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Discussion: Race Analysis

in: Team Canada

Nov 24, 2008 11:12 PM # 




Difficult terrain to run through because of high grass with hidden dead fall. Technically challenging with subtle contour features and plenty of traps for parallel errors. Physically tough with heavy climbs through the ravine and many wet marshes. Also, a very hot day, so I made sure to drink plenty during the morning.

Started slow to number one and got it ok, but the terrain was indistinct and it felt like the control was just sitting in the forest. Down the deep canyon to 2, but noticed at the bottom that I had to cross another ravine before the control. Decided to contour around to save climb out of the canyon and then had to do a very steep scramble up towards the control. Control itself was hard to spot in the tall grass. Others went more straight to 2 following the cut line much further, but I think the routes were fairly similar in time.

Got 2, 3 and 4 fine with careful navigation. 5 was a great leg with island hopping in the marshlands. Decided for the western route and executed well, but again rolled my ankle a bit and had to hobble for a while. Running across the field to 8, took some time to look at the rest of the course and decided to take the cut line to 12 and go pretty straight to 13. It just seemed too far to avoid the ravine to the south.

Got unlucky at 9, as I ran just past the control without seeing it, losing over a minute relocating and coming back. Had the fastest split to 12, but started to get tired after that. Towards 13, got stuck at the bottom of the canyon in some deep mud and it was a huge climb all the way up to the control. 15 turned out to be a real bingo control, as it was placed out of sight on the north side of the spur in some dark forest. First ran up and down the spur without spotting the flag, then thought I had done a parallel error and crossed over to the next spur and ran up and down it. Then came back and saw it. Lost 3 minutes here, but Geir lost almost 10... After this point started to get really tired in the heat and just tried to survive to the end. I was really struggling to keep my brain focused and almost blew it bad several times, but managed to correct by forcing myself to take an extra look at the map and compass.

Finished 3rd after Patrick and Brian. Could have had Brian with some better luck at 15, but Patrick was 5 minutes ahead. Had a great time on this course, which was a real test! Up until 9 I had a very solid race, top three on every split and in the lead overall. Later some mistakes and extremely tired. Need to be in better physical shape for a course like this!
Dec 22, 2008 4:46 PM # 
WOC 2008 Czech Republic
Sprint Qualification



Pre Race: Felt good warming up. Confident and looking forward to the race. Ready to push really hard. Goal: 100% concentration, push the whole way.

Control 1: Always nervous for the first control. Completely concentrated and found the triangle quickly without hesitation. Maybe lost 2s not going left around the building.

Controls 2-5: Good flow! Looking up lots to see where I was going before I even got to the control. Took them quickly, but not rushed since this is where you can lose the race and won't gain any time by rushing. Got out of 4 with a bit of hesitation. 15th place so far, pretty good for early in the race.

Control 6: Pick the right route and run like hell. Easy leg, but knew it could be really important if you don't switch gears and run hard enough. 2s behind Wingstedt, but 13s behind Lubina! That dude is crazy fast. Jumped to 9th place overall.

Controls 6-11: More control picking to see if you can think after 3min of all out running. Forced myself to concentrate extra hard, looking up lots for the bushes and trees. Get the speed up quickly between controls even if they're short legs. Fast feet. Best split to #9!! Could see #11 from a long way, so read ahead the rest of the course, no tricks, just keep running as hard as possible.

Control 12: Knew I was doing well, but starting to really really hurt. That's always my favourite part of the race though and I kept saying that I can push harder than anyone else.

Control 13: I could start to hear the announcer say something about me. Knew I was doing really well, but tried to put that out of my mind and keep looking up lots for building corners and trees.

Controls 14-17: Not really much route choice, just lots of looking up for building corners and ignoring all the spectators. Another best split to 16!!

Finish: Didn't have a lot left, but finished as hard as I could. Finished in 6th, ended up 8th after everyone was done. Flow and concentration were very good and I pushed extremely hard. Great feeling to finish a good race I'd been thinking about and training towards for a long time.
Dec 23, 2008 9:03 PM # 
That's interesting, Patrick! I have one question, did you decide on your route to 6 before you punched 5? The course was pretty intense the first 5 controls, so I'm thinking that there was not too much time to plan ahead...
Dec 23, 2008 9:31 PM # 
Not completely. I had enough time to see that the last few hundred meters to 6 were easy, so I had broken down the leg. I just tried to get out of 5 fast and take it fairly straight.

I think Kvaal or Merz went straight south out of 5 which might have been a bit smoother. I didn't see that as an option at the time.
Dec 25, 2008 3:20 PM # 
Hello Everyone!

I'm finally getting my act together on all this JWOC stuff. School has really tied me down, but a nice Christmas break is just what I need. :)

When I put up my race analysis' do I do it all under one message or four different messages, one for each race?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas!
Dec 25, 2008 5:25 PM # 
2008 COC Middle M21-34:



Controls 1-3: Took direct baring to 1. Followed reentrant to 2, jumping back and forth between clearings. I discovered on the way to 2 that the best way to navigate is by hitting the little clearings; they are very distinct. Hit three by running parallel to hill and using marsh as attack point.

Controls 3-6: Followed the crest of the hill, yet again hitting the little clearings along the way. The little marsh right before 4 made an excellent attack point. Just took a direct baring to 5. Ran to clearing on control 6. It was very technical, but easy, as long as you payed close attention to your compass and distance.

Controls 6-7: Took safe rout to 7, running up river to main cliffs and reentrant. Once I climbed the reentrant I looked for my control 11, that way I knew exactly where I was and where I had to go on my way back. From control 11 I took a direct baring to 7.

Controls 7-8: This was my only mistake on the course. I had a poor rout choice going over the hill, I should have gone around, up the stream. I ended up hitting the wrong knoll which sent me to far west. I was right near the control, I just lost contact for about a minute. I realized where I was and them immediately got it, and continued on my way.

Controls 8-10: Two really easy controls. I just followed the edge of the marsh to 9 and then just ran full tilt to 10. You could basically see 10 from 9. I passed a bunch of people including Eric Kemp.

Controls 10-14: Ran as fast as I could to 11. I took a baring over the hill and knew what to look for because I saw it one the way to 7. I hit 11 dead on and took another direct baring to 12. I really used Patrick?s rule ?Trust your Compass? in this race. From 11-12 I hit the knoll and from there I headed directly south to the control. I could here Eric right behind me the whole time. It was pretty intense! To 13 I just used the road as an attack point and just booted it as fast as I could. I crossed the road and hit 14 with ease.

Controls 14-Finish: Eric caught me at the road while we I waited to cross, this created an seriously intense finish. We bolted down to 15 and I made a poor rout choice, getting sucked down into a thick depression. I should have taken the road. From 15 I ran strait to 16 as fast as I could, Eric right in front of me. To 17, I passed Eric, he went to low. I hit 17 dead on and then used up every bit of energy I had to hit 18 and then the finished.

In my mind this is officially my best race I have ever run.
Dec 25, 2008 5:41 PM # 
2008 NAOC Sprint M-20:



Controls 1-3: Ran as fast as I could from 1-3 because there was little to no navigating required.

Controls 3-5: Decided to take safe rout around green instead of going through it. From 4-5 I just ran full tilt again, following along the edge of the forest.

Controls 5-8: To 6 I just ran along the road and then ran into the woods to the control, I could basically see it from the road. I got a bit confused from 6-7 but I managed to get back on track once I really oriented my map. To 8 I just hightailed it straight through the green (which wasn?t that green). I passed a bunch of people here.

Controls 8-11: I could see the building where 9 was located so I just ran strait to it. From 9-10 I just looked for the trees and headed to them. I took this advantage of open road running to study my last couple legs. To 11 I just went down that strip of yellow, hit the road and then ran back in to the control. I could see if from the road.

Controls 11-Finish: 11 to finish were very easy controls but physically demanding. I could see the finish but knew I still had to get four more controls. I just pushed as hard as I could, getting rid of all of my extra energy. Yet again, no navigating was required, you could see from control to control basically.

Over all I felt really energized for this race, even though I was suffering from the flue. I made no mistakes, it all came down to pure fitness. The map had minimal rout choices which made it simple. I just had to run.
Dec 25, 2008 6:13 PM # 
2008 NAOC Middle M-20



Controls 1-3: Had a serious amount of energy at the start so I just pumped it as hard as I could. It was really open running which meant the controls could be seen from a distance. Almost all navigating came down to contour reading. 1 to 3 were very strait forward.

Controls 3-4: My first long leg. I decided to go strait through the forest instead of the trail, I know some people did that. I had little trouble finding my way, I just used the river marsh as my first attack point. Once I crossed the very wet marsh I almost made a serious mistake, heading to 6 instead of four. I almost did this because I was right were the line going from 3-4 intersected with 6-7. Luckily, I caught myself right away and then took a baring towards 4. It was an easy control, just running towards the base of the big hill.

Controls 4-7: Going to 5 was easy, just followed up the trail and then took a bearing across the flat plateau. To 6 I just followed around the depressions and then took a bearing strait to the control, I hit it dead on. From 6-7 I decided to go around that massive depression instead of going in it, I think it was a very smart move. Once I hit the trail I should have taken the other trail that went south, it would have been much faster. Instead I had a poor rout choice, going back the same way I came through the forest. Navigation wise I made little errors but I lost a lot of time on rout choice here. Once I hit the road I just ran strait up the reentrant to 7.

Controls 7-10: To 8 I just took a direct baring, trusting my compass, luckily it worked and I hit the control dead on. From 8-9 I decided to stay high and just follow the spur down to the river, this was a very good rout choice and running was fast. I crossed the river, which was seriously wet and then hit the trail. From the trail I ran along until I hit the correct reentrant which I followed up to hit 9 dead on. I used this running opportunity to study my next couple legs. To get to 10 I just took an attack point to the main trail and then on a barring, ran as fast as I could. Once I hit the trail I ran down the evident reentrant and hit it directly on.

Controls 10-Finish: From 10-11 I lost contact for a little while but managed to stay in control. I left 10 with a lot of speed and I thought I went more right then I actually did. I managed to come back in contact when I hit the edge of the hill which went down to where the control was. Once I hit the bottom of the hill, I just ran as fast as I could to the control, working off a good baring, I hit it dead on. At 11 I knew I was basically finished so I just ran out to the road and ran as fast as I could to 12. Once at 12 I just booted it to 13 and then the finish, using up the rest of my energy.

Over all, I felt really good physically but mentally I felt a bit distant from the map. I managed to stay focused and hold a good position throughout the race, which at times was tough. At the start, I forgot my control description which meant I had to make one 3 minutes before my start, which was quite an intense process.
Dec 25, 2008 6:53 PM # 
2008 NAOC Long M-20:



Controls 1-3: I was really pumped up for this race, knowing that longs are my best type. I ran to 1 with ease, just taking a barring and passing the by the carne. To 2 I just gradually ran out to the trail, crossed the marsh and then went into the woods on my right. I went a bit to low and went to the wrong control, but I realized right away and then booted it to my control which I could see behind me. To 3 I just went back out to the trail again, crossed another marsh and then headed into the woods on the other side. I just followed my contours to get to 3. Navigating in this race was based a lot on contours.

Controls 3-6: To 4 I decided to head out to the trail instead of going through the forest. This proved effective because it gave me a huge amount of time to plan my rout choices for the next 5 controls or so. I cut back into the wooded trail and then took a baring to 4, hitting it dead on. I had a bit of trouble on 5, where I went to the wrong spur. I soon realized my mistake and went to my control. To 6, I just took a baring out to the trail and then headed back up the trail. I cut into the woods right were the contours started to drop and I followed along the edge of the hill heading strait to the control.

Controls 6-10: 7 was strait forward, I just took a baring and ran, making sure to stay in the lowest part of hills, staying in the reentrant. I also used the two trails as my attack points which allowed me to run faster. From 7-8 I decided to take a risk and run across the marsh, this proved to be extremely effective, as the cross only took me about 30 seconds. Once on the other side of the marsh, I took a baring and ran up the reentrant to the top of the hill and hit 8 dead on. From there, I ran down to the trail and ran to its end until I hit 9, this control was easy. I made a little mistake on my way to 10 where I stayed in the reentrant for a bit to long. I soon realized my mistake when I saw the marsh and I headed directly left to the control.

Controls 10-14: From 10-11 I just took my time, taking a lot of time to study the second half of the race. I took some water and ate my Jell along the road at a water stop. I ran along a trail and then cut down to the marsh, heading along its side until I hit 11, I shouldn?t hove gone down so early here and it cost me a little bit of time. This marsh was much wetter then the one between 7-8. I had a great leg to 12, just running hard paying attention to my contours. At 12 I took a baring to 13. In between 12 and 13 the running was terrible! Fallen logs were hidden in the ferns which meant I constantly was banging my shins. Technically, getting to 13 was easy. 13-14 was by far the most technical leg of the course. I should have stayed low, following the marsh, but I cut up too high and found myself in a mess of contours. I decided to just run full tilt towards the clearing. I did this, emerged at the trail, and the headed back down to 14. This proved to be safe, but a bit slow.

Controls 14-Finish: From 14-15 I felt pretty dead physically and I am glad that I could just run on trails. I just took it easy again, gaining some energy for the finish. I hit the main trail and then headed back into the woods right at 15, hitting it dead on. As soon as I hit 15 I felt a surge of energy go through me, I knew I was basically at the finish. I don?t really remember much about the last couple controls besides that I was running faster then I thought I would be at this point. I hit every one dead on. I only had one minor mistake on control 17 where I went a bit to far left. I sprinted 17-18-Finish, finishing strong.

Over all, this was my best long ever. I was extremely consistent and made only about 6 minutes of mistakes. I ended up winning the long, and I became the over all 2008 M-20 North American Champ. I am very proud of this race, and this competition. :)
Jan 1, 2009 5:00 PM # 
Hello all,
I was really hoping on getting this done before Christmas but life didn't get any less busy after exams and so things started getting more and more delayed.
Anyway, I've finally finished all of my race analyses so here they are.

Jan 1, 2009 5:12 PM # 
You'll notice that I've added a section tilted "Major Take Away" to all of my analyses. This is where I've highlighted the biggest thing I learned or noticed from the race.

I always like to try and pick one thing from each race that I can learn from. It could be something I did wrong and need to focus on and improve. It could be something I did really well and want to focus on so it forms into a really good habit. It could be a running thing, a terrain thing, a training technique that I've noticed has really paid off, a mistake that I made repeatedly and need to focus on so as not to make that mistake again, a relocation technique, map reading technique, or route choice that really paid off well. It could be anything really.

Whatever it is I like to be able to really get something more than just a good (or bad :) ) result from every race and I've included that in the following analyses.
Jan 1, 2009 5:12 PM # 
2008 NAOC Long (M -20)

This was a good race for me. Felt confidant the entire time and reoriented very quickly every time I needed to.
Controls 1 through 3 felt good. Held a comfortable pace, got the controls smoothly. I could tell this was going to be a good race. Perhaps I should have cut out to the trail from 1 more directly. There was some pain in my arches leading up to control 3 but I pushed through it and it disappeared shortly after.
Went direct from 3 to 4. Veered too far north and when I had gone the appropriate distance according to my pace counting I realized where I was in about 15 seconds and was able to take the control from there.
No problems with controls 5 and 6.
Cut out to the trail and ran the trail to 7. Slightly overshot 7 on the trail but realized it fairly quickly and easily found the control.
8. Went around the swamp and intended to go directly over the hill but got drawn west by the slope. Once I realized that I wasn?t near the top of the hill when I should have been I relocated off of a re-entrant and cairn within several seconds. I probably would have been better off staying east of the hill and taking the trail to 8.
Controls 9, 10, and 11 went well and I am particularly pleased with how the last 200m to control 11 went as I know that could have been tricky.
Saw Katarina leaving control 12 just as I got there and stayed with her until control 14. No problems there.
Pushed hard on the trails to 15. Continued pushing hard straight through to the end with only a minor glitch at 16 where I ended up at the wrong depression. I realized where I was when the flag wasn?t there.
Major Take Away:
Always keep track of where you are using pace counting and the major features on the map as you pass them even if you don?t need to know precisely where you are at the time. This allows for much quicker and more precise relocation. I did this very well in this race and it is one of the reasons I am very pleased with this race.
Jan 1, 2009 5:14 PM # 
2008 Ontario Champs Sprint (M21)



This was technically an excellent race for me. Ran hard, planned out good routes and executed well at the controls. Didn?t place very well simply because I am not naturally a good short distance runner and until this fall I wasn?t training regularly.

Ran at a decent pace but not too fast to control 1 to learn the map and scan the course.

Went smooth through controls 2 and 3. Read ahead to figure out leg 4 as I got to 3 and planned route to 5 on my way to 4. Controls 4 and 5 felt good, started to feel the pace a little though.

Control 6. Good longer leg; only one route choice really. Took the opportunity to read up until control 9.

Controls 7 through 9 felt good and fast. Turned west on the road coming out of 7. Realised about 30 m down the road that I should have gone east to the indistinct trail or cut through, but continued as turning around would have been slower.

Ran along the grass fringe at the edge of the beach to 10 and straight to 11. Was hurting at this point and had to push myself to pick up the pace as much as possible.

Ran direct from 11 to 12. I am now wondering if it would have been faster to run the road to the east to control 12. I haven?t seen anyone else?s routes to compare times.

Pushed hard the rest of the way and picked up the last few controls for a strong finish.

Major Take Away:
No major technical take aways. Biggest take away was that I needed to get orthotics so that I could train properly to improve my speed.
Jan 1, 2009 5:15 PM # 
2008 NAOC Middle (M-20)



I knew going into the race that this was the kind of very detailed technical terrain where I was likely to make some big mistakes so I started off nice and slow and paid attention to all the details going to controls 1 and 2. First couple of legs went slowly but well.

Leg 3 was alright. Ended up going up the hill halfway along the leg and went really slow to stay in contact with the map. Should have followed the depressions straight south of 2 and to the southwest of the hill I climbed as it would have been much easier to stay in close contact with the map and the depressions lead right to the control.

Leg 4 was very good until the last 50m. I wasn?t paying enough attention as I entered the control circle and I ran up the wrong re-entrant . Ended up relocating off of the path and finding the control. Lost roughly 2:45 min.

Control 5 was easy to get using a good compass bearing and noting the depressions.

Control 6. Took a compass bearing and ran to the end of the plateau. Wasn?t sure if I was north or south of the re-entrant I needed so I guessed. Turned north and got to the next re-entrant and had to turn around. Lost about 1:30 min.

Leg 7 was a nice long trail run and fairly easy. Had to pay attention to the re-entrants after turning off of the trail.
Aimed off north of control 8 so I wouldn?t make the same error I did at control 6. That worked well and I turned south when I got to the steep hillside. Problem was that I was slightly to far up the hillside and missed the control by 20 m or so and couldn?t see the control because of low visibility in the woods. I went 175m or so before finally turning around. I should have gone slower and trusted my instinct that told me I had gone too far much sooner rather than waiting for the huge re-entrant that told me exactly where I was. Lost roughly 5 min.

Leg 9 worked well and I was able to follow the re-entrants and depressions to the control.

Booted it out of 9 to the main trail making sure to aim off east of the bypass. Reoriented quickly off of the bypass and continued to 10. Pace-counted to ten which worked well but ended up about 20 m and one re-entrant further than I thought I was. Lost about 4 min looking on the wrong hill for the control before realising my mistake.

Ran hard, following the long depression from 10 to 11. Hit the control perfectly and then used all my remaining energy picking up the last two controls on the way to the finish.

Major Take Away:
Slow down and pay a lot more attention when attacking controls. The slower tempo can save lots of time in potential mistakes. In all I made over 13 min of mistakes all of them made in the last 50 m of legs. I could have had a much better result had I slowed down for the last little bit of each leg.
Jan 1, 2009 5:17 PM # 
2008 Ontario Champs Long (M21)



I chose to include this race because, although I ran the entire race thinking the map was 1:10000 rather than 1:15000 and I didn?t finish with a good time I felt I managed to hold my race together reasonable well.

This was my first Elite Men?s long distance race and easily the longest orienteering course I?d ever done and I knew I had to pace myself to make sure I had enough left at the end.

Went out slow to the first control being careful not to make any mistakes. Everything went well until I left the trail at the end of the leg. I was pace counting heading off of the trail, got two thirds of the distance and stopped, thinking I had gone far enough. I couldn?t find the control and eventually bailed back north to the trail. The second time I attacked the control I still only got two thirds of the distance but could see the control from there and got it. I lost roughly 8 minutes on that first control.

The second leg went well until I got to the hill that the control was on. I arrived in a re-entrant east of the control that was hidden by the control circle on the map. I thought I was in the re-entrant west of the control and so headed east. I realized my error when I got to the end of the hill and turned around. I lost 4 or 5 minutes on this control.

Because I had made major errors on both of the first two
controls I slowed down significantly and was very cautious on the third leg. Controls 3, 4, and 5 went very smoothly. On the trails I made sure to keep a pace that I could sustain for the rest of the race.

Leg 6 went smoothly until I went off trail and once again only ran two thirds of the distance I needed to run because I thought the map was 1:10000. I lost around 7 minutes looking for the control before I finally found it one set of hills further west.

I made a combination of compass bearing error and parallel error going to control 7. I headed away from control 6 far too much to the east and ended up following the side of the wrong ridge. When I got to the end of the ridge I noticed the trail bend, reoriented and found the control no problem. This cost me probably 4:30 minutes.

Legs 8 and 9 went well.

Leg 10 was long and I knew I had to just stick to a good pace and cover the distance. I choose the most direct route I could see and it seemed to work well for me. I knew at this point that I was more than halfway through the course and that I had to stay focused. I ate my free sample of Jelly Belly energy beans that were offered at registration and used the trail running to have a look at the second half of the map. The trails were confusing in the second half of the leg but I was able to use the fields to keep track of where I was.

Leg 11 went alright. I had realised at this point that my pace counting wasn?t working for some reason and so was navigating carefully using contour features.

Leg 12 was ok except that I missed where the little trail meets the main trail near the end of the leg the first time I passed it (lost about 2 minutes). Fighting through those raspberries when I switched trails was very slow and painful!

Passed right by 13 a couple of times before I found it (again losing 2 minutes or so) but otherwise the leg went ok. The rest of the race was fairly straight forward and ran the rest of the race hard using Igor as an incentive as he left control 13 a minute or so before I did. I?m glad to say I passed him at control 16 and finished at least a couple of minutes ahead of him.

Major Take Away:
Always, ALWAYS, make sure you know the scale, contour interval, unusual symbols on the map etc. right before you start. I read the course setters notes the evening before and by my start time I had forgotten that my map was 1:15000. I somehow managed to get to the finish line thinking the map was 1:10000. Needless to say my pace counting consistently caused me to run only about two thirds of the needed distance in to the controls. I?m not sure why I didn?t think to check the scale after this happening twice. This happened three or four times before I learned to compensate for it by simply running the extra 50% further but I still didn?t think to check the scale.
Jan 10, 2009 10:26 PM # 
I am finally getting around to putting my maps up. Surprised that everyone seems to be a procrastinator like myself but here they are none too soon.

Lee Hawkings
Jan 10, 2009 11:24 PM # 
2008 North American Champs Sprint Preliminary




Prerace- I was not looking forward to competing in this sprint race at all. It was the first race of the 4 race event and I was exhausted and jetlagged after taking the red eye across the country two nights before. As I was warming up however I was able to prepare myself mentally and even get a bit pumped up.

Controls 1-3
I left the start area with one thing important that I always think about at the start of a race ... slow and safe to the first control. I ran up the trail and cut into the bush about 20 meters too early and took a little bit of the long way around but didn't lose too much time. The control was actually right next to the trail which is different than how the circle was placed on the map. To control 2 I ran into the clearing and could see the control from far away. I ran as fast as I could and used this time to read ahead and plan my route to control 3. On the way to control three I hit the trail a little bit low and had to climb a little losing a few seconds.

Controls 4-6
I left control three at top speed running down the trail. By the time I had reached the first junction I realized that I might have taken the slower route but there was no time to change now. I bashed through the thick brush and came into the small clearing right where the control was. I nailed controls 5 and 6 and was running with good speed on the trails and clearings.

Controls 7-9

I stuck to the trails going to seven and made good time. As I approached control seven I planned my route to 8. I decided to avoid the thickest bush so I ran out to the trail and then cut back in. From 8 to 9 it was ust a matter of running as fast as I could and reading ahead.

Controls 10-Finish

To conrtrol 10 I ran towards the thickets where the control was located and ran around the right thicket. Again like control one it seemed that the circle on the map was a bit off as the control was place on the east side of the thicket and I ended up running the long way around. To 11 it was a simple matter of bushwacking and the going in at the right spot. I finished strong with controls 12, 13, and 14 as I read ahead and could see them all from a long way off.


I felt very consistent on this race and was pleased with my running speed after such exhausting travel to get to New York. This was just the preliminary sprint. When this race and the sprint final were combined, I ended up third overal, winning bronze medal.
Jan 10, 2009 11:58 PM # 
2008 North American Champs Long




I am throwing this race in for a few reasons. This was the race I was hoping to do the best on at North Americans and I had an absoutely amazing race except for one control. That one control was a 16 minute mistake and pushed me from first position back to sixth in the standings. I have analyzed this race many times in my disappointment and still am not 100% sure what went wrong. What I do know was that I was able to calm myself down after such a tremendous error and finish the race with some really good legs.

Controls 1-5
I started the race at a good pace knowing I would have to pace myself over this race. The first 5 controls I nailed basically without any time lost or any hesitations. At control 5 I knew I was having a good race and I was in a good rhythm. I was in fact winning at that point of the race.

Controls 6,7
I was a little shaky to 6 in the vague contour detail but I went slow and was careful not to overshoot. On leg 7 I made my first real mistake when I overshot and had to back track losing about 2 or 3 minutes.

Control 8-11
Knowing I had just lost some time on the two last legs I was eager to make up some time. I ran as fast as I could and navigated very well. My route choices were very good and I took a feed while running on the trail to 11 as I could feel fatigue coming on. Looking back at splits now I can see that I had made the time back up and was in second, only 7 seconds behind the leader at that point.

Control 12
I left control 11 feeling very confident and completely in control but soon realized I was in deep trouble. My plan was to run straight over the little hills and then run across the small area of swamp in order to arrive at the hill on which 12 was located. Disaster struck when I lost focus and ran off into the swamp far to early. Over the next 10 minutes I struggled through shin deep muck and tried to relocate myself in the extremely vague contour detail. Eventually I was able to relocate when I reached a thickly vegetated hill with a view over open water. I struggled back through the swamp and found the control. When I finally punched I was relieved but also very angry at myself.

Controls 13-15
Leaving Control 12 I was excited that I knew exactly where I was again. I was cautious but fairly quick to 13 and 14. I told myself that there was nothing to be done about my previous mistake and that I just needed to finish as strong as possible. I lost some time on the way to 15 as I drifted a little to the left on my compass bearing causing me to run through thick woods and hit the trail in the wrong spot.

