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Hip Pain (Hip/Pelvis)

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Average recovery time: 93 days

Recorded Instances

ajriley0 daysdetails
Hedis1 daysdetails
Alvis1 daysNākamajā dienā pirms skriešanas bija šaubīgas sajūtas, bet uzsākot ātrāku skrējienu nekas nebija jūtams.details
Ollie2 daysHealed itself - was a bit worrying though as the pain went away Monday morning, then was back with a vengence Monday afternoon. I think it may have been result of a heavy fall (I fell quite badly) after around 8km during the Burnham Beeches race. details
LittleBit2 daysIbuprofen.details
Ollie2 daysDue, I think, to using a single walking pole in the same hand, when climbing up a couple of Munros. I think this caused my stride to put pressure on the affected muscle. Stopped using the pole and, after a rest day, the pain cleared completely.details
runnikirun2 daystook it easy and whined a lot.details
jeffhoernemann2 daysdetails
Daniele2 daysdetails
noken2 daysdetails
game.boy2 daysdetails
rwagnon2 daysSeemed to fade when I was running in Shreveport. Seemed kind of like internal scar tissue that dissolved after running. Not that I have any idea. It just faded. More running made it go away.details
C-man2 daysPretty much healed itself over a day and a half...details
veenstar2 days- didn't stretch the crap out of it - took some time off impact- biked/ rowed instead of runningdetails
andypat2 daysdetails
TaylorP2 daysdetails
tautvix2 daysPraėjo po kelių dienų, po lengvų pasivažinėjimų.details
hodgepodge2 daysdetails
peterk2 daysdetails
JL2 daysdetails
rickyp2 daysdetails
jima2 daysNot sure what it was, but it went away after a couple of days.details
gclover2 daysdetails
Torzi2 daysIce, Ibuprofen, LOVE <3 details
kokonda2 daysdetails
Russ2 daysTight Piriformis / tilted pelvis. manhandled into shape by Encarna on the 1st Febdetails
sydsational2 daysWork has us in a lot of gymnastics trainings and I haven’t done it since I was 5. Urgent care said I really need to make sure I stretch before starting. After pain meds, icy hot patches and a heating pad, was able to run and workout. details
xcsnowskier143 daysdont actually know if i am recovered or not causse i only fell it while runningdetails
Bert Bennett3 daysI don't think its the last i'll see of that mysterious hip pain.details
furlong473 daysdetails
slangjudoka3 daysMuscle was really tight, went to therapy and had them do Esteem as well as massage. It helped alotdetails
Scotty3 daysRest, ice and stretching. Easy exercise before running againdetails
dkonotopetz3 daysdetails
mmace3 daysdetails
mpytt3 daysdetails
Torio3 daysdetails
Klaas3 daysdetails
Herbz3 daysdetails
٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶4 daysLots of restdetails
FernWerm4 daysGot better after an easy 4-5 days and some massage at the base of the spine.details
mm-ha4 daysdetails
RGidron4 daysI always feel that this is muscle fatigue driven, probably core muscles and I think that the pain "follows" high intensity weeks, workouts or races. this is more intensity driven than millage driven I feel..details
cmorse4 daysVitamin I, brief rest, and a very easy return to running to keep it from stiffening up. Will keep things short and easy until tightness abates, then slowly increase intensity and/or distance..details
coach4 daysdetails
kokonda4 daysdetails
Eric Johansson4 daysdetails
Steffen4 daysdetails
candis_derksen5 daysI hadnt run in 10 days than did 12mi so it was too much too soon I believe. Staying away from heavy running has helped out a lot as well as stretching.details
lonerunner5 daysdetails
zerfas5 daysno longer compensating because of knee pain.details
Miikka5 daysdetails
DrKeith5 daysu/sound and icedetails
Cambas5 daysCareful on every single step. No any fast trainings.details
MikeMc5 daysdetails
