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Patellar tendonitis (Knee)

pain and inflamation of the patellar tendon, which connects the kneecap to the shin.

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Average recovery time: 112 days

Recorded Instances

theweb0 daysAndere schoen. Linkse schoen was versleten en helde bij elke neerwaartse pas naar binnen. Hierdoor knie problemendetails
joch551 daysWent away after a day.details
Ollie2 daysKept cycling - fixed itself.details
TheInvisibleLog2 daysRest for a short whiledetails
TheInvisibleLog2 daysTwo days rest and it seemed to disappear. From severe to nothing in two days. Weird.details
Swisscheese3 daysdetails
BazorakcommaJ3 daysMaybe wasn't patella tendonitis after all. Not really sure, but happy if it really is better.details
AliC3 daysRest. Ice.details
TheInvisibleLog3 daysJust waiting for a few days solved it. A mystery.details
TheInvisibleLog3 daysLike before... three days off running and it seems to be fixed.details
TheInvisibleLog3 daysRest as usual. Takes as long to recreate the symptoms as to rest them out.details
TheInvisibleLog4 daysThe usual 3 day waitdetails
Eon4 daysStretchdetails
Skid1854 daysdetails
Ollie4 daysdetails
ken4 daysrestdetails
TheInvisibleLog4 daysRest. details
TheInvisibleLog4 daysFull rest, four days in this case, seems to do the job.details
TC5 daysdetails
nerimka5 daysdetails
evancuster5 daysdetails
RD Tom5 daysTime off heals all things.details
Vepsis5 daysdetails
riley mcfarlane 5 daysI think I was all of a sudden running after doing not much at all because of 35+ degrees Celsius for over 2 weeks, I did nothing. Another factor might've been rapid growth as I have caught up with my sister & mother, growing over 2 inches in a couple of weeks, let alone probably 10 inches this past year XD. At first, compression, icing & rest have seemed to cure my patellar tendonitis but leaving my muscles in my legs like chicken sticks (hopefully I can get into MMA or working out so my musc...details
TheInvisibleLog5 daysThree days full rest.details
KDawg RIT XC6 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog6 daysTime and knee exercises.details
TheInvisibleLog6 daysRest. Concerned it may have been an outcome of squats.details
manne7 daysHaven't felt anything the last sessions, so I think I've beat the knee pain for this time ;-)details
TheInvisibleLog7 daysCame good almost instantaneously after a 2 hour car trip. Suggests the problem is a mobile piece of cartilage flotsam.details
Dehydrated8 daysrested 1 weekdetails
Swisscheese8 daysRunning through the injury, knee tape, massage, ultra sound on the bursa, Bemer and especially 3x400mg/day Ibuprofen made the problem go away. The reason for the problem is probably a stiff hip and not so well working butt muscles. So I shall more stretch and strengthen this region.details
Ant Squire8 daysdetails
Keith8 daysDon't do pyrnees mission in weired insoles and shoe combo. Don't wear jandals (british = flip flops) for long walks as cause hurtdetails
UrbanSweets8 daysno current flare up.details
TheInvisibleLog8 daysThe usual wait, rest, dealing with inflammation.details
austrianmike9 daysRest and Ice/Ibuprofendetails
ken10 daysprobably was quad tightness. stretching that was most effectivedetails
simon10 daysdetails
Vejder10 daysdetails
willgardner10 daysTwo days of ibuprofen, a week off running.details
AdventureGirl!10 daysdetails
triple-double11 daysContinued to run on it. Did some icing and ibuprophen, but I think that time did the trick.details
Mr Wonderful11 daysToo much intensity and volume, esp. with a new seat and switching to clipless. Not quite ready for 120 mpw. details
TheInvisibleLog11 daysRest from running.details
Lillen12 daysdetails
O-ing13 daysphysio, tapingdetails
christys25713 daysdetails
tcut13 daysIce/anti-inflammatories & rest!details
AdventureGirl!13 daysdetails
KariItkonen14 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog14 daysMade the mistake of trying too much too early which set me back to square one. Patience!!!!!!details
Sly Chimera15 daysIt's really pretty much done. Stretching, icing and foam roller helped...probably foam roller was the most effective (I don't know why I say that excepting it's the most uncomfortable).details
Frozen Fries16 daysThe heel cushions put my knees in a different biomechanical position that wasn't working. details
evancuster16 daysRest and local NSAID gel seemed to work. I thought it might have taken longer to get over it.details
veenstar17 daysnever stop stretchingdetails
evancuster18 daysdetails
