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Shin Splints (Lower Leg)

Pain at the front of the lower leg (shin). can be caused by:

- running on hard surfaces
- overpronation

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Average recovery time: 128 days

Recorded Instances

joch550 daysI was running later than usual (after the morning rush), on a wooden deck (rather than asphalt), and had a very hard time getting up in the morning. Maybe that was the problem.details
geoffstacey1 daysIce them after runs, try to have a day off running after most runs and keep to softer ground.details
texas_reckless1 daysdetails
OL1 daysRolling seemed to work. Seem to have recovered.details
Hobitas2 daysKaip ir tikejausi laiku sustojus gydimas trumpesnis. Po dvieju dienu poilsio ir masazo uzdegimo kaip nebuta. Neprireike nei vaistu nei tepalu.details
siaipsau2 daysdetails
dariusz2 daysEtwas überlastet, beim skaten im morschen Schnee, dadurch den Ski mehr gehoben als üblich. Mit massieren am ersten Tag eher etwas provoziert. Über die zweite Nacht ist es dann markant besser geworden.details
siaipsau2 dayslyg praejo po 2 dienu poilsio, bet paskui dar vis kankino kazkokie keisti jausmai beveik 2 savaites. todel tesiau gydyma ir toliau. details
runforest2 daysdeep massage, ice and stretched for two days. Took it easy on previous day's rundetails
ales.drahokoupil2 daysdetails
kokos3 daysIngen löpning, en hel del tigerbalsam och skidstrumpor på 24/7.details
..3 daysdetails
Pathfinder3 daysdetails
TonyShaw3 daysdetails
Schmidt2173 daysThere were some huge knots in my calves that were pulling the muscle on my shins. Once I got those out the shins felt much betterdetails
hmklaff3 daysdetails
absmith3 daysdetails
Ollie3 daysdetails
ba-ba4 daysdon't run due to knee injury...details
mags294 daysDon't through in a ski walking workout before a race if I haven't ski walked in a while. And stretch more.details
kokos4 daysVila från löpning, Voltaren!details
Hobitas4 daysdetails
Hobitas4 daysdetails
Hobitas4 daysdetails
Agiofws4 daysjust rest and 3 days of bicycledetails
Teichmann4 daysQuark drauf und 3 Tage Ruhe. Dazu ein bißchen Fußgymnastik und der Fuß fühlt sich wie neu an. Jetzt muss ich nur noch den lässtigen Schmerz am Fersenbein loswerdendetails
IKRP4 daysdetails
Leo Alvolin4 dayssprang för första gången på 4 dagar och det kändes bra. Har avlastat med rull. Ska försöka att undvika asfalt i en vecka till.details
TimGood5 daysRestdetails
Hobitas5 daysdetails
entrenando1235 daysdetails
GZs5 daysRemélem nem kiabálom el, de úgy néz ki, hogy nem lett komolyabb sérülés a dologból. Lehet, hogy egy kemény talpú/sarkú cipő okozta a fájdalmat, amit a fájdalom jelentkezése előtt kb. egy hétig hordtam. details
texas_reckless5 daysdetails
Michael Swinton5 daysdetails
MORIenteer5 daysdetails
Fatjeff6 daysCaused by poor left foot position on placement. Concentrate on corect body position while runningdetails
hmklaff6 daysdetails
Agiofws6 daysrest helped: snow acent ... details
xcsnowskier147 daysI think that this was just a basic case of shin splints and i think i got them last week from doing 4 days of sprints in a row...not that all of them were hard, but i still did 4 days in a row.details
jennybengtsson7 daysVila från löpning i en veckadetails
gamble7 daysdetails
AdamConway7 daysdetails
riinaF7 daysdetails
Ollie8 daysdetails
Agiofws8 daysrest for 3 days... details
jadan8 daysDeep friction massage seems to have really started to help now. Improvement every day but deliberately keeping runs easy and short.details
RimvydasA8 daysdetails
Mark38 daysUsed more spiky ball massage and less ice, seemed to recover faster.details
Whitesheep8 daysdetails
michaeladams9 daysdetails
jfredrickson9 daysDon't try to push through it. Retire any shoes on their upper mile limits and take a day or two off from running. Make sure to ice well after running until they're good and gone.details
Månsen9 daysSpänstträning inte bra, vadstyrka är bra tillsammans med kyla+ linement!details
Månsen9 daysdetails
nonstop9 daysStopped running for one week and only focused on calf strength. Calf raises and heel walking really got some strength into my lower legs.details
