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Discussion: Comparing Participation between 2012 & 2024

in: 2024 OUSA Junior Nationals (Mar 22–24 - Quincy, WA, US)

Mar 28, 2024 10:43 PM # 
Pink Socks:
CascadeOC was the hosting club for Junior Nationals this year, as well as back in 2012. I was curious about what the participation looked like then vs now.

Below are the quantities of participants (all genders) listed on the results pages for IS/IC categories. First number from 2012, second from 2024.

13 --> 29

45 --> 50

High School JV:
76 --> 75

High School Varsity:
67 --> 29

Collegiate (JV & V):
30 --> 53

231 --> 236

So, overall numbers are about the same, but with some big swings by age. Big jumps in primary and collegiate. But, a big drop in high school varsity (perhaps gnarlier terrain caused more kids to move down? Post-pandemic demographic gap?)

A few other points:

* If you're wondering how many of the kids are local (listed as Cascade) vs. traveling (all others), there were more traveling kids this year. But again, overall numbers are about the same.

Total Cascade:
130 --> 121 (56% --> 51%)

101 --> 115 (44% --> 49%)

* There were more primary kids being shadowed in 2024 than 2012. These kids are listed in REC White (and *not* included in the tallies above). In 2012, there was just 1. In 2024, there were at least 6.

* The biggest increase in participation between 2012 and 2024 was on the public side, from 132 to 246, with huge increases in both locals and travelers. This makes some sense when you think about event offerings. In 2012, it was just 2 NRE's vs. 3 NRE's in 2024. In 2012, we used densely wooded venues that aren't nationally appealing. In 2024, we used intricate scablands that are extremely unique and worth visiting.

* There are some other differences that could be small factors. 2012 was in mid/late April and 2024 was in mid/late March, so school break schedules could be affected differently. 2012 was was an hour closer to the Seattle metro (~2 hours vs. 2024's ~3 hours). In 2012, we had over a year to plan & publicize; In 2024, it was something like 8-9 months. And there could be some changes made within the structure of the JROTC system that I'm unaware of.
Mar 29, 2024 9:10 PM # 
Nice statistics! I like it.
Apr 1, 2024 3:06 PM # 
It's a small start but it is a start. I'm referring to the second year of increases in the Intercollegiate ranks. Having big name schools such as Arizona, Clemson, Washington, Montana joining West Point is a great 'feather in the cap' for the Junior Nationals.
I'm guessing a few national team level athletes got busy and recruited some classmates. Good job!
Some Florida universities are just starting to get interested in competitive orienteering. Being able to tell them that they might get a chance to compete against those schools above will surely pique their interest. Same goes elsewhere.

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