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Training Log Archive: bishop22

In the 7 days ending Oct 2, 2005:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 8:44:14 20.07(26:07) 32.3(16:14) 118029 /37c78%
  Running3 2:11:21 16.79(7:49) 27.02(4:52)
  Swimming2 1:12:01 1.99(36:11) 3.2(22:29)
  Weights2 29:45
  Biking1 22:00 7.45(2:57) 11.99(1:50)
  Total7 12:59:21 46.3 74.51 118029 /37c78%

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Sunday Oct 2, 2005 #

Orienteering race 7:22:47 [3] *** 26.3 km (16:50 / km) +1180m 13:45 / km

Ran the Hudson Highlander. It was warm, I spent about 7 hours on my feet at the McQuaid Invitational yesterday, and I am not in marathon shape, so I guess the result could have been expected. I had expected to finish somewhere between 5 and 7 hours, but it was not to be (7:22).

Started off with an easy trail run (although I would have walked the hills if it wasn't so crowded), and things looked good early. Had sharp stuff in my shoe leaving C3, so I emptied it, put it back on, and took off after the line of people that passed me, WITHOUT my compass. Went 20-30 steps and turned back, but could not find the place I had stopped. After about 2.5 minutes of looking, and concerned passersby inquiring about my problem, the very kind Sam Levitin offered his spare compass to me (thank you, Sam!). After a quick last look, I was back on my way. Was slow but steady on the King of the Hill leg, and things were looking great again. Not for long! Didn't stay with the pack going to C7 and I misread which swamp was which coming off the bare rock down to the control. OK, let's make up for it - famous last words: missed C8 to the left (stupid!) and ran off the map - making it tough to relocate. Eventually found the stream and trail that led me back onto the map near C9, for a nice 13-contour climb back to C8. Was informed at C9 that there were now only 6 people behind me.

Trail run went fine - caught a few people on the trail and at the aid station, depsite being quite slow on the climbs.

Started the Surebridge map with Eric and Paul, and we wound up with Sandy and someone else. It was nice having the company. I started cramping on the way to C16, and had to stop for a couple of minutes, which was too bad, since C17 was a long trail run, and I could have put some time in the bank, if I didn't think I should walk. Still, finished the 3rd leg with about 2:14 left to the cutoff.

After the aid station, I was able to mostly jog the 1250m back to the Sebago map. I would have kept jogging the trail/road route to C20, but everyone else was going straight. Started cramping again, and had to take another break. Ironically, jogging was fine - it was the various excess leg movements to go over/under obstacles that brought on the cramps. Lost sight of most of the other stragglers by the time I got to C22. Did the rest with Sandy and the HVO guy.

Saturday Oct 1, 2005 #

Running 48:00 [3] 6.0 mi (8:00 / mi)

Got a lot (too much, with the Highlander tomorrow) of running in at the McQuaid Invitational. Actively watched a whole bunch of races, culminating with Nate's disappointing 58th place finish in 9:27 (jogged thru the mile in 6:22). The 3-day trip to DC for school definitely took its toll, not to mention the team starting their warm-up 2 hours before the race. Given those two factors, it was no surprise the entire team was flat (no one else in the top 100).

Friday Sep 30, 2005 #

Running 38:21 [3] 4.79 mi (8:00 / mi)

Met Steve and Scott at Ellison main lot for a run at lunch. Followed trail S out of park to Penfield Rd - Panorama Tr (via Old Penfield) - path to Iron Creek back to Blossom.

Thursday Sep 29, 2005 #

Swimming 36:40 [3] 1.02 mi (35:56 / mi)

Couldn't get motivated on early 100s, but made up some on the 200s
1:30,2,1,2,1,29,8 (on 1:50)

Weights 13:15 [3]

1 quick circuit, made quicker by leg curl machine being out of commission, which sucks, since that is key to avoiding further ham/glute damage.

Wednesday Sep 28, 2005 #

Orienteering 1:21:27 [2] *** 6.0 km (13:35 / km)

Ran on the permanent course at Durand Eastman. Tough (impossible) to locate several of the controls due to severe undergrowth, etc. Parked at golf course lot.
C1 - 2:16 - seems to be missing (obvious trail intersection)
C2 - 2:19 - also seems to be missing, or covered with weeds
C5 - 4:31
C6 - 7:17 - trail leads to this one now
C7 - 10:39 - map makes this look like smooth sailing thru mostly open area. Reality was some bushwhacking (had to wear shorts, didn't I)
C8 - 4:58 - found stream junction easily, but could not see control
C9 - 23:35 - map is way off - there is much DARK green to get down to the road south of the private property; it wasn't too bad across the road, but I must have misread the contours, because I traversed a couple of spurs with no luck (and I think I found this one last time).
C10 - 9:28 - since I overshot 9, I wound up further along trails than I thought, ran thru saddle where control allegedly sits and 200m further to the road. Went back to saddle and could not see control - but trail is replaced by lots of wandering disruptions of weedy undergrowth.
C11 - 6:45 - didn't fund this one where the trail crosses the stream
C14 - 3:53 - delay to not disrupt golfers (loose use of the term)
C13 - ~3:00 (accidentally stopped watch)
Finish - 2:40

Tuesday Sep 27, 2005 #

Running 45:00 [3] 6.0 mi (7:30 / mi)

Ran around Harris-Whalen park before, during and after Nate's first modified XC race. He got outkicked by a teammate to finish 2nd in 9:12 for a rolling 1.5 miles (probably a little short?).

Monday Sep 26, 2005 #

Swimming 35:21 [3] 0.97 mi (36:27 / mi)

1:28,8,8,9,8,5 (on 1:55)

Weights 16:30 [3]

1 circuit

Biking 22:00 [3] 7.45 mi (2:57 / mi)
ahr:124 max:150

Random Hills level 12 avg rpm = 84

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