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Dehydration (Other)

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Average recovery time: 2 days

Recorded Instances

glenn0 daysDont drinkdetails
Ezy0 daysdetails
gclover0 daysdetails
nealont10 daysdetails
Ezy1 daysdetails
Russ Baldwin1 daysdrink lots of water and eat breaddetails
Russ Baldwin1 dayswater & toastdetails
Keith Iskiw1 daysJello shooters are deceptive, friends are evil, drinking games that involve 80's pop music should be avoided at all costs. Honestly who knows (or cares) about anything that occured from 82-88. Seriously.details
tomtom1 daysdetails
Tam W1 daysSleep and Water. Proberbly caused by the SoSOL's intence climb,wind and distance. details
ryder1 daysdetails
nealont11 daysdetails
Oliver Prince1 daysA combination of lack of: water food sleep concertationdetails
cmorse3 daysI appear to lose fluids faster than I can replace them, so need to be very careful and perhaps avoid long distance events in hot, humid weather. Prior years rogaine experience confirms this. Yet every year I inevitably try a long hot run anyway...details
AngusL3 daysVirus so no obvious cause. Rest and rehydration.details
on-the-wave4 daysEat nothing for a day and a half, but very dehydrated after.details
ginger4 daysdetails
DARTvg5 daysIV, rest, Intensive Care Unit resolved the problem. I need to max out my electrolyte replacement and will be using nuun more religiously. Since then I have completed one race in the desert and no significant issuesdetails
Mr Wonderful8 daysdetails
gclover3330+ daysdetails
gclover3330+ daysdetails