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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending Apr 11:

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Sunday Apr 11 #


Brisk winds out of the north sapped the warmth right out of what was a fully sunny day, and made for some chilly April biking. Running in the shelter of the forest higher up was not bad at all, however, and the lower temps kept the packed snow surfaces mostly hard and firm. The week ahead is looking like April winter.

Saturday Apr 10 #


Mix of biking and running.

Friday Apr 9 #


It snowed lightly overnight, enough to turn the ground in town white at sunrise, but not enough to keep all the new snow disappearing by noon, as clouds gradually yielded to sun. Up top there was a 1/2' or snow of new snow covering everything, and the trails stayed frozen up all day with no softening. Grooming has stopped on the ski trails, so they were the best places to run. The multi-use trails were mostly okay, except deeper sections of some lightly used trails offered tougher running. I ran out as far as the Troll Bridge, out for nearly 2 hours, during which time I saw exactly one other person.

Thursday Apr 8 #


Early in the year I conjectured that by 6 weeks after whatever date the country had passed the mark of 33% of the population having received at least one dose of the covid vaccine, things should be looking a lot better. What is cool about that is that I checked the stats before I went over and got my shot, and the figure was under 33%, but by the time when I got back home and checked a half hour later, the 33% mark had been achieved. Could it be I was the person? I think I was the person! ha. ; )

I never did bother to consider that much what would constitute "a lot better". But at least for Wyoming, if all the counties were in "yellow" or "green" status, that would be a lot better.

Along related lines, there were several announcements yesterday that caught my eye: Cheyenne Frontier Days will be back this year, and open at full capacity, and U. of Wyoming Football expects and is planning to be back at full capacity for all home games this fall. Plus there was some weird rumor about a possible training camp over the 4th of July holidays.

Wednesday Apr 7 #


Yesterday when it was about the usual time to head out for some exercise, I felt a lot more like taking a nap instead. I don't know if that had anything to do with the vaccine, or just having that mental mindset, or some combination, but I considered the fact that I had hurt a calf the day before. It was kind of raw and windy out also, which made the thought of biking much less palatable. That made the decision easy: nap.

I ended up doing some time on the trainer later in the evening, and that went well.

That was yesterday. Today I did a half hour or so walking after work, and my calf felt okay for that. For some reason biking again didn't seem so enticing, and whether it was a cold north wind or some effect from the vaccine affecting my enthusiasm, I don't know. So I decided to head up top and give some light running a try. Which I did. At times my calf felt a little tight, but there was never any pain, so I think it worked out fine. Did some stretching back home to hopefully keep things heading in the right direction. with the calf.

Tuesday Apr 6 #


After reading and hearing so much about how so many people were going to great lengths and encountering frustrations in trying to find vaccines and booking an appointment to get a vaccine, I decided I would just wait for a while. Plus, I wanted to get a single dose vaccine rather than one of the others.

Today it seemed like a good time to see how things stood, so I called up my doctor's office to see what they had in the way of vaccines and appointment times, and they said "come on down!" So I hopped on my bike and was there in about 5 minutes flat.

Simple and quick, and I didn't even mind the cloud of fruit flies that was waiting by my bike when I emerged from the office building.

There are at least some advantages occasionally to living in a small town. If I were living in Houston, I probably still wouldn't have made it to the clinic yet.

Monday Apr 5 #


I biked down to the Post Office to drop something off, and then linked up with Tyler for some riding around different parts of town. It was weird riding around with someone who has already been vaccinated (I haven't been yet), because for much of the ride he had a big cloud of fruit flies around him. I guess they don't tell you about that particular side effect of the vaccine. But so what? It's just fruit flies, and as long as you're not a big banana, no big deal.

Then I went up to Happy Jack to do a little running and see how the snow melting is progressing. "A little running" proved to be perfectly apt, because about 4 minutes in, I felt a pain in my lower calf--the kind that many runners have or will experience sooner or later. I tried walking for a few minutes and then a little more jogging just in case it was a pull, but the pain returned immediately and so that was that for running. I walked gently some more without any discomfort. Kind of a bummer, but better than it happened today when I was just planning an easy, non-specific running outing rather than while I was orienteering yesterday!

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