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Groin Pull (Hip/Pelvis)

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Average recovery time: 85 days

Recorded Instances

arms_jeff-346 daysrestdetails
Luca D.0 daysdetails
BazorakcommaJ1 daysMassagedetails
Ollie1 daysdetails
John O1 daysthink was caused by walking lunges. perhaps going to fast. will be more careful next time, tho the exercise does put a lot of strain on the body. It's amazing what a good sleep and a bit of ibuprofen gel can do!details
joshboc1 daysdetails
urthbuoy2 daysStill there, but does little to interfere with my running/biking movements. We'll see during an upcoming Park-O.details
mmace2 daysdetails
Bruce2 daysrestdetails
Bruce2 daysSettled down after a day.details
tryggwie2 daysdetails
jonny crickmore2 daysdetails
devonbeckman2 daysdetails
Vman2 daysdetails
andriusj112 daysdetails
Bruce2 daysrest on Monday. Was feeling better on Tuesday morningdetails
Bruce2 daysmassage and restdetails
bedders3 daysRested and sorted. Might leave the football til Wednesday though.details
Marc B3 daysJust lifting too much too soon.details
C-man3 daysSeemed to stretch itself out over a bit of time. Still some MILD discomfort, but nothing big at all.details
FRBlackSheep3 daysDisappeared once all the other aches and pains of ski-ing came through - so future solution make something else hurt and it'll soon go away!details
jdbegin3 daysBetter now. details
MrCoose3 daysdetails
Bruce3 daysRest day on Monday seemed to help it settle down. Monday evening was feeling much better, and by Tuesday morning there was no pain.details
tdgood4 daysSkipped soccer and ran easier orienteering.details
Treb4 daysdetails
F.Claxton4 daysdetails
OJ4 daysGot better pretty fast - seems to have been caused by a strange move while climbing which put my pelvis out of line. A good hard race sorted it out. details
Bashman4 daysdetails
samwell4 dayscame right by saturday and was good to run on. details
tdgood4 daysdidn't exercise.details
D-MAN4 daysAll rested up, think its good to go, well easy for the first few days depending on how it feels.details
fitless4 daysdetails
Ant W4 daysWas ill anyway so had to rest it. Was a bit cautious on days 5&6, still feeling it the following week when stretching so need to be careful.details
torzibethrobbo4 daysdetails
Miikka5 daysdetails
Swisscheese5 daysBe careful with doing a sudden rest after a tough training series. Go more often to the massage. Stretch.details
eoinmcc5 daysdetails
JonD5 daysRest, pills,sleep on floordetails
Eerola5 days3-4 päivää oli arka kävelyssäkin mutta sitten lähti paranemaandetails
Ant W6 daysGot some massage which seems to have sorted it out.details
capt'n smythie6 daysdetails
seanverret6 daysdetails
Sergey6 daysWell, some pills, therapy, and low intensity training.details
Bruce6 daysMiritis massage details
RoLi6 daysThink it was caused by running on hard basalt tracks and tarmac in my trail/walking shoes when in Lanzarote 10 days before. Then agravating it by swimming 50 lengths in the pool on 22 Oct 2011details
dcreekp6 daysslow down riding when it's wet pretty much recovered in less than a week; but now other parts, ie. left heel/calf is tightdetails
Maluks6 daysdetails
pi7 daysdetails
Gibbo7 daysdetails
michalmy7 daysIce, Voltarin gel, stretching, rest.details
FRBlackSheep7 daysdetails
Mal7 daysdetails
tdgood8 daysdetails
riley8 daysNo more sit-ups with legs held, and glutes need to get stronger.details
sjreeve8 daysdetails
SteveG8 daysYoga strength recoverydetails
Bruce8 daysAfter showing no improvements on day 3, I had Waverley massage from Adam Scammell on 15 Apr. Very sore afterwards, but a bit looser. Next day felt worse again, but gradually the pain eased. 15 min jog, then 25 mins the next day with only minor soreness. 4 days after the massage I was able to run close to an hour. Then on day 6 I could run hard for an hour. Orienteering racing again after 9 days.details
Sarah9 daysdetails
Garry9 daysdetails
torzibethrobbo9 daysdetails
roschi10 dayslay off the running, vitamin I...details
Cruachan10 daysdetails
Wally8010 daysDon't let anyone near your laptopdetails
Maluks10 daysgalvojau paskaudes diena ar dvi, o uzsitese visa savaite+, kai pradejau tepti tada praejo...details