mdryak9 daysperhaps due to mileage increase combined with really hard, frozen surfacesdetails
Anni9 daysdetails
Magic10 daysdetails
lorrieq10 daysWhat Colm saiddetails
mjulius10 daysWow, stretching.details
Mr Wonderful10 daysTry not to force a toe/ball landing, and stretch those overtight calvesdetails
marcitailor10 daysPihentetés! Masszírozás nem fog használni!details
candis_derksen11 daysRest, rest, rest. I took about a week off of running and did weight training and swimming instead. Im going to continue with the weight training to improve my muscles in my legs.details
Mark311 daysLasted about a week less time than last time, and I think injury was worse this time. Took daily ibuprofen, used compression sleeve, iced twice a day.details
Englishrob12 daysWasn't shin splints?!?!? just pulled a lower leg muscle hitting a rock side on?!?!?details
A.Child12 daysSofter ground is best. Run along the shoulder if you must do road runs.details
JL12 daysVila/alternativ träning!details
Teichmann12 dayshelps: cooling after the training. Comes from the 5k test- to much track training in the weekdetails
sajmoen12 daysdetails
stiffyharding12 daysdetails
..13 daysLabai bijodamas fiksuoju, kad issigydziau..details
nana13 daysmore biking, cooling, stretching the calvesdetails
Ollie13 daysdetails
JohnDingelstad13 daysdetails
shea_craig14 daysI haven't been running. I notice little round popping out bits on shins while doing squats, and they still tweak when bending funny, but mostly gone. I talked to the trainer about ways to avoid this in the future-stretching and strengthening the shins.details
miomy14 daysAlmost two weeks without running just to make sure they healed. Will continue with heat/ice and ibubrofin after every run. They are tight but not painful after 12 days.details
Nick Harris14 dayscauses: probably bio-mechanical, aggravated by increased running volume, a couple of intense rep workouts, and that fukn hockey game! recovery: stop running immediately, ice, massage, stretching calves, ongoing management: yet to see how this goes, but do the prescribed exercises, and ice/massage as required.details
RASPUTIN14 daysRICE, plus put on the aircast boot. Next time I get any sign of crepitus, I shut it down right then and there, RICE, and put on the boot (or wrist brace if from paddling/lifting etc). details
Ollie14 daysdetails
o'man14 daysSeems (largely) OK now. Occasional niggle, but not stopping me doing anythingdetails
Ruben Razzetti14 daysI think caused by the hard ground at JK relay after a already hard race weekend. Rest helped a little, toe taps really helped and stretches helped.details
StrEeT iLLeeT15 daysrunning on them and doin a few streches tht i have been told seems to have helped. 4 days off sik wuld of helpeddetails
bwhitch15 daysStretching and strengthing. Focus on hips and knees. Ceased pavement running. I was shocked at the quick recovery. Pushed it hard on may 18 and things seem fine. Still a little sore but improving greatly.details
Ollie15 daysdetails
wildwood15 daysdetails
GM15 daysresolved through seeing physic, not running for 2 weeks, anti inflammatory drugs, icing, stretching, strengthening ... but most important was to stop early and fix itdetails
runforest15 dayscause - change of shoes, getting back to training after a race, tough downhills in training and race solution - massage, shins and calves - both causes imbalance and shin being the weak gave in. massage- use trigger point chart to determine wheredetails
apb11415 daysProbably did a bit too much mileage in the preceeding days. Main issue may have been a 10 minute break in long run to watch marathon, then setting off with no stretching? Rest had the desired effect, just hope that increasing the miles won't mean an ongoing problem.details
Psuba15 daysdetails
aroesch16 daysdetails
JL16 daysSkötte det bra till slut. Två veckors vila från löpning gjorde susen!details
Procrastin8or8916 daysStopped running (16 days in total)details
Brooner16 daysCombo of sudden big distance, coupled with a weird walking pace/shoe combo most likely brought this on. Fine after a few days rest, eased back into running from there.details
