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Achilles Tendonitis (Lower Leg)

pain and inflammation of the achilles tendon at the back of the ankle, especially when pushing off from the toes.

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Average recovery time: 135 days

Recorded Instances

iainw-279 daysHeel drops, duh!details
Renntier0 daysdetails
j-man1 daysdetails
russport1 daysdetails
Rino1 daysdetails
pympa2 daysdetails
dariusz2 daysEs scheint das Problem rührt von meinem Selfkick an die linke Ferse her. Bei laufen zwar eine kleine Unsicherheit, aber keine Entzündung gespürt. Ich werde nächsten Dienstag nochmal die Walshes mit meinen regulären Einlagen probieren und sie sonst aus dem Sportbetrieb entfernen.details
kurthu2 daysdetails
Aksu2 daysdetails
0072 daysno running for a couple of days, then ok. tight calves causing shin pain though.details
dkonotopetz2 daysdetails
JuhaM2 daysdetails
michalmy2 daysCaused by fast track race that I was not used to. Probably still feeling the effects of the previous week's races.details
FerencJonas2 daysit was just a bad momentum, nothing special, knew it will pass soon.. however still a good sign of how important recovery and preparation isdetails
arg3 daysdetails
Gilou3 daysReposdetails
Agiofws3 daysrest for 3 days, swim... aswell ... details
MDeVoll3 daysRan too hard. For recovery, rested from running, did NOT stretch, iced it twice a day for 15-20 minutes, and took ibuprofen every four hours. details
Pajėda3 daysdetails
ozarkrunner3 daysdetails
Davidm08113 daysdetails
michalmy3 daysRest.details
cedrik3 daysdetails
o-pia4 daysCan't feel the inflamation, so I hope it has in a way recovered..details
vandy66164 daysWarm up and slower pace seems to do the trick. details
mklein4 daysBelieve it is due to shoes and volume increase from holidays. Do not run for the devices (HRM, Spd). They can make you run too hard! Still on the mend, will continue to run at lower intensities/ sub in biking.details
JP Web X-C4 daysdetails
Grafaz4 daysdetails
Mitch784 daysdetails
runforest4 daysmassage, ice, rest, ran on water shoesdetails
TheFlan4 daysrestdetails
Steffen4 daysdetails
Bruce4 daysPerhaps it was already a bit tender, but the pain seemed to be caused by the stiff heel of my shoes rubbing on my achilles tendon.details
michalmy4 daysVoltarin gel and Deep Heat. Seemed to recover surprisingly quickly. Should have run in the Pegasus 33s with the extra shock absorbers.details
tinytoes4 daysIcing long term and a little rest.details
iansmith4 daysRestdetails
acejase5 daysseemed to get sore from stretching post run?details
mm-ha5 daysRest, shoes with a little higher heel. Stretching when the stretching didn't hurt.details
Joost5 daysdetails
Strand5 daysAntagligen spänstträningen. details
rmanley5 daysdetails
mrevrgreen5 daysIce/ Heat/ Rest Cross Trained in the pool. I am a slow swimmer.details
Agiofws5 daysswim and rest ... and listen to your body... details
timbercomp5 daysNothing but rest and trying not to aggrevate it for a few days, then some foot and calf stretching, starting super gentle and moving on to normal angles throughout the week. Super easy jogging to come back.details
cmorse5 daysdoesn't bother me anymore, but will try and run easy on it for a couple daysdetails
bendover5 daysphysio - apparently some lower leg muscle pain connected to weak gluts and hips. rest helped big time! details
joch555 daysSeems this one didn't last long. Maybe because I've started immediately to do eccentric calf stretching, or maybe just because it was an acute tendonitis rather than a chronic tendonosis this time.details
michalmy5 daysRest, Voltaren gel.details
Boje5 daysZu viel im Sand gelaufen. Ein paar Tage Laufpause und die Schmerzen waren wieder weg.details
Torzi5 daysStretching, rolling and taping! details
jwolff5 daysdetails
Torzi5 daysdetails
Torzi5 daysdetails
Bruce5 daysSore after sleeping and rest. Better with exercise and anti-inflamatory drugs.details
morgrim5 daysSlow runs every day (10:30/mile-11:00/mile) and recovery routine every morning and every second-night w massage gun.details
$mitty5 daysdetails
Ben Perry5 daysDidn’t run for 5 days to let it recover.details
PhilW6 daysDidn't run all week- seems to have recovered.details
hagi6 daysdetails
dwiz036 daysdetails
andersbo6 daysdetails
RosKalle6 daysdetails
andypat6 daysdetails
schoebi876 daysdetails
ken6 daysthis may have been more of a bursa problem. didn't bother me during the highlander. running shoes are bad for orienteering.details
philm646 daysRest & then tried it out on a shorter run. Seems OK. details
tinytoes6 daysdetails
mikee7 daysProbably caused by increased training plus unusual stress on the foot (snowshoeing plus a long off-trail training in snow). I think rest is the most important in this case. Used anti-inflamotory gel. Should not have done the training 31.12.05.details
CoachingEnduranc7 daysrested for two weeks before hurt 100 jan 13th and it got all better.details
Nails7 daysvisit to Liba -gave me some good stretches -she thinks it's burtosis behind the tendon rather than AT itself -which is good I think...she said nothing to worry about so phew.details
GM7 daysnot 100% sure of cause but have started a program of loaded eccentric stretching/strengtheningdetails
iansmith7 daysContinuing to use old running shoes either uniquely caused or contributed to the discomfort I was experiencing. After realizing this, I discarded my shoes and spent several days resting before resuming activity. The pain abated after this rest period, though my achilles felt a bit tight after extended use. I briefly used iced, applied heat pads, and used NSAIDs after exercising. I experimented with compression sleeves (Ace bandages) intermittently.details
lorrieq7 daysgot new runners with less of a heeldetails
Veli Pulsa7 daysKova alusta (sisäjuoksu+jäällä). Nastakengät ja uudet kengät, joissa vaimennus päkiällä puutteellinen. Yksipuolinen harjoittelu ja puutteellinen lihashuolto. Tunnollisuus ja sitkeys = rasitusvammat eivät iske laiskoille :) Hoito: kylmä-kuuma hoidot, voltare, tulehduskipulääkkeet ja venyttely.details