Controls 16- Finish
I again drifted a little left on my bearing and crossed the creek earlier than I had planned. I was distracted by another control which ended up being 17 and then relocated off the rock pile and sprinted to 16. As I already knew where 17 was I ran with good speed to it and finish well with 18 and the finish.


What I took from this race is that in order to do well in any Orienteering race you need to be very consistent - you cannot let your mind ever wander, no matter how straight forward a leg may appear. I hope this is the last time I ever make a 16 minute error. It makes me feel a little better to know that over the 18 legs in the race, I was first on five legs, and second or third on five more legs.
Jan 11, 2009 12:24 AM # 
2008 JWOC Middle C Final




Controls 1-3
I started off slowly heading to control 1. I did not want to screw the first few up like I had the day before in the qualifier. I took a slow but safe route and got in the rhythm over the first two controls. On control 3 I had a good route choice and got very close to the control but had trouble finishing as it was hidden in a little reentrant.

Controls 4-6
Leg 4 was quite short and I nailed it out without any problem. When I first looked at leg five I recognized this was a tricky leg so I decided to take a safe route. Rather than trying to run on the slightly faster exposed rocks and hills I chose to run right through the peat bogs so that I could look around and tell exactly where I was and where I was headed. I cut a little too low when attacking the control and was lucky enough to come up right onto the little hill. Control six was vague but short so I just headed in the right direction and kept my eyes open.

Controls 7-11
From control six I began running faster and spiked 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. By eleven I was tired but very pleased with my race so far.

Contols 12- Finish
I made a small mistake on the way to 12 which may have lost me about 1:30. I cut up the wrong hill and was a little surprised that the control wasn't there. I quickly ran around to make sure it wasn't hiding and then bailed back down and up the right hill. As I was nearing the finish I sprinted towards 13. I saw the finish lane tape and ran to it but ended up going the wrong way and having to backtrack to punch the last control.


This was probably one of my best races at JWOC. After a shaky middle qualifier, I was pleased to do well on this extremely technical course. Also, compared to the qualifier, I actually felt as if I could RACE (i.e. increase my speed) rather than just struggle to stay in touch with the map.
Jan 11, 2009 1:27 AM # 
2008 JWOC Long



I was a little nervous about this race. I had not done many races this long before and I was still getting used to this terrain and the idea that I was competing with the best in the world. To top it all off it was +30 celsius and the grass in the many swamps made running extremely challenging.

Controls 1-4.
Going to control 1 was a little bit shaky as I was not used to the 1:15000 map and was having a little bit of trouble reading the detail as I ran. I ended up coming off the wrong spur and having to contour around to find the control. 2, 3 and 4 all went very well and I fell into a rhythm.

Controls 5,6
Leg 5 was the first long leg of the race and I chose a straight route. I followed my progress the whole way with my thumb to make sure that I didn't get lost. It ended well and I took a quick drink before heading to 6. I spiked six and was a little slow leaving as I planned the fastest route to 7.

Control 7
Control seven had some good route choice. When I looked at the map I wanted to go for a safe route and stay away from all of the cliffs and contours that a direct route would entail. I decided to go for a route that was longer and had more climbing but was safer and, for me, probably faster. I had a little trouble finishing but overall I think I made the right route choice.

Controls 8-12
This was the butterfly portion of the race. I have never done a butterfly before and found it hard not to get distracted by other runners as everyone seemed to bunch up on those controls. I got 8 well but then got dragged by other runners a bit left on 9. Approaching control 9 I also almost stepped on a photographer who was hiding in the grass - this was another new experience for me. Again on 11 I was distracted by other runners and lost a bit of time as a result. 12 was a water control and I made the mistake of drinking before punching. Luckily I remembered to punch before I left, but many people mispunched because of the same mistake.

Controls 13-16
13 was an easy get as I had already been there before and I planned my route to 14 just before I got there. On the way to fourteen I made use of a few clearings that could be used almost like trails and had elephant tracks which made for quick running. When I Ieft the clearings I headed in the general direction of the control and would know I was getting close when I ran down a hill toward a bog. Here I made a classic parallel error and I ran down to a bog that was not the right one. I quickly realized my mistake and headed in the right direction but still found 15 before 14. 14 to 15 was easy as I just went back the way I had came in. Between 15 and 16 was when I could really begin to feel my body fatiguing. I was very hot and my legs were tired from having to lift high to clear the tall grass. I made a good route choice though and nailed the control.

Controls 17,18
On leg 17 I made a good, safe route choice and spiked the control. When I got there I remembered to punch first before taking a gel and drink of water. As I was standing there for a second drinking I heard footsteps and off the cliff near the control, a moose came bounding. It was obviously spooked and slipped on some bare rock before racing away into the woods. From seventeen to 18 I was really tired and didn't feel like navigating. I took a safe route along the road and was happy to see many other runners taking the same route, even if they were running faster than me at that point. I attacked a little bit too high on 18 and ended up looking around for a while even though the control was just over a little ridge from me.

Controls 19- Finish
This last three controls went without any techinical hitches but I had no more energy and could not move quickly, especially through the downed trees which was marked semi-open clearing.

When I returned I was absolutely exhausted and certain that I had left everything out on the course. I drank a whole bunch of water and was so tired that I fell asleep in the team tent while changing.


I am proud of this race - I finished with a respectable time despite the course length and hot conditions, and I was fairly consistent.
Jan 12, 2009 5:54 PM # 
Hello everyone

I have enjoyed looking over all of my maps from the past year and have picked out my 4 races . Hope you enjoy.

Jan 12, 2009 5:54 PM # 
2008 NAOC Long (7RedX)




This race is a controversial one for me. I made several silly mistakes however I had some very good splits.

Started strong to 1, winning that split. Ran around the swamp to get to 2 but became confused with all of the small hills leading up to 2. Reoriented off the road. Was slow to reorient. Should have run to the first water station and then the control. Spiked number 3 using the hill as attack point. Ran fast down the road to 4. Changed route choice last minute to run down the trail. Started to second guess myself in the light green not having planned ahead. Went fishing... Bailed to the road and then found the control using my original route choice, attacking from where the small re-entrant meets the road. This was a serious lesson for me that was later reinforced by a speech of Holger's: Once you have picked a route choice, if it is good, stick with it.

Lost contact to 5. Spiked 6 having scoped out the area earlier on my way to 4. Attempted to navigate through the trails to 7 and became very confused and disoriented. Should have reverted to my bearing once I had lost the trails. My second very costly mistake in this race: not trusting my compass.

Attempted to spike 8 however slowed down when I had reached the top of the hill. At this point Graeme Rennie caught up to me and we leap frogged for the rest of the race. Lost concentration to 9. Needed to relax despite Graeme. Kept a careful eye on my compass and the rock piles. Nailed 10. Took my gel. Attempted to take 11. Lesson 3 of this race, which I heard from Patrick: Know where you are when you leave a trail.

Graeme had reoriented faster to 11 but I managed to catch up at 12. The remainder of the race was spent duking it out against Graeme. I felt strong, focused and fast. Attacked 13 from the hill to the North and 14 from the top of the re-entrant. To 15 Graeme went right to get to the water station and I went left. Interestingly we arrived at the water station at almost exactly the same time. Finished the race at full speed spiking 16 and on.

Overall I am not particularly proud of this race but I think it contains some valuable lessons.
Jan 12, 2009 5:55 PM # 
2008 COC middle (M21)


Route Gadget

note: I highly recommend watching the animation of Graham vs me with mass start turned off.



Though I had some frustrations in this course I am very happy with my final result and gained valuable experience in the elite class. Graham Ereaux started only 3 minutes behind me.

Took a bearing to 1. Took bearing to 2 but had trouble interpreting the vegetation. Reached the control circle but was unaware I was so close. Eventually reoriented off of the small hill with the rocky patch underneath it. Took the control just after Graham. Raced after Graham to 3 however lost a minute precision orienteering to the control. Spiked 4 placing second on this leg only to Holgar. Used swamp as attack point. Attempted 5, heard Graham running off to 6. Backtracked to 4, attempted 5 again. After some trouble found 5 and then 6 no problem using open woods as attack point. Ran off my bearing to 7, visited 11. Ran slowly from 11 to 7. Spotted the flag from a distance.

At this point in the race I knew I had to catch up to Graham. I really buckled down and tried hard to stay focused. Contoured around the hill to 8. This was an good decision on my part allowing me to almost catch up to Graham. As I ran to 9 I could see Graham cresting the hills 30 seconds ahead of me. I ran faster and managed to catch up at 9. I did not follow my compass to 10 and became bogged down by the green. Followed the contours and bearing to 11. Lost Contact to 12 but managed not to lose any time. I ran madly to 13 and managed to catch up to Graham.

Remembered reading something about whether the road was out of bounds or not before the race but decided not to chance it and run through the tall grass to 15. Found 16 no problem, racing against Graham to stay ahead. Missed 17 and heard later that many of the other runners had the same trouble. I had been looking forward to a suicidal sprint finish against Graham but knew he had slipped away at 17.

Graham beat me by 3 minutes but we had placed 5th and 7th in the elite category. I found the terrain very challenging but was proud that I kept my head and kept my largest mistakes down when they could have been much much worse.
Jan 12, 2009 5:55 PM # 
2008 Barebones Relay (Final Sprint)



There are unfortunately no results for this particular race, only the overall team results. Most importantly was that I would be starting in a mass start against Patrick and Damian and that I ended up finishing the race only 4 seconds behind Patrick. To Patrick's credit if it wasn't for the unmarked building on the map that happened to be directly enroute to an identical building that happened to be the control feature, I would not have finished nearly as close.

The race started and I ran in the middle of the pack towards 1. This race was forked and the group was immediately dispersed within the first two controls. I was particularly focused on having a good sprint race in this competition as I had no good sprint races to use for the selection process at that point. I focused on planning ahead and taking the controls as smoothly as I could.

Controls 2-8: I used the teepees a great deal for almost all of these controls. Keeping my head up and staying in contact with the map at all times.

Control 9: Minor bobble here, left the junction heading a tiny bit too North and reoriented instantly on hitting the depression.

Controls 10-12: Nailed 10 and 11 no problems. On arriving at 12 I was surprised to see Patrick running in towards 12 from the other direction. The rest of my race was spent admiring Patrick's speed and concentration while attempting to stay as close as possible. Turns out he had missed the control in the vegetation and run over the trail.

Controls 13-16: I chose a to run longer through the fields than Patrick and gained some time. More teepees for 14, 15 and 16.

Control 17: This was the control on the building with the invisible parallel error that allowed me to creep up to Patrick by a few more seconds.

Controls 18-Finish: Ran as hard as I could to 18 but I was no match to Patrick. There was no chance for me to catch up especially after almost killing myself just trying not to lose him from sheer speed.

I consider the sprint to be one of my greatest challenges in orienteering. My goal is to build confidence for these races and improve my orienteering in these extremely fast paced events.
Jan 12, 2009 5:55 PM # 
2008 NAOC Middle (7RedX)




Had to wait for 3 hours at the start because I had been previously registered for M21 and changed my class the day before. Was somewhat anxious to start but had passed the time imagining running the course and taking controls. Felt confident and ready hearing that the map was mostly contours and few trails. Middle distance is also my favourite race, usually with my best results.

Almost made a mistake on 1 heading towards the top of the hill instead of the spur. Corrected my direction and felt more confident knowing that I had caught the mistake. Found 2 no problems. Ran along the side of the hill to 3. I tend to run faster than others on down hill splits. 3 was no exception. Short hesitation at the re-entrants near control 4. Followed compass across the plateau to 5 Slowed down as I approached the control making sure to look around. Aimed off to 6, spiked the control.

Lost some time on control 7. Didn't see the trail to the East. Made the first of two mistakes in my race. Was sucked into wrong re-entrant but recovered quickly. Aimed off to 8. Spiked 9 using ridge and depressions as handrails. Spiked 10 running almost perfectly straight. Had troubles reading the contours out of 10. Ran past 11. Didn't have an attack point. Should have stayed North and used ridge as a handrail.

Another down hill leg to 12. Ran as fast as I could to finish my race. Knew on punching the finish that I had had a good race. I had run very fast winning 5 of the 13 legs in the race. I made two mistakes over the race but I stayed focused and re-oriented quickly and efficiently. Emily, who came second, did not win a single leg. Her splits exemplify the importance of being consistent and catching mistakes early. It was my goal going into the race to recover quickly.

To this day I consider this the best race I have ever run. It was not a perfect race however I more then met my goals for this race and hope to run many more races with the same success.
Jan 13, 2009 1:32 PM # 
NAOC 2008 Long Race:



Start ? 3: I wanted to try to have a good first control because on the race yesterday I had made a huge mistake going to the first control. So, I started off slowly on a rough compass bearing and used the cairn as a checkpoint to make sure I was on track. I nailed the first control and going to control 2 and control three were fairly easy. I was a little too high up for the second control at first but I quickly realized I needed to go stronger.

3-4: I was moving slowly but I had no troubles finding number 4.

4-5: This was an interesting control. Looking back now, I think should have aimed more to the north and gone up that way instead of trying to go down over the detailed area. I wasn?t sure where I came out of number four (another important point, I should have realized that it was a trickier leg and been more precise coming out of the control) and I tried relocating over the path junction with a plan to follow the path in and go from there. Except the path spilt into about 3 different paths, all of them didn?t go nearly as far as they should have. I ended up getting down near the water and relocating from there after spending way too much time trying to relocate.

5-6: I think I must have been rattled from the last control because this one didn?t go well either. I?m still not quite sure what happened, but I managed to relocate off of the tiny stream and path junction.

7 ? 14: I had no problems with most of these, I was just moving slowly because I couldn?t run properly due to an injury. I don?t remember any issues with these controls either except for 14 where I think I was hesitating too much and I ended up too far to the west.

15 ? Finish: These controls were good too except on 16 I was worrying that I aimed too far to the east and would come out at the finish instead of so was moving too slowly.

Learning Points: Good first control to set a tone for the race. I need to make sure that, particularly on harder legs, I know exactly where I am leaving the control so that when I come to something like a path I don?t have to relocate. Also, I need to work on not letting a previous control affect my next leg as in the case of 5-6 even if it involves going slower in order to be more sure of myself.
Jan 13, 2009 1:33 PM # 
COC 2008 Sprint:


Splits:,, ,

Start ? 3: These controls all went fairly well. I lost a couple seconds trying to find exactly where number one was and I was debating on which way to go around the around the pond.

3-10: I had some minor hesitation for number 4 because I wasn?t expecting it to be in that small of a space between buildings. I know that I got slightly turned around for one of these controls but I can?t remember which one (I?m thinking it might have been number 8). I probably should have used more features in addition to buildings (like the powerlines and man made objects).

10-13: I went in to far to the east of 11 because there was a path made by the orienteers that I shouldn?t have used. I think number 12 and 13 went fine, I can?t remember them that well.

13-15: I should have looked at the control description for number 14! I didn?t realize that it was inside the court until I got there so I had to get to an entrance when I ideally would have planned my route to enter from the northern entrance

15 ? Finish: I don?t remember any issues with these controls except that I needed to have been running at a faster pace.

Learning Points: Check you control description more ahead of time (besides just the number) so that you don?t get caught losing time that could have easily been avoided. Especially in sprints! Don?t spend too much time trying to decide between routes if they look fairly similar.
Jan 13, 2009 1:33 PM # 
COC 2008 Middle



Start ? 3: The first three controls went well. I made sure that I entered into the woods at the powerline then hit the rocks and clearing then went down from there. I think I just went straight down from 1-2, and contoured around for number 3.

3-6: Four went fairly well except I went to the knoll in front of the hill thinking it was the hill. I don?t think I spent too much time though correcting from there. I actually don?t remember doing 5 at all? 6, I think I got stuck in some green and ended up going down too far on the spur.

6-7: This control went? not so well. I was planning on staying higher and then going down from the hill with the clearing and cliffs but I somehow managed to drift down a couple of contours (in fact, I think I went much lower than is drawn on the map). It seemed at first like features were matching with my map and by the time I figured out I had no clue where I was. The best, fail-proof, relocation point was the river but it took me a while to get there because I ended up going through some very thick forest. Once I made it to the river I found the reentrant and cliffs and went in from there finding the control with no problem.

7-9: Finding 8 went well! I have been down in that area so I didn?t have much trouble finding it. I don?t remember having an problem with number 9 either.

11 ? Finish: I didn?t go down far enough at first (although I?m not quite sure what I was thinking) at 12. The rest went fine although I was definitely feeling tired and sluggish.

Learning Points: Be careful not to slip down a few contours! I was happy that as soon as I figured out I had no idea where I was I relocated, but perhaps I could have moved faster to my relocation point (although it wasn?t the fastest terrain) because I spent way too much time on this control. Also, make sure that you don?t start to make silly mistakes near the end of a course.
Jan 13, 2009 1:33 PM # 
NAOC 2008 Sprint Final
Side one
Side two


Start ? 5: As far as I can recall, these controls all went pretty well. I knew where the first control was because you could see people running to it when you were waiting at the start. Number 2 went fine, I just used the shelter as my attack point. For number 3 I went in at the man made object and cut across to the reentrant. 4 and 5 were pretty straight forward.

5-8: I was debating which way to go to number 6 through the woods or around. I decided to go around which turned out to be lucky because there was a nice path going into number 6 (and I think Robbie was just coming out of it). I?m not sure if I should have gone through the woods again to have a more direct path but I just automatically left the control the same way I entered. 7 and 8 went well.

8 ? 11: I had seen 9 running to number 8 so I had no trouble with that. 10 also went well. Number 11 I ended up being slightly too far to the west.

11-14: #12 went well. For 13 I hesitated slightly for some reason?I should have checked the control description to realize it was at the bottom of the spur. I believe number 14 went well too.

14 ? Finish: I think 15 was good and for number 16 there was a control in the pit right before and even though I knew it wasn?t my control I still checked it anyways. So overall it was a fairly good race except my hips were especially hurting because of the sprint race right before.

Learning Points: Make sure to know which way you are exiting the control for the best route choice (which means to work on reading ahead more), make sure you check your control description more, particularly in sprints, and don?t check controls you know aren?t yours, even when you?re getting near the finish and don?t want people to see you missing a control.
Jan 14, 2009 9:04 AM # 
A Forseille:
Angela BC Champ's 2008 sprint

BCOC sprint

Controls 1-3
Started out fast to control1 along the trails. It was quite open and I could see it ahead of time, this gave me time to look ahead at 2& 3. I continued on the trails and hit 2 with out any problems, but then didn't slow down enough heading into the green for 3. I beard off to the side a bit and ran past it, loosing a minute.

Controls 4,5
Went smoothly, I was able to run hard and look ahead at 6,7,and 8.

Controls 6-8
Slowed down a bit for control 6 and spiked it, same with 7. I then was rested up a bit and able to run hard. On the way to 8 I ran out to the trail, cut across to the next trail using the depression, and then headed straight down the clearing to 8.

Controls 9-12
Ran along the trails to 9 losing a few seconds by not running up the trail closest to the control. The control was in the middle of the two trails, but slightly closer to one. 10-12 these were typical sprint controls, tried to go quickly not worrying much about route choice as they were so short.
Jan 14, 2009 9:09 AM # 
A Forseille:
Angela BCOC long_1_2_1


McQueen Lake Grasslands, just outside Kamloops.


This was a very hot and sunny weekend, the map was fairly open with lot's of clearings
Tori and me were running close together for a lot of this race. she started before me and I could catch glimpses of her ahead of me by control 5, we ended up pushing each other a lot making for a good race.

Controls 1-3
Started off slow to control 1, hit the fence then contoured around the hill to the clearing. I felt good and decided to take the easy route up to 2, followed trails and clearings up to control 2 getting the best split on the course. Followed contours up to three running on a bearing.

Controls 4,5
On the way to control 4 I took the fence/trail route it may have saved me 30s or so to cut across, but I decided to take the safe route. The fastest time was 1 min ahead of me, I'm not sure if they did this though. I remember planning out my next few legs running along this road between 3&4 and 4&5. I again went back to the road and used a junction to take a bearing and follow the contours around to 5.

Controls 6,7
I ran on a rough bearing till I hit the fence, ran up it and crossed at the corner heading on a bearing to 6. I was a little down the hill when I came to 6 but could see it. Tori and me also crossed paths here as she came out of the control, and I headed toward it. On the way to control 7 ran straight out to the road, and then up to the clearing with the trailhead. I had planned earlier to go up the trail to the corner and then come down on 7 from the top to avoid the section of thick undergrowth. When I got there after chasing tori down the hill though, I had about 30 seconds where I thought ?oh it can't be that bad, I'll just run through it?. Bad decision. Especially since I'd decided it was too hot for pants before I started and was running in my shorts. When I got to the other side I was a bit flustered, and ended up hitting the lower clearings. I lost contact with my map a bit, and then eventually I went on a bearing away from the clearing, and hit the clearing just north of the control...I must have just passed right by it . I then realized where I was and headed straight bask to it. Overall I lost about 3 min on the control, my only major mistake in the race.

Controls 8-10
I came to control 7 about 2 sec after Tori, and we ran side by side out to the clearing. Once we hit the clearing the race really began. I hit the trail and turned following it down to the road and then started up the road. She took the shorter distanced route straight across the clearing and towards the road. We joined up on the road within meters of each other. After we passed the big lake she cut off again passing through the lakes and by the finish on the way to 8. I stayed on the road, cutting off at the trail to the finish and then heading side hill to 8, beating her there by seconds. I loved this leg even though we both took totally different routs, and it was the longest leg of the race, we both were close to sprinting the whole thing, this continued on for 9&10, and we were close to being neck in neck at the finish.
Jan 14, 2009 9:59 AM # 
A Forseille:
Angela BCOC long_1_2_1

Western Canadians Middle


Controls 1-3
I Started off to control 1 on a bearing I was going a bit slow, being cautious and keeping a close eye on the contour detail. Controls 2& 3 were similar, I made sure not to lose contact with the map.

Controls 4,5

I ran on a bearing toward the clearing for four running around the top of the hill, and then through the creek before crossing the clearing to four. On the way to five I stayed in the clearing as long as I could, then hit the creek and ran between the hills and down the re entrant to five.

Controls 6-8

For control 6 I hit the road, followed it for a bit and then veered off to the clearing going through the marshes and between the hills once I got to the clearing. 7&8 were quick compass bearings and could be seen from far off.

Controls 9-11

for control 9 I went to the nearest point of the clearing to it, cut across the skinny portion of the marsh, and then followed the edge of the marsh around the hill to the point the control was on. As I headed to 10 I crossed the first marsh and then slid to the right when I passed over the hill, I hit the second marsh crossed it and then came to a third before where the control was supposed to be. I saw where I was cut to the left and found the control. On the way to 11 I slowed down a bit and kept a close eye on the map.

