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Training Log Archive: PG

In the 7 days ending May 14, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  orienteering3 2:45:40 11.24(14:44) 18.09(9:10) 1414
  trail running5 2:14:57 14.9(9:03) 23.98(5:38) 1155
  run/hike1 32:27 1.57(20:40) 2.53(12:50) 1506
  Total7 5:33:04 27.71(12:01) 44.59(7:28) 4075
averages - rhr:51 weight:133.2lbs

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Saturday May 14, 2011 #

2 PM

trail running 6:23 [2] 0.61 mi (10:28 / mi) +43ft 9:49 / mi
rhr:52 weight:134lbs shoes: x-talon 212 #2

A little warm-up.

orienteering 13:13 intensity: (16 @1) + (1:13 @2) + (1:46 @3) + (9:58 @4) 1.28 mi (10:20 / mi) +148ft 9:19 / mi
ahr:148 max:162 shoes: x-talon 212 #2

Speedy Goat relay with Joe. Course B1 (butterfly, going east first). What can I say, everyone is just a lot faster.

orienteering 13:57 intensity: (6 @1) + (16 @2) + (1:54 @3) + (11:41 @4) 1.33 mi (10:29 / mi) +177ft 9:19 / mi
ahr:153 max:165 shoes: x-talon 212 #2

Second leg, course A2. Again, perfectly respectable effort, just moving slowly. But a very fun course, neat area up on there hill (controls 3-6).


Friday May 13, 2011 #

4 PM

trail running 32:07 intensity: (44 @1) + (17:12 @2) + (13:46 @3) + (25 @4) 3.13 mi (10:16 / mi) +430ft 9:05 / mi
ahr:128 max:149 rhr:51 weight:134lbs shoes: pegasus

On Pocumtuck ridge after a round of golf. I think I should go running first when my legs are a little fresher. This run was hard to get started. But after a while it was fine, and the last little hill was no problem at all.

Got in a lot of golf this week, first time this year. Enjoying it more than ever.

Thursday May 12, 2011 #

5 PM

run/hike 32:27 intensity: (1:00 @1) + (2:53 @2) + (14:52 @3) + (13:42 @4) 1.57 mi (20:40 / mi) +1506ft 10:50 / mi
ahr:144 max:162 rhr:51 weight:134lbs shoes: pegasus

South Sugarloaf, three times up and down the steep trail, faster the second ascent and then eased up on the third. Early evening, just before dinner, lots of people out, not all walkers. Dave and Donna were also doing repeats, and I chatted up a couple of bikers who were similarly engaged. All it takes is a couple of others doing the same thing and you suddenly feel quite normal instead of quite crazy.

Splits: 7:33, 3:24, 7:03, 3:20, 7:50, 3:16.

Took a bit of willpower to get out, as I was heading home from a hilly 18 (here, a surprisingly nice course, very active topography, and very interesting greens) and the legs had no zip. But felt better for doing it.

Wednesday May 11, 2011 #

5 PM

trail running 5:00 [3] 0.5 mi (10:00 / mi)
weight:133lbs shoes: pegasus

A little warm-up, should have done more.

orienteering 46:02 intensity: (17 @1) + (4:50 @2) + (31:14 @3) + (9:41 @4) 3.81 mi (12:05 / mi) +453ft 10:52 / mi
ahr:140 max:158 shoes: pegasus

Cemetery Hill long sprint, maybe ultralong sprint? Map and course by Phil. A lot of fun, even if the course got the better of me several times. Generally my technique seemed pretty good, reading head just enough, but on several points I was having trouble right at the end. Of course we were using just streamers, not controls.

Mistakes on about 6 or 8 controls, worst was going to ten and finding out that I was not at the crossing point between the ponds. One of those where it's thick going in, and then you find out you're in the wrong place, so it's thick going out.

Scraped my map reading eye at #22, vision was a little blurry thereafter, but didn't seem enough to get a full-blown corneal abrasion, for which I am very grateful.

Got Alex, thank goodness. Ali made enough mistakes that I could have gotten her, but I wasn't nearly clean enough.

The orienteering was followed by a feast at Phil's, so another late night (i.e. 10 pm) dining out in Northampton. Not a bad way to live.

The course: part 1, part 2.

My route: part 1, part 2.


Tuesday May 10, 2011 #


A couple more items on the publicity front....

Ali said she just did an interview with someone form the women's sports section of ESPN.

And an old friend of mine (John Stifler) who writes regularly about the running scene locally and throughout New England was at the race, so I introduced him to the Ski-O stars and said he absolutely had to interview them. And I'm pretty sure that will happen before long.

Step by step....