ales.drahokoupil7 daysdetails
ccsteve7 daysRest, active walking, muscle massage.details
annawallin7 daysVar nog verkligen av skorna bara. Körde lite träning för vaden osv och löpte samt gick i skor som inte tryckte på. Verkade ha hjälpt men är fortsatt lite försiktig.details
RichardLund7 daysDidn't run. Stretched and iced.details
RimvydasA7 daysdetails
Liam Dufty7 daysdetails
Erik 7 daysdetails
KerMit7 daysWorked a treat. Must do more stretching....details
morgrim7 days5 minute long achilles stretches + ice with a tensor bandage and rolling out TFL and hip jointdetails
walker8 daysdetails
camel8 daysdetails
michalmy8 daysRest, Voltarin gel.details
annawallin8 daysdetails
Scotta9 days I think I made two stupid mistakes: 1. I did not warm up before the race. I sat inside the chalet until the start, then hammered. The big hill immediately at the start is followed by relentless hills for 20k or so. 2. New ski boots.I switched from Solomon Race Skate 9 to the Solomon RS Carbon. Supposedly it encourages ankle flex; I haven't trained on them jut bought them and raced in them. Violated the golden rule of never trying new equipment on race day. Now I'm paying big time fo...details
gogirlgo9 daysdetails
A damp otter9 daysstretching 3 times a day , cycling as opposed to running for 3 days and first run back taken easydetails
Maverick10 daysdetails
vyc10 dayswent up the muscle and hopefully disapeareddetails
andriusj1110 daysdetails
El Lukeo10 dayssaturday 31 may... no problems at all i think that running without braces and also not doing shoes too tight helped. did a few exercizes, and i have been taking berocca vitamin supplments... i notice some other people have said that this helps. but the real key is rest REST R E S T !!!details
bigjim10 daysstop wearing o bootsdetails
DWildfogel10 daysSince I've not been able to run for nearly 3 weeks, my heel feels much better. On the other hand, after walking I would like to ice my heel, but I've been icing my hip instead. Will the heel get re-aggravated once I start running again?details
Andrew10 daysNot fully gone away, but, with a little care, I'm able to put some effort into running again. This one cleared up itself despite not resting it completely...details
Tim C10 daysdetails
Spongey10 daysdetails
michalmy10 daysVoltarin gel and rest.details
juhatus10 daysdetails
10T10 daysBeen gradually feeling better and stronger over the last week, but with a first hard race on it, I'm classing it better (although I'm keeping it cautious over next few weeks). My go-to guide on how I got better: rest hard and fast. Leg raised while working and sleeping. Ibuprofen gel and tabs also helped, along with heel raises, hopping an jumping gradually (from day 3+ of injury, graduating as felt stronger). Keep runs sensibly short, stopping and walking once it starts to ache. Finally: ...details
ajriley10 daysdetails
Bernard11 daysdetails
fish11 daysdetails
dabond11 daysdetails
gas_turbine11 daysdetails
workouttexas11 daysDon't know if it is caused by increase in mileage or minimalist shoes, but this has been a reoccurring problem since my last marathon. Need to allow for more rest, especially after hard runs and races. Probably shouldn't have mixed as many races into the training schedule, as they seem to tie to the injuries. Achilles and calf problems are one in the same, and I need to add a weight training regimen to help avoid the problem in the future. Anti inflammatory prescriptions both helped. P...details
johnd11 daysRest,calf raises ,yogadetails
Warti11 daysdetails
apsu11 daysNilkan seutu ja pohje vieläkin huonommin liikkuva, mutta akuutti vaihe lienee ohi.details
Andrew11 daysdetails
KariItkonen11 daysdetails
alimpkon11 daysdetails
caitlinirving11 daysphysio gave me exercises to help with Achilles strengthening and glute strengthening. Still tender some days.details
loobey11 daysdetails
marcitailor11 daysdetails
Erik 11 daysTreppendetails
bishop2212 daysNeeded to be more consistent with ice and Vitamin I to get it to go away.details
Hawkeye12 daysdetails
Philipp12 daysdetails
Skid18512 daysdetails
Agiofws12 dayssore sensation for one day gave a rest for 3 daysdetails
quickchick12 daysdetails
kenia12 daysA lot a lot of stretching everyday. details
Dehydrated12 daysused fastum gel, rested a few days. haven't touched saucony shoesdetails
errolpit12 daysdetails
PVA12 daysWas worth to take some extra days off running. details
michalmy12 daysBreak from running. Voltaren gel.details
rickyp13 daysMy shoes being too small caused massive blisters and inflamed the sheath but not the tendon. After physio, rest and ice for two weeks no futher pain. Won't wear those shoes again.details
pcbrent14 daysdetails
vosvos14 daysdetails
Pia W14 daysdetails
A.Child14 daysGive it time. Lots of ice. Alternate training is a wonderful way to keep up your aerobic capacity. Eliptical, rower, and bike for me. Strength to, when I could stand it.details
bdunn14 daysAgressive PTdetails
TDK14 daysdetails
Niko14 daysTåhävningar och mer dämpade skor details
RimvydasA14 daysdetails
Brooner14 daysdetails
vlin15 daysrestdetails
kmusic38115 daysChanged my footwear primarily to my birkenstocks and the pain stopped. Need to get fitted for some new shoes.details
coach15 daysFine after not rowing for a week or so. Got better as soon as I cut back erging time.details
Mitch7815 daysPlus de douleurs depuis qques jours, j'espère que ce n'est plus qu'un mauvais souvenir! Mon Ostéo fait toujours des merveilles!details
GM15 daysdetails
michalmy15 daysRest. Avoid running. Would have done more cycling except for concurrent illness.details
JL15 daysdetails
willisnot16 daysdetails
deMon16 daysIce massage, voltaren gel and tendonitis creamdetails
cjfreet16 dayshad a PT do a deep tissue sports massage, used a foam roller, and massage the area with lotion regularlydetails
joch5516 daysdetails
Dooby16 daysdetails
K8RUNS16 daysdetails
iansmith17 daysRest, stretching, ice, compression. details
jameshi17 daysFive days of no running a new pair of shoes and increasing length of runs incrementally seems to have helped.details