Controls 12-15

On the way to 12 for some reason I got off a bit and hit the marsh behind 12, I reoriented myself on the trail, and then found it. 12-13 I ran on a rough bearing staying to the side of the marsh. Somehow on my way to 14 I got got confused, I'm not really sure what happened, I think I ran past some flagging tape I was supposed to see...and follow. I ended up retracing my steps back a bit and seeing it. Control 15 was then obvious.
Jan 15, 2009 12:28 AM # 
the kempster:
JWOC Middle Qualifier
Map: emilykemp.jwoc.middlequal
Start-1: Really nervous starting with two other runners on different courses. Should?ve had more of a plan but I ended up running in the direction of the trail along the ridge in a panic because I didn?t know where I was. Hit the trail, big sigh of relief, went off the corner, contoured around into the re-entrant and into the control.
1-2: Still a bit shaky from 1, so I took a much too safe route around. There?s no way I could?ve missed the boulder if I had cut through and my route is ridiculous to look at because it?s so round about.
2-3: A beautiful execution. Out to the trail, maybe should?ve cut across again but still I didn?t have enough confidence yet. Cut in at the right time, hit the boulder, then the pile of rocks, I looked up and said ?that is where the control will be.? I got to the cliffs and ?beep!?
3-4: Nervous about this one and I didn?t have a solid attack point, but I kept in extremely close contact with the map checking off each trail and ridge. Got to the final one and headed north until I ran into the control. Alarm bells were going off when I was running along the ridge because I knew that this control would be easy to miss. Once again, attack points are very important.
5-6: Again, a round about route. Could?ve gone much straighter and saved some time, but I stayed safe and made sure that I knew where I was the whole time.
8-9: Overshot this one a bit because I figured that I would see the control running along top of the ridge. Didn?t see it at all but I got to the knoll at the end and knew I was too far. Corrected that easily but I could?ve saved time by just running down the re-entrant that led straight into the control.
9-10: I was worried about the final 100m of this leg since it was so technical but once I got off the trail and up on the ridge I knew exactly where I was the whole time. Boulder, bare rock, cliff, control.
10-11: Totally lost all concentration because I got so excited about having a great race and almost being done and hearing the announcer. Just dove into the woods not paying attention to where I was going. Ended up too high and ran around not thinking to relocate off of the boulder that I ran to twice. So frustrating too since every single runner when to this control so there was a massive highway going right to it. Eventually found it, but it was the only real downer in the race.
Felt strong and fast out in the woods, I just need to be more confident and choose straighter routes if they?re reasonable. Looking at my routes, there are about 3 legs where I could?ve gone straight and still been perfectly fine.
Jan 15, 2009 12:29 AM # 
the kempster:
NAOC Middle
Map: emilykemp.naoc.middle
Start-1: Took it easy in order to get into the map. Didn?t have much of an attack point, but stayed high and contoured around the re-entrant to come right onto the control.
1-2: Attackpoint was top of hill. Stayed right up on ridge and followed along until I practically tripped over the control. Great handrail.
2-3: Fabulous handrail leading straight to the control. Right down the big re-entrant to run down in the saddle to the control.
3-4: Should?ve gone around the hill because I ended up doing some unnecessary climb. Came out to the trail, cutting through the woods came out into the swamp and was a bit disoriented. Started running in some direction but caught myself in time. Stopped, oriented my map, relocated, and ran straight to the control. Definitely noticed improvement on relocation time; I?ve become much more disciplined when it comes to stopping and not panicking when I?ve lost contact with the map.
4-5: Almost turned right onto the small trail at the first junction, but caught myself in time because I was actually looking at my compass and something didn?t seem right. I?ve noticed that I can?t really run in a straight line, so I need to keep reminding myself to always glance at my compass every 10 seconds or so. Attack point was the depression; hit it right on and found the control.
6-7: Decided to take the trail route around so that I could read ahead to the rest of the course. I always find it helpful to just have one easy trail run like that so that I can anticipate the rest of the course and have better flow.
8-9: Questionable route choice. Definitely would?ve been faster to take the right trail at the junction since going all the way around was a waste of time. Choosing better routes just means getting more experience.
9-10: Most beautiful bearing across nothingness to come out right at the little side trail on the big trail. Went real slow to the control since it was pretty technical in there. Hit the control just fine but I should?ve had an attack point closer to the control.
10-11: Really the only major mistake of the race. Lost my concentration because of other runners and ended up on the big hill instead of staying low and running straight down the re-entrant. Saw some of the yellow signs which was the yellow boundary marked on the map. Ran off the hill and into the re-entrant but had no clue where I was. Tried my best to relocate but it was just flat, featureless green. I ran in the direction of the control and just happened to find it. Phew. Not the best strategy, but if I hadn?t found the control, I would?ve run south to either the huge depression of the trail to relocate.
All in all a really successful race. Felt fabulous about it once I?d finished and the whole thing felt very smooth. Need to work on choosing solid attack points, and my unwavering concentration.
Jan 15, 2009 12:34 AM # 
the kempster:
Finland Day 5
Map: emilykemp.finn5.day5
Start-1: Stayed with my plan and took it slow to the first control just to gain a bit of confidence and get the race started out right.
1-2: A real daunting leg but planned my route out as simply as possible and tried to push the pace since it was so straightforward. I was naughty and didn?t have an attack point so I didn?t know when to cut off of the trail. Just guessed at it which was not very smart at all but ended up in the big re-entrant anyways and found the control just fine. I?ve suffered way too many terrible consequences from not knowing where I am on the trail before heading into the woods. I definitely need to know exactly where I am because diving into the woods even if that means going a little bit farther or doing attentive pace counting.
2-3: Took it easy on the way to this one since I knew that it would be easy to go too far or fall of the hill. Got into the bare rock and knew I was in the vicinity but I could?ve made it a lot easier by having a solid attack point. Ended up a tad too far and had to come back and guess at where the cliff with the control was.
3-4: Another tricky one; checked off all of the features leading up to the control. First the bare rock, then the clearing, boulder, boulder, bare rock and control! Played it very safe on that one just because I didn?t want to end up lost in the depths of the green.
5-6: Bad route choice through the open area which turned out to be nasty cut down trees and such. Got into the crazy complex bare rock and little knolls and wasn?t quite sure where I was going. I managed to find the two knolls close to each other and headed north and found the control no problemo.
7-8: Not being able to run in a straight line, I ended up running parallel to the indistinct trail and ended up on the northern one that with the clearing along the edges. Puzzled over why it wasn?t going in the right direction for a bit, I figured it out and headed on up the right trail. Went through the super thick green on the side of the big hill which was not a good choice and then heading down the other side I had no clue where I was going. Getting all flustered, I ran to 2 other controls before I finally found mine. It would?ve been way better if I had stopped, looked around, and figured out where I was before I started gallivanting around the woods to whichever control I saw.
8-9: Again, just got too excited about finishing, saw a control on the hillside and ran straight to it instead of taking a look at the map and saying that it was much too low to be my control.
Not one of my most fabulous races, but I did well in the technical sections and didn?t make any race-threatening mistakes. Learned that I should never ever just run to any control I see just because it could possibly be mine. If I don?t know where my control is I need to stop and orient my map to see in which direction the control should be. Although I could also avoid this situation completely by choosing an attack point for every single control!
Jan 15, 2009 12:35 AM # 
the kempster:
O-Ringen Day 5
Map: emilykemp.oringen.day5
Start-1: Tried to take a really safe route to 1 and stay in contact with map since it was pretty barren out there. Did pretty well until about 150m before the control when I doubted where I was and saw another control on a small hill. It definitely wasn?t my control but I found the rather obvious boulder and figured out where I had strayed from my path. From there it was pretty simple getting to the control but, once again, I should?ve had an attack point to get me to just before the control so that I would have no doubts to where I was.
1-2: I thank my lucky star for finding this one. I was doing alright until I got down into the real technical section. Once I got past that large spur on the side of the ridge I just could not figure out where I was. I found the vegetation boundary just fine, but relocating off of it was a whole different dilemma. I ended up finding an elephant path that lead straight to the control. Definitely not the way to orienteer and I should be ashamed of not staying in contract with the map the whole way to the control.
5-6: What a wonderful leg. I planned out my vague route all the way to the control, and then just checked things off as I went along. The open area was a pain to get through since it was all chopped up trees and branches everywhere. Got to the stream and ran along the ridge checking off the boulders. Running through the swamps after that I wasn?t exactly sure where I was, but coming to the stream and hill in the green helped a lot. From there it was just down the trail to the two small hills and boulders and then right into the control. My attack point was the two boulders even though they?re a bit far away I knew that I would be able to find them. The hill on the west side of the swamp also helped a lot and so I had no worries from there into the control.
8-9: I?m not sure how I couldn?t done this one differently, but running so long in the swamp was so incredibly difficult, it just sucked the energy out of my legs. I think that it would?ve been better to head more south to hit the road sooner and therefore spend less time in the dreadful swamp.
Felt great about this race despite a few bobbles on a couple controls. Kept an even pace out in the woods and did my best to push myself physically since I?ve found that I get distracted from how fast I?m going easily and tend to slow down too much. I just always need to be thinking about pushing my limits but still stay in contact with the map.
Jan 15, 2009 4:16 AM # 
A Forseille:
Angela NAOC Sprint map1_2_1_1

Angela NAOC sprint map2_3_1_1

Angela NAOC sprint map 3_1_1_1

2008 NAOC Sprint Final


Map 1
Controls 1-9
I started off nicely to control 1. Control 2 was a bit farther from the junction than I expected, but I had no problems finding it. For control 4 I took the gradual route out of the green, when I could have cut straight out to the road and saved a few seconds. I crossed over to the top road and hit it from above, making it really easy to see. On the way to 6 I took the safe route around on the trail. 7-8 I could have taken a more direct route, instead of going out through the clearing. On the way to 9 I flipped my map over and was able to look ahead choosing my route for 10&11.

Map 2
Controls 10-17
Control 10 went well I was only 2 seconds behind the best time. On the way to 12 I started partway up the trail and then cut across& up to it. 13&14 consisted of running along the roads, and slightly cutting in. I took a bearing to 15 and made sure to stay in contact with my map. I then ran out and hit the road and got 16&17, and did the map exchange.

Map 3
Controls 17-27
Ran out of the map exchange and looked at the course while heading across the clearing to 18. Got the best split for control 19 which I had seen earlier on the way from 7-8. On the way to 21 I cut in to the green a bit early, I found it fine but it was a little slower running. The rest of the course went fine and I ended up in a group, able to push myself a little harder for the last few

I don't think I pushed myself as hard as I could have in this race. I held back a bit cause i wasn't really sure what to expect having 3 maps, and doing the map switch, But I had energy left over at the end that I shouldn't have had. Between cramming the last month of school, my trip to south Africa, and starting a new job. I also didn't get as much training in as I'd liked to have during the summer.
Jan 10, 2011 2:12 PM # 
COC Middle:

Over all, best race of the season. Felt really really smooth and focused. Got in the zone for this one.

Just took it slow to control 1, just letting myself get a feel for the map and plan out my first couple legs. Hit 1 pretty dead on. 2 just involved a quick bearing and a direct rout. I drifted a bit left but caught myself on the clearing right after the control. From 2-3 I just hit the trail and followed it out. It was easier running and gave me a chance to do some planning to 3 and 4. 3 Just involved some trail counting and then a quick duck into the woods after the fence. Hit it dead on. To 4, just ran to the trail junction and then took a direct bearing into the control. The distances were short so I found short quick bearings really helpful. There was little room for error when you only had to run 100m into the woods. Taking direct bearings allowed me to really simplify the map and spend more time planning my routs.

4-5 was another example of a direct bearing. Just lined myself up and ran, picking up little features along the way to keep myself in contact. For a side not, I realized early on that loosing contact would spell disaster just because of how technical the terrain was. Because of this, all of my legs throughout the race were slow and steady. I needed to insure I stayed focused on such a technical map and I knew any little bobble would put my head out of the game.

5-6 I just made the edge of the marsh and then the trail my attackpoints and then a direct bearing to the control. 6-7 I picked a real simple rout, just following the trail all the way around. This rout proved really effective as it allowed me to really focus on my next set of legs. 7-8 I just took a trail-hopping approach, keeping it simple, just trail counting and keeping in contact by picking up simple features. Left the final trail at the last little hill before the clearing and then just took a direct bearing. 8-9 not much to be said, out of the woods and then a mad dash to the control.

9-10 yet again was pretty straight forward. I just made it simple, following the trail around, making sure to go slow and stay in contact. By this point in the race, the controls came quite naturally because I’d managed to maintain a consistent flow throughout the rest. It feels really good when distance you think you have gone and the distance you really have gone all start to line up perfectly. 10-11 was just a direct bearing down to the cliff and up the other side. The control was nice and visible.

11-12 I took another direct approach, using control 16 as my attackpoint. When I saw 16, I just adjusted my bearing and then booked it to 12. By using 16 as my attackpoint it allowed me to get a sense of where I had to go on my way back around the final loop. 12-13 was straight down and out. 13-14 I took the trail around being sure to really plan my last couple legs. I was feeling really tired by here and didn’t want to make any mistakes. Thankfully, 14-15 was a nice fasted paces stress free leg. The huge rock face was a giveaway for an attackpoint and in the crazy chance you missed the control, the trail behind would catch you. 15-16 was a supper fun leg. Flat and fast paced and I already had a sense of where I needed to go. Drifted a bit right on my way in but the big hill was an easy catching feature and turned me right into 16 which was already a familiar sight. 16-17 was just a mad dash.

COC Long:

Felt supper sick for this race so mentally I was not always with it. Because of my bad mental state, I just really tried to focus on simple rout choices. It was these slow simple, consistent routs that I’m proud of in this race

Decided not to take the trail to 1 because it was featureless and wouldn’t prove effective for getting into the map. Therefore, I just went slow and steady across the tops of the rock clearings. My attackpoint was the distinct marsh. Still not 100% focused on my entry so I made a stupid bobble, going up the wrong little reentrant. Realized right away my mistake and jumped over to the control. 2-3 was also pretty shaky. Some how looped myself around the marsh and ended up at the cliff south of the control. Yet again, I realized my stupid error and ran directly to the control.

2-3 was nice and easy. Just hopped across the clearings until I reached the marsh which was my attackpoint. From there I just had to keep the clearing on my left and stay low in the reentrant in order to be led right to the control. Supper simplified 3-4. Just took a bearing and ran up the reentrant, being sure not to make a parallel error up into the one on the left. 4-5 was nice and simple. Not much rout choice, just had to get though that little gap between the uncrossable waterways and then from there it was just a direct run along the hill.

5-6 was my one major error. Was clearing hopping all the way there and right before I go to it, I though I had hopped one clearing to many to the left, therefore I hopped back down to the right. In doing this, I just missed the control and kept running. When the clearings ended and I reached the three boulders I realized my mistake and ran right back to it. Thankfully, 6-7 was a really nice easy leg. The big marsh was a supper easy attackpoint. Just clearing hopped to the marsh and then just followed it around.

7-8 was a bit confusing with all the little march crossings so I went a bit slow and made sure I kept in contact. Although confusing, the marsh crossings were really good of keeping track of your exact location. Once I hit the third one I used the reentrant as my entry point, just going up, over, and down the other side right to the control. 8-9 took a bit of time to plan, but once I figured out my rout it was pretty straight forward. It was a nice easily leg for staying in contact with the map because there were so many distinct points I had to go through. All those little marsh crossings again proved effective for staying in contact and simplifying the map.

9-10 was a nice clean motivating leg. Last section of the barrens so it felt really good to get it done. Pretty straight forward with little rout choice. Just followed the barring and in between the marshes and then a quick hop over the clearing and down the reentrant. It was a nice safe leg because if you somehow missed the control you would hit the edge of the big final hill which you knew not to go down until you had 10.

10-11 I felt great and relieved to be on easier terrain. Just booked it straight across with a direct bearing. Used the marsh as my first attackpoint and then the long wide reentrant as my second. 11-12 was a simple leg along the road and then straight down by the clearing. 12-13 I just used the stream as my attackpoint and then contoured around the second hill, catching the clearing along the way. 13-14 was fairly easy. Used the trails as my attackpoints and then just followed the last trail around until the small marsh where I then took a bearing off to the control. Was a bit off to the right but corrected right away. 14-15 was a mad dash back to the trail and then a side contour across the hill. 15-16 I just attacked the two huts and then the trail right to the control. 16-17 was just one final sickening sprint.

US Classics Day 1:

My first couple controls on this race where a bit shaky but over all I am pretty satisfied. No major mistakes and I managed to maintain a pretty good flow throughout the race.

Start to 1 was a bit rough. The age old mistake of going to fast. Luckily I caught myself right away and pulled back around to the control. 1-2 I just took a baring over the hill staying left of the control, not really caring where I was exactly, I just needed to find an easy way down the cliff and then book it to the marsh following the cliff face. 2-3 I just attacked for the trail, bounced off of it and hit the control dead on. Really this control was more about just “feeling” the map and the contours.

3-4 I bobbled a bit but managed to stay relatively clean. Somehow shifted my baring early on and fell down into the reentrant. After a short stop I realized my mistake and then just ran straight down to the trail, which is turn gave me some time to plan the leg. Once across the trail, I just cliff hopped. At the second cliff reentrant I followed it up to confirm my location and then took a baring across to the little cliff and then from there attacked to the trail. At the trail I cut across, shooting for the end of the marsh. From there it was a straight run down the hill top.

4-5 I just attacked the trail, then ran along it for little bit and then took a direct baring across the flat piece of terrain. Nice easy control. It gave me time to plan my next couple legs. 5-6 was also really easy. Down across the valley and then up the long spur right of the reentrant. That way I could look down into the reentrant and when I saw the little pond I knew I was at the control.

6-7 was my one real error. I must have ran right past the control. I was convinced I was in the right spot (which I was), didn’t see it so kept running. When I ran down the spur to far I knew it had to have been right where I though it was. Ran back up and sure enough there it was. 7-8 was easy, just a straight bering across the hill and then read the small indent in the cliffs to hit the control.

8-9 I stayed in contact at all times but just took a really really poor rout choice. I should have taken the trail to the right and then ran along the hill top. Instead, I wasted time weaving around (and through) slow wet marshes.

9-10 was nice and easy. Just followed the trail and then jumped off of it when I hit the cliff. This rout gave me some time to plan ahead. 10-11 I just took a direct rout there but right before my entry I lost focus and ran to the marsh just below the control. Saw my mistake as soon as I realized the control wasn’t there.

From 11-the finish were by far my best legs of the race.

11-12 I took a precise bering and then attacked to the trail. From there I double checked the marsh featured and then just navigated right in. 12-13 was just a short sprint over the hill. 13-14 I attacked to the trail and then the rock clearing. From there it was just as easy run down to the reentrant. 14-15 I took a bering and then side hilled down to the marsh, picking up the knoll on the way.

15-16 I just squeezed between the two big marshes and then counted reentrants. Once I hit the 3rd distinct reentrant I looked for the cliffs. From there I just took a bering up and over the the hill to the control. 16-17 I just attacked to the trails and then contoured around the the really distinct hill top. The contours were really evident and you couldn’t really miss this one as long as you stayed focused. 17-18 I was really in the zone you could say. Just crossed hilled straight into the control, attacking the trail and staying focused on my loss of contours.

18-19 was a mad wild dash down the hill. Little navigating. The control was in a very obvious reentrant. 19-20 was just side hilling to the hill top, being sure to stay close to the cliffs. 20-21 I bobbled a bit. Spent less time navigating on this one and more time just looking for the fastest rout through the forest. This took me up high and then I dropped down into the control. Got a bit to excited and dropped to low. Only lost me a couple seconds though. 21-22 was just a mad dash straight up and over.

US Classics Day 2:

This was by far one of my best races of the year. Over all had really great flow, stayed in contact almost the whole time and only made a couple poor rout choices. My one real set back on this race was my lack of speed.

Start to 1 was nice and straight forward, a good way to start the race. Attacked to the trail, paying attention to contours and then ran to the marsh and then beringed right into the control, picking up contours as I went.

1-2 I decided to take the trail up to the right because when I cut off to the left towards the control, I would be crossing over parallel features instead of running down them. This in my opinion seemed like a better rout choice in order to stay in contact. It allowed me to attack the trail and then marsh count all the way to the control.

2-3 was nice and obvious in a deep reentrant. All I had to do was keep the edge of the hill on my left and just count the reentrants on my way there. The reentrant before the control had some obvious cliffs which made things easy as well. 3-4 I just ran straight up the shallow reentrant and then to the marsh. Minimal rout choice. 4-5 I ran down to the trail and then down to the marsh and reentrant. Yet again, minimal rout choice.

5-6 was one of my best legs, I remember feeling really really clean on this one. Took a bering and attacked the trail, picking up the obvious marsh along the way. I made sure to stay right on this control, avoiding unnecessary climb and cliffs. Right after the trail I followed down the reentrant, by the boulders and down into the valley. From there is was just a climb up the hill right into the control. 6-7 also went very very smoothly. Attacked the trail and then weaved between the two cliff faces. From there is was just a straight bering to the control. 7-8 was literally a stone throw away. I just took a bering, started running and then began to plan my next big leg.

8-9 I decided to take the safest rout choice. Unfortunately, is was much slower then I expected. The trail did a lot of weaving and was not very distinct so I ended up going pretty slow and considered abandoning it all together at some points. When I hit the trail junction, I just contoured all the way to the control. The odd marsh worked great to confirm my exact location. 9-10 was a fast run over the hill and by the marsh. Little rout choice. 10-11 yet again was quick and easy. The control was a bit hidden on this one so I stumbled around literally on top of the control for about 15 seconds. 11-12 just took a direct bering and went. Started to plan the next leg.

12-13 was a mad decent down the hill. Attacked the trail, marsh and then shallow reentrant before the control and then from there is was just a scoot down the next cliff and then into the control. 13-14 I attacked the stream, crossed it, keeping it on my left and then booked it to the trail. When I hit the trail I just took a bering right in. 14-15 I should have stayed high and avoided the extra climb. Besides that, it was a really easy control and I got to plan the rest of my race on it. 15-16, nothing to it. 16-17, a dash out on the trail and then ran to the distinct hill. No real rout choice, just pure speed (which I had little of by this point).

17-18 I just took the safe trail there which was really nice on the legs which already felt like jelly. 18-19 just contoured across the hill using the spurs as my guide to my exact location. 19-20 I didn’t think of rout choice and instead just ran down the hill. Drifted a bit left but came around quick and probably didn’t lose that much time. 20-21-finish just a serious mad dash.
Jan 14, 2011 1:44 AM # 
NAOC long

This was a very solid consistent race. From the start I took it slow getting used to the map. To 1. I went off the end of the hill/clearing through the depression straight into the control. 1-2. pretty simple I followed the clearing to the rocks and attacked the control from there. 2-3. went straight out to the trail and used the green patches to know when to cut into the control. Along the trail was an opportunity to look ahead and read the next leg. 3-4. also gave the opportunity to plan further legs as I ran straight across the open on a bearing using the contours as confirmation of my route. 4-5. For this control I took a different route choice than what most people took (I think). Instead of climbing up the open hill and going into the control from there; I took the reentrant beside the hill. At the time I thought this would be the safer route with an easier way to attack the control. Everything has gone smoothly so far.

5-6. This was a short control where I used the cliffs and rocks to navigate. 6-7. I hit the trail and then headed up the hill towards the reentrantLeaving 6 I took a rough bering and headed down to the trail. and landed right on top of 7. perfecto. 7-8 was an easy compass leg that worked. 8-9 This leg was my demise. I started off contouring along the sideof the hill using my compass and checking off features. This should have worked but somewhere along the line I got off my route and did a parallel error; cutting down too soon. I should have realized sooner what I had done but when I saw there was a trail where I was I realized what I had done and quickly ran up the hill and found the control. During this mistake a Finnish girl had caught up to me and what I needed to do was forget about the mistake and finish the race off cleanly.

9-10. still a little cautious from my last mistake this leg went well. There weren't many distinctive features on this leg but I took a bearing and used the contours. Once I hit the semi-open area I attacked the control. 10-11. I relied heavily on vegetation for this leg. When I got closer to the control, the shape of the hill lead me in to the control along with the open areas. 11-12. For this leg leaving 11 I took a rough bearing and headed for the trail. After I crossed the trail I slowed down and used the many reentrants as check marks. I ended up too low on the slope but was able to correct this mistake. Looking back I probably should have stayed high leaving 11 to avoid most of the climbing. 12-13 was a dash down the hill to the trail and followed it all the way to the finish. All in all a pretty smooth consistent race except 8-9. I need to think more about route choices regarding elevation change and the physical aspect but nothing that can't be changed.

COC sprint

This sprint was the cleanest sprint I have ever done. I was really focused with quick in and out controls. I was especially happy with how I was able to plan my routes ahead of time even with short controls. Start-1. I ended up going over the end of the hill almost straight line to the control. In retrospect it would most likely have been better to go around the hill and then straight to the control. From the start to 5 was a lot of easy legs with open running which allowed time to plan routes. 1-2. I went around the south side of the fence and used the corner of the street to find the trail that lead me right to the control. 2-3 was a really short leg so when I looked up I could see the control. This leg although short, allowed me a couple seconds to read ahead to the next legs. 3-4 came out of the forest headed straight to the green and followed it around to the control. 4-5 As I already knew where this control was because of my route choice to 2; it was just a matter of running to it.

5-6 was a longer leg. I took a straight simple route using the big fenced compounds as waypoints and nailed the control. 6-7 I went between the two buildings using the underpass and noting where control number 13 was. I then followed the edge of the building around to the control. 7-8 was smooth I hit the building and followed it around to the stairs where the control was. By this point I was starting to lose focus as I was getting physically tired as well as mentally. I needed to refocus. This loss of concentration made me make a mistake at this point. I probably lost 10-15 seconds at this point because there were two route choices to 9 and I couldn't decide which one. I started to the left but when I looked at it again, I thought I couldn't get throught a part. I then went the other way but this indecision probably caused by a loss of concentration was a big mistake. I should have chosen one way and gone with it and not thought of the other. However, I was able to regain my concentration and finish the race smoothly without any other major mistakes. 9-10. I went east of the building and then cut back in to the control.

10-11. I again went east and found the control with no problem. 11-12 was pretty simple but as I got to the control I had a moment of panic when I could not see it but checked my control description and found it. 12-13 was a long run but not technical as I already knew where 13 was. This allowed me to plan the rest of my race. 13-14. good control planned ahead. Minor mistake I missed the opening between the fence and the green and had to bash my way through. 14-finish were running controls, no problems. This race showed me what one loss of concentration can do and the importance of being smooth through every control. You have to know where you are going before you get there.

NAOC middle

This race although not perfect was consistent. I made a few mistakes but looking back on them, I learned what I did wrong and what I can improve. Start-1. I was really nervous as this was my first outside race of the year. So, I started off really slowly trying to get used to the map. To 1 I came off the hill and used the clearings to get there. 1-2. I took a bearing to the hill, and then focused on detail. I was still a little shaky at this point. I used the cliffs, but still managed to drift to the right a bit and had to loop back to get the control. 2-3. I ended up following the hill around to the left until I hit the trail. Although, looking back going down to the small trail on the right may have been faster. I followed the trail up the hill and used the very distinctive depression as an attackpoint. 3-4 and 4-5 were in a really detailed area of cliffs. For these legs I went quite slowly checking off features but was able to find the controls without trouble. By this time my nerves had worn off and everything was working well.

5-6 was an easier leg. From 5 I booked it down the hill to the trail and followed the trail until the hill on my left curved back. I then cut through the green to the control. 6-7 was also not a very difficult leg but I managed to make an error on it. I drifted to the right on my bearing but, luckily I was able to see the lake and correct my route into the control. 7-8 was trail running but with no strong attackpoint into the control. I counted the two clearings although they were not very distinct and cut in to the control after that. 8-9. Mostly compass leg with a skinny depression which was helpful. 9-10 I had to rely on my compass quite a bit. After I hit the trail I cut in on the clearings but after them there was not much to rely on except my compass. I went slower but that payed off as I hit the control right on.

10-11 Went up the hill and followed the top around to the cliff. Not too complicated. 11-12 ran pretty much straight cross country until I hit the side of the hill and the string of pits, which I followed along until the control. 12-13 running control on trails. 13-14 On this control I am not sure what I was thinking. I ended up overrunning 14 down the hill almost to the start control of the elite categories. This was a case of not concentrating because it looked easy and I was tired. 14-15-finish RUN. Especially the last mistake made me realize that concentration is key at all times. You cannot lose your focus for a second during a crucial point. Another thing that I learned from this race is that although it is good to choose a route choice and take it, sometimes taking a second look is good. I think I got better at this later in the season.

COC long

This was a long tough race! I made a few mistakes that I shouldn't have but it was still a solid race. Before this race I was pretty nervous as I didn't really know what to expect except that I'd heard it was really challenging terrain, nothing like I had ever been on before. Start-1. Slow and carefully, I used the edge of the marsh and a bearing with help from the contours. This control was really figuring out what was what. 1-2 involved some reading ahead which I almost missed as I almost went straight where an uncrossable marsh blocked my way. Instead I went right and followed the lake along to the control. This was very slow going although I still think one of the better route choices. 2-3. Leaving 2, I made a minor mistake going to far before cutting into the green to cross between the marsh and the lake. This cost me a bit, but once across followed the clearings and found 3 without much difficulty.

3-4. This leg started out really well following the clearings and using the hills, but, I missed my attackpoint and went past the control. I ended up by some cliffs farther along. I realized my mistake, but still had some trouble relocating. I eventually used the edge of the marsh and the reentrant along it to relocate and find the control. This was a valuable lesson in relocating: you know something is wrong bail to somewhere obvious sooner rather than later! As soon as I did this I found the control. 4-5. After my last mistake I knew I had to be clean and concentrate. I settled into the race at this point. I ran using the open areas and the big cliffs to navigate. This worked well and I nailed it. 5-6. I went straight out to the road and ran. I cut in at the second open area and used the contours to lead me into the control. 6-7 I mostly relied on a bearing until in the control circle where there was a handy reentrant that I used.

7-8. I followed the reentrant down but drifted to the left and ended up on the wrong side of the pond than I wanted to be. This was okay as I just adjusted my route to going around that side and used the fence and depression to guide me to the control. 8-9. Went up the reentrant and over the side of the hill right onto the control. Things were going good. 9-10. Dropped straight down to the pond and headed up the hill on the other side straight to the control. Perfecto. Although these controls had been going well, I knew I was getting tired by this point so I was being extra careful to plan good routes that would not lead to mistakes. 10-11. Cut to the trail and ran, looking ahead at the final legs. My actual attackpoint to the control was the marsh on the right side of the trail but the water station also helped! I found 11 and headed on to 12. 11-12. compass

12-13. I headed down to the trail and followed it to the end of the hill then left it. I then used the small hills to navigate into 13. Still going well but so tired! 13-14 short compass 14-15 pretty straight forward, straight over to the first hill then to the second with a clearing on top. I hesitated when I got there though, as I did not see the building on the map and it confused me: quite a lot. I then saw the control and all was good. Afterward I looked and saw the building on the map. 15-16-finish was just a sprint. So, although there were some mistakes in here, quite a few actually, I managed to recover from them and have clean controls. A key thing I need to remember for relocating is bail! But, all in all a decent race.
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COC Middle

Map and Route


Race Analysis:

I took the first 3 or 4 Controls fairly slowly to build up my confidence and ease into the map. I had some small hesitations but I moved quite confidently through the terrain and was reading the map well. By control 3 I was pretty comfortable and was offensively navigating (knowing what the next feature I needed to hit would look like). From then on I picked up the pace a little bit and was running hard, smooth and clean all the way until control 11, it was going great. I had good attackpoints, safe, but quick route choices and my running was feeling pretty good.