ken19 daysdetails
Rich19 daysITBS was the cause. A day or two rest sorted it.details
WilliamNeill21 daysdetails
roschi22 dayshard to say, could have been the fall on frozen ground 4 weeks prior, or the new bike shoes...details
sare22 daysFoam roller really helped!details
TC22 dayspain seems to have pretty much gonedetails
Rx22 daysdetails
O-ing23 daysPhysio diagnosed patellar-femoral strain. May need to tape for hard runs in future. details
Vepsis23 daysdetails
cfpete23 daysdetails
HitnHope23 daysIn respite at the moment - comfortable even after a ten-miler. details
JonD24 daysTime. ice. Nsaids.details
NanC25 daysdetails
ken25 daysSeems aggravated by heavy quad extensions, fixed by stretching/rollerdetails
Animal-O25 daysdetails
peterprong27 daysTreatment, and taping knee works well.details
O-ing27 daysIntense hands on Physiodetails
rightsideways27 daysgraduated to runner's knee. great!details
TheInvisibleLog27 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog28 daysThe more acute pain gradually subsided, leaving residual soreness and some limited mobility. Icing and ibuprofen treatment seemed to help.details
ljd928 daysHaven't had the issue for awhile now. Haven't been running as much/as much on concrete.details
cktrahan29 daysThe knee started to come around and feel better once I started running a little faster. I think part of the problem was an altered stride and part of it was bad shoes. It's still tender and I have to keep an eye on it but it's not constantly in pain anymore.details
tcut30 daysEarly ibuprofen & rest deifinitely helped.details
Jacques Booysen30 daysdetails
darryn32 daysdetails
dp34 daysPat strap and riding in easier gears helped heal this one.details
dlevine35 daysStrength is slowly coming back after a combo of not using it in stress situations, rest, and weight training. details
franklinwood36 days17 Sept: Took a month of rest on the knee and it worked. No problems in the knees. I think it was caused by overuse with trainings and races. details
ronhines36 daysrest with no runningdetails
herbhead37 daysTaking NSAI, knee feels good. Stretching and taking it easy on runs.details
matzah ball37 dayschronic overuse injury not going compeletely away, but if its managable its not going to be listed as injurydetails
O-ing38 dayscore stability stuff helped - not limping after the last two runs so I think we'll say temporary recoverydetails
acejase38 dayseverything is back related and often sitting related. suspect tight back pulling on quad which pulled on patella tendon. last 20% or so took a long while to recover. managing this still ongoing.details
Wildsky39 daysdetails
simon40 daysRest rest rest, very progressive come backdetails
bradc40 daysdetails
bcvlj41 daysI think it was a little patelalr tendonitis and a little irritated LMT.details
tRicky43 daysdetails
ken43 daysseemed to need more than stretching or rest. I think easy running helped.details
bradc44 daysdetails
gas_turbine45 days... aging.... be nice to it.details
geoffkelly47 daysdetails
Heather O47 daysdetails
neda.tamas50 daysEgész évben be volt gyulladva, de most már beleszólt az edzésbe is. Muszáj volt pihentetnem. Doki azt mondta, hogy egészen a tapadása, azaz a csonthártya van begyulladva a feszes quadriceps-től. Nehezen múlik, sőt rosszabb lett a semmittevéstől. Ezért elkezdtem rendesen hengerezni és napi 3x nyújtani és el.el múlogatott. Gyógyultnak jelentem magam, mert tudtam már vele futni 2km-t, de még néha érzem.details
ljd952 daysdetails
zoolander55 daysdetails
Steve R55 daysCause - worn out cartilage Recovery - rest, glucosamine & quad strengthening & stretching.details
linus_sandgren58 daysDet visar sig att det ska tränas på, med vikter dessutom. Knäböj, knäböj, knäböj.details
Nick62 daysdetails
guitarbiker63 daysstretchingdetails
mikeeyer63 daysdetails
swolfe64 dayssuperfeet inserts and hip exercises to help with realignment of the bones caused the knee to track betterdetails
austrianmike64 daysKnee support bandage still used when running longer events and for full 90min football matches. No more significant pain thoughdetails
entrenando12367 days11/24 - hasn't really bugged me so I guess the issue is gone.details
ken70 daysquad stretching and warmup pants are good. I think initially I did too much hamstring and not enough quad stretching which led to imbalance/hyperextensions and didn't help the original problem. I had noticed the quad getting gradually tighter in late summer/fall.details