j.freshman18 daysseason ended and so did my tendonitis, naturallydetails
hodgepodge18 daysdetails
Mitch7818 daysdetails
michalmy18 daysRest from running.details
mood20 daysMy Achilles tendon feels fine now. Just hoping to get rid of this cold now.details
vad197320 daysArnica, Ice, Flexium gel, Musc enf and rest, rest, rest ....details
Ralph Mnguni20 daysdetails
greg21 daysdetails
sberg21 daysDid not run for two weeks, third week some easy walking and jogging, trying to not put pressure on the achilles. On 14-Nov race felt OK.details
andypat21 daysNot fully better - still a bit achy on running but OK to go slowlydetails
RichB21 daysA little less pushing. Gets better.details
Veli Pulsa21 daysdetails
tcut21 daysdetails
Honza21 daysdetails
michalmy21 daysVoltaren gel. Three weeks off running.details
Philipp22 daysdetails
RimvydasA22 daysdetails
Durendal22 daysStop running when warning, even if it is at warm-up.details
genebeveridge22 daysHad 3 weeks with hardly any running by doing more cycling and aqua jogging. Also some icing. Will always do my calf raises when I remember too details
Chenderson22 daysdetails
AngusL22 daysRest: only ran 2-3 times on itdetails
TheInvisibleLog22 daysLots of rest because of a calf injury seemed to help. Massage and ultra as well.details
Josse22 daysTåhävningar varje vardag kl 10:00. Än så länge verkar denna lilla rehabmängd räcka i kombi med 3 löpfria veckor pga knäskada. Får nog se till att hålla i det där.details
dersu23 daysEasy running cures it.details
nikospetros23 daysdetails
Akhilleus23 daysdetails
jed23 daysCause new shoes. Cure - rest, physio exercises.details
mushy_pea23 days3 weeks off running - wearing low fitting shoes.details
markg24 daysPhysio administered electro, massage and acupuncture plus foam rolling and stretching. The final cure was running 3 events in 3 days at the NAOCs ... beats me, but it didn't hurt after that.details
andyhill24 daysRestdetails
Julia (old log)24 daysdetails
swat24 daysreduced mileage, icing, stretching, cut track sessionsdetails
Garry24 daysExcessive ankle instability during the event. Probably not enough such long off-trail runs in the last year.details
liv24 daysrest & physio exercisesdetails
Skid18525 daysPhysio. ice, stretching, heel lifts. total lack of running.details
Hapardi25 daysdetails
cmorse25 daysdetails
AKey25 daysCaused from too much running to quickly. Time and calf raises made it better.details
10T25 daysOverused and abused it, not allowing enough rest. Gradual staggered recovery with shorter runs and rest days. details
AngusL25 daysdetails
franklinwood26 daysRest assisted recovery. Probably was overtraining and caused a weak point.details
kofols26 daysPreventiva; konjski balzam - masaza, magnezijeve tablete - zmanjsanje aktivnosti in intenzivnosti. details
CheeseSteak26 daysdetails
Piers Pirow26 daysNot sure its recovered but I need it to be fixed now. Remember to warm up and down, stretch and dont push the pace too much.details
Veijo27 daysMassage and easier training period due traveling.details
Brownie8827 daysNeed to details
basarav27 daysAdvil, icing every night, one day run, one day rest. And Arnica pills.details
Zimmers27 daysI am going to go with recovered because it's been really good this week. Resolution I think is primarily a result of doing zero running and ellipticalling for 5 days. That and a prescription Anti-Inflammatory (topical solution - Pennsaid) which is supposed to be 3x the strength of Voltaren. Another big help included doing Eccentric loading calve strengthening and a pile of achilles and calf stretches. details
jwolff27 daysdetails
loobey27 daysdetails
vandy661628 daysGood warm up before runs. Stretching and exercises my PT gave me. details
arg28 daysdetails
manolo28 daysIncreased mileage and speed too abruptly (inexperience). Stopped running for 1 week, ran again and made it worst. Decided to rest, apply ice and do eccentric stretches. The combination of these three healed it (90%) in 3 weeks, and strengthened it...After 4 weeks pain was gone for good. During the healing period, I educated myself about running, how to increase mileage, endurance, stamina, etc. I also do warm up now and understand the importance of it! Eccentric stretches are the best!details
Chas28 daysNot sure what caused it but first sign was lower calf soreness. Could have been as a result of trying to do some speedwork. Get treatment early next time this happens. Gradual build-up, running alternate days seemed to work quite well. Don't try doing intervals until I've built in some efforts into my normal steady runs first.details
Matt Hartland28 daysRest and ice.details
schristoph28 daysdetails
Raz28 daysdetails
ElBales28 daysdetails
TommyQ29 dayssorted that out pretty quickly.details
noalittle29 daysI think it was over use that caused the injury and good old rest that healed it.details
bradc29 daysdetails
jonny crickmore29 daysdetails
andfall29 daysdetails
michalmy29 daysDon't be tempted to run more frequently than 1 in 5 days.details
ShadowCaster30 daystime, taking it easy.details
Grafaz31 daysdetails
Lightfighter31 daysHeat/ice, rest, started wlking and a little running in minimalist foot gear (water shoes), heel raises, very slow return to running after at least 10 days of no running.details
Whitesheep31 daysAnd positive actions: - eccentric heel raises - as long as not painful, trying to do some faster bits of running to avoid tightening up overalldetails
HoranO32 daysdetails
mvuk32 daysdetails
oscarS32 daysdetails
MeanGene32 days2 Rob Jones exercises: 2x10 heel drops - on stairs lift right heel then drop slowly drop (~ 5 sec), Use left leg to lift right heel, repeat. Reverse if you want and do same for left heel. After 2 weeks, do heel strengthening - in a lunge position with right heel back, use a strong elastic hooked to a door to create tension. Do 20 heel drops, then repeat again.details
Torzi32 daysKeep rehabbing. details
Pia W33 daysdetails
Veli Pulsa33 daysNyt tuntuu, että uskaltaa alkaa reenaamaan "normaalisti"details
TheInvisibleLog33 daysAchilles heel lowers every day (16*30), then dealing with subsequent back issues.details