loudmansam5 days- Not 100% healed, but it is possible that won't ever happen - Acute portion is over, just have to wait and see whether it comes back in a significant mannerdetails
LarryC5 daysdetails
Gooder5 daysMassage, rest, and some muscle relaxants helped.details
cmorse5 daysSeems to have cleared up on its own. Will stick to low intensity for rest of week.details
FerencJonas5 daysI trained same as passed after a few days...details
Torzi5 daysstiffness cleared after 3 sore days :)details
Torzi5 daysClearing details
Leo Alvolin5 daysdetails
yougogirl5 daysVilade från löpning i några dagar, körde högerstyrka varje kväll o massagedetails
chiuihc6 daysdetails
Olly6 daysdetails
Katrin H6 daysdetails
Ged6 daysdetails
mjd6 daysdetails
Veijo6 daysdetails
Brooner6 daysdetails
Steffen6 daysdetails
colquhoun927 daysWaldie was right as usual. ice and rest and roll my way out of it...was in the hills for an hour today with some niggle but no pain. probably just trying to get back into it all too quicklydetails
Torzi7 daysPatience, love, pain relief gel, ice, deep heat, taping and gentle movements. details
ernst7 daysSoreness and stiffness remains. Comes and goes. But no impact on running (< 6 miles) after warmup.details
P-K7 daysdetails
ahall8 daysbasically recovered - slight stiffness still. Wisdom - don't go cycling 10 miles, doing a load of farming and ten cycle back again before lifting heavy a/c units around.....details
Pavementsucks8 daysdetails
Oleg8 daysdetails
climcc8 dayspain just stopped out of nowhere...details
seanlewis108 daysdetails
Torzi8 daysCycling helped the pain flow out, gentle stretching, yoga/physio, taping and deep heat!details
Bruce8 daysPhysio Zoe Davies at Alphington Sports Exercise & Rehab. Dry needling and a elbow massage for hip flexor. Elbow massage for glute and mid-back on for nerve that supplies the hip flexor.details
Steffen8 daysdetails
TorziBeth8 daysCLEARED - a great time to show it does. details
Steffen8 daysdetails
Lp_Garza9 daysdetails
devil9 daysdetails
KPittman9 daysAfter visiting the Kinesiologist, it is still slightly sore but much better. I can walk without a limp and I can run now. Yeah!details
OL9 daysRest, laying off the heavy weights helpeddetails
Brodie Nank9 daysPlenty of rest.details
CHARLIE-B9 daysdetails
Torzi9 daysPatience, positivity, different movement! Less attachment made the pain so much easier to adress <3 details
chiuihc10 daysdetails
jroach10 daysdetails
rob s10 daysdetails
Torzi10 daysthink it has gone, overuse due to injury on other leg details
ondrejpavlu10 daysPost 100k niggle which did not appreciate the 40k beer run (it did hurt from 10k mark). Gave it some rest, stretching, rolling, icing and supporting it with kinesio tapedetails
LarryC10 daysdetails
Richi Ross10 daysdetails
Torzi10 daysdetails
petymeg10 daysLetapadt izmok, nyújtás és Lacika aranykezedetails
Dehydrated11 daysdetails
dezellis11 daysRest, Naproxen and Paracetamoldetails
iainw11 daysStrained obturator was the general diagnosis. Nothing for it but diclofenac, co-codamol, and doing bugger all.details
HebeD11 daysI think I just did a bit too much training over winter - it has got better as I did more stretchingdetails
fitless12 daysdetails
stiffyharding12 daysdetails
Nizkane12 daysdetails
orienteeringTim13 daysdetails
Hol13 daysdetails
Charlie13 daysI’ll say recovered. Rest, rolling, stretching all helped a bit. Once I got straight enough that I could walk it receded pretty quickly from there. details
gas_turbine14 daysDon't push it. Never hurt while doing all that hip stretching in yoga, which is odd.details
Phat14 daysdetails
Juliamt14 daysdetails
brycec14 daysRest and lots of it - probably still tender and causing some knots/issues but considering I did 50 rogaine on it I can tick it off as recovered.details
CHARLIE-B14 daysExercises and gentle test runs. Still not ready for hard training. details
