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Injuries: divadeedee

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 5/10/12 5/13/12 3 Other Other 3 Lots of pollen out there right now. Had to increase the inhaled steroid.
view 11/7/11 12/30/11 53 R Head/Neck Other 4 Life long lesson in patience.
view 7/9/11 8/3/11 25 Lower Leg Calf Strain 3 Age gracefully with injury.. Be patient . Get in the pool.
view 6/17/11 7/3/11 16 Shoulder Impact wound / trauma 3 Still stiff and sore at times with the arm outstretched. Able to start push ups. Gotta work tha...
view 9/4/10 9/26/10 22 R Hip/Pelvis Other 2
view 6/5/10 6/7/10 2 Sick Other 3 This is a lifelong thing. When the body says slow down. LISTEN. I also just want the purple bo...
view 1/15/10 3/4/10 48 Other Other 4 Taking it one run at a time, getting stronger. Surgical pain is now gone and there is no more ab...

Training Log: divadeedee