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Training Log Archive: dlevine

In the 7 days ending May 1, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 2:50:53 7.15(23:55) 11.5(14:52) 42527 /41c65%
  Running2 1:05:00
  Handball1 20:00
  Total6 4:15:53 7.15 11.5 42527 /41c65%

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Sunday May 1, 2011 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 1:36:16 [3] **** 5.9 km (16:19 / km) +225m 13:42 / km

West Point A Meet - "Long"

Never felt quite right heading out. Letting my mind be cluttered by family and work concerns. Thought to myself that this is the WORST way to prepare for Harriman/West Point terrain. Walk to start was nice to get the blood flowing, but they were out of water when I got there.

Start -> 1: Down side of ridge and stopped almost exactly halfway. When there was no control, I kept pushing on. Eventually, I found the broad saddle and realized that I had used my 1:5000 pace count. Jokingly swore off pace counting. Pushed on and found the control. 5:54
1 -> 2: Down the hill very gingerly, but not complaining like I did yesterday. This hill demanded slow descent. Across the flat area to the bare rock, but no control. Noticed the bare rock right at the circle on mine, and adjusted. 4:55
2 -> 3: S to cross main stream early and then more or less straight at it. Saw the trail by the stream and (eventually) the tagged cliff ENE of the control. VERY slow up the hill; no energy. Tentative in the circle, but pretty clean. 9:46
3 -> 4: Trying to find the energy. Skirted just N of the pond and caught the trail to the bend, but couldn't see the flag. One guy near me went S from there, but I worked it out in a moment. 4:33
4 -> 5: Chasing Kris Beecroft in. 1:17.
5 -> 6: Kris asked about using the yellow beside the road, but I said that I thought that's what they meant to prohibit by saying "no handrailing the road". I went NE to the saddle and down to the N edge of the swamp. Skirted the swamp and attacked E up the hill from the E end. Trail clockwise around the last hill and in. Not sure it was the best route, but at least I executed it well. 17:11
6 -> 7: Saw Pete Dady on the other Green course punch in with me. I was planning to go right of the pond and use the cliffs to help me in. Pete pulled me right, but I corrected. With no confidence, though I decided to track through the blueberries on top of the hill and then in. Went through the left (NW) side of the circle, overshot and was done for. Found the Green Y control, went back to the tip of the green by the swamp, tried to relocate, failed, tried again and then spiked it. 15:57 (An almost ten-minute error!)
7 -> 8: Feeling really tired (and angry), headed out on a bearing to the control, planning to relocate at the clearing. Never really saw it, but recognized the blueberries on the hill WSW of the control and spiked it. 7:03
8 -> 9: Down the trail to a good crossing point for the stream and over the hillside. Confused by the two rootstocks before the control. (No excuse; they're clearly on the map - I just didn't notice.) Found my way in. 5:58
9 -> 10: Through the stream/wash area to the base of the hill. Around the hill to the road (deer path through the green). Across stream to building, cut up to small trail to larger trail. Was thinking about using water as attack point, but decided to angle up. Given the steepness, I am glad that I did. Was helped here by crowds. Honestly not sure how well I would (or would not) have done without them. 13:03
10 -> 11: Chasing Peggy Dickison out of there, but she clearly had energy. I saw her go to the right of the hill mass, but I decided to stay on the trail as it was safer (and what do I care about the extra climb? - that I noticed in my legs, but not on the map). Following the line of cliffs right in. 7:12
11 -> 12: Once again, gingerly down the hill, looking for the clearing. At the bottom, I just compassed, ran and eventually saw the finish streamers and "drew the line" back to the knoll and the control. 2:29
12 -> Finish: 0:28

A couple of bobbles and one huge error. Without the error, though, this race would have been dominated by my lack of fitness. Enough said.

Saturday Apr 30, 2011 #

Running 20:00 [1]

Warming up and cooling down for the two races
11 AM

Orienteering race 51:45 [4] **** 3.5 km (14:47 / km) +130m 12:28 / km

West Point A Meet - Middle Course

Feeling mentally out of sorts on the walk up. Not sure why, but it was so. Was reasonably warmed up on a nice day.

