMc156 daysdetails
Craig157 daysI'm assuming this is not going to be a problem now the orienteering season is over. Still hurts at the front sometimes when I bend the toes up too far but haven't rolled it in the last month.details
nh157 daysTaping lotsdetails
jools157 daysdetails
Hilary158 daysdetails
Hanabanana161 daysdetails
atsip161 daysdetails
JaneC162 daysdetails
Runningpaul162 daysdetails
Komy163 daysdetails
Hobitas164 daysdetails
LittleBit165 daysdetails
JenMac165 daysdetails
Terkelsen165 daysAika parantaa. Liian vähän kuntoutusta tuli tehtyädetails
All-in165 daysdetails
jonm167 daysUnfortunate. Not sure I would have done anything differently. Pushing hard in terrain has this risk but need to be done!details
Hanabanana168 daysdetails
Hanabanana172 daysdetails
Duncan174 daysStill swells and hurts.details
slow-twitch176 daysdetails
Becky176 daysdetails
duncanarcher177 daysStarted running after 3 months, then 2 months easing back in up to 40 mins jogging, then 1 month off with cold, then back into it again. Ouch.details
Taco178 daysphysiodetails
samsonite181 daysdetails
LiveWideLoveDeep181 daysdetails
rstagner1182 daysdetails
Siobhan182 daysIt hasn't been too painfully recently, it was just the range of motion took about five months to fully come back, and seven months to be able to lean on it without too much pain. A slow recovery from an intense injury. Need to strengthen ankles and fix problems in my kinetic chain.details
Anna186 daysdetails
jeram.osebno190 daysVčasih še rahle bolečine, ob kamnitem terenu.details
Georgia191 daysdetails
JessLund191 daysdetails
veliceraptor192 daysdetails
yty193 daysSEE PHYSIO IN MKdetails
Rich194 daysI think this has finally cleared up after no problems at all in Scotland. Fingers crossed!details
O9Man194 daysWe'll call it recovered, seems to be "off" still, but recovered.details
ebone196 daysI eventually went to physical therapy, and the exercises really seemed to make the ankle strong and well-recovered. Even a year later, it is still possible to tweak it in a way that hurts (and I did this on July 29 during my first day of training in Trondheim for WOC 2010), but it is fine the vast majority of the time.details
Myka198 daysNo running for 2 weeks as recommended by doc, lots of yoga and stretches.details
Mess Engineer199 daysdetails
HiipiväHirvi200 daysdetails
mouse136201 daysstill tender after a run but ok with support during a run.details
noRa201 daysdetails
bbrooke211 daysdetails
P.Stromme212 daysIt hasn't been bothering me in quite a while, other than the occasional tweak, generally while running in rough open and forcefully dorsiflexing the ankle. That and the expected old-out-of-shape-overweight-weekend-warrior type issues.details
bendover213 daysdetails
graeme214 daysTime, rest. Stopped running in terrain after 6-day. details
Katashunis215 daysdetails
danh218 daysdetails
starlight218 daysMy foot has recovered a lot due to physio exercises I have been doing, but is still not as good as it use to be. The physio said that a completely torn ligament wont heal back to how it was before, but I can still run at my max speed; my right foot is just much more prone to injury.details
silje219 daysdetails
P.Stromme220 daysAlthough I have occasionally aggravated the ankle (e.g., running through the prairie at Afton and hitting a clump of grass the wrong way), during typical workouts and races, I don't even think about the ankle anymore. I'm going to continue with "prehab" for my knee issues, which should also continue to build support in my ankle.details
ken227 daysrest, aleve, stretching, running on flatter surfaces for a while.details
LiveWideLoveDeep228 daysdetails
