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Training Log Archive: tdgood

In the 7 days ending Apr 11:

activity # timemileskm+m
  walk6 6:52:18 21.09(19:33) 33.94(12:09)
  Other4 6:26:29 1.34 2.16
  Orienteering1 3:00:00 3.0(1:00:00) 4.83(37:17)
  Run4 2:49:03 19.77(8:33) 31.82(5:19)
  Total14 19:07:50 45.2 72.74

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Saturday Apr 11 #

12 PM

Run (trail) 44:31 [3] 5.08 mi (8:46 / mi)
shoes: Nike Flyknit 2019

Ran my squirrel map trails. It was much less windy out.

Dist Pace (trail piece 0.55 mile)

1.68 8:37 5:05
1.68 8:54 5:25
1.68 8:43 5:15
0.04 10:47
3 PM

walk (road with Darcy) 1:13:07 [1] 3.79 mi (19:18 / mi)

Walk with Darcy. Down 21st 1/2 street and took the loop around.

Friday Apr 10 #

1 PM

Run (trail) 45:41 [3] 5.06 mi (9:02 / mi)
shoes: Falcons 2018

Decided to run the trails behind the house. It was a fun run. The first 1/2 mile had a lot of down trees across the trail so I had to do a lot of jumping. It was good exercise but the 2nd and 3rd loops it was much more difficult.

Dist Pace split 0.55)
1.66 8:53 4:50
1.68 9:00 4:55
1.68 9:10 5:25
3 PM

walk (road with Darcy) 1:05:28 [1] 3.38 mi (19:22 / mi)

Walk with Darcy up around the park. We figured it was cold and windy so there would be less people out. There were less people but it was cold and windy.

Thursday Apr 9 #

11 AM

Orienteering (mapping) 3:00:00 [1] 3.0 mi (1:00:00 / mi)

Decided to get some mapping in. Fortunately I have a map right in my back yard. I hadn't updated it in a few years because it is normally a summer series thing and the chiggers and ticks got so bad the last few years I didn't want to got into it. Being still early in the year it was a good mapping time. I did find one tick on my when I finished.
When I started off at 11:00, it was sunny and 65. Then it got overcast and started raining. It wasn't raining hard so I just kept on mapping and protected my paper copies. It was a short rain so it worked out ok. After a little while it started raining again. Then stopped. Then the sun came out but the wind really picked up. It got really windy and I am was in the middle of a forest in transition. Whenever I stopped to update the map I looked up to make sure there weren't dead branches upwind of me. Small stuff was breaking off the trees and some of the trees were really bending. I was thinking about heading home when a tree near me up rooted and fell over. I was about 15 feet from it. Let me tell you, when a tree falls in the woods it makes a lot of noise. I decided to head home at that point.
When I got home one of my neighbors trees has broken in half also.
The good news is the woods have generally gotten a less green. I mapped a section I have never mapped previously There was actually some interesting things up in them.
I also saw one green garden snake sunning itself.

Wednesday Apr 8 #

1 PM

Other (digging) 3:00:00 [2]

Removing the dirt mound around the old stump. I have been putting it off for years but started last fall. Cut it down to about 1/2 the size.
5 PM

walk (road with Darcy) 1:20:37 [1] 4.02 mi (20:03 / mi)

Walk with Darcy after her day of Telecommuting. We tried to go one place but it got too crowded so we went a different way. There were many, many people out walking (and a few joggers). We had to cross the road repeatedly and there were several times we had to just step way off the sidewalk because there were people on both sides of the road.
I had been contemplating going for a run but it was so crowded that I decided not to.

Tuesday Apr 7 #

12 PM

Run (road) 42:30 [3] 5.08 mi (8:22 / mi)
shoes: Nike Flyknit 2019

Ran a different route.
Disney road to 175, to reece, to new neighborhood (ran all the side streets to add some distance.

Dist Pace
1.00 8:10
1.05 7:57
0.95 8:24
1.00 8:29
1.08 8:49
4 PM

walk (road with Darcy) 52:12 [1] 2.62 mi (19:56 / mi)

Walk with Darcy, Up to the park, and cut through to the old neighborhood. It was still wet out so I thought it would be fewer people but I was wrong. There were many people walking in the what is normally not a large walking area.

At one point Darcy and I were crossing the road to avoid someone on our side . We looked up and he was doing the same things. We both looked up at the same time realizing each was doing the same thing.

Spent time finishing our homemade face masks.

Monday Apr 6 #

3 PM

Run (road) 36:21 [3] 4.55 mi (7:59 / mi)
shoes: Nike Flyknit 2019

4 mile loop

Dist Pace
1.05 7:39
0.25 7:40
0.98 8:23
0.97 8:18
0.25 8:16
1.06 7:42
4 PM

walk (road with Darcy) 52:15 [1] 2.72 mi (19:13 / mi)
shoes: Nike Flyknit 2019

Walking with Darcy through the new neighborhood.

Sunday Apr 5 #

3 PM

walk (road with Darcy) 1:28:39 [1] 4.56 mi (19:26 / mi)

Long walk with Darcy. Went up around the high school for a change.

Other (raking gumballs) 2:30:00 [1]

Racked who yard of gum ball so I could cut the grass.
5 PM

Other (grass) 46:29 [1] 1.34 mi (34:41 / mi)

cutting weeds (grass not tall enough yet) with push lawn mower.
6 PM

Other (chopping trees) 10:00 [5]

Chopping wood. Cut through my next section of tree. 10 solid hard minutes cuttng wood. Really gets the cardio going.

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