Bruce10 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog11 daysRested, it went away, but it returned, so rested longer next time. Needed four days rest.details
ben.mangan12 daysdetails
richf13 daysdetails
tdgood13 daysdetails
MrCoose13 daysdetails
torzibethrobbo13 daysdetails
Batty 5714 daysdetails
PhilW15 daysRest and cross training-still a bit tight at times, but tolerable.details
LarryC15 daysdetails
joshboc16 daysdetails
CathW16 daysSaw Judith, ice & rest & stretchingdetails
xcman8216 daysdetails
joshboc18 daysdetails
RosieWatson19 daysdetails
NSAR19 daysrest and stretchingdetails
Torzi19 daysthink it has gone now and should just clear it from my mind! still going to do cross training sessions! details
undy19 daysComplete rest, icing.details
tonyf20 daysSept 16. Didn't feel it at all running last two days. Hopefully the two week layoff has cured it.details
slauenstein20 daysdetails
peaemc21 daysseems to be getting better now. No idea what caused it. Have been lazy about doing exercises and still careful not to tweak it. Ran carefully at Bethacar last weekend and it actually felt better afterwards. Gradually getting stronger but didn't like mountain day in variable snow lst tuesday. Kept falling through the surface layers and getting unexpected stretch!details
menostig21 daystoo many intervals at running. ice and stretching a lot helped, but just stopping running was the thing. cycling was fine throughout, though could occasionally feel it but no pain.details
torzibethrobbo21 daysdetails
Cakewoman22 daysstretching made all the difference. funny that.details
MeanGene22 daysimmediately began stretching exercises, then added isometric then strengthening exercises. After a week, did functional exercises once. details
guerfondler23 daysPretty much took three weeks off. Upon re-starting, I'm pushing off later with my left leg, theory being I favor my right leg.details
AE1324 daysStrengthening right glut and stretching quads...gluts still needs strengthening as still not that strong enjoying taking things easy so just doing easy short runsdetails
derflixx24 daysWegen Fußballdetails
Tommy25 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog25 daysRest. No running at all. Slowly and gently back into it.details
coady26 daysdetails
willc27 daysleft side pretty much better, now its the right side. icing religiously after long runs. details
Rosco27 daysEnd date inaccurate!details
Dalen29 daysmany massages and stratching....and 3weeks of stop...details
Ant W29 daysSeems to be a lot better now. More physio this am.details
Julia (old log)33 daysdetails
trailchampion33 daysAdductor strain, pushed too hard on hill repeat at Bechtal...massage therapy helpeddetails
THR34 daysWhat cause the injury: I'm 40. How did I recover: Rest. Started streching more before my runs which helped a lot. Still a bit stiff in the groin but I think its going to be ok.details
helehan34 daysdetails
ZoeB35 daysdetails
ZoeB36 daysdetails
cathi37 daysgot during a track workout. cold outside - not warmed up enough? tried to start too quick??details
Olly37 daysdetails
debarr3439 dayscause: high jump:scissor kick continued discomfort through hurdling. possible stress fracture on left head of femur, cleared by bone scane.details
torzibethrobbo41 daysdetails
Tyrannosaurus42 daysLast day of pain: backcountry skiing 1/3. Groin strains/pulls take a while to heal, I've learned. Running was mostly OK, but anything that put weight on my leg (backcountry skiing, fire boots, etc.) aggravated it.details
slauenstein45 daysstretching the hip flexorsdetails
@Paddy46 daysHaven't had pain for a while now so hopefully won't come backdetails
Lauren Gillis49 daysdetails
dcady49 daysTaking a week off helped it to diminish. I can still feel it when I sneeze but not uncomfortably so. (Later note): It never really went away so I had the Doc check it out on 3/9/11. He said it was just a muscle strain and not to worry about it. "These things take time."details
Reiver50 daysdetails
Charlie50 daysNothing really. Just keep rolling and be careful with it. details
mattspencer51 daysdetails
ChristianeT54 daysThey said 8 weeks on the net, and it was for the stretched ligaments, but there is still a place a little above hurting when running fast flat and doing classic xc skiing.details
Cruachan55 daysdetails
