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Training Log Archive: Wyatt

In the 7 days ending Feb 27, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 1:43:00 4.85(21:15) 7.8(13:12) 60
  Strength4 55:00
  Total6 2:38:00 4.85 7.8 60

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Monday Feb 27, 2006 #


By late evening, after 4-5 sets of heat/(massage)/ice/stretch, the leg isn't burning much at all anymore (which is more than I could say this morning.) Off to bed for me...

Strength (Stretching & some hamstri) 20:00 [1]

4 times of heat/massage (forgot once)/stretching*/ice - about 5 minutes each. On one set of stretches (with a new PT), I did some eccentric strength. By the end of the day, the Ish.Tub. sore spot was barely noticable.


9AM: PT Appt. with Valeria A. at Rothman Institute in KoP. Seemed quite competent and so I think I'll be following her routine for a few weeks:

~Every hour or two (or at least 3x per day):
- Heat (laying on back with hamstring in light extension.) - 5-10 min.
- Transverse massage of the muscle, to the point of mild pain - 5 min. or so.
- Stretching - a few laying on back/side stretches - alternating sides to that legs get better stretch than back...
- (only 2x per day) Light eccentric hamstring exercise - laying on back and resisting with arms - only 50% effort for first few days to make sure it's working okay.
- Ice - Ice cup/cube massage, also transverse (more localized, and faster than ice pack.)

Also, she suggested we work on fixing my R-IT issue too, as that may help balance things so that this issue isn't as prominent?

Sunday Feb 26, 2006 #

Strength (Stretch) 15:00 [1]

Watched kids while Angelica had a good race in Florida. Didn't have access to heat so did ~6x stretching and ~4x icing today. Ish. Tub. burn is there, but it's only a burn area, and it's not really annoying to sit on - still, I am tending to sit on one side to make it burn less.

Saturday Feb 25, 2006 #

Orienteering 1:05:00 [1] 4.9 km (13:16 / km) +40m 12:45 / km

~12 minutes running, the rest (53 minutes or so) was walking.

This did cause L-Ischeal Tubercle burning over the next 3 days at least. Not too bad though - much better than the damage that kicking-while-swimming, or excess-strentgh work did about a month ago. Not sure if the damage is actually less, or just if my active heat/stretch/ice work is restoring it to normalcy faster.

Did ~2x heat/stretch/ice + 2x stretch-only afterwards

Friday Feb 24, 2006 #

Orienteering 38:00 [1] 2.9 km (13:06 / km) +20m 12:40 / km
shoes: O' Black/Orange VJ Twisters

2 minutes running, rest walking 'fast'. No pain at all during this whole day at L-ischeal tubercle. Some random pains in both hamstrings due lots of squating/leaning over during beach sand castle building on Wed. & Thu. PM's.

Thursday Feb 23, 2006 #

Strength (Stretch) 10:00 [1]

~2 hr. walking at Seaworld, then to the beach again for a few hours of digging, + 2x heat/stretch/ice.

Hamstrings both-sides had random muscle soreness - from digging at beach yesterday - this is known/normal.

Another day with zero ischeal tubercle pain

Wednesday Feb 22, 2006 #

Strength (Stretch) 10:00 [1]

Beach play with kids - mostly sand castle building - standing and leaning and digging...

~2x heat/stretch/ice as well - I don't recall any pain at all today.

Tuesday Feb 21, 2006 #


Hours upon hours of walking and standing at Disneyworld Magic Kingdom. Only in the late afternoon did the Ischeal tubercle feel not 100%, and then it was only a little stiff, not burning.
One set of heat/stretch/ice in the evening.

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