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Training Log Archive: PG

In the 7 days ending Mar 11, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  orienteering2 1:47:37
  road running1 13:08 1.52(8:38) 2.45(5:22) 26
  Total3 2:00:45 1.52 2.45 26
averages - weight:142lbs

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Sunday Mar 11, 2012 #

orienteering 55:18 [3]
shoes: pegasus #2

Day 2 at the Classic Champs. 5.8 km I think, about 200 m climb.

Good run in the sense that my navigation was right on, spiked all 14 controls, though I think my routes on a couple of legs were not good, way too far off the straight line. But still excellent navigation.

Running was another matter, a struggle as expected, but a decent effort. Whacked toe a couple more times. Imagine that training this coming week will be less than -- well, how low can you set the bar? -- how about saying less than Neil Dobbs.... :-)

Another beautiful day.

No meltdowns at the start today, at least while I was there.

I'll try and post maps in a bit. Have some extra time in the Charlotte airport, as our flight to Hartford is delayed for weather reasons despite perfect weather here and there and everywhere in between. Sure am glad I don't have to fly for a living.

Best orienteering of the day? Nope, spiking all 14 controls (and they were really good spikes, right on) only gets second place. Best was on the way to Charlotte, pass up numerous places to stop for lunch because Phil was distracting me with tax questions, finally pulled into a burger joint, Five Guys, supposed to be good, and there are Charlie and Rhonda. What are the odds?

Saturday Mar 10, 2012 #

orienteering 52:19 [3]
shoes: pegasus #2

Classic Champs, day 1. Green course (M60), 5.7 km straight-line.

Quite feeble but could have been much worse. On the feeble side, walked a whole lot, plus fell down 12-15 times, plus banged my bad toe a few times. On the could have been worse side, probably only a minute or two of mistakes.

Nice terrain, totally gorgeous day, course was fine.

Cheating report: Left my 305 at home to avoid being reminded of the lunatic rules here. Watched enough people finish to figure out about where the last control was, but I believe that is legal. Asked Francis Hogle how the woods were (Great, he said), I assume that is cheating. Found out that Jeff had taken 52 and Tim 51. I always like knowing what others have done, don't know if that is cheating or not.

Out on the course, used the sun a lot for direction (it was pretty much due south), I assume that is cheating (a navigation aid). Was heading the same way as Joe leaving #5, but he was out of sight so quickly that even if I was following, it didn't last for long.

I think that's about it.

As far as the organization, I have to laugh. Apparently taping over the 305s was a higher priority than a smoothly running start operation. I think there were three volunteers there when i was there, a guy calling people up and checking them off, a woman where you got your clues and taped your 305, and a guy at the maps. The latter two seemed fine.


There was no clock at the start. The starts were a minute or two ahead of real time, never a good thing. I got there with three or four minutes to spare, and then got to watch what can only be described as a meltdown of the primary start official. Balter arrived, was told he was too late (by 30 seconds, and he was still either 2:30 or 3:30 before his actual start time. Didn't matter, he would have to wait, get a new start time. Greg,, naturally, argues with him, but the law has been laid down.

And then Evalin Braugtigam arrives, also declared "Too late" by a matter of seconds, also turned away. And while he is trying to figure how what new start times to give them, the start process is ignored. And he is losing it. And then Joe arrives. "Too late" again. Blood pressures are going up.

Hell with the 305, what I really wanted was something to shoot some video with.... :-)

And in the midst of this, my time came, and I pretty much started myself. I don't think anyone else started over a three or four minute period.

Of course none of this really mattered because start boxes were being used. But if you are going to be a stickler for the rules, it's a good idea to have your own shit together....

A beautiful day, as I said. A good bit of time hanging out with old friends, totally pleasurable. Chatted up a youngish Czech woman in the van, very nice. Easy trip down with Gail and Phil, left home at 4 am, at the meet site at 10:15. The toe survived (though it is feeling pretty bad right now). And not at work. As the old saying goes in our sister sport, a bad day orienteering still beats a good day at work.

And this was far from a bad day.

Thursday Mar 8, 2012 #

1 PM

road running 13:08 intensity: (1:00 @1) + (2:47 @2) + (9:21 @3) 1.52 mi (8:38 / mi) +26ft 8:30 / mi
ahr:132 max:148 weight:142lbs shoes: pegasus #2

A short joggeroo -- I'm assuming a regular joggeroo is rather short by deinition, and this outing was even shorter. Just to test the toe. Not too bad though it's still a little swollen. But I'm assuming one day of orienteering will trash it again, let alone two.

Felt slow, as expected.

Monday Mar 5, 2012 #


Got my big toe x-rayed. Nothing broken, good to know. But still sore, doesn't feel like running in the woods is anything I want to do, or even running at all.

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