Julli33 daysdetails
Torzi33 daysStill treating it for the next 12 weeks, but pain fine now - TREATMENT twice daily (friction massage, eccentric heel raises, rolling etc..) ALSO ice baths, cold water therapy and taping it up! details
O-ing34 daysPhysio/ice. Not 100% recovered, but not running so hard to tell. Was only a mild discomfort at WMOC. details
austrianmike34 daysPotentially caused by old orienteering shoes which don't fit and/or overusedetails
Haenrik34 daysVila från löpning Steching Rehab (crosstrainer, styrka och testcykel) Ökade löpdosen succecivtdetails
Cjcollins34 daysWeighted eccentric heel drops seemed to be the main catalyst for recoverydetails
LuT35 daysdetails
RobP35 daysdetails
WilliamNeill35 daysTime off. details
AllyBeaven35 daysdetails
PM35 daysdetails
dersu36 dayslots of easy running fixed itdetails
Tullster36 daysdetails
jwolff36 daysdetails
Mitsu36 daysPitkä juoksutauko.details
Katnap36 daysdetails
jonny crickmore36 daysdetails
AI-aka-nerimka37 daysdetails
c.underwood37 daysWe think it was caused my unbalance in muscle and tight hamstrings. to keep balanced muscles dont run the same direction around the track or on the same side of the road when you run. Switch sides every few minutes. What helped recover? Time and stretching. To prevent reinjury do calf raises and hold. Make sure you go straight up and don't turn foot at end. details
jamacki37 dayshad to take the first week off. Then reduced volume, and stride approach. Then kept stretching massaging and using. Still can feel it but its not the main focus in each workout and not a limiter anymoredetails
heggo37 daysdetails
Shingo37 daysdetails
andfall37 daysMultiple causes including weak post tib tendon putting extra strain on achilles, overloading with combination of high mileage, lots of hills, and including some plyo exercises into training. Aqua jogging, heel dips, support taping and massage all helped to resolve details
kurthu38 daysdetails
Tane39 daysCaused by: overuse in new shoes Recovery: Physio, and rest.details
jwolff39 dayssort ofdetails
simmo39 daysdetails
mjd39 daysRest.details
darryn40 daysthe achilles pain went away, but not sure why. I was running less, biking more, snowshoeing more and strectching more. I think the stretching helped most. But plantar fascia heal pain is still an issuedetails
Hobitas40 daysdetails
A damp otter40 daysresting ? should of done this immediately , also pedaling with the back of the foot on the bike details
ms treegarden40 daysdetails
briangardner40 daysdetails
AngusL40 daysdetails
JonD41 daystook 2 weeks off from running; went back to running before it was completely pain-free but this seemed to actually help; vigorous stretching of calf plus use of "foam roller" on calf really helped. direct massage of tendon also helped. Notably, using the neoprene sleeve and stretchy brace did not seem to help w/ swelling but might have kept it supple over night. wearing orthotics during all activities seemed to helpdetails
piero41 daysMassagesdetails
kurthu42 daysdetails
Heather O42 daysNot sure if this was achilles tendonitis - the soreness was either side of the achilles. Resting from running (then gradual reintroduction) and doing other things seems to have sorted it out.details
AI-aka-nerimka43 daysdetails
KariItkonen43 daysdetails
mvuk44 daysPovreda nije izlijecena, bol se smirila, nastavit cu s treninzima.details
Malla44 daysdetails
Basa44 daysdetails
heggo44 daysdetails
AngusL44 daysRest, stretch, physio. Transferred to diagonally opposite hip. Continuing to stretch that.details
Leanimal45 daysdetails
DanW45 daysdetails
00745 daysdetails
PhilW46 daysTime and sprained ankle meant forced resting. Assuming it's recovered, since it isn't sore-at least not in the same area. Today's soreness is from the sprain.details
smoke47 daysdetails
Mitch7847 daysdetails
angela47 daysdetails
jwolff47 daysdetails
silje47 daysdetails
A damp otter48 daysusual rest + ice, self massage and stretchingdetails
wrazan48 daysCause: landing funny in climibing shoes, then further aggravation caused by more climbing, hiking, and running. Staying off it helped recovery, slowing strengthening muscles around it to rehab it. details
g.foz.foster48 daysCause: XC spikes. Recovery: rest, ice, eccentric heel dropsdetails
michalmy48 daysAvoid all running.details
Macca49 daysdetails
bethh49 daysdetails
swolfe50 daysWhile it feels weird to call this recovered, i'm moving forward. I ran 80 plus minutes without discomfort, so that's good enough to call it. What helped? 8 days of surfing in nosara. details
Runodk51 daysdetails
angela51 daysdue to pressure on bursa on heal from shoes due to lots of training. Rest seemed to help I guess. Heal less casual shoes. U padding on heal to prevent further pressure/pain. details
casser52 daysWaited around for a while - but really little amounts of exercise is better as the achilles needs to be stretched a bit to get better - probably it would have been even better to do the excentric calf exercises. Anyway now it is good enough to train even through it is still sore. On the other hand one or the other achilles has always been sore in the mornings when I was training for real and not just for fitness as nowdetails
trailchampion52 dayspushed it seeing if I was road marathon ready....needed physio to resolvedetails
NSW Stinger54 daysdetails
jennapaj54 daysdetails
xcman8254 days8 physio sessions - rest, and taking it easy. - stil swollen a bit, need to start up gradually and warm the tendon up before going hard.details
iansmith54 daysI loosened my shoes and stretched a little. I suspect the shoes were just pinching tissue in unexpected ways. details
theshadow55 daysdetails
Tullster55 daysdetails
GPiret55 daysReposdetails
loobey55 daysdetails
Dehydrated57 daysdetails
linastrand57 daysdetails
PhilW58 daysHeel Inserts and new shoes, eccentric stretching. Still a bit tight in the morning, and noticeable.details
ken58 daysdetails
tinytoes58 daysPhysio visits, anti inflammataries, rest and perseverance.details