Leaving control 11 I picked a safe route with a good attackpoint for number 12. When I saw the small spur on my right I headed off the trail but I didn’t double check my compass and got the angle slightly wrong, I hit the elongated hill but it was not the right one. There was a small knoll that was not mapped in the position I thought 12 was so I ran there but the control was not there, I checked a few other knolls and then at that point having no idea where I was I bailed back to where I left the trail. On my second attempt in I wasn’t much better and ended up relocating after seeing control 16. When I finally found 12 I was a little bit rattled and upset that my so far perfect race had been ruined. At that point though I knew I just needed to keep going and so I blocked the mistake out of my mind and kept going. I had even more focus after the mistake and kept pushing hard even though my confidence wasn’t quite as high. I pretty much nailed the last four controls and ended up 3rd which I was quite happy with.

COC Sprint

Map and Route


Race Analysis

I had a really good warm-up for this race and was ready to run as I headed out. I started out a little too fast, I was running really hard and not looking at the map enough. I lost a little bit on the first control as I came too low on the road and had to run up to the control. After the first control I settled into a rhythm and was reading the map very well. I didn’t make any other navigational mistakes throughout this pretty technically easy course. Most of the time I lost was on the long running legs as I just do not have the same speed as some of the other guys. I was very happy with my quick decisions, maybe a couple times I chose a route that was a few seconds slower but I spent no time trying to decide which way would be better so I think that was definitely the right thing to do on this course. By the time I came in to the finish I was absolutely wiped and I couldn’t have pushed myself harder physically nor navigated much better other than control 1. That was the best effort I could have put in that day.

COC Long

Map and Route

Split Times

When I first picked up my map and looked at it at the start of the race I was a little bit overwhelmed by all the green and blue on the map. I knew that if I just headed straight off into the unknown I would soon lose contact so I chose the trail route for the first control. I ran on the trail and started to get my bearings a bit. When I left the trail I did so cautiously and found the first control without issue. I quickly learned that any type of green was to be avoided and that you had to be careful not to be trapped by the uncrossable water bodies. After one I was getting more and more confidence. I never lost contact and made good route choices for the most part. On control 5 I overlooked the best route which would have been running the clearings out to the road and then straight in instead of trying to fight through the swampy green areas.

I kept running well, picking off features as I passed them, choosing good attackpoints and using the numerous clearing and lakes as handrails. My biggest error of the race came between 8 and 9. When I looked at the route at control 8 I thought I saw a land bridge that wasn’t actually there and so ended up heading out in the wrong direction. I eventually saw that there was in fact no bridge there so altered my route to the nearest route, which involved some backtracking. Now that I was back on track and had a good plan I picked up speed to try and make up for lost time (I know this is never a good idea but its hard not to do). I ended up drifting to the right and ended up stranded on a point and had to back track again. When I finally did reach the area where number 9 was I could not find it because I was looking in the wrong reentrant.

The rest of the race was fairly good. I was getting quite tired from the long course and made a couple of small mistakes on the last few controls. Surprisingly at the end of the race everyone was fairly close together as we had all made a lot of mistakes on the technical and physically exhausting course.
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US Team Trials F21 Middle

This competition was the end part of our big training week in Harriman and so I was a tad concerned about being tuckered out... but it turned out to be a great race!! Unfortunately I got to the start wayyy too early and even though I was able to get myself into the zone during my warm-up, it was tough to hold onto it.
As soon as I turned over the map I knew that I would have to take the beginning more carefully than I had first planned. The first 6 controls seemed to be in an area with plenty of features but at the same time, the terrain was quite vague. I kept a close eye on my compass and did my best to use the boulders as features to check off along the way. The green was super thick which meant that finding those corridors of white woods was really important. Unfortunately I wasn't consistent in reading my control descriptions and therefore lost a good 20sec on 6 looking for the wrong feature. In my list of goals I know that I need to work on my system of entering and exiting controls, which involves knowing what the feature is.
From 7 to 8 I had a bit of a freak attack since I've never been so hot with the whole contouring thing. But I managed to stay on the same contour right up until the small hill, which was my attack point, before dropping down right into the control. To 9 and 10 it was just a matter of keeping track of the cliffs that I passed so as not to run too far or be too high/low. From 11 to 12 I used the cliffs followed by the swamp as handrails before running right off the tip of the spur into the control.
By this point in the race I was getting pretty pooped which is why I think I did a bit of a funky direction detour on the way to 14 as well as 18. It was really apparent that I was about to crash at 15 when I thought I was still at 14. Once that happened I buckled down on keeping my concentration right up until the end. Thankfully it wasn't a super technical area so all I had to do was make sure I was still running in the right direction.
After finishing the race I was super content with how I dealt with sustaining my concentration and just the overall pressure of running a fast and precise middle course.

US Team Trials F21 Sprint

I knew that this was going to be one fast race and since it was already the second race of the day I knew I wanted a really good warm-up. Right off the start I saw that since it was a rather nontechnical area I'd have to be really careful about losing a couple seconds because of a bad route choice. Throughout the whole race I tried my very best to anticipate the legs ahead so that I could bolt out of the control in the right direction and with a route already in mind. Unfortunately, not reading my control descriptions punished me once again at control 10 when I ran around the whole building when the flag was actually on a bush. Since my brain was already pretty fried I tried to choose routes that were simple with an obvious attackpoint. For controls 11, 12, and 13 I opted for running on the trail rather than taking a more direct route simply because there were obvious features to stop me right before the control.
I really pushed hard on this race and even though the silly bobble at 10 was a bit of a bummer I was still quite happy with my navigation and pacing.

WCOC A-meet M21 Long

We drove into the parking lot about half an hr before my start time... so with a bus ride plus a 1.5km run to the start I ended up being about 1 min late, I had my compass and dibbler in my hand, my map in mouth, and my control description holder was not cooperating! For such a crazy start to a race... it actually turned out alright!!!
I stuck to the trail for the first part of the route to 1 just so I could figure out what on earth was going on and then I was really cautious the whole way so that I could get into the map. I made sure to keep track of what was up and what was down while not getting all mixed up with the stone walls. The walls were great as handrails, but a pain to keep track of when they were parallel to my route.
From 3 to 4 I tried to find a simple enough route with not too much climb and an easy attackpoint. It was a piece of cake once I got into the long saddle that led right into the swamp. It was also handy have so much time to read ahead and read my control descriptions. The alarm bells were going off when I was running across the top of the hill towards 7 because it just seemed to go on forever!! I was terrified that I had run too far until the terrain started to go down; I relocated off the two parallel cliffs and joyously found the flag! Since I was freaking out for most of the route to 7, I never had time to really look at 8 which is why my route is so ridiculous. The left route was wayy faster, and even going to the right and then taking the trail to the left wouldn't have been so bad... but nopers... allll the way to the right where I definitely lost a good minute or so. After another little bobble at 9 from not knowing the feature I managed to put my race back together for the long leg. Similar to my original strategy, I wanted to choose a route that was simple and not too physically demanding. Going the way I did I think worked just fine... it was so perfect hitting that last major trail already set up with my bearing straight to the spur and that beautiful beep!
Both butterfly loops went smoothly since they were mostly about keeping a good bearing. The little direction wobble on the way to 17 would be because there were people running every which way and I got a little excited... concentration!! ah!
Controls 23 and 24 were both a tad iffy since they were more or less in the middle of nowhere. I seemed to have a bit of luck with 23 since I knew I was to the left and just bashed through the green until I found the boulders. And I put great trust into following the spur around to 24 since I was quite skeptical about not being at the right height. The most important part of those two routes should've been the attackpoint but I never took the time to find good ones which could have been disastrous.
Trudged all the way up to 25 and then disaster really did strike. Instead of staying on a straight bearing I followed the contours of the hill around so that I was wayyy off. It was so frustrating which is why I spent way too long running around aimlessly trying to figure out the map. Eventually I took a moment and figured out the huge huge cliffs on the side of the hill. Super silly that it took me almost 4min to go 150m!
After that the orienteering was pretty straightforward with big features to keep my going in the right direction. Overall I was happy with the race. It was the longest one so far that year so I was impressed that my legs were able to keep carrying me along. The crazy mistake at the end just enforces the need to stay concentrated right up until I punch that finish control.

2010 JWOC Middle Final

The middle final promised to be a really exciting race since the course went through three distinct zones. It started out with a really technical open area with lots of depressions and fine contour detail. I was already nervous about the race and so right from the start I made sure to really keep track of exactly which depression I was in and what patch of green I had just passed. That worked until control 2 which is when I picked up a Czech girl who latched on and became quite the distraction. It helped to have a second pair of eyes to look for controls 3 and 4, but it also threw me out of my intense concentration which is why I missed both controls by a bit.
After that I was able to calm down a bit with some simple routes just keeping track of trails and my direction. At 6 we picked up a Norwegian which is where we all spent a nice bit of time looking for the flag. I absolutely knew that we were in the circle the flag was just being real evasive. Since we had caught the Norwegian the pace picked up exponentially with me taking the lead and the Norwegian hot on my tail. We booked it along the trail to 9 and then dove back into the woods from 10 to 11. It was here where I made an itty bitty parallel area with the reentrants coming off the trail. I went up the wrong one and ended up having to crash through the green to get around to the control.
Passing through the spectator area I felt like I was dying and it didn't help at all that the last section was incredibly technical. I was pretty foolish and instead of thinking about my own race I was thinking about how I'd have to navigate better than the Norwegian because she could run faster than me. Wrong thing to do!!! I just ended up making myself do mistakes which is why I was so off on the way to 16 and lost a whole 4 places. For this section it would've been a much better idea to find the most apparent hill or depression close to the control to attack it from. Being so tired and running at such a high pace meant that reading all the little tiny details was impossible. Running this race was a great eye-opener for what I need to do for my physical fitness since I felt like I was really lacking some speed. And it will also be important to keep my navigating skills up to the same level so that the two aspects will make a killer combo for Poland.
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Race analysis
1. COC Chase Sprint
- Overall results,
- Prologue results,
- Chase results,
Prologue – Going into this race I really wanted to concentrate on staying in contact with the map as the day before I had a blow out on a couple of my controls. My plan was to start out slow and steady and pick it up if I wasn’t making mistakes. So heading out to the first control I took it really slow and safe to make sure I was adjusted to the scale of the map. I was distracted by another control that I saw in the trees but that set me up well for the rest of the race as then I made a effort to read the control descriptions very carefully and only go to controls I was confident were mine. From one –three was straight forward and I worked on building up speed, in retrospect I should have been looking ahead because I had a bit of an issue with four in that I should have cut up into the trees earlier. Four-six was all running and I worked on extending my stride and getting a good pace set up. Going from six to seven I almost missed the trail heading west leading into the clearing that seven was in, this then brought to my focus that I needed to go back to my primary focus and concentrate on the map. I was able to regroup on the run from seven to eight as it was following the flagging, again I should have looked ahead as going from eight to nine I miss read the map and ended up on the stairs above the control and had to go around again. This made me really look at the map for the next three to make sure I wasn’t reading something as crossable that wasn’t. I was starting to get a bit tired by this point so I wanted to make sure I didn’t do anything stupid. Going from twelve to thirteen I was starting to get excited that I had run a good race and almost ran right by thirteen. I needed to keep my head in the game and remember that you’re only finished when you punch the last control! Going from thirteen to the finish I really felt my lack of running training and was really glad I could stop running when I punched the finish.
Take aways: I felt pretty good about this race, I beat my mum which sounds pathetic to be proud of as she is in her mid fifties but I was happy! I am really glad I started out the race concentrating on connecting to my map and I think it set me up for a good run. It really motivated me to get into better running shape. Also by getting distracted at the end I realized that I also need to practice keeping my head in the game until the very end.
2. COC long -
Results wise this race wasn’t that successful but I learned a lot from it. I took it really slow heading to one (I was mostly walking) I was very conscious that I hadn’t been doing much orienteering in the last few years and it was a detailed map that they had warned us to keep in contract with. When I got to one I saw a competitor that started a couple minutes behind me and I was like ‘crap I need to actually start racing’. I then started heading out to two without realizing that the way I was planning on going was actually through an uncroassable lake. Once I finished I realized that the way I went could have been an ok route choice but it really brought to my attention the need to plan completely my whole route, not just skim it and then start on my way. I went to the road for three because I was ready for some easy running. I had just fought my way through the dense green that was between the lakes and thought I would try a different approach. It ended up being a fast route choice. I was trying to pick up the pace at this point and simplify the map because there were so many details I couldn’t read them all and still move at a reasonable pace. I was doing really well on three to four moving along and checking off features as I passed them but for some reason when I saw a reentrant I thought I was there even though I wasn’t far enough. I then proceeded to waste my time following the reentrant back the wrong way. I thought it looked wrong and didn’t want to spend an hour wandering around aimlessly so I forced my self to ditch the ‘it’s just over there feeling’ and bailed out to my last known point. I then realized that I hadn’t gone far enough and followed the hill and clearing into the control. My confidence had been a little shaken so I took it slow to five making sure every part of the map matched up. I took the road again from five to six but misread the land and didn’t come into the control well. I was getting tired at this point and was letting it control the way I was thinking. I headed out to seven by taking to road again as running through the green was tough and I felt like it was an easier route choice. Looking at it afterwards I think that a bearing would have been better. Seven to eight I was drawn down to the lake because of the hill and then over compensated by heading back up the hill but when I found the fence I made my self stop for a few seconds and make sure 100% where I was. Eight to ten was good running and I was getting back into the flow of things. Running along the path to eleven was nice because it gave me a mental break but I should have picked up detail reading sooner as I didn’t nail the control site very well even though it was close to the trail. It was around this point that I saw a couple of the other competitors that had started around the same time as me and I let it go to my head and I tried to make up time. For twelve I over shot the control and thirteen I left the trail with only a sense of where I was heading. When I finally found thirteen I was cursing my self for my stupidity and the ability I have to make the same mistakes over and over again! Fifteen was a bit messy but I found it. I was really tired heading to sixteen and I don’t know what I was thinking. though it ended up that a lot of people had trouble at some point on the course.
Things I (re)learned. – DON’T pay attention to other runners, run your own race! – When I start getting tired I need to concentrate more on making a good route choice. – I need to get in better shape. Although I knew all of these going in this race really reiterated them all repetitively.
3. NAOC long -
This was the first long race I had done in a very long time and although I spend nearly half my time on one control, overall I was happy with my race. For if you take out that one control I would have done ok. I started out slow on number one, getting used to the terrain and scale of the map. I really worked on checking off features as I went from one to three. As I went to three I didn’t plan my route that well, I sort of just headed out without looking to see the elevation that I was going to be going up and down, making it an ineffective route choice. From four to five I decided to follow the reentrant to decrease elevation changes. The reentrant was easy to follow and I overshot it a bit but found five once I figured out the detailed terrain around it. I took longer than I should have navigating from five to six trying to figure out each cliff. To seven I feel like it was my lack of fitness that slowed me down. The control was right were I expected it to be and I was confidant as I was approaching. Seven to eight was super short and straightforward. To this day I still don’t know what I did from eight to nine. I think I was in the reentrant to the east of the control but I am not sure. For improvement on this leg I should have bailed out earlier back to a point where I knew where I was. When I bailed out I think I was on a trail that was either not on the map or I am just crazy. I tried to attach the control in different (multiple) ways and the way that finally worked was a round about way. This made going to ten easier because I could retrace some of my steps. I kept it slower and made sure I had a plan leaving all the controls for the rest of the race. Ten to eleven I broke the leg into two so that I could make sure I was on the right track. The rest of the race I choose to use the paths and keep the navigation along the way simple.
Important points- When I don’t know were I am I need to bail out sooner so my mistakes aren’t as big. – longer legs I need to break up and have checking points so that I am sure that I am keeping contact with the map the whole time.
4. NAOC Sprint -
This was my first sprint race and I think I let the idea of sprints being fast get to my head to much. I headed out from the start fast glancing at my map for direction and then saw a control and booked it for the control. Even as I was doing it I knew it was stupid and when I got there and it wasn’t my control I felt very stupid. After getting the first control I went painstakingly slow to the second control double checking everything (which in reflection I know was a bit of an over reaction). Two to three I picked up the pace with a bearing and then on to three to four with a nice flow. Five to six I should have paid more attention to the vegetation as I had a slower time because I was not in the most runable part of the forest. Six to seven was good, I used a clearing as an attack point and found the control easily. Eight, I over ran on the path a bit but realized fairly quickly. My bearing form eight to nice was pretty accurate however from nine to eleven was pretty sloppy in that I was always on the right tack but never right on. Eleven to twelve was another good bearing. The rest of the race was a bit messy and lacked flow. I learned or probably relearned a lot of the orienteering I had forgotten in this race. Overall my splits were all over the place sometimes I would nail a control and others I would miss for no particular reason.
Coming out of this race I wanted to work on my consistency and ability to flow. For the rest of the season after this I really concentrated on my first couple controls, adapting to the maps scale and terrain. I wanted to work on coming into a control and being able to exit it right away and have a plan on the next control.
Jan 16, 2011 1:29 AM # 


Splits (Long 6):

I am normally a little hesitant while running longs and have difficult deciding on and sticking with the long routes. Overall, this was a fairly solid race for me. While I had some mistakes, I tried to maintain my orienteering system to eliminate large blow-ups.

Start-1: I did not know whether to go left or right, but picked left because I thought it had a better entry into the control as well as stayed closer to the line. Additionally, the first part of the route was all trail running which made the orienteering simple to start. My goal was to confidently find the first control, because I often lose time here in other races. I used the trail stream junction to know when to go in and followed the stream, keeping my head up for the control.

1-2: I had caught up to my dad at this point, so I got a little ahead of myself going to 2. I did not know where I was along the hillside and cut in too early. I should have had a clearer attackpoint (such as the earthbank clearing).

2-3: I am fairly happy with the route I took. I just needed to increase my confidence and speed while running it. I did have a hard time trying to decide what vegetation I wanted to run though and how much I should avoid the light green.

3-4: Although it worked out well during the race, in retrospect I should have had a clearer attackpoint because there were so many rocks and cliffs that were fairly indistinguishable from each other. I did try to use the point where the stream met the lake and a rough judgment. I did have my head up when I entered the circle, which really helped.

4-5: I executed this leg well. At this point I was starting to get tired. Also, I need to make sure to look for routes that are perhaps a little wider (such as the boundary route) that are still viable.

6-7: I ended up getting pulled down earlier than I thought and misread one bend in the stream for another. I should have been more critical because it would a fairly obvious difference. Also, once I got up to the top of the hill and saw no control, I should have recovered faster than I did because I knew intrinsically that I had been trying to make the map fit

9 – 10: I should have checked my map orientation before I left the control because I left a little bit too south. While I realized my error quickly, it would have been easier to fix and could give me better flow.

The remainder of the course went smoothly, I was just very physically tired.

In the race, I needed to check my map’s orientation more often and stay motivated while running the long legs. Also, I need to continue to work on running with other orienteers to keep my focus and improve my physical fitness.

JWOC Middle Qualifier



My goals for this race were to:
- pick good attackpoints
- go slowly and steadily to the first control, and to not get distracted by the other girls starting at the same time
- use my compass
- have good flow

Start – 1: I was lucky that I hit the control. I went on a bearing (with the idea that the trail would be my catching feature). The terrain changes were very subtle in the actual race.

1-2: It was slow running through the clearing because many trees were cut down. I kept my head up to see the hill (and then the depression the control was in).

2-4: These were both good controls. I had good flow at this point because I knew direction I was leaving and the control number before I got to the control.

4-5: I think it might have been faster to go to the west instead of the east because it was slow running through the slash. However, I executed I planned well and kept in good contact with the map.

6-7: I did not know which hilltop I was on, so I undershot the control. I should have had a better attackpoint or been better at keeping in contact with the map.

8-9: I needed to keep my head up more when entering the control circle because I went too far south first and turned around to find the control.

10-11: I ran most of this leg with two other girls. However, I don’t think they were in my heat, so I was happy with how I did not get distracted by where they were going.

11-12: I didn’t need to contour around the hill as much as I did. I should have just gone straight over the hill.

12-13: This may not have been the faster route, but I wanted one that was simple because I was getting quite tired at this point.

15-16: I should have gone around on the path just to the south because the slash was really difficult to run through

17-18: I got distracted by other runners when I should have just gone out to the road and in. However, I bailed out quickly.

Overall, I was fairly happy with:
- checking my control descriptions ahead of time
- flow
- keeping contact with the map

However, I was extremely tired from the races early that week so I did not feel like I could push myself as hard as I wanted to. Also, I need to try to keep my focus towards the end when I start to get tired. This was a really fun race though and I really enjoyed being out there!

HPP Fundraiser Sprint – Chase


This was the first time I had done a chase before and I had Kendra starting soon after me. I didn’t want to be too slow going to the first control, but I also didn’t want to make a larger mistake.

1-2: I’m happy that I read ahead enough and kept in good contact with the map to notice that stairs.

2-3: However, I didn’t plan my route very well on this leg. My route had a lot of turns (and then I took the ramp instead of the stairs)

3-4: I wasn’t sure which route was faster, but I just picked with northern route and stuck with it. I often hesitate or second-guess my route, so I wanted to just make a decision, especially in this case when I don’t think it mattered too much

4-8: These legs went well. I had fairly good flow, was reading my legs all the way through to make sure I didn’t get trapped.

8-9: I hesitated on this leg and didn’t picture the control circle very well because I didn’t read my control description.

9-10: I saw another runner turn back but it didn’t occur to me that they couldn’t get through because of a fence. I completely missed the fence because I was used to looking at thicker black lines. I needed to continue to pay attention to smaller details, especially on a sprint.

11-12: I had a lot of difficulties deciding what route to take. I was not sure if I wanted to cut back through the start, and I did end up crossing over the line.

Well I had some good legs, I need to work on making these more consistent and not letting my system slip. My mistakes could have been fairly easy to avoid. I also need to improve my fitness for fast paced races like these!

Oringen Day 3

Personal Splits (photo):

Start – 1: I had trouble with the 1: 15,000 scale and in contact with the map right off the bat. I did not have a good attackpoint. When I realized that I had overshot the control, I turned around and saw a moose running through the forest, looking very scared, so I had to wait for a few seconds for it to clear out of the way.

1-2: Even though I made a mistake on the first control, I wanted to refocus and worry about the rest of the race. I found the towers to be good landmarks, so I knew when to cut in. Looking up helped me navigate my way into the control.

2-3: I lost contact slightly in the middle of this route so I slowed down. I should have continued because I knew that I would hit the swamp and hill. Once I got to the swamp, I cut in at the cliff and used the swamp as my attack point.

4-5: It was very slow going through the clearing—I probably should have continued on the path for as long as possible, but I didn’t know what the terrain would be like along the power line and wanted to try stay close to the line.

5-6: I kept changing my mind about what route I wanted to take. I tried to get through the green and the cliffs as best as I could because I didn’t know how to best approach them. I just ran on a general bearing, counting the major hills and picking off noticeable features. I still need to get faster on long legs. I used the junction between the stream and the path to clarify where I was before I cut up into the control.

The rest of the controls went well, except for 9 because I didn’t have a clear attackpoint. However I knew that the path was very close if I needed to bail out, so I kept going until I found the control.

Overall, I’m pleased with how I refocused after my first control. However, I need to work on motivating myself on long legs and knowing when to simplify and when to read detail. Also, I need to put more of a focus on attackpoints when I plan my route.
Jan 16, 2011 1:36 AM # 
JWOC Relay 2010


Map and Route: coming soon! trying to figure out DOMA! Not working for me

JWOC Relay was a great race for me after having a few shaky races at the start of the week. I virtually ran a perfect. Maybe a couple minutes lost on mistakes and hesitations, probably my biggest time loss throughout the entire race was when my shoe came untied and I had to stop and retie it. I was on a mixed German/Canadian Team. The first two runners from Germany had great runs so I started my third leg right in the mix of things. I started just behind New Zealand and right with Spain. I ran with the Spaniard for the first control but we had a forking on the second control. I was very impressed with my mental game, I didn’t let seeing him head off on a different route influence my navigating at all. I ran my own race. I felt much more comfortable on this map as it reminded me more of the terrain at home, with big features and not the subtle 2.5m contour detail that characterized the other events at JWOC. I really rocked the first 10 or 11 controls up until the spectator control.

After the spectator control the 28 degree heat really began to take its toll. Climbing up the steep juniper covered hill, cooking in the hot weather took a lot out of me and I started to fade a bit. I had trouble getting my bearings at the second start triangle I bobbled control 35 a bit because I didn’t check my control descriptions and thought the control was on the spur not in the reentrant. At that point the runner from the German A-Team had caught and we ran the next few controls together with him slowly pulling away. I overshot the second last control and lost maybe 20 seconds. I ran hard into the finished, Happy that I had beaten the Spanish back and passed the New Zealanders! Great race to finish the week!
Jan 16, 2011 1:54 AM # 
JWOC Sprint:

Overall this was a pretty good race. Being the first of the jwoc week its always a bit of a shock with the level of intensity and spectators that the races have. So coming out of the starting shoot and looking at the map trying to find number 1 was a little tough. However the first couple went great. i had a bit of a problem on number 4 where i wasnt quite sure if i could get through so i just was safe and went around, i think i need to be reading ahead more.My next problem came when i read my map wrong and though i was supposed to go from 6-8 not 6-7 this was recovered pretty quick but slightly changed the way i was planning on going and slowed me down a bit. For the long leg 9-10 i had an okay route, i tried to keep it simple so i could run faster and attempt to read ahead, but i dont think i managed to do much of that and probably lost time by trying to go around. Control number 12 was very confusing, it was difficult to see which side of which hedge the control was on so i got a little turned around there and just had to check a couple. 13-14 i had planned to exit the control in one direction before i had read the entire leg, this ment i had to go all the way around the hedge and messed that one up a bit. The rest of the race was alright, i slowed down maybe a bit more than i should have though. I was cautious and didnt want to make anymore mistakes. I am happy with this race, but it certainly could have gone better.

BCOC Middle:

My middle at the british columbian orienteering champs went quite well. The woods were quite thick and so it was tough to choose way around on the trails or through the woods. Also i found with this race it was quite important to focus on the contours, even when choosing between 2 trails of equal distance one would often have way more climb. i made this mistake on number 4 and went lower than i should have. Another similar mistake was made on number 8, where i tried to go more directly to the control and ended up climbing much more than if i had gone just a little bit further and around the top of a massive reentrant. However the interesting part of this course definitely came near the end, after all that running you were thrust into a complex cliff and boulder area for controls 10-12. Coming out of 10 i made a slight mistake and overshot the trail junction, because i just didnt see it. the woods here were not supper think so i managed to cut off and skirt around the first hill to get 11, to go for 12 i had to simplify a lot and run mostly on compass and looked only for my attack point of the twin cliffs. at this time of the year i thought a course mostly suited to running such as this one would be difficult for me, however i managed to stay on track even when very tired and had a pretty good race.