Kristaps14 daysdetails
Torzi14 daysCLEARING <3 details
Strand15 daysdetails
Craney16 daysKim explained it to me and i understood at the time. I think I got a tight muscle basically.details
Boje16 daysTut euch allen selber (und eurer Hüfte) den Gefallen und fahrt vorsichtig bei Aquaplaning !details
Poogy16 daysafter training easier and espescailly not running hard downhill on concrete helpeddetails
Burty17 daysStopped with time.details
RMS17 daysTook a week off running, and it wasn't any better. So took another two weeks off, and it seems better. Three runs this week, including 1:15 run yesterday, and it seems better. Started doing a lot of hip mobility exercises and spent a fair bit of time riding bike.details
mcqueen17 daysdetails
tinytoes17 daysdetails
coach17 daysSlowly got better over 2 weeks, night time pain went away after a run one day. Did PT for about 4 weeks, should continue exercises.details
johannes roto17 daysLiikkuvuutta ja jumppaadetails
Bee_G17 daysdetails
Brooner18 daysdetails
susiethebear19 daysdetails
nana20 daysstretching, dul-x and not too much uphill running...details
Eki20 daysdetails
capt'n smythie21 daysdetails
Poogy21 daysdetails
Dalton21 daysdetails
Thumper22 daysManaged to continue running through it but had regular massage and did loads of glut stretching and ITB stigger pointing + ice massage to insertion of ITBdetails
Daniele23 daysdetails
dkonotopetz24 daysdetails
Roger T24 daysMild strain, recovered with no particular intervention.details
Geoman24 daysdetails
tbl24 daysStretch!! Speciellt ”jockes stretch övning” där höft/lår/rumpa stretchas. details
yougogirl24 daysvilade från löpningen, körde höftstyrka, masserade triggerpunkter, försökte aktivera röven i löpstegetdetails
Kiplings Mum25 daysdetails
lazydave25 daystracks ints, pushing hard off the right leg around the bends when i havent done laps in agesdetails
tommyg25 daysdetails
Treb25 daysdetails
kurthu26 daysdetails
jmnipen26 daysdetails
heggo26 daysdetails
dcady26 daysLeft it alone, stopped running. Kept biking and walking. It cured itself. Another mystery.details
O-ing26 daysOther injuries took overdetails
the kempster27 daysIt helped a bit after going for a run to ice it but I trained harder than I usually do even without an injury and it still got better which is pretty fortunate.details
ToddO28 daysNow that it's over I'm glad I missed the British w/e and Nott Sprints. Taking a couple of weeks to mainly cross-train and not aggravate things is the best plan.details
Torzi28 daysJust leaving this pain behind, if it comes up more clearly I will put it back on the radar... but movement seems to be clearing the problems and faith is heping me be super positive. details
emilyo29 daysCause: incomplete recovery from Flower City Half. Ignored too many warning signs. I must learn to always stop when pain causes numbness further down the leg! One visit to physical therapist and many chiropractic and massage visits seems to have taken care of the issue. I completed Sehgahunda very conservatively. I will continue to rest (no running) for two weeks. Need to focus on swim and bike for Musselman anyway.details
nosnhoj29 daysdetails
Akilah30 daysdetails
AndrewM30 daysdon't skimp out on strengthdetails
andrews31 daysdetails
JoeD33 daysdetails
Tschaekob33 daysdetails
mjd34 daysdetails
Kristop34 daysSeveral physio sessions & sports massages to loosen muscles and ligament (symptoms). Podiatrist to make insoles to stop arch colaping when running and put foot in more of a neutral position (cause).details
LuT35 daysdetails
jkudlicka35 daysStrechesdetails
fn36 daysInte belasta den när det gör ont verkar ha varit lösningen.details
Zimmers36 daysActivitely encourage glutes and glute and hip strengthdetails
DrKeith36 daysdetails
Torzi37 daysannyoing niggling pain - keep running but stopping if need to, ice baths, ice and heat details