arg59 daysStretching and calf strengthening - still have some tenderness and at this stage, I'm not going to be rushing back running until I can get this under control. details
ChrisG59 daysdetails
Martinsson59 daysAlternative training and lots of eccentric calf exercises.details
jsnyder59 daysMostly went away. Ankles and legs are still so tight - I'm sure this is the root cause.details
gas_turbine59 daysWhen at worst - ice helped. Have not biked since injury, but the achilles does not hurt while running now (~4 weeks or so after injury). This one was a bummer, as I was not able to run much during this time due to hamstring injury on other side.details
j.freshman60 daysa few good weeks of solid inactivity will cure a lotdetails
naomi60 daysdetails
Mattias I60 daysdetails
RobP61 daysNot running let it recover. Must warm up lots before speed sessions.details
Mitch7861 daysdetails
nikospetros63 daysdetails
Ollie63 daysdetails
annawallin63 daysdetails
Akhilleus64 daysComplete rest for 2 weeks seemed to cure it.details
MuddyFox64 daysdetails
Ansgar64 daysVermutlich zu schnelle Steigerung nach längerer Krankheitspause. Letztlich geholfen hat eine totale Laufpause von ca 4 Wochen.details
O-ing64 daysClassic tweak during interval training. Not too bad but no running for a month.details
Noname65 daysdetails
bendover66 daysrest and sensible training helped this. moved back onto trails for running. longer term, will need to keep stretching and be mindful of future flare ups. details
Martinsson66 daysdetails
PM66 daysTook a long time to settle down, but improving now that we're doing less tarmac and high intensity runningdetails
xcman8267 daysdetails
Nadim68 daysRest and cross training. details
apetren68 daysI think that I ran much on athletics track, was the cause to the injury, combined with more training than before. Much rehab training in the beginning, about 1-2 hours a day, containing much balance exercises, and for the calf muscles. Don't even think of running long distance. Massage in liniment together with some pain killing ointment Voltaren f ex. It's important that you take the ointment first and the liniment after. Do this twice a day for 1-2 weeks and it's cured (For me).details
ba-ba68 daysdetails
#turbo69 daysdetails
runninghils70 daysdetails
SlowDownHill70 daysOver training - 2 really hard sessions back to back twice in a short space of time - doh!details
simmo71 daysUsual remedy, rest, ice and Alfredson heel drops for several weeks. Would have gone to Duncan for cortisone, but didn't need it this time.details
jemmerson71 daysdetails
Andrew72 daysThinik I've managed to get rid of it by resting a week. I hope it doesn't return... The cold a couple of weeks ago and forced rest then helped too.details
thrillseker72 daysdetails
phil73 daysStretching (also of the lower calve muscle), eccentric calve strengthening, and generally strengthening and increasing movability of the 'core pillar' from the spine down to the feet. Occascionally it still hurts but I can control it.details
Max M73 daysPhysio and restdetails
mg78302374 daystimedetails
RichB74 daysIt eventually went away. Just need to alter how I approach any running on top of my normal exercise program.details
duncanarcher74 daysEventually eased off, after seeing physio and a week of good stretching and ankle raising exercises. Need to keep them up!details
Isla75 daysdetails
Kimj76 daysdetails
phatty76 daysdetails
JonD76 daysTime. Ice. Asperin cream. details
michalmy76 daysRest, Voltarin gel.details
yeagerjustin77 daysNot really healed but enough already.details
MikeMc77 daysTook 5 days off. Seemed to do the trick.details
jemmerson77 daysdetails
simmo78 daysStill have injury, severity has decreased enough to enable running thanks to Alfedson's exercise (heel raising and loweing). No doubt it will come back to trouble me again.details
bendover78 daysdetails
billh78 daysFB #4 4M and no pain, really didn't notice it at all, so I have to say this bout of achilles stiffness has ended. I'll keep an eye on it. It was never really painful and did not stop my training, just icing profylactically. might continue that just to make sure it stays OK. 4/6/2016: going to call this resolved since it is no longer a limiter for training. it's still sometimes tight but I could train through the tightness which loosened up during R workouts and was not noticeable. p...details
nachsan78 daysdetails
AC80 daysdetails
Mitch7880 daysdetails
CathW80 daysdetails
sojder80 daysdetails
ColmM80 daysAchilles issue. Exercises: eccentric drops, toe walking by Aonghus, etcdetails
sajmoen81 daysFortfarande stel på morgnar, har ej testat löpning flera dagar i rad, men löpning funkar bra i särart. Blev bra med tåhävningar och enbenshopp. Fick stötvågsbehandling. details
jwolff81 daysdetails
Deja81 daysdetails
Grafaz82 daysdetails
rickyp82 daysdetails
Josse82 days30min löpning på 11 dagar gjorde nog nytta.details
fkawam83 days6 weeks off running and then a progressively increasing run:walk ratio with two days rest between bouts for 6 weeks seemed to work well...Needed to be better with core/stretching during Recovery and beforedetails
O-ing84 daysDidn't bother me at Easter. Lots of eccentric calf dropsdetails
John H84 daysbuild up running mileage slowerdetails
thrillseker84 daysdetails
DaveR84 daysdetails
HannahH84 daysdetails
ken85 daysdetails
ChrisG86 daysdetails
O-ing88 daysResponded to deep massage and iontoforesis. details
Louise88 daysRest, dammit. And lay off the sprint sessions.details
Malla89 daysdetails
SlowDownHill89 daysLots of regular excercises - calf raises, squats and the likes.details
bill_l89 dayssteroid injection. inflamed bursa.details
loobey90 daysdetails
iainw91 daysOnly closing this injury report now. I made a few mistakes coming back from this: running too soon and not massaging my calves enough at the start. A good massage and plenty of eccentric calf dips worked wonders. Icing frequently too. details
Trailrat91 daysRemoved all jumping movements and gave it a shit ton of time to heal.details
