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Course Exchange Group

Tired of designing courses for yourself on the same old map you've run on dozens of times? Then this group is for you. We are a group of orienteers from around the world who design courses for each other.

Upcoming Events

Jun 3Western Canadian Orienteering Championships (WCOC & BCOC) (1)
Jun 4UNO Fort Rock (1)
Jun 8CSU/NEOC: Pine Banks, Spring Park-Orienteering Thursday (SPOT) Series #8 (1)
Jun 10WCOC Ratlum Mountain (Summer BBQ and Sprints) (1)
Jun 10GrizO Big Arm (1)
Jun 14STAG Spring 6 (1)
Jun 17Sky Pilots: Lost One Standing (1)
Jun 24EMPO Camp Wakpominee (1)
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Members' Logs

Magic 12:48
OJ 9:55
ColmM 6:28
PVA 6:20
lost jokes 6:00
Charlie 5:57
Warti 4:57
Acampbell 4:55
BorisGr 4:39
DWildfogel 4:22
Mr Wonderful 3:50
Spike 3:00
Jagge 1:00