COC Chase Sprint

For my analysis i chose the chase sprint instead of the cocs sprint because it was a far more interesting and challanging course, map, and race. This course was difficult around 3,5,6, and 10 because it was very tough to see what was high and what was low, there were a lot of stair cases underpasses and impassible walls that made things quite tricky. I like this because it adds the challange of haveing to read more information just as quickly. i had to spend a little bit long reading my map on this course but was not neccassarily slowed down by it. My big mistakes on this course came at 12, when i took off towrards what i thought was a passible fence, then realized it wasn't, and 14 where i was so pressured to run fast that i simply chose the simplest route and didnt even fully look at the possibilty of the other route. i think this is a good learning one for me because it is important to still keep your focus even when other runners are around or catching up on you.


I chose the JWOC Long as my last race to analize because it was pretty long, and pretty tough. I made a mistake to number two and over shot my trail junction massively, i usually have difficulty in thebeggining of long races while adjusting to the scale. My big mistake was on number 7, when i got overconfident. long simple legs like this that involve simply counting trail corners are normally my sepcilaty/ However i made a pretty serious compass mistake and had difficulty recovering, eventually i realized my compass had been wrong but then i didnt know where i was. this was only sovled by running in the right direction and trying to match everything around me. I also made a mistake on 14 when i tried to avoid climb by not going all the way to the top of the hill, but ended up causeing myself much more climb becasue i had to come all the way up at the control from the bottom. i also made small contorl circle mistakes on controls 25 and 31 when i was too conifdent and did not make strong plans for the attackpoint and into the control from there. also this race was long, and very tiring, i was definitely not in good enough shape to properly handle this level of distance and climb.
Jan 16, 2011 2:13 AM # 
Hidden Valley & Spreckley’s Trails (Pat de St. Croix Memorial Event, COC middle- August 2010)

I was super excited for this race. It’s a new map! I was also very nervous so I decided to start out slower and get used to the terrain and scale.
Start-1, was very simple but I took it slow so not to make a mistake.
3-4 I headed straight and hit the junction, I checked off the swamp and little hill and turned into the woods. I didn’t see the control right away. I went past it and I turned around and saw it.
4-5 I went straight at it but didn’t see it. I knew I was in the general area but I just couldn’t find the control. Finally I saw it.
8-9 I ran through the clearing and ran along the swamp. When I hit the end of the swamp I slowed down a bit so that I wouldn’t run past it. I made a silly mistake and didn’t see it and thought it was on the bigger swamp to the left, when I got to the hill I realized it was on the little one on my right.
10-11 I decided to go straight over the hill and I saw control 15 and I knew 11 was just 50 or so meters to the left.
13-14 I decided to go through the woods and just watch for the huge hill. It was really obvious I just went around and saw 14 right away.
14-15 I cut straight to the trail and then chose my route choice. When I got to the small junction I cut in saw 11, and then saw 15.
I really tried to pick it up from 10 on. Overall it was a pretty good race. I would have liked to have run faster on the trails. I made sure to read the map more on the trails.

Nakkertok (COC relay- August 2010)

I was not excited for this race, I’m not a huge fan of Nakkertok’s woods. I was the first leg runner, it was a mass start and I wasn’t the first to my control. Everyone was booking it and at 2 people began to go in different directions. I didn’t want to start out too fast because I didn’t want to run out of energy before I was even to control 3. I chose my own pace and concentrated on picking good route choices. I really tried to block out everyone else and run my own race.
The first 5 controls were simple obvious route choices.
4-5 I planned the next two control’s route choices.
5-6 my plan was to go up the hill hit the trail, turn left, and at the big bend in the trail (attackpoint) go into the control. What actually happened was I never saw the trail junction so I chose to just head in, which was not a good decision. I recovered on the main trail. I ran in and found 6 right on.
8-9 was a simple route choice and just trail running. So I planned out what I was going to do for the rest of the controls.
9-10 there were so many people but there were two controls close together. Everyone went to the one in the re-entant. I knew that wasn’t my control and saw mine on the cliff. Everybody was gone.
10-12 I chose to take a bearing and check off main features along the way.
12-Finish was an obvious route choice.
I tried to push it the whole time. I know I could have run faster on the trials. I definitely tried to read ahead as much as I could while running on the trails.

Carleton University (COC chase sprint, morning- August 2010)
Splits: file:///C:/Users/Randy/Desktop/ChaseSprint_Results_Prologue.html

I really enjoyed this race, I was pretty smooth and didn’t stop once, I always knew where I was on the map and read ahead as much as possible.
Start-1 was definitely not speedy. I was getting myself adjusted to the scale and I also looked where I was supposed to go into 2 after getting one.
2-3 I didn’t look at which side of the tree the control was placed, and unfortunately I chose the wrong side.
3-7 where simple route choices and I read ahead.
8-9 was a super silly mistake. I didn’t look at which side the control was going to be on. I ended up on having to go around.
9-13 were straight forward route choices. I picked it up a little bit.
13-14 all the way down the trail I was debating which way to get to 14. If I should go straight through or around either left or right. When I arrived I chose to go straight through. I should have just chosen right away and booked it on the trail instead of debating.
After this race my knee was pretty sore. I decided not to do the second race because I knew it would be on more pavement and I didn’t want to mess-up my knee for the rest of the COC’s.

Sulphur Springs (Golden Horseshoe- August 2010)

This race I was pretty tired the whole time. I really wanted to pick good route choices and have a good smooth race.
Start-1 I turned the map over and I was like oh man. So I started at control 1 and picked most of my route choice backwards. I started walking from the start till I knew what route choice I was going to use. My final decision was to use trails as much as possible and keep it simple. When I hit the field I followed the edge of the woods and turned in at about 20 metres and then turned right and ran to the river. I ran along the river until I hit the control.
1-2 I went straight through the field and went up the re-entrant. I didn’t go high enough and ended up going to the lower dirt ditch. I figured out my mistake right away and went higher and found the control.
2-3 I chose to stay on the trails as much as I could for this long route. I started out going straight down the hill and I went around on the trail instead of going through the swamp. I ran down the main trail and cut left into the woods when I came to the little swamp. Then I ran through the swamp and hit the little trail. I ran down the trail for about 50 metres and turned left and aimed for the main trail. I knew I had to cross the ravine eventually. I made my way down the trail and cut into the woods when the clearing ended on my right. I saw the control right away.
3-4 I went straight back out to the trail and ran to the parking lot. Here I had a couple of route choice options. I had decided on the trail run to 3 what I was going to do. I chose to follow the little stream and cut along the rock fence. I went straight to the huge long piles of humungous boulders/rocks and straight to the control. I was happy with my route choice.
4-5 I chose again to stick to the trails. When I hit the road I followed it until the right side of the woods began to incline. At that point I turned into the woods and followed the re-entrant up to the control.
6-7 was the best part of the whole race. The woods were beautiful and the running was great. I went down the spur, hit the trail, down the re-entrant and back up right to the control.
7-8 I ran straight to the trail and then across the field and ran on the indistinct trail and straight up to the control. I could see the control from quite a distance away.
8-9 I knew I was coming to the end and I picked up the pace a bit. I went right back out to the trail and when the decline of the ravine (attack point) was close to the trail I headed down. I was a little too far to the left and had to contour around till I got to the control.
9-10 This control was very straight forward. I could see the feature that 10 was on from the river.
10-Finish I found was very straight forward. I was really tired by this point. I tried to push it right to the end.
Overall it was a good race. I didn’t have any big flame-outs. I could have definitely run faster though.
Jan 16, 2011 2:45 AM # 
1. COC Sprint

First 3 controls were very smooth and able to run quickly. Slightly over shot control 4, misjudged the shape of vegetation boundary. 5,6 and 7, I had good route choices and didn’t hesitate on route decisions. Going to 8 was an easy route, but I didn’t read my control description, took a few seconds to find control. Took 9 and 10 a bit slower to make sure I was taking best route and saw all the details. Going to control 11 was able to read ahead for long leg. Controls 12 and 13 gave time to read ahead. My running speed was slower than I would have liked. My shin splints were giving me pain. Going to 14 I was a bit hesitant about were to go through vegetation, should have come through earlier would have wasted less time. Last 3 controls were all very smooth.
Overall I had good route choices, I read ahead and had a solid first control. I need to make sure that I read my controls descriptions and pay attention to details right around the control.


2. COC Middle

First control did not go well. I started running before I had oriented my map. Needed to refocus faster, I spend to long running around. After control one control 2 and 3 were smooth. I picked good attack points and focused on the features. Controls 4 and 5, I executed will lots of speed, I was able to run quickly for first part of each leg then slow down once I came to attack point. Used the contours as handrails. Going to control 6, I made a poor route choice and didn’t pay enough attention to the trails. I was distracted by pain from my shin splints and I made a parallel error and was on the wrong trail. Controls 7 and 8 went smooth I was trying to make up time. On control 9 I was too focused on making up time and didn’t pay attention to detail or the features around me as I was running. I’m not exactly sure what I did but had to relocate. On the second attempt I found the control. Controls 10 and 11 I made sure I knew where I was and used contours to guide me. 12 to 13 I used the trail to read ahead for next leg. Going to control 14 I used the creek as a handrail, which allowed me to move quickly. I took a barring to the edge of the cliffs and used them as an attack point. To control 15, I took a safer route but a longer distance along the trails. Was able to run quickly along the trail.
Most of this course went very well. I won 10 of the 15 legs however; I had 3 major errors that cost me lots of time. I need to take my time at the start of each race and make sure my first control is solid and if I do make a mistake during a race, refocus and forget about it. Don’t try to make up lost time because all it does is make me loose focus and make more mistakes. I did a good job of using attack points for most of the controls and used handrails to simplify legs.


3. Carleton U Sprint -Prologue

First two controls I over ran by 15 m or so. Was able to regroup for control 3. Went through control 3 smoothly and was able to read map well while running at high speed. Control 4 and 5 had really good flow through the controls after control 6, I slowed down a bit and used vegetation boundaries.
Control 7 was a spectator control. Going to control 8, the terrain switched into more buildings and I had a good control. The spectator control gave me time to read ahead. Control 9 was on the outside of the stairs and I should have probably gone straight around instead of going up then down the stairs. The rest of my legs were very smooth and I had good speed and efficient routes.
After the start I had a really good race. I have to work on no starting out too fast and making a mistake right away. I need to focus on the simple but important features so I can keep in contact with my map at all times.


4.Carleton U Sprint -Chase

Control 1 I took slowly to ensure I did not make a mistake. For controls 2, 3, and 4 there were lots of staircases and walkways. I paid attention to the details of the map well and made good route choices. Control 5 was an easy control I used it to read ahead to the next leg. Control 6 was smooth and was able to slow down a bit to read the details between 6 and 7. Leg 8 and 9 was smooth without any hesitation, however my shins were sore and running was a bit slower than I would have liked. Going to control 10 I had a bit of a hesitation. I started out toward the fence but saw the fence on the map before I got to far. I then was able to go back around the building without wasting too much time.
Legs 11 and 12 were very long legs that passed over a lot of the map I had already run. I was able to make really fast route choices. My running speed was really slow on theses controls because of my shins. The last 2 controls went well and I had good flow through the controls.
I did a good job of reading ahead to the next leg on this course and I caught my mistakes very quickly. This is one of the only races last year that I did a good job of not thinking about how others were doing and focused solely on my race. I took too much time deciding which route to take on the legs that had stairs. Overall I had really good consistency in this race, something I am trying to work on for this coming year.

Jan 16, 2011 7:01 AM # 
COC Middle


I was really happy with this race. I didn’t run very fast but instead I tried to learn and make fewer mistakes.

To control 1 I followed the trail and went straight when it split. I went around the hill and hit the control head on.
From control 1-2 I took a bearing. I knew that I could just run on the bearing because when I got to close to the control I would see a large hill with a clearing on top to the left.
To control 3 I ran south west until I hit the trail junction. I followed the trails until I reached the fence where I turned and followed the fence to the control.
To control 4 I went around the lake and clearing to the trail. I ran on the trail until I saw the hill on the right, then I cut into the forest and headed for the space between the two hills where my control was.
From 4-5 I ran through the swamp and around the hill to the control. From 5-6 I went back around the hill and through the swamp to the control.
To control 7 I just followed the trails and when I got to the hill I saw the control. To control 8 I headed up to the big trail which I ran on until I hit the trail junction where I cut into the forest and ran to the control.
From 8-9 I went through the clearing to the trail. From 9-10 I took the north trail and took a bearing when the trail turned left and headed for the clearing where I found the control. To control 11 I stayed on the same bearing and ran to the right of the cliffs and straight to the control.
From 11-12 I ran on the trails until I saw the cliffs on the left, then I took a bearing and headed towards the control making sure that I was running to the left of a hill the whole time.
The rest of the race was very simple trail running and bearings. I was very happy with this race because I made few mistakes and was happy with all my route choices.



This race was a good race overall because I had few mistakes and a very consistent speed.
From the start to control 1 it was all straight forward trail running, this gave me time to think out a few controls in advanced and get accustomed to the map.
Control 1-2 was a bearing. On the way I checked that I was going the on course by finding features as I passed them. This leg also had an obvious catching feature, a giant hill right after the control, luckily my bearing was good and I hit the control straight on.
From control 2-3 was an other long trail running leg. On this leg all route choices would take about the same time. The direct route is very steep green forest and the trail around is a lot faster but also longer. I was happy with my route but I should have ran faster.
To control 4 I ran on the trail and took a general bearing when I pasted the small clearing on the right. Through the forest I checked for the hill on the left then the fence, which I didn’t see, then the river, and the big hill with the control on it in the rock pile.
From control 4-5 I chose to run on the trail instead of straight through the forest. It was a good choice because when I got to the trail junction that I passed 3 or 4 guys who tried to go straight through.
To control 6 I started to get tired, I went to the trail and decided to stay on the trail until the trail junction where I cut though the forest to the clearing. I probably made this choice because I was tired, I should have cut off into the forest when the trail turned north. When I got out of the green near number 6 I took a bad bearing and ended up south of the control, luckily it didn’t take me long to realize where I was and got back on course.
From 6-7 I made my biggest mistake. I don’t even know what I was thinking at this time. I was very tired at this point. But after I finally found this control I got my head back in the game and concentrated hard to finish the race.
To control 8 I went around and down the hill to find the trail and cross the river. From there the trail took me straight to the control. To number 9 I just ran.
From 9-10 was trail running and I found the control easily.
To control 11 I ran on the trails and took a bearing at the church. I hit the control head on but misread the number. I followed the ridge for about 100 meters thinking that I took a bad bearing and when I saw the shape of the ridge I was following I realized what I did and turned back to get the control.
11-12 was all trail running so I tried to make up some of the lost time from the last control.
From 12-13 I followed the ridge straight to the control.
To 14 I followed the ridge around and to the control.
To control 15 I just ran west until I hit the main trail which I followed to clearing where I took a bearing to control 15.
From 15-16 I ran towards the two towers and from there headed for the trail that took me to the control.
This race was pretty good, I made a few careless errors but was happy with the rest of the race.

Giant’s Rib Raid


From the start to control 1 I ran along the bottom of the ridge and around the lake to the control. I went north around the lake because it was a mass start and all groups where going south around the lake so the side I went on was empty and gave me an early lead on a lot of teams.
From 1-2 I ran on the path to the field and ran underneath the power lines to the forest where I followed the path across the lake and to the control.
From 2-3 I took the most direct trail to go north and when I got past the trail junction I took a bearing to the other trail and followed it to the control.
To control 4 I followed the trail north along the ridge straight to the control.
From 4-5 I ran on the trail until the clearing where I crossed the river and headed north to the trail. I ran as fast as I could on the long stretch of trail and cut into the forest when I saw the cliff on the left and followed the contours to the control.
To control 6 I headed straight east to hit the trail. I followed the trail across the river and took a bearing towards the trail and followed the trail to the control.
From 6-7 I followed the clearings to the trail and ran on the trail to the junction where I took a bearing towards the cliff.
To control 8 I ran on trails for about 1 km and then cut through the forest and ran on another trail to the control.
From control 8 I ran to controls 9/10 this leg was full trail running so I went as fast as I could. Controls 9 and 10 where right beside each other for some strange reason?
From 10-11 I ran on the trail until I got to the fence where I took a bearing towards control 11.
From control 11-12 I sprinted down the trails for a strong finish.
This was a great race. I was in contact with the map for most of the race and had a fast race.

Quebec Championships Long


This was a great race, it was fast and a good start to the COC’s.

To control 1 I ran up the trail and when it turned left I continued north around the hill and swamp to the next trail. From that trail I went over the hill to the reentrant on the other side to get the control.
From 1-2 I went north to the trail and followed the trail to the road, once I crossed the road I took a bearing to the nearest lake. I went around the lake and north between two hills to the control.
To control 3 I headed east towards the trail. I ran on the trail south until I saw the trail junction and the lake. I headed around the big hill to the smaller hill behind it where my control was.
From control 3-4 I ran south to the big trail. I ran on that trail until I reached the trail junction. At the trail junction I took a bearing along the marsh to my control.
From control 4-5 I followed the contours to the control. I went along the ridge, across a river through the cliffs to a reentrant where the control was.
To control 6 I went across the marsh and up the hill to the cliff where the control was. I didn’t see the control and searched for a while at the cliffs in the area and eventually ended up where I started and found the control.
From 6-7 I went north to the trail. I ran on the trail until I saw the marsh on the left. When I saw the marsh I headed north towards the hill which my control was on.
To control 8 I went straight south and ran down the hill, at the bottom of the hill I went east towards the cliff where my control was.
From 8-9 I ran straight down on the trail to the go-control and finished the race.

I had a good race with a fast pace and orienteered well.
Jan 16, 2011 8:27 AM # 
1. Giant’s Rib Raid



Start-1: The starting leg was really fast, I ran along the side of the fence and then around a lake which led right into the control.
1-2: I followed the path, and then ran under the telephone wires until I reached a fence. Then I found a trail going through a marsh which led me to the control. It was a good leg because the features were very distinct.
2-3: There was a lot of trail running on this leg. The path made a big loop and I took a bearing to avoid running the extra milage. When I caught the path again, It lead me close to the control which was in between two cliffs.
3-4: I ran on the path along the cliffs. The control was beside a boulder. It was also a water control.
4-5: This was a mostly a running leg. I ran on trails until I had to take a bearing, cross a little river and then find another trail. To keep in contact with the map I counted the trail junctions and looked out for marshes. I knew it was time to take a bearing when I saw a huge boulder on the left side of the trail. In the forest I really had to pay attention to the contours. I focused on the major features like big hills and depressions.
5-6: I took a bearing and ran straight. I ran through marsh then through the forest for about 200m until I hit a path, but I kept going on my bearing until I hit the bigger trail. I ran on that until I crossed the bridge and then I took a bearing, avoiding the marsh and passing right beside the huge boulder. I hit a winding path which led into a meadow and to control number 6.
6-7: Took a bearing and ran in the general direction of the meadow until I hit the trail. Followed that until the first trail junction where I took a bearing right to the control.
7-8: This was mostly a trail running leg with a few bearings here and there. I reached the control in a trail junction, it was a water control.
8-9-10: This was all on trails and it was all about speed. Controls 9 and 10 were literally right beside each other. I don’t know why it was like that but whatever.
10-11: Ran under the cliffs and then caught the trail. Once I reached the fence I took a bearing and hit the trail in a clearing. The control was just a little further on the path.
11-12: Quite a simple leg, I ran straight on a trail for about 800m. It was just tiring because it was at the very end.
Overall, it was a good race.

2. MSOF COC Middle



Start-1: Followed trail until the depression and then followed ridge until I hit the control.
1-2: Followed the vegetation barrier. I got a bit lost but found myself eventually.
2-3: I followed the “meadow”, went over one hill and it was on the next nole.
3-4: Took a bearing and headed for the trail. Once on the trail, I looked for distinctive features. I knew that after the trail went into a big depression, the hill with the control would be close.
4-5: Took the little path and ran straight for the trail junction.
5-6: I took a bearing to 6, but I thought I hit the hill with the control before I actually did. I ended up relocating by running back to the trail. Once I was in the depression, I knew where the control was.
6-7: I took a bearing and followed the terrain, it was kind of hard to tell what was what exactly, so I followed the big features.
7-8: Straight bearing.
8-9: Strait bearing. I looked out for the change in vegetation.
9-10: I went around the dark green and saw it in a ditch.
10-11: I took a bearing, and followed the vegetation and terrain. I thought the control would be closer than it actually was, but I found myself and went a bit further.
11-12: I went around the vegetation and then straight to it.
12-13: I accidentally chose a slightly longer route through the dark green, but it was a really short leg.
13-14: I ran onto the path and then made my way to the finish.
It was a pretty good race, but I feel I could have run a bit faster at parts.

3. Québec Championships Long


Start-1: I took a trail to the first control. When the trail turned left I kept going straight. I went in between the two marshes and hit the trail. I climbed up the hill and it was on the other side.
1-2: I took a bearing and hit a path. I ran on that for a while, until I reached a lake. I took a bearing to the right and hit the control.
2-3: I went through the cliffs and back onto the path which I ran on until I saw a lake on my right. The control was on a hill on the other side of the lake.
3-4: I took a bearing and hit a trail which I followed up to the first trail that branched out to the right. I went on that one until I reached another trail junction. The control was to the left, beside a marsh.
4-5: I took a bearing to the trail and I ran on it until I crossed the river. Then I took a bearing and hit the reentrant.
5-6: I went around the cliff and the marsh, over the hill and to the base of the mini cliff where the control was.
6-7: I took a bearing and made sure I kept in contact with the terrain. I saw the marsh on the right and knew I had to look for a nole in that general area.
7-8: The control was just a little off the path, so I ran on the path looking for catching features. I saw a hill to the right and knew that it was there.
8-9: This was the last control, it was mostly on trails. The control was at the edge of a clearing and then the finish.
It was an okay race, I have to focus on big features more.

4. COC 2010 Relay

Map & Splits:

Start-1: There was a choice between two trails and I chose the one on the right. The first control was just to the right of the trail on a hill.
1-2: I ran down the hill back onto the path. I cut through to where the control was.
2-3: It was next to a boulder at the side of the trail.
3-4: I took a bearing, crossed two paths and saw the control right beside a trail. I got a bit disoriented, but I figured out where I was eventually.
4-5: I ran as fast as I could down the path and into the clearing where the control was.
5-6: I ran through the clearing and cut in to the left. The control was beside a boulder and a nole.
6-7: I ran on the trail to the big trail junction. I ran north and turned left on the second trail and the control was on a hill right beside the trail.
7-8: I went back to the trail and kept running. I took a bearing through the last stretch to the control.
8-9: I ran south on the trail and could see the rock with the control from the trail.
9-10: I went back to the trail and ran to the go-control, then finished the race.
It was a good race because I was always in contact with the map and I always knew where I was. My knee started acting up a bit at the end of the race, but other than that it was good.
Jan 20, 2011 3:15 AM # 
Sorry it has taken me so long to upload these maps, hopefully they work now. The maps are on Flickr at
Dec 28, 2011 10:34 PM # 
JWOC 2011 Long Distance

After having run the long distance at the Baltic Cup in May I knew that I would have to really push the pace the whole way in order to get a good result. I had that in my head at the start along with attacking the hills with as much ferocity as possible, and always having a good attack point for every control.

I had fresh legs off of the start and started out pretty aggressive but still being cautious enough to not make silly errors in the beginning. To control 2 I stayed true to my goal and ran right to the green patch before heading up into the hillside and was only drawn off my line by the photographer.

The long route to 5 had me a bit perplexed at first… I has really hesitant to go all the way around and so I opted for the straight route and just went for it! I definitely took more climb which tired me out for the rest of the course, but I was aggressive enough that, looking at the splits, I had a time that was quite comparable to the other girls ahead of me.

An added difficulty to this course were all the controls that were put smack dab in green as in the case of 5 and 7… for both I had major hesitations coming into the circle when I couldn’t find the feature right away.

Running down the hill to 8, I came to the trail junction way faster than I had anticipated which really through me off and caused me to climb too high before seeing the flag down below.

The next butterfly loop wasn’t at all difficult technically, but it took all of the juice out of my legs climbing up those massive hills which did not bode well for the long trail run to 14. Along the way I got passed by Emma Klingenburg but was also able to catch up with a few other girls which gave me some motivation to push it right to the end.

I chose to go around to 18 because I knew that mentally I wouldn’t be able to handle any more ups and downs so I opted to really turn on the jets on the trail.

I ended up finishing in 12th position which is my best JWOC result yet but I was still a tad disappointed with my physical condition. Although, since I was injured all winter I was never able to get my base endurance so I really should’ve expected it to be this tough.

WOC 2011 Relay


Best race of my entire life! After a whole year of tough trainings on WOC 2011 terrain and breaking down into tears multiple times because I just couldn’t understand the map, I was actually super excited heading out on the 2nd relay leg.
Carol came in with a couple other teams included Great Britain, Italy, and Spain but I was just so excited that right off the bat I took the lead and surged into the woods with confidence but also with the promise that I would always know where I was. No running around like a chicken with its head cut off.
The first control went off without a hitch which got the jitters away but I still made sure to carefully use the yellow depressions as handrails all the way to control 2.
After that my favourite navigating features were the deep depressions which came in real handy navigating to control 4. I had a little bobble at 6 when I didn’t understand what was happening in the circle but I quickly corrected it once I figured out that I had gone too far.
At this point I had caught up to the French team which was a bit of a surprise but I tried not to lose my head anyways.
Cruising through the spectator control was absolutely insane with everyone cheering and all that was going through my head on the last loop was compass, compass, compass!! I was super careful to always have the right direction and I nailed every single control no problemo. And then all of a sudden it was over and I had just run one of my cleanest races of all time in some of the most technical terrain. I couldn’t have been happier!

Baltic Cup Middle Distance

Out of the start I wasn’t expecting such flat terrain with no features, which is what I think threw me off a bit with my bearing. I was able to correct when I saw the small knoll off to the left but I still lost a good 20 seconds compared to the other runners. From there I vowed to always pay attention to my compass and the course went much smoother.

Even though the map had the woods marked as white, it was actually quite difficult to see very far and so from 3 to 4 I made sure to aim off a bit in order to hit the swamp first and then to turn to the west to hit the control bang on.
An Austrian runner who had started ahead of me had trouble with this control and was right on my tails from this point on. The pace picked up from there but I managed to keep making smart decisions when it came to route choices.
My only small mistake was cutting across the hill to 8 rather than just running directly to the trail and cruising along it right to the control.
Having the Austrian runner just behind me the whole time made it great practice for a race with a lot of pressure because I had no extra time to decide my routes. I had to punch and then get on to the next control as fast as I could. Even though the terrain was not that technical I was still really pleased with my performance technically and physically.