Agiofws230 daysnot recovered 100% still some swelling ? 1st week ice 2nd week ice+hot+ice 3rd week stregthing it 4th week running finally i believe its ok ... but i must not neglect strengthening ... details
Thoto230 daysdetails
MikeMc236 daysdetails
Tane238 daysdetails
LuisNogueira241 daysdetails
Lori246 daysdetails
Vector247 daysdetails
lxna248 daysdetails
LiveWideLoveDeep251 daysdetails
Fly'n252 daysdetails
Becky255 daysdetails
JessLund255 daysdetails
caramcd258 daysdetails
Fly'n259 daysdetails
vijurks259 daysdetails
andrewgreen260 daysdid get some physio done on the ankle. Would say its about 98% now.details
Bruce261 daysTime, more time and trying to keep it mobile as much as possible.details
Terkelsen263 daysKipu vähentynyt vaikkei poistunut. Kirjataan ulos tästä loukista.details
Schwepps266 daysStrength work, steroid injections and way too much timedetails
Stevek266 daysdetails
AliC275 daysPhysio therapy, not crunching....details
Nathan278 daysdetails
vijurks278 daysdetails
jmnipen279 daysdetails
andyhill286 daysRestdetails
LiveWideLoveDeep288 daysdetails
leo290 daysTurned out to be a season ending injury. (occured at first meet of the year). Was able to run on it 2 weeks after injury, however discomfort continued. Took 8 months off from running. Now seems to be O.K. However, I am being careful not to re-injure it.details
bill_l290 daysdetails
Slar295 daysdetails
mnickel300 daysnot totally resolved. However, my advice, 1) don't wait 6 months before doing more than ice and wrapping it 2) rest (I really dislike resting, but I think I should've) 3) USE a band and do 4 way ankles 5) if you do stuff like martial arts that may involve falling and slamming your ankle, WEAR a brace! 6) wear good shoes 7) ICE! all the time! until its numb 8) my phys therapist told me to take more ibuprofendetails
fitless300 daysdetails
Tane300 daysdetails
JL319 daysJaha, är väl inte skadad längre då. Men biverkningarna märks ibland. Får lite ont ibland och speciellt när det är lite extra ojämnt underlag. Får stärka upp musklerna i foten ordentligt under vintern.details
uday329 daysLots of rest during winter seemed to have helpeddetails
Bomb344 daysdetails
rcro353 daysdetails
skitrening358 daysdetails
Blue fox381 daysdetails
Magic381 daysdetails
Kurt389 daysdetails
greg392 daysdetails
J_T392 daysPhysio really helped but a long rest was the keydetails
LiveWideLoveDeep395 daysdetails
JessLund402 daysdetails
naomi409 daysdetails
O-ing412 daysBroke collar bone two weeks later and no running for 2 months fixed it. details
ev424 daysdetails
eoinmcc424 daysdetails
garymm425 daysdetails
steph_lawrie436 daysdetails
Sudden439 daysdetails
LiveWideLoveDeep442 daysdetails
LiveWideLoveDeep476 daysdetails
LiveWideLoveDeep477 daysdetails
riccardo480 daysdetails
noRa503 daysNot entirely sure when it was better, stopped taping my ankle quite so much for training etc.details
laurabrown508 daysdetails
Nathan513 daysdetails
pforma527 daysdetails
jgreen528 daysit will never be completely right - strap and support ALWAYS.details
Kristen531 daysdetails
andyrowan85551 daysSurgerydetails
ColmM568 daysdetails
Hero572 daysdetails
loefaas576 daysdetails
Ralph588 daysdetails
JenMac597 daysdetails
Georgia606 daysdetails
Hilary616 daysmy ankle still has a sore spot occasionally and complete movement not back but good enough for what I want to do.details
retrac623 daysHaven't tried running in a while....details
Rhino33692 daysdetails
axelhalvar692 daysdetails
Ralph711 daysdetails
mdryak717 daysdetails
Hilary737 daysHas taken ages and still get an occasional twinge. but as recovered as I can expect for my age!details
Katashunis741 daysdetails
Katashunis742 daysdetails
Katashunis742 daysdetails
ghvala747 daysdetails
kate761 daysdetails
runit801 daysdetails
ne810 daysdetails
arvidaron821 daysdetails
szwikker854 daysdetails