riley59 daysdetails
IanW64 daysnot entirely sure what caused this, could well have been the bike/cycling in general. Still reappears occasionally but not very severe at alldetails
blairtrewin66 daysSeemed to go away gradually - occasionally resurfaces but not enough to cause any real problems. No impact on training after the first couple of weeks.details
-67 daysdetails
MegaMo68 daysTime, stretching, heat.details
mattspencer70 daysdetails
Niamhunter70 daysdetails
TheSkull70 daysHöftböjare troligtvis. Rehab med gummiband, eller framför allt bulgariska enbensknäböj var grymt för att läka dettadetails
Grandpa Jameson74 daysrest. mri & bone scan did not show anyying. didn't run for a month.details
Andree76 daysdetails
geoffkelly77 daysdetails
JesseHagberg80 daysTime. Don't notice it any longer. details
alirobertson80 daysdetails
CHARLIE-B83 daysdetails
Erin Paterson84 daysdetails
Loopy Lou86 daysdetails
CBL89 daysdetails
mmurph91 daysHasn't bothered me in awhile, so I assume it's healed. details
Julia (old log)103 daysdetails
going for gold129 daysdetails
Louise134 daysLong rest over summer.details
hkleaf135 daysI'm also calling this recovered because there has been no apparent setbacks from hard racing in the last 2 weeks. It's probably still a bit weak, however, so some strengthening will be needed in the ongoing weeks.details
NSAR136 dayswent away on its own, suspect muscle pull in lower abs, still tight, need to stretch it outdetails
FE138 daysRest for a month, physio and pool rehab exercises, then went back to basics and did no physio and just did 30-75 mins of walking a day, plus ultrasound and icing. details
gas_turbine141 daysPT. Turning off on 3/16/17, but only because I can run 15 mi/week.details
runner_pucci142 daysdetails
Hobitas143 daysdetails
fitless152 daysdetails
Clone159 daysVoltaren k; stretch and mobilise joint. Takes 6 months to recover... Recovery bio, core exercisesdetails
gas_turbine163 daysPT - turned injury off 6/16/16, it is still there, but can run (relatively) fast. This injury is a beast.details
FE165 daysSurgery 24 June. went private and had surgery when season ended and before it got worse. Rehab - lots of walking, then walk/jog intervals, swimming helpful, found pool running and x-trainer helped maintain cardio fitness.details
crusher173 daysHip still bugs me every now and then, but it's not getting worse (knock on wood), so I'm clearing it from the table.details
Swisstoph236 daysThis is not going away, and not getting worse but it's been lingering long enough for me to now call it an injury of some sorts... It's almost, almost gone...details
Mess Engineer260 daysdetails
Clone305 daysStrengthen core!!!details
fitless309 daysdetails
Rckymtnbiker312 days90% recovered, Right groin/adductor still healing up; did not get MRI diagnostic test to confirm if labrum tear in right hip joint, will hold off unless injury recurs. Found best low impact recovery was MTB trail riding, PT not that helpful at all. details
arms_jeff334 daysrest...but still lingersdetails
rightsideways413 daysdetails
MeanGene462 days9/23/14 - Same analysis from Rob Jones as the hamstring strain. Weak glutes > overuse of leg muscles > tightness and strain on adductor & other muscles attached to symphosis pubis. details
willc464 daysdetails
cfosp1537 daysIt's still there but very slowly decreasing. Absolutely no effect on activity level, so I'm going to close this. details
Martinsson593 daysdetails
Hobitas608 daysdetails
Joshosh698 daysdetails
vandy6616782 daysGroin pain will probably never go away completely until I get surgery. However, it's probably as good as it's going to get right now. details
spowell857 daysdetails
Mark3332+ daysdetails
JackGoff1592+ daysdetails
Torzi Beth2041+ daysdetails
carolineheloise2483+ daysdetails
Ralph Mnguni2923+ daysdetails
A damp otter3248+ daysdetails
FE3248+ daysdetails
ToRunLong3424+ daysdetails
DaiWilson3498+ daysdetails
Kayak Coach Jim3938+ daysdetails
Kayak Coach Jim3938+ daysdetails
Kayak Coach Jim3957+ daysdetails
Kayak Coach Jim3957+ daysdetails
Kayak Coach Jim3976+ daysdetails
MARS14234+ daysdetails
hamauzi4389+ daysdetails
nathanl4416+ daysdetails
dtrevino4512+ daysdetails
einarssonen4543+ daysdetails
Csaba4870+ daysdetails
ninislater4948+ daysdetails
dcbstick5524+ daysdetails