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Discussion: Auto splits: Climb

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Mar 18, 2019 8:24 AM # 
Is this a new feature in the GPS trace of a log? I don't think I've noticed it before but it was brought to my attention when looking at my trace from a rogaine on the weekend and the number of splits just happened to coincide with the number of controls plus the finish, which shouldn't have happened because rogaine results are in no way linked to AP and my GPS was locked away in my bag so never once hit the lap button. Purely coincidence as it turns out as the number of ups and downs >10m were 19 in each direction and we collected 37 controls and the finish.

This particular function also tells you the amount of time stopped plus the amount of time/kilometres ascending, descending and on the flat. Interesting to look at! As I said I don't know if this is a new feature but I only just happened upon it because it showed up on my trace for no particular reason (ordinarily it shows splits 1km/2km/5km/10km depending on overall distance traveled).
Mar 18, 2019 9:56 AM # 
Somewhat new. It's been hiding in that menu for a while, but I did just change it to be the default when there is a lot of climb and no manual splits.

It also happens to show the new algorithm that AP has been using for the last few months to calculate climb on all uploaded workouts. After the high/low points are identified (complicated part), it just adds up all the "+" values to get the total climb. The old algorithm would sometimes give strange results, this one is pretty solid. And you can see what it was thinking in any case.

The threshold value is how large a climb segment needs to be in order to count. For uploads, AP uses a threshold of 5m for barometric altimeter data, 10m otherwise.
Mar 18, 2019 6:27 PM # 
Sounds great. But, just being curious, how does AP know whether the data is barometric or GPS only?
Mar 18, 2019 6:45 PM # 
Nice feature - hadn´t seen it before either.
Mar 18, 2019 7:48 PM # 
FIT files and most TCX files contain the model number of the device, which AP checks against its list of known baro devices.
Mar 19, 2019 12:52 AM # 
Ken you continue to impress. Thank you.
Mar 19, 2019 1:06 AM # 
Yes, he moved tRicky to a serious comment.
Mar 19, 2019 1:40 AM # 
I stumbled upon this last week while skiing. Got annoyed with the FR buzzing at each split of a mile, every lift ride or run. Couldn’t tell if it was doing a power save as I forgot to start it, or low power, or a split and watch was buried under layers of clothing. Thought of switching to bike mode with 5 mile splits and then found “Other”. That gave no buzz, but mysteriously showed splits at top and bottom of runs with this additional info at the bottom of the split chart. Neat stuff. Haven’t found the buried menu yet though. Guess it just happens?
Mar 19, 2019 7:20 AM # 
You can adjust the settings within your device to stop that 'annoying buzz' at each split.
Mar 19, 2019 9:23 AM # 
'buried menu ' is top left below the plot and above the splits table. Along with the stuff for changing units, pace or speed and smoothing.
Mar 19, 2019 10:43 AM # 
FYI - some of the graphics on the map view are broken because Google just shut down the image-charts service that provides them. Working on it.
Mar 19, 2019 12:34 PM # 
Got it. Thanx.
Mar 19, 2019 2:40 PM # 
I saw that and wondering if it was my system or something else. Great work Ken I am sure you will have it fixed in no time.
Mar 20, 2019 3:07 AM # 
I wouldn't have even noticed it was a Google issue because our internet connection these days is so terrible, I'd have just blamed it. In fact I will anyway, stupid internet.

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