Shep888 daysnot really better (it probably will never be), but i'm sick of seeing this on my trog.details
TC935 dayssurgerydetails
axelhalvar996 daysdetails
AliceCampbell1028 daysdetails
Katashunis1069 daysdetails
axelhalvar1095 daysdetails
Lard1100 daysdetails
helehan1117 daysdetails
justwah1147 daysi think it recovered lar, almost however a bit different from the period before injury suen ladetails
axelhalvar1164 daysdetails
Georgia1228 daysdetails
Beep1271 daysdetails
T. Rex1357 daysdetails
depot1524 daysdetails
Pwatts1583 daysdetails
Rhesus1731 daysdetails
Kseniya1815 daysstrenght training and balance exercisesdetails
depot1958 daysdetails
Cakewoman2084 daysdetails
addison2339 daysdetails
Wildsky3093 daysdetails
nicki5500 daysdetails
ColmM20+ daysdetails
Hellyson28+ daysdetails
FE41+ daysdetails
bethh43+ daysdetails
LuisNogueira65+ daysdetails
jonny crickmore70+ daysdetails
depot78+ daysdetails
depot78+ daysdetails
depot78+ daysdetails
jule.117+ daysdetails
finn duguid120+ daysdetails
Berna169+ daysdetails
White Kenyan200+ daysdetails
Brooner210+ daysdetails
Veijo313+ daysdetails
Ralph378+ daysdetails
axelhalvar422+ daysdetails
Lizzie433+ daysdetails
Nathan470+ daysdetails
Faceplant480+ daysdetails
Magic634+ daysdetails
JoeHudd732+ daysdetails
axelhalvar793+ daysdetails
mbo805+ daysdetails
phatmax847+ daysdetails
M Š1025+ daysdetails
alfredbjornerod1051+ daysdetails
fuel4hatred1060+ daysdetails
Hol1091+ daysdetails
anna.mue1093+ daysdetails
alfredbjornerod1103+ daysdetails
Runningpaul1121+ daysdetails
TorziBeth1158+ daysdetails
herdwickmatt1225+ daysdetails
axelhalvar1352+ daysdetails
EmiliaS1363+ daysdetails
JCallender1396+ daysdetails
amanda1493+ daysdetails
Timato1498+ daysdetails
amanda1521+ daysdetails
amanda1522+ daysdetails
Kg1611+ daysdetails
tomtom1622+ daysdetails
Katashunis1631+ daysdetails
Ojoj1643+ daysdetails
Cake1678+ daysdetails
amanda1686+ daysdetails
amanda1686+ daysdetails
amanda1689+ daysdetails
amanda1691+ daysdetails
amanda1691+ daysdetails
amanda1691+ daysdetails
amanda1691+ daysdetails
Geiler OLer1711+ daysdetails
mbo1743+ daysdetails
FlyDonny1819+ daysdetails
tommyturbo1853+ daysdetails
wil alards1906+ daysdetails
tinakern1936+ daysdetails
gudeso1942+ daysdetails
gudeso1943+ daysdetails
gudeso1944+ daysdetails
Guisborough12000+ daysdetails
Jethro2003+ daysdetails
Shminty2059+ daysdetails
Katashunis2134+ daysdetails
Katashunis2138+ daysdetails
amanda2182+ daysdetails
jessensoll2233+ daysdetails
BruceMeier2248+ daysdetails
Carlborg2255+ daysdetails
Carlborg2255+ daysdetails
vijurks2264+ daysdetails
Gar2281+ daysdetails
oliv2311+ daysdetails
Hannahthie2344+ daysdetails
jessensoll2344+ daysdetails
Jave2362+ daysdetails
Hedis2374+ daysdetails
pust172375+ daysdetails
jessensoll2392+ daysdetails
Saryyyzzz2396+ daysdetails
Egil Morast2416+ daysdetails
Martin Cox2439+ daysdetails
vijurks2454+ daysdetails
GRennie2528+ daysdetails
PhilW2539+ daysdetails
flannelmc2562+ daysdetails
mareixn2567+ daysdetails
Luarno2570+ daysdetails
V-a-n-d-a2633+ daysdetails
Caoimhe2646+ daysdetails
Funnies2669+ daysdetails
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Miss Green2961+ daysdetails
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A damp otter3333+ daysdetails
A damp otter3333+ daysdetails
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Hope3993+ daysdetails
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lu34yuan5530+ daysdetails
wonderboy5531+ daysdetails
WilhemA5676+ daysdetails
H.Shaw5709+ daysdetails
helena5718+ daysdetails
davtheflav5723+ daysNeed to keep taping it to avoid re-injurydetails
mhiat5747+ daysdetails
shattucks5755+ daysdetails
twisted15769+ daysdetails
sevyrun5789+ daysdetails
GOUGER5894+ daysdetails
scpjunior5928+ daysdetails
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