Zan38 daysdetails
RosieWatson38 daysDo S&Cdetails
-39 daysdetails
cfpete39 daysdetails
jcarroll00240 daysdetails
hbeatrixx40 daysdetails
abort41 daysmaybe caused from overuse, also my hip was really out of line so when it was put back in place it strained all the muscles on my left leg. It still hurts abit every now and then but nothing to serious! details
kwilliams41 daysHasn't been hurting because I haven't been training. But reflection that did not hurt as much during the fall/winter when running on snow and also doing more strength traning and mixed in yoga. Need to get back into that routine. details
evancuster41 daysdetails
omega7742 daysdetails
Torzi42 daysFeeling really good at the moment :) details
Tom Wood43 daysStretching and stretching consistently.details
yougogirl43 dayssprang inte eller tränade på 1,5 vecka efter at tha varit sjuk. Kunna dock springa indoor innan ja blev sjuk så. Men vila, rörlighet, styrka.details
kensr44 daysSeems resolved. Will step up training stress and see what happens.details
DWildfogel45 daysLots of physical therapy brought me back where I can run pretty close to normally. There's still some swelling and limited range of motion in certain directions, but the limiting factor on my running right now is lack of conditioning, not my hip.details
dcreekp45 daysovertrainingdetails
blairtrewin45 daysdetails
Katrin H46 daysdetails
ernst46 daysI think it is arthritis. Mostly stiffness at the beginning of and after runs. Been running trails only in order to not aggravate whatever caused it. It is the new normal I guess. details
rastridge46 daysprobably caused by under recovery... need to do a better job of recognising signs of discomfort and not training through it rest for the first two weeks (cycling only) then very slowly building up running againdetails
cmcpeake47 dayslost 6 weeks of training.details
Roger G48 daysdetails
lorrieq49 daysdetails
mtcnas50 daysdetails
eleanor50 daysdetails
vosvos51 daysdetails
loefaas51 daysdetails
philm6451 daysTime & a decent osteopath; climbing & walking. details
Alibongo52 daysChanged sitting position and had a two week holiday.details
rastridge52 daysdetails
mjd53 days?details
Bags53 daysRetired the injured status. Not fully recovered but this is more like an arthritic state now not an injury.details
MelRhoads54 daysNeed to stretch more! Tight hamstringsdetails
CoachingEnduranc54 dayslots of strength work.details
GM55 daysdetails
thomasvdk55 daysRecovered by very intensive triggerpoint massage, relaxing exercises(breathing) and streching.details
trailchampion55 dayshipflexor-improve stretching regime; needed physio to resolve and understanddetails
emjem9256 daysrest and sports massagedetails
RosieWatson56 daysdetails
kurthu58 daysdetails
Stryder59 days97% healed lifting what I could and rolling it out each workoutdetails
GZs59 daysdetails
khall60 daysOkay, so it isn't really gone, but it is much better. Rest helped, soft surfaces, and going the 'wrong way' around the track. Ibuprofen too. Ice did not seem to help much.details
zerfas60 daysFor the time being will say I am recovered since I am running again.details
FletchLives62 daysdetails
annawallin64 daysKommer inte ihåg exakt när det försvann men tog det lugnt, cyklade mycket och styrketränade insida lår.details
G Wedd 65 daysrest and strechingdetails
WandAR65 dayslots of physio & some osteo backwards walking back leg lifts theraband side walkdetails
loudmansam66 daysStretch Seems to be gone. Stretching sounds like a good idea.details
FernWerm66 daysdetails
kettlebell0366 daysdetails
jonny crickmore67 daysdetails
Aiden Sullivan71 daysPhysio and a lot of stretching..details
T Morrison71 daysdetails
Dawnie73 daysits all about the footwear! Fashion shoes dont cut the mustard!details
jmnipen75 daysdetails