mmurph70 daysImproved hip flexibility. Used patellar tendon straps. Heat before workouts, ice after, prescription Naproxen for both knees and groin injury. Staying away from cycling for awhile. details
BigWillyStyle72 daysdetails
willgardner76 daysOld shoes and a change to hard surfaces. Rest, anti-inflamitories, knee support.details
delk4msm88 daysGet knee pads (and shin pads) for future orienteering/trail running.details
mrevrgreen88 daysStill aches here and there, but it is much better.details
jeffmc91 daysTime / squats / low weight exercises with high reps.details
Spongey91 daysdetails
Craig94 daysdetails
AC95 daysdetails
marcusm99 daysJag behöver regelbunden styrketräning för benen om jag springer mycket. Knäböj är absolut viktigast.details
DuJ104 dayslots of icing, used foam roller, xtrain with cycling and swimming. no running for 2 weeks. massage therapy, chiropractor adjustments, laser treatments helped with recovery. castor oil packs helped reduce swelling. post-recovery:Physio 2x a week for 6 weeks. details
lazydave109 daysdetails
Pia W110 daysProbably caused by too tight quadriceps in combination with 90 degree bending of the knee during biking (in contrast to much less of an angle during running). As always:DO NOT SKIP STETCHING!!!details
Stevek110 daysGenrally recovered via timedetails
RD Tom115 daysStopped running and knee stopped hurting.details
HitnHope122 daysSeems chronic. Hard to tell whether it's tendon or cartilage. Exacerbated by cycling and climbing steeply. Backing off those activities, and wearing a brace helps. OK at present (early 2021).details
TheInvisibleLog124 daysOne leg squats seems to help. Now the exercise is in the maintenance program.details
BigWillyStyle129 daysdetails
Swisscheese137 daysStrength training and stretchingdetails
lostrunner165 daysPhysio, 3 months off no exercises details
Tullster167 daysdetails
WandAR186 daysStill hurts a little, but nothing like before. I think the time I took of during winter helped a lot. Has felt not bad during May's epic month of racing.details
AdventureGirl!188 daysdetails
Dehydrated220 daysnot really getting it during 2016. taken pills (glucosomine + chondroitin) ever since, + running more + doing some strengthdetails
Oestlin228 daysdetails
fletch235 daysdetails
Hol238 daysdetails
-256 daysdetails
Platterpus257 daysHip exercises seemed to help but it could come back. I am still not sure what this is and it seems like it took too long to heal for Tendinitis details
seelenfliege287 daysincreased training during winter, no intensive but long enduring sessionsdetails
pi315 daysOnly thing that helped was a long (3 month) complete rest from any running activity. Then carefully building up again.details
Knutern97318 daysVet ikke helt om det er borte enda, men har ikke kjent noe på en stund. details
Steve R350 daysCause - overuse from lunging in squash. Rest & glucosamine tables helped. Still gets a bit sore after intense squash comp.details
inuksuk367 daysBike seat had slid backwards about 2cm. Correcting seat made an instant difference.details
Oestlin458 daysdetails
fletch532 daysNo idea what helped. Gradually resolved, despite increased running load this yeardetails
JamesBradshaw564 daysdetails
graeme577 daysCause probably gastoc-imbalance related. Cure either lots of S&C, or patiencedetails
Rhesus839 daysNot really but I know what Iv got to dodetails
MikeS918 daysdetails
mat-d1095 daysfeels ok.... still there but lack of runnning helps!details
Bob-F1402 daysAt this point I will call it recovered. I suspect the knee will always be a little sore going forward.details
biddy2330 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog7+ daysdetails
moonjunio193+ daysdetails
elmogeo462+ daysdetails
carolineheloise797+ daysdetails
carolineheloise1191+ daysdetails
moojieturtle1380+ daysdetails
Wildsky1442+ daysdetails
Marlen1611+ daysdetails
Slowe2347+ daysdetails
JohGra2417+ daysdetails
mklimek2513+ daysdetails
Alicetornlund2595+ daysdetails
mmurph2669+ daysdetails
Grassie2684+ daysdetails
Sludo2703+ daysdetails
Sofiaa2734+ daysdetails
Ross Lilley2898+ daysdetails
wrightdirection2984+ daysdetails
murraystraining3163+ daysdetails
mklimek3186+ daysdetails
Ash3297+ daysdetails
Sludo3302+ daysdetails
Tobes3434+ daysdetails
mklimek3482+ daysdetails
Chewbacca3891+ daysdetails
Jr.Mintz4177+ daysdetails
JamesBradshaw4323+ daysdetails
Rester4344+ daysdetails
Rcairney4409+ daysdetails
Rabbit4496+ daysdetails
John Cornell4632+ daysdetails
JaxonRickel4790+ daysdetails
kombinat4982+ daysdetails
AngelaZ5047+ daysdetails
jonmoody455247+ daysdetails
Tabor5838+ daysdetails
SKWilson7847+ daysdetails
Sca1ey8213+ daysdetails