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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending Feb 18:

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Sunday Feb 18 #


Mild, sunny, windy conditions meant there was at once places where dry snow was blowing across the trails while in other places yesterday's really nice snow was transforming and glazing. Very oddly, the place where there was the most glazing was on a steepish hill that faces more or less to the north. Very hard to figure that one out. Maybe that where warming winds concentrated their fury.

Bumped into racer X8A7 just as he was finishing up; I wished him good luck for Birkie this weekend while refraining from pointing out how out of shape he looked and how sluggishly he was moving. Ha, just kidding. Graham always looks very fit and he races like he has a rocket mounted on his back.

After skiing, I did a running Tour de Headquarters, mostly on fresh bike tracks, but also on some shorter sections with no traffic and well drifted in with wind driven snow. Saw no moose, but that doesn't mean they weren't out there.

Supposed to really swing and be much colder tomorrow, after today's mildness.

Saturday Feb 17 #


Skied and ran; very good skiing conditions.

Also, I saw some of the coverage of women's biathlon and women's XC, and not even one second of figure skating, nor any hint of curling or hockey. In retrospect I have to wonder: could I have just dreamed it? But if I check the results and see that Norway just barely edged out Sweden in the women's XC relay, then it would be weirdly accurate dream.

And speaking of little Norway ("little" here is not meant to disparage but rather a reference to a population roughly the equivalent in size of that of Colorado) and looking at the medal counts, Norway is completely impressive. Maybe it helps to not have the national distraction of being led by an idiot madman?

Friday Feb 16 #


Nice snow and good skiing. A little more snow fell overnight. Followed up with a short run at dusk and finished up in the dark. The tree across the snow bike trail has already been sawed out.

Thursday Feb 15 #


Very nice to wake up and see a few inches of snow fell in town overnight--it's been a while. Fun Yowsa!!! this morning. Hopefully even more snow hit the ski trails up top.


Several inches of new snow (at least) up at Happy Jack; everything had been rolled and the trails were soft. The skiing really felt good to me, and I ended up skiing long and passing on running. It's the best I've felt since being since being sick, and both my arms and legs felt pretty lively and strong.

Hopefully this new snow will be enough and weather will hold up (no super warm and sunny days) so that conditions will be good for the state high school championships in a week.

Wednesday Feb 14 #


Strong winds today, and even if not super strong, they were blowing straight across the interstate, creating interesting driving conditions for high profile vehicles. Only noted one tree down though, across one of the snow bike trails. Skied and ran, finishing up just after dusk, which is settling in after 6 o-clock these days (when the sun is out.)

Spotted very fresh tracks today where I saw the bull moose yesterday, but never could get sight of whichever moose was making the tracks. I bet it was the same guy, though.

Tuesday Feb 13 #


Took a brief ride on my bike in the early afternoon--lots of sun, and some wind, which made riding more exciting.

Up top, it looked like maybe one tree came down across the ski trails--at least in the portion of the trail net I skied. I couldn't be sure though--a tree had definitely be sawed up, but maybe it was taken down as a precautionary measure. Usually it's obvious when a tree has fallen because a lot of debris gets left behind in sawing it up and getting it out of the way. Here, it wasn't so messy. If you do count it, that's the first tree that has come down on the trails in a while. So far, there have been many fewer fallen trees this winter than last winter. Big winds are predicted for tomorrow, so that may change.


Spotted one moose while skiing. What was interesting was that it was a bull, and still had its antlers. By now they should have been shed.

Monday Feb 12 #


Felt de-juiced in the morning, like I didn't get enough sleep and wasn't fully rested, and with that dull feeling you get in your legs when that happens. In the afternoon, gray skies finally started yielding very tiny amounts of snow in town. Up top, things were happier, and there was about 2" of new snow already on the trails by the time I started, and maybe another inch on top of that by the time I finished. On much of the trail, I was the first one out through the new snow. Of course I was careful to watch out for snowsnakes waiting in ambush.

Back home, I watched some Olympics and managed somehow yet again to completely miss any XC coverage. Maybe there isn't any? Maybe I've just been unlucky, but so far I haven't seen even a second of any.

But there was plenty of Women's Halfpipe to see,and that was fun. Chloe Kim will come back home as some sort of snowboarding goddess I suppose. While watching, I wondered how many snowboarders in the US there actually are that spend their time training for the halfpipe. Thousands? Hundreds? Tens of thousands? I don't even have a sense of the right order of magnitude. Maybe it's because I have never yet seen a real, living half pipe.

Felling inspired, I made a halfpipe burger for dinner. Since a main objective in halfpipe is to get as much air as possible, that's what I concentrated on with the burger--getting big air. I think I did a good job, because, working with a bun measuring 3 3/8" inches across, I crafted a McTwisting burger that was fully 6 1/2" inches across, yielding air of more than 1 1/2" on all sides. The judges scored it at 97.8, with a bonus of0.5 points for creative application of mustard and ketchup, which is a pretty good score. I dispatched the burger with a steely fork and knife.

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