Väiski92 daysAlkuun totaalista lepoa 1 1/2 kk, sen jälkeen kun tulehdus oli poissa aloin hieroa, venyttää ja tehdä liikkuvuutta, Venyttelin myös jalkapohjia, pohkeita, takareisiä ja pakaroita. Pikkuhiljaa aion nostaa rasitusta, lisätä juoksulenkkien määrää, kestoa ja tehoa.details
Julli92 daysdetails
jwolff94 daysdetails
Tane95 daysdetails
ah96 daysHjelper med tåhev og eksentrisk tåhev på gulv. Ikke i trapp!! details
OL96 daysRestdetails
A damp otter97 daysdetails
simonr99 daysAround 5 weeks complete rest. Then broke my wrist, so decided to rest completely another 6 weeks while wrist in plaster. No pain when resuming running in mid Septdetails
Ralph Mnguni100 daysdetails
Pavementsucks100 daysdetails
Jagge101 daysdetails
harley101 dayscaused by coming back from a hill walking holiday and then going for a run without doing sufficient stretching of instep and ankle. recovery just takes 100 days - no short cuts :-(details
Becky101 daysdetails
harley102 daysit just needs 100 days to recover............details
jpeters102 daysWent to acupuncture and cupping. Finally released the muscles. Tendenousous instead of tendinitisdetails
JL104 days130508: Har fått ont strax bakom och ovanför knölen på insidan av vänsterfoten istället. Hälsenan känns ganska bra. Edit 130602: Sprang kortvariant av VM-banan. Tyckte mig känna hälsenan vid ett tillfälle, annars inga problem med själva hälsenan den senaste tiden. Lite öm vid tryck, men långt ifrån hur det var när det var som värst. 131231: Avgör att runt sista Juni får anses som ett stoppdatum. Svårt att avgöra exakt, speciellt mtp fotstukningen som opererar i samma område.details
Tane104 daysdetails
Jar105 daysdetails
Oestlin105 daysdetails
Arlaharen106 daysVila...details
pi106 daysUse a larger set of shoes and switch between every run.details
undy107 daysdetails
ChristianeT107 daysOnly pain free training was not enough. The long rest due to my cold was probably a good thing, at least there was no pain after that anymore.details
markg109 daysdetails
RobP110 daysdetails
igor_110 daysDoes not seem to bother anymore.details
briangardner115 daysIce, ice, ice.details
Deja116 daysTokrat se tetiva pozdravi v obdobju ko začnem nazaj tečt.....zanimivodetails
ShadowCaster121 daysextensive rest - time off from running.details
ken121 daysRest?details
jemmerson121 daysdetails
loefaas124 daysdetails
Stuart L125 daysNo problem at XPD so hopefully have seen the last of this.details
michalmy126 daysStill a bit tight. Have to manage more carefully with pre-event stretching. No hard surfaces.details
TheInvisibleLog127 daysCause probably age. Not much I can do about that. Cure:- thee standard eccentric stretching exercises and the occasional backwards running, religously observed. Sticking to softer surfaces.details
timbo128 daysnot achilles but arch of foot?details
Klaas129 daysshockwave- rust - fietsen- excentrisch rekken: 30 hh van 6" per hh.details
Bee_G129 daysKt tape and lots of ankle releasesdetails
Jar130 daysdetails
Malla130 daysdetails
VA130 daystendinite química causada por antibiótico. bastante fisioterapia e exercícios de fortalecimentodetails
Malla134 daysdetails
Dooby135 daysPhysio since I started, lot of sessions. Havn't been in a few weeks. What has helped is stretching and will be continuing that in perpetuity. details
Cambas135 daysOperation or Thrombocytes injections + Rest details
harley137 dayslong layoff from harvesters in june. lots of eccebtric stretching and calf massage - then coast path walk in august to build strength, followed by gentle reintroduction to running meant I could do the BOK long-O in Sept and 1/2 marathon in Oct, without any recurrence - super!details
EricNorris138 daysif stuff hurts stop. proceed to physio. do not collect £200details
Josse138 daysTiden läkte alla sår. Gjorde som mest ont efter fjällveckan i Jämtland. Efter det fick jag köra löpfritt för att få bort smärtan. Stelheten höll som sagt i sig. Färre löppass per vecka (5dgr/7). Knölen är förvisso fortfarande kvar, men anser att hälsenan är bra nu när det inte gör ont. Knölen får finnas.details
duncanarcher139 daysTake care on recovery - ankle was greatly weakened and kept going over on it.details
igor_139 daysdetails
Rosco142 daysNever that bad but took ages to properly go awaydetails
mjd142 daysrestdetails
mrsb144 daysdetails
Roger G146 daysdetails
jwolff157 daysdetails
undy159 daysTime and stretching.details
britty327161 daysdetails
sajmoen162 daysStretch och excentriska tåhävningardetails
bradc164 daysTemporary reprieve; will probably reoccur.details
zeizei165 daysEi ainakaan Jukolassa kipeytyny, AM partion kivikossa kylläkin vähän.details
Mal165 daysdetails
michalmy166 days22/03/24 (day 122): Started taking anti-inflammatory medication Meloxicam Sandoz 7.5mg. 23/04/24 (day 154): Increased Meloxicam to 2 capsules per day.details
AngusL167 daysRest, rest, rest, stretch, strengthen. Ongoing soleus stretching, eccentric loading and alternating hopping. Have developed mild plantar fasciitis as a by-product of losing strength in my feet while out of action.details
curlytop171 daysdetails
cmac177 daysdetails
Nails179 daysdetails
Nathan179 daysdetails
joch55183 days Three and a half months after started doing eccentric calf exercises. The injury is not over yet, but now it's so much better I rarely feel it, and even then only when I "pinch" the tendon. I never feel it during runs now. I am going to continue the calf exercises until it's completely cured, but I can probably finally close this six months old injury report.details
Deja187 daysTetiva se odloči pozdravit šele ko obupam nad vsem skupejdetails
cschneiderclimb195 daysOfficially considering this healed. Still have a small amount of pain at start of run and immediately after, but it is not significant and does not keep me from doing anything.details
joch55198 daysI thing it's over. Physiotherapy has done it, and mainly helped by identifying the problem.details
jwolff201 daysdetails
CalumK201 days- Again caused by very tight calfs - 3 different calf stretches 3x a day for 30 seconds busted itdetails
Grafaz203 daysNustojo skaudėti pradėjus bėgioti minkštu gruntudetails
Basa203 daysdetails