French University Championships 2011: Arith Circuit A



After a 40min hike up a mountain in the pouring rain I was not really in the mood to start a long distance course down one of the most difficult maps that I had ever orienteered on… never the less I took my map from the start and headed off with my plan to the first control in my head. Too bad I didn’t follow it. I had wanted to use the trails at first just to get into the map but I soon lost them and about 20min of useless running around then ensued. After relocating numerous times in the wrong spot I was finally able to locate a pit that I had run past 20min earlier and was able to find the first control without a hitch after that.
From there I took a deep breath and promised myself that I would always know where I was on this darn map! And that’s exactly what I did. From 2 to 3 I took a safe route choice that had a good attack point and not a lot of risk along the way. Slowly but surely I was getting my confidence back.
Control 5 was a bit daunting but I was able to take a route that stayed mostly on trails so that I never really lost contact.
There were other runners along the way to 6 which made me lose a bit of my concentration which made for a very slow and nerve-wracking leg, but I walked the last part of it and was eventually able to find the flag.
From 7 to 8 I felt very very lucky since the last part of the leg was contouring along the side of the hill. It was really tricky to know what level I was on, but I managed to keep calm and everything was making sense and then all of a sudden the control was right there! Phew!
9 to 10 was another contouring leg which made me really nervous but I knew that if I could keep my direction just to the bare open rock then everything would work out great. This is where all those compass trainings with le Pole really paid off because it worked out just fine!
11 was a bit of a disaster on all levels since I never really knew what was going on… I mixed up where I had come out on the big road which explains why I ended up all the way down at the trail. Then I just wandered through the bare rock and green looking for this elusive cup depression when there seemed to be a thousand other unmarked ones. I can thank my lucky stars, but at that moment 2 elite women caught up to me and found the control.
12 was just another compass bearing across the side of the hill which I had practised a lot so it went pretty well. No catastrophes there and I managed to survive the whole adventure and finish with a not too shabby time.
Dec 29, 2011 10:02 PM # 
WCOC Middle 2011 – Hidden Lakes Map


The morning of this race I was not excited to race, at all. I had woken up super duper tired with a slight sore throat. However, I decided to tough it out, although with a different game plan. I was not going to try to push myself physically. This race was going to be purely technical with good attackpoints, safe routes and contact with the map at all times. This turned out to be a stellar strategy.

From the start, I went quite slowly making sure I kept in contact with my map and made sure my bearing was correct from the trail junction. It all worked out and I hit 1 bang on. 2 and 3 were in detailed depressions so I just made sure to stay in contact and check off every feature I saw. 4 was a compass leg from the top of a cleared hill so I set my bearing and hoped it would work! I was a little bit off to the west but I was close enough that I saw the flag. Lucky. 5 also involved a lot of compass, so I picked my bearing and ran until I saw the grouping of depressions. The large depression and clear area allowed 6 to be pretty straightforward. 7, to be safe I went over the small hill and took a bearing from the reentrant on the other side. 8 was compass. 9, 10, 11,12 I just made sure to keep in contact and check off features. Making sure I knew what feature I was looking for helped a lot too. 13 I had a tiny bit of a bauble as I should have climbed up earlier as the control was at the top of the reentrant. 14 was smooth and then to the finish!!

I think that this is how I should run pretty much every middle, just thinking about the technical aspects. It would definitely help me run these courses more smoothly!

WCOC Long 2011 – Long Lake Southeast Map


I was still not feeling stellar during this competition so the game plan was the same as the middle, focus on the technical aspects not the physical part. I started out with a slight bauble on 1. I came up out of the depression correctly right at the control. Unfortunately it didn't look right to me so I had to stop to try to figure it out. As I was doing this, Emily who had also had trouble on the first control, punched. Off to the races again! Going to 2 I decided to cut straight over an elevation gain to run the distance on the trail. I still don't know if this was beneficial, it seemed to take forever to cross this section! However, once on the trail it went quite quickly and with a good attackpoint the control was easy to find. No problems with 3. Going to 4 I had slight difficulty following a large depression around. There was supposed to be a faint trail (which I couldn't find) which wasn't too worrying, but I think I went too far down into it to follow it around which made it look funny. I was pretty sure I was in the right place though so I kept going and hit exactly where I was supposed to. 5 was no problem. 6 however, did cause some difficulty. It was the shortest leg of the course and I lost focus thinking it would be easier. I lost contact with my map and ended up wandering a lot farther than I had to. I finally realized what I had done and was able to correct it. I did end of losing 2 minutes though. Just goes to show how important concentration is! After this mistake I regained focus and the rest of the course went smoothly. Even without pushing extremely hard, this was a physically demanding race, I was pretty tired after.

COC Sprint 2011 – Robinson Roadhouse Map

Sprints are not usually my strong point but this sprint went suprisingly well. Usually I get flustered during sprints and don't think ahead enough so I make silly mistakes. For this sprint I tried not to think of how fast I should be going and actually think of how I could go that fast, so thinking ahead more, planning my routes if there was a moment. I also tried to check off every feature I saw, especially at the beginning to get used to the scale.

The start I tried to take slower so as to not make a mistake right off the bat. I have run into problems with that in sprints as they are so short I always think that I need to start super fast. It seemed to work pretty well. I didnt' have any problems with the first 5 controls. By this time I was getting into the map and the scale, feeling a bit more confident. The terrain here is super open with very slight elevation changes in the form of depressions. 6 I baubled a bit because I was relying on being able to see the clear path through the white, which I didn't so I went a lttle bit to the east but hit the hill which led me into the depression. 7 and 8 were smooth no issues. 9 I took a safer route around the green so as not to lose my bearing in it. I was happy with my use of the contours on this leg, which led me right into the control. 10, 11 were straight forward. 12 should have been a simpler compass leg but I lost contact with the map. I saw flag 2 as I had veered to the east a bit and had to stop for a second to figure out what I had done. From 12 to the finish I was just focusing on finishing it cleanly as I knew when I came through the spectator control that I was doing pretty well. I managed to stay in contact with my map and compass so finished well.

JWOC Middle Qualifier 2011- Wejherowo Stadion

By this time at JWOC I was getting sort of used to racing in an international compacity. Despite that, I was still pretty nervous for this race. I didn't really know what to expect with the three different qualifiers all running at once – I had been told it could be pretty crazy. And yep, sure was pretty crazy. I had resolved to completely follow my race plan, to not focus on anyone else, focus on contact with the map and compass. However, when I got out of the start chute, the crazyness still overwhelmed me a bit. From the end of the chute I could probably see about 20 people all running in different directions. I sorta forgot what I had planned for my first leg while running to the start triangle so I just started running. Bad idea. Fortunately I stopped and regrouped and from there it all went pretty well. This was a pretty detailed area, really open but with lots of little hills with reetrants. After finding one I breathed a sigh of relief and settled down. 2,3,4,5 all went perfectly, I hit everyone bang on. 6 I had a little bauble when I stopped short and ended up in the depression before the correct one. After only a slight panick attack I figured it out and continued on. By this time I was running with Alison Campbell so this added another element of crazyness. I wanted to focus on my own race but I also didn't want to lose her. This may have contributed to the next mistake but it wasn't too serious. From 6-7 I wasn't entirely sure which route would be faster, to the east or west, but I just decided to go for it and I went east. This worked pretty well to get to the control but again I wasted some time as I stopped short. I eventually figured out in relation to the hill, I had to go to the next area. This was especially frustrating because I could see the person watching the control so I knew I was super close, but couldn't see the control. From 7 to the end it was relatively simple orienteering so I just gave everything to the finish. All in all it went pretty well for my first JWOC qualifier. Maybe next time I will qualify for an A final. Maybe. It was a pretty crazy race.
Dec 30, 2011 7:32 PM # 
WCOC middle 2011

This was my first big race in the M17-20 category so I was a little nervous before the race. Going out of the start I decided to take the first control slowly to avoid a mistake. It was a little bit of relief when I nailed the first control. After that I picked up the pace a bit and really focused on simplifying and keep contact with the map at all times. It worked really well. I hit 2-6 bang on. Going to number seven I took a bearing off the trail. It noticed that I was running farther than I should have but I ignored that thought. I then came between two hills with clearings on top and was able to relocate nearby and find the control from there. For 8-11 I really focused on making easy and simple route choice to avoid another mistake. It paid off, I had no problem on any of them. Going through the spectator control gave me a boost of energy which really helped me push myself all the way up the hill to thirteen. Going to fourteen, I didn't have a solid attack point so I had no idea where I was a long the trail. Eventually i noticed the undergrowth and went in from there. From 14-16 I was able to run with another competitor which really helped my push myself physically. My first thought on going to seventeen was the trail so i headed back down it only to realize that cutting through the green would have been faster and you could have avoided some climb. But I was already half done the leg so I followed my plan without any navigation errors. From there I just pushed myself to the finish. I was really happy with the race. I didn't find the terrain super technical but physically I was exhausted by the finish. It was also a great motivator for the rest of the championships knowing I could compete with the JWOC team.

COC sprint 2011

I was very excited for this race. After having a disappointing WCOC sprint and long I really wanted to have a good race. I wanted to avoid making any silly mistakes. On that thought, going to the first control I wasn't used to the scale and everything was coming up really fast. I felt like something was wrong so i stopped and double checked I was going the right direction. From there on I vowed to plan ahead for the rest of the race. It worked out fairly well. I found 2-4 without any major mistakes. 5 and 6 both required some compass work which I wasn't to thrilled about. However, i nailed both of them which was a great motivator. Going to number eight i physically pushed myself trying to make up as much time as possible. For control 9 I planned on using the big depression as an attack point but there were lots of people running out of it, so i quickly checked the map before heading over to my control. Control 11 I definitely didn't take the fastest route choice but it was the first one I saw so i ran over to the big trail and went into the control. Control 11-15 went extremely well technically and physically. My legs were completely done when I hit fifteen but i gave it everything to the finish

COC Long 2011

After spending 2.5hrs and forgetting to punch the water control on the WCOC long, I wanted to have a good long race. Going out of the start, I saw that control 1 was at the bottom of the big hill. However i failed to notice that it was 2.5m contours and that hill was very gradual. So I went over the hill and realize my mistake. I tried to find the control but all the features were very subtle and hard to see. So when I hit the trail I tried coming in again but with no success. So I tried once more and found it rather easily. Third times the charm! I was a little jittery going to number two. I didn't want another big mistake but I also wanted to make up as much time as possible. I made a small error going into number two but quickly realized my mistake. Going to number three I lost track of where I was on the map and I didn't stop until I reached this large depression. With all the parallel features, it took me a little while to relocate and from there on i made sure i didn't lose track of where I was on the map. Going to number four i took it slowly to avoid another mistake. When I hit it perfectly it was a great confidence booster. Five went really well and six was almost perfect until I dropped to low near the control and ran past it. I quickly realized my mistake and turned around. Leg eight was fairly long without to much detail so i allowed myself to "zone out" while I ran up the hill. 9-12 went exceptionally well and I was getting excited about finishing soon. The rest of the race went really good. I had a little bauble on number fifteen with so many depressions but quickly found the control. I think physically I could have pushed myself harder but overall I was very happy about how my race turned out even with all my mistakes with the first few controls.

COC middle 2011

I was kind of nervous coming into this race. I had heard this was a very technical terrain so i decided to take it slower at the start to get a feel for the terrain. The first control I followed my plan and took it slowly. It was a really easy control but felt good not having any problems. Number 2 was even better. This was where we got into more technical terrain but I hit 2 perfectly. Going to three I made a little mistake but quickly corrected myself. Legs 4-9 were probably some of the best orienteering I have ever done. I had no mistakes and I was physically pushing myself. I used as many safe handrails and catching features as possible, trying to avoid any big mistakes. Coming out of the spectator control I felt amazing, my legs weren't jelly yet and I hadn't made any major mistakes. Well number ten was a disaster. I lost contact with the map... I had to relocate many times and bail once before finding the control. For 11 I decided to go around the depression and up the re-entrant. I ended up running up a spur thinking I was going the right direction and getting lost again. After relocating, I found myself and headed into the control. Going to twelve I went up the hill just to be safe. The rest of the race went stellar. I used strong attack points and pushed myself to the limit. Considering that was the technically the hardest race I had ever run I was really happy about my race. It was also surprisingly a very physical race, I almost thought I wouldn't make it down the finish shoot.
Dec 31, 2011 10:34 PM # 
JWOC 2012 Application Race Analysis
Emily Ross

COC 2011 Sprint

Results (W17-20):
Splits (W17-20):

For this race, I wanted to work on flow, and making sure that my map was oriented before I left each control. I also wanted to make sure make sure I planned my route properly before leaving the start triangle to make sure I didn’t start off too fast in the wrong direction.

Overall, I am fairly pleased with how this race went. I felt I did a good job at keeping my head up, especially once I started to get near the control, and maintaining focus even when I was getting excited at how well it was going.

At control 7, I saw Graham Ereaux and got distracted, which is why I started to drift off my bearing. I need to make sure that I run my own race and don’t get pulled off by other runners, especially ones who I know aren’t even on my course!

At control 10, I was with a few other runners, but I think I started to focus more on trying not to get distracted by them than actually reading my map. I partly misjudged the size of the controls because they were 2.5 metres.

For control 13, I didn’t really have a plan when I left for the control, except running on a general compass bearing. It worked out okay, but I should have been a little more careful and was hesitating a lot near the control circle.

When I was running through the spectator control, I heard that I was doing well. I was then trying to balance pushing hard for the last loop but still maintaining contact. It worked, but I’m partly surprised that it did because it felt like I was running a little faster than I could navigate.

Overall, it was a really fun course and in general I think I ran a good race for me. I need to work on maintaining focus, especially at controls 7 and 10 where I made my biggest mistakes. When comparing with Kendra afterwards, most of my time lost was just a few seconds on each control, which would have been from speed differences.

COC 2011 Middle:

Results (W17-20):
Splits (W17-20):

For this race, I had heard a lot about the map and how technical it was. I really wanted to do well because it was the last race of the COCs and I like middles. I had gotten quite confused on the warm-up map, so I told myself to take it slow and make sure you stay in contact.

The first control went well, I saw the small depression to the south east and then the larger depression. The second control was going well, I thought I was in contact, but I somehow missed a spur. I got to the second control, but didn’t think it was mine so continued on. I think I did an okay job at stopping fairly quickly though when I saw things weren’t matching up. At this point, I had caught Kendra so I wanted to orienteer safely.

For the rest of the race, I mainly decided to stay high and run on the clear hilltops if I could. I’m not exactly certain what happened on the way to five, I didn’t think I had gone far enough, but then saw a control so I decided to check it after my incident with number two. Fortunately, it was my control. I lost contact somewhere in between the two ridges.

Until 10, Kendra and I were together. We were both taking similar routes, and taking turns leadings. I was not having any issues getting to the control circle, but I ended up losing time once I got into the control circle. I needed to make sure I looked at my control description to know what I was looking for and where.

Physically, I started to get really tired by number 10. I was really trying to push it though so Kendra didn’t lose me. Overall, I think I did a fairly good job at simplifying a complicated map.

COC 2011 Long:

Results (W17-20):
Splits (W17-20):

I wanted to focus on keeping in contact for this race, especially in the sand dunes, and look left, right, and straight for routes). I initially had a hard time getting into the map because of the contours.

I started off slowly, but fairly well. I could not decide what route I wanted to take to number four. At first I wanted to go west, but then decided to go more straight, especially because the white seemed quite visible and runnable. I just ran on a rough bearing, hitting the path, then the powerline and path combo, and clearing hillside. I started to hesitate quite a bit going through the green near the control, but continued a bit further and saw the control. I also had a difficult time finding five because it was in the middle of green and I didn’t have a super clear attack point.

I accidently veered too far to the east going to six. It would have been faster to run out to the trail at the rate I was going, because I started to hesitate a lot. I had difficulties deciding when to cut off the trail closer to six. My route worked out fine, it was fairly steep and slow. At this point, I was starting to get quite tired.

I made quite a big mistake going to nine. Kendra had caught me at this point so we were running together. I was also quite tired. Somehow both of us managed to drift uphill. I knew that I had lost contact with the map, but kept going. I got quite confused once we hit the clearing. I still had difficulties finding the control once in the control circle. I had a hard time reading the leg 9 to 10 because I was not simplifying it very well, mostly because I was tired.

In general, when I realize I lose contact, I sometimes hesitate too much, instead of actively trying to do something to fix it. I also need to work on my physical fitness because I really started to make mistakes and slow down towards the end.

JWOC 2011 Middle (B Final):


I had had a really disappointing middle qualifier. In someway, this took the pressure off the this race, because I was doing it more for myself, instead of results oriented goals. I wanted to take safer routes and make sure my map was oriented before I left each control.

I was a little confused and hesitant on the first leg, because I didn’t get my bearings on the run to the actual start triangle. After the first leg, the next two controls went well, although I was going at a slower rate than I wanted. I had a hard time deciding which way to go to four (left or right), but I decided to go right because there was almost no climb.

On the way to seven, I maybe should have stayed a little higher, because I was losing quite a bit of time going up hills slowly. I lost my focus on the way to nine (maybe because of the spectator leg) and missed the spur. I caught this mistake fairly quickly though. I then couldn’t decide which way I wanted to go to 10, and started to side slope but realized that it was on the other side of the spur, so I went back out to the path. Going to 11 went well, but it seemed to be much further than I thought. I was really tired going up the last hill, and careful on the entry into the field because I missed it in the middle qualifier.

This was one of my better races at JWOC. I think I did a good job at keeping my focus for most of the race, when other runners on my course were going all over the place. I think that I made fairly good route choices, and didn’t spend too long making my decisions. I ran a lot better when I had my technical goals instead of worrying about placing.
Dec 31, 2011 10:50 PM # 
This is my first time ever doing race analysis (plural?) so I hope these are good.

2011 COC Sprint
This was a great race for me, but definitely taught me a lesson about focus. Looking at my splits, I was in second place until I heard the announcer, near the end of the race, saying that I was ahead of third by 13 seconds.
The first two controls I took fairly slowly so that I could get started without making any mistakes. I made sure to follow my compass, and followed the slight spur to control 1. I also found out quite quickly that the woods were quite open and so flags were easy to spot from a distance. Again with #2, I followed my compass and cut down through the major re-entrant.
For the third control, I followed the contours around to the west of the messy depression. Again the control was easy to spot from afar and so I had time to look at the next few legs.
Leg 4 was short and easy. I followed the re-entrant right up to the control.
Leg 5 and 6 consisted of following clearings. For leg 5, I contoured around the depression and along the edge of the clearing. For 6, I followed the long, narrow clearing and the control was visible from a distance so I didn’t have to worry about where to cut into the forest.
Coming out of control 6, I followed the re-entrant down to the path and then used my compass to cut south to the next path. I continued with my compass, keeping an eye on the contours around me, and saw control 7 from a distance.
Leg 8 was fairly straight forward and I used the hill as an attack point. So as soon as I hit the hill I knew I had to go a bit north to get to the tip (I seem to have missed that detail on route gadget.)
Leg 9 was the longest leg and I wanted to make sure I didn’t make a mistake. Using my compass and the fact that I could already see it, I cut out to the trail from control 8. Using the vegetation as a bit of a handrail, I cut across to the third major trail. At this point I started getting a bit confused with the contours. My plan was to follow the spur and I guess in the end, that’s what I did, but I dropped down into the second depression by accident and got confused about the contours.
Legs 10 and 11 were a lot of compass work, after I made sure to avoid the undergrowth in the field, and realization that the woods were white and I would be able to see the controls easily.
Control 12 was a bit frustrating. I didn’t end up doing what I had planned, which was to take a bearing and attack the control from the form line hill to the left of it. I didn’t follow my compass accurately enough and so ended up on the trail to the east of the control. I thought I had hit the trail to the west, but soon found out where I was because I saw control 2 from the trail.
After making that small error, I decided I would be a bit safer and follow the trails to 13. After 13, I took a direct route to 14, the spectator control.
This is where my big mistake occurred. My first mistake was to take in what the announcer was saying, which was that I was currently in second place, which would be quite a feat for me. This in turn blew my focus because I started thinking about my placing. Basically, control 15 was a bit of a disaster and lost me my second place finish. I hit an earth bank and thought I was north of where I should be so I went south and ended up hitting control 16. That’s always frustrating… So from 16 I successfully navigated my way to 15 and back again.
Control 17, 18 and finish were all mostly direct and straight forward.
All in all it was a great race, except for control 15. I did, however, learn a valuable lesson from that mistake and will, from now on, try to keep my mind on the map and terrain and not on the announcer when I am coming to a spectator control.

2011 WCOC Long
I would say that this race was a success for me, and considering that it was my first time running the 17-20 age category, I’m pleased with my placing. Again, I learned a valuable lesson from a making a mistake, which is that even though a leg may be quite short, it is still very important to stay focused on both map and compass.
The first leg was fairly simple navigation-wise, but right off the bat there was a lot of climb. I took the small path down into the depression and climbed back up the other side. Then I went down after crossing the path and then crossed the sand and followed the spur up to the control.
For the second control I still wanted to be fairly safe and use mostly major features, so, climbing to the path, I planned ahead for leg 2 and 3. Using major depressions and paths, I successfully navigated my way to control 2.
For control 3, I contoured around to the west side of the depression and easily found the control at the top of the open field.
Following the clearing away from control 3, I cut over the spur and went down maybe a few more contours on the other side than I should have, if I wanted to save energy. Following the path, and cutting into the woods at the major spur on the left, I executed my plan of using the thin open field as an attack point quite well.
I’m not sure if my route to control 5 was the most efficient energy-wise because I went down into the depression, around to the north of the lake and back up on the other side. A better option might have been to head north to the path so that I wouldn’t have to climb so many contours.
Control 6 was where I learned my lesson. I thought that since the leg was so short I could just take a rough bearing and run towards the control and it would be there. In the end I didn’t lose as much time as some of my competition but I did lose some time trying to figure out where I was.
Control 7 was fairly simple, mostly just following handrails and trails. Control 8 was also following trails mostly, but there were so many trails that it got a bit confusing. I stayed well in contact with the map after seeing the area of trails that I had to run through and it worked out well. Control 9 caused me no problems.
I think I took a different route than most people for the go control. I wasn’t super comfortable going down the steep hill, so I went all the way to the switch-back where people were coming up to get to the start.
This race felt smooth and fast, and I was quite pleased with my finish time and placing.

2011 Ottawa O-Fest Sprint
I thought this course was very well set and interesting because it had sections in the forest which is not a typical sprint setting, but it also had some of the more well-known sprint standards which is in an open field and controls might be more in the open.
The first leg almost threw me off track because I caught up to my mum who was on the same course and started a full two minutes ahead of me. This was a bit distracting, so I had to work hard to get myself back on track and focused on the task ahead.
The forest surrounding the first control was thicker than I was expecting, so I changed my plan for control 2 a bit to get out of the thick trees faster. My original thought was to continue south and go around the tennis courts that way, but I decided that I should go north so that I wouldn’t have to be in the woods for as long.
Control 3 and 4 were quite simple, I just had make sure that I could keep a steady pace.
The fifth leg was interesting because I had to choose whether to go north or south of the school. I’m pretty sure I made the right choice in going south even though I basically had to do a dog leg.
For control 6, I decided I would follow the path so as to be sure I didn’t cut onto the olive green out of bounds area by accident.
Control 7 and 8 were simple short legs using compass bearings and the fact that the woods were quite open.
Control 9 was in thicker woods but I had the rough open and the building as catching features so I could be sure to not miss the control.
During legs 10, 11 and 12, I could start looking ahead at the slightly more challenging legs in the woods. I started planning my routes for the upcoming controls, while still staying in contact and keeping up a good speed.
For the most part, control 13 was not too hard, but I had to make sure that I knew where I was when I was entering the forest from the path. I decided that I would attack the control from where the path goes into the forest.
The paths enroute to control 14 got a bit confusing because they were indistinct and the open field around them often looked like it could be considered a path.
Control 15 was a bit slow and looking at it again, I’m wondering if I chose the best route. I went direct, but the forest was thick and the ground was rocky. It might have been better to go around to the south on the small path.
For control 16 I went straight again and was wary of the rocky ground and kept track of which paths I had crossed. Luckily the white forest was fairly open so I could see the control and didn’t have to worry about the fact that there wasn’t really a decent attack point.
After cutting back out to the trail and avoiding the green forest, I used the boulder to know where to cut into the forest. Any rocky ground that was marked was not always the most reliable because I felt that there was a lot more rocky ground than was marked on the map. So I planned on using the open field as a catching feature for control 17 and was lucky to hit it without needing to attack it a second time.
Control 18 was interesting because it seemed like there was a long stretch without any features other than vegetation, which is often hard to rely on. So, using as much of the vegetation and small contours as I could, I successfully navigated my way to control 18.
Cutting straight out to the open field and spotting the forested hill where control 19 was placed, I had to decide where to attack the next control from. I figured I would go from the left where I wouldn’t have to spend as much time in the trees.
The sprint to the go control and finish was great and I was already thinking that I had just had a good race.

2011 COC Long
I was looking forward to this race since I first heard where it was taking place: the Carcross Desert. The only setback was the day was sweltering, and at that point, it seemed a bit silly to be running in a desert. I decided right off the bat that I would focus not so much on having a physically good race because it was so hot, but I would focus on the technical aspects of the race.
When I first turned over the map, I was a bit shocked by all the tiny details on the map, especially in the sandy, open part near the water. I knew that my decision to focus on technicalities was a good one. The first two legs I took fairly slowly so that I could get used to navigating through the small detailed contours and vegetation.
Control 3 started out on trails so that I could plan out my route once I got off the trail. I made it somewhat of a goal to avoid as many contours as possible while still keeping a smart route choice. So after cutting off the trail at the corner, I slalomed around the depression and the ridge.
Following the edge of the long, skinny depression to the trail, I was relieved to see that I would be able to run through some forest to avoid the sun for a bit. So once I hit the trail, I followed the edge of the flatish, white forested part on the other side until I hit the next trail. Again, I followed contours, to the open field and then contours again until the sandy ridge with control 4 visible on it. Throughout the last forested part, I was preparing myself to take my first ever gel. It did help, marvellously, but gosh was it nasty.
Leg 5 was nice because it was simple and a chance to recover from the shock of what the gel was like. I followed along the edge of the sand and then into the open field. I then took a bearing through the green forest and felt that it was a lot of luck that I hit the control easily.
I decided for leg 6 that I would stay on the trail for a bit so that I could pick up the pace slightly. Getting to the general area of the control was not a problem, but once I got close, I’m not exactly sure what happened. I can’t guarantee that the route I’ve drawn is accurate, because I’m still not sure what I did. I eventually saw someone else who I knew was on the same course coming out of the control, and so I figured I would head over that way, and look at that, there’s the control!
After that little mishap, I turned my focus up and tried to disregard that fact that I was back into the open, sunny, hot part of the map. Keeping close contact with the map, I followed the depression to the major path and then onto the indistinct path, and, using distinct trees and small forested patches, to control 7.
Control 8 was nice, just over the ridge with the indistinct path and through the very light green.
For leg 9, I cut out to the path as soon as possible so that I didn’t have to navigate through the super detailed part of the map any more. After retracing a few steps from leg 3, I cut into the woods and followed along the bottom of the contours, in the flat white forest. At times this proved more difficult than I would have expected, but it was successful.
Once I had cut back out to the path, control 10, 11, and the finish were easy to get to by following paths.
This race was a lot of fun and it was a very neat experience to get to run in such a dry area.
Jan 1, 2012 4:51 AM # 
Barebones 2011 sprint

This was my second race that day I ran a middle that morning. This race I didn't have anyone in my age category but I am running the same course as women's elite so I put it in the frame of mind that I was running women's elite to add more pressure and to push myself.
I started of the race pretty good. I took safe route choices so I didn't get lost right away. I felt good but not 100%. Looking back I could have made a some more dangerous route choices, for example 6 to 7 and 7 to 8 where just open or white vegetation and I just stuck to the trails when I could have just cut straight through. The first part of my race was good I made no big mistake I had a good pace in my opinion. I was pretty smooth, had my routes planed ahead and I didn't do any last minute route changes.
A tiny bit after control 7 I started to feel tired and I was loosing focus a little but I pushed through it. The last leg control 10 to 11 really killed me had to do some climbing and I wanted to walk it but I just kept thinking last leg keep going, got to look good someone might be watching. All in all it was a pretty good race. I managed to stay mostly focused and I kept going no matter what.

