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Discussion: Orienteering environmental impact studies

in: Orienteering; General

Mar 28, 2024 9:25 PM # 
I know this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone have links to recent peer-reviewed studies of the environmental impact of orienteering? The OUSA webpage has several, but most of the links are very old or broken. Thanks in advance!
Mar 28, 2024 9:31 PM # 
I haven't read it, but maybe this is useful:
Mar 28, 2024 9:32 PM # 
I don't know the link but I do have the PDF if you want me to email it to you.
Mar 28, 2024 9:35 PM # 
That one is different from the one I have. Mine seems to be from OUSA.
Mar 29, 2024 12:43 AM # 
Bruce, not sure which study you are referring to, but yes, please send it along to the email in my profile.
Mar 29, 2024 10:41 AM # 
There's quite a lot of resources on the page of the IOF Environment and Sustainability Commission: (The 'review of research' document is particularly detailed).
Mar 29, 2024 6:57 PM # 
A lot of resources by the IOF ... no, not enough, forest orienteering is now under attack and under threat in my country and elsewhere in Europe.
Mar 29, 2024 7:55 PM # 
What country is that? Here in the US it varies a lot. Even in my town (Missoula, Montana), the landowners' attitudes vary wildly, and include everything from "Running in the woods sounds great! We are happy to give you a permit every time!" to "You want go off-trail?? No way!"
Mar 31, 2024 8:24 AM # 
In Belgium (and other countries) the access to forests is controlled by public forest authorities, which depend from political authorities.
There are many laws and regulations which protect the nature, at EU, national and local levels, and opponents of orienteering interpret those against us.
Mar 31, 2024 12:47 PM # 
and opponents of orienteering interpret those against us.

Orientierungsläufer aller Länder, vereinigt euch!
Mar 31, 2024 4:28 PM # 
A good rule is that if cattle are OK, it's very hard for them to say humans are not OK.
Mar 31, 2024 9:38 PM # 
That does not help us, unfortunately.
Mar 31, 2024 9:57 PM # 
That depends if the cattle (or horses) have political friends.
Apr 2, 2024 11:32 AM # 
No stakes or pegs in the ground... but prospecting is ok.
Apr 2, 2024 11:48 AM # 
No disturbing wildlife … but killing deer, moose, bears, wild turkeys, grouse, etc. during hunting seasons is ok.
Apr 2, 2024 5:34 PM # 
Orienteering in Ontario is facing a huge issues around off-trail restrictions due to environmental policies.
I would be careful about pointing to a collection of technical studies and expecting them to have any impact, suspect no park or gov official will read them.
Would advise to take samples from these studies, like the one Spike linked, and create your own deck and then walk through with officials. Offering to help monitor sites might help, or naming an Environmental Chief for events.
Apr 2, 2024 5:45 PM # 
I suspect some landowners or park managers will never allow access regardless of studies. However, I had recent success by telling a land manager (in a written proposal) that we had observed a lack of visible impact after events at a similar property. He made a point to share that he really appreciated that we had done that. Totally anecdotal information, from a biased source, but it was directly relevant to his concerns so it had impact.
Apr 2, 2024 6:29 PM # 
An adventure race organization has had success taking photos of the race area after the race and then again in the spring of the following year and sent them to the park. It has helped the park see the lack of impact 6 months later or see the rebounding of the vegetation within half a year.
Interesting the parks will also mow a 16 foot swath through a marsh yearly to groom the snowmobile trail and promote motorized recreation and hunting and trapping and logging etc. within parks
Apr 2, 2024 7:43 PM # 
In good'ol days I would be saying they just look for cash for the "positive action". It was mildly annoying, but the problem had a solution, unless they were too greedy.
Unfortunately it's not the case any more. Globalist Cabal now imposes its "climate change" religion more and more aggressively.

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