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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending Feb 25:

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Sunday Feb 25 #


Chilly but nice skiing today. Again, it wasn't the temps so much as it was the wind that put a bite into matters--and today's were quite proper, even by local standards, and a full step up at least from what we had yesterday. I was surprised not to see any downed trees either while I was skiing or running afterwards. Though while I was running I did pass one living lodgepole pine that was creaking loudly at the base each time the trunk bent forward in the wind--so much so that I turned around and went back to it to listen more carefully. It sounded like it was going to give way at some point.

I was surprised to read that some late consideration had been given to let Russian athletes march with their flag at the closing ceremony. I really hadn't followed the whole doping suspension in any detail, and just had some vague idea that Russian athletes were going to be allowed to participate in Korea on a case-by-case basis, but there would be no flag or no anthem played in the event an athlete won a gold medal. And I hadn't thought at all about whether that seemed like a good idea or bad idea to let some athletes from Russia compete on that basis.

I spent a fair amount of the time thinking about the Russian doping matter while I was out skiing today, and, while recognizing that there were many facts that I didn't know much or anything about, I tried to think about what I would have decided about how to handle what happened 4 years ago, had it been up to me. I ended up deciding that a precondition of any future Olympic participation by Russia would be a complete confession of what happened in Sochi and full cooperation in detailing the methods used and the people involved in the doping. And then, as another precondition, there should be apologies and in some way an attempt to make it up for what was taken from the athletes who were bumped out of the medals by doping athletes, or who were bumped down from the higher medal they deserved. What specifically that might entail, I have no idea.

And then as for the Russian athletes being allowed to compete in these just concluded games, on a "neutral basis", in the end I decided that even if you presume they had nothing whatsoever to do with what happened 4 years ago, and even if they were 100% clean (which now seems was not the case), too bad. I would have decided against allowing them to compete. At least in my own case while I was watching these games, I never thought of these athletes as being Olympic Athletes who just happened to be form Russia. Rather, almost at once I started thinking "Russia" anytime I saw the Olympic rings with "OAR" under them. They were Russians, and my guess is you wouldn't have to search to hard to find a Russian medal count somewhere from these Olympics.

I recognize that I was thinking about these things in a fairly abstract way, and probably fairly superficially. It was mostly just something to occupy the time while I was skiing. It wouldn't surprise me if there weren't many persuasive arguments to be made for handling this in a variety of different manners--arguments that I would find persuasive myself.

Saturday Feb 24 #


Another more typically winter day than what has been the norm this season--sun, clouds obscuring the Snowies, cold temps, big winds. The wind plus fresh snow meant lots of snow was drifting across roads (I-80 could not have been fun driving across between Laramie and Cheyenne) and even some drifting in spots on the ski trails--the first time that's happened this season.

With the wind, it was effectively cold enough that it naturally inspired a skiing higher tempo. That kept things comfortable; it would not have been a good day to have been casually skiing at a very slow pace.

Had planned to run afterwards as I didn't run yesterday, and, back in my truck, briefly considered skipping running because of the wind and a lowering sun, But the plan had been to run, and I figured that I could at least run a short while, and if it was too unpleasant, then turn around early. So I hopped back out into the wind and set off. It was exactly the usual thing--the hardest part was just getting started, and after that it was fun.

Friday Feb 23 #


Skied after the high school races today, and was happy the parking lot was half cleared out by the time I got there. Skiing was good, and it must have been a great day for the races. I skied until dusk and then headed back home.

Thursday Feb 22 #


Nothing like true winter after no winter. During the day there was ice fog off to the west, and even with sun over the valley, the warmest I saw it get was 13F. Snow was perfect up top, and by the time I finished that and began running, ice fog was everywhere and the air was nearly still. Didn't feel cold though, just nice.

Wednesday Feb 21 #


Another cold day, though not as cold as yesterday--it's a balmy -8F at 9 am. Hope the winds don't come up. After the east coast hoarded winter all winter long, I reckon we are at last getting some of it back.

The official low yesterday was -20F, good for a new record low by a wide margin.

To celebrate the sudden, if belated, onset on winter, I had Spanish waffles for breakfast. They are a lot like like regular waffles, except they are eaten while perusing Charlie's most excellent orienteering adventures in Spain.


Skied at Happy Jack and then ran. Snow conditions were quite good and the trails were faster today. I felt 100% to day for the first time since I was sick, and had some bounce in my step while I was running.

While I was running, I saw a snow biker up ahead who, somewhat oddly, seemed to be straddling his bike and walking slowly. It didn't make any sense because the trail was packed and firm, so he couldn't have been mired in deep snow. And if he had had an equipment breakdown, presumably he would have been headed towards me. I caught up to him and when I was about 10' behind him, said something to him. But he never heard me. For one, he had on a winter helmet, and he may have been wired up to a phone or something. However, in that same moment I saw what his attention was riveted on: two moose just ahead. He might not have heard me, but the moose did, and they started away. And when they moved off the trail, the biker got going, still having no idea anyone was right behind him.

A few minutes later, I caught up to the biker again, who had stopped at a trail intersection. He asked me if I had seen the two moose and said: "They were so cool!"

I told him flatly that he had been very lucky, and that those two moose were particularly ill-tempered and widely considered the two most dangerous moose at Happy Jack.

I have no idea if he believed me or not.

Tuesday Feb 20 #


-21F at 8:43 am w/ full sunshine, so at last a decent winter day!


Most excellent Yowsa!!!, with several inches of powder waiting to be removed this morning. Full sunshine, and everything was beautifully white.

Checking the records, I see a new low was set yesterday (-9F), and another will tumble today (-20F or -21F, it looks). That will undoubtedly warm the hearts of climate deniers--so ironic.


Made the effort to get out skiing in the middle of the day to take advantage of the sun. It was still cold, but the sun plus the way I was dressed meant I was warm enough. In fact, it was almost being like a living hot fudge sundae. Once I got warmed up, I was almost too hot in the sun, and would quickly cool off in the shade. Maybe something like being in a a sauna with occasional dips in the icy lake.

It was beautiful out, if cold. Skis weren't fast on the new snow, but that was okay. Skied about 2 and then ran for 1 (that's seconds, not hours.)

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