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Training Log Archive: Jerkface

In the 7 days ending Sep 3, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Adventure Race1 21:40:00 67.0(19:24) 107.83(12:03) 5300
  Total1 21:40:00 67.0(19:24) 107.83(12:03) 5300

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Saturday Sep 1, 2018 #

10 AM

Adventure Race race 21:40:00 [4] 67.0 mi (19:24 / mi) +5300m 15:35 / mi

NYARA The Longest Day.

The reported distance is far too short, my data logger wouldn't work so this is from my watch on extended battery settings.

From the start, I knew I wasn't going to beat David so I planned on getting as many points as possible without giving me any possibilities for messing up and not finishing.

In terms of point density, it was a very interesting course. The race started with 16 points in 4 sq km and had 15 points in 9 sq km near the end. When I am given 300+ sq km of maps and 31/59 points are on 4% of that, the plan was simple. Don't waste time or get distracted in areas with few points because I might miss all of the controls at the end. This worked a little too well as I was at the Lean-to and essentially finished after 15 hours. All I had left was a ride off the mountain and up another one.

One of the bad things about my plan was I was pushing the volunteers to stay ahead of me. I hit waypoint 1 before 7 pm and TA5 before 11 pm. At this point, I slowed down and relaxed. We weren't allowed to leave MP56 before 5 am so I didn't need to push anymore.

The other bad thing was that I didn't see another racer for 16 hours in the middle of the race. This made me a little more talkative at the TA's. I didn't really like this, if I had a partner I am sure they could have talked me into another 5 to 8 controls.

Controls 1-16. These were all within Mine Kill State Park. I stayed with a large group of teams that were moving at about the same pace. I was trying to keep up with Chaos Machine but my legs didn't like this. These were all simple points on trails, buildings or very distinct features. I was a little shocked to see David 8 points ahead of me after I punched MP7. He was moving much faster than I could ever manage.

MP16 to TA2 was 9.5 km on roads. My legs were not happy! My quads were cramping and resting on the downhills wasn't enough.

TA2. We got to see our paddle bags for the first time. I was happy to get a coke and some portables. I tried to be a fast was possible was quickly loaded into my $4 000 carbon fiber kayak(NOT). The only thing I can say about the kayaks was that the seat back was comfortable and it didn't leak.

MP17-MP19 were easy paddle points. I covered the 5.5 km in 62 minutes. I just couldn't see wasting another 90 minutes to get OP20-21.

I transitioned back to bike for 21km all on roads. My legs weren't happy with me but I channeled my inner Hans Voit and pushed on.

TA3. I hit the TA around 4 pm and headed onto the trek. I was totally alone by this point. I decided to skip OP22-24 and keep moving forward on not back in the wrong direction.

MP 25, 26, 27 and 29 were all simple hilltops or trails. I made a quick pass at OP28. It was at a stream and old road intersection. I found several streams and old roads and didn't waste any time looking for it after that. It seems that the stream branched off and I took the wrong one. GPS shows I was near it. If it was a MP I would have spent more time.

Waypoint 1. We needed to be here by 1 am, I was in before 7 pm. I filled up my water and headed off.

MP30 was on the trail. I think it was there to keep people from running the road around the corner.

MP31. Hilltop. I had zero issues other than leg cramps. The 200m of climb was the only hard thing here.

MP32. This was the hardest control of the day and it was on the trail! I was just having a hard time keeping myself on the trail.

MP33. Hilltop. There was a nice DEC boundary that took me very close to the control. This may have been the easiest hilltop of the day.

OP35. Hilltop and another DEC boundary. I have zero clue why I didn't go on and get OP36 and OP37. They weren't far from OP35 and I had over 12 hours left to finish.

MP34. I guess I was the first person that night to harass the beaver. Lots of tail slaps.

TA5. I got here way earlier than I had planned. I instantly regretted not getting 36 and 37. I took my time in the TA. Took on fuel and water. Switched over my headlamp and set up my bike.

If you know me you know I am horrible on single track. This single track wasn't horrible but it was rocky and I never practice at night.

I hit 38, 43, 39, 40, 42, and then 41(manned lean-to). I forgot about 44 which meant I dropped 51 later on. I wasn't focussing well, but I didn't realize it yet.

At 41 we could drop our bikes and head out to get 53-55. That was my plan. Now I realized I wasn't focussed as I started wandering around in the woods. I was nowhere near 54 when I bailed on all 3 and headed back. I just need some caffeine. I had time to get these but didn't feel like wandering lost on a hillside.

I then hit 8 easy bike controls and headed for MP56 and the mountain.

MP56 to MP57 wasn't fun. I got to have a coke first but the leg cramps came back as soon as I started climbing. 310m of climb later I was at the top. I wasn't in any hurry at this point and enjoyed the view.

To earn MP58 you had to count bridges on the way down one of the two trails on the Windham mountain bike park. This felt awful. I had to stop 3 times for cramps in my quads. I also had no clue about the number of bridges. I counted 12 but I doubt that was correct.

We then had a short ride to the finish.

I picked up 46/59 controls and was 3rd solo.

10th out of 37 teams.

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