kokonda17 daysdetails
Ralph Mnguni17 daysdetails
Mark317 daysI do remember having a really sore right calf a few days before Mourne; I wonder if that was anything to do with it? Regardless, it seems to take 18 days for this to recover, this time and last time. Walking around on toes and heels are good strengthening for calves and shins respectively, so will try and do those a lot.details
Ptr18 daysdetails
sojder18 daysdetails
Mark318 daysI did a few races in the week before the OMM with very tight calves; insufficient warm up.didn't think much of it.then no warm up at all before the OMM itself, due to rain, cold, having the bag, etc. Then running with the extra weight of the bag, especially downhill, put it over the edge I think. Wisdom - warm up properly! And I've been doing a lot of stretches - calf and quad and shin, on the basis that they can't hurt.details
$mitty18 daysdetails
mkb090919 daysdetails
JonasB19 daysdetails
A damp otter19 daysdetails
justus20 daysdetails
apb11420 daysComplete rest for two weeks. Slight pain still in hyper extension and flexion but no issue during or after exercise. details
Magic21 daysdetails
Dangerman21 daysIncreased time too much from previous week.details
dancarter21 daysI think it was caused by running road in worn out shoes. I never run road. I was recovering from the hamstring and did 8 miles in old shoes. I slowly began running on the injury. I made sure to warm it up, stretch it and adjust my posture and stride when pain arose.details
Tom22 daysdetails
roschi22 daysrest, ice, Idetails
4erramses22 daysdetails
radulan00722 daysTried all kind of cream/gel/ice/medicine but in the end I don`t really know which one worked...details
johannes roto22 daysLisätty huolto, kenkien vaihtodetails
hkleaf23 daysRest and ice. Also did some strengthening exercise for the shin. The cause of pain is likely attributed to worn out running shoes, as well as sudden increase in training volume.details
Psuba23 daysdetails
Embo24 daysFollowing a decent amount of rest (14 days no running approx which included being ill) when I went out again there was no pain. In the mean time I have been stretching my calves for 4 mins every day (while I clean my teeth) plus extra whenever I do exercise. Need to keep the stretching up. Aim: to touch my toes by half mara day. Also I think my 1:50 target for the half mara might have gone out the window as it was going to be hard work even with the full training schedule. Might lower the ...details
Paul Frost24 daysUpped my mileage a bit to much in a week when the weather was too good not to go out.details
AdventureGirl!24 daysCaused by tight calves, and wearing shoes in less support. Help by icing, using KT Tape, massaging muscles beside tibia and wearing compression sleeves. details
Grandpa Jameson24 daysrest.... usually works.details
silverolive25 daysdetails
mood25 daysdetails
GS25 daysJANNINEdetails
thewottler26 daysdetails
00726 daysdetails
oscarS26 daysdetails
Zimmers27 daysdetails
OL_Tony27 daysLangzaam weer het lopen opgepakt. tot int 3 geen problemen. Voorlopig zie ik geen problemen meer. Ben wel allert op klachten.details
nickm27 daysdetails
USKiwi28 daysFucking awful details
moshnroll29 daysdetails
Ollie29 daysdetails
Mr Wonderful29 daysdetails
RosieWatson30 daysDon't overtrain!details
tomtom30 daysdetails
MSoutham31 daysDon't run in hiking boots again.details
skoeld32 daysBannlyste asfalten och körde långa pass på mjukt underlag. Ska återintroducera asfalt långsamt så att jag inte får nya besvär.details
skoeld33 daysdetails
SteveDana34 daysdetails
ziggyr35 daysR&Rdetails
Jan Erik Naess37 daysI wore compression socks for my shins whenever I ran and it slowly went away.details
Nick Mead39 daysdetails
Knutern9739 daysdetails
Davros39 daysdetails
beeker40 daysdetails
rcro40 daysdetails
saulo1140 daysdetails
hkleaf42 daysLots of rest, ice, and non-running exercises (primarily biking). Also did some strengthening and stretching exercises.details
fluceluce42 daysdetails
SimonB42 daysno longer feel shins when walking around only when jogging for more than five minutesdetails