6 PM

trail running 11:45 intensity: (1:00 @1) + (5:09 @2) + (5:36 @3) 1.31 mi (8:58 / mi) +36ft 8:45 / mi
ahr:127 max:144 rhr:51 weight:133lbs shoes: pegasus

A little warm-up, out to check if the muddy part of the course was still muddy (it wasn't).

trail running race 21:35 intensity: (8 @1) + (21 @2) + (53 @3) + (12:36 @4) + (7:37 @5) 3.09 mi (6:59 / mi) +187ft 6:36 / mi
ahr:162 max:172 shoes: x-talon 212 #2

Northampton 5K XC. Excellent run.

Ran it two weeks ago in 22:15, so this was 40 seconds faster. Maybe half of that I'll attribute to lighter shoes, pulled out my racing shoes for the first time this year. The other half? Maybe just a day the legs were better. I know I was consciously trying to breathe harder (deeper, actually), maybe that helps. But the result was a very nice surprise. Pretty close to what I did two years ago (21:27), though that was in heavier shoes.

Splits: 6:54, 6:48, 7:13, 40
Two weeks ago: 7:01, 7:01, 7:32, 40.

trail running 10:05 intensity: (13 @1) + (2:33 @2) + (7:19 @3) 1.01 mi (9:59 / mi) +72ft 9:21 / mi
ahr:134 max:147 shoes: x-talon 212 #2

A little cool-down with Carl Fey. And then a very pleasant dinner afterwards at Fresh Pasta in Northampton with Carl and Alex and Ali, talking some about Carl's new job as dean of an English-language business school in China (he's on a ten-day trip in the USA, visiting 10 different universities, setting up exchange programs).

And also talking about ski-O stuff (Carl's been doing ski-O forever, was the IOF senior event advisor at the Ski-WOC in March in Sweden). Including that the 2012 World Cup has been approved for the USA (late January, early February in the Lake Tahoe region). And also including a little bit about what might be done to encourage a few donations to the Ski-O team, which hopefully people will consider given how awesomely the team did.

Just a real nice evening.

Monday May 9, 2011 #

rhr:50 weight:133lbs

Weekly update for L&F --

Starting weight: 144 (mid-December)
Jan. 1: 142
Jan. 8: 139
Jan. 15: 137
Jan. 22: 136
Jan. 29: 136.5
Feb 5: 136
Feb 12: 134
Feb. 19: 134
Feb. 26: 133
March 5: 133
March 12: 132.5
March 19: 133
March 26: 134
April 2: 135
April 9: 135
April 16: 131.5
April 23: 132.5
April 30: 132.5
May 6: 134.5

Mood: Not been hungry much recently, for better and worse. But anything sub-135 is still a lot better than in the 140-145 range.

11 AM

trail running 48:02 intensity: (58 @1) + (8:51 @2) + (38:13 @3) 5.25 mi (9:09 / mi) +387ft 8:33 / mi
ahr:134 max:147 shoes: pegasus

Out and back on Pocumtuck ridge, 25:41 up to the towers, 22:21 back. Legs still a little weary, GI track on the mend. But good to get out, especially since I was really pissed, went to the dentist for cleaning and now need to go at least three times more for repairs.

Note that there is an O' event Wednesday evening on a new map Phil has made in Northampton. More info here and here.

Sunday May 8, 2011 #

11 AM

orienteering 52:28 intensity: (8:59 @2) + (43:20 @3) + (9 @4) 3.27 mi (16:03 / mi) +486ft 14:04 / mi
ahr:120 max:148 rhr:51 weight:131.5lbs shoes: pegasus

WCOC meet at Five Ponds in Litchfield. Couldn't pass this up since I was going to be in Litchfield anyway, though I wasn't sure how much I'd do.

I managed to get somewhat re-hydrated by the time I started, and legs were surprisingly not at all sore, but I think I must have been a little weary, which translated means slow, as I was way behind Becky. Though part of that was due to a couple of bad controls, and part to taking a while to get going physically. But I surprised myself by running quite a bit. Also crashing quite a bit, must have had half a dozen hard landings, plus a few other more gentle falls, there goes another minute or more right there.

But glad I went, haven't been in the SE section of the map for a long long time (maybe not since the 1985 Billygoat?). And there are some beautiful woods there.

Thanks to Jim and Rich for doing this, a local meet with no White or Yellow course (that's a rarity, I think), so could park a different place. I often wondered about the need to offer beginner courses at every meet, though I suppose it's heresy to say so.

Course (Green course): part 1, part 2

My route: part 1, part 2

orienteering 40:00 [1] 1.55 mi (25:49 / mi) +151ft 23:38 / mi
ahr:89 max:109 shoes: pegasus

Picking up a few controls, all at a walk. Feeling quite tired and a little queasy.
Fortunately was followed pretty quickly by a food stop in town.

Nice outing, carpooled with Ali so entertained the whole time.

Easy day tomorrow, then the 5K Tuesday in Northampton, will see if I can stay within a minute of Alex, unlikely, and impossible if she wears her headcam. And there will be a visiting dignitary, Carl Fey.

And then Wednesday evening is the debut for Phil's new sprint map on the outskirts of Northampton. Anyone else interested?

My route.


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