JL205 daysOm jag kan springa 6h i skogen är jag inte skadad längre. Har inte ont och har inte haft ont i själva hälsenan på rätt länge. Det som stör är att jag då och då får lite ont i området kring övergången till vadmuskulaturen. Men det verkar ju inte bli värre av den löpning jag utför nu så vi får se om det håller i sig eller om det blir värre när jag ökar mängden löpning.details
phil207 daysDehnen und Mobilisieren. Habe nach dem Muskerfaserriss bereits wieder begonnen, obwohl der Muskel noch zu unbeweglich war. Das kam nicht gut....details
OL214 daysLaid off of running for most of the winter. Graston Tx helped a bit as well.details
J_T214 daysBuilding up too quickly post previous injury was definitely the cause, especially intervals. Increasingly heavier calf raises, lots of cycling, and then slowly building up running finally worked.details
sodakKid215 daysdetails
bishop22217 daysdetails
O-ing218 daysWearing heel lift, eccentrics. 38km running training in the six months after. details
Katnap221 daysdetails
OL226 daysRest, not playing jumping sports.details
Strand227 daysdetails
BruceMeier232 daysdetails
Thoto235 daysdetails
Davy237 daysdetails
Thoto238 daysdetails
Malla238 daysdetails
mjd239 daysheel dips are my friend.details
ken243 daysrest, 4 months of pt, stretching, changed shoes, less running. details
markg245 daysIsometric calf-raises, 3 x 1min, increase the weight. Drink green tea. Strengthen calves.details
inuksuk246 daysdetails
Tullster249 daysdetails
Difke14256 daysdetails
Klepperton257 days9 months of inactivity will heal any injury.. details
fletch257 daysDunno when this resolved... hasn't really been an issue for ages (but the left side has, probably since rolling my ankle at State Champs in Spetember, but hard to nail down the start of the problem retrospectively. Definitely bad since start of January 2014details
Corduroy259 daysLångvarig överbelastning/inflammation i vaden gick över till hälsenan. Lyssnade inte på kroppen och körde på ändå. Lösning: 3*50 excentriska tåhävningar VARJE DAG på både hö och vänster ben från 31 maj till dec. Excentriska tåhäv på gym 3*15 maxbelast ca 1 ggr/v. Över gick till mer sporadisk träning under vintern då skadan slutade besvära.details
Malla260 daysdetails
Whitesheep262 daysCaused by new exercises (bounding/jumping/hopping) with too much intensity too often. Maybe exacerbated by running in aggressive minimalist shoes around the same time. Should have picked up something was wrong earlier and stopped. Eventually found that gradual reintroduction of running with lots of stretching was the best cure. Complete rest seemed to lead to no improvement and maybe even made it worse.details
Wildevel264 daysdetails
CharlieRennie267 daysdetails
duncanarcher268 daysNeed to do more Achilles / calf stretchingdetails
joch55268 daysEventually it lasted longer than expected, but the stretches for the Plantar Fasciitis and Ankle Sprain (and the rest) probably healed this.details
TheInvisibleLog272 daysdetails
Linear Ice273 daysIt's been a couple of weeks now, and pretty much no feeling of AT, so I am going to call this episode "over" and hope I don't have to open it in a day! I think it was caused by running on the treadmill, i wore a pair of shoes that wasn't my own, and ran fast for 6-8 miles. Dumb, really, except I didn't know it was dumb at the time. details
Stevek275 daysdetails
Sony277 daysdetails
darryn278 daysdetails
FrankTheTank279 daysdetails
andyhill279 daysPhysio, massage, stretchingdetails
loefaas286 daysdetails
harley287 daysjust kept icing immediately after finishing rundetails
Josse287 daysTiden läkte alla sår. Gjorde som mest ont efter fjällveckan i Jämtland. Efter det fick jag köra löpfritt för att få bort smärtan. Stelheten höll som sagt i sig. Färre löppass per vecka (5dgr/7).details
TommyQ288 daysretrocalcaneal osteotemy with decompression of the achilles tendon. Done 22 November.details
MeanGene293 daysFeb 18, 16 - last appt with Rob Jones. Continue to do achilles tendon stretches along with glute exercises (w/band) & dynamic stretches before any run. Be cautious and gradually build up training distances and efforts. If in doubt, back off.details
casser315 daysDo the eccentric heal drop downsdetails
Fat Rat320 daystimedetails
nikospetros320 daysdetails
mjd321 dayslots of restdetails
TomiKä324 daysdetails
ShadowCaster337 daysJust seemed to go away with time.details
hodgepodge342 daysdetails
dolph344 daysdetails
Rosco350 daysThink it has pretty much gone away. Tried orthotics for a bit, but don't think they are a long term solution. Lots of stretching, massage, stick and eccentric exercises.details
driesvdk359 daystime - rest and slow build up of training intensity details
CBL361 daysdetails
Pia W365 daysdetails
spinner365 daysShoes + sudden increase in running volume + tight calves. Almost a year of varying severity and discomfort. details
matti.370 daysdetails
Nick Harris375 daysI'm closing this injury file because its reached the point of being preventable with some ongoing management. Much like my knees... Most effective rehab was regular eccentric range exercises, with commitment to controlling acute inflammation (eg: post-run) by icing and the occasional nighttime voltaren. Ongoing management: eccentric exercises at reduced volume. details
haggis386 daysdetails
Linear Ice389 daysI think it was caused primarily by faster running, specifically on treadmill and stretching out too far. I believe that changing my cadence (180/min) and running slower helped quite a bit. I still can press the AT and feel some discomfort, but not when running so after more than a year I am calling it "resolved" but I will have to remain vigilant and stay a bit more cautious (slow).details
MeanGene395 daysUse of stretch boot worked.details
kbik398 daysRapid increase of training caused it. Stretches and eccentric exercises resolved itdetails
Nthlndr399 daysdetails
fn400 daysVila, löpfri träning. Lagom stegning av träningen igen.details
pi414 daysRequired several months of physio with a very gradual activation program.details
Craig416 daysShort easy runs every day until it started hurting less.details
calum419 daysdetails