Eerola43 daysdetails
ev44 dayswell i think im recovered only felt a little tight today, this injury is ongoing though and will flare up if i dont train wisely. I think this bout was caused by me over training in the weeks before easter. Having the wisdom teeth out help me get over it as i was forced to rest for a few days.details
patgie44 dayscare about the shoes, don't do too much speedwork on high mileage trainingdetails
JoshuaDudley45 daysThrough several things this injury came about, including, sudden increase in training load, overtraining, inappropriate footwear, weak calf (internal muscles). What triggered the injury was a hard, fast run on gravel trails, lots of up and down. Legs didn;t feel good before the run but ran anyway. The next morning pain was present. Through resting via no running, pain has subsided. Running too soon brings back the pain on the inside. Additionally a pain in the back of the calf is noticeabl...details
Mick47 daysdetails
Dangerman47 daysEase into running. If you are not a runner and are taking up running, ease into it. 10% increases max and take it easy.details
AmeliaKennedy47 daysdetails
ks47 daysdetails
Rich47 daysTibial Anterior strengthening exercisesdetails
NoahD48 daysI wore a neoprene calf/shin sleeve during my runs. I am still wearing it on my runs though there is little to no pain. Stretching and ice also helped. details
Gooder49 daysCaused by increasing mileage too fast and wearing running shoes that were worn out. Rest, new shoes and massage treatment helped recoverydetails
Eerola53 daysdetails
..56 daysdetails
LiveWideLoveDeep57 daysincrease in volume on swimming, bike / intensity bike / fit - pace faster running -details
Kims58 daysdetails
Adrian Hamouda59 daysCooliodetails
Grandpa Jameson59 daysREST is the key. 2 weeks no running.details
amandap59 daysI was forced to take off over 3 weeks for an ankle related injury.details
Niamh☀61 daysLess road runningdetails
Chief61 daysLot of rest, chiro, laser therapy and running form changes!details
Ernie_wise63 daysdetails
Hanabanana64 daysdetails
veliceraptor64 daysdetails
Tom65 daysphysio fixed them up good. some rest from running helped too and plenty of strechingdetails
Ptr66 daysSprang oftast inte mer än två dagar i rad och la in cykel eller vilodag istället.details
AmeliaKennedy67 daysthey are gone...for now. I can finally walk down stairs without hobbling. I am still not going to run/jump/skip for at least another 2-3 weeks and when I do I will build up very, very slowly, because if they come back I will have to throw myself out the window.details
nmulder68 daysEvolved from Anterior Tib pain to Plantar Fasciitisdetails
Sarah70 daysdetails
j.freshman73 daysit's gone away (for now)details
Sludo73 daysdetails
RosieWatson74 daysStrong anklesdetails
AratusGitan80 daysdetails
Hanabanana80 daysdetails
Ptr81 daysSprang inte för mycket asfalt, men försökte ändå göra det 1-2 ggr varje vecka för att hålla asfaltslöpningen ok. Gjorde ett två veckor långt uppehåll under jul-nyår. Sen körde jag på och klarade mig genom maran, så då får den anses hel och fin.details
bethh81 daysdetails
CalumK83 days- Caused by trying to go into reanonably high milagage strainght away after coming back fro broken ankle - Up milage slowly after long time outdetails
Skunkie 84 daysdetails
cporter86 daysdetails
hodgepodge88 daystook 2 months off: september, october. Had Davinator take a look at Thxgiving -> some flexibility issues plus right glute inactivity. rx some glute exercises.details
lillFigge90 daysdetails
johannes roto92 daysdetails
Flakey96 daysdetails
Jõujõu99 daysdetails
OLLE99 daysalmost done. recovered by not running pretty much at alldetails
Brooner99 daysMost likely caused by small gait change due to cut on foot, irritated by wet feet, and then exacerbated by the following 18 hours of traipsing around the bush. Recovery mainly about reducing swelling, then calf raises and increasing ROM in ankle flexion with banded exercises. details
Flakey102 daysdetails
Flakey103 daysdetails
Adrian Hamouda105 daysEhh, sometimes they still hurt but they are pretty much gone. details