Westrens 2011 Sprint

So the westerns sprint was the last of the three races. I felt really good about this races. I am not a fast runner at all so sprint are not my best races but I feel I did pretty good this races. I had 2 small little mistakes 5-10 seconds.
My usual beginning races strategy is safe smart route choices for the few first controls to get use to the map. I know it is not the best strategy for a sprint but it is even worst to get lost on a sprint. My first leg was easy to about 5 seconds to plan and then just run it. But leg 2 was more difficult to plan and it took a lot of leg one to plan it but I feel I made a good route choice.
Controls 2,3 and 4 where close together in little green forest. On my way to 2 I saw Kendra and I got confused for a second think I shouldn't be seeing her and I was second guessing myself a little but I decide I know where I am ignore Kendra and that was a good idea.
The middle of the race was good I didn't feel to tired I was pretty focus after the Kendra thing I just ignored people after that. My routes for the rest of the race were planned ahead I just had to keep reminding my self run faster not slower.
I made 2 errors one was control 6 I lost 3 seconds because I went in the wrong way and Control 8 I took a little too long to double check I was going the right way.
At the end of the race I felt tired but not exhausted so I feel I could have ran harder but it was still a good race. It was mostly clean and smooth. For a sprint I thought during the race I had a good pace but as usual my speed needs improvement. Something that I did good was attackpoint I had them and used them.

Westerns long 2011

The Westerns long was the second day of a weekend event. The day before I had a really good middle race but I missed punched and That was one of my main goals for my long "Don't miss punch" The next goal was stay focused.
The race started out really badly I did my usual safe route choice for the first few controls. That didn't go so well. My first leg was to safe that I lost time and my second leg I got lost and lost a good 7-10 minutes on that leg.
After that I really tried to focus and take smarter route choices and not safer ones. Pretty much I stayed off the trails as much as possible. On my way to Control 4 I met up with Emily and some guy from the US. I tried to ignore them but it is hard when you are both going the same way you are just 20 meters away from each other.
I was starting to feel the lactic acid build up in my legs half way through leg 5 and on the hills I had to really swing my arms to get up them. I lost Emily around control 6 I didn't have problems with that control and thank god it was a water control cause I needed some.
The rest of the race was good I had another little error at 8 were I didn't think it was my control and I didn't check the number to make sure right away. But I tired to make up to time on the control and the finish sprint.
I wasn't my best race but it also wasn't my worst. I felt my route choices were really good after the first 2 controls. I also had good attack points. I felt exhausted after the race but I was happy with the fitness that I put into it.

COC Long 2011
I wasn't happy with my race the day before but I tried to not let it affect this race. This race was in the Carcross dessert which means SAND! I hate running in sand but I just grin and bared it. I was glad my whole race wasn't in sand. This made was new to me I had never ran there before and I was difficult.
When I flipped over the map I thought wow that is a lot of detail. I tried simplifying as much as possible and it was hard at the beginning but I got the hang of it after a few controls. I started off the race slow because I was not use to this terrain at all and the first two controls where hard. I was feeling like a I was over shooting or under shooting in distance and the vegetation didn't make since.
The middle of the race was good I felt more confident and I got really good at ignoring people. I made better route choices. I feel like the first part of the race was more technical and the middle was fitness and the last part of the race was of course both of them together technical and fitness.
The last part of the race I felt really good about I made no mistakes and I kept running when I wanted to walk or stop to catch my breath. I felt in this race that is was important to have attack points. The last part of the race you really have to focus because during that race all you are thinking about is I can wait to get out of this heat and sand and go swimming. I managed to stay pretty focused and got through the race and was mildly happy with my results.
Jan 2, 2012 1:01 AM # 
Race Analysis

Date: June 1, 2011

Event: Yukon Champs Sprint

Location: MacPherson

Overall comments: I was mostly happy with my navigation, and I was able to keep a good pace.

Start – 1: I didn’t take much time at the start to plan my route, but once I was running along the trail I planned my route to 1 and 2.

1 – 2: Kept my head up. Followed my bearing and navigated well.

2 – 3: I went around the depression, and chose the more open side. I read ahead.

3 – 4: Followed the side of the re-entrant

4 – 5: I didn’t plan this leg well, and ended up navigating on the run. I lost my sense of direction until I found the ruin.

5 – 6: Rough bearing to the trail

6 – 7: I took a bearing and it was right on target.

7 – 8: My bearing was a little too far to the left, but I anticipated this and as soon as I reached the plateau I knew to go right.

8 – finish: Trail

YOC Sprint: (sh. Adv.)

Race Analysis

Date: July 16, 2011

Event: WCOC Middle

Location: Hidden Lakes

Overall comments: I had a few mistakes, but there were other legs where I was quite happy with my navigation. I was able to visualize the contours and contour features. I practiced changing pace and focus, between rough bearings and fine navigation.

Start – 1: I was a little too far left on my bearing, but thought I was too far right. When I hit the trail I did not realize where I was and ran up the trail a ways before turning back. From there into the control was clean.

1 – 2: I was able to refocus navigate along the ridge.

2 – 3: I took a bearing to the trail. I used the junction as my attack point and followed the re-entrant in to the control.

3 – 4: I aimed off to the left so that I would hit the trail, since there were no other distinct catching features.

4 – 5: Took a bearing. When I saw the small depression just south of control 5, I thought it was the form-line depression northwest of the control.

5 – 6: I started to lose focus in the first part of this leg. I refocused when I hit the yellow, and read ahead for the next leg.

6 – 7: Took a rough bearing to the large trail, then again to the small trail. Read ahead while running along the trail.

7 – 8: Took a rough bearing and watched the shape of the spur.

8 – 9: Rough bearing up the hill then along the ridge. I thought control 9 was on a depression (it was really on a knoll) so I started towards the depression on my left. I did not see a control so I double checked my description and realized my mistake.

9 – 10: Navigated around the depressions

10 – 11: Followed the yellow and looked ahead.

11 – 12: rough bearing to the large trail. Used the trail bend as my attack point.

12 – 13: I was a little hesitant when I left the trail to go to the control, but I found it okay.

13 – 14: I did not take enough time on my bearing, and did not pay attention to navigation. I got distracted by other runners around me, and the fact that I was so close to finishing.

14 – 15: I knew that once I got up the last hill I would see the control and the finish. There were lots of other runners around. I told myself to use my last effort.

15 – finish: (flagged finish chute)

WCOC Middlle: (course 8)

Race Analysis

Date: July 18, 2011

Event: WCOC Sprint

Location: Hillcrest

Overall comments: I was not running all that fast, but it was a clean race, with good route choice and navigation.

Start – 1: I took the simplest route navigationally so that I could plan ahead.

1 – 2: Again I took a simple route, though it did have more climb than the alternative route. I had read ahead so I knew what the trails would look like as I got to them.

2 – 3: The knolls were smaller than I had anticipated so I almost ran past them, but I caught myself based on the trail junctions.

3 – 4: Smooth. I was paying attention to my surroundings.

4 – 5: I saw Kendra as I was leaving the control, going in a totally different direction. This distracted me for a moment, but I was able to refocus. The rest of the leg was slow and steady.

5 – 6: I was running with Kendra, which pushed me to go faster. Starting to feel tired. Focused on navigating my own way.

6 – 7: I felt quite tired by this point but was pushing to keep up with Kendra.

7 – 8: Took a bearing, and was able to see the feature just after I left 7.

8 – 9: Looked up to see the school and ran.

9 – finish: (flagged finish chute) (Course 4)

Race Analysis

Date: February 12, 2011

Event: Vancouver Sprint Camp WRE

Location: South Surrey Bike Park

Overall comments: This was not one of my best races technically, but I did well in the results. I didn’t plan ahead very much, but rather read the map as I saw the features around me. I did manage to stay oriented on the trail network, most of the time.

Start – 1: I’m not sure exactly what I did here, but I think that I took the right trail but thought I was on the trail just east of it and I tried to correct myself. I knew I had made a mistake when I hit a fence.

1 – 2: Mostly I followed trails. I cut through the forest once and it was very thick.

2 – 3: Followed the trails then straight up the hill. I was going slowly up the hill so I took the chance to plan ahead for 4 and 5

3 – 4: saw some other runners so I looked at my map to stay focused.

4 – 5: Got a little disoriented for the first few seconds. I wasn’t expecting the skate park. The rest of the leg was fine.

5 – 6: lost focus. I just ran.

6 – 7: I was just managing to keep track of where I was and what trails were around me. I had a few hesitations on this leg.

7 – 8: trails and one cut-through. I approached the control from the same direction as before (same as control 2), so I knew exactly what to expect there.

8 – 9: Along the trail. Read ahead a bit, but not as much as I would like.

9 – 10: Re-traced my steps. Planned leg 11. I saw the control through the forest.

10 – 11: It went smoothly. I followed the fallen log into the control.

11 – 12: Again, slow up the hill.

12 – 13: Got down the hill, then looked up and saw the thicket.

13 – 14: I did not look at my map closely enough, and I missed seeing the trail to 14.

14 – 15: I had seen this control while walking to the start, but I thought it was closer to go around the east side (it was not).

15 – finish: (flagged finish chute) (Women Elite)
Jan 2, 2012 4:20 AM # 
Poland (JWOC Relay: 3rd runner of 2nd team - July 2011)
I was really nervous for this race because it was the first time running on my ankle after injuring it during the long. I decided to run it because it was the last race of JWOC and I was not going to miss out on it. My ankle wasn’t great but I managed to run on it the whole way.
Start-1 I took it slow so not to make a mistake. I knew if I let the excitement of the relay get to my head I would have a blow-out so I tried really hard to keep focused.
4-5 I had a couple of route choices here and I chose the route down the spur, along the fence and then straight to the field where the control was. It was where all the people were so it wasn’t hard to figure out which direction to go. The last quarter was horrible running, it was all dead fall and very slow.
6-7 I made a bit of an error leaving the control. I headed too far right and had to re-orient myself back on track. It didn’t take me long to realize my mistake.
9-10 I was on my own for pretty much the whole race except three controls. Going to 10, a group of about 5 guys came flying past me. I thought I was going to be trampled; they are not nice out there in the woods.
11-12 I also had a little bobble but quickly found out what I had done because the contours were very visible and so I was able to see where I was and that I just had to climb the 1 ½ contours to my control.
Overall it was a pretty good race. I would have liked to have run faster on the trails because the orienteering wasn’t super difficult. But I’m happy with the time I had with my injured ankle. I managed to bump us a couple places up.

Hidden Meadow and Spreckley's Trails (5th- Ontario Championships Middle - October 2011)
I was really excited to run this race. I had run on this map last year but since then it has been forbidden. I knew how technically detailed the map was, and once disoriented in the woods it is very difficult to find where you were again.
Start-1 I made a little bobble and was too far to the left and ran to the trail and quickly figured out that I had passed it.
2-7 These controls went pretty much completely smoothly. I was feeling good so far in the race, and I was able to keep in contact with the map at all times.
7-8 I got to the control circle fine, but could not see the control. I went back to the trail and retried multiple times till finally I found it. It was a silly but very frustrating mistake; I was on the wrong side of the bushes.
16-17 I wasn’t sure if it would be faster to take the trail or go straight across. I chose to go straight across and check off the big features along the way. It worked out really well.
I tried to push it the whole time. I definitely tried to read ahead as much as I could while running on the trails. I was very careful in following along with my thumb, so that I wouldn’t get disoriented and lose large amounts of time.

The Barrens (Ontario Championship Long - October 2011)
This race was pretty good. I had some good and bad controls. No flame-outs as I did last time I ran on this map a year ago. I had a perfect race last year except one control which I lost 20 minutes. I didn’t want that to happen again this year so I was extra careful.
Start-1 I was definitely not speedy. I was being really careful and then I couldn’t see the control when I was in the circle. I lost about a minute and eventually saw it just below the cliff. I should have looked at my control description earlier and I would have known it was below and not above the cliff.
3-4 I was going to go around the lakes to the left but I had drifted to the right and instead of continuing with my route plan I took the right route. I’m glad I did because the woods were clear and fast, and it was straight forward.
8-9 I was excited to be getting out of the barrens and I wasn’t concentrating as hard as I should have been. I ran too far and started to loop back and ran into my control, thank goodness. I was more concentrated after that, because I did not want to make a big flame-out again.
15-16 I had a choice of going around to the right on the trail or going straight at it. I chose to go straight at it, and unfortunately went too far left and lost a minute or two. I got drifted over because there was a control on the water, and my control was on water, therefore I thought it was mine.
Overall the course went pretty well. I felt pretty strong, and managed to run at a steady pace for the last 9 controls. I have to work on not getting excited for the transition in woods, and keep the same concentration throughout the whole course.

Boston (US S/M/L Champs 2011- October 2011)
I was excited to do this race because middle distances are my favourite. It was a very technical race, and it was really fun.
Start-1 As soon as I turned over the map I was like oh my goodness. So right away I started simplifying the map. I concentrated on the contours, fields, and water. The rock features would have been over whelming to read.
3-4 I had the choice of going straight at it or along the trail. I chose to go along the trail because it was straight forward running then carefully navigating and the other route meant possibly missing the control and having to bail to the trail.
4-17 Went really well, I had little problems. I could have run faster, but I was more concerned in keeping in contact with the map and not losing large amounts of time.
17-18 This control was where I ruined my whole race. I made a parallel error and misread the fields. I could not figure out what I did for about 3 minutes. When I did, I booted it in the direction I thought it was. I then made another error and could not figure out where the control was. I finally realized where I was and ran and found the control. It was an 8 minute control for me and should have been 1.5 minutes. I should have gone straight back to the field when I didn’t come upon my control right away.
Overall I had a good run except one control. I felt good and strong, my orienteering went really well. I was able to stay in contact almost the whole race. I would be interested to do it again but at a faster pace and see if I can still have a decently clean race.
Jan 2, 2012 9:04 PM # 
Ottawa O-Fest Middle 2011 – Spreckly's Trails
Course 6


This was my first time racing a middle at the 17-20 level, so I was a bit nervous. I had orienteered here last summer at COC, and remembered a detailed map and dense trail networks. My two goals were to stay in contact with my map and to treat each leg as its own, so that messing up on one leg wouldn't result in more errors later on. I played it safe from the start to 1, took a bearing from 1-2 with a slight deviation around a small hill. From 2-6, things went smoothly, as I used small ridges, spurs and cliff covered slopes as handrails. From 6-7, I took a longer route, as I misjudged distance and decided to play it safe by sticking to the trails. 7-8 went well, skirting the marshy-er area. 8-9 I screwed up in the control circle and ended up thinking I was in the wrong re-entrant. 9-10 went OK. There was another woman who I caught up to in the circle, and I momentarily got sidetracked, which was enough to confuse knolls. I put my second goal into action here, and had a clean leg 10-11. Coming into number 12, I got slightly sidetracked by the small lake beside the marsh I was looking for, as the lake looked a bit like a marsh to me. 12-13, I veered too far to the left and deviated a bit from my planned route. 13-14, I was getting really tired. I interpreted one of the black north-lines as a telephone line, and, seeing as it lead straight through the control, I decided to follow it. Unfortunately, I ended up in a marshy area, but decided to simply push through until I could follow the larger hills to control 14. I ended the race fairly pleased. Except for the last leg, I had had very few mistakes.

WCOC Sprint 2011 – Hillcrest
Course 4


For this race, my three goals were to treat each leg as its own, to keep contact, and to read ahead. I was nervous from the start, and lost about 15 sec on the first control by staying straight instead of taking the right hand path. 1-2 went without mishap. From 2-3, I ended up on the wrong trail again, but recovered quickly. 4, I overshot a little, but found the control in the right spot. On the long leg, 4-5, I tried to push myself physically, found the spectator control easily and turned back for number 6. I was a little early on getting onto the hill, and as a result, had to scramble over brush to get to the control. 7 went without trouble. 8 was accomplished by a bearing and from there, 9 and the finish were visible. I had a good race overall. My one needs improvement was that physically, I was not pushing myself as hard as I could have.

WCOC Middle 2011 – Hidden Lakes
Course 3


My three goals were to simplify, be smooth through the controls and to treat each leg as its own. Start to one, I was a little disoriented as the first control was at a right angle to the start. 1-2, I chose to go through the re-entrant, which was not the smartest thing to do as I was tired upon reaching the top. 2-3, I rebounded of the trail into the control. 3-7 went with out trouble. I was confident in where I was and was able to read ahead. 7-8, I had I slight hesitation upon reaching a re-entrant, but realized that I had not gone far enough and soon spotted the control up the next re-entrant. 9- finish also went well, and I finished feeling very pleased with the race. Overall, it was my best race of the season.

COC Sprint 2011- Robinson Roadhouse
Course 4


For this race, I was focusing on remaining calm and keeping contact. I took bearing from 1-2 and found them quite easily. 2-3, I followed the contours around the large depression. 3-4 was a matter of a bearing. 4-5, I took the trail and then cut off into the control. From 5-6, I followed the meadow. 6-7, I aimed off into the depression, and then followed it into the control. 7-8, I aimed off too far to the left, and had to back-track a bit along the spur. 8-9, I Mistook one large depression for another and ended up too far to the left. I then did a poor job of relocating and ended up following the string of depressions on the opposite side that that which I had planned. 9-10, I bounced of the larger depression into the control. 10-11 was a matter of a bearing. From 11-12, I got confused by all the people and ended up back on the trail I had just departed from. I made I wild leap fr where I thought the control was, and got lucky, hitting it dead on. 12-16 went without large problems, but I hesitated coming into control 17, as I was not too sure if I was in the right place. 17-18, I somehow ran right past the finish shoot and had to back-track in order to end up in the right spot. Over-all, the race went well, and my main improvement areas would be the physical aspect and less distraction from other runners.
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2011 Ontario Orienteering Championships Middle Course 7


I ran on this map was for the COC's last year so I knew what to expect, lots of trails and contour detail, so for this race I wanted to try to simplify the map as much as possible, ignoring the small trails and looking for the obvious features. The last race I ran here I made a few mistakes so for his race really wanted to have a clean race and if I did I knew I would have a pretty good result. before the start I had I good warm-up. The first control was fairly simple. I took the left trail then compass right onto the control. Control 2, I ran out to the trail and once I got out of the swamp cut off to the right and onto the control. Control 3, Careful compass. easily saw the big cliff behind the control. 3-4, out to the small trail and ran along it for a few meters then turned off. ran out to the the field and around the small hill to the control. Control 6, Mostly compass. passed west of the small hill and cliff over the trail down the re-entrant and up into the control. 5-6, The map looked very detailed between controls 5 and 6 so I decided to just get to the obvious open slope above the control and run along it to the control. worked perfectly. Control 7, Compass. went between very obvious hills and along the mash to control. Control 8, I just took a rough bearing and ran down to the trail, over the bridge with the water-stop and up to the control. 8-9, I probably could have taken a more direct route for this control but I wanted to really push the running so I just got out to the trail which gave a very good attackpoint to go into the control. Control 10, Compass. I didn’t look at the map enough on this leg so I did a circle around a wrong bolder before quickly realizing the mistake. 10-11 Compass out to the pond then along the hill to the control. would probably have been faster to go along the trail or go strait because the ridge along the pond was quite thick. Controls 12&13 were just compass. 14, out to the trail by the small marsh. Along the trail for a bit then cut up the hill and into the control. Controls 15&16 were just compass. 16-17, out to the trail then crossed the stream as soon as I could then along the trail before cutting off and running by control 7, then from there just compass to the last control and the finish. This race went very well for me with almost no mistakes, good flow through the controls and I felt very fast in the woods.

US Individual Orienteering Championships 2011 Long Red

map: part 1:
part 2:

I knew from the course description that this map had a lot of trails so I wanted to try and push the running whenever I was on one, and of course have a clean race. Had a good warm-up before start in the field. Control 1, I punched the start and flipped over the map and ran up the trail to the start triangle then cut down to the lower trail then just strait into the control. Got caught in some thorns right before the control, ouch. Control 2, cut up to the trail then ran alone it a bit before cutting up the hill to the control. 2-3, I fought my way out of the thick forest to the small trail then followed it down to the re-entrant before cutting down to the lower trail and into the control. Control 4, Mostly compass. didn’t want to go down to the trail below because there would be lots of climb up to the control. Control 5, Simple, along the trails. 5-6, caught up to a guy in the M40? class that was a fast runner so I ran with him up to control 12. I ran down the re-entrant and along the bottom of the hill in the very open woods before going on the trail. compass from trail. hit control right on. Control 7, I didn’t want to climb back up to the trail so I cut down to the road and motored along it before cutting down to the control. 7-8, along the trail. Control 9, I took the trails around then went over the hill to the control. 9-10,
I took the trail straight up the hill then took a bearing from the trail into the control. The other route would have been to take the trail “around” but you would still have to climb almost as much in the end. Control 11, Compass. ended up a bit to the east and relocated on the small mash then took a bearing into the control. Control 12, down to the trail then at the T-junction straight on the control. Control 13, I took a stupid route on this one. I should have taken the trail but I went through the forest which ended up being very slow, and thorny. 13-14, Pretty much straight compass. Control 15, out to the trail, then down to the control. Control 16, I had something sharp in my shoe/sock on this leg that kept stabbing the bottom of my foot whenever I stepped on it. painful... leg was just compass. Control 17, out to trail, along it then into control. 17-18, following trail. stopped for water. 19, Compass. Control 20, I ran along trail. 20-21, I took the big trail because I could focus on pushing the running. Control 22, I ran out to the small trail then up the re-entrant to the control. Control 23, I ran up to the trail and along it. didn’t see the junction before the control so I ended up running to far and had to go back a bit. slow going into and finding the control. 23-24, I ran down to the road near the shore of the lake and ran along it before cutting up the re-entrant to the control. Control 25, out to the trail and along it to the bare rock area were I cut through the green down past the trail to the control. ended up at the marsh north-west of the control. turned and punch the control. Control 26, I ran out to the trail, and along it to the bridge. Control 27, I followed the trail through parking lot and up to the control. Control 28, straight over the hill and into the finish. The race went well with no big mistakes and the running felt pretty good.

US Individual Championship 2011 Sprint Red


We drove down to Boston in the morning before this event and had to wake up at 3AM to make it on time. when we got to the race we had to get ready right away, so my warm-up was very short and pathetic. anyway... Control 1, I ran along the road to the start triangle then straight along the line to the control. The next two controls were straight compass. Control 4, I ran out to the abandoned zoo thingy and through it to the control. knew the control was in the inside corner from the control description. Control 5, ran out of the zoo, down the stairs then compass from the trail right onto the control. 6&7 were just compass. I was leading the course at control 7. Control 8, I ran through the tent at the finish area (nice planning) and around the wall then straight to the control. 8-9, straight. Control 10, I ran around the bare rock hill then up to the control. Control 11, straight. Control 12, I ran down the hill, across the road up between the two cliffs then straight to the control. 12-13, I ran along the small trail then down the re-entrant to the control. Control 14, I wasn’t looking at the compass enough and started looking for the control south of where it really was. realized it quickly and ran to the control. 15 was just compass. Control 16, I was planning to have a more direct route then what I did but when I was fighting through the dark green area I ended up south at the trail junction so I ran along the trail for a bit before cutting off to the control. The rest of the controls were just straight compass. Overall the race was ok, but during the second half of the course my legs weren't feeling very fast probably from the bad warm-up and lack of sleep.

US Team Trials 2011 Middle Red


I learnt from the long distance the day before that the terrain is very detailed so I wanted to make sure kept contact with the map at all times, and simplify the map. there was a long walk to the start, and once I got to the start I did have a ton of time but I got a decent warm-up in. They set up the start in a stupid way so when you started your race you were facing 90 degrees from were the first control was. This caused me a bit of confusion but once I figured it out I ran along the road for a bit before cutting up to the control. I didn’t look at the control discription for what side of the knoll the control was on so when I got to the control circle I ran right past it and ended up at the trail so had to go back a bit. Not the best start to the race but I stayed cool and got my focus back. Control 2, I ran back out to the trail and along it for a bit. After passing the marsh I cut in, found the big cliff then climbed up to the control. Control 3, down to the trail then to the road then cut up to the bottom of the big cliff then straight to the control. Control 4, straight. really steep between the cliffs. Control 5, compass out to the small trail then along before going down the re-entrant to the control. 5-6, straight compass. Control 7, I ran down the re-entrant to the trail junction. I was going to go between the two hills to the control but It looked really gnarly. probably should have gone anyway, because the route I choose was slow as well. I went up the hill and along the top and down to the control. Control 8, Ran along the trail to the end of the obvious rocky hill were I turned in toward the control. I started looking for the control to early at another hill with a cliff before relizing it and going down to the control. Control 9, fairly straight. I tried to avoid as much climb as possible.
9-10, straight. Control 11, I ran down to the trail then from the junction compass to the control. Control 12, I ran down the beutiful re-entrant and across the parking lot to the control, then to the finish. The race went pretty good with no huge mistakes but was a bit slow for the first half. After control 8 the orienteering went very well and the running was fast.
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COC Sprint 2012-Jackpine
Category: W 17-20, Course 4



This day was my first day of the summer racing. I was a bit nervous, as I had not gotten in as much training the last couple months. It was really hot and sunny out. Going to the first control, I decided to go up beside the little hill, and to follow the re-entrant down to the marsh. I ran along the marsh to the control. For number two, I crossed the path, looking out down the slope towards the woods. I ran between the thicker woods to my right and the thinner woods to my left until I hit the thick woods. I then ran down and around the corner of the woods to the control in the re-entrant. From control number two I ran beside the marsh to the next patch of trees, where I found the re-entrant. From 3 to 4, I decided to get my feet wet by crossing the two marches. Numbers five, six and seven were a simple matter of running straight over the meadow, through the woods, and hitting the controls-trying not to get distracted by other competitors. Number 8 was the long leg, and I had already tried to read ahead over the last 2 or 3 legs. From what I had seen, I had to run to the big hill in front of me, and navigate through the small hills, re-entrants and spurs on top. The first part-running to the big hill-went quite well. However, once I got to the top, I misread the contours, and didn’t go over the second hill. I lost a bit of time, but eventually found the right re-entrant and was able to continue. The next five controls, I felt like I was charge. This was the last loop before the finish, and I felt like I was running really well, until number 14. I had not gone quite far enough, and hesitated, and ended up turning around to confirm where I was. Some other people ran to the control, and I followed them in. Number 15 was a fast sprint and then the finish chute. I finished feeling pleased with the race, only wishing I had pushed myself I little harder running wise.

