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Training Log Archive: anniemac

In the 7 days ending Jan 14:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Yoga4 3:15:00
  Trail Run3 2:55:36 14.33(12:15) 23.06(7:37) 1329
  Total7 6:10:36 14.33 23.06 1329
averages - weight:123.2lbs

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Sunday Jan 14 #


Spent a little while re-reading AP posts from years gone by. It's been a few years since I've done anything exercise-wise with any consistency or intensity, and I want to change that this year. December 2017 was off to a good start, getting back into the woods, and January 2018 was off to a bang with the Chilly Cheeks race.

It's interesting - all the lessons are in those old posts, left like breadcrumbs if you are looking hard enough. My tendency is to get really excited about training/racing/doing O, while also working a physical job. (Remember Merion Golf Club?) I try to constantly beat my own times/distances, feel bad if I didn't meet goals, and usually end up hurting myself (my back) or getting sick a lot trying to juggle everything.

The struggle is to keep the balance and to manage expectations of myself. Yes, I want to be able to run really fast, for a really long time, do really well in trail races and in orienteering, but those things are not instantly attainable, and may not ever really be achieved in my little fantasy. But working consistently and improving incrementally feels more doable - as well as just trying to enjoy what my body can do, and be in the moment. 100% effort = 100% victory.

That said, I feel that with my current job - full time yoga teaching - there should be enough flexibility in my schedule that I can train sufficiently to reach my goals. Also, yoga is a perfect complement to the other athletic endeavors I'm interested in: it enhances the mental attitude and improves strength and flexibility that support running. This coming week I'll be teaching around 14 classes, as my private session load is increasing.

So, what are my goals for 2018?

1. More trail running, as my main form of cardio. Try to keep it mostly trails as opposed to streets to save the joints. I'd like to hit between 15-20 miles per week. Choose a few trail races to compete in so that my motivation doesn't flag.

2. More orienteering. Just get into the woods, don't worry about results, maybe hit an A meet or two if things are going well. Have fun. Sidenote: I miss my orienteering friends, feel like I've really lost touch with everyone. I haven't even met Clem and Dasha's kid yet! Will there be TNT's this year? I hope so. Maybe we can have a TNT again at my parent's house with the Crum and Smedley woods as our running area.

3. Do some nice hikes in pretty places, maybe some camping too. Being outside makes me so happy. Get back to the Pinnacle, find some other neat places to visit. If I have to do this alone, do it. But of course it would be more fun with others.

4. Continue to practice yoga consistently on my own (as opposed to just teaching it.) Keep hips, hamstrings and back strong and flexible.

What's great is that I finally found a job that I really love and is very good for me. (Well it could bring a little more money, but I'm working on that part.) I have a guy I love, and he bought some trail running shoes so that's a good sign. :) I have a nice house to live in, and a great family who is always there supporting me no matter what.

I should have a great foundation for achieving these goals!

Yoga 30:00 [3]

Saturday Jan 13 #

3 PM

Trail Run 51:58 [3] 4.54 mi (11:27 / mi) +447ft 10:28 / mi
shoes: Hoka One Challenger ATR 4

Amazing how some people have zero situational awareness, and also own fairly large dogs. Of course, they're lucky that I love dogs, but what if I didn't?

Loving my Hokas. Are they helping me go faster? ;)

Thursday Jan 11 #

12 PM

Trail Run 1:05:38 [3] 5.29 mi (12:24 / mi) +435ft 11:31 / mi
shoes: Salomon Speedcross 3

Crum / Smedley: Wet feet alert! SLIPPERY mud and thawing/refrozen/thawing trails. Almost bit it a couple times going downhill. Still, the air felt wonderful - you know those pockets of cool air that are like some breath of vernal heaven itself? Delicious!

Thanks for the comment Hugh, I lost it deleting my first entry. xo
6 PM

Yoga 1:00:00 [3]

Trading teaching with Brian- super fun! What married yoga teachers do for fun ;)

Wednesday Jan 10 #


What about the Ugly Mudder 13K? (Coming up on Feb 18th) Anyone done that? If so, let me know - I'd love to look at your GPS of the course for contemplation.

Yoga 30:00 [3]
shoes: Bare Feet!

Post dinner stretch, felt good! Focused on hamstrings and hips. Still cannot do a full split but I hope to some day! Lately my left hamstring seems really tight at the top. Grr.

Taught 5 classes today! Most of them seniors. We lost one of my favorites over in Assisted Living at Paul's Run, Bob. He was one of the really sweet participants who really got into it. He's left his wife Helen behind and she honestly has no idea he's gone. We talked about how dying is just another experience one has in life - this was from one of the residents with pretty bad COPD, Aaron. He says he is not afraid because he's lived so long and he imagines it will just be the next experience. Very humbling and inspiring.

Tuesday Jan 9 #

Trail Run 58:00 [3] 4.5 mi (12:53 / mi) +447ft 11:47 / mi
shoes: Salomon Speedcross 3

Forgot watch, estimation based on other runs. Felt like I was going a lot faster than this. Felt great! Short sleeves! Snow was lovely and soft (streets getting there icy.)

Monday Jan 8 #


"Sometimes we don’t take the time to realize how far we have come because we are so focused on where we are going"

from this article (Couch to 100K in one year)
5 PM

Yoga 1:15:00 [3]
shoes: Bare Feet!

Home practice.

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