kbcity106 daysRICE - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation and take some time off to give your body enough time to recover.I've spent the whole month doing absolutely nothing.details
bowden107 daysdetails
j.freshman108 dayswhenever i begin to train hard the pain returns. nothing to do but ice and stretch.details
Ralph114 daysdetails
mortenneve121 daysdetails
NSAR122 daysran through it mostly, but did ice and take rest days when it was baddetails
3m125 daysTore ACL so the one positive is that it has given my shins a chance to recover.. they will get an additional 12 months to recover now also. details
Dangerman126 daysGet a definitive diagnosis first, then treat.details
vosvos130 daysdetails
silje131 daysdetails
bun141 daysdetails
Hellyson144 daysdetails
EmmaC151 daysdetails
Ernie_wise168 daysIce, rest and sensible increase in mileage.details
Knutern97174 daysdetails
-181 daysdetails
Vaala190 daysDo not run in shoes that give you niggles EVER. Rest. Do alternative exercises that don't put a strain on the shins (i.e. no running).details
Rosco210 daysdetails
AliceCampbell216 daysNot training details
IanW227 daysdetails
eadams227 daysdetails
jameshi233 daysRest and calf raise.details
AKey233 dayssoft scandi forest when starting to run again helpeddetails
Mica239 daysdetails
T Morrison290 daysPhysio for hip, glute, calf and core details
huon349 daysdetails
tommig350 daysTime and stretching. Shins sometimes sore after running but not causing me as much concern as before... details
MVB361 daysdetails
veliceraptor371 daysdetails
Tom381 daysdetails
mdryak397 daysToo fast of increase in mileage. Exercises and smart training, lots on soft surfaces helped with recovery. details
kess414 daysdetails
EmmaSlemma522 daysdetails
3m555 daysTear ligaments in ankle will effectively resolve shin splintsdetails
slangjudoka701 daysdetails
nh710 daysNorway. So soft, no impact. Generally being a boss helped toodetails
Duncan739 daysdetails
philm64740 daysdetails
tomtom765 daysdetails
Siobhan930 daysHopefully all good. Only running every second day, building up slowly, got rid of my orthotics cause I don't think they helped. HAVE TO do strengthening exercisesdetails
Siobhan934 daysHopefully all good. Only running every second day, building up slowly, got rid of my orthotics cause I don't think they helped. HAVE TO do strengthening exercisesdetails
annawallin935 daysdetails
L Bakker1029 daysdetails
fp1627 daysNo running trainings anymore. Solves the pain. Isnt a good solution ; ) details
calum2793 daysdetails
Eco4778 daysStill present but managed. Chiro, exercises, improved running form, Barefoot Science.details
TortoiseTam40+ daysdetails
SophieKP59+ daysdetails
Ruben Razzetti177+ daysdetails
Tommy H208+ daysdetails
Janou331+ daysdetails
Lizzie.S771+ daysdetails
Max M837+ daysdetails
evie1567+ daysdetails
LuT1706+ daysdetails
Runningpaul1780+ daysdetails
irmalinn2266+ daysdetails
Axel Orrhede2298+ daysdetails
joch552879+ daysdetails
Tamsin2994+ daysdetails
ma0601363344+ daysdetails
KCB3443+ daysdetails
NM3490+ daysdetails
michele28113648+ daysdetails
Otto-Jalmari3768+ daysdetails
christys2573875+ daysdetails
Tink3909+ daysdetails
SarahAnn3988+ daysdetails
leadweight4012+ daysdetails
Hanabanana4078+ daysdetails
Juliamt4113+ daysdetails
mmogensen4271+ daysdetails
Shaun Mc4377+ daysdetails
angela4472+ daysdetails
akboaster4514+ daysdetails
mklimek4612+ daysdetails
mburke054656+ daysdetails
jokeysmurf4710+ daysdetails
Julia (old log)4713+ daysdetails
imbjorgul4762+ daysdetails
jonnyq4764+ daysdetails
ChloeH4771+ daysdetails
jmr80464864+ daysdetails
Lauman4870+ daysdetails
smilingmind4993+ daysdetails
ceira5049+ daysdetails
?5051+ daysdetails
andre5225+ daysdetails
ziggyr5235+ daysdetails
dasfruit5285+ daysdetails
penllynboy5501+ daysdetails
fabioandy5541+ daysdetails
bwhitch5735+ daysdetails
dawob5765+ daysdetails
eadams5840+ daysdetails
justin.pettit5870+ daysdetails
Jamie Stevenson5905+ daysdetails
McDowell5972+ daysdetails
Fly'n5976+ daysdetails
ckoombs5988+ daysdetails
Ironguille6017+ daysdetails
Sexyrunnerguy6191+ daysdetails
kriksers6392+ daysdetails
catherineols6436+ daysdetails