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Injuries: xcsnowskier14

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 2/11/13 4151+ Sick Cold 2
view 1/5/13 1/14/13 9 Sick Cold 2
view 9/23/12 9/27/12 4 Sick Cold 3
view 6/18/12 6/21/12 3 Sick Cold 2 Short cold, recovered in a couple days ready for the next training camp!
view 4/24/12 4/30/12 6 Sick Cold 2 Not really fully recovered, still have a little cough. But I am going to get back into full on t...
view 3/15/12 4/12/12 28 Upper Leg Impact wound / trauma 3 Full range of motion again. Still have a bump that I need to get rid of...
view 11/14/11 11/20/11 6 Sick Cold 1 Pretty much all better. Throat is still bugging me just a little bit, but not too bad.
view 7/18/11 7/21/11 3 Torso Lower Back Pain 2 Few days of taking it easy was more than enough.
view 6/22/11 7/3/11 11 Sick Cold 2 Chest cold with a lot of congestion in the mornings.
view 2/23/11 3/11/11 16 Sick Cold 2 Strep throat. was pretty tough on the body for a few days.
view 11/3/10 11/12/10 9 Sick Cold 2 Slight cough still...but not enough to hamper any type of training.
view 7/2/10 7/6/10 4 L Lower Leg Other 2 It was probably just a strain of the Tibialis anterior muscle. I think that it was caused from t...
view 4/10/08 4/11/08 1 R Torso Upper Back Pain 2 felt better the next day...think that i hurt it while carrying my pack at school the other day......
view 2/23/08 2/24/08 1 Other Other 2 not sure if it affected my races or not
view 11/23/07 11/28/07 5 Sick Cold 2 got better quickly, but wasn't fully recovered for a few days
view 7/29/07 8/10/07 12 L Foot Impact wound / trauma 3 dont step on sharp rocks otherwise your foot will get cut...
view 6/24/07 6/27/07 3 R Hip/Pelvis Hip Pain 1 dont actually know if i am recovered or not causse i only fell it while running
view 6/5/07 6/28/07 23 Sick Cold 2 It started out really bad, then seemed like it went away for like 3 or days...then came back and...
view 4/20/07 4/27/07 7 R Lower Leg Calf Strain 2 felt better last monday, then it got worse again. Took a few rest days and went into the ice bat...
view 12/21/06 12/30/06 9 Sick Cold 3 wasnt much but i think i have to check up on my cat allergies maybe.
view 9/9/06 9/14/06 5 Sick Cold 1
view 9/6/06 9/7/06 1 R Lower Leg Calf Strain 2 it still is kinda sore when i massage it but it felt good running on it today
view 5/18/06 5/25/06 7 L Lower Leg Shin Splints 3 I think that this was just a basic case of shin splints and i think i got them last week from doi...
view 4/4/06 4/15/06 11 Other Other 2 Don't know what it was but my legs are feeling a little better

Training Log: xcsnowskier14