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Training Log Archive: dlevine

In the 7 days ending Apr 20, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 2:09:54 7.11(18:15) 11.45(11:21) 36019 /27c70%
  Racquetball1 50:00
  Swimming1 34:45 1.0(34:45) 1.61(21:36)
  Weights1 31:00
  Walking/Hiking2 30:00 0.87 1.4 120
  Cardio1 15:00
  Running1 8:00
  Total5 4:58:39 8.98 14.46 48019 /27c70%

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Sunday Apr 19, 2009 #

Walking/Hiking 5:00 [1]

Walk to start for Day 2 of West Point event...

Nowhere nearly as long as advertised although there was probably some debate about the initial point for measuring.

Orienteering race 1:10:45 [3] 6.1 km (11:36 / km) +190m 10:02 / km

West Point A meet - Day 2

A decent race that gets downgraded to "not bad" due to three errors.

On the way to number one, I felt a cramp in my back. I tried to run through it with good success (doubt it cost me more than the five seconds I stopped to stretch it right then and there). Went high around the reentrant and up the hill above the stone wall only to discover that I had no epunch when I got to the control. I remembered scraping my hands on the cliffs so I went back down them found it and got to do the hill (or two-thirds of it) a second time.

Blew #3 as I was too far downstream at a similar feature (about three minutes), but was clean after than through #8. Going to #9, I flew, found the reentrant, but it looked all wrong even as I descended three contours instead of 1. Realizing my probable error, I climbed and sure enough found the water stop at #10. Back to #9 for a five minute goof. On the way to #11, I heard a scream behind me and saw Ron Bortz and some guy in a green suit. The guy in the green suit was screaming in pain and hopping like he had a broken ankle or something. I stopped and headed back, yelling "Are you okay?" Apparently he said, "yes" because Ron blew by him without stopping. As I approached, he limped down the hill to the road without acknowledging me so I returned to the course with "30 seconds of sporting withdrawal". To make matters worse, he beat me to #11 by about 10 seconds! Ron and I chased each other in; he's faster than me, but I was able to out micro-navigate him into 13 and out of 14 so it was pretty competitive until he pulled away at #17.

Not great, but not a bad run and my best three-race set in years.

Saturday Apr 18, 2009 #

Running 8:00 [2]

Warm-up for West Point Sprint. Just enough to get the blood flowing and the lungs over that first tightness hurdle.

Orienteering race 17:41 [4] *** 2.1 km (8:25 / km) +75m 7:09 / km

Very nice sprint. Bobbled #1 because I saw Rick Lavine coming in to it; I thought it was too soon, but I went down anyway. Blew #6 when I went high early and had to scramble down near the flag; cost me about a minute. Had a nice mano-a-mano with Mike Lyons as we met at #13 and went to #14. He was having a dubious run and didn't check the control description; I ran to the correct side of the viewpoint and caught him as he had to go the long way around it. Bobbled the GO control as I couldn't see it where I thought it should be.

Finished 7th out of 28; a very good result for me - especially considering.

Walking/Hiking 25:00 [2] 1.4 km (17:51 / km) +120m 12:30 / km

West Point A Meet - Model Middle Course/Walk to Start.

Quite the hike with gorgeous views and steep climbs on the last 200 m

Orienteering 41:28 [3] *** 3.25 km (12:46 / km) +95m 11:08 / km

West Point A meet - Middle Course

Was very ragged through the rocks to #1; sucked wind and a bit lost to #2; blew #3; was regularly losing and regaining map contact to #4. (At this point I had lost seven minutes to Glen Tryson; each of our splits on the way in from here match phenomenally well.) Bobbled #5 a bit as I saw only two cliffs and couldn't decide which was "the middle" one. Clean the rest of the way. Caught Rick Worner on the way to #9 and barely passed him and then used him as motivation to keep running the rest of the way.

Finished 11th out of 31. Considering my recent middle courses, this is almost as good as medalling.

Friday Apr 17, 2009 #

Racquetball 50:00 [2]


15-7 (led 9-2 and then not much changed)
11-15 (trailed 0-3 and then the lead was 2-4 for the entire rest of the game)

Our longest and most competitive match of the year...

Thursday Apr 16, 2009 #

Swimming 34:45 [2] 1.0 mi (34:45 / mi)

Time doesn't mean much as I lost track of my lap count three times so I could easily have done an extra lap...

Wednesday Apr 15, 2009 #

Cardio (Bike) 15:00 [3]

Random @ 17 - time down due to oversleeping...

Weights 31:00 [3]

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