COC Middle 2012-Jackpine
Category: W 17-20, Course 8



This race, I wanted to focus on trusting my compass and finding out what my control was before I got there. Going to control one, I took the safe route, running along the trail and then over the hill top into the control. Number two, I ran for the edge of the forest until the little blob of forest in the meadow, and hit the control bang on. Number 3 went well, and I was able to find the control with no problems. Numbers 4 and 5 went well. I was able to read ahead and follow through with my plans. I was hesitant going into number 6, as I didn’t have a strong attack point. I ended up going off the top of the hill, through the re-entrant and up to the corner of the marsh. There was already a bit of a trail going up to the control, and I saw someone leaving it. At this point, I got distracted by another runner, and did not follow my plan to get to number 7 as I had planned. I cut out into the meadow too soon, but realized my mistake quickly and found the right control. Number 8 went really well, just a matter of up over the hill. I got confused by the transition between meadow and forest going to number 9, and deviated slightly from my original plan, but hit the control dead on. The rest of the race went very well. I was able to read ahead and go through the controls smoothly.

YOC Middle 2012-Lewes Lake
Category: Expert+/Elite-W



This was my first race on the more complex area of Lewes Lake. I had done some training here the previous day, and so had a bit of a game plan. I knew I had to stay completely focused as losing it could and would lead to getting lost. I had been told that the best strategy was to stay on top of the hills. From the start, I cut up to the trail, and from the trail, I cut in when I saw the meadow ridge to my right. I stayed on the top of the ridge, and followed it to the control. For number 2, I decided to play it safe, and climb to the top of hill on the other side of the railroad track. It was not much more climb, and it meant that I knew exactly where I was. From there, I ran from small hill to small hill, through the small depression, and hit the control bang on. I ran to the ridge with the trail from 3, ticking off features in my mind. From the top of the hill, I ran down along the trail. I was planning to drop down in the depression with the control. However, I dropped down too early, and instantly got very hesitant. Instead of doing the smart thing and going back to the trail, I chose to re-orient myself down in the depressions. I saw the hill I had to climb over to get to 4, and backtracked into the control. I had an amazing leg to 4. I was still hesitant going to number 5, and so decided to play it a little safer. I ran to the trail, knowing that at the meadow I had to turn in and follow the small ridge into the control. This worked, and I already had a plan for 6. The first part – hitting the large meadow and up and over into the control – went according to plan, but I was too low in the meadow, and ended up being shot out into the next meadow. I quickly found the correct re-entrant and followed it into the control. I ran down the hill to the road, hitting it right at the intersection with the railway. I had planned to cut in earlier but found myself running along the trail for a ways before cutting through the green and down the small hill to the control. From the top of the sandy ridge, I could already see 8, and from there it was a last sprint down the finish chute.

Trofeo Pinaras Day 1-Palacios de la Sierra
Category: D-18



This race was the first of my last two races in Spain, so I was determined to make it count. The race did not get off to a good start. I picked up the wrong map, and had already run a ways before I discovered my mistake. The way I found my mistake was by looking at my control description, which told me I was looking for a tree, but my map said my feature was a pit. At this point, I ran back to the start and exchanged my map. I resolved not to let this error faze me for the rest of the race. From that point on, I had a really good race. I found number 1 going up the re-entrant, reading ahead to number 2. From 1, I decided to run along the top of the bank to the large re-entrant. From there, I traversed down the slope, hitting the small patch of green (a bit too low). It was then an easy matter of going into the control. It was not the perfect plan, but I kept my head and counted off features to stay on track. Numbers 3, 4 and 5 went without troubles. I was really open forest, so I could run as fast as possible and simply count off features as I ran. Number 6, I ran past the huge clump of cliffs to my right, aiming off to the cliffs I was headed to. The control was tucked in between the two mall cliffs. I found the feature for 7 right away, but had a bit of trouble finding the control. Going to number 8, I was confident and ran according to my plan. Unfortunately, I had misread the map. I thought I was looking for a spur, which was correct, but the spur was at the base of the cliff, and I was at the top. It took a few minutes of frantic running around for me to find the control. From 8-11, I had almost perfect legs. I felt in complete control. Number 12 was a little tricky, as I had to run down and across a slope at the same time. Fortunately, I was able to look ahead and follow my plan with relative ease. I had no troubles with 13, and once I hit the meadow, the patch of green I was looking for was already visible if you looked up. I hesitated going into 14, but kept my concentration, and found the control with little trouble. From there, I ran 15 and the finish flat out. I had a good race, only wishing I had run a little harder, especially on the uphills.
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Takas 2012 Day 5:
Category: D20


This was the finally race of the Takas event I went to in Birzello Lithuania.
This race was a lot better then my other races. I made little error in the beginning. I went to the wrong hilltop and there were a few controls in the area that through me but I found the control and just focused on orienteering. 2-4 were pretty straight forward just plan ahead have your catching features and that leads you to the control. 4-10 was a really fun loop. The vegetation varied and there were lots of little hills to mess you up but I simplified and got through it smoothly until control 10 where I had bees chasing me so I can say that I was not that focused on control 10 but I didn’t lose time. By then I was getting pretty tired but I saw I was more then half done so I kept pushing. 11-15 was another loop and this went more smoothly. I didn’t have any bees attack me and I stayed focused. On the way to 16 I made a distance error and vegetation error but as soon as I hit the hill top I knew I was in the wrong place and I relocated and found 16. 17 to the finish were straight forward.

Croeso Day 4:
Category: W20L



So we had a rest day the day before and I was feeling pretty fresh and ready to run. As soon as I got this map I just thought smart route choice, catching features and a lot of compass work. The course started out pretty good just really wet! 2-4 was really wet. The marshes look pretty dry and then you sink up to your thighs in swamp water and it is like that everywhere so you get through it the best you can. Going to 5 was a long leg and I did quiet well until about 200 m away from the control I got lost. I was on the wrong side of the hill and it really messed me up. I kept relocating and I kept winding up in the same place. I finally contoured around the whole hill and found it. Most of the time I was making sure no sheep tried to charge me because they were everywhere. Going to 6 I made a little error again nothing big I was on the wrong side of the marsh and there was a control that looked like mine but it wasn’t and I ended up going to far up and then figured it out. After that the rest of the race fell into place. No mistakes just smooth sailing.

WCOC Long:
Category: W17-20



When I looked at this map I didn’t really know what to think at first I had no clue what I was going to do and then I just took it leg by leg and I did alright. Start to 1 was good I got use to the scale right away. 1-2 I wanted to see what the vegetation was like. That was a bad Idea and I never went into the vegetation for the rest of the race. 2-5 was great I felt really good about my route choices and that I was orienteering the way I know how. 5-6 was not so great. Bees keep attacking me! I got stung multiple times before 6 and I lost where I was and had to relocate. 7 were a little mistake I was in the wrong thicket but corrected that right away. 8-12 was good I was getting really tired. I had safe route choices and good attackpoints. 13 I don’t really know what I was thinking. I left the control the wrong way but I caught myself quickly and just went a different way. The rest was good but man was it hard to run, I was really tired and really thirsty but I kept going and finished. I was really proud of myself when I look at the whole map and think yak I just ran that race.

COC Sprint
Category: W17-20



This race was very vague terrain not much vegetation. I feel really good about this race. I got 2nd which also made me really happy. The first two legs went well no mess up which is always my goal went I start out is don’t mess up the first controls. 2-6 was a loop and everything looked pretty similar out there but I just focused and used my compass and went and it worked for me. 7-6 straight was get your barring and go. Leg 7-8 was the long leg and man did it feel long in that heat, I know it is not long compared to middle or long distance legs but this felt long. After that came another loop with a lot of controls and vague contour lines. You had to make sure you know where you were and to read your control number. I didn’t have any mistakes and I know where I was which was a really good feeling. 13-finished you could just see where the control was so you just sprinted there punched and continued to the next control.
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WCOC 2012 Sprint

Map: (Course 5)

After having a disappointing middle distance earlier in the day I really wanted to have a good race. I wanted to choose safe routes if possible and not take unnecessary risks. I also wanted to push my running speed especially on handrails. The first control went very well. I dropped into the depression after following the trail and then cut through the open patch into the control. 2 I just followed the trail into the control. #3 and 4 I used the water features because I knew they would be very obvious. For control 5 I took the indistinct path because the grass was tall and thick making running difficult. Going to 6 I was having a difficult time deciding which route to take to control 7. All of a sudden I was at 6 and quickly decided going to the right looked faster. I think it was the faster route but I was starting to hurt really badly as I tried to stay with another runner while going down the paved path. 8 was an easy route so I took some time to plan the next few legs. I had a slight bobble on control 9. I was planning on turning right on the paved path and then letting the small trail lead me into the control. However I saw another runner go straight over the paved path into the woods which distracted me and then when the small trail hit a junction it just disappeared on the other side. I started to panic a bit thinking I had gone down the wrong trail but I reassured myself I was going the right way and took and compass bearing into the control. Control 10 I took the trails until the rocky section which lead me into the control. When I was looking at #11 alarm bells starting going off because I knew I could completely miss this control so I went out to the trail and took a compass bearing off the bend in the path. 12 and13 I took really safe routes. When I was reading to control 14, I thought going straight was the fastest route. Now that I look at it going back east on to the trail and following it down to the river would have definitely been considerably faster. Going to 15 I started to worry a bit when I couldn’t see the control in the field. But I just followed my bearing and hit it. For 16 I knew I wanted to follow the indistinct trail into the control so I followed the big path for a bit then cut into the woods. I decided going right to 17 looked faster but in the end I think going left would have saved a little bit of time. Overall I was happy with my race. I followed my goals and was focused the entire race.

WCOC 2012 Long

Map: (Course 9)


Coming into this race I knew it was very open and fast but I also knew that it would be easy to make small error and become very lost. The first two controls I was very careful. I found that using the compass was essential to make sure you were going the right direction through the fields. I also found that the small hills were very useful for navigation as long as you left them going in the correct direction. Coming out of 2 I didn’t have a solid plan for control 3. I should have stopped for 15 seconds and planned the entire route but instead I ran off. I did not get lost but there were many hesitations along the way. Going to 4 I used the trail to get out of the control and then used my compass to lead me into the small clearing. Going to 5 I ran into a wasp nest in the depression just after leaving 4. But I quickly refocused on the race and navigated up the hill to control 5. Going to 6, I knew that the marshes were extremely run able so I cut through the green patch directly below 5. Going into 6 I could see many people running out the far side of the control so I ran around the green patch and then into the control on an elephant path. Not wanting to make a mistake on a long leg again, I spent about 10-15 second at 6 making sure I had a solid route. In the end I decided going straight and weaving through the forest sections was the fastest. I tried to use very distinct features along the way such as the three open hills with a fence directly after the first. There were several other obvious features along the way such as the marsh before the second fence which made it a very smooth and fast leg. For control 8 I compassed straight to the fence and from there I could see the control feature which was a small depression on a hill. Control 9 I ran up the re-entrant and could see the marsh from there. I had a slight bobble on control 10 when I left the trail too early but I quickly realized I was too high on the hill. At 10 I took my gel and did not forget to punch the control! Going out of 10 I felt really good about my route to 11. I navigated perfectly until the clearing right before the control. I was planning to follow a small trail through the green slash. Unfortunately when I got there, I could not find any sign of a trail. I was just about to run around when I saw a slight opening in the trees that eventually turned into an indistinct trail. Control 13 was nearly perfect but I didn’t have a good picture of what the control circle looked like so I had trouble finding the control in the bushes. Control 14 I used the two large hill tops as attack points. 15, 16 and 17 all went really well, again using a combination of my compass and the contours. I made a really stupid mistake going to 18. I completely underestimated the distance and spent about a minute wandering around some green bushes until I realized I had to climb to the top of the hill. And finally for 19 I just used the trail. Although I had a few bobbles here and there, I was very happy with my race.

JWOC 2012 Long



Before this race I was really nervous. The two training opportunities we had the week before were disasters. I also knew it was easy to get lost among the depressions and relocation was nearly impossible. So for the first three controls I was really focused on not making any stupid mistakes and getting an idea of what the terrain was going to be for the rest of the race. When I saw leg four I carefully planned out every part of the leg before leaving control 3. The leg went perfectly as I weaved through the depressions and when I hit the green I instantly compassed to the trail. Heading out of control five I knew the yellow section was going to even more difficult especially with so many small and circular depressions. I stuck to my compass bearing and counted features off as I passed them. Controls seven and eight were very similar but I was able to run with a few other people. I didn’t have the strongest attack point for eight and almost went the wrong way as I approached the control but I quickly realized I was heading in the wrong direction and turned around. My actual map had the opposite butterfly loop so heading to 14 (9) I tried to cut through the green. However that green was extremely thick with many fallen logs and I definitely lost some time there. 15 (10) and 16 (11) went exactly as planned. I was feeling really confident at this point so I decided to cut through the green again to the center of the loop and ran past the control. When I saw the hill behind the control I realized I had overshot the control. Then I made the worst possible mistake. It was really hot and sunny out so I was desperately thirsty. I grabbed a cup of water and ran off, without punching the control… However at the time I didn’t even think twice about it so I continued on 9 (13) and 10 (14) where I was at the correct depression but I could not find the control. I bailed several times and attacked again until I found the control hidden the thicket. 11 (15), 12 (16) and 17 went fine. I was really tired leaving 17 so I decided to avoid going through any green and take a slightly longer route. Going to 19 I planned how I was going to hit 20. I didn’t want to go directly over the hill because it seemed very vague and I felt that I would easily make a mistake if I did. So I decided to contour around the hill but I wasn’t following my compass very well and completely overshot the control and found 21! I quickly ran back to 20 and back to 21 before contouring around the final depression to 22. From there I ran down the clearing to the go control. Although I made some really stupid mistakes such as not punching the water control I was extremely happy with my race. I followed most my goals and was able to minimize the time lost on most mistakes. If I had punched the control I would have placed 103!! It was a very motivating race and a great learning experience.

NAOC 2012 Middle

Map: (Red X)


It had been almost two months since COC’s and I was feeling slightly worried about these races. So my race plan was to be very safe on the first two or three controls to get a feeling of the terrain. When I got a first look at the map I knew that compass was going to be extremely important. Even with that thought I almost had to bail going to the first control because the vegetation was very thick and my compass bearing was just a tiny bit off. I quickly refocused and decided to take a longer but safer route to control 3. I used a combination of the open areas and stone walls to navigate to 3. I aimed off going to control 4 and going to control 5 I went straight and picked things off as I passed them. For controls 6 – 11 I aimed off or went straight with my compass. For control 12 I ran across the vague hilltops. I had two options for 13, go straight or contour around the depression. I decided to go straight which I felt was a slightly safer route but I was completely exhausted when I hit the uphill. I was so tired at the top that I had trouble keeping focus on the race. Going to 14 I aimed for the open area and was planning to attack the control from there but I left the clearing in the wrong direction. When I saw the boulder I realized my mistake and changed direction. For control 15 I compassed across the clearing to the small hill/knoll and from there I compassed in. I attacked 16 from the small cliff but went in the wrong direction again and had to relocate and attack again before hitting the control. I also was off on my compass while going to 17 and had to turn around before going to the go control. While looking back on this race I was content with my race. After almost completely screwing up control 1, I was able to get back into the race and spike most the controls in the first 75% of the race. I just was not physically strong enough to continue going that pace after control 13 and I also lost a lot of focus when I got that tired. However looking on the bright side I do not think I have ever physically pushed myself so hard in an orienteering race as I did in this one.
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U.S. Individual Championships Middle

It was really, really hot the day of the race but managed to do a good warm-up and get set up for a good race. After I flipped over the map I saw the first control was fairly simple. I ran along the trail for a bit to the patch of rocky ground beside the trail then ran down the re-entrant and along the stream, was careful in the control circle and nailed it. control 2 was compass till I could see the bare rock then into the control. Leg 3 I wanted to avoid the green so I just rounded around the hill, then down into the re-entrant and saw the control on the hillside and ran up and punched. Leg 4 was up then down the hill and crosses the trail at a bolder then up to the bare rock for the attackpoint and then compass to the control. 5 and 6 were straight compass. On 7 I drifted a bit high but I caught myself at the trail and then straight down to the control. On leg 8 I aimed for the rocky spur then spotted the control feature. leg 9 I contoured along the slope and saw the control from a fair distance. 10 was compass to the marsh. I wasn’t 100% sure were I crossed but ran south a few metres and saw it. 11 was up to the bare rock then straight. 12 was compass between the small clearings. 13 was compass to the bare rock then into the control. 14 was compass. On 15 I crossed the road near the bare rock then used that for an attackpoint. 16 was a spectator control, just followed the path then the steamers. 17 was tricky but I made sure I knew were I was going down the re-entrant and nailed the control. 18 was straight up the steep hill then along the slope. 19 was compass. For 20 I just followed the bare rock around the hill, then into the finish.

JWOC Relay

I was pretty tired after a week of hard racing, but I wanted to end JWOC with a good race, and I managed to run an almost perfectly clean race. I ran the first leg so I knew there would be people all around me but I managed to run my own race. After the gun went off It was a run across the field then up the hill to the control. leg 2 was along the slope, I could see it from a good distance plus there were lots of people ahead of me. 3 was across the field to the trail then compass from the junction. On leg 4 I went straight and spiked the control but It was probably better to run the flat trail around because there was an insane hill to climb up to the control. 5 was compass. nailed it. 6 I ran out to the trail then followed it for a while before going down the hill to the control. 7 and 8 were straight. I ran past control 8 a few metres before realizing. On 11 I just ran up to the big trail then ran along it for a bit the cut down the hill to the control.12 was up the hill then along the slope to the control. 13,14,15, and 16 were fairly simple. 17 was compass down the slope. 18,19 was just a tough run up the field to the finish.

JWOC Middle C-Final

I took the first leg very carefully because it looked quite tricky, and spiked it. On 2 I wasn’t careful enough with the compass and drifted a bit and ended to far down the hill. I relocated quickly and ran up to the control. leg 3 was compass to the pond then I followed to cut line to the slope then down to the control. 4 was compass. used the little marsh and pit as an attackpoint then ran up the hill to the control. 5 was down to the trail then to the rocky hill, which was visible from the trail. then found the well hidden control. 6 was straight. 7 was compass to the trail then at the bend compass to the control. was running with another guy here. ran out the the road then at the two boulders beside the trail cut into the forest and spiked the control. 9 I ran down to and followed the cut line to the trail then compass toward the control. I hit the marsh then ran up the hill to the control. 10 and 11 were straight compass. on 12 I ran up the re-entrant to the road. there was pretty thick going up it so It was probably better to take the trail. from the road I cut into the forest to the control. on 13 I hit the road right at the bridge then into the forest to the control. the rest were straight with little problems.

North American Championships Middle

Had a really good warm-up for this one and felt pretty good. On the first leg I wanted a safe route so I aimed for the indistinct trail then compass from the patch of white. 2 was compass, did a little hook in the circle. For 3 I didn’t know how slow the rough open field would be some I ran along the edge of it and followed the ruined stone wall to the pond then compass into the control. on 4 I ran down to the slope with the cliffs then followed the slope to the control. 5 was careful compass. hit the white spur then followed the hill to the control. 6 was compass, spiked it. On 7 I hit the slope to far south and had to run along it to the control. 8 was just following the slope. 9 I was able to navigate with the blobs of green and spotted the control. 10 was just running along the slope, the spur the control was on was really obvious. 11 was careful compass through the green. 12 was compass then up and over the hill. 13 was down then up out of the ravine then along the hill to the control. was a little hesitant in the green going into the control but found it alright. 14,15 were straight and simple. on 16 I ran along the trial for a bit then down to the control. the last two controls were straight, then a run down the finish chute.
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Race Analysis

Slovakia (JWOC Relay: 2rd runner of 1st team – July 2012)


I was warming up when I heard from the announcer, “Emily Kemp in first place.” I had a heart attack; I was freaking out, but tried to keep my cool cause I knew if I didn’t that I would blow up in the woods. Once Emily came through the spectator control she wasn’t in first, but in a very good place, so I was able to calm down. #1 I knew to make sure to ignore the other runners and found my control directly without checking any of the other ones. #2-#6 I basically went straight. I just kept in contact with the map and tried to push myself speed wise. #7 I made a little bobble and was too low, but quickly figured out my mistake and ran to the control. #8-Finish I had no errors, I was just extremely tired. But throughout the whole course I was able to read the map and connect it to the terrain without any hesitation.

Slovakia (Middle Qualifications – July 2012)


I was terrified starting this race. Middle distance is my favourite distance and I was desperate to have a good run. #1 I started out slowly to make sure I didn’t mess up the first control. #1-#6 I was careful I kept in contact with the map and was always looking up to make sure the terrain fit with the map. #7 I thought was interesting because just leaving 6 I was able to see the field beside 7 and just run as fast as I could to there instead of reading the map and losing time. #11 I slightly bobbled, I was too far left then I had planned. But it ended up working out well because I was able to contour around the hill straight into the control. #14 I also bobbled. I didn’t go far enough and started doubting myself, and then went a little further and hit the control. Over all I enjoyed this course very much! I loved the technicality.

Slovakia (Sprint – July 2012)


I was really nervous for the JWOC sprint. I was prepared for a very tricky course. Once I was out there I didn’t find it technical at all. All of the route choices were obvious. I was disappointed; I was looking forward to an exciting course. Start-#6- I just had to make sure I was looking for the correct feature and that I was on the correct side of it. #7- I decided to go left because the control was on the left side of the building. I’m still undecided if it would have been faster the other way. #8-#12 Went well for me, I probably should have gone faster though. #13 I ran past the alley way I was supposed to go down and went down the wrong one to a dead end. Took me a couple seconds to realize what I had done wrong. #14- Finish Went well, I pushed myself speed wise, and made sure not to make any stupid, time consuming mistakes.

Edmonton (COC’s- August 2012)


I was extremely nervous for the long. All the prior races I had done at the COC’s were an absolute disaster. I was determined to have a clean race. I managed to accomplish this, and I was happy with my ending to the 2012 COC’s. Start-#3 I made sure I kept in contact with the map and I tried to keep my pace steady. #4 I made a silly mistake. I ended up heading into the woods towards six, and then quickly realizing I was heading to the wrong control and turned back on my route. #7 This control confused me. I was unable to fit the edge of the woods to the field for a while. I was wandering around a bit, but found it with not too much time lost. #8-#13 I basically went straight and just kept in contact with my map. #14 I was extremely nervous about. I decided to take a risk and head straight for it. About half way I was starting to doubt myself when I saw the field edge to the swamp and quickly found the control.
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JWOC Relay Map:

JWOC Middle Qualification Map:

COC's Long Map:

JWOC Sprint Map:
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• JWOC Sprint- –splits-
- This race started out horribly. As we came out of the start alley there was construction on the first alley, meaning it was out of bounds on our map. Unfortunately, this confusion through me off of my goal of taking the first control easy and safe. I lost my head and started running. I took the wrong alley going to 1 and had to take a few seconds to figure out what I had done. After I found 1, I breathed a sigh of relief, and had no problem with 2. It took until 5 to really get into the right rhythm after the bauble on 1. All the features seemed to be coming up too fast and I wasn’t seemingly able to read ahead fast enough. The simple leg to number 5 seemed to calm me down as all I needed to look for was the first alley on the block. The second half of this race was amazing! Runa Fremstad (from Norway) caught up to me on my way to 6 and we raced the rest of it together. She definitely provided support for my decisions, however, I did not feel like I was following, holding on for dear life. The second half of this race, everything clicked. I knew exactly what to expect around every corner. I knew all my route choices and the options ahead of time so it was purely physical to get to the control as fast as I can. If I had run my whole race like that, it would have been amazing!
• Relay JWOC- splits-

-Starting this race I was super nervous. I was the third runner on a team of Emily Kemp, Molly Kemp and I. I hadn’t had the best middle or long at JWOC so I wasn’t feeling that confident. I approached this race trying to have a clean race, while not focusing on the physical aspect at all. I would go as fast as I felt comfortable that I knew exactly where I was. In the end, this is pretty much exactly what I did. I had the chance to talk to Emily after she came back, before I started and she gave me some tips for route choices, which helped me feel a little bit more confident. I started off pretty slowly, wanting to get into the map. 1 went well, so I gained a bit more confidence for 2. I think the key for this race is that I slowed down when I was not entirely sure but also managed to pick up the pace when it was easy running. For 3 I definitely had to take it slow through that area. It was pretty vague with lots of slash, so I slowed right down and nailed the control. For 4 though with a long trail run, I managed to pick up the pace and only slow down coming into the control. I ran into a bit of trouble in 7 as I didn’t really have a specific attack point. I did realize I didn’t know where I was and relocated fairly quickly off the junction of the two trails. The rest of the race was clean with only little baubles which I managed to correct fairly quickly. Key to this race: clean not focused on physical with quick relocation.
• NAOC Long- –splits-
-I was happy with this race for the same reason as the JWOC relay. I was not focused on the physical aspect, but on clean orienteering. I stayed in contact with the map and if I was not in contact, I would double check features and slow the pace down a bit. Control 11 is case in point for losing contact and realizing I must slow down to regain contact or it could go drastically wrong. Leaving 10, I had simplified the map so I knew I needed to hit a big sidehill and follow it along. However, I left the control too fast and I lost contact. By the time I hit the big sidehill, I had no idea where along it I was. I slowed down (a lot) and used the rock features and manmade features to figure out exactly where I was. This could have gone really badly. This course had no major mistakes.
• COC Middle- map- –splits-
– On this course, I think I did a good job of simplifying the terrain. In the open areas, I did a good job of picking out the main features for navigation (actually saying them aloud in my head) and then using those to lead me into the control. Example: 2 I am going to follow the hill down into the swampy re-entrant, see a stand of trees and use this distinct vegetation boundaries on the two stands of trees as my attackpoint into the control. This worked for all the open controls, I had a clear plan in my head. In the dark forest, I really needed to focus on my compass more. The visibility was really low, and honestly I’m surprised I found 10 when I did! It was easy to recognize the shape of the hills (which is what saved me for 10), but it would be a lot easier to recognize the hill if I hit it right on instead of going to the left which is what I did. This was also the same situation for 11. Compass work is needed! I was super happy with the start of this race, but there is definitely work needed for the changing of terrain in the middle of a race!

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