termine24419 daysdetails
SimonB425 daysno resolution, will have rooted ankles for rest of life says surgeon. but it means i can start going for it again, woohoo.details
Imogenpieters427 daysdetails
Eug450 daysdetails
Olly452 daysdetails
phil461 daysOhne Training und mit sporadischem Dehnen wird es wieder gut. Leichtes Training hilft.details
Treb465 daysLots of calf raises. details
Animal-O474 daysOkay, calling it "recovered" .... but with the rupture it will never be "normal" again... i have no strong pain,... so i will just work with what i have from now on. details
Boje483 daysdetails
ladoucem484 daysexercises de physio à tous les jours. tendon et fessiers.details
Dooby485 daysdetails
johnd486 daysAfter more than a year of struggle a course of physio with Tom Goom and his loaded (12kg) calf drops and raises, bent and straight knee, L and R x 12(x3),with a steady build up in mileage seems to have worked.Hurrah.details
fletch490 daysdetails
casser510 daysdetails
paul516 daysI caused my injuries by running home, not in running shoes, severly pissed after a work party in the middle of nowhere at which noone was in any condition to drive!. At first it was inspirational, It was pissing cats and dogs, I was invincible, the 15km hilly run was a piece of piss and was going to be the start of my comback. (did I mention I was quite inebriated). Boy were my calves tight the next day!!!!!! What a dumb ass! Spent the next 2 1/2 years trying to sort out both achilles......details
Georgia517 daysdetails
Dooby520 daysWas fixed when started back running after broken toe. Rest therefore helped.details
mvuk541 daysOperiran na Salati. Krecem s rehabilitacijom.details
OL545 daysRestdetails
O-ing555 daysnever really got to the serious phase. Not yet anyway.details
Mark3567 daysCaused by: - transition to midfood striking made too quickly - transition to shoes with zero cushioning made at all Recovery: - 6 mins of eccentric bent leg heel drops every day for 2 years - very cushioned shoes for training, save the flats for racingdetails
Craig604 daysOrthoticsdetails
phil606 daysDie Entzündung des Achillessehnenansatzes rechts hat sich gelegt (allerdings visuell immer noch recht verdickt). Wahrscheinlich wird es ein 'soft spot' bleiben, aber meine Aktivitäten werden dadurch nicht mehr limitiert. Was gab den Ausschlag? Ich habe etwas häufiger leicht (nicht intensiv) den Wadenmuskel gedehnt, aber das habe ich auch schon früher von Zeit zu Zeit gemacht. Was wirklich neu ist, ist dass ich mehr als die Hälfte der Trainings mit dem on Schuh laufe. Am Anfang hatte ich g...details
slowphil621 daysNever a million miles off, I think, but staying quiet mostly these days :)details
Freeheelpete625 daysEnd date is first run after 6-month running lay-off.details
theshadow632 daysdetails
Roger G647 daysdetails
eoinmcc655 daysdetails
jonny crickmore674 daysdetails
marcusm708 daysdetails
Craig718 daysJust keep running.details
Anna721 daysseemed to get fixed easier than other people's achilles problems, maybe since the original injury wasn't from running!details
Mark3801 daysHeel drops, just to floor, both legs at a time. All the time, at least once a day but often more, as many as possible. Forever.details
paul c889 daysdetails
Neil K1007 daysdetails
RASPUTIN1040 daysdetails
seahawke1170 daysdetails
markg1189 daysdetails
Siobhan1316 daysDon´t think it was really ever achilles tendonitis, but the sciatic nerve being tight. I´m doing sciatic nerve flosses 4 days a week and honestly that´s been the best thing ever for it. That and training at least 5 days a week, I´d say I´m much more consistently active now that my job is not 80% desk workdetails
Ant W1397 daysdetails
Bommy T2451 daysSurgery. Heel bone.details
michalmy8072 daysAggravated by training on footpaths and racing in street-O events. Stay off hard surfaces. Stick to parks and trails. Continue stretching, Voltarin gel. Hoping no relapse this time.details
jonny crickmore14+ daysdetails
bill_l17+ daysdetails
Trailrat189+ daysdetails
nicki220+ daysdetails
RosieWatson434+ daysdetails
ken466+ daysdetails
Craig605+ daysdetails
Clone611+ daysdetails
Freeheelpete684+ daysdetails
neda.tamas993+ daysdetails
GRennie1019+ daysdetails
M Š1154+ daysdetails
harzol1156+ daysdetails
Thoto1416+ daysdetails
angusivory1529+ daysdetails
jule.1580+ daysdetails
JimBailey1650+ daysdetails
Leves1650+ daysdetails
AliHC1859+ daysdetails
Desmond2093+ daysdetails
torzibethrobbo2130+ daysdetails
elgar2174+ daysdetails
noRa2184+ daysdetails
amanda2318+ daysdetails
dollymixture2479+ daysdetails
Sludo2545+ daysdetails
elgar2553+ daysdetails
Olivia2599+ daysdetails
mjd2625+ daysdetails
WilliamNeill2745+ daysdetails
phatty2757+ daysdetails
Basa2763+ daysdetails
Dehydrated2867+ daysdetails
W2928+ daysdetails
putte2995+ daysdetails
SBasire3202+ daysdetails
Ralph Mnguni3214+ daysdetails
Ralph Mnguni3214+ daysdetails
razza3285+ daysdetails
skypioter3292+ daysdetails
skypioter3292+ daysdetails
sajmoen3361+ daysdetails
mklimek3483+ daysdetails
Wildevel3504+ daysdetails
RAPS3553+ daysdetails
casser3719+ daysdetails
Rini3818+ daysdetails
Rosco3853+ daysdetails
Slow burst3854+ daysdetails
candyman3871+ daysdetails
Otto-Jalmari3877+ daysdetails
hp sauce3904+ daysdetails
Anne Fluke3975+ daysdetails
Skid1853978+ daysdetails
Agiofws4343+ daysdetails
quickchick4456+ daysdetails
mklimek4469+ daysdetails
andreas4491+ daysdetails
DanielK4531+ daysdetails
thunderthighs4634+ daysdetails
Tristiketa4654+ daysdetails
Jr.Mintz4892+ daysdetails
pforma4976+ daysdetails
Philipp5016+ daysdetails
Henrik.5031+ daysdetails
Ally5109+ daysdetails
Nieuwy5194+ daysdetails
Rester5255+ daysdetails
vijurks5481+ daysdetails
MHR5484+ daysdetails
Erasmus5519+ daysdetails
Ebbot5585+ daysdetails
rajeevtherunner5599+ daysdetails
ritenour2travel5648+ daysdetails
dawob5666+ daysdetails
manel5688+ daysdetails
anne585756+ daysdetails
nealrunner6102+ daysdetails
RoCou6167+ daysdetails
robertvoors6182+ daysdetails
BigDave6296+ daysdetails
rjsw6348+ daysdetails
Rolly6610+ daysdetails
geodesic8662+ daysdetails
srollins9044+ daysdetails
AlistairH9981+ daysdetails