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Training Log Archive: Wyatt

In the 7 days ending Oct 5, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running7 4:19:30 27.97(9:17) 45.01(5:46) 452
  Orienteering1 3:56:07 17.7(13:20) 28.49(8:17) 621
  Total7 8:15:37 45.67(10:51) 73.5(6:45) 1073

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Sunday Oct 5, 2008 #

Orienteering race 3:56:07 intensity: (6:08 @1) + (1:48:12 @2) + (1:14:23 @3) + (47:14 @4) + (10 @5) 28.49 km (8:17 / km) +621m 7:28 / km
shoes: O-VJ Integrator Spikes

Highlander 2008. Definitely the most fun Highlander I've done in terms of company. I don't think there was a single control I punched where there was no one in sight, and only a few legs/routes was I actually alone - vs. last year where I saw no one for like an hour+.

Steve & Erin Olafsen (Neilsen) plus 'yellow guy' were in a pack with me for most of the last 2/3 of the course - with some extras early and occasional splitting up. Me & yellow guy pulled ahead about 3 controls from the end, but then I cramped in some dense mt. laurel, and he got away. By the time I was moving again, Ross went by, and apparently somewhere near there we passed Jon T. who had a broken compass at that point. Ross got away quickly, as I was still going slow (afraid to cramp again) and at 2 controls to go I saw Steve behind me. At the go control, I looked back again, and saw Erin leading Steve into it, about 40m back. The 500m chute was tough, but fortunately the L-Quad pain didn't turn into a cramp.

Running warm up/down 10:00 [2] 1.0 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: O-VJ Integrator Spikes

About the minimum needed to physically stay warm in the 30 minute wait from the dropoff, to the start, in 55-degrees+rain.

Saturday Oct 4, 2008 #

Running 24:24 [2] 3.86 km (6:19 / km) +30m 6:05 / km
shoes: R-NB 891's

Yet another random run with the kids on bikes.

Friday Oct 3, 2008 #

Running 22:36 [2] 4.07 mi (5:33 / mi) +35m 5:25 / mi
shoes: R-NB 891's

Loop at East Goshen Twp Park, while Oriana was at gymnastics. This park turns out to be 80% golf course, so isn't Sprint suitable.

Thursday Oct 2, 2008 #

Running long 1:23:36 [2] 14.4 km (5:48 / km) +250m 5:21 / km
ahr:138 shoes: R-NB 891's

Highlander test run was a little iffy. Left lower shin got tired on the downhills enough that I bailed on the last hill. Didn't eat well and was a little tired by the end.

It turns out the foot was fine, but I should've learned from the 'eat well' part.

Wednesday Oct 1, 2008 #

Running 11:45 [2] 2.0 km (5:53 / km) +29m 5:29 / km
shoes: R-NB 891's

Was dressed to run, and time was short, so I ran anyway, figuring it was good for ankle at least.

Running 10:03 [2] 1.77 km (5:41 / km) +14m 5:28 / km
shoes: R-NB 891's

It was threatening to rain, so instead of going to intervals, I ran short, with 1 400 in 1:40, then watched the kids at home while Angelica did intervals.

Tuesday Sep 30, 2008 #

Running 45:45 intensity: (17:58 @1) + (27:47 @2) 7.13 km (6:25 / km) +60m 6:09 / km
ahr:125 max:141 shoes: R-NB 891's

With kids on bikes, this was a majority level 2 workout, with less pain than either run yesterday. I think I may even be up for Wed. night intervals...

Running (Paved) 10:32 [2] 2.0 km (5:16 / km) +22m 5:00 / km
shoes: R-NB 891's

Night run, for ankle rehab. Seems to be working.

Monday Sep 29, 2008 #

Running 28:28 intensity: (27:00 @1) + (1:28 @2) 3.69 km (7:43 / km)
ahr:110 max:126 shoes: R-NB 891's

Started with a walk, then intermittently ran and walked, running for most of the last 15 minutes. Time logged is the portion that was running.

The left front-ankle muscle is a mix of mildly sore and 'tired' feeling during this run, which was quite slow, but picked up from 8min/km to 7min/km near the end. Running on grass was actually a little better - I think the variety might have helped loosen up the muscle, vs. careful footstrikes on pavement. I may try a similar short jog tonight.

Lower shin muscle are is definitely still sore to even light DT massage, which I first tried doing on Friday evening. Not much of it though.

Still hopeful that it will recover by the Highlander, but I'll have to decide on that later this week.

Running 12:21 intensity: (11:15 @1) + (1:06 @2) 2.0 km (6:11 / km) +12m 6:00 / km
ahr:116 max:130 shoes: R-NB 891's

11pm run, to try the running-makes-this-injury-better strategy, which certainly seems to be working in this case. The next morning's run was almost normal feeling, albeit still a little slow & careful.

Meanwhile, I've got one pretty bad patch of poison ivy that I'm hoping won't prevent highlandering either.

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