McGonagall76 daysdetails
RJM76 daysNo exercise for a week, ice, ibuprofen. Then i biked feb 20 and had some pain, so took 21st off, and 22nd seemed ok so gently tried again. I will be cautious. But a week later (March 3, perhaps spurred by a 2 hr hike?) got worse, went to Dr (see note March 7), changed treatments.details
lchavasse78 daysdetails
RLShadow79 daysdetails
Misha81 daysThe pain in the right hip joint is one symptom of the fact that the entire right side of the body is weaker than the left. Paying close attention to correct running form and technique helps remedy this.details
ddurbin83 daysA month and a half of PT with focus on stabilizer and core strengthening. Dynamic warm-ups have been helpful combined with the core work. Need to keep up on strengthening the core.details
su--83 daysRasitusosteopatiaa lonkkaluustossadetails
L Bakker85 daysdetails
Daniele86 daysdetails
ab88 daysdetails
bill_l88 daysdetails
bishop2291 daysSeems to have stabilized over time so cancelled the appointment I had made. Guessing it was just severe overuse situation.details
Daniele92 daysdetails
RJM93 daysPainfully slow recovery, with PT, rest, and lots of stretching. Never do this one again - it was very confusingdetails
Albin93 daysGick gradvis över. Förmodligen för att jag tränade så lite.details
bethh94 daysdetails
nana95 daysdetails
krickle100 daysdetails
pjh101 daysdetails
AdventureGirl!105 daysdetails
Cambas106 daysPilates ir kinezioterapija. details
jennycas107 daysdetails
Oestlin111 daysdetails
AlistairH114 daysdetails
Clara115 daysSettled with a week's worth of 500mg naproxen, continued strength work.details
morgrim118 daysTake 2 weeks off to swim/bike after every race. 6 weeks of strength training with no lunges helped to build it up. details
climcc121 daysgot orthotics for it and im fine now!details
c121 daysdetails
Grandpa Lefty122 daysTime off from runningdetails
TheFlan122 daysS&Cdetails
falltl4123 daysdetails
baz124 daysExercises from physio & complete rest.details
Tane125 daysSeemed to sort its self out by itself?details
Dehydrated129 daysdetails
hbeatrixx129 days95% recovered, and my physio is satisfied that if I keep up with physio exercises a few times a week the last 5% will right itself over the next 2-3 months.details
Torzi Robinson138 daysOperation number 3 (laberal repair and removement of CAM)details
Swisscheese140 days1: Rest 2: Strength, gymnastics and stretching 3: Deep friction by good PTdetails
bill_l145 daysThis does not seem to be bothering me now, unless I do an alpine shop trail race....details
Eveborn146 daysRehaprogam hjälptedetails
Craig Nolan152 daysToo much running on tarmac + old shoes probably caused this. Went to a physio and got a whole bunch of stretches to do. Just need to keep doing them and I 'should' be okay.details
bill_l161 days2007-10-15 I'm calling this one recovered. It's still noticable when I stretch, but I don't think it's affecting my running.details
Cat T162 daysdetails
Oestlin163 daysHar lite problem med höften men det är inget som stör träningen jag gör nu. Anledningen är att bäckenet sitter lite snett så ett naprapatbesök snart vore bra.details
Eoghan165 daysResolved for now. Still problems with lower back and now right glute is tight details
matti.178 daysdetails
swolfe183 daysrest, hip eccentrics once acute was resolved. horrible muscle imbalances due to inactivity in fall, winter. details
Rich188 daysStrengthening, massage and stretching.details
OL195 daysOff season decrease in volume. It's not as tight/linear pain...details
Ptr195 daysGick på löpvila för vänster "lilltå". Utgår från att den vilan kommer läka ut det sista av höften också.details
Career Move206 daysStretching Strengthening routines details
AdamB213 daysHaven't done any stretching in a few months, yet have had no issues... yet.details
SiobhanDee216 daysdetails
