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Training Log Archive: mintore

In the 7 days ending Aug 11, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering4 5:45:15 23.68(14:35) 38.12(9:03) 55050c161.3
  Hiking1 2:01:12 4.31(28:07) 6.94(17:28) 15124.2
  Total5 7:46:27 27.99(16:40) 45.05(10:21) 70150c185.6

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Sunday Aug 10, 2014 #

11 AM

Orienteering race 1:19:29 [4] 10.35 km (7:41 / km) +125m 7:15 / km
17c shoes: X-Talon 212

Day 2 Classic Champs

A mess --- missed control 2 by 200 m. Saw it but also saw water, checked my clue sheet, no water?! Decided I was maybe not sure where I was and wandered a bit before going and punching C2, the water control.

Drifted more than 250 m E on control 4 (3 min). Rhetorically asked myself, I couldn't be that far off, could I? Answered, yes I could and relocated directly to the control but the route was aweful.

A late control, C10, I made a big parallel error. Drifted right crossing a low ridge that had mirrored hilltops. In retrospect, I passed by the wrong one into a complicated valley with small reentrants around the edges but I didn't read the directions of the reentrants well. Couldn't find the bag, and ultimately moved to a similar complicated valley with small reentrants next door. This was >10 min; huge and painful these days but not so obvious until I was sitting and relaxed after the run.

C11: a touch high (15 s error)
C12: missed just off the E edge of the circle (20 s mostly of slow movement)
C15: ran 60 m NNE to a different dot knoll, distracted by others (1 min)

Even with this, it wasn't a disaster. I still enjoyed all of the other legs and the open running.

Saturday Aug 9, 2014 #

11 AM

Orienteering race 1:28:57 [4] 6.86 mi (12:58 / mi) +234m 11:43 / mi
14c shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D M+ 11.5

Classic Champs - Day 1.

Open fast running. Pretty clean with a couple of minutes of errors, distributed in little bits throughout the course. Largest problem was loosing touch on the way to the 2nd to final control. Fortunately, there were good features to blast forward from, so only 20-30s might have been lost in reduced pace and a small diversion.

I had forgotten about C2. I ended up 3 contours high and 200 m E of the control. This was my biggest error. The mylar balloons at the top were useful as I saw them again on day 2. I had a super nice approach to C8 crossing the ridge right to the control wedged tightly between two rocky hilltops. Then, I went S of the line to the next bag which was a small annoyance because it climbed too much.

Wednesday Aug 6, 2014 #


Day 6 The One Cowboy Relay
I thought the day started out fine, a strongish cup of coffee, a bit of stretching and short warmup jog. The change to 1:15,000 and melee at the start didn't help me get off to a smooth navigational day but after two controls, I started to settle. Tripped once and then, during the 3rd loop, I took a nice "shallow dive" through the sagebrush. It seemed higher today or maybe my feet only moved lower. But it was a good sprawl that was near the start, so I was up and running as soon a I had my wits. Run, run, run, look at map, look at the place the compass should be on my thumb, Rats!! I spent a long time looking for the compass with its green elastic among the sage, thinking about a poem on Attackpt not too long ago about the companionship of compass. One runner (from GAOC?) mentioned that I had helped her find her compass during a Flying Pig. I had forgotten this but said that I hoped my karma was still good. A while later, moving the search back still a bit further, standing on edge on a sage was my compass. The forest giveth backā€¦ It took a bit to get thinking again and the rest of the "run" was more of a map walk/jog/simul-run.

Did a nice hike around Turtle rock in the afternoon (lost and regained my hat, it was just one of those days.

In the evening, one of my neighbors was walking around the road and we talked for a bit. Yesterday, at about 3 pm, I was watching the clouds roll in and took a short walk west to get a better view. They were very black and I knew that I would be hunkering down soon. One or two drops fell, and I started quickly back along the road. A huge clap of thunder let go and my heart jumped clear out of me! I saw no lightning and that was all there was. I headed for my cozy tent at the highest point in the campground that was not a cliff and next to a good sized tree. It rained just a bit, there were some sirens, and I had a nap and read the Phys Org textbook. Apparently, there had been some faint calls for help audible to people a couple of rows closer to the beautiful offwidth that people had been climbing a few days earlier (300 m from my tent). One couple nearby turned out to include an EMT as well. As it happened, there was a group ascending the cliff and the leader was perched on top belaying. She was struck by lightning and sirens were the mountain rescue. Apparently her pant legs were burnt away but she miraculously was fine. I was surprised that she was not even close to the highest point on the crag but with cams, biners, and sweat, she will have been the most conductive. Maybe I might second guess running during thunderstorms??
10 AM

Orienteering race 1:54:33 [2] 5.49 mi (20:52 / mi) +81m 19:57 / mi
19c shoes: Inov 340 Pair #2

6.3 km in 5 loops
2 PM

Hiking 2:01:12 [2] 4.31 mi (28:07 / mi) +151m 25:22 / mi
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D M+ 11.5

Tuesday Aug 5, 2014 #


Day 5
I awoke to some sprinkles on the tent and had to run the wipers on low as I bumped down the more washboardy Road 700 to Pelican Bay. The rain yesterday with traffic added quite a few more ruts. It was sun and clouds at the start; I wore the rain visor just in case. This start was more open and less congested and drinking some stronger coffee kept me smiling. Leg 1 was long and just trying to get my heart working and my breathing less ragged. Ended up in a pack with Angelica, Charlie S., and a teenager for the first 6 controls. We were slower than the leading pack but found C3 cleanly and moved ahead. The going was slower and time was easily lost. The path to C4 right of the line was rocky and slow. I tried to go it alone on the way to 6 and 7; the first had no effect but for C7, I seem to have missed the control passing through the W of the circle and then continued 150m SW. Ron Birks had missed as well and we both worked back up to the cliff (90 s lost). I saw him through the long leg to C9 but he was way too fast to follow through the open. Took the longer path out nearly to the fence and over the ridge end before cutting directly to the control. This looked like a rock more than a bare-rock hilltop. The last loop was riddled with errors. They all fit into a group of leaving a control carelessly and then running right of my compass bearing. This caused me to go to C11 before C10 and C41 before C13 (I saved dylpop from an mp at C11). Coming in to C12 form the N didn't help and feeling chased at C12, even those I saw no one other than Dylan should not have distracted me. I think that I will be able to avoid similar mistakes over the coming days. The lead that I had on Bill and Peggy was lost by C13 and I just tried to keep close to the end. Best finish of the week but a "rainy" end to the run.

BTW, the rest of the day was rainy, on and off. But there was a huge rainbow hovering over Laramie Daze!
10 AM

Orienteering race 1:02:16 [4] **** 7.9 km (7:53 / km) +110m 7:22 / km
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D M+ 11.5

Laramie Daze - Day 5 Pelican Bay East

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