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Injuries: Sid

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 10/1/11 1/1/12 92 R Foot Stress Fracture 2 Shoe were too old when I injured my foot. Change shoes at 150 mile mark not above 200 miles.
view 5/22/11 5/31/11 9 Torso Lower Back Pain 3 Need to do more regular core work! Torso is too imbalanced otherwise!
view 7/2/10 8/17/11 411 Other Other 2 Stay away from poison ivy. Use Ivy block and ivy soap where possible.
view 3/29/10 4/15/10 17 Torso Lower Back Pain 3 No sure if I could have changed anything but need to watch back abuse.
view 2/15/09 2/25/09 10 R Torso Lower Back Pain 3 Just rested and had an easy week.
view 3/3/08 3/19/08 16 Foot Ankle Sprain 1 With more road work my left ankle seemed okay.
view 1/2/08 2/5/08 34 Torso Lower Back Pain 2 Should have seen a massage therapist sooner to correct the muscle imbalance.
view 11/25/07 12/6/07 11 R Torso Lower Back Pain 3 Not a major problem but this occurence suggests a muscle imbalance. Have not been doing core work...
view 5/13/07 5/29/07 16 Other Other 1 Wear Ivy Block on shins and wrists during A/R's, etc.
view 3/13/07 3/21/07 8 R Torso Lower Back Pain 2 Do not do core workout two days in a row.
view 3/9/07 3/29/07 20 Sick Other 0 One rest day with extra sleep did the trick. HR back to 48 so likely okay.
view 1/11/07 1/14/07 3 R Foot Other 1 Damage was superficial but had black foot for a while. Bought new skates with better protection.
view 1/7/07 1/11/07 4 R Knee Hyperextension 1 Increase flexibility in both knees flexion. Would be nice to be able to sit with back of legs on ...
view 12/22/06 1/3/07 12 Torso Lower Back Pain 1 Strengthen core to help back take the abuse.

Training Log: Sid