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Discussion: None of these

in: AliC; AliC > 2011-12-01

Dec 2, 2011 3:30 AM # 
are big-time orienteering destinations :(
Dec 2, 2011 9:58 AM # 

Campus is 7 km from Jukola 2012 event center

And campus is only 2km from Ylläs-halli, summer indoor skiing facility:
Dec 2, 2011 2:19 PM # 
I see a June visit to Yllas-halli this year.
Dec 2, 2011 6:56 PM # 
Yeah, they aren't really. Although Toronto can strike it over to GHO land. I don't think Bavaria has that much O from last time I was job-searching and a place there was a consideration... I actually don't really know how much there is or isn't close to Charlottesville or Ann Arbor. If I had my choice, I would totally aim to stay in Northeast, I really love our terrain and there is skiing also...

Being somehwere in Scandinavia would be awesome, I've been keeping tabs on all possibilities there, but so far nothing relevant enough that I think someone would hire me for. Right now on the astro jobs list there's a few in Oslo, but all on stuff I really know nothing about...

But at least I should go give a talk in the Helsinki dept when we come over for Jukola =)
Dec 2, 2011 8:48 PM # 
If you're considering Toronto, you should check out Waterloo too. Closer to GHO land, and where else would astrophysics be so cool? Here you can find physics festivals and sold out public lectures on topics such as
  • "Paul Dirac and the religion of mathematical beauty"
  • "Living Through Four Revolutions" (Freeman Dyson)
  • "Systems Biology, Emerging Technologies and The Transformation from Reactive to Proactive (P4) Medicine"
  • "Twistors and Quantum Non-Locality"
Dec 3, 2011 12:54 AM # 
Ann Arbor is/was the host town for SMOC for quite a while. Maybe still is. I think SMOC is still fairly active and has several maps. Terrain is not intricate like it is in the NE, but there ARE maps with lots of ridge valley and some kettle hole terrain closer to Grand Rapids. It's 4 hours from Toronto and from Chicago, so at least there are some events within a reasonable distance. Ann Arbor is a great town, so if you end up there, there's lots to like.
Dec 3, 2011 3:19 AM # 
to add to Waterloo.. for many years i skied right in town ( groomed couple of times a week when snow available ) and some small orienteering around club right in town ( he he ). not far from Toronto or GHO ( 1h each), ..just sayin'
Dec 3, 2011 12:18 PM # 
If you are more a gothic kind of girl and like dark matters, take a look what they are doing at Tuorla observatory . There is lots of super fine O maps/terrains nearby and several active clubs like TuS, AngA, PIF and PR. And because here astro and summer skiing facilities go in pairs (something to do with the coolants?) there is also summer skiing facility nearby, 7 km away, Paippi in Paimio. Here video of the same girl trying it out

I don't think they have xc skiing facility at L2. They should have build one, no wonder they now ran out of coolant!

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