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Training Log Archive: peppa

In the 7 days ending Apr 4, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  MOUNTAIN BIKING2 5:04:00 31.43(6.2/h) 50.58(10.0/h) 4015
  SWIM3 3:15:00 1.53 2.46
  SNOWBOARD1 3:00:00
  CYCLING/SPIN1 1:00:00 18.0(18.0/h) 28.97(29.0/h)
  RUN2 1:00:00 6.04(9:56) 9.72(6:10)
  STRENGTH1 30:00
  Total7 13:49:00 57.0 91.73 4015
averages - sleep:7.6 rhr:60 weight:103.4lbs

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Sunday Apr 4, 2010 #

MOUNTAIN BIKING (rock creek / mammoth) 3:00:00 [3] 16.0 mi (5.3 mph) +1870ft
ahr:130 max:152 slept:8.0 shoes: santa cruz blur

rode up rock creek with G (all singletrack), starting from paradise (4956ft elevation) to the top (6,820ft) and back. the first 3.5 miles was technical, hike-a-bike on some sections due to large boulders and slow grind on others due to loose small rocks. stopped to take pictures often, the view was amazing. half way up the climb, realized camera was missing. had to jog back about a quarter of a mile to find it. the last 2 miles near the top was tiring, had a hard time adjusting to elevation. garmin ran out of juice at the top. HR data is only for the climb. dowhill took half the time of uphill. weather was perfect, in the 40's. what an awesome day, had so much fun with G.

Saturday Apr 3, 2010 #

SNOWBOARD (mammoth) 3:00:00 [3]
slept:7.5 shoes: burton feelgood

have major work deadline on monday. work is going to be a bit stressful from now to probably july as we're launching 2 new products. decided to board half day and work the later half.

hit the slopes at 8:30a with naomi, ivan, and greg. the lines were unusually short. snow condition was a mix of ice on some runs and soft snow on others. the top was closed due to gusty winds. legs felt odd at first but got better on each run. toe strap on right binding broke on top of chair 22. about half an hour later, G's binding broke too. called it a day at 11:30a to get both bindings repaired, ate lunch, and went to starbucks with naomi to work. G continued to board until 4:15p.

Friday Apr 2, 2010 #

SWIM (masters @ the Y) 1:15:00 [3]
slept:8.0 weight:103lbs

the entire session was done in backstroke, definitely not my favorite. kerry jumped into the pool with us today, yay! concentrated on form. dave was a no show. G dropped out of masters for the month of april. i was on my own.

we're leaving around 1p for MM this weekend, bringing mountain bikes & snowboards. half of the gang are already up there. need to finish packing but hope to squeeze in a short run b4 we head out and make up time for work in the car while G drives.

STRENGTH 30:00 [1]

stretched and did upper body workout; core, biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders.

RUN tempo (24 metro) 30:00 [3] 3.1 mi (9:41 / mi)
ahr:159 max:172

my legs are back! started out loose but warmed up within 5min. felt great running for the 1st time in over a week. tried to stick with the plan to build up tempo. warmed up for 10min at 10min/mile pace (hr 145-152), then 5x3min @ 9:22min/mile (hr 155-165) with 60sec easy jog in between, and 2min cool down. couldn't resist sprinting a little the last min with hr going up to 173. felt like i could keep going and going. will try to run at faster pace on next run and see how it goes.

Thursday Apr 1, 2010 #

RUN tempo (24 metro) 30:00 [3] 2.94 mi (10:12 / mi)
ahr:155 max:165 slept:8.0 weight:104lbs shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra

legs felt ok, but not great. hr is still high. i guess body is in recovery mode. tried something new to work up to a classic tempo run.

goal for next 4 weeks ------
2-3 runs/week, each session will start w/ 10min warm up and follow by 10min cool down.
week 1: 5x3min @ tempo pace w/ 1min easy jog in between
week 2: 5x4min @ tempo pace w/ 1min easy jog in between
week 3: 4x5min @ tempo pace w/ 90sec easy jog in between
week4: 20min @ tempo pace

data downloaded from garmin was garbage, so this is from my own recollection. did not have time to run 5x3min so just did 3x3min. 10min slow warm up (5.5mil/min @ 145-150bpm), 3x3min @ tempo pace (6.5 mile/min @ 165bpm) with 60 seconds easy jog in between each one, 3min slow cool down (5.5mil/min), but couldn't resist speeding it up a bit for the last 5 min, with max. hr @ 173.

CYCLING/SPIN (24 metro) 1:00:00 [3] 18.0 mi (18.0 mph)

legs felt weak, no energy or power. they ache to the bone when riding at high gears, not sure what went on here. stuck to the program but did not do any "extra credits". gail had us working hard, spinning fast and standing. sweated tons, more than usual, was completely drenched at the end of class.

Wednesday Mar 31, 2010 #

SWIM (masters @ the Y) 1:00:00 [3] 0.82 mi (1:13:09 / mi)
slept:7.0 weight:103lbs

good sleep, could use another hour though, took 15min to get out of bed. tried to get resting hr using garmin, but reading was bizarre, 49? that can't be right. after breakfast, counted hr myself and got 62.

couldn't understand how i bonked on the ride yesterday so horribly and felt so good in the pool this morning. pool was extra crowded, 3-4 ppl per lane, crazy! kerry had us working on underwater-push-off-the-wall-dolphin-kick and flip at turns.

6x50 - drills, 4x25-race pace, 10x100- with attn. to dolphin kick and flip, 50-side kick cool down, total: 1450yards

today marked a month @ the masters. we did it! learned how to swim on side and can do 100 comfortably. goal for next month: swim 200 comfortably.

Tuesday Mar 30, 2010 #

MOUNTAIN BIKING hills (blackstar) 1:27:00 [3] 7.71 mi (5.3 mph) +1973ft
ahr:137 max:153 rhr:60 slept:8.0 weight:104lbs shoes: santa cruz blur

climbed up blackstar while G rode circles around me. separated uphill from downhill in order to get accurate read on average HR. legs had no energy or power today. hr was extraordinarily high given that pace was super slow. even when i was standing still to eat a GU, hr was 120, 120! i guess the cold wiped me out more than i thought.

MOUNTAIN BIKING warm up/down (blackstar) 37:00 [3] 7.72 mi (12.5 mph) +172ft
ahr:107 max:143 rhr:60 shoes: santa cruz blur

hr was high, maxed out at 143 for downhill? staying up late last night to work didn't help matters. need to go to bed early tonight. rest, rest, rest is in order!

Monday Mar 29, 2010 #

slept:6.5 weight:103lbs

good sleep, did not wake up once. G booked stay for MM this weekend, we're going!

SWIM (masters @ the Y) 1:00:00 [3] 0.71 mi (1:24:29 / mi)

felt strong in the pool today, swam fastest 50 to date. wasn't trying to swim fast, just concentrated on each stroke and breath and boom there was the wall. guess all that resting this weekend helped. also got better with underwater dolphin kick.

8x50 drills, 200 - fastest time for 1st 50, 10x50, 4x25 race pace (practiced underwater dolphin kick to 15m mark), 50 cool down, total: 1250yards.

- - -
wanted to do a run during lunch but could not find the time. left work unfinished at 5 to pick up G and went over to M's for passover dinner. it's now 10:20pm and i'm back at the laptop. it's going to be a long night.

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