Start -> 1: Slow down the trail to the "dam", then more quickly in. 2:40
1 -> 2: Across the hillside seeing folks coming the other way; slightly high, but saw it. 2:46
2 -> 3: Slower than I wanted up the hill, but straight to it. 2:32
3 -> 4: My first mistake. Decide to go right of the swamp, but took off almost northwest. Saw road and corrected, but the woods felt "greener" than expected. Down to the dam, over the knoll, past a control in the reentrant after the bare rock and sidehill too it. Slow and sloppy - lost a bit of time. 6:58
4 -> 5: Tried to slog quickly up the hill, but got confused on the top. It seemed like I had to go pretty far down to get to the area and I was very tentative. 5:41
5 -> 6: Decided that this was the place to try to make up time; took a bearing and went right to the hill. Alas I was on top and couldn't see it at the foot. Saw a guy looking at me and smiling and knew that he could see it, so I found it with some annoyance. 2:44
6 -> 7: Drank first, then followed the guy towards the next one; he veered too far right, but saw me, corrected and punched just in front of me. 2:40
7 -> 8: Both of us going straight at a control that could be seen from a distance. 2:02
8 -> 9: I expected the same again, but he veered way left. I saw this one from the 50% mark. 2:28
9 -> 10: Was concerned about many similar features and was careful to both count and check from below. Care cost a bit of time, but others lost more here, so I am happy. 2:24
10 -> 11: Clumsy down the hill and across the valley. Lots of folks crossing my path on the ridge as I went in. 3:00
11 -> 12: Misjudged the distance and had to go in very tentatively as I had not counted my paces. 3:17
12 -> 13: The end of a good race. Tried to hug the stream, but got pulled left by crowds. Searched southward into the edge of the green, realized where I was, but was uncertain about the boundary. Was on the cliff above the control when I saw a flag 70 m away on a cliff. Went to it, but saw the stream and knew it wasn't mine. Turned around and saw the pack right where I had been. Arrgh! 8:02 (a five minute error!)
13 -> 14: Now at the end of a train that is going in the right direction. Mostly concerned about making sure I don't go to the wrong one here, but using the people. 2:45
14 -> 15: Followed the train, but went left in the woods where the running was better. Passed several folks by doing so. 1:21
15 -> Finish: 0:25

All in all, an acceptable run that could have been a great one.
3 PM

Orienteering 22:52 [5] *** 2.1 km (10:53 / km) +70m 9:20 / km

West Point A Meet - Sprint

After hours of standing around, I felt "loagy" at the start.

Start -> 1: Concerned about the out-of-bounds, I ran through the thick green instead of going through the parking lot to the right. Also stopped way short due to forgetting that I was on a sprint map. 1:12
1 -> 2: Ridge to the road to the hill to the sight of the bare rock and around. 2:04
2 -> 3: Tried to stay off line, but cut the campsite when I saw it was vacant. Took the road to the field to the trail. Might have had an issue seeing the trailhead, but a woman popped out just as I was beginning the scan. 1:30
3 -> 4: Trail to split a Y, down and in. 1:48
4 -> 5: Trail to weaker trail, but then lost time over the rocky stuff as I tried to contour in. Still not sure how to do this one better, though. 2:34
5 -> 6: Up the hill early (ugh!) to the "plateau" above the cliffs. Clean approach. 2:04
6 -> 7: Again sloppy going down, but as I crossed the trail, I saw the spur and eventually the control. Was surprised that others had trouble here. 1:45
7 -> 8: The end of this run. Tried to exit quickly and ended up attacking from an unknown location, never a good idea. Overshot the ridge and visited the large boulder NE of the control, turned right and started to climb until I saw (what I correctly assumed was) #9, and turned back into the control. 3:07
8 -> 9: Slog up to where I knew it was. 0:48
9 -> 10: What? More uphill? Slog to it. 0:54
10 -> 11: Out to trail. Was thinking trail past #12 and down in, but the woods looked good so I went at it. Alas, the woods got nastier the further I went, so I now doubt this wisdom. Bailed to the road and attacked with no trouble. 2:02
11 -> 12: Up hill to camping area. Alas went NW rather than W and had to readjust at the top. Passed by Susie DeWitt as I went to it. 1:11
12 -> 13: More or less following Susie right in. 1:00
13 -> 14: Susie was apparently confused and took a circuitous route, but we met up at the control. 0:40
14 -> Finish: 0:13

A couple of bobbles and one undeniable goof. I should do better.

Thursday Apr 28, 2011 #

1 PM

Running 45:00 intensity: (25:00 @1) + (20:00 @2)

Combination of no food and heat and other issues caused this run to turn into a run/walk as I could not muster the physical/emotional force to run. NOT a good sign for this weekend...

Monday Apr 25, 2011 #

8 PM

Handball 20:00 [2]

First exercise since my mother-in-law passed on last Wednesday. I was supposed to play the "late shift", but my opponent didn't show so Steve and Larry (early shift) stayed even though they were tired. It wasn't much of a workout, but it was good to get out and do something. Thanks guys.

21-6-4, 21-9-6. Sometimes the score does tell the tale.

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