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Injuries: CoachingEnduranc

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 9/1/08 9/15/09 379 L Foot Other 3 SURGERY
view 8/5/08 8/25/08 20 L Lower Leg Calf Strain 3 massage from lisa and the stick from marit worked wonders. went to transrockies not sure how it ...
view 3/24/08 5/17/08 54 R Hip/Pelvis Hip Pain 2 lots of strength work.
view 8/14/07 9/13/07 30 R Knee Other 3 it was overuse injury i think. knee cap pain went away as i tapered for the grand teton 100.
view 4/18/07 4/30/07 12 Sick Other 2 just rest and nyquil'd it to death.
view 2/20/07 4/3/07 42 R Foot Ankle Sprain 3 rest made this injury go away. i think overuse caused it and maybe a bit of a twist on the trail...
view 2/19/07 6/1/07 102 R Knee Other 3 bone bruise took a long time to heal and i needed to rest it more than i was. ice, heat worked w...
view 12/31/06 1/7/07 7 Lower Leg Achilles Tendonitis 3 rested for two weeks before hurt 100 jan 13th and it got all better.
view 12/26/06 12/28/06 2 Sick Other 2 sleep, rest, poop, almost throw up
view 11/17/06 12/11/06 24 L Foot Morton's Neuroma 3 i reported this as healedf with "still icing it now but it doesn't really hurt anymore"
view 10/8/06 12/1/06 54 R Other Other 2 dec 3rd and i don't feel the pain anymore. did yoga this morning and it was not and issue. rest...
view 10/8/06 12/1/06 54 Hip/Pelvis Other 3 rest fixed it.. of course
view 10/1/06 11/15/09 1141 R Hip/Pelvis Other 3 just tired of looking at it... it's still there though.
view 10/1/06 11/11/07 406 Torso Other 2 had double hernia surgyer. it's been 1 month and i feel fully healed now.

Training Log: CoachingEnduranc