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Discussion: Hey there! Have you got any plans for the MLK Weekend?

in: Florida 3 Days in January- Early Discount Deals End After Christmas (Jan 12–14 - Tampa area, FL, US)

Nov 1, 2023 1:25 PM # 
Are you going to be in Florida? Or do you fancy a quick trip to Florida with some orienteering thrown in?
Suncoast Orienteering and Florida Orienteering are combining to stage a unique and low-key weekend of orienteering – three days, three different (and low organization, low-cost) events in three very different Florida terrains.
• Friday, Jan 12 Ft de Soto Beach (Middle Distance 3 courses)
• Saturday, Jan 13 Croom Tract, Withlacoochee State Forest (Classic Distance, 4 courses)
• Sunday, Jan 14, University of South Florida, Tampa FL (Middle Distance, 4 courses) YES A university campus so large we are not limited to sprint courses!
These are three separate local events with a bit of a national, even world-class, feel at local event prices. You can enter all three or one or two events.
We will be using Livelox with live tracking and real time result uploads to the Internet. Get your results as you finish sent to your phone.
Why is this happening? It’s a long story but the short of it is that there is a group of orienteering tourists (orientourists?) coming from Sweden, apparently about 75 people They are going to be cruising around a bit of the Caribbean and doing some island-hopping orienteering. They will return to Tampa on the Friday and the tour organizer, Per Nordahl AB, asked if we could put on some events in our area.
“Sure, we can do that. We have an event scheduled on the 13th. It’s a nice forest, too.”
We talked some more and soon we had added two venues. I thought they were going to be private events for the Swedes only.
“Our people would really like to see and meet American orienteers. Can you invite them, too,” said Per.
So that’s how we have three days of orienteering. And YOU are invited. It’ll be a blast! And if you want a chance to see an NHL game the Lightning are playing at home that Saturday night. Or see manatees in the wild, or swim in spring water or enjoy the nightlife of Ybor City or Busch Gardens. There is so much to do in the Tampa area.
See the entry form here.
Nov 2, 2023 1:50 AM # 
To bad the cruise is full!
Nov 2, 2023 2:18 AM # 
Really tempting.

Swedes have an uncanny ability of navigation,
so even if these 75 are not ranked top-100 nationally I can imagine they would beat American elite.
Nov 2, 2023 12:25 PM # 
Come on down, Yurets. I promise you none of the venues will have as much Cesar Weed as the last time you came orienteering in Florida. Well, perhaps Saturday will have some but certainly not as thick as that patch you got in back in '12.
Nov 2, 2023 11:53 PM # 
five years ago Pavlina and I did a similar cruise with this group. Panama to Jamaica with stops along the route. Orienteering at each port and also on the 5 deck ship. I'm considering the 3 days in Florida.
Nov 3, 2023 5:40 AM # 
Orienteering at Ft DeSoto is a beach.
Nov 3, 2023 12:21 PM # 
Per Nordahl AB:
As Gordhun writes, we would really appreciate to meeting and competing with US orienteers during our visit to Tampa! We have 4 Swedish Champions and 1 World Champion with us in the tour group, but you don't have to worry. None of us, nor even the World Champion, keeps the same speed now as when she was a member of the Swedish relay winning team at the World Championships 1966 and 1970...
Look forward to meeting you!
Dec 17, 2023 2:31 AM # 
This sounds like a great event. I hope to be around and will at least plan on the Croom event. I haven't been orienteering in nearly 8 years and never in Florida!
Dec 17, 2023 8:29 AM # 
Thanks for resurrecting this thread randallxski. The events' planning and entries are coming along nicely. Besides the group from Sweden and a number of US located public entries and probably 200 high school JROTC entries each of the Saturday and Sunday. Livelox live tracking and on-site display will be available each day and there will be no display embargo on the Friday (beachside) day.
But here's a bit of advice: Pre-register for the days you want so you can take advantage of the deep discounts and BOGO pricing available. I have it on good authority that the special pricing offer will end the day after Christmas. Register here and pay on arrival.
Jan 16, 2024 4:55 PM # 
While the Anza Borrega and the Georgia Navigator Cup were happening, in Florida we held our little Florida Trifecta, three days of orienteering in three distinctly different types of terrain. Did we have similarities in the events? Yes, they all used common local meet course designations, they all had Livelox live tracking and they had people, lots of people.
Some 85 people participated all three days, 105 made it for two days and +/- 500 participated one day only. The majority of those 500 were JROTC students competing in one or other of their two trophy competitions.
Associated groups sold over 300 'meal deals' and I'm told the Tampa restaurants were happy with the business from their Swedish customers.
The tour organizers, Per Nordahl AB, were great to work with, asking pertinent questions and making sure their clients were well-informed. If they come your way asking about support for a tour invite them in. I'm pretty sure you will be happy you did. Oh and while we did not get in this to make money we did. Aside from our arrangement with Nordahl we easily took in an extra $2000 from entries to events that would not have happpened without the Swedish visit. That was split between the clubs and our JROTC host schools.
And the Livelox? Blaik Mathews sent out the links to our live coverage of the events. He sent it to ClubNet so the information may have died there as there wasn't much feedback but we are going to keep trying and if you did manage to watch any of it please feel free to send feedback. Personally I find myself wanting to concentrate on one course at a time but the mass replay certainly has fans at the events.
Jan 16, 2024 7:58 PM # 
ClubNet is still a thing?
Jan 16, 2024 9:25 PM # 
It migrated to Google Groups a few years ago, but it is very much still a thing and fairly active. Clubs are requested to have at least one member monitoriing Club-Net activity since important updates are often disseminated via this channel.

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