shotgunmcos235 daysRest - will see when run volume increases againdetails
rickyp245 daysWeighted lunges / squats / hoppingdetails
L Bakker246 daysStretch lots!details
OJ252 daysLots of steep uphill training coupled with regular (5 times/week) core and strength stuff. details
AlistairH256 daysdetails
Rhesus264 daysdetails
Nathan_C276 daysdetails
ahall279 daysGonna say it is healed, as it is basically. Still can't run and was advised not to any more, but we'll seedetails
bdunn287 daysdetails
rockman293 daysjust went away, and I got to think of other thingsdetails
ahall319 daysSurgery. details
Old Daniel351 daysdetails
Bags387 daysWhen I started to hand massage/rub the hip and hamstring it began to improve dramatically day to day.details
sofiawigle415 daysOperation 7 juni 2021. Höftartroskopi, tilljämning av benpålagring som givit påverkan på brosket i leden. 1mån kryckor, därefter långsam upptrappning under ca 5månader - Löpning 30min utan smärta 19 okt. Fortfarande smärta på en del pass, men framförallt i vardagen runt omkring. Svårt att säga vad jag skulle gjort för att det inte skulle hänt, då det var en skelettskada efter mina tidigare operationer. details
Ernie_wise459 daysdetails
rickyp569 daysdetails
Bethany570 daysResolution was running = evil. No more running!details
bishop22597 daysSurgery. Should have paid attention to the original injury in the early 90s. details
Torzi Robinson629 daysSurgery (Hip Arthroscopy) Second one on this hip. details
O-ing706 daysOK so double hernia surgery, it still hasn't fully resolved. Had a twinge in today which reminded me it was still there. But no impediment to running and no pain so I'm closing it for now. details
Markus717 daysimmer wieder aufflammend, Dehnung im Ausfallschritt und auf der Matte den Körper verdrehen hilft (Schultern entgegengesetzt des Knies drehen)details
bishop22734 days12/6/14 - restarted running 12/8/14 - reasonable treadmill workout details
jmnipen1199 daysdetails
kookoo1754 daysdetails
Torzi1784 daysPATIENCE, FAITH + LOVE. 3 surgeries, infusions, strength + conditioning. details
dolph1826 daysHip impingement, surgery finally helped. details
ahall1857 daysSeems to have gone away. Occasional flare updetails
O-ing20+ daysdetails
pgao51764+ daysdetails
Steffen68+ daysdetails
Career Move102+ daysdetails
Kurt116+ daysdetails
LarryC123+ daysdetails
rickyp355+ daysdetails
markg894+ daysdetails
Attackpointtom1029+ daysdetails
dhdh1580+ daysdetails
Utoirra1628+ daysdetails
Shminty2165+ daysdetails
Sandra B2263+ daysdetails
gaffelman2314+ daysdetails
Flatland2384+ daysdetails
tomtom2606+ daysdetails
TR2787+ daysdetails
carolineheloise2799+ daysdetails
Beben3002+ daysdetails
shabar3017+ daysdetails
TorzRobbo3153+ daysdetails
TR3153+ daysdetails
TorziRob3158+ daysdetails
reg3271+ daysdetails
rbenavidez3329+ daysdetails
fannigyurko3433+ daysdetails
fannigyurko3434+ daysdetails
fannigyurko3436+ daysdetails
fannigyurko3437+ daysdetails
katiepetersen3486+ daysdetails
Alicetornlund3538+ daysdetails
Vettori Walter3547+ daysdetails
PippaD3552+ daysdetails
mklimek3580+ daysdetails
Hen-nifer3611+ daysdetails
Hen-nifer3638+ daysdetails
gem293808+ daysdetails
Chauncey19693942+ daysdetails
gfallon114022+ daysdetails
hobbyjogger4061+ daysdetails
NanC4079+ daysdetails
barbaz114122+ daysdetails
MARS14184+ daysdetails
MARS14184+ daysdetails
Erkk4249+ daysdetails
manca4249+ daysdetails
joeprzybyla4280+ daysdetails
jcoffen4314+ daysdetails
Danimal4471+ daysdetails
lostinaforest4569+ daysdetails
mklimek4616+ daysdetails
ClimberMan4677+ daysdetails
Annelise4858+ daysdetails
Lizz M4894+ daysdetails
Jamie Stevenson5004+ daysdetails
cz31415030+ daysdetails
CHand5161+ daysdetails
thegingerninja5204+ daysdetails
ha5218+ daysdetails
ljgilmour5644+ daysdetails
vandy66165742+ daysdetails
Jimmy Larsson5812+ daysdetails
nomiii5831+ daysdetails
